George Floyd As-Above-So-Below Ritual Psyop: ZNWO Kneeling On Necks Of People By Fake-Corona Power-Grab, 'Can't Breathe' Symbolized By Face Masks

Owner of Minneapolis grocery store says he told employee 'call the police on the police'

Floyd, who was black, died Monday after a white Minneapolis police officer responding to a call about a forgery pressed his knee onto his neck for at least eight minutes. The incident was captured on video.

"Please, please, please, I can't breathe," Floyd begged as he was pinned to the ground... Please, please. I can't breathe."

On the day of the incident, Abumayyaleh said Floyd came in with a man and a woman. The man tried to use what an employee suspected was a counterfeit $20 bill but an employee caught it, gave it back to the man and they left, Abumayyaleh said.

Roughly 10 minutes later, Floyd came back in the store and used a suspicious $20 bill, according to the owner. The employee didn't immediately notice and Floyd left but the employee followed protocol and called the police. Floyd was still outside the store when officers arrived.


George Floyd "I can't breathe" because the police are kneeling on my neck. So goes the Official Story.

Real or as-above-so-below ritual psyop?

Note it: As reported in above article, all allegedly starts with two counterfeit twenty dollar bills. Script or real? Two twentys? - sounds like the year - 2020.

"I can't breathe"... reportedly the words of Floyd with the police kneeling on his neck. Ritual psyop or real? The event has occasioned mobs of protesters in virtually every major city in the USA, all wearing face-masks, chanting "I can't breathe":

Chanting 'I can't breathe' wearing face masks - the NWO-gang must be proud of themselves with this one


MI Dams Burst, Lake Drains - Trump Talks "Dams..Blown Up" 2-Days Later Mi 5-21-20 -- Agenda 21  [Vid 2]


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Above video made from two - this post: Hide In Plain Sight Tell? Trump Talks "Dams..Blown Up" Michigan Speech 5-21-20 -- Two Days After MI Dams Burst [See also 'Oroville' - link on page]

Compare: George Floyd Psyop: Trump Foretells "I Can't Breathe" At Colorado Springs Rally 2-20-20 -- Everything Scripted [vid] 6-7-20

see all: geoengineering

Rev. 18:4


Hide In Plain Sight Tell? Trump Talks "Dams..Blown Up" Michigan Speech 5-21-20 -- Two Days After MI Dams Burst

update 5-23-20 - new (real interesting) yt vid added [bottom post)

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Compare (for just one example) - bursting (or 'blown up') dams and Agenda21 land reclamation:

Oroville Dam A Scam? '77' Numerology And Agenda 21 Wildlands Map All Over It  2-14-17 "Numerology aside, the second thing that jumps out immediately is the fact that the lake that Oroville Dam is holding back just so happen to be man made. This is a huge no-no with regard to the global agenda known as Agenda 21. The very true fact of the matter is that eventually all such man-made obstructions to the natural order are slated to be removed. This is the reality of the A21 global-scheme ... All waterways must be restored to natural conditions. That is the new-world A21 plan. Doing that involves relocating all human populations. Causing a dam to burst and flooding out an area is one way that could be done, but it does not necessarily have be taken to that extreme. Oroville Dam does not look like it will end with a 'collapse' or 'catastrophic flood' [this time] but the fact that it has now been demonstrated that this is a possibility gives tremendous leverage to the population-relocating masterminds to force an exodus from an area like this. After such a 'threat' the rezone-ers show up and make the area a 'high risk zone' and suddenly property insurance becomes unaffordable [see: post 'superstorm' sandy 6-9-13]

More examples: link


Michigan dam failure flood footage [3 min.] - very interesting in particular be sure watch last :30 sec.

Compare also: George Floyd Psyop: Trump Foretells "I Can't Breathe" At Colorado Springs Rally 2-20-20 -- Everything Scripted [vid] 6-7-20
Rev. 18:4
Micah 6:12 'For the rich men thereof are full of violence, and the inhabitants thereof have spoken lies, and their tongue is deceitful in their mouth'


"Vitamin D" Hyped As 'Covid' Treatment - But Vitamin D Is Fake .. It Is Rat Poison 'Cholecalciferol' From A Lab

Fake vitamin for fake virus. Something wrong in Houston - yes it appears that 'we' definitely have a problem. Another of many - oh boy. In this case it is the issue raised in the below article - i.e. pushing so-called "Vitamin D" as a potential life-saving treatment for "covid-19". Numerous articles on this same subject have been published of late. No doubt this will increase. The author of the below article goes so far as to advocate for Vitamin D 'testing' in certain populations [see full article at link]. And what exactly is the problem? Answer: Short answer is that in reality there is no such thing as "Vitamin D". Longer answer is that this fictional "Vitamin D" has long been touted as the 'sunshine vitamin", but the truth is that sunshine is not a "vitamin", and that what is passed off as the "sunshine vitamin" is a chemical substance made in a laboratory called "cholecalciferol". And the more startling truth is that cholecalciferol aka Vitamin D is rat poison. In other words, to say it in plain language, so-called "Vitamin D" is a fake vitamin - and has been marketed and labeled as the 'sunshine alternative' in order to 'sell it' to the public at large. So Houston the problem we have here is a fake vitamin which is actually rat poison being pushed as a remedy for a unquestionably fake virus aka so-called Covid-19. Can it get any more bizarre? Don't answer that question.

Two articles posted below, and below them three clips from three other articles referencing the dangers of rat-poison cholecalciferol. First article is the above mentioned recently published article (one of many), reporting on "new studies" suggesting "high-doses" of Vitamin D cholecalciferol might be a "game changer" in the fake-virus medical-authoritarianism 'game' - which is exactly what this is [see Hidden message in name covid]. The second, just below that, is a very interesting 2010 expose on Vitamin D written by By Shane Ellison M. Sc. - The People's Chemist - titled "The Vitamin D Scam?" [article is excerpted read full at link]. Need to know info recommend read all carefully:


'D' for Corona 'all the rage' according to "new studies":

Vitamin D Deficiency Associated with COVID-19 Severity, Mortality

[Excerpted] On April 7th, we proposed that Vitamin D might be important in COVID-19 infections based on the timing of the pandemic and the “at risk” populations. We cited literature showing that Vitamin D sufficiency reduced the risk of acute respiratory infections and the severity of infection by other viruses. We found several studies using high-dose Vitamin D in patients on ventilators that showed improved outcomes including decreased mortality. A month ago, we called for more research.

Now, new studies in COVID-19 patients suggest Vitamin D sufficiency might reduce disease severity and death.

Vitamin D might be a game changer, reducing deaths and disease severity ... We should work towards testing Vitamin D levels in those populations to ensure that they are sufficient.


The 'D' reality:

THE VITAMIN D SCAM? by Shane Ellison M. Sc.  [2010; excerpted]

The Wonders of Sunshine

In the early 1930’s, some dude (a pharmaceutical shill) learned that as sun rays beamed down to earth at light speed – 670,616,629 miles per hour – our skin produced a family of hormones known as secosteroids in response. I call these “sunshine hormones.”

Using state of the art chemistry methods, dozens of these sunshine hormones have been identified and more are being characterized every day. Nobody is sure how many there are, or how they interact. But one thing is for certain; they work in orchestra-like unison to activate a host of positive actions in the body. There is no one single player as we have been led to believe.

Profiting from Sunshine

In the 1930’s, seeing great profit potential in sunshine hormones, Big Pharma went to work manufacturing a copy cat. In that pursuit, they narrowed the scope of our sunshine hormones and postulated that it was a single isolate that was responsible for the vast, biological benefits of sunshine. At the same time, they disregarded the unique balance and protection mechanism built by the body to guard against toxicity. Once successful in designing their “Franken-chemical,” they launched a campaign to systematically contaminate our vitamin and food supply with it and make billions.


H.R. 6666 Called The "TRACE Act": Test, Reach, And Contact Everyone - Like Ventura CA Has Begun [Vid] .. Covidscam '20

Follow up on: H.R. 6666 - New Bill For Nationwide 'Corona-Tracing' Program; Ventura County CA Already Starting - "Building Army"; WHO 4-1-20 [Vids] 5-7-20 "Discussing the need to hire contact tracers and manage active cases, Ventura County Public Health Director Dr. Robert Levin said during a May 4 [5-4-20] press conference that people who live in homes where they could expose family members to COVID-19 would be moved into 'other kinds of housing' provided by the county..."
This post a follow up on the above. Two reasons: First, to highlight the actual name of the H.R. 6666 bill - the "TRACE Act" - as seen in the below image. A taunting-name it actually is (overt mocking with the 666 too of course), it reveals clearly, by it's enormous scope, the true intent of the Corona-fiction perpetrators, i.e. "everyone"; and second, to document - by transcribing - the actual statements made during the Ventura County, CA 5-4-20 press briefing where the plan to send out "an army of contact tracers" - starting in Ventura County and then throughout the entire state - was first announced. The video below is a condensed version (full video @ above link) of that 5-4-20 announcement containing just the key statements [transcribed/posted below video]. For the record:


H.R. 6666 The TRACE Act [5-1-20]

TRACE Act - introduced US Congress 5-1-20 - Test, Reach, And Contact Everyone (and call it 666 for fun)

Ventura County, CA 5-4-20 - We're coming a-knocking cause we got us a fake-virus:


Video embed code [adjust height/width as needed]:

<iframe src="https://www.bitchute.com/embed/Hn3NPf7H4SXH/" width="550" height="309"</iframe>



:18  "..we are begining a...pilot program which will certainly grow into something larger and larger...and that is a community contact-tracing program"

:44  "..when we find someone who has a covid infection those people are immediately isolated...but we also work with them to figure out who their contacts were"

Believer, Evil Men Are Waxing Worse - But Continue Thou In The Things Which Thou Hast Learned; 2Tim. 3:13-14

2Timothy 3:13 'But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived'

Always look upon wicked men under those names and notions which the Scripture describes them, such as:

lions for their fierceness,   Ps. 22:13
bears for their cruelty,   Pr. 28:15
dragons for their hideousness,   Deut 32:33
dogs for their filthiness,   Phil. 3:2
wolves for their subtleness,   Ezek. 22:27
scorpions, vipers, thorns, briars,   Ezek. 2:6
thistles, brambles, stubble, dirt,   Malachi 4:1
chaff, dust, dross, smoke, scum.   Isa. 5:24

You may know well enough what is within them, by the apt names which the Holy Spirit has given them. By looking upon them under those names and notions that the Scripture sets them out by, may preserve the soul from frequenting their company and delighting in their society. Such monsters are wicked men—which should render their company to all who have tasted of the sweetness of divine love, a burden and not a delight. Thomas Brooks (1608-1680)

Believer: 2Timothy 3:14 'But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of...'


H.R. 6666 - New Bill For Nationwide 'Corona-Tracing' Program; Ventura County CA Already Starting - "Building Army"; WHO 4-1-20 [Vids]

California County To Remove COVID-19 Patients From Homes Based On 'Living Situation' -- Will Place In 'Other Kinds Of Housing'

Officials in Ventura County, California will be expanding coronavirus testing, tracking the infected and those who they've been in contact with, and moving people out of their homes and into specialized housing for COVID-19 patients.

Discussing the need to hire contact tracers and manage active cases, Ventura County Public Health Director Dr. Robert Levin said during a May 4 [5-4-20] press conference that people who live in homes where they could expose family members to COVID-19 would be moved into 'other kinds of housing' provided by the county.

The county walked back Levin's comments on Facebook, responding that they "are not going to remove anyone from their home," but that "If someone cannot isolate at their home because of their living situation we have alternative options available."

[watch full video definitely recommended - 20 min.]

16:20 "we're going to develop an army of contact tracers..."


This related to above - New bill HR 6666 seeking federal funding for a nationwide program:

You Really Cannot Make This Stuff Up: House Proposes HR 6666 And It's Tyranny Being Unveiled

HR6666 (completely pathetic 'in our face' mocking) - date 5-1-20 - 45 co-sponsors in the U.S. House of Representatives. Note also "116th Congress" - that's a 9/11. Quote article: