McCain Suspends Campaign, Calls For Obama To Do Same

follow up on: NSPD 51 and the Train Wreck Economy (must read)
"from: You Are Being Warned (posted 4-25-08)
"The one-world global agenda is about to forge ahead, and it will undoubtedly be felt in many different spheres....including a possible reinstating of the military draft as there is now a bill concerning this still active in congress (H.R.393 ), it could be used to possibly effect the upcoming presidential elections....(martial law anybody? see NSPD 51; and
Northcom). Throw in a 'food shortage' or 'financial collapse' etc., and it's anybody's guess...""
Pre-scripted Politics For Global Government
Suspending campaign and calling on Bush to convene leadership meeting to hammer out an answer to 'financial crisis'...says McCain. Wants to cancel upcoming debates...Obama is reading from same global script of course, and as of this time (1:40 p.m. HST) says debates must go on...the 'Election 2008' plot line just took a serious twist...recommend to read 'NSPD 51' link above...
Will the election itself be suspended next....have to wait and see. Two things are certain...it will all be according to script...no matter how bad the acting is, and two, there's MUCH MORE TO COME.

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