Oh No Newest 'Scariant' Omicron [Moronic] -- Endless Korona Plandemic Just Training 'Goy Herd' For Obedience, Submit Them - Trump Birx March 2020

Birx Trump 3-17-20: 'Creating A Roadmap For Future Plandemics'


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Follow up on: 12-28-20 WHO Says Worse 'Plandemic' Coming? Funny, Birx Told It 3-17-20 'CV A Roadmap For Future Plandemics' "March 17, 2020, essentially just the start of Operation C19, the "Coronavirus Task Force" reads the plan-demic script. Translating the codespeak they are clearly saying 'this one is just practice' ... posted article: “This pandemic has been very severe, it has spread around the world extremely quickly and has affected every corner of this planet,” Ryan said. “But this is not necessarily the big one..."

compare also: Newest Fake-Korona Variant 'Mu' Just Another Jewish-Talmudic Mock: Cows (i.e. 'Goy-Cattle') Say 'Moo' 9-6-21  "And so the pathetic mocking just keeps coming - just like the fake so-called variants. Fake variants have to keep coming - it's the only way to keep the fake-korona ordo-ab-chao scammy-hoaxy 'kattle-kontrol skeme' master-plan going.."

and: "Herd Immunity" A Talmudic In-Your-Face Mock - All 'Goy' i.e. Non-Jews Are 'Cattle' ... Korona Kontrol Kaper 5-4-21   Herd immunity... herd immunity... Stop for a minute think it through. What are they really saying? The phrase "herd immunity" refers to a herd of cattle. Bingo... it is plain as can be calling people - the general populations - "cattle". Get it now? The phrase is not meaningless it is a blatant total mock. Comes straight from the Jewish Talmud - nowhere else -- 'Because You're A Minion' [see: post/vid]

and the klassic Kabala-Konfess ritual: Raggedy Ann Psaki Calls Fake-Korona 'Plandemic' 8-25-21 Press Conference [Vid]

see all: 'corona-fiction'

Trained animals jump thru hoops - like in the circus... Oh show your
passport... oh get another booster... oh you can't go there... oh you can't
do that... oh we'll tell you everything from now on... c'mon now...jump
Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 30:8-9 'Now go, write it before them in a table, and note it in a book, that it may be for the time to come for ever and ever: That this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the LORD'


Jerusalem? There Is No "Holy Land" John 4:21 - Only 'Without The Camp'   [CHM 1820-1896]

John 4:21 'Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father'

If the sufferings of Christ have secured us an entrance into heaven, the place where He suffered expresses our rejection from earth. His death has procured us a city on high; the place where He died divests us of a city below.

"He suffered without the gate," [Heb. 13:12] and, in so doing, He set aside Jerusalem as the present centre of divine operation. There is no such thing, now, as a consecrated spot on the earth. Christ has taken His place, as a suffering One, outside the range of this world's religion — its politics, and all that pertains to it.

The world hated Him, and cast Him out. Wherefore, the word is, "go forth" [without the camp - Heb. 13:13]. This is the motto, as regards every thing that men would set up here, in the form of a "camp," no matter what that camp may be. If men set up "a holy city," you must look for a rejected Christ "without the gate." [Heb. 13:12]

If men set up a religious camp, call it by what name you please, you must "go forth" out of it, in order to find a rejected Christ. It is not that blind superstition will not grope amid the ruins of Jerusalem [Rev. 11:8], in search of relics of Christ. It assuredly will do so, and has done so. It will affect to find out, and do honour to, the site of His cross, and to His sepulchre.

Nature's covetousness, too, taking advantage of nature's superstition, has carried on, for ages, a lucrative traffic, under the crafty plea of doing honour to the so-called sacred localities of antiquity. But a single ray of light from Revelation's heavenly lamp, is sufficient to enable us to say that you must "go forth" of all these things, in order to find and enjoy communion with a rejected Christ. [Rev. 18:4]   C.H. Mackintosh (CHM) 1820-1896

John 4:23 'But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him'  [John 4:24]


John MacArthur Brannon Howse Say Okay To Take The 666 Mark-Of-The-Beast You Can 'Repent' Later -- Apostates Gone Wild


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See full original post [commented]: Taking The 666 Is 'Forgivable' - John MacArthur, Brannon Howse, Jimmy DeYoung, Phil Johnson 11-8-13

see also: 666 'The Mark'

Ephesians 5:6 'Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of
these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience'

Rev. 18:4


John Knox 1558 'The First Blast Of The Trumpet Against The Monstrous Regiment Of Women'  [Audio-Vid]

John Knox 1558 'The First Blast Of The Trumpet Against The Monstrous Regimen Of Women' [men not to be ruled by women]

[speed clips] John Knox led the Scottish reformation of the 16th century transitioning Scotland from Catholicism to Presbyterianism. Knox is considered to be the founder of Presbyterianism. At that time Scotland and England were ruled by a succession of Queens - three 'Marys' and one Elizabeth. This historical and now famous writing was occasioned by that situation. Reference is made to some of these queens in this work.

An internet search turned up no audio recording of this work. So here now is one. Complete and unedited, not 'modernized'. Audio is a robo-voice...speeded up quite a bit, tone lowered significantly. Definitely listenable, especially with scrolling text. Effort required - yes - but it is history not entertainment. Careful listening in it's entirety is necessary to make an informed assessment. Videos are lengthy - watching/listening to the whole at one time is not necessary - breaking up into parts can be a good approach.

Note: [quote from link] "Knox never wrote The Second Blast of the Trumpet . . . , nor any other of the [3] originally planned blasts, but did publish a summary of the projected Second Blast in 1558 in response to criticisms of and complaints about the vehemence of his language in The First Blast...."   -- Full text of 'The First Blast...": [Internet Archive]

In two parts:

First part 52:29 min.

Preface 0:00 - 11:25
First Blast 11:25 - end first part

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Second part 40:35 min.

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Rev. 18:4

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Doritos Twisted 'Día de Los Muertos' Mexico Commercial: Dead Lonely Man Gets Gay 'Lover' In 'Heaven'


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'Día de Los Muertos' or 'Day Of The Dead' celebrated every year midnight Oct 31 to Nov. 2 (going on now) is a huge pagan holiday in Mexico

Doritos adds a new twist for 2021 - come out gay after death

2 Timothy 3:13 'But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived'*

Worse and worse. We're there...and then some!  Rev. 18:4
*2 Timothy 3:14 'But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them'