2-Yr Flashback C19 Plandemic Start: Lose Your Rights 2009 'Swine Flu' Vid Posted For Comparison Comes True 2022 - 'New Normal' Planned Long Ago

Originally posted 2-4-20: 2-'20 video with clip from 2009; Swine '09 they said it, 2022 they did it. Plandemic planned way way back:

[2-4-20] "Coronavirus" Just A Rerun Of 'Swine '09' Global Hoax: 2009 Fox Scare Vid Martial Law (Hoax World 2020 - Never Stops)


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[1:10] “People in our government need to start thinking about how, if this actually becomes a pandemic, how it’s going to affect our daily life and our rights,” (...says one panelist, before raising the issue of whether people who try to escape quarantines or refuse mandatory vaccinations should face jail time)

[3:45] "We need to be thinking about how the legal landscape is going to be changing..."

[4:12] “Plus the possibility of martial law, but that’s a whole other conversation,” says one, with the other responding: “not going there”.

"Coronavirus" a rerun of Swine '09: Put Coronavirus for Swine flu - never know the difference

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Rev. 18:4
Micah 2:1 'Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! when the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power of their hand'



Tonga Tsunami 1-15-22 Occult Numerology Signature 115 - Tsunamis Man Made aka Tsunami Bombs; A21 Land Grab 1999 Rescue Heroes Fukushima

[updated]  NWO being built by geoengineering destruction by every means. Destroy it then move in and take it for yourself. Island paradise locations especially desirable to the tare-gang* - see: Bahamas. As for tsunamis every incident is further conditioning for 'sudden-ocean-inunadation' to be seen as a 'normal occurrence' - which it is not. Naturally-occurring tsunamis would be extremely rare [Jer. 5:22]. Real tsunamis are not another 'new normal' in other words. Agenda 21 says all 'serf'-ers to be cleared out of coastal regions globally. On or near a coastline anywhere on the planet? be aware... (on the coasts drown it, in the hills burn-it is the m-o)

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The 1-15-22 Tongan tsunami was reported to have been a direct hit on the largest Island of Tonga named Tongatapu. Interesting thing in that regard: The event has a definite numerology fingerprint. Calculated using the most basic form of gematria of A=1, B=2, C=3, and so on, the name Tongatapu adds up to a total of 115 - which just so happens to match exactly the date of the event 1/15:

screenshot source
Too coincidental to be coincidence. Always is. Reality is that nothing new-world-order is done without numerology. By the numbers. It's sorcery aka kabbala. The devil-gang* trying to take over the planet it's what they do. Tongatapu - done by the numbers.

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Rev. 18:4
*Matthew 13:38 'The field is the world... the tares are the children of the wicked one'


Tennis Player No-Vax Joke-Covid aka Novak Djokovic Won't Get Vaxxed? Corona Fakery No End - All A Lie All In On It Together

Ever notice how with this Covid thing that it never 'gets better' but somehow seems to always just morph into a 'new problem'. Never better, always, everytime, just a new problem. Covid turns into Delta turns into Omicron, then it all turns into "flurona'. One injection turns into two, two doesn't work turns into three which turns into the effect is only temporary actually so continual injections will be necessary... and the con has no end - but to permanently enslave the mindless masses of course. Well there is in fact a name for all that. It's the same thing as always nothing new - the name of course is ordo ab chao aka 'order out of chaos'. Corona the never-ending constantly morphing fake-virus is plain and simple just that - nothing more than a basic order-out-of-chaos exercise. On a massive scale albeit, as never before seen, but still the same simple strategy. This is true - the way Agenda-C19 is being run worldwide is basic standard operating procedure. It is textbook order-out-of-chaos - execute rinse repeat. They really have no other way of accomplishing their world-takeover goals. They have to do things just this way or it could never happen. So no surprise here. Once this reality is grasped it's not at all difficult to detect the fake-ness of the entire 'nwo program'...

And prime example here the latest fake-news story dominating the world headlines. All have surely been exposed to it, the horrible plight of the champion tennis player who won't get vaxxed and because of that is undergoing incredible persecution at the 'hands of authorities' as the entire world looks on and getting an object lesson unawares:

Oh Novak Djokovic poor guy. But is it real or is it just more Covid 19 Psyop - and in this case a 'joke' to boot. Answer to that, once again, is in the name. Oh look see the hidden message coded into the tennis player's name that won't take the covid-vax. Oh wow just move a few letters around and it says it right in his name: No-vax-Jok Covid... or might say it 'No-vax covid-jok'. It's a big joke about forced covid-vaxxing and it's on you sheeples is the secret message. These deluded global-takeover devil-people* really do love to mock the 'ignorant masses'. And brings up another thing - exactly how much kabbala black-magic is necessary to have named this guy way back and then get him to actually be in the position to now fulfill this scene on the world stage? It goes so much deeper than people have any idea apparently:
There it is right there hidden in plain sight. One-eye 'No-vax'. No-vax says no vax - oh really - ha ha ha what a funny 'covid-jok' we're so clever aren't we?

Right there can you see it? No-vax's true allegiance revealed. The satanic eye-of-Horus on the left for any not yet informed on these things. Clear as can be. They are all in on it together. Coronavirus the biggest hoax con-job lie start to finish the world has ever seen - and most damaging, world changing, destructive, etc. etc. etc.

The takeaway: Ain't no vyriss the entire thing is fake as fake gets a massive world takeover scheme. The object lesson for the world being played out by NoVax JokeCovid is 'resistors' are going to get in trouble. Can you see it?

Rev. 18:4

Name Game compare: 'Gabby Petito' Psyop - Fake News To Make The Masses Oblivious .. Evil Reality Revealed In The Names 9-21-21  "Absolutely fabricated out of thin air fake news fake stories all day every day the sole purpose to distract, misdirect, make numb, so as to utterly destroy critical thinking ability and turn the minds of the masses into jello, while they are being robbed blind of everything they have and are... one of the primary methods they use endlessly to accomplish their nefarious goal of nothing less than taking over the planet and declaring themselves it's 'gods' [Isaiah 5:8]. Closely note - the method, revealed in the names, is ridicously simple.. [see post]

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*Psalms 58:3 'The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies'


Boulder CO Incinerated .. January 1, 2022 -- Move To The Hunger Games Cities People - Geoengineered Flamethrowers Not DEW A21 Rewild

Boulder CO Incinerated December 2021 - January 2022 .. Geoengineering Flamethrowers Not DEW .. Agenda 21 Rewilding Master Plan .. Move To The Hunger Games Cities Peoples

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Burning down the old-world-order. The agenda continues - disappearing it by flames, region by region, town by town, worldwide. Incinerated to dust. This happening by natural means not possible. This requires geoengineering. Compare these above two images from burned up Boulder, CO January 2022 - [note: in the winter not 'fire season'] - with the cover image of video directly below taken somewhere in CA 2019. Wild fires cannot incinerate like this, as has been seen regularly worldwide now for the past few years. These types of images have now become so commonplace that the average 'sheeple-citizen' never even questions the unnaturalness of what they are looking at. Not even a single thought that 'something just isn't right here' ever enters their mind. About this subject to consider: after an area is evacuated - which means it then also gets locked down - anything goes. Or might be more accurate to say.. everything goes:

Burn down your towns... one by one... move to the hunger games cities* peoples:

[This below reposted from August 2021 Burning The Old - New Amerika and Vax Agenda - because nothing new to add. Burning, rewilding, vacks-agendizing, etc. it's just more of the same (*vid may be slow to load)]:

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[New 'Amerika' global Region - not 'USA']  "By 2050. That would be after all the outlying zones are geo-engineer flooded, burned, quaked, tsunami-ed, etc., as now fully underway across the country (and world), clearing them out, which are then zoned off-limits to 'human habitation'.

All to be herded* to the mega-regions and IOT controlled. The mega-regions [* see:  Hunger Games Cities; HungerGames2] are to be interconnected by a system of high-speed rail as seen in this next map. Living away from a transportation corridor likely will not be possible. In between regions note there looks to be some hubs for the transportation system but between the rail lines nothing is shown: