'Hunger Games' Melania Trump Wears FLOTUS (Float-Us) Cap In Houston - Man Made Flood Hidden In Plain Sight?

This post is a follow up on: Hurricane Harvey (Steve?) 'Unprecedented' Flooding Geoengineered? Agenda 21 Dream Come True 8-28-17 "Unprecedented, never before seen sudden destruction. Massive volumes of water - like what would happen if a dam or dams were suddenly opened - just appeared. "Hurricane Harvey" floods man-made i.e. purposely caused? -- Dams, reservoirs, levees, dikes, etc - water-control systems - can be allowed to flow, be restricted, be diverted all sorts of different ways, all the way down any particular system. "River-engineering" it is called. Constructed so as to allow the directing of any desired amount of water wherever the 'river-engineers' want it, or need it, to go. Flood location 'X' on demand? Pull a few levers, push a few buttons - presto - how much water you want. ...MSM does the rest..." [see post]
Is Houston A Natural Flood - Or Has It Been Geoengineered? As Always The Answer Is Hidden In Plain Sight: Melania Trump Tells All With 'Float-Us' Cap

Mrs. 777-Trump on the scene in flood-ravaged Houston sending a secret little message about what is really going on with "Harvey":

Just one of many photos as MT & DT made the rounds. Note
background w/flood map and "Record River Flooding" as
MT 'models' an in-your-face 'Float Us' mock - screenshot
Mocking the 'peasants'...har har laugh laugh look at all the little peons bobbing up and down in the flood waters in the streets of the city - what a scream.

The above immediately brings to mind another major occasion where Melania Trump-it via her wardrobe was used to send another little secret message. It was the infamous 'Hunger Games/Harry Potter' Inaugural 'Blue Dress'. The message on that occasion was exactly the same message that has now been sent by the 'Float-us' cap - a very subtle little statement which can only be interpreted as intended to declare 'We be the 'elite' - you be not the elite you be the peasants':

Melania Trump Blue Inaugural Dress Matches Harry Potter, Hunger Games Dresses -- Hidden In Plain Sight 1-21-17 "Just as impossible as Trump's inaugural-speech being some sort of coincidence, so Melania Trump's 'magical' dual-message dress signaling Harry Potter wizardry while at the same time insinuating "Hunger Games" could also be only by 'design'..." [see full post at link]

777-Trump Inauguration Day 1-20-17: MT Harry Potter wizardry match on
left, Hunger Games President match on right; screenshots source: link
The very subtle little message of the FLOTUS-cap also reveals everything needed to know about the true cause of the never-before-seen destruction of a major U.S. city via 'flood'. Hidden In Plain Sight clues is how the ZKK (zio-kingdom-kome) Kabbalah-Boys always sign their handiwork, and the clues always tell the truth.

Rev. 18:4
9-4-17 update: 'MSM Says 'Harvey' Geoengineered-Flood Victims Must "Adjust To Their New World Order"; East Coast Next?

9-10-17; related: 'Hurricane Irma' Sucking Up The Ocean Bahamas, Tampa Bay A Psyop Hoax For Man Made 'Storm Surge' Agenda
Isaiah 59:19 'So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him'


Hurricane Harvey (Steve?) 'Unprecedented' Flooding Geoengineered? Agenda 21 Dream Come True

All waterways and dams throughout the entire United States are controlled. Full absolute control over the entire system. Water rose instantly said many displaced by the flooding. Unprecendented, never before seen sudden destruction. Massive volumes of water - like what would happen if a dam or dams were suddenly opened - just appeared. "Hurricane Harvey" floods man-made i.e. purposely caused? Is it even thinkable? Let each think for them self.

Quoting from below (#4): "How hard is it anyway to make a flood if you control all the waterways and dams". Answer: nothing to it. Things so-called "unprecedented" are unprecedented for a reason. They do not occur naturally. Unnaturally is how they occur. Anomalous-unprecedented everything seems somehow to now be the norm in this ordo ab chao world of 2017. Agenda 21 has known goals. Those goals are radical. How coincidental is it then that so many 'unprecedented' events further so perfectly those radical goals. Cui bono. None more so than the latest unprecedented event named 'Harvey". That's not 'Steve Harvey' is it? No, certainly no 'name-game' there - couldn't be could it? Back to those 'Radical Goals' though. What goals those are are the exact things stated in the below posts. What is happening in Houston and other areas of Texas is already, and will become, a massive and far-reaching, ongoing, permanent, full-blown Agenda 21 transformation program. That is the bottom-line reality of what is happening in Texas. And all that was needed to make that happen was an unprecedented flood. And suddenly, there it was, and suddenly, the nation's fourth largest city is now ready for A21 total transformation. Just like that. Overnight. Done.

Compare with below, other unprecedented 'flood' events over the past five or so years:
1. Oroville Dam A Scam? '77' Numerology And Agenda 21 Wildlands Map All Over It 2-14-17 "Numerology aside, the second thing that jumps out immediately is the fact that the lake that Oroville Dam is holding back just so happen to be man made. This is a huge no-no with regard to the global agenda known as Agenda 21. The very true fact of the matter is that eventually all such man-made obstructions to the natural order are slated to be removed. This is the reality of the A21 global-scheme ... All waterways must be restored to natural conditions. That is the new-world A21 plan. Doing that involves relocating all human populations. Causing a dam to burst and flooding out an area is one way that could be done, but it does not necessarily have be taken to that extreme. Oroville Dam does not look like it will end with a 'collapse' or 'catastrophic flood' [this time] but the fact that it has now been demonstrated that this is a possibility gives tremendous leverage to the population-relocating masterminds to force an exodus from an area like this. After such a 'threat' the rezone-ers show up and make the area a 'high risk zone' and suddenly property insurance becomes unaffordable [see: post 'superstorm' sandy 6-9-13]

2. 2016 North Carolina 'Matthew' Flooding? And 2015 South Carolina Devastated By "1000-Yr. Storm" - Agenda 21 Style 10-13-16 "Perhaps its most significant impact in the United States, and certainly the greatest loss of life, occurred inland in North Carolina...the scene of heavy flooding...Why did such disastrous flooding occur in a state where Matthew never made landfall, and why are we still seeing new floods more than four days after the storm moved out to sea?" -- "...it is most interesting to note that this agenda to 'restore the earth' definitely involves restoring all waterways back to 'natural flow'. This is no secret even though few are aware. It is a stated objective. According to stated, known, 'Agenda21' goals, all unnatural hindrances to the 'natural flow' of rivers, streams etc. are to be removed. This means dams, reservoirs, etc. be eradicated from the landscape. This very thing was brought out in this recent post..." [see post]

Drugging The World Into Submission: CA Initiative Filed To Legalize 'Magic Mushrooms' aka Psilocybin

California Could Become the First State to Legalize Magic Mushrooms

[excerpted] It could be up to California voters to make the state the first in the nation to allow for the use and sale of psilocybin, the mind-altering component of magic mushrooms.

On Friday, Kevin Saunders, a candidate for mayor in the Monterey County town of Marina, filed the California Psilocybin Legalization Initiative with the state attorney general's office. The initiative would exempt people 21 and over from state criminal penalties for using, possessing, cultivating, transporting, and selling psilocybin.

Filing an initiative is just the first step. The measure must be submitted for public comment for 30 days and then given a circulating title and summary by the attorney general's office before it is approved for signature gathering. If and when it is approved, campaigners then have to gather some 365,880 valid voter signatures to be placed on the November 2018 ballot.

Saunders told the Los Angeles Times that psilocybin helped him get over an addiction to heroin a decade ago. "I think we're seeing something that could literally heal our brothers and sisters," he said. "We're talking about real cutting-edge stuff."

Using the initiative process, California became the first state in the nation to legalize medical marijuana in 1996... California is now poised to once again break down the walls of prohibition—this time with natural psychedelics.

Magic mushrooms aka 'shrooms' aka psilocybin is a very intense mind-altering drug. What possible benefit could be derived from 'legalizing' it. As always the answer will be easily discovered by determining the answer to one simple question - namely 'cui bono'  i.e. who benefits. In this instance the only realistic answer to that question is not at all hard to discover. The reason is exactly as stated in the first sentence of this below linked post:

Drugging The World: Uruguay Makes 'History' - 1st Entire Country To Fully Legalize Marijuana - aka Witchcraft 7-28-17 "Smoking marijuana makes people "dumb and numb" - which is why they call it 'dope' - which is exactly how the NWO-ites want their "useless eater" slaves during these late (final) stages of transition from old order to new order - dopey - they are so much easier to control that way... -- 'Note: in the Word of God, the Holy Bible, the Greek NT word for witchcraft is "pharmakeia" [far-mak-i'-ah], and the English definition of that Greek word is: "medication ("pharmacy"), i.e. (by extension) magic (literally or figuratively):--sorcery, witchcraft" [Gal. 5:19-21]. The meaning is unavoidable: Drug use - pharmakeia - is witchcraft and sorcery...'" [see post]

[Note: the name 'magic' mushrooms then is perfectly descriptive]

California already on 'magic mushrooms'? They certainly have been working overtime of late on their ZWO-advancing activities. Two other very recent would-be precedent-setting would-be new-magic-world paradigm-shifters:

CA Senate Bill 219 Includes 1-Year Jail For Not Playing Transgender-Pronoun Game -- Taking Agenda To Next Level 8-17-17

Totalitarian World: New California Senate Bill Taxes Drinking Water 8-26-17

Rev. 18:4
Micah 5:10-12 'And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the LORD, that I will cut off...witchcrafts out of thine hand; and thou shalt have no more soothsayers'

777-Trump To Issue Executive Order Giving U.S. Police 'Surplus' Military Equipment - Noahide Constructing

Trump to restore program sending surplus military weapons, equipment to police

[excerpted] President Donald Trump plans to resume the transfer of surplus weapons, vehicles and other equipment from the nation’s military to its state and local law enforcement agencies...

The program launched in 1990 but was greatly limited after public reaction to images of heavily militarized police in the streets of Ferguson, Mo., and other sites of civil unrest.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the move Monday morning at the Fraternal Order of Police convention in Nashville, and said the president would do so by executive order.

The National Sheriffs’ Association also declared their support for Trump’s action. “The equipment sheriffs receive through this program,” association president Harold Evensong said in a statement, “includes equipment they could not otherwise afford including additional bullet-proof vests and Kevlar helmets, upgraded safety equipment, as well as larger equipment such as helicopters and robotics.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) tweeted his disapproval of the move shortly after it was announced, and then said he would be reintroducing his “Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act,” which prohibits transfer of equipment deemed “offensive” such as weapons, but not equipment used for “defensive” purposes, such as helmets or body armor.

“The militarization of our law enforcement,” Rand said in a statement, “is due to an unprecedented expansion of government power in this realm. It is one thing for federal officials to work with local authorities to reduce or solve crime, but it is another for them to subsidize militarization…Any order that comes today still needs to be funded, and I will bring this issue to the Senate floor.”

Janai Nelson, associate director of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, said the move was “both exceptionally dangerous and irresponsible...Inviting the use of military weaponry against our domestic population is nothing short of recasting the public as an enemy.”

Above directly related to:

Jewish 'Sanhedrin' Calls On Trump To 'Noahide Law' America - And World; i.e. Jump-Start Jewish World Rule 1-27-17 "Jewish Sanhedrin (unofficial ruling priesthood) calling on Trump to establish Noahide law? This now being 'trumpeted' out of Zionist headquarters is highly significant. The Zionist call for Noahide-law is nothing new. It's been going on for a long time. But the difference now is that, until now, all things were not as yet 'made ready'. The 'Trump show' though is the sign that 2017 this is no longer considered to be the case and that the ready-set-go Trump-Pence blast to close-the-deal on the whole program has been sounded. Fact is all world events, and hand picked politicians, have been carefully manipulated for centuries to bring about this one goal - a world kingdom ruled by Jews. Which then is to be governed by "Noahide law" for all non-Jews [link]. Noahide law is foundational to the establishment of the 'kingdom' - and so we now see 'hard-line Trump' on the job to manage things as the push is to become stronger and open. It's all transparent..." [see post]

and: Zio-Globalist Trump Sounds Zio-Trumpet For U.S. Gestapo - Wants Nationwide 'Stop And Frisk' 9-21-16 "Ending the freedom of every country in the world is the sole agenda of the Zionist-globalists. They cannot rule the earth as self-proclaimed demigod overlords until that goal is accomplished [link1, link2] -- Anybody think that Trump does not dance to the sound of their trumpet...Trump would not be where he is otherwise..." [see post]

This supposedly is 'MAGA'? - 777 [i.e. ordo ab chao, also Jewish '666' -  see: 777] Trump's true allegiance is not at all difficult to ascertain. The numbers are always the hidden-in-plain-sight self-tell. The self-tell is a kabbalah-religion (sorcery) requirement. They have to 'tell on themselves'...and by so-doing they are then self-exonerated. They told it, no one stopped it, they are in the clear. At least that is how they see it - it's the kabbalah-kreed. '777' the hidden-in-plain-sight secret number of Trump-it tells everything anybody needs to know about his true 'mission'.

Militarized police, stop and frisk nationwide, Noahide law all the earth. As seen above the agenda is being steadily advanced. The super-structure is being put in place, all things being made ready for when the numerology day comes. Be well aware.

Jeremiah 51:53 'Though Babylon should mount up to heaven, and though she should fortify the height of her strength, yet from me shall spoilers come unto her, saith the LORD'


Totalitarian World: New California Senate Bill Taxes Drinking Water

First-ever water tax proposed to tackle unsafe drinking water in California

SACRAMENTO; For the first time Californians would pay a tax on drinking water, 95 cents per month...

Senate Bill 623, backed by a strange-bedfellows coalition of the agricultural lobby and environmental groups but opposed by water districts, would generate $2 billion over the next 15 years...

SB 623 has been moving through the Legislature for months, but was amended Monday to include the tax on water for both homes and businesses. It also imposes taxes on farms and dairies, roughly $30 million annually, to address some of the contamination caused by fertilizers and other chemicals [contamination? i.e. farms, dairies 'not sustainable'; see: let them eat bugs - ed.].

The bill is now relegated with hundreds of others in the “suspense file” of the Assembly Appropriations Committee. The panel must decide by Sept. 1 to move it to the Assembly floor for a vote.

Who’s for it?: Who’s against it? The bill is backed by the agriculture and dairy lobbies, as well as by a long list of environmental, social justice and civic groups — an unusual combo. Water districts are against the bill, saying that taxing water users creates a bad precedent and that collecting the money would be burdensome.

Will it pass?: If the Assembly Appropriations Committee moves the bill to the floor, it needs a two-thirds vote of each house, which is always a challenge.

re: 'precedent'

Taxing water is privatizing water. Privatizing water is claiming ownership of water. Below are two related posts from a number of years back. The agenda has not changed in any way:

Water Control: UN Says Water Not A 'Human Right' 3-26-08 "Expect to see this type of talk increasingly, and when you do understand what's happening. According to the UN, you no longer have any inherent right to water, which must mean that it is to be seen as a "privilege". Whoever 'owns' the water will soon be deciding what you may or may not do with 'their' water. It will be bought and sold as a commodity, and used to manipulate virtually everything that happens on the earth..."

Global Control: Water The 'New Oil' 1-28-08 "Water is today's issue," said Andrew Liveris, chairman and CEO of Dow Chemical Co., the world's second largest chemical company. "It is the oil of this century, not a question.' -- Water is running out" according to U.N. general secretary Ban Ki-moon. Another looming global crisis. What is different here though is that the "solution" may not be very beneficial to any except for those forwarding the global agenda, i.e. he who controls the water, controls the planet..."

Taxing water...is both of the above. Be informed. The one and only plan is to own i.e take private control over, aka 666, the entire planet. This definitely includes every last drop of water on the planet. He who controls the water controls all life on the earth. Be informed.  Rev. 18:4
Job 36:27-28 'For he maketh small the drops of water: they pour down rain according to the vapor thereof: Which the clouds do drop and distill upon man abundantly'


U.S. Military Now Mandating 'Mental Health' Evaluations As Of 8-1-17 - Looking For "Red Flags"

Military's annual physicals now require mental health assessments

Starting this month, all members of the U.S. military will undergo mental health assessments as part of routine annual physicals. The assessments, which were mandated by Congress in the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act, started Aug. 1 [2017].

Brendan Noone...Air Force Base physician...said the assessment is completed online, with airmen answering a questionnaire.

"It is a fairly straightforward questionnaire, it should take less than 30 minutes," Noone said.

After completing the questionnaire, the airmen must do a phone interview with a mental health representative.

Any "red flag" issues are then referred to the airman's primary care physician, Noone said.

re: 'red flag issues'

What are your feelings on transgenders... what about 'gender stereotypes' in general - good thing or bad thing... Do you believe any one religion is better or more correct than another... how do you feel about private gun ownership - good thing or bad thing... oh and just one more for now - what about pedophilia...should that be considered normal human behavior - or...

See related: 1 In 4 Adults Have "Critical" Mental Issues, Say Rick Warren, Catholics, Psychs At "Historic" Conference 3-28-14 3-30-14 "Mandatory screening of the public as a routine part of overall health care is the end goal - adults, children, everybody. The agenda is now being forced in every arena. Forced screening for "mental fitness" creates a gate-keeping mechanism where 'mental-health professionals' would have the ability to identify those who may not 'think' the way the novus-ordo-seclorum-ites would like them to. It is not difficult to see the real intent. Answer all questions correctly and there will be no problem - answering incorrectly might just get you red-flagged. Purpose-driven Warren is on board as a result of the purported suicide of his son, purportedly occurring less than one year ago (4-'13). Immediately after this purported incident, Warren suddenly became a national spokesman and champion of the cause...

see all
: 'NWO forced psych evals'

Mandatory "mental health evaluations", so-called, have a place only in totalitarianism. No reason for it other than as a means to gain absolute and total control over the individual and through that the entire society. Already a brainwashed droid...you'll pass with flying colors. Not sufficiently 'droided' just yet for their liking...'reeducation camp' in your future troublemaker.

August 1 2017, starting with the U.S. Military, it has begun. Plans to expand to the general population already ongoing.

Got your answers ready?
 Rev. 18:4
Acts 5:29 'Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men'


Pro Sports Gone Gay 1st-Ever: St. Louis Cardinals To Have 'Transgender' Throw 1st Pitch 'Pride Night' 8-25-17

Transgender Woman to Throw Ceremonial First Pitch at Cardinals ‘Pride Night’

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – At the first official “Pride Night” for the St. Louis Cardinals, the ceremonial first pitch will be thrown by transgender entertainer Tassandra Crush, reports multiple LBGTQ media outlets. It is believed to be the first time a transgender individual will throw a first pitch at a Major League Baseball game.

Partnering, Scholarship-sponsoring, waving the flag, passing out hats; screenshot SLC website
The game is on Friday, August 25 at Busch Stadium, and special Pride Night themed Cardinals hats will be the team’s promotional giveaway.

Crush is Pride St. Louis’ reigning Queen of Pride.

The "Queen of Pride" the first ever, supposedly ex-male, pseudo-female to throw out a ceremonial first-pitch at a Major League Baseball game in the history of the world. And this they proudly* call "Pride Night". Compliments of the MLB St. Louis Cardinals. Note on 'Queen of Pride': The Holy Bible informs us that that old serpent, called the Devil [Rev. 12:9], aka Leviathan, is "a king over all the children of pride" [Job 41:1,34]. Queen of pride - nothing to be proud of in other words.
Pro sports gone completely gay? This post related to:

Pro Sports Submitting Fans To LGBT: NFL Patriots To Sponsor "Gay Bowl XVII" - October In Sodom/Boston 5-27-17 ""Do not be in denial sports fan. You are absolutely the target of the brainwash. To hold on to fan-dom will be impossible without accepting everything that is now bundled with it. Sitting under the rainbow flag to watch 'the game' or match (hockey) is just the same as waving it yourself. That is the reality... Pro sports and the LGBT gender-robbing androgynous-transgender 666-soulless-android minion-making global agenda [link] ...are now 'teammates'. It's a package deal - every league every team..." [see post]

Pro Sports Gone Gay: NFL Promotes Homosexuality, Lesbianism At Pro Bowl 2017 With Jumbotron 'Kiss-Cam' 2-24-17

NHL Teams To Have 'Gay Ambassadors' In Case Players 'Need Support' - Ban Fighting, Sell Rainbow-Tape 2-16-17 "NHL now taking it to the next level - assigning 'ambassadors of homosexuality' to each franchise in order to help any players who might want to 'come out'. And selling rainbow tape to make those hockey sticks look just fabulous. Oh and no more fighting because it is just so...so rough. Kinder and gentler hockey for softer and gentler non-alpha boys only from now on is the plan..." [see post]

US Soccer Forcing LGBT On World Wearing Rainbow 'Pride' Jerseys June 2017 ('Pride' Month) 6-27-17

Reporting from Sodom August 2017. Brimstone and fire coming soon [Gen. 19:24-25]. Don't be there. And don't linger. Get to the mountain [Gen. 19:14-17].

Rev. 18:4
*Proud?  -- Philippians 3:19 'Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame...'


As The Statues Are Ripped Down - NAFTA Renegotiation Begins [8-16-17]: It's All About 'Canamerexico'

Tearing Down Americana...To Rise The 'Phoenix'

Tearing down statues across the land. Readily apparent that there is nothing happenstance about what is being done. It is clearly being done with a coordinated effort. A child could discern this if the notion were suggested for him or her to consider. From the highest government offices in the land on down to state and local levels the rally cry is being sounded - all evil statues and monuments must go. Also absurdly easy to discern is the actual purpose for the 'destruction'. It is not the destruction of evil confederate monuments that is the true goal, but the destruction of 'Americana' itself. Destroying all visual reminders of the history of the USA, as a means to expedite the dissolution of the USA for assimilation into the new global system. They have to do this for the simple reason - the new order can only be built upon the ruins of the old. The 'old order' would never yield to the new on it's own. No, it must be destroyed, erased even from the memory, only then the new-order to rise from the burning embers. Exactly as portrayed during the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony [link]. Note below image on the right from that event. Each flame representing one of the nations of the world. 204 flames in total. Photo was moments before each of them were extinguished, at which time to the shock of the watching world, the 'Phoenix', symbolizing the new world Zionist order, the very theme of London 2012, rose from the smoldering ruins. The picture was clear. Destruction of the old before the new can manifest:

And is it a coincidence that at the very point in history [8-16-17] that all these statues and Americana itself were being violently ripped from their bases that the U.S., Canada, and Mexico began formal negotiations to 'rewrite' the agreement that will define their relationship one to another going forward in the new 'global system' now under construction:

US, Mexico and Canada Launch NAFTA Renegotiation Talks

The United States, Mexico and Canada opened negotiations Wednesday [8-16-17] to reform the North American Free Trade Agreement, with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer demanding at the outset an overhaul that would cut U.S. trade deficits and increase the use of regional parts for autos produced in North America.

At an opening news conference in Washington, Lighthizer said U.S. President Donald Trump does not want "a mere tweaking" of NAFTA, which has "fundamentally failed many, many Americans and needs major improvement."

Negotiators will use multiple sessions to try to come up with reforms with the aim of finishing their work before the end of the year. If the process stretches into 2018, there are worries the process could be complicated by a presidential election in Mexico and U.S. congressional elections.

This 'global order' under construction is not about nation-states. Nation states are to be 'extinguished'. Nation-states ultimately are to be merged into 'regions'. This system is known as regional global-government. The globe sectioned into regions, the nations grouped into those regions, the regions then managed by a single global authority. For instance the NAU i.e. the North American Union. Although that 'name' is not heard much of late, the plan has not changed, nor will it. A more accurate name for the NAU would be 'Canamerexico'.

This NAFTA renegotiation will likely be an ongoing process. The process though has officially begun. Christened even by the dramatic 'Americana' destruction across the country. What the New-NAFTA will eventually look like is not known. "A mere tweaking" it will not be says Trump. Certainly this is true - As Americana is now being effectively dissolved, they have regional-merging of the US, Canada, and Mexico also to accomplish. That is the next step. Be aware of the 'big picture'.
 Rev. 18:4
Much more on Canamerexico and regional-global-government at these links (note: these are older posts as these things have been on the back burner for the past few years, but all that is there still holds true, and is now pertinent as 'New NAFTA' has put the agenda back on the front burner):

Global regional government

Dan. 7:23-24 'The fourth beast shall...shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces [and then] ten kings...shall arise'


CA Senate Bill 219 Includes 1-Year Jail For Not Playing Transgender-Pronoun Game -- Taking Agenda To Next Level

California Proposes Jail Time for Using the Wrong Pronoun for Transgenders

SB 219, titled the "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Long-Term Care Facility Resident's Bill of Rights," states, "It shall be unlawful for a long-term care facility or facility staff to.... willfully and repeatedly fail to use a resident's preferred name or pronouns after being clearly informed of the preferred name or pronouns." It imposes fines and jail time on any long-term care employee who refuses to use transgender pronouns. Fines for repeat offenders could be as high as $1,000 and a jail term of up to a year.

There are no exemptions for long term care facilities run by religious institutions who integrate their beliefs about gender into their policies and practices.

..the measure, which is sponsored by the group Equality California and authored by San Francisco Senator Scott Wiener, sailed through committee without even one vote against it.

If this bill sounds familiar, perhaps it's because Canada's Senate overwhelmingly passed similar legislation last month. The Canadian transgender rights bill adds "gender expression" and "gender identity" to Canada's Human Rights Code and to the Criminal Code's hate crime section.

Here we go. Jail time for refusing to play along with the new-transgender-world-disorder. While not on the books just yet, 'jail' is now officially part of the discussion. And without question if it does get to the CA governor's desk it's a slam dunk.

Jail? These devils are serious about their LGBT minionization agenda. Global LGBT minionization agenda, that is [link].

Stay tuned...
 Rev. 18:4

Barcelona: 'Random Car-Attack' Psyop Continues; Times Square, Charlottesville - Kabala Numerology The Giveaway

Cui bono? The two latest episodes. Barcelona today, Charlottesville less than a week ago:

8-17-17 Attacker drives van into Barcelona crowd; 1 dead, 32 hurt

8-12-17 1 dead, 19 injured in Charlottesville after vehicle plows into protesters


Charlottesville real? Why is the numerology '911' (1 and 19)

Today's episode Barcelona real? Why is the numerology '33' (1 and 32)

[note on Barcelona: the numbers are already changing but it does not change the fact that the 'initial reports' all went out with the 1 and 32. The signal was communicated]

Times Square was three months back. Was it real. Why did the car have a perfect landing right on 'ISIS' (1515) - which was the topic of these two posts on that episode:

Times Square CCTV Footage Real Or CGI? And Name Game - Does 'Elsman' Mean God-Man? Also '88'; Real or staged? 5-20-17 "Are 'random car attacks' going to become commonplace now - similar to the way that "random shootings" became commonplace? With this Times Square event the groundwork has been laid for that very thing..." [see post]

Times Square' Crash Loaded With Hidden-In-Plain-Sight: 'ISIS Theatre' (1515 Broadway) 5-18-17

screenshot source
"How is that the car lands at this exact address, exact location? Note the sign 1515 BROADWAY. 1515 looks very much like 'ISIS' does it not? And the street is "Broadway". Broadway? Well we knew all along that "ISIS" is pure theatre did we not?" [see post]
"Random car-attacks" now commonplace? Wonder how did that happen?

Has the the world gone absolutely crazy...as most anybody might remark now-a-days. Or has it been made absolutely-crazy by design? If one is fake/staged then all are. It is that simple. Just noting it here. The Times Square anomalous supposed car-thru-crowd production was the giveaway of giveaways. Hidden-in-plain-sight is what they call it.

They won't stop till Armageddon (don't be there). [Rev. 16:13-14,16]

Rev. 18:4


Firefox Joins YT Open Censorship: FF Browser To Combat "Fake News" - And Trump Inventor Of The Phrase

Firefox browser maker Mozilla is taking on fake news

Mozilla, the company that spurred innovation on the web with its Firefox browser, now hopes to help solve the fake news problem.

The company is launching a new program to tackle the issue. Dubbed the Mozilla Information Trust Initiative (MITI), the project is aimed at bringing together companies and interest groups from around the web to better understand the fake news problem and figure out what, if anything, can be done to fix it.

Mozilla is encouraging other companies to look back at their own user data, so that all involved can get a better understanding of the issue.

For Mozilla, taking on fake news isn't a sideshow from its software projects. The company sees misinformation as counter to what it says is its central mission — making the Internet a global public resource. For the web to be a healthy place for users, it can't be polluted by misinformation, Borchert said.

This post is a follow up on: 8-1-17 Youtube Declares Open Censorship, Intent To Promote Selected Content Only; R.I.P. YT 2005-2017 8-2-17 "Nothing vague here at all. Orwellian - 1984 straight up. Unapproved videos hidden...policed by "trusted (zwo employees) flaggers"; no comments allowed i.e. all discussion stifled; platform to be now given over to "Creators for Change"; searches to be "redirected" to approved-only content that "confronts and debunks" -- which language very obviously translates out to mean content that is 100% pure Znwo-propaganda...only... Last line of the 8-1-17 blog-post Youtube says more is coming "in the months ahead". No doubt the other big platforms will be following soon enough one by one. Internet? No, the day really has come. Official transition over to the full-blown Neuternet is now on...openly-Orwellian 'on'.
Youtube took it to the next level two weeks ago...and the "other big platforms" - to no surprise - are now already beginning to follow. Firefox going first, leading this charge apparently, calling also for "other companies" to 'get-with-the-program' as well.

things to note on this. First is that at this point it does not seem that Firefox has specifically stated that they intend to actually block content - that is - that the Firefox browser would be configured so that it would not even load 'fake news' into the browser. But even though it is not stated in so many words, what else could it be ultimately i.e. 'nothing comes up but what is approved' - just like Youtube has already openly stated and is now implementing.

Big-Brother-Browsers only for the 'minion-cattle'. Outright Orwellian censorship. Here now. August 2017

Second thing to note about this: the question 'where did the new term "fake news" come from?' That's right, none other than Donald Trump. Before Trump starting throwing that phrase around it had never been heard. What does that reveal? That's right, very clearly, two things: One - absolutely everything is scripted i.e. masterfully orchestrated; two - Trump is simply just another script-reader, just another employee of the Script-Writers of the would-be novus-ordo-seclorum Antichrist zio-kingdom-kome [link].

ZWO Plays 'Trump-card' On USA 1-20-17
"Fake News" scripted drama all to begin open censorship of the internet. Trump in the starring role. Pathetic make-believe world. Be not 'faked out' by it/them.  Rev. 18:4
Micah 6:12,16 'For the rich men thereof are full of violence, and the inhabitants thereof have spoken lies, and their tongue is deceitful in their mouth...For the statutes of Omri are kept, and all the works of the house of Ahab, and ye walk in their counsels; that I should make thee a desolation...'


North Korea 'Nuke Threat' A Zionist Made-For-TV Psyop - NK Zio-Created 1945; Trump-Putin 777 Connection

[updated]  North Korea gonna 'nuke' somebody? Well it must be true because the msm masonic-stream-media keeps saying it - broken record style - so it must be true. Right right - has to be true - it's on TV. And then Trump blowing his extra-scary "fire and fury" trumpet so all the world can see just exactly how serious this ultra-scary situation really is. Without a doubt then Trump trumpeting furiously with flames even coming out like that makes this whole thing real convincing - right? And then there's that 'Russian' guy uh...Putin. Yeah, yeah, Putin...no telling what he might do one of these days...being all chummy with Iran and China like he is. My oh my oh me oh my...danger danger Will Robinson.

Except for one little thing. Which is...they are very obviously all in on it together - 'it' being the great Zionist scheme of the ages - which was the subject of this post dated one month ago (two brief excerpts; see full @ link):


They're All In On It: Putin Exactly 777 Months Old On 7-7-17 1st Trump meeting - 1888 Days In Office; And NK Hoax 7-8-17

"Putin 777 months old exactly first ever meeting with 777-Trump on 7-7-17. Once again impossible numerology - naturally occurring that is, which reveals all to be a long in planning, very carefully constructed production. Inauguration Day 2017 Trump was exactly 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old from his given birth date. Obama on the same day was in his 666th month from his given birth date [see link at top], and now we have Russia's Putin, on the 'historic' 7-7-17 first meeting between himself and 777-Trump, being exactly 777 months old from his given birth date of 10-7-52:"

Think North Korea is not also 'in on it' [i.e. fake Gog-Magog WWIII]. Think again. NK was 'invented' at the close of WWII by Zionist Russia and Zionist USA. Did not exist before that. Purpose seems likely to have been to conduct a totalitarian test-lab. Practice for when they (according to plan) Zio-Totalitarian the entire planet. Secondarily to have a 'scary' enemy to help launch the scripted-WWIII - the means to the end - designed to collapse completely the existing world order and then rise the ZKK Zio-Kingdom-Kome [link; link2] phoenix from the ashes. Do the research."  [see post]

For reference: "History of North Korea": "Following Japan’s defeat in 1945 [WWII] the Soviet Union and United States agreed to split the post-war control of the Korean peninsula between themselves. On August 10, 1945 two young U.S. military officers drew up a line demarcating the U.S. and Soviet occupation zones at the 38th parallel. The divide should have been temporary, a mere footnote in Korea’s long history, but the emergence of the Cold War made this a seminal event. Seeking to ensure the maintenance of their respective influences in Korea, the U.S. and USSR installed leaders sympathetic to their own cause, while mistrust on both sides prevented cooperation on elections that were supposed to choose a leader for the entire peninsula. The United States handed control over the southern half of the peninsula to Syngman Rhee, while the Soviet Union gave Kim Il-sung power over the north. In 1948, both sides claimed to be the legitimate government and representative of the entire Korean people..."
Zionist Russia + Zionist USA = Zionist North Korea. That is the only possible solution to the math  [see: Zio-Russia].

Some say the '777' to the Kabbalist denotes ordo-ab-chao - order out of chaos. What is really going on with the world situation? - the whole world seemingly on the verge of total 'chaos'? The answer to that could not be any more simple. No more than North Korea and South Korea constructed themselves, the planned-for-ages ZKK would-be Zio-kingdom-kome new-order-of-the-ages novus ordo seclorum will not construct itself either. That would never happen. No, no, no, that could only be accomplished with a carefully scripted production. One spanning those ages actually.

This is that.

And on that note also understand - nothing will ever happen outside of that script. Whatever the plan, whatever the day, whatever the next phase after the one before, it will not come one day early, and will not come one day late - everything by magic-number formula on the magic-number day only aka sorcery. So react not to the costumed actors acting out their various roles in each changing scene of the made-for-TV drama the world is now being subjected to. Observe it only - for exactly what it is. An over dramatized made-for-TV b-plot mega-production.

Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 47:12 'Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries, wherein thou hast laboured from thy youth; if so be thou shalt be able to profit, if so be thou mayest prevail'


First GMO Animal For 'Food' - 'Transgenic Salmon' - Goes On Sale In Canada ...And Genesis 1:31

First Genetically Engineered Salmon Sold in Canada

US firm AquaBounty Technologies says that its transgenic fish has hit the market after a 25-year wait.

Genetically engineered salmon has reached the dinner table. AquaBounty Technologies, the company in Maynard, Massachusetts, that developed the fish, announced on 4 August that it has sold some 4.5 tonnes of its hotly debated product to customers in Canada.

The sale marks the first time that a genetically engineered animal has been sold for food on the open market. It took AquaBounty more than 25 years to get to this point.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the salmon for consumption in November 2015, and Canadian authorities came to the same decision six months later. Neither country requires the salmon to be labelled as genetically engineered.

But unlike in Canada, political battles in the United States have stalled the salmon’s entry into the marketplace. The law setting out the US government’s budget for fiscal year 2017 includes a provision that instructs the FDA to forbid the sale of transgenic salmon until it has developed a programme to inform consumers that they are buying a genetically engineered product. Senator Lisa Murkowski (Republican, Alaska), who inserted the provision, has called AquaBounty’s salmon “fake fish”.

This Franken-Fish salmon had been approved 2-yrs ago [link below] by the FDA for production and sale in the USA but apparently, as reported by the above article, 'labeling issues' are preventing it from being released into the 'wild' of the American food supply. Note that in Canada there are no such issues - no GMO franken-fish labeling is required. This below was posted back in November 2015 when it was first announced that the FDA had given the approval to sell the 'transgenic laboratory creatures' in the USA:

First Ever: ZWO Clears GMO Salmon For Production And Sale, Unlabled - aka 'Human Chow' 11-19-15 "'Massachusetts-based AquaBounty has genetically engineered the salmon using two genes from two different species of fish that make it grow faster' -- First time ever. Namely unlabeled genetically-defiled mad-scientist Franken-creatures grown in containers as a food production system. Literally 'human chow'. And also definitely to note that now that the way has been fully cleared, literally no animal species is off limits to the gene-tamperers - so far 35 [animal species] and counting...Man plays God, man loses -- Creating a 'global food production system' is the goal. 'Human chow' for the global serfdom. The godless self-serving would-be overlords of the human populations of the earth have envisioned, they believe, a way to create an efficient high-yield lowest-cost food manufacturing system by genetically 'improving' upon the natural order...Crossing the genetic boundaries between different species is a very serious violation of God's created order, truly beyond words to express. The Word of God in the book of Genesis records God's own assessment of all that he made...His creation...everything after it's kind (Gen. 1:11-12,21,25). At the end of the sixth day, when all the work had been completed, we read..."God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good". (Gen. 1:31) -- Upon His finished creation the pronouncement of LORD God Almighty was "behold, it was very good" [Gen. 1:31]. Here is another behold - behold, it will not end well for foolish men in their blinded pride who destroy the perfect creation of the Almighty. And He has not the designation "Almighty" for no reason - Isaiah 13:6 '  [see post]

No doubt they do not want to bring their trans-fish to market in the U.S. without being able to use some sort of deceptive labeling. Doubtless, a little more political wrangling and it won't be long before exactly that happens and the Defiled-DNA Salmon shows up in the stores of the USA marketed with some sort of uninformative brand name [see: 'Arctic' apples 2-1-17]

Whatever the case, the barrier between holy and unholy - of man thinking he can re-order the perfectly ordered creation of God - has been crossed and they want to force-feed the 'human cattle' the results. Watch for it. It won't stop with a fish.

Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 24:5 'The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant'

Lost World 2017 Updates: Obama Day IL State Holiday; Pre-School TransCamp CA; Marijuana Co. Buys Whole Town For Pot Resort

'Barack Obama Day' Is Now an Illinois Holiday
Governor Bruce Rauner signed into law Friday a measure to designate Aug. 4 as "Barack Obama Day" across Illinois. The newest state holiday will be celebrated each year on the 44th president's birthday, beginning in 2018... The holiday will be "observed throughout the State as a day set apart to honor the 44th President of the United States of America who began his career serving the People of Illinois in both the Illinois State Senate and the United States Senate...While several lawmakers abstained from voting on the measure, it passed both houses earlier this year without a single vote against..."Barack Obama Day" joins other commemorative holidays like Adlai Stevenson Day, Ronald Reagan Day and Jane Addams Day, for which workplaces do not close... Democrats' efforts to make Obama’s birthday a legal state holiday – during which schools and state offices would close, while banks and businesses could, but would not be required to close – stalled after some lawmakers voiced concern that other Illinois presidents, like Reagan, do not have similar holidays.

CA 'Transgender Camp' For Kids 4-12 Opens
At check-in each day, campers make a nametag with their pronoun of choice. Some opt for "she" or "he." Or a combination of "she/he." Or "they," or no pronoun at all. Some change their name or pronouns daily, to see what feels right... The camp in the San Francisco Bay Area city of El Cerrito caters to transgender and "gender fluid" children, ages 4 to 12, making it one of the only camps of its kind in the world open to preschoolers, experts say. Enrollment has tripled to about 60 young campers since it opened three summers ago, with kids coming from as far as Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. - even Africa. Plans are underway to open a branch next summer in Colorado, and the camp has been contacted by parents and organizations in Atlanta, Seattle, Louisiana and elsewhere interested in setting up similar programs...

A cannabis company is buying an entire town in the US
One of the nation's largest cannabis companies has bought the California desert town of Nipton. American Green Inc. announced Thursday it would buy all 80 acres of Nipton, including its Old West-style hotel, a handful of houses, an RV park, and a coffee shop. Its plans are to transform the old Gold Rush town into what it calls "an energy-independent, cannabis-friendly hospitality destination"... The town has fewer than two dozen residents, and one of its major sources of revenue is the California Lottery tickets the general store sells to people who cross the state line from Nevada because they can't buy them there. -- "We are excited to lead the charge for a true Green Rush," David Gwyther, American Green's president and CEO, said in a statement. Indeed, it was a gold rush that created Nipton in the early 1900s when the precious metal was found nearby... "The cannabis revolution that's going on here in the US has the power to completely revitalize communities in the same way gold did during the 19th century."


Rev. 18:4
2Tim. 3:13-14 'But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of...''


8-1-17 Youtube Declares Open Censorship, Intent To Promote Selected Content Only;  R.I.P. YT 2005-2017

YouTube Will Censor Non-Rulebreaking Content, Manipulate Search Results, And Work With ADL

[excerpted] Content creators on YouTube who follow all of the site’s rules may still face censorship by the platform, under new plans announced by Google.

According to a post on YouTube’s official blog... [linked below] If enough users flag a video as “hate speech” or “violent extremism,” YouTube may impose restrictions on the content even if it breaks none of the platform’s rules.

We’ll soon be applying tougher treatment to videos that aren’t illegal but have been flagged by users as potential violations of our policies on hate speech and violent extremism. If we find that these videos don’t violate our policies but contain controversial religious or supremacist content, they will be placed in a limited state. The videos will remain on YouTube behind an interstitial, won’t be recommended, won’t be monetized, and won’t have key features including comments, suggested videos, and likes.

YouTube has also rolled out a “trusted flagger” program, in which 15 “expert NGOs and institutions” to help them identify hate speech and extremism on their platform ... Among these organizations are the No Hate Speech Movement...as well as the Anti-Defamation League...[i.e. Zionist HQ - ed.]
More quotes from the actual YT blog post - 8/1/17:

"A little over a month ago, we told you about the four new steps we’re taking to combat terrorist content on YouTube... "

[it's all about 'fighting terror' - like 'anti transgender-agenda terrorists' of course - ed.]

"Over the past weeks, we have begun working with more than 15 additional expert NGOs and institutions through our Trusted Flagger program, including the Anti-Defamation League, the No Hate Speech Movement, and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue...We will also regularly consult these experts as we update our policies to reflect new trends. And we’ll continue to add more organizations to our network of advisors over time."

"We’ve started rolling out features from Jigsaw’s Redirect Method to YouTube. When people search for sensitive keywords on YouTube, they will be redirected towards a playlist of curated YouTube videos that directly confront and debunk violent extremist messages. We also continue to amplify YouTube voices speaking out against hate and radicalization through our YouTube Creators for Change program."

"But this is not the end. We know there is always more work to be done. With the help of new machine learning technology, deep partnerships, ongoing collaborations with other companies through the Global Internet Forum, and our vigilant community we are confident we can continue to make progress against this ever-changing threat. We look forward to sharing more with you in the months ahead."

Could not be any clearer. This is an open declaration of absolute censorship. Open as it can be. Nothing vague here at all. Orwellian - 1984 straight up. Unapproved videos hidden...policed by "trusted (zwo employees) flaggers"; no comments allowed i.e. all discussion stifled; platform to be now given over to "Creators for Change"; searches to be "redirected" to approved-only content that "confronts and debunks" -- which language very obviously translates out to mean content that is 100% pure Znwo-propaganda...only.

Internet August 2017
Youtube is a private company though...so bottom line they can do what they want. This is no surprise then at all, but foreseeable from the beginning actually...which was the topic of this 2014 post:

"Understanding the depth of the dark driving force behind the anti-Christ global schemers it is not at all difficult to understand that this very thing has been an inevitability from the beginning. Certainly the self-convinced would-be candidates-for-apotheosis never really intended the internet to be a tool to empower the sub-species of 'earthlings' to resist their destiny of 666-servitude to them as gods-to-be of planet earth. No, that would make no sense at all, would it? And so here, the master plan to remove the 'empowering' aspect of the internet for the subspecies is now unfolding..."

Last line of the 8-1-17 blog-post Youtube says more is coming "in the months ahead". No doubt the other big platforms will be following soon enough one by one. Internet? No, the day really has come. Official transition over to the full-blown Neuternet is now on...openly-Orwellian 'on'.

Neutered net for brainwashing all to be genderless mindless 'cattle' [link]. That's the clear intent.

What about it though? For the most part, all who have made the effort pretty much know the whole thing at this point anyway: Everything scripted, controlled, make believe. Hoaxes and psyops, non-stop, start to finish. All of it, everything, to create the would-be Zionist kingdom-come plannedopolis [see: Cahn job].

The cat's already out of the bag (again, that is, for those who've made the effort). If that is you, if you understand these things, you already know what you need to know.

R.I.P. Youtube 2/14/2005 - 8/1/2017

Rev. 18:4