'Germanwings Crash' Just Another Airplane Psyop? Recent "Oscar-Nominated" Movie "Wild Tales" Had Exact Scenario

Outrage over the release of Oscar-nominated movie showing member of aircrew locking himself in cockpit to crash a plane and kill everyone on board

Film fans raise chilling similarity between Wild Tales and Alps disaster

An Oscar-nominated film will still be released in the UK today despite its disturbing similarities to the Alps air disaster - to the disgust of cinema-goers near to the home of one of the three British victims.

Argentinian film Wild Tales features a mass killer who locks himself in the cockpit of a passenger jet and crashes it in to the ground to murder everyone on board.

'Wild Tales' the movie: Frantic attempt to get into locked cockpit, to no avail; next scene plane crashes to the ground
In terrifying scenes the fictional passengers panic and one tries to smash his way through a door to get to the controls in chillingly similar circumstances to the ill-fated Germanwings Airbus A320 flight.

Despite protests the highly-acclaimed movie will be shown in British cinemas from today, however, it was released in Spain and Germany last year although it is not known if Andreas Lubitz had seen it.

Movie fans say what happened with the Germanwings plane has terrifying similarities with the Wild Tales movie, and have asked whether it should be pulled off the big screen.

Twitter users had noted the similarities between the film, and the horrific events of Tuesday. Sarp Yelkencioğlu ‏wrote: 'The similarities between the #GermanWings crash & the scene in Damian Szifron's movie, 'Wild Tales' is mind boggling!'

But distributor Artificial Eye told MailOnline it will still be shown in a number of cinemas across Britain from today. It is already out in the United States.

(Note: The next scene in the video clip [link] from the 'Wild Tales' movie shows the plane mowing down the old folks. Didn't see any reason to post that here)
Talk about 'hidden in plane sight' (compare: 'vanishing' Malaysian 777)...this one is as out in the open as it could possibly be. They must be having way too much fun with themselves these days coming out with a thing as blatant as this. It's virtually coming right out and broadcasting to the whole world that the thing is a scripted make believe event. Flashing lights, guys jumping up and down waving red flags saying 'look over here...look over here everybody'...and the vast majority still do not get it. The ZWO fictional-news producers must be sitting back in their chairs laughing their heads off with this latest little mind bender/shocker crisis-episode.

Mind bending to numb the intelligence, continual shock to numb the emotions, is the purpose for these unending Hollywood-type-productions now coming with greater frequency than ever before - complete with ludicrous story lines as exemplified with this continually-twisting Germanwings soap-opera script. Mental and emotional abuse is what it is called. One 'horrible tragedy' after another after another, designed to turn John Q. Public into an "emotional wreck", sapping their strength, which then wears down the will to resist, all in order to render them as putty in the hands of the would-be slave-masters of the zionist antichrist-kingdom-come crowd. Another name for this is "trauma-based mind control". Recommend absolutely do not be 'traumatized' by the make-believe artists of the ZNWO.

How much is make believe some might ask. Answer: all of it:

'When Everything...Public Believes Is False'...Disinfo Program Will Be Complete - link
Rev. 18:4
Micah 2:1,3 'Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! when the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power of their hand...Therefore thus saith the LORD; Behold, against this family do I devise an evil, from which ye shall not remove your necks; neither shall ye go haughtily: for this time is evil'


After New Orleans 'Machete Man', TSA Now Calling For Armed Special Agents, Authority Over Local Police

Follow up on: New Orleans Airport 'Machete Man' [3-20-15] An Ordo-Ab-Chao Follow Up On LAX To Arm TSA? 3-21-15 "Is it real though? Was the last major airport incident real...the one at LAX last November (2014)? see 'related to' post linked - Back to the primary thing with this New Orleans incident, which can only be a continuation of the LAX "scene" of November 2014, which played out on the exact same topic... Question: Can the ZNWO realize the goal of total police-state lockdown of society without the airports being part of that system? The answer to that is obvious. An unarmed TSA of course cannot possibly meet the requirements of "the vision"...[see post]
TSA union calls for arming some airport employees

Washington (CNN) In the wake of a violent machete attack at a airport security checkpoint, the union that represents Transportation Security Administration officers is calling for a new elite force that would be armed and authorized to use deadly force at airports across the U.S.

Currently, the union says, those powers are relegated to a patchwork of local police forces who don't report to the TSA.

J. David Cox, national president of the American Federation of Government Employees, said TSA employees are banned from carrying weapons despite being on the front lines of aviation security.

"The employees that do the screening at all the airports now twice have become the victims and become the targets of people that want to do harm," he said.

The other incident he is referring to happened two years ago when an armed suspect at Los Angeles International Airport shot and killed a TSA officer and ran through a security checkpoint and terrorized passengers before being arrested and charged by Los Angeles Airport Police.

"We have had one of our employees murdered in Los Angeles. We had an attempted murder this Friday in New Orleans. We need law enforcement there that is ready to respond," Cox said. "Sure in New Orleans, the local law enforcement responded to the incident, but we're talking about 480 airports across the country."

Security measures at every airport are different and the local police departments are not under the authority of TSA supervisors, Cox said...But the union isn't calling for all TSA employees to be armed - just a new unit within the agency that is specially trained to handle volatile situations in tight spaces like security lines.

re: "TSA..victims...targets"?

TSA? Where did they come from anyway? Oh that's right, they were actually birthed from the 9/11 chaos, showing up out of nowhere almost immediately after the fact [link]. All of a sudden getting on a plane was now an ordeal. After an adjustment period (it could probably be called that) of some years, apparently the time came to introduce "mandatory body scanners". Lo and behold, what happened then? Right out of nowhere comes Undie-Boy with explosives in his britches causing all kinds of "chaos". Bingo, next day virtually, shoes off, x-rays and/or pat downs for everybody [see photo above; also: link]. A few more years go by, another adjustment period apparently again, and the time came for TSA to morph into armed airport special ops, and so here it goes again, out of nowhere comes the "TSA Under Attack" (TSA as "victims", "targets") production starring in the first part, a guy named CIA-n-CIA (remember him - link), and for a little double whammy effect, as is now evident, followed up on 3-20-15 by the appearance out of nowhere of New Orleans 'Machete Man'. And just like that, TSA now wants armed special agents and jurisdiction over local police.

Think it will happen? 9/11, Undie Boy, CIA-n-CIA, and Machete Man were not done-for-fun.

Whatever the case, whatever is done, believing make-believe is not mandatory. Walk in "the light of life" - John 8:12

See: 'When Everything...Public Believes Is False'...Disinfo Program Will Be Complete - William Casey CIA/ZWO 1981

Rev. 18:4


'Fake False Prophet' NWP* Francis Performs 1st 'Miracle' Says ZNWO, Venerates Blood Of 'Januarius' i.e. Antichrist

Follow up on: Fake 'False Prophet' Update: *New-World-Pope Francis To Beam 3D Image Of Self To World April 27, 2014 4-3-14 "...this new pope is already being made the subject of a tremendous marketing campaign making him out to be the cohort in crime to the Antichrist, the biblical 'false prophet'. This propaganda campaign is being called the "Petrus Romanus Prophecy", and comes about by way of some mysterious 'Catholic manuscripts'...[and now] 3D images of Bergoglio/Francis beamed live to the world with '13' cameras while he 'canonizes' two of his dead predecessors...Talk about dark ritualistic practices, this one has to be right up there...and the purpose for this..."unprecedented event", is simple to deduce - the fake false-prophet delusion is about to go to a whole new level...Hear ye Hear ye, all the world, come one come all and see the 3D pope - he's bigger than life, you can almost reach out and touch him. All the world marvel and hold him in awe...That's the obvious intent anyway. And what is also obvious is that this little exercise signals a marked pushing forward of the overall fake false-prophet agenda [link]. Which raises the question...how long before the Zionist novus ordo seclorum production managers arrange for Bergoglio/Francis to start doing a few "great wonders" and/or "miracles" here and there, as the Book of Revelation informs the reader that the real '2nd beast' will in fact do when his time really does come [Rev. 13:11-14]...How long? Don't be surprised..." [see post;]
Pope Francis Performs 'Miracle' In Naples; Turns Dry Blood to Liquid

[christianpost.com; excerpted] Pope Francis has been credited with performing a miracle in Naples on Saturday by the Archbishop of Naples, Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe. During a visit to Naples Cathedral, the pontiff venerated a vial of blood belonging to the Neapolitan patron St. Gennaro, who was once the bishop of Naples until he was martyred in 305, and it began to liquify.

The dry blood turned to liquid after the pontiff prayed the "Our Father" over it and kissed the relic, prompting the Archbishop of Naples, Crescenzio Sepe, to declare the rare phenomenon a miracle.

"The blood has half liquified, which shows that Saint Januarius loves our pope and Naples," said Sepe whilst showing the sealed glass ampoule to congregants.

The pontiff then joked about his failure to secure the full love of St. Gennaro, known in English as St Januarius.

"The bishop just announced that the blood half liquefied. We can see the saint only half loves us. We must all spread the Word, so that he loves us more!" the pontiff said.

re: "venerated...[the] blood of...Saint Januarius....spread the word"

Bergoglio/Francis performed a miracle and turned 1700 yr-old dried blood into liquid, say the novus-ordo-seclorum news dispensing agencies. Is that so. A thing so ridiculous as this is barely worth a moment's consideration...except for the fact that it fits perfectly the novus-ordo-seclorum false-prophet-marketing scheme as mentioned in the 'follow up' post linked above - see post. Simple deduction led to the question being asked at that time as to how long until the script would have the [fake] "false prophet" begin doing a few miracles here and there - as it would be impossible of course to ''sell" the whole fake-false-prophet ruse without some miracle-working powers on his part. Had to be...as it says in the Bible that the "false prophet" will have power to do miracles [Rev. 13:13-14]. And sure enough, here is the first report of a miracle-working Francis.

Noteworthy also is the identification of "Januarius", the object of the 'wondrous deed'. "Spread the word" of the blood of Januarius, said Bergoglio/Francis after performing his little 'blood miracle'. Well who then is 'Januarius":

"Janus (Ianuarius)...In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus (/ˈdʒeɪnəs/; Latin: Ianus, pronounced [ˈjaː.nus]) is the god of beginnings and transitions,[1] and thereby of gates, doors, doorways, passages and endings. He is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past... Three etymologies were proposed by ancient erudites, each of them bearing implications about the nature of the god.[4] The first one is based on the definition of Chaos...In this etymology the notion of Chaos would define the primordial nature of the god.[5][6]" [wiki]

The above quote comes from a long article covering many views on the significance of the Roman mythological 'god' Janus/Januarius. Anybody interested can research for them self, but it all comes back to basically the same thing. All wrapped up as neatly as anybody would need it to be, Janus/Januarius is basically the 'god of chaos', which would be the same thing actually as the Kabalistic 'god of ordo ab chao'. Understanding that the Roman gods of mythology are actually devils [1Cor. 10:20], and that to 'venerate' the names of these 'gods', as Bergoglio/Francis is said to have "venerated" the blood of 'Januarius", is devil-worship plain and simple. Ultimately, the reality is that the 'god of chaos' can be only one figure, namely the arch-devil himself, Satan.

This is, once again, all simple deduction. But, it is unavoidably true. Keeping this post as brief as possible purposely, as the whole ritual is transparent enough that it needs no further elaboration, the final 'deduction' leads to another unavoidable conclusion. What we have here, symbolically of course, by way of this fake-miracle deep-dark-ritual, is the fake-false-prophet, portrayed by Bergoglio/Francis, worshiping and "spreading the word" not of the "blood of Christ" [Rom. 5:8-9]...but the "blood of Antichrist".

There is no other way to interpret this, which it must be pointed out, has been done before, and publicized to, all the world. And note especially that Bergoglio/Francis wants to "spread the word" so that "Januarius" will "love us more".

Spreading the word of the Antichrist? That is exactly what the real False-Prophet is to do, when his time does arrive (which is not yet):

Revelation 13:11-12 'And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein* to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed

Prediction: On the marketing campaign for the ZNWO's fake-antichrist and fake false-prophet scheme [see all; link below], in particular at this juncture as regards the fake false-prophet doing 'miracles', which aspect of the overall program now is officially underway...you ain't seen nothing yet.

Be not mystified by this sleight-of-hand *'earth dwellers' [especially Catholics sit up and take notice], the trickery has only just begun.

Rev. 18:4
see all: fake false-prophet pope
1John 5:6 'This is he that came by water and blood, even Jesus Christ; not by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is truth'


New Orleans Airport 'Machete Man' [3-20-15] An Ordo-Ab-Chao Follow Up On LAX To Arm TSA?

Related to: LAX 'TSA Shooting': 'Witnesses' Say "It Wasn't Real...It Was Like A Movie...Are TSA Agents Armed?" 11-5-13 "[:25] Audrey: “It was like a dream, it wasn’t real, it was like a mooovie…“ ...[2:45] Mark: “My question is, are TSA agents… are they armed? Because they were running away with us – I’d think they’d be there to ‘keep us safe’, I didn’t know if they were armed or not. [see post]
Reports: New Orleans airport machete suspect is dead

Richard White, 63. the suspect believed to have carried out a machete attack Friday night in New Orleans, is dead, CNN and NBC News reported late Saturday. White was shot three times at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport during his horrific attack and was pronounced dead at 5:02 pm Saturday.

Authorities say the suspect in the brazen machete attack may have been planning to bomb the site as well. Also speaking at the news conference, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu called the incident "an unexpected attack by a clearly troubled and disturbed individual."

Bystanders caught in the chaos said police quickly fired shots to subdue the alleged attacker, sending passengers fleeing and ducking for cover...That's when Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Deputy Lt. Heather Slyve drew her weapon, Normand said. White continued to swing the machete as Slyve approached, and she fired three rounds, striking White in the face, chest and leg.

A neighbor, Donna Jackson, told the Times-Picayune that White was a former Army serviceman, long since retired and living off Social Security and disability checks. He was a deeply religious man, she said, a Jehovah's Witness who shunned Western medicine and encouraged Jackson to use herbal remedies, even to treat her diabetes.

Bystanders described panic and chaos after Slyve fired the shots. "Everyone was ducking for cover.."

Garret Laborde, 31 [13]...called the scene* "instant chaos" with "lots of females screaming." ...Phillip Green, 33, of Houston..."It was pandemonium** after that"

Travelers clapped for the TSA agent as they passed her, witnesses said.

re: "the scene...instant chaos...pandemonium"

Is it real though? Was the last major airport incident real...the one at LAX last November (2014)? see 'related to' post linked at top; also:
TSA - LAX 'Shooting' A Hoax? "We...Practiced Three Weeks Ago...We Played Out Today" Says Spokesman 11-1-13 "Occurring simultaneously with a NWO police-state drill, as reported in the above article, the NWO (so-called) forced "mental-health" agenda [link] is immediately brought to the forefront"

*Was it real then, or just a scripted "scene" of ordo ab chao...even so as to be described as "instant" chaos...and..."pandemonium":

**pandemonium - "wild uproar or unrestrained disorder; tumult or chaos...1660-70; after Pandaemonium, Milton's name in Paradise Lost for the capital of hell; see pan-, demon, -ium [link]

Was it real? Was 'Paris' real? see: Paris 'Terrorist-Shoots-Cop' Video: A Clear Miss And No Blood - Event A "Satire" 1-10-15

Was Sydney real? see: Australian Siege A 'Sydney Hook' To Expand Police State To "Soft Targets"? Event's One-Eye Signed Christmas Greeting 12-15-14

Was Elliot Rodger - Santa Barbara real? see: 'Elliot Rodger' An As-Above-So-Below Antichrist Ritual? Exactly 666 Days After 2012 Olympics Opening; & Aurora 6-1-14

Obviously this list could go on and on: Aurora, Sandy, Boston, Dorner, etc. etc. etc., not to mention every supposed cop-related chaos-incident which thing currently has become virtually a daily ritual; and this spurious list would be exceedingly long; and the question the same in every instance. A close analysis of this latest 'incident' would, it would be a safe bet at least, reveal all sorts of hidden-in-plain-sight little clues with regard to location, names, times, the numerology, etc. that would put the unmistakable occultic kabbalist stamp of ownership upon it. But why bother anymore - is it even necessary - the end goal is so transparent here it's ridiculous. In fact, this one hits on so many ZNWO-agenda points right on the surface that there is absolutely no reason to spend another minute sorting through the alleged details to find the 'esoteric messages'. You've got 'lone wolf', you've got 'mental health', you've got 'religious fanatic', you've got 'anti-western medicine/natural-health fanatic', and more, all rolled into one...right on the first page.

You've also got, and this is the key....unarmed TSA. Note that it was a Sheriff's Deputy who, as it goes, put a stop to the alleged perpetrator - who is now, as is almost always the case, said to have met his demise. Time and time again the same scenario...bad guy never heard from again. No long drawn out dramas here, over and done move on move on nothing to see. And do not miss the part about the travelers "clapping for the TSA agent" who was allegedly injured during the incident (no way to defend self, you see). Totalitarian security is your friend Mr. and Mrs. Serf...emmmbrace them.

Back to the primary thing with this New Orleans incident, which can only be a continuation of the LAX "scene" of November 2014, which played out on the exact same topic [see 'related to' at top]. Question: Can the ZNWO realize the goal of total police-state lockdown of society without the airports being part of that system? The answer to that is obvious. An unarmed TSA of course cannot possibly meet the requirements of "the vision"...so what else can be done but to dial up a little "instant chaos" aka ordo ab chao to gain the objective...and for a little bonus get John Q. to clap for it at the same time?

Real? How can it be? Police state takeover of airports? On the way. Be not numbed into mindlessness by the sheer endless repetition of ordo ab chao events being used to create fiction-world 2015 [link]. Stay un-numbed.
 Rev. 18:4
3-25-15 update: After New Orleans 'Machete Man', TSA Now Calling For Armed Special Agents, Authority Over Local Police
Isaiah 26:3 'Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee'


How Bad Is It? - CA Bans State Judges From 'Boy Scouts' Because 'Homosexual Leaders' Not Permitted [Yet]

California (Supreme Court) Bans Judges From Participating in Boy Scouts Over Its Policy Prohibiting Gay Troop Leaders

The California Supreme Court has instituted a policy that prohibits state judges from participating in the Boy Scouts of America because it doesn't allow openly gay adults to become troop leaders.

Earlier this year the court voted unanimously to change the California Code of Judicial Ethics, removing an exemption allowing membership in youth organizations, such as the Boy Scouts, that it claims practice discrimination.

While the Boy Scouts voted in 2013 to lift its ban on openly gay youth members, it maintained its policy prohibiting openly gay adults from actively participating in troop activities or becoming troop leaders.

"The proposed rule change was sent out for public comment last year, and the change was supported by the California Judges Association," reads the statement, in part. "The amended rule is now consistent with the American Bar Association's Model Code of Judicial Conduct. Judges will have until Jan. 21, 2016, to comply with the new rule."

Conneely added that "the court's action eliminated an exception for nonprofit youth organizations" in general, and not just the Boy Scouts.

This post is a follow up on: Red Alert Red Alert: Chief Homosexual Advocate Robert Gates Takes Over Presidency Of Boy Scouts - 5/24/14 ""Boy Scouts Or Scouting For Boys? ...Gay leaders" in the Boy Scouts? How much higher-level of "leader" than ex-Pentagon/CIA sworn homosexual-agenda advocate Robert Gates could possibly be found? - Boys to be openly trained under homosexual influence? - the end is near folks...protect your sons..." - Gates is in there for one purpose only Scout people - that is, he is the 'chosen one' to open the 'gates' by which the homosexual 'leaders' will enter in so that they can then 'lead' all the young boys. Where do they intend to lead them? - right into the 'genderless ZWO'. Red red red alert!

Compare also: New Air Force Initiative Prohibits Promotion Unless Bowed To NWO Androgyny-Genderless Agenda 3-7-14 "Removing this next generation's "gender identity" so as to create an androgynous mass of servile worker-drones to enslave in their envisioned 666 global kingdom-come...This is the true "cause", and is the only real 'why' for the global 'transgender program'...The androgynite-agendites have no intention of allowing any to hinder the grand objective..."
California supreme court so-called upholding the "American Bar Association's Model Code of Judicial Conduct" by prohibiting in true authoritarian manner any state judges from involvement with the "Boy Scouts of America" for not [yet] surrendering the young boys of America to direct open homosexual influence? And the USAF now prohibiting the career advancement of any who do not bow at the altar of the ZWO's LGBTXYZABCRJPKM trance-formation-of-the-planet agenda from the-dark-side-of-the-universe? Is there some kind of a conspiracy here? You think?

How bad is it? It's Babylon risen once again, about to get as bad or worse than ancient Babylon ever was. Recommend grab your boy scouts and look not to the left nor to the right (or back - Gen. 19:26) and git [Gen. 19:12-13].
 Rev. 18:4
The good news: Isaiah 13:19 'And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees' excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah'


4-Blood-Moons False Prophecy Update: 3-20-15 Total Solar Eclipse "Sign To The World" - That The World Will Not See

Follow up on: "Four Blood Moons" Zionist Fake Bible Prophecy Scheme Now Underway - April 2014 To September 2015 4-14-14 "There is now a window put over the next one and a half years - April 2014 to September 2015 - and probably for some time beyond that, where whatever is intended can be played out at any given time, and attributed to the "signs in the sky"..."...one thing is certain - and that is that a massive worldwide deception is on the way...in terms of middle east warfare, ultimately finalizing in a fake Gog-Magog WWIII*, prearranged to result in Israeli victory, allowing for a claim of divine-deliverance, to then be interpreted-to-the-world as evidence of the god-given right to rule the planet and mankind [link]...The solar eclipse between the four lunar eclipses in what will be an eighteen month period total will occur on March 20, 2015 -- A few things for the record...The occurrence of the four lunar-eclipses...called a "tetrad"...is not necessarily that uncommon. In fact, astronomers report that it will happen eight times in this century 2001-2100. Second, that for these "signs" to coincide with Jewish holidays is perfectly normal. The Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar, and for this reason, once again astronomers report, it is inevitable that in any year full moons would fall on or near the Jewish holidays...And one more very important thing to note, calling these events "blood moons" is actually inaccurate...Many 'tetrads' have occurred over the centuries, but have never been called blood moons...astronomers will not be referring to the events as blood moons...Another very noteworthy thing about all this is pointed out in this quote by the astronomers: "It is somewhat ironic that three of these four lunar eclipses are not visible – even in part – from Israel. The only eclipse that can be seen at all from Israel is the tail end of the September 28, 2015 eclipse, which may be observable for a short while before sunrise." [source]..." [see post]
What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Probably now to be classified as an iconic photo, Zionist promoter in the first degree John Hagee preaching to the
gullible masses 'Four Blood Moons' and 3-20-15 Total Solar Eclipse as gen-u-ine honest-to-goodness bible prophecy
Almost certainly all have seen the above photo at one time or another. Four so-called "blood moons" with a total solar eclipse in between coming March 20, 2015. Bible prophecy, according to Hagee and fellow Judaizing-champion Mark Biltz. "God's billboard in the sky" claims Hagee - endtime prophetic signs of the moon being turned to blood and the sun being darkened, fulfilling prophecies from the books of Joel and Acts and Revelation [Joel 2:31; Acts. 2:20; Rev. 6:12], is what they would have the all world believe.

Although the only possible correct interpretation of these scriptures makes it very clear that these "signs" will not occur until well into the period of time most commonly referred to as "The Tribulation" (which cannot be yet) - nevermind that say Hagee and Biltz...this is it now...just like the picture shows. Trust us...we know. See the moons everyone..they look real blood-red don't they? And see the darkened sun? It looks real scary and ominous, doesn't it. It must be real then, right?

We're telling you, say Hagee and pals, it's a huge warning of coming judgment on the world and of God's deliverance of the Jews from all their 'enemies' - this 'tetrad' and solar eclipse are the sure signs. It's biblical and we're the experts, believe you us. And don't worry about if the timing of these "signs" might not seem quite right...that doesn't really matter does it? Of course not, don't even give it a second thought...just keep looking at the big scary picture while we explain it all to you.

To sum up the whole thing as succinctly as possible, the basic interpretation of these "endtime Bible prophecy signs" according to Endtime Prophetic-Masters Hagee and Biltz is as follows: The moons, i.e. the four lunar eclipses, are signs to Israel of coming "deliverance" from all her foes, after which she shall stand victorious before all the world; and the "sun turned into darkness" [Joel 2:31], just like it shows in the picture, is not a sign for Israel but is a "sign to the world" of the impending "wrath of God". Really, we promise, we're not making this up, say they...it's God's billboard in the sky...just like the picture. Israel, Israel, Israel, the land, the land, the land.

Specifically, the 3-20-15 'Total Solar Eclipse' is supposed to indicate judgment on the nations. As the 4-blood-moons theme goes, this judgment on the nations is to come in the form of "War of Gog-Magog" devastation of all nations opposing Israel - i.e Russia, Iran, Syria. etc. [see 'follow up' linked above]. That this is an accurate summation of the blood-moons script exactly as Hagee reads it can be easily verified by viewing any of the many Hagee videos.

This brings up a most amazing thing about this incredible "biblical sign" of pending destruction of the nations. Wouldn't it seem logical that when in fact the LORD God does actually set these signs in the sky, that all the target groups would in fact be able to see the "signs", so as to 'get the message'. Surely the LORD God Almighty would not foretell in His Word the Holy Bible of such tremendous signs and then limit who could actually see them, would He? Well, perhaps if there was someone like a John Hagee though that could inform everyone of the signs that they cannot see for themselves, and make a huge wall poster, maybe that would work, right?

Well the fact is that this is the exact scenario that Hagee/Biltz are attempting to pawn off on the planet earth. How is it that in each instance no "target-groups" will actually see their respective signs? As mentioned in the follow up post linked at the top, none of the "blood moons" are view-able from Israel with the exception of the tail end of the fourth for just a little while; and as it turns out, the 'Total Solar Eclipse warning to the world', as is claimed and as portrayed in Hagee's iconic photo above, will be seen by virtually no one. The article and photos below show this to be the case. Interesting also to note that much is being made by other blood-moon affiliated counterparts about the solar eclipse taking place on 3-20 which happens to be the spring equinox. This is more evidence of it being a legitimate 'sign' says the man we refer to, a Jewish rabbi, who has called for a "global day of prayer" because this event indicates "the finger of God" [source]. Global day of prayer led by a rabbi? Cui bono [link]? Interesting thing about this though is that apparently "God" is not able to get his timing just quite right because the equinox does not actually happen until 13 hours after the eclipse:

[Excerpted; by Fred Espenak and Jay Anderson - skyandtelescope.com] "The central path of March 20th's total solar eclipse crosses only a few bits of land: all of the Faroe Islands and Svalbard...The stormy North Atlantic in late winter is hardly a popular tourist destination. Nevertheless, the track of the March 20, 2015, total eclipse passes right through the region and is still drawing many eclipse chasers. The eclipse path forms a backward C-shaped curve that ends at the North Pole. The Moon's shadow first touches Earth in the North Atlantic about 700 km south of Greenland at 9:13 Universal Time. As the shadow travels east, it curves to the north and misses eastern Iceland by less than 70 km....

Illustration of Hagee's Total Solar Eclipse sign-to-the-world...which as the dark-blue outlined band showing the
path of the eclipse being only over the ocean and a few small islands, will be seen by virtually none of the world.
You might see reports that this eclipse occurs on the equinox. Technically that's true, though the timing of the equinox comes nearly 13 hours after the eclipse, at 22:45 UT (6:45 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time)....The Faroes are embedded in the main storm track across the North Atlantic and so have a well-deserved reputation for clouds. At Vagar Airport, on the west side of the islands, cloud cover averages 75%, and the average number of sunshine hours for March is a meager 24% of the maximum possible. Eclipse-seekers will have to remain mobile, looking for openings in the clouds on eclipse day, or they'll need to head for high ground to surmount the fog that commonly envelops the archipelago in the morning. [source]

Although the LORD God Almighty creator of heaven and earth was able to stop the sun "for about a whole day" in the days of Joshua [Joshua 10:12-13], and set the sun back ten degrees in the days of Hezekiah [2Kings 20:10-11], a 13-hr miss in this case is close enough isn't it. The would-be Judaizers-of-the-world would have you believe this anyway. And not to mention also, as the author of the above article points out, the high likelihood of the whole event being shrouded in a blanket of fog which would make it barely visible even to those who do attempt to get themselves into one of the very limited viewing locations. Odd thing is it not - this total Solar Eclipse is nothing at all like Hagee's ominous-looking total-eclipse picture? A sign to the world? Hardly.

Looking at the illustration again, the area with the pink-looped and light-blue lined graphics shows where the eclipse will be seen, but only partially, in varying degrees. Note that a partial eclipse is certainly less-than-spectacular, and in this case even the partial-eclipse is still not visible to much of the world. Certainly this event could not be thought of as 'God-worthy' as a "biblical sign of devastating judgment on the nations" per Hagee et al. - and again, nothing at all like what Hagee has advertised with his big-scary ominous blacked-out sun poster. Below is a chart giving the partial-eclipse percentages for some of the major cities in the partial-eclipse zone:

--no photo-- [removed - potential copyright issues]

A partial eclipse partially covering the planet earth is no "bible prophecy"

This next photo shows what the view from Jerusalem will be. Just a little nick over about an hour and twenty minutes is all that will be seen there. Not much to write home about:

--no photo-- [removed - potential copyright issues]

Final assessment, in short, in answer to the lead-in question on what is wrong with Hagee's Blood Moons-Solar Eclipse photo: everything. Everything is wrong with it. Lunar eclipses that Israel cannot see, and a total solar eclipse next-to-no one in the whole world can see...but none of this matters. The facts contradicting Hagee/Biltz on every point....means nothing. The fake Gog-Magog WWIII war train will not be derailed by meaningless little things like facts. After all, like ol' Pontius Pilate said, referring to what actually makes this world go round, "what is truth" [John 18:38]. Truth is nothing in this world [link] of which Satan is the god thereof.

Clearly a massive worldwide deception is now fully underway...as first stated in the follow up post linked at top. And the thing about that is that it's just now starting to really get up to speed. The next copper-colored non-red 'blood moon', the third of four, is only three weeks away (4-4-15).

Stay tuned, and the point of all this...the whole production is surely coming. Pseudo-blood moons, imaginary Isis, created shemitah-year financial-crash hoax stuff, fake Gog-Magog, all of it, but, you do not have be deceived, as if it is all real. See through it. Believe on the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ - John 3:36.

More fully, see all: 'Gog-Magog' hoax

4-3-15 update: 3rd Of '4 Blood Dud Moons' False Prophecy - April 4, 2015: Another "Sign" That The World Will Not See

Rev. 18:4
Jeremiah 14:14 'Then the LORD said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart'


Military Takeover NAU: S.C. National Guard Does Door-To-Door 'Health And Wellness Checks' During Hurricane Drill

This post related to: Ferguson Ordo Ab Chao And Pentagon 5-'13 'Rule Change' On "Civil Disturbances" - It's A Match; And The NAU 8-19-14 "Cui bono? Either citizens are getting gunned down all over the place in the US of A these days, or, it is just being made to appear to be so...via endless staged productions...in order to create an illusion...to gain an objective...the objective being the training of the populace to submit to an authoritarian governing of themselves...and equally as crucial to the secret-society globalists aspirations...and the other side of that coin actually...to begin the full and final implementation of a global military rule, which definitely includes the nation of America. Making these things happen is absolutely imperative for the would-be 'apotheosists' (god-men) before they can realize their delusional dreams of installing themselves as the ruling authoritarians of all the earth [link]...Erasing the borders, setting up a monolithic military rule of the North American continent - both have to happen - and they are. It is just that simple. And expect to see many more 'scenarios' resulting in the military showing up to 'assist' now militarized police - until military presence becomes the "new norm", per the NAU development plan" [see post]
South Carolina National Guard partners with state agencies to conduct wellness checks during Vigilant Guard 2015

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. – The South Carolina National Guard, in partnership with numerous state agencies, conducted hurricane response training in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, as a part of Vigilant Guard 2015, a regional emergency response exercise focused on response to a natural disaster, in this case a Category 4 hurricane.

The SCNG partnered with the S.C. State Guard, the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department and other local emergency responders to conduct health and wellness checks in the Overton neighborhood. The joint task force went door-to-door checking on the local residents, assessed their needs and determined how best to meet those needs in a real response.

“In the scenario, our job today was to assist the S.C. State Guard, along with various Berkeley County emergency responders, and perform health and wellness checks for citizens who might have been affected by the storm,” said Sgt. Jeremy Argabright, Bravo Company, 1-118 Infantry.

re: 'National Guard...door-to-door checking'

Pushing the new-norm envelope even further now...military knocking on your door...just in case you need some 'help'. Military control over the entire North American continent...which without question is an integral component of the regional-global government plan (aka A21) for the still under-construction "NAU" [link]...it won't happen by itself. From the normalizing of major military exercises in the streets of American cities...to now actually coming-a-knocking uninvited on the front doors of private residences...clearly there is an 'agenda' afoot. It's called anti-christ one-world-government.

Be informed...it's John Q. Public that is being 'trained'.  Rev. 18:4
Compare: Marines To 'Train' (Public For Martial Law) In Downtown Los Angeles December 5-16, 2014; Ferguson, NY, "Phoenix" 12-5-14 "Military games in the downtown streets of LA California? There is only one name for that - martial law desensitization. Same thing currently underway in Ferguson, and NY, and of course wouldn't you know, now Phoenix. Only difference is that the drills in those cities are live as a result of the 'chaos' factor - namely the string of concurrent supposed white-cop-on-black-citizen killings....The 'Phoenix', the very symbol of the 'new order'. The phoenix - that only rises from the ashes of the old. Ashes of course speaking of the complete destruction of the existing...The 'rising phoenix' from this current production is the 'normalizing' of an open full-blown police state..." [see post]
Believer: Rev. 3:11 'Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown'


New Air Force Initiative Prohibits Promotion Unless Bowed To NWO Androgyny-Genderless Agenda

No Promotion Unless A Commitment To Diversity Is Demonstrated, Air Force Sec Says

Secretary of the Air Force Deborah James has decided to celebrate Women’s History Month by announcing a set of nine initiatives to increase diversity and inclusiveness in the service.

The most notable is a new requirement that unless those aspiring to leadership roles can demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion, they will not be considered for promotion.

James first declared the changes on Wednesday [3-4-15] during a “Women and Leadership in National Security” conference at the Center for a New American Security, and justified the new initiatives by proclaiming, “There’s simply no country in the world as widely diverse as the U.S.”
Related: SecAF introduces diversity initiatives 3-4-15 "She spoke about the steps the Air Force is taking to strengthen its diversity and inclusion by introducing nine initiatives. James along with Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh, III and Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James A. Cody, signed two memos that were sent out to all Airmen to help guide the Air Force efforts"

This post is a follow up on: 300 Republicans, 379 Companies, 226 Mayors, 2,000 Clergy, Pro Sports Teams Petition SCOTUS To OK 'Gay Marriage' - Genderless Agenda 3-7-15 "Ultimately the goal is to remove any and all identity from the youth, other than to the 'State'. This definitely includes "gender identity"...Removing this next generation's "gender identity" so as to create an androgynous mass of servile worker-drones to enslave in their envisioned 666 global kingdom-come...This is the true "cause", and is the only real 'why' for the global 'transgender program'...There is no option to not making it happen" [see post]

That part in the last sentence in the follow-up quote directly above about "no option to not making it happen" - these new Air Force initiatives make for indisputable proof of that being an absolute fact. The stakes are extremely high is why - it's literally about creating an androgynous planetary slave class. The androgynite-agendites have no intention of allowing any to hinder the grand objective.

Be informed all who will not bow to Baal [Dan. 3:16-18]...it's only going to get worse.
 Rev. 18:4
Numbers 25:2-3 'And they called the people unto the sacrifices of their gods: and the people did eat, and bowed down to their gods. And Israel joined himself unto Baalpeor: and the anger of the LORD was kindled against Israel'  [c.f. Numbers 25:1]

300 Republicans, 379 Companies, 226 Mayors, 2,000 Clergy, Pro Sports Teams Petition SCOTUS To OK 'Gay Marriage' - Genderless Agenda

Related to: NWO 'Genderless Agenda' Debuts "Genderbread Person" At CA High School - Coming For Your Sons And Daughters 12-12-14 ""Ultimately the goal is to remove any and all identity from the youth, other than to the 'State'. This definitely includes "gender identity"...Removing this next generation's "gender identity" so as to create an androgynous mass of servile worker-drones to enslave in their envisioned 666 global kingdom-come...This is the true "cause", and is the only real 'why' for the global 'transgender program'. Genderless-ness, to coin the phrase, is in fact, to them - the anti-christ kingdom-comers that is, even more than critical. It is "mission critical". An integral part of the planned-future population management plan. There is no option to not making it happen" [see post]
Diverse groups tell Supreme Court they support same-sex marriage

Friend of the court legal briefs supporting same-sex marriage were filed at the US Supreme Court Friday by more than 70 groups representing hundreds of individuals from across the political, religious, and business spectrum

WASHINGTON — A wide spectrum of political, religious, and business groups – including the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots – filed legal briefs at the US Supreme Court on Friday urging the justices to rule in favor of same-sex marriage in the upcoming blockbuster case.

The friend of the court briefs were filed on behalf of more than 300 Republicans, 379 American companies, 226 mayors, and nearly 2,000 clergy members who say the high court should rule that gay men and lesbians have a right to marry anywhere in the United States.

The filings are among more than 70 friend of the court briefs being submitted in support of same-sex couples in Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, and Kentucky. The couples are challenging measures that restrict marriage in those states to a union of one man and one woman.

The case is set for oral arguments on April 28 and a decision is expected by late June

In addition to the Patriots professional football team, two major league baseball teams, the San Francisco Giants and the Tampa Bay Rays, also joined that brief.

They were among a cross-section of American business and industry, including 40 firms on the Fortune list of 100 largest companies. Among other businesses on the list were Alcoa, Broadcom, Dow Chemical, Goldman Sachs Group, Johnson & Johnson, and Northrop Grumman Corp.

Among the 300 Republicans who signed onto the brief are: businessman and philanthropist David Koch, retired US Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Maine Senator Susan Collins, Illinois Senator Mark Kirk, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, investor and philanthropist Daniel Loeb, and Hewlett-Packard President and CEO Meg Whitman.

Some 226 mayors signed onto a brief supporting broad recognition of same-sex marriage. Among them was Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero.

Rev. Gay Clark Jennings, president of the House of Deputies of the Episcopal Church, told reporters that the issue in the case was civil marriage, not religious marriage. She said she agreed to sign onto the brief because of her religious beliefs, not in spite of them: “It is long past time to end any kind of discrimination against God’s children [*Col. 3:5-6] in this country,” she said.

Is there supposed to be some sort of suspense as to which way SCOTUS will 'rule' on the issue of men marrying men and women marrying women when they 'pass down' their decision in June 2015? Perhaps so...something like...will it be just a plain slam dunk...or will it be a behind the back between the legs reverse in-yo-face slammer? Oh the suspense is just too great.

That the novus-ordo-seclorumite Zionist-antichrist kingdom-comers have an iron grip on all facets of society and have now managed to get their gender-identity-robbing androgynous-transformation-of-society scheme judicially-expedited to the point where their black-robed appointees at SCOTUS will now officially expedite the gay-pseudo-marriage confusion to law of the 'new world order'...is made ever more abundantly clear by the above article.

Tell us something that we don't already know.
 Rev. 18:4
Compare: Tylenol 'Expands' Family In New Commercial: Lesbians, Ex-Husband, Kids, Unidentifieds, And A Jewish Ritual 12-27-14
Gen. 19:15,17 'And when the morning arose, then the angels hastened Lot, saying, Arise, take thy wife, and thy two daughters, which are here; lest thou be consumed in the iniquity of the city...Escape for thy life; look not behind thee, neither stay thou in all the plain; escape to the mountain, lest thou be consumed'  [Gen. 19:15-17]


1-Yr Flashback: Rick Warren, Catholics Team Up To Launch Laodicean 'Ministry' Of Mental Health

A reminder - it's only been one short year since Big Brother's 'white coats' were formally welcomed into the Laodicean global church...which is to say that have now managed to place themselves into controlling positions in virtually every strata of society. Laodicean Purpose-driver Warren is trying to sell this as a ministry: Mental health 'ministry' to be specific, says he. Funny thing, never did see that one in the Word of God...aka the Bible. At any rate, be aware because the white coats are coming, the white coats are coming:
Originally posted 3-4-14  Purpose-Driver Rick Warren, Catholics Join Hands To Call Churches To Push NWO 'Mental Health' Agenda

Rick Warren calls church to mental health ministry

Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren is starting a new mental health ministry following the suicide of his son Matthew, who at age 27 shot himself in April [2013] after years of struggling with severe depression.

Warren will team up with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange and the National Alliance on Mental Illness to raise awareness and remove the misunderstandings against mental illnesses within the faith community. On March 28 [2014], the three groups will host The Gathering on Mental Health and the Church, a daylong event at Saddleback that will cover a wide range of mental health issues, from bipolar disorder to eating disorders. Warren hopes the conference will educate family members of people living with mental illness, encourage those who are struggling, and motivate other churches to create similar mental health ministries.

Our goal is, as we say, we crack the door open and then churches go, ‘OK. If the diocese is doing this, if Saddleback’s doing this, we can do this,’” Warren said. “And we’d love to see a movement started where people actually begin to say, ‘We need to see this element added to our local ministry.’”

re: 'motivate...churches to create...mental health ministries'

Mental health, so called, is a critical component of the ZWO population-control agenda. Mandatory screening of the public as a routine part of overall health care is the end goal - adults, children, everybody. The agenda is now being forced in every arena. Forced screening for "mental fitness" creates a gate-keeping mechanism where 'mental-health professionals' would have the ability to identify those who may not 'think' the way the novus-ordo-seclorum-ites would like them to. It is not difficult to see the real intent. Answer all questions correctly and there will be no problem - answering incorrectly might just get you red-flagged. Purpose-driven Warren is on board as a result of the purported suicide of his son, purportedly occurring less than one year ago (4-'13). Immediately after this purported incident, Warren suddenly became a national spokesman and champion of the cause.

And as now seen, the time has come to take things to the next level, manipulating the church-world to buy into the scheme. This is a very significant development in all things antichrist-globalization. You have Warren, supposedly representing mainstream Christianity, now forging an open partnership with the Catholic Church...for the cause. That's called one-world-religion. But that's not all, the Purpose-Drivers will now roll out the red carpet for the "mental health professionals" and usher them in to spread their own 'religious dogmas' i.e. psychology and psychiatry, and then network the churches into their new-world-order 'mental health' system - which is exactly what will happen.

Preaching the Gospel of "if any man be in Christ he is a new creature" (2Cor. 5:17)? That's the one that teaches that the "old man", Adam, can never be 'fixed', and that the only remedy for him is the cross (Rom. 6:6); and that the only 'fixing' of a person that is possible can come about only by becoming a "new creature", which can only come by a new birth (John 3:3,5) - that's out. Psychology, psychiatry, etc. all attempt to 'fix' the old man, Adam, which cannot be done (Rom. 8:7; 1Cor. 15:22). The Christian church is supposed to preach this gospel of the 'new creature in Christ', not the humanist psychological anti-gospel of patched-up Adam. For the record though, neither Warren or the Catholic church ever has taught the true gospel of the new birth.*

At any rate, the 'true Gospel of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ' definitely does not mesh with the global agenda. This is a given. 'Fixing' people is not the real goal of the global agenda anyway - the real goal is controlling them. The 'mental health' agenda is to be a means to that end. Warren is now a prime promoter as a direct result of the incident regarding his son, which has brought things to the point where they are now, joining hands with the Catholic church and 'mental-health practitioner' friends to push the globalist's one-world purpose-driven mental-health control-agenda in a new and big way.

Warren leading the charge - real happenings, or textbook case of problem-reaction-solution? Probably not a hard question. Be informed.
 Rev. 18:4
The timeline:

4-7-13 Rick Warren's Son Reportedly Takes Own Life; Global Agenda Of Gun Control And 'Mental Health' "As for the reports of the son of Rick Warren taking his own life, no comment will be made. Rather than that, a very brief observation on the circumstances of the incident, which is to simply note how remarkably the scenario as described fits the current political narrative concerning the global-agenda issues of gun control and mental health. Without question, these two topics are an absolute priority to that global agenda...Warren moves at the highest levels of globalist circles. This is no secret. It would not be a surprise if this incident becomes part of the equation regarding these global-agenda issues, possibly even becoming a platform for Warren to press the issue.

4-12-13 Update: Rick Warren Reports Son Used "Unregistered Gun" - And Gun Control, 'Mental Health', Purpose Driven "An unregistered gun...from the internet....with the serial number scratched off. And, according to the report, Warren and wife have set up a "mental health fund". What is the take away from this next part of the Warren-son story? The reality is that it is exactly what was suggested in the original 4-7-13 post on this story - that is that this incident would become "part of the equation" regarding the gun-control and so-called 'mental health' agendas, and that Warren would in fact suddenly have a platform from which to press the issues. And just like that, there it is, and here he is...NWO Purpose-Driven social-works networks pushing the mandatory 'mental health evaluations' agenda... Gun control, 'mental health', and "Purpose-Driven"... are now all permanently linked

4-18-13 Update: Rick Warren Says 1-In-5 Americans Have "Mental Illness" - Starts Petition For NWO 'Mental Health' Agenda “Join Kay and I, and the Saddleback Family, in our effort to urge educators, lawmakers, healthcare professionals, and church congregations to raise the awareness and lower the stigma of mental illness" - Warren's son reported to have taken his own life [link 4-7-13], an unregistered gun that cannot be traced or linked to anybody, and a private memorial service, all in about a weeks time. And that is the whole story. Over and done, as fast as it came, it goes away...except for, amazing how that works, the new platform that Rick Warren has now been placed upon. That would be the platform to urge "educators, lawmakers, healthcare professionals, and church congregations" to get on board with the NWO agenda for an Orwellian population control mechanism via so-called 'mental health screening'... Warren's statement that "one in five Americans experiences some sort of mental illness" is as Orwellian of a statement as could possibly be made, and reveals clearly just how perfectly in lockstep Warren is with the cabalist global scheme to population-control through forced mental health evaluations.   [Follow links, connect dots]

*Gal. 1:9 'As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed' [Gal. 1:6-9]