Pseudo-Christian Novel 'The Shack': Apostates Loving It

fyi: Informational article on popular pseudo-christian new age novel "The Shack" (it's 'all the rage apparently'). Basically it's nothing more than a cleverly repackaged version of the (new) age old lie that "god is in everything", but it would be worthwhile to go to the linked article and read it through. If you've not been exposed to 'The Shack' more than likely someone you know has been, which is why it is so important to be aware of what it is. 3.8 million copies sold to date they say. But do not be led astray by either the book or those who are pushing it. Know the who and the what...it's crucial to be informed...for we are absolutely living in the days of the final apostasy of the Christian faith as predicted in the Holy Bible. The names mentioned in this article are just a few of the many that are actually promoting this heretical book throughout 'Christendom'. Be aware, your 'pastor' or bible study 'leader' may even try to bring it into the church or group. The odds are pretty good actually at this point, unfortunately. Make a stand.
Update on the Shack: New Age Similarities, Popularity Continues, and Calvary Chapel Gives Official Statement : Lighthouse Trails Research


"The Shack by William P. Young has been on the New York Times Best Seller List for 15 weeks, currently in the number one position for Fiction books. The book has been promoted by popular Christian figures such as Eugene Peterson and Gayle Erwin (The Jesus Style). What's more, numerous Christian ministries such as Probe Ministries (an apologetics group based out of Texas) are endorsing the book. Probe's associate speaker, Sue Bohlin says "The Shack became one of my all-time favorite books before I had even finished it." 1"

"In a Lighthouse Trails report on The Shack, it was brought out that co-author of The Shack, Wayne Jacobsen 3 resonates with the leaders in the emerging church, which may well have influenced the final draft of The Shack. The book refers to God as "the ground of all being" that "dwells in, around, and through all things--ultimately emerging as the real" (p. 112)--this is the ripe fruit of contemplative/emerging spirituality. One can find this language and definition of God in the writings of John Shelby Spong and Marcus Borg, and the concept overflows within the emerging camp. Let there be no mistake, this description of God does not mean that God upholds everything; it means that God is the essence of all that exists (in other words, He dwells in all humans and all creation). New Age proponent Sue Monk Kidd would agree with The Shack's definition of God: in her book, First Light, she says God is the graffiti on the building (p. 98)."

"The gap between the New Age and Christianity is being narrowed, and The Shack is another disastrous and deceptive tool that will bring this about. When David Jeremiah* favorably quoted and referenced Sue Monk Kidd in his book, Life Wide Open, we knew this would further close the gap that gave Christianity its distinctness. It is this distinctness that allows sinful man to see his need for a Savior. When that gap closes, the Gospel message will be hidden from view from even more people than it is today. The Shack has brought about some huge strides in causing this to take place."

follow links, connect dots, it's all part of the agenda: Emerging One World Church

*also: David Jeremiah and the Shadow Mountain occultic all-seeing-eye?

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