U.S., Israel To Strike Iran From Georgia?

Prominent anti-war activist Michel Chossudovsky says the Caucasus conflict is a prelude to a joint attack by the US and Israel on Iran.

"According to Chossudovsky, the Canadian economist, the United States had been actively involved in the planning and logistics of the Georgian military operation in South Ossetia."
""Let us be under no illusions. This is not a civil war. The attacks are an integral part of the broader Middle East Central Asian war, including US-NATO-Israeli war preparations in relation to Iran," Chossudovsky cautioned."
"Washington helped Georgia to take control of both South Ossetia and Abkhazia, (because) it needs Georgian territory to use for bombing against Iran," he added.
re: 'needs Georgian terrority' to bomb Iran
Interesting fact, Georgia is a hop, skip, and a jump from Iran. The U.S. military is now in Georgia with troops and equipment. While the American public is having their minds numbed with Fannie-Freddie and with Sarah's run for class president, the NWO global domination war agenda is poised to possibly make their next horrendous move.
*These next two quotes are from an article posted on 'ordo ab chao' update link (above), concerning the instant occupation in Georgia by American troops and military equipment, dated less than a month ago, 8-15-08:
"It will certainly involve the presence of hundreds if not thousands of uniformed US military personnel on the ground, and a substantial number of warships in the region."
"Within minutes of Bush’s Rose Garden statement, Saakashvili spelled out its essential meaning in a televised address from Tbilisi. “You have heard the statement by the US president that the United States is starting a military-humanitarian operation in Georgia,” he said. “It means that Georgian ports and airports will be taken under the control of the US defense ministry...” (see comments at link also)
This enormously significant situation seems to have brought the multi-year effort to 'sell' the Iran-takeover war to the public to a point that it is now literally a day to day proposition. This has been made possible because the bureau of propaganda has sucessufully managed to change the question from 'if' there will be an Iran war, to 'when' will it happen, and not only that but they are now positioned to proceed with it. The when is closer than ever.
When 'it' happens, it will provide the so-called chaos needed to finally get the 'new order' up and running. This would of course mean that the completed takedown and assimilation of this country into the new global structure would figure into that equation too. see: NWO: Locked and Loaded
It's incredibly late...and all we can do is bring it to your attention. But keep watching and praying always, Christian. Look up Luke 21: 34-36.

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