Maranatha Days

Current financial headlines in U.S., and fomented global instability:

Economy, bank woes drag market to worst January ever
California pension funds close to bankruptcy
46 Of 50 States Could File Bankruptcy In 2009-2010
No State has ever filed bankruptcy, but it could be coming to a State near you this year.
Lenders abruptly cut lines of credit
Banks and other lenders nationwide, seeking to reduce their debt exposure, are shutting off and limiting consumer credit card lines, even for many customers who carry low balances and pay on time.

Europe trembles as protests grow
Protesters rally in Mexico City
Thousands of Russians march in protest over Vladimir Putin and the economy
Strikes spread across Britain as oil refinery protest escalates
Two birds with one stone. The fabricated global financial crisis is being used both to build a single global economy (666) out of the ruination of the existing, while at the same time create worldwide social instability so as to usher in a 'new way'. The plan is global and definitely includes the good 'ol U.S. of A. on both counts (here). The news is not good, and it will not be getting better. This fact must be faced.

If it were not for the fact of the return of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to crush this earthly rebellion of men and devils:
"And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army. And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshiped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone. And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth..." (Rev. 19:19-21)
...the scenario now vividly taking shape throughout the entire world would be absolutely and utterly hopeless. But he will come, exactly as the prophetic Word of God foretells, just as he came the first time. And the good news for the believing Christian...before that period of judgment begins he will first come and take his bride to be with him where he is, safe in his Father's house (John 14:3). Ready?

And for any who do not like that answer...there is no other answer!

Recommended reading:
Return of Jesus Christ by Lewis Sperry Chafer
The Blessed Hope - Titus 2:13


NWO 'ordo ab chao': Lesbian Leader Rises Out Of Crushed Iceland

follow up on: Iceland Update: 'Revolutionaries' Victorious 1-23-09 (quote) "Does anybody really believe that this would be possible unless it were part of the NWO script?...."What will replace the fallen parliament...have to wait to see exactly what it will be, but no doubt about it, it will be according to the NWO script. The 'chaos' has done it's job, and 'new order' can now rise from the ashes in Iceland."
Ordo ab chao on display. It has not taken long to get the two questions in the above quote answered i.e. is it possible that this situation in Iceland could happen unless it was part of the NWO script, and the second, what will arise from the chaos of the world's first so-called fallen government (Iceland) caused by the so-called global-economic crisis? Now, just a week later, it all becomes crystal clear. Right on cue and exactly as scripted, the...

World gets its first openly gay leader

"The first government collapse of the global economic crisis is about to yield the world's first openly-gay leader. Johanna Sigurdardottir, a former air hostess, is expected to be sworn in as Iceland's Prime Minister by the end of the week."

"Saint Johanna", as she has come to be known, has been propelled from the social affairs ministry – which she has presided over for a decade – to take centre stage in a choice hailed as "unexpected but brilliant". "
...and then: Iceland to be fast-tracked into European Union dailymail.uk.co [1-30-09]
(i.e. absorbed into the one world government...no longer a sovereign nation. Just like that.)
Eph. 6:12 'For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but...against the rulers of the darkness of this world' (cf. John 7:7)

Civilian 'Workforce' or Civilians 'Forced To Work' For NWO?

Defense Department Establishes Civilian Expeditionary Workforce

WASHINGTON – The Defense Department is forming a civilian expeditionary workforce that will be trained and equipped to deploy overseas in support of military missions worldwide, according to department officials.

Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England signed Defense Department Directive 1404.10, which outlines and provides guidance about the program, on Jan. 23.
The directive emphasizes, however, that volunteers be sought first for any expeditionary requirements, before requiring anyone to serve involuntarily or on short notice. Overseas duty tours shall not exceed two years.

Employees in deployable-designated positions will be trained, equipped and prepared to serve overseas in support of humanitarian, reconstruction and, if absolutely necessary, combat-support missions.
re: 'civilian workforce'
Further disturbing trends of the encroaching brave new world: Signed 1-23-09, directive for a new Defense Department program which will designate various civilian sectors from within the department for humanitarian and other overseas missions. Quote: "volunteers will be sought first...before requiring anyone to serve involuntarily..."
compare: Obama Reads NWO Communitarianism Script To 'Everybody' Jan. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Barack Obama issued a “call to service” to Americans... “Everybody is going to have to pitch in.."

compare also: New Purpose Driven Delusion Magazine To Push Warren P.E.A.C.E. Plan 1-27-09 "...global service opportunities through a humanitarian strategy called the PEACE plan" (one billion worker bees planned)
Civilian workforce..or forcing civilians to work to operate the NWO? Bottom line, the door is being cracked here and it's not difficult to see where this is going. The now being unveiled global government system will require a lot of 'worker bees' without which it could not function, and civilian 'deployment' is taking it's first step.
Much more 'civilian workforce' agenda to come, it is without question the only agenda for the future for all 'citizens'...stay tuned

Troubling Sign: Obama Schools, Streets

Good morning, Barack Obama Elementary School!" That is what children attending the former Ludlum Elementary in Hempstead, New York have been hearing ever since the local school district board voted unanimously to change the name...
Barack Obama took office barely 10 days ago, but already schools and streets are being renamed. In the Hempstead case they didn't even wait until Inauguration Day, re-christening the school back in November -- the first in the nation to do so.
They "want to keep this interest, this high belief that we can really make a difference, that we can change our community, that we can change our nation, that we can make the world a better place,"
"Usually this thing doesn't take place until the president is out of office and often until the president has actually died."
But the "hope for some kind of utopia" during the Democratic Obama administration after eight years of Republican president George W. Bush has proven too powerful for some to wait, Thompson and others said.
And there are plenty more, already completed or in the works.
In Opa-Locka, a majority-black Miami, Florida suburb of 25,000 people, street signs already reflect a Barack Obama Avenue. The name will be inaugurated on Presidents Day, February 16.
St. Louis, Missouri has also named a street after the president, and in Hollywood, Florida residents Thomas and Theresa Smith embarked on a crusade to have a thoroughfare renamed Barack Obama Boulevard.
But while young students spurring community change is impressive, Syracuse's Thompson eyes a worrying trend.
"The idea of naming a school after a political leader still in office should always make us nervous," he said.
"It implies the ... endorsement of that political leader" in an institution that is "presumably a place where children are educated and learn to think for themselves."
re: naming a school after a political leader still in office
This post is an update on the VERY disturbing strategy of the Zionist Submission Agenda Underway 1-27-09:
(quoted comment) "Now that Operation Obama is in place it will require an absolutely gargantuan effort to keep that rock-star persona current...of the type of psychological-bombardment strategy that is now underway in the attempt to brainwash the populace and bring them to the next stage....obey your 'leader'" (see post)

Code name: Operation Obama

"They want to keep this interest"....and [for that reason] "...there are plenty more, already completed or in the works", to quote two statements from the posted article above. Houston we have a problem. A huge problem.

Be aware, be very aware, and do not be seduced through complacency. The NWO has turned the corner, the next phase has begun. It is undeniable...the U.S. is being morphed into the brave new world of totalitarianism. Unquestioning obedience to authority must be achieved to take control of a nation, and to accomplish that the first thing necessary is creation of a 'leader' to be obeyed. The coming 'North American Union' (aka ) of the regionalized global management system is being 'introduced' to theirs. You are seeing it, and, very important, take note, it's only just begun. compare: Obama Zombies Pledge Allegiance 1-20-09

related:Allegiance To… Obama? 1-29-09 "the boy said that during the Pledge of Allegiance the teacher put up a large image of Obama next to the flag..."

Daniel 3:18 "...be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve...the golden image which thou hast set up."


Vanishing Freedoms In The 'Homeland'

US Supreme Court says passenger can be frisked

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court ruled Monday that police officers have leeway to frisk a passenger in a car stopped for a traffic violation even if nothing indicates the passenger has committed a crime or is about to do so.

The justices accepted Arizona's argument that traffic stops are inherently dangerous for police and that pat-downs are permissible when an officer has a reasonable suspicion that the passenger may be armed and dangerous.

The pat-down is allowed if the police "harbor reasonable suspicion that a person subjected to the frisk is armed, and therefore dangerous to the safety of the police and public," Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said.
re: 'pat-downs are permissible'

Open season on the Constitution has begun apparently. In this instance, concerning routine traffic stops, the now clearly NWO-complicit SCOTUS has just erased another line of personal freedom in the land of the free, and has transferred control of your body, i.e. the right to 'not' be touched, to the sole discretion of the policing authorities of the 'homeland'. fyi
compare: Random Search Program Expanding 10-28-08
TSA Given Gestapo Powers? 9-23-08
John 8:36 'If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.'


New Purpose Driven Delusion Magazine To Push Warren P.E.A.C.E. Plan

The first edition of the PD Connection magazine will feature some of the big names in 'Christendom', the likes of Bill Hybels, Max Lucado, Lee Strobel, and Kay Warren (wife of). There will also be an interview between Warren and Obama. Note the names...if you are using their materials you may want to reconsider that.
Purpose Driven Connection Magazine Released

Warren's Purpose Driven Connection (PDC), a comprehensive bundled suite of personal growth tools, resources and experiences, launches this week with the release of the premier issue of the "Purpose Driven Connection" quarterly magazine....and is the first of a dozen multimedia resources to be introduced in 2009..."
"With the collapse of our economy, the tools, resources and experiences we've bundled into the Purpose Driven Connection are arriving at the exact moment when Americans need them most,"
"We certainly didn't anticipate our national crisis when we began designing these tools.."
An annual subscription membership in PDC, which costs $29.99, includes the 146-page, quarterly "Purpose Driven Connection" magazine, quarterly video teaching by Warren on DVD with discussion guides, membership access to the online social network - launching mid-February - and nine other personal growth tools, resources and experiences including Word2U text messages, daily email devotions, life purpose courses, retreats and global service opportunities through a humanitarian strategy called the PEACE plan. A group discount rate is available through participating religious congregations and businesses. The magazine is also on sale Feb. 3 at newsstands, bookstores and national retail outlets, including Wal-Mart, for around $10.
re: global service.....P.E.A.C.E. plan (i.e. Promote reconciliation; Equip servant leaders; Assist the poor; Care for the sick; and Educate the next generation)
This post is an update on Global 'Purpose Driven' Delusion Officially Launched 5-26-08 "The coalition will cooperate in a global mission strategy called the P.E.A.C.E. Plan, which is a massive, long range effort to mobilize one billion Christians.."
(quoted comment): "For successful global management, an efficient network of trained and motivated humanitarian workers that will function efficiently within the 'sustainable-community' based management system known as agenda 21 is absolutely essential....Warren and his globalist pals have decided that one billion Christians are the perfect solution for the job. By creating an "international alliance of churches, businesses, universities, ministries, and other institutions", and plugging everybody into the software system, the global social-works agency can now begin to be built. Voila! A billion volunteer social workers networked with businesses and educational institutions to manage the planet earth with."
"With the collapse of our economy" to quote the article posted above, the PD resources "are arriving at the exact moment when Americans need them most". What that really means is that the brainwashing materials to facilitate the transition of the ignorant purpose drivers into the 'communitarian' model of the coming global management system have arrived just in the nick of time to push the agenda forward.
Although, according to the writer of the article, the "national crisis", i.e. the collapse of the economy, was absolutely unanticipated by the Purpose Driven delusion program (of course it was) which officially launched just seven months ago (see update post), it is conveniently ready to kick right into gear and provide training resources for the one billion purpose drivers the NWO intends to enslave for their own 'purposes', starting with new PD connection magazine's launching next week.
The 'connection' magazine will be only the first of twelve PD 'global social worker' training resources planned.

The Warren Purpose-Driven P.E.A.C.E. push will be relentless. The global government agenda cannot succeed without it. Rev. 18:4
see: Promotion of Globalist Rick Warren 8-20-08
also: Rick Warren, Gulf Coast, and Peter Drucker 9-16-08
and: One World Religion: Warren's P.E.A.C.E. Plan and 'ONE Sabbath' 12-3-08
(much more info...if not familiar follow interconnected links, connect dots)
Referring to the one-world church of the 'last days':

NWO Daze updates

Congress Seeks To Authorize & Legalize FEMA Camp Facilities
A new bill has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives called the National Emergency Centers Act or HR 645. This bill if passed into law will direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish national emergency centers otherwise known as FEMA camp facilities on military installations.

Sure about that revolution? see:update: NWO, SCOTUS, Obama, and Revolution? (follow links)
'Behavior Detection' Experts To Boost Super Bowl Security
TAMPA - If an officer asks if you need help on Super Bowl Sunday, he might be more than just gracious.

For the first time, the Transportation Security Administration's "Behavior Detection Officers" are
enhancing security at the championship event by watching people for combinations of suspicious behavior.

The TSA and the U.S. Secret Service trained about 70
Tampa police officers and Hillsborough County sheriff's deputies working the event in their techniques. Milano described them as "telltale signs of people about to engage in wrongdoing" based on the Israeli security system.
compare: TSA Expanding Secret Police 'Detecting' in Airports
Homeland Security As A Job Source
To bolster his job prospects, Davis, 23, has chosen a concentration in sports security management, a new avenue of study at Southern Mississippi and part of a growing number of academic programs with a homeland security bent.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, a labyrinthine department made up of 22 agencies employing more than 200,000, is just the start, he said. Every state has its own homeland security framework, and job seekers in the private sector, even in seemingly unrelated fields like nursing and law, find the courses are a resume builder, he said.
compare: 'Fusion centers' 3-31-08
Australian PM Wants Youth Corps For Public Service
PM KEVIN Rudd wants to recruit an army of young volunteers to help the elderly, feed the homeless, and clean up the environment.

The Government is expected to adopt it within days when it releases its final 2020 summit report.

Mr Rudd, who has pleaded for Australians to pull together to beat the rapidly worsening economic downturn, has described the idea as "a very practical trade".
Corps members could deliver meals on wheels, youth and Aboriginal services, become volunteer firefighters, or assist the disabled and elderly. Landcare and water projects could also benefit.
Same thing is planned for Amerika, see: First Obama Proclamation: Serve Common Purpose
Psalms 115:11 "Ye that fear the LORD, trust in the LORD"

What about: Sleeping Christians?


update: NWO, SCOTUS, Obama, and Revolution?

The latest SCOTUS 'denial of inquiry':

Taitz’ Application for stay in Lightfoot Vs Bowen denied by the US Supreme Court:

The application for stay addressed to The Chief Justice and referred to the Court is denied.

Excerpted from Taitz press release 1-26-09:

The Supreme Court has logged this petition as an application for stay pending filing a writ of certiorari. Since they denied the emergency petition today, it gives me an opportunity to file immediately the actual Writ of Certiorari and it will be done within a few days. However, a number of things have transpired lately. First, an exparte private closed door meeting between 8 out of 9 Justices of the Supreme Court (Justice Samuel Alito was not present) with Mr. Barry Soetoro-Barack Hussein Obama. I will file a motion to the Chief Jastice [sic] to compel the records of this private meeting, that was held only a few days before my case was supposed to be heard, where the plaintiffs state that Mr. Soetoro-Obama is illegitimate for presidency due to the fact that his father was a foreign subject and there is no evidence that Mr. Obama was really born in Hawaii,
In spite of 32 legal actions filed around the country, Mr. Soetoro-Obama refused to provide his original birth certificate

The swearing of Mr. Obama is null and void due to the fact that he was sworn in on a name that is not legally his name and he is a foreign subject from birth and now and never qualified as a Natural Born US Citizen.
On Wednesday, January the 21st, when the Supreme Court reopened for business after inauguration, somebody deleted from the external docket all information about my case. Millions of people around the country and around the world watched that docket. A number of concerned parties have called the Supreme Court and got no explanation. Other cases were on the docket. Finally, information about my case was re-entered on the docket. I will be demanding from the Chief Justice John Roberts an immediate full investigation, as to how the information about a case of National and World importance, dealing with Mr Soetoro- Obama's illegitimacy for Presidency, disappeared from the docket of the Supreme Court.

Watergate investigation started with a small hotel braking [sic]. Obamagate Congressional and Senatorial investigation will start with this breaking into the computer system of the Supreme Court of the United States and illegal deletion of all the information about my case from the external public docket.
SCOTUS, Congress...ignoring the voice of the people; and 'revolution'?
32 non-eligibility cases filed and not a single one has yet been heard on it's merits. From the various lower courts of the land to Congress to the Supreme Court so-called, the NWO power and control over this country has been openly demonstrated in an undeniable fashion with the Operation Obama 'Election 2008' production. But, as seen above with the Taitz case, it's not over yet. Some other cases are still active also, and any one or more of these may yet provide the backdrop for creating the promised constitutional crisis. Stay aware...
On a related note, certain unknown individuals have decided to begin what they are calling a 'revolution'. This is posted here for informational purposes only, and is in no way an endorsement of the 'Facebook 2009 Tea Party'. As previously stated in other posts, fomenting some sort of 'revolution' is exactly what the globalist instigators of 'ordo ab chao' would like to see happen, and more likely than not their agent provocateurs are already on the job. This is real people, the pieces of the puzzle are being put in place. Be aware.
This was posted today on the Taitz site:
"There is a new movement starting called - The 2009 Tea Party
-the purpose is to let Congress know just how we feel about their performances. On Feb. 1st we ask that every American send to their Senators and Congressmen a postcard, e-mail, etc. with a picture of a tea bag and this greeting:
2009 Tea Party
We're Mad as #%@
and we're not going to take it ANYMORE
Welcome to the Revolution
We are determined to get as many people out there to voice their opinions. It worked all those many years ago for our patriots in Boston..Let the Revolution begin. If you are a member of Facebook, a group page has been set up called 2009 Tea Party. It has some good info. Spread the word!!": Facebook Tea Party: February 1, 2009
Revolution in Amerika? see: NWO: 'Age Of Rebellion' Has Begun 1-24-09
Icelandic Anti-NWO 'Revolution' Underway: Spontaneous or Organized? 1-21-09 (follow links, connect dots)
Philippians 3:20 'For our conversation [citizenship] is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ'

California Joining NWO

California One Week from Issuing IOUs…May Not Be Accepted by Banks

But, Chiang, whose office writes the state's checks, says California is about out of stopgap tricks to pay its bills and keep all its programs running.

The controller says California is down to Plan D on its checklist of paying bills. Its cash reserves are piddling; the special funds it borrows from are tapped out, and no one in the private sector is going to lend it any cash at a reasonable interest rate.
That leaves what in state government circles are called "payment deferrals" and what in real life is called "stiffing your creditors."
Follow up on 'Going For Broke'...California And World Government 1-17-09 "Global regional government at the local level will be a community-based system of management. This community based system will be essentially the same worldwide. The affairs of the state governments are to be shifted to the individual communities. This will be of necessity, they will say, because the states are 'bankrupt', and no longer able to provide the particular services. This is the one world government plan called Agenda 21. Another name for it is 'communitarianism' (community-communism). California and Schwarzenegger are blazing a trail and it is the beginning of the 'full' transformation process for this country." (see post)
re: 'California is down to Plan D'
Unless the existing system 'collapses', the new system could never be put in place. Plain and simple as that. The global economy has basically collapsed, we are told, and this will require a 'new world order' to fix, we are also told. see: G. Brown latest speech 1-26-09
The same design for change is being used to 'retire' the old model of state level government in this country and replace it with the new 'community-based' model. Believe it or not.
California is not sliding off into the Pacific ocean, but they are the first state to begin the process of open absorption by the NWO. The others are not far behind. Watch and see.
Amos 5:6 'Seek the LORD, and ye shall live'

Clinton Takes Office; Follows Global Script

Clinton Names Climate Czar

Citing the “complex, urgent and global threat of climate change,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today appointed a special envoy for climate change, who will lead the United States in international climate negotiations.
“We have no shortage of evidence that our world is facing a climate crisis,” said Ms. Clinton, who went on to attribute a large part of the problem to the burning of fossil fuels.
“A new day is dawning in the U.S. approach to climate change and clean energy,” he said. [new 'climate czar' Todd Stern]
follow up on Nasa Scientist: Four Years To Save Earth 1-18-09 (quote) "Now that the scripted election drama is over and with their man successfully installed as 'Speech Reader', the Zionist agenda to use the ruse of the green agenda to transform the free world into a micromanaged global kingdom is set to go full speed ahead. "Urgent action" is the mantra, and coupled with the 'save the earth' leverage tool, the self-proclaimed global elite will be forcing the issue from this point forward as never before." (see post)
re: complex, urgent and global threat
A new day is dawning in the U.S. according to the new 'climate czar' Todd Stern. Without question this is a true statement. The only problem is in defining the term "new day". The Zionist controlled politicians have a definition for that term that is all their own, and it does not mean at all what the majority of the ignorant 'average Joes' are being led to believe. Dismantling America and merging it into the Zionist one-world government is the reality, and the true interpretation of the phrase "new day". This new 'climate czar' will help facilitate this dictatorial transformation through new global-resource controlling 'green' legislations which are being invented for that purpose.
Clinton states that the primary problem is the burning of so-called fossil fuels. The correct interpretation of that statement is to say that the deconstruction of western industrialized society is imminent. This is the true interpretation. "Complex, urgent and global threat" is the same old worn out 'fabricated' excuse trumpeted again as the reason for the forcing of this drastic 'transformation' now being put on fast-forward.
The 'new day' spoken of is the 'new age' of the anti-christ one world government. It has arrived and all the role players are reading from the script. Be informed. see: The Global Script
The individual state governments have already been trained to obey the new czar. for example see: U.S. governors trained to 'grow green economies' 11-14-08
see also: New buzzword: "urgent" 4-7-08
(more info: follow interconnected links, connect dots)
The Zionist 'kingdom of men' shall not stand...
Deut. 32:18 'Of the Rock that begot thee thou art unmindful, and hast forgotten God that formed thee. 19 And when the LORD saw it, he abhorred them'


The 'Age Of Rebellion' Has Begun, Says NWO

NWO destabilizing the globe through introduced 'civil unrest'?
Riots in Iceland, Latvia and Bulgaria are a sign of things to come

Our third global political column explores the start of an age of rebellion over the financial crisis - beginning in Iceland.

Now in the grand sweep of the current crisis, a riot on a piece of volcanic rock in the north Atlantic may not seem to add up to much. But it is a sign of things to come: a new age of rebellion.

The LSE economist Robert Wade – addressing a protest meeting in Reykjavik’s cinema – recently warned that the world was approaching a new tipping point. Starting from March-May 2009, we can expect large-scale civil unrest, he said. “It will be caused by the rise of general awareness throughout Europe, America and Asia that hundreds of millions of people in rich and poor countries are experiencing rapidly falling consumption standards; that the crisis is getting worse not better; and that it has escaped the control of public authorities, national and international.”
and related: Greek police battle with rioters

Compared to the riots that swept Greece last month, Saturday's violence was on a relatively small scale but it showed that anger against the state and the police are still simmering, the BBC's Malcolm Brabant reports from Athens...But the nature of the clashes may soon change, he adds.

The futility of firing tear gas at rioters who wear gas masks has dawned on the authorities and it is reported that Greece is taking delivery of water cannon, which should be ready for action within a fortnight, our correspondent reports.
This post is an update of Global 'Civil Unrest' Buzz Growing Louder by The Day 12-27-08 (quote) "It is daily appearing more and more as the if NWO 'architects of chaos' are setting the stage for their next move, playing the 'civil unrest' card to create opportunities to begin instituting 'martial law' as the solution...The next step is to send in the agent provocateurs, i.e. the professional 'inciters' and trained organizers."
re: 'a sign of things to come'

Large scale 'civil unrest' throughout Europe, America, and Asia predicted by March-May 2009, and Greece is preparing for a change in the "nature of the clashes" by bringing in water cannons. Collapsing societal order to take control...and calling it the 'age of rebellion'.
The global architects have always understood that they would eventually encounter some resistance once it became obvious what was happening, and they also knew that that resistance would be useful in accomplishing their goal. Again, only by destroying the status quo can the new 'state of affairs' be established. Dorothy, this definitely is not Kansas anymore .
Be aware...it is not known if the NWO 'ordo ab chao' civil unrest schedule is subject to change.
see also: NWO 'Agent Provocateurs' And Civil Unrest? 1-8-09 (follow links, connect dots)
Ps. 34:1 'I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.'


It's In or Out Christian!

"Let us go forth therefore unto Him without the camp." Hebrews 13:13

JESUS, BEARING HIS cross, went forth to suffer outside the gate. The Christian’s reason for leaving the camp of the world’s sin and religion is not because he loves to be singular, but because Jesus did so; and the disciple must follow his Master.
Christ was “not of the world.” His life and His testimony were a constant protest against conformity with the world. Never was such overflowing affection for men as you find in Him; but still He was separate from sinners.
In like manner Christ’s people must “go out to Him.” They must take their position “outside the camp,” as witness-bearers for the truth. They must be prepared to tread the straight and narrow path. They must have bold, unflinching, lion-like hearts, loving Christ first, and His truth next, and Christ and His truth beyond all the world. Jesus would have His people “go forth outside the camp” for their own sanctification. You cannot grow in grace to any high degree while you are conformed to the world. The life of separation may be a path of sorrow, but it is the highway of safety; and though the separated life may cost you many pangs, and make every day a battle, yet it is a happy life after all.
No joy can excel that of the soldier of Christ: Jesus reveals Himself so graciously, and gives such sweet refreshment, that the warrior feels more calm and peace in his daily strife that others in their hours of rest. The highway of holiness is the highway of communion. It is thus we shall hope to win the crown if we are enabled by divine grace faithfully to follow Christ “outside the camp.”
The crown of glory will follow the cross of separation. A moment’s shame will be well recompensed by eternal honor; a little while of witness-bearing will seem nothing when we are “forever with the Lord."
From Morning and Evening, April 6, by Charles H. Spurgeon.
see: promises to the overcomer
hear the song (it's worth a click):
Midnight Cry-Matt. 25:6

Iceland Update: 'Revolutionaries' Victorious

Icelandic government becomes first to be brought down by the credit crunch

The government of Iceland today became the first to be effectively brought down by the credit crunch.
After several nights of rioting over the financial crisis, Prime Minister Geir Haarde, surrendered to increasing pressure and called a general election for May....A poll would not normally be held until 2011
Protests had been held weekly since the crisis broke last year, but since Tuesday have been held every night.
On Thursday, police used tear gas on demonstrators for the first time since protests against the North Atlantic island's entry into the NATO alliance in 1949.
Special forces had to rescue Haarde from his car after he was surrounded by an furious mob hurling eggs and cans outside the government offices, in Reykjavik.
re: 'Prime Minister surrendered...furious mob'
This post is an update of Icelandic Anti-NWO 'Revolution' Underway: Spontaneous or Organized? 1-21-09 "Ordinary people in a standoff with and demanding the resignation of their parliament, and all this "without much organization or central planning", according to the writer of this article. Not likely. The ordo ab chao is evident here."
After only two days of 'revolution' (see update link above), it looks like the "furious mob" in Iceland was victorious in overpowering and ousting their government. Tear gas or not, they would not be deterred, and so dominant were they that special forces were needed to rescue the embattled Prime Minister from their clutches.
Does anybody really believe that this would be possible unless it were part of the NWO script?
What is the moral of the story? Apparently we are to take away from this that 'revolution' for disgruntled citizens is not only possible, but that it could even be successful. More than a few are already predicting this for this country.
one example: Lynn Stuter -- SCOTUS message to the American people [see update link also]
What will replace the fallen parliament...have to wait to see exactly what it will be, but no doubt about it, it will be according to the NWO script. The 'chaos' has done it's job, and 'new order' can now rise from the ashes in Iceland.
see all: (connect dots)
1Thessalonians 5:17 'Pray without ceasing'


Join the NWO...Get A Free Starbucks Coffee

update on Obama Zombies Pledge Allegiance 1-20-09 (see link) "As if in a mind-numbed trance, more than 50 Hollywood celeb's echo the same psycho-manipulative NWO message of 'service to their leader', or as Aston Kutcher says, a "commitment of service to our new president", along with a smattering of 'green' hype thrown in for good measure. Posted here solely for the reason of awareness, i.e awareness of just how big and absolutely choreographed the 'Operation Obama plan to subjugate-the-nation' actually is (Hollywood and corporate America are in on it, in other words)."
and they are coming for you next:

Starbucks asks: "Are you in?" [the NWO]
Starbucks and the NWO want you to become an 'Obama-pledging zombie' too and join the new so-called grass roots movement of "service". They will give you a FREE cup of coffee if you will "pledge" 5 hours of service to your 'community'.

The NWO is 'showing their cards' now, and this little video really is an omen of what's ahead. A new phase of the transitioning of this country into global government has begun, and pressure to conform is now beginning to be applied openly on the individual. They want to know if "you are in" and they want pledges.

Corporate America is already 'all in', and 'Operation Obama' exists solely for the purpose of facilitating the transformation. It's very late in the game. see: Obama Reads NWO Communitarianism Script To 'Everybody' (need to read)

Mindless NWO slaves needed. In or out?
'Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is...Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping.' (Mark 13:33;36)

'How To Swear In Without The Bible' by Obama

There's no formal name for what President Obama and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. did last night.
After flubbing his one role on Inauguration Day -- administering the oath of office to Obama -- Roberts traveled to the White House to re-administer the oath
How to take the oath of office for the United States of America the anti-christian new world order without using a bible; and do it without creating a firestorm of controversy; so that a subtle message of your absolutely non-christian/anti-christian agenda being right on track can still be effectively communicated to 'your people':

1. Proceed to the inauguration and ceremonially go through all the motions before the crowds of onlookers.

2. Execute a well choreographed flub while 'taking' the oath, and do your best to make it look natural. Oops!
3. Lose the hated bible and retake the oath in private, for legal purposes of course.
4. Presto. Long live the anti-christ NWO!
No bible for Obama...no problem at all. That's a good thing....
'And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?' 2 Cor. 6:15-16


Icelandic Anti-NWO 'Revolution' Underway: Spontaneous or Organized?

Civil unrest in Iceland
Iceland's government is on the point of collapse as angry protesters stake out the parliament in Reykjavik
While Barack Obama was being sworn in to office on Capitol Hill yesterday, the people of Iceland were starting the first revolution in the history of the republic.
Yesterday parliament resumed for the first time after Christmas. Without much organisation or central planning the public surrounded the parliament building and put forward a clear demand for early election. Ignoring them, the ministers and parliamentarians tried to sit out the protest, hiding inside the old building in downtown Reykjavik. This time it didn't work. The protests grew and ordinary people kept warm by burning torches in front of the building. They were going nowhere. Well into this dark night in Iceland's history, parliament remained under siege, and the vigil resumed this morning.
The Icelandic public fear that their country has virtually been stolen by the globetrotting business elite that spent more time rubbing shoulders with international high society than giving back to the society that enabled them to enjoy this privileged lifestyle. Now ordinary Icelanders are determined to take their country back.
re: "ordinary Icelanders...determined to take their country back"
This post is an update on Iceland Suffering Under NWO Absorbtion 11-23-08: "Note: In "demanding" the resignation of government 'officials', if protesting citizens of Iceland were at some point to be accused of anarchy, or even if some sort of anarchy were possibly instigated by agents provocateurs, it is not difficult to see how this could be used to impose martial law upon Icelanders. Fact: The entire world will be under military rule in the global system."
It's the first day back for the parliament since Christmas and apparently a 'revolution' has begun in Iceland, according to sources. The situation is ongoing at present, with reports of pepper spray being fired at the 'protesters'. Ordinary people in a standoff with and demanding the resignation of their parliament, and all this "without much organization or central planning", according to the writer of this article. Not likely. The ordo ab chao is evident here.

Now here is the question, and it has been suggested here previously, but it seems to be taking some actual shape now, post-inauguration. Is the same thing being planned for this country? Ordo ab chao revolution that is, to destabilize the entire society. Are the agent provocateurs already at work? Here is an interesting post found on the Orly Taitz website this morning. Taitz is one of the attorneys with a still-pending case against what's his name. They are literally calling to begin a "resistance" movement: (quote)

"If you agree that this is serious, you can join the "resistance". (No, I'm not asking people to take up arms against the government. Hopefully, it won't come to that. But, given Obama's obvious disdain for the Constitution so far, don't be surprised if THEY decided to take up arms against US. What will you do then??) How can you join the resistance? There are links to most everything you need to get started -- already on my Web site." from: drorly.blogspot

compare, follow links: Oakland 'Civil Unrest' Update #1: The Plot Thickens 1-16-09
Again, for the NWO to rise, the old order must be destroyed. This explains Iceland. Be aware. The global 'civil unrest' buzz is growing louder by the day 12-27-08, and that includes this country.
Beware the agent provocateurs...it's a set up. Come out of her my people...Rev. 18:4

First Obama Proclamation: Serve Common Purpose

update on Obama Reads NWO Communitarianism Script To 'Everybody' 1-19-09 "The message will be repeated ad nauseam from here on."
In first act, Obama proclaims today 'National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation'

As his first official act, Obama took his suggestion from the previous day (update above) and made a proclamation out of it yesterday, declaring 1-20-09 "National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation 2009." (some excerpts)
On this Inauguration Day, we are reminded that we are heirs to over two centuries of American democracy, and that this legacy is not simply a birthright....

....do hereby proclaim January 20, 2009, a National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation, and call upon all of our citizens to serve one another and the common purpose of remaking this Nation for our new century.

Communitarian call:
'Serve one another....common purpose....remake nation....new century'. New world order speak for the brave new world of the Zionist anti-christ kingdom come. All will bow in obedience, as have the middle management facilitators i.e. the speech readers.
Interesting to note that this message is the same one that NWO religion man purpose-driver Warren has been pushing for the last six or seven years now. see: The Face of the Pseudo-Christian 'Purpose Driven' World Promotion Plan .
Note also the mocking reference to American democracy; "that this legacy is not simply a birthright". No, Obama's globalist handlers have now made that very clear, with the help of the Electoral College, Congress, and the SCOTUS.
In the agenda to transform the country into the NWO, the corner has been turned and everything is coming out in the open. Be informed.
see: Zionism And The End Of The Church Age - A.C. Gaebelein (biblical prophectic view)

Rick Warren's Blasphemous Inaugural Prayer

Inauguration: Rick Warren Prays in Name of "Isa," Muslim False "Jesus"

(quote from 'prayer') "I humbly ask this in the name of the one who changed my life, Yeshua, Isa, Jesus, Jesus (hay-SOOS), who taught us to pray, Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. --Rick Warren, from inauguration prayer"

(quote from author) "[I]n his Presidential Inauguration prayer, Rick Warren prayed in the name of "Yeshua," "Isa" and "Jesus."It seems, the three names Warren used were to imply the three "Abrahamic Faiths" (as they are so-called), Judaism, Christianity and Islam.What's significant is the name "Isa" being prayed by the "evangelical" Warren. Isa is strictly Koranic and used by Arab Muslims.

Isa was not Jewish, but Palistinian. Isa did not die on the cross but instead had someone die in his place. Isa is a Muslim prophet. Isa is only found in the Koran. The name Isa doesn't have any Biblical support or any meaning found in Biblical scholarship."
Warren also used the name of the Jewish false 'Jesus' [cf. 2 Cor. 11:4]:
Matthew 1:21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.
Note: To replace the name of Jesus with the name "Yeshua" cannot be acceptable either, although commonly done today by Judaizers of the Christian faith, as well as many ignorant professing Christians influenced by them. Many justifications are commonly offered as to why it is okay, but these should all be rejected. At best, it is an obfuscation of the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, and at worst an outright denial and slur of the only Saviour of mankind. Here is one example of this, relating a story found in the Talmud about "Yeshu". The Talmud is a Jewish extra-biblical source of 'revelation', seen as equal (if not higher) in authority to the 'Torah' [first five books OT] by most Jews. It is full of all sorts of amazing things, not in a good way though. Blasphemy is more descriptive:
Yeshu - A Talmudic Tale
A story about a man named Yeshu can be found in the Talmud. There is debate whether this Yeshu in the Talmud is the same Jesus who later became a Christian divinity.
According to the Talmud, Yeshu was the son of a Jewish woman named Miriam who was betrothed to a carpenter.
"Betrothed" means she was legally married to him, but she was not yet living with him or having sexual relations with him. The story says that Miriam was either raped by or voluntarily slept with Pandeira, a Greek or Roman soldier. Miriam than gave birth to Yeshu, who was considered a "mamzer" (bastard), a product of an adulterous relationship. The Talmud describes Yeshu as a heretic who dabbled in sorcery and lead the people astray. Later, the Sanhedrin (the Jewish "Supreme Court") ordered Yeshu stoned to death and his dead body was hung from a tree until nightfall after his death, in accordance with the ancient Jewish punishment for heretics.
While some believe there is no connection between the Talmudic Yeshu and the Christian Jesus, others believe there is a connection. The main inconsistency between the Talmudic and Christian story is that during the time that Jesus was killed, the Romans ruled and the Sanhedrin did not have the power to impose the death penalty. Thus, some Jews believe that today's popular Christian ideas about Jesus are based on a melding of the Talmudic story of Yeshu and the historian Josephus' writing about Jesus, which included his execution by the Romans. http://judaism.about.com/od/beliefs/a/jesus.htm
One world religion and one world government. You are looking at it.
Jude:4 For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.