Talk About Big Brother - Google, eBay, Facebook, Amazon To Be "Unified Voice"; And 'Flo'

Google, eBay, Amazon, Facebook back new lobbying group

(Reuters) - Google Inc, Amazon.com Inc, eBay Inc, Facebook Inc and other big Internet companies are starting a trade association to handle political and regulatory issues in Washington, a person close to the group said on Wednesday.

The Internet Association, which will open its doors in September, will act as a unified voice for major Internet companies, said President Michael Beckerman, a former advisor to the chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives' Energy and Commerce Committee.

Beckerman would not identify the association's members or discuss which issues the group will focus on. But the source confirmed that leading members were Google, Amazon, eBay and Facebook.

"We want to educate (lawmakers) about the impact of the Internet in their congressional districts," said Beckerman. "In September, we'll do a full rollout and announce companies and announce policy positions."
re: 'unified voice'

Let's see now....Google, Amazon, eBay, and Facebook banding together and forming a new animal called "The Internet Association"...with which they intend to become a "unified voice" to "handle political and regulatory issues in Washington" and also "to educate (lawmakers)". Translated that simply means gopherize lawmakers for 'the cause'. Privatized control of society with government complicity is the reality.

Doesn't take a genius to see where this is going - the inter-'net' was cast many years ago, and now that all of society has been 'caught in the net' it is being drawn in and a massive control system is being unfurled. Big Brother will have his to be the only 'voice' heard.

Compare this recent Progressive Insurance propaganda-commercial where "Flo" demonstrates the concept of the "unified voice". Notice that the first thing shown is the cable being connected [0:3], sparks flying - no doubt to demonstrate the enormous power about to be wielded, then Flo comes on with "attention..well...everyone", and immediately 'Flo's' voice (and image) is 'unified' everywhere - from the car radio to the home television to the business to the airport to the streets of the city...with multiple screens. Big Brother in charge. All happened when the 'connection' was made:

The above video pictures exactly what this EO signed only three weeks ago accomplishes: New EO: Communication Control Domestic And International For "National Security And Emergency Preparedness" 7-8-12 "Section 1 titled "Policy" [posted above] is the important section. It lays out what this EO is intended to do. This one loaded paragraph [read carefully] makes very clear the massive scope of what has been done with this 'order'. As seen, it basically will allow for the creation of a system which can be used to override, or take control of, all forms of communication...both "domestic and international...for the purpose of "national security and emergency preparedness", i.e. in the event of a "crisis" of any sort...total control could be seized instantly.

The 'connection' to control the internet with a single 'voice' is now being made. The effect will be totalitarian. Rev. 18:4
Zeph. 1:14 ,The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly, even the voice of the day of the LORD: the mighty man shall cry there bitterly.


2012 London Olympics Opening - An Aurora Connection: Giant Baby As The Birth Of 'Titan'; And Zion

Follow up on: Colorado Incident Symbology? - Aurora 'Goddess Of The Dawn' And the Rise Of 'The Dark Knight' 7-21-12 "So then, the symbolic picture here is not difficult to draw. "Aurora" symbolizes the dawning of a 'new day', the very "harbinger" of that 'new day' actually - the novus ordo seclorum, i.e. the 'new order of the ages', which is to be realized by her birthing of "Titan", or, the 'sun god', aka Lucifer" ...Astrology is of course very occultic. How significant is it then, according to the occult astrological source used by the author of the quoted article, that this Aurora incident would occur on the very day that "Titan" would be leading "Saturn out of the womb of Virgo"? Titan bringing about the birth of Saturn would be a symbolic picture of the coming of the "seed of the serpent" [Gen. 3:14,15] - the seed, or 'offspring' (Saturn) of the serpent (Titan) signifying the 'personification' of Satan, or Lucifer, in the form of the "Antichrist".. and that it seems intended to indicate...that the next thing to come is that the christ-impersonator, the 'knight of darkness' himself [Dan. 8:23], like the rising of the sun after the dawn, is soon to rise on the earth..[see post]
Aurora, Colorado and London Olympics opening ceremony connected?

Anonymous Coward godlikeproductions-messageboard: "I watched the live stream too and it wasn't on US broadcast. Children dancing in a big ring to the side of where the big baby appeared danced to "Good Christian Men Rejoice". Words, over and over, "Christ is born today, Christ is born today!""

screenshot from below video
As unlikely as it should be, the Aurora, CO incident of July 20, 2012, and the 2012 London Zion Olympics opening ceremony one week later, with the very strange appearance of a 'giant' (titan) baby, when taken together, seem to present a completed picture that goes beyond the realm of chance. As described in the follow up post above (which should be viewed to get the full impact of this), Aurora, the mythical Roman goddess of the dawn, is said to be the "harbinger of Titan", and as has now been seen by all the world, the Olympic opening ceremony has turned out to be the very fulfillment of that omen - the symbolic birthing of the "Titan". Titan, of course, is one of the occult names used for Lucifer [see 'follow up' post above].

How can it be just coincidence that the incident in Aurora, CO July 20th 2012 was, according to those who chart the occult astrological alignment of the stars/planets, the very day that Titan is said to be "leading Saturn out of the womb of Virgo" [see 'follow up' above]...and then just one short week later, a 'Titan' (giant) baby appears as part of the dark mystical Zion Olympics opening ceremony? There was quite a bit more that went on during the ceremony, all of which no doubt has significance, but the purpose here is to simply make the connection between these two specific events: 'Aurora' the sign, or harbinger of Titan, the giant 'Titan' baby at the Olympic opening ceremony the fulfillment of that sign. The fit is perfect and it could not have been so had there not been this precise Aurora-connection. It's a dark world.

The meaning truly is hard to misinterpret. Especially taking into consideration the comments of "Anonymous Coward" as quoted above, describing the singing of an old Christian hymn during the mystical birthing ceremony, apparently repeating over and over the refrain "Christ is come". This could not be corroborated by any other source but there is no reason to doubt that it is accurate. For the record there were very few articles that could be found that gave any real detail about this ritualistic opening ceremony. Most had no idea what to make of it. At any rate, singing 'christ is come' at the appearance of the baby would have to be at the very top of the 'bizarre' list - unless of course this truly was intended to be a symbolic as-above-so-below ceremony to 'enact' the 'rise of the 'Dark Knight', aka the real Antichrist. And how else can it be seen?

To be scripturally clear on one point, while Aurora is said to be the harbinger of Titan, or Lucifer, as mentioned in the 'follow up' above, the 'Antichrist' is not actually Lucifer himself, but biblically is to be the 'personification' of him. He will be the 'seed', the offspring of the 'serpent', Lucifer. In essence though they are one, so the coming of Titan/Lucifer as portended by Aurora, and 'Titan' leading 'Saturn' as the coming of the Dark Knight/Antichrist is one and the same thing. The picture is actually drawn perfectly. And this has just been played out on the biggest stage in the world.

This short video perhaps taken from a cell phone gives a good idea of the scale of the giant baby. From this perspective the baby appears as if in a cradle - an illuminati/masonic cradle that is - in the form of the illuminati/masonic Olympic stadium with lit-capstone pyramids all around. Not a pretty picture.

Noteworthy to consider here that the Bible reveals that there have in the past been giants who walked the earth, and while some may disagree, that they were in fact the 'seed' of fallen angels is accepted as revealed truth by many. These fallen angels were called nephilim. Their offspring, if this be true, half human half angel, were the giants. The point is that this is the connection to "Titan". The Titans were a race of giants - the Greek gods - according to Greek mythology. The original "Olympians". The Olympic ceremony baby being a giant no doubt alluding to this 'Titan' theme of 'gods' on earth. [Gen 6:4; Deut. 2:20]

Bottom line here though is that this has been a display of things already known. Zionist intention to rule the earth is known. Nothing really new in that regard, but that it has now come to this point - the actual 'birth announcement' - this is extremely significant. It also may give a sense of why it would appear, considering the Aurora connection especially, that no 'cost' has been spared in the production.

In reality all of this is revealed by the tricky London 2012 'Zion' logo when it is understood that it is in fact a pronouncement of the Zionist's claim of victory in their ancient goal to establish the kingdom of Zion on earth. In other words, what they are saying is that it is a done deal.

A kingdom needs a king of course, and as a kingdom is always personified by it's king, so here now has been the symbolic birthing of the king, and kingdom, of Zion.

And, biblically speaking again, the reality is that this king of this Zion, who is 'to rise', the true 'Dark Knight' himself [Dan. 8:23], will turn out to be the biblical antichrist, although few, even among professing Christians, understand this - or they do not believe it. Nevertheless, according to the inerrant Word of God, it will come to pass when "the transgressors are come to the full" [Dan. 8:23]. When that point is reached it truly will be the world's 'dark night'. And it must be getting close because they are singing it out loud now for the whole world to hear - (anti) 'christ' is come. Be aware. Rev. 18:4
This is only part of the story, there is much more to it; see:

London 2012 'Zion' Olympics; And Bible Prophecy - The False Zion 7-26-12
Tikkun Olam - Obama Pledges Allegiance To The Kabbalah 12-26-11
Zionism, Globalism, and Antichrist

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8-8-12 update: Sikh Temple Update: Aurora - Olympics Connection?

8-13-12 update: London Olympics Closing Ceremony Sends Dark Message: Rise Of The Phoenix And The Dark Knight aka Antichrist


Apostasy Gone Wild: Catholics, Jews, 'Christians', And
'Mormon' Glenn Beck - "Under God Indivisble" 7-27-12

What: July 27, 2012 - Under God: Indivisible. "Unprecedented day" of 'spiritual partnership' between Catholics, Jews, Christians, business leaders, and concerned citizens; part of 'Mormon' Glenn Beck's 3-day "Restoring Love' conference:

Under God: Indivisible‘ Conference Will Tackle America’s ‘Spiritual Crisis’:
"Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Love“ event...going on from July 26-28 (a full list of events is here). Among the initiatives is “Under God Indivisible,” a conference that is separate from but held in conjunction with “Restoring Love.” The event will focus upon American values and the need to bring the Almighty back into the mainstream.

This unprecedented day [July 27] begins at 2:30 pm…[and includes] a panel discussion among these exceptional leaders, sharing their insight on matters of faith in the public forum and how to express specific concerns among our congregations and in our communities. This session (for pastors, priests, and rabbis, along with other ministry and business leaders) will give attendees an opportunity to ask questions of their own."

conference website: undergodindivisible:
"The Leadership Conference begins at 2:30PM [July 27] and runs through dinner (with a meal provided). Attendees will also be given access and priority seating for the Evening Gathering. The afternoon session is for pastors, priests, rabbis, and any other concerned citizens who want to join in leading America back to our foundational values of Family, Faith, and Freedom. Topics covered in this session will help teach leaders how to discuss moral concerns and current issues without being partisan."

re: "discuss moral concerns and current issues without being partisan"

Without being partisan? What? Christian, check your "Jesus" at the door is what that is really saying. And that is exactly what all the participants of this Glenn Beck-fest will obediently do, because this is a 'spiritual' gathering and they certainly do not want to offend any non-believers of New Testament Christianity with any 'partisan' talk about the Lord Jesus Christ being the only way to the Father or anything like that [John 14:6]. No, no, that will not do. The rabbis might really get mad if that happened. And maybe even some concerned atheist citizens might be in attendance and obviously they cannot be expected to listen to such things. Nevertheless, some of the biggest names in the Christian 'world' are on board, such as Franklin Graham, Ravi Zacharias, Tony Evans, Kenneth Copeland, James Robison, John Hagee, and David Jeremiah, to name just a few. Are any of these your pastor? If so, you've got a serious problem.

Confirmed speakers: Franklin Graham; Dr. Ravi Zacharias; Ps. Robert Morris; Rev. Robert Sirico; Dr. Ken Hutcherson; Dr. Jim Garlow; Dr. Tony Evans; Kenneth Copeland; Rabbi Aryeh Spero; Dr. Richard Land; James Robison; Dr. David Jeremiah; Rev. Samuel Rodriguez; Ps. John Hagee; Bishop Harry Jackson; David Barton; Fr. Jonathan Morris; Jay Richards

Here we see Catholics, Jews, and professing Christians, who along with "business leaders", and "any other concerned citizens" (no religious affiliation needed) who have all come under the umbrella of, and aligned themselves with, claimed Mormon Glenn Beck and his "Restoring Love" conference which is taking place at the same time. One big happy 'family' all joining hands to tackle "America's Spiritual Crisis" and "Restore Love".

What will 'one world' religion look like, and how will it come about? Here's a perfect example: Christ-rejecting Jews and Mormons, Mary-worshiping pope-serving Catholics, and worldly non-partisan Laodicean Christians, along with secular concerned citizens, all joining in "indivisible spiritual unity under God". And very important to note, that is exactly what will happen. Of course it should also be clearly understood that it will be the 'god of this world' under which this 'indivisible worldly unity' will be achieved [Rev. 13:8].

True Christian abandon ship ASAP. Rev. 18:4
compare: Job Opening: 'false prophet' 2-9-08
2Thes. 2:3 'Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition'


London 2012 'Zion' Olympics; And Bible Prophecy

Related to: London Olympic Stadium A Subliminal Masonic-Illuminati Shrine 7-25-12
The Zion Olympics are here. Is Zion here too? The first part of this post was originally posted 5-23-10. Most by now are aware of the tricky logo and the all-seeing 'eye of Horus' mascots, but it is worth taking another look as the 'Zion' Olympics are now here and these 'symbols' are about to become the center of attention for the entire world. The second part of the post is a brief scriptural commentary on the notion of these Olympic games being a Zionist-NWO proclamation of planetary dominance, as has been suggested by some, and what the Bible says about that. It is in the Bible. But first:

'London 2012 Olympics Unveil Two All-Seeing 'Eye Of Horus' Mascots To Go Along With Zionist Logo'

Do Zionism and 'Horus' go together?

[5-23-10] When two strange looking "all seeing eye of Horus" creatures are chosen as mascots for the London 2012 Olympics, and the official logo for the 2012 Olympics [see below] appears to be a thinly veiled announcement of the near completion of the Zionist goal of world domination, what are we to think? Or, is it pure coincidence that these things seem to be full of 'hidden' symbolism - which if the truth be told - is rather obvious in this case?

Take a look for yourself. With the London games a full two years away, the intention at this point is to simply draw attention to these very interesting curiosities. Undoubtedly this subject will come up again. With that just a few comments will be made at this time. Make of it what you will:

First...the recently revealed London 2012 Olympic Games "mascots":

Youtube - link
"...organizers of the 2012 Games in London on Wednesday introduced their Olympic mascots to the world...Meet Wenlock and Mandeville, one-eyed creatures immediately dubbed "patronizing rubbish" by design experts in Britain...Wenlock and Mandeville both have one large eye, representing a camera lens so they can record what they see. From: World unites online against London's Olympic mascots

Note that the single eye of these bizarre alien-like creations are said to look like "a camera lens so they can record what they see". Is that a sly admission of a blatant connection to the Satanic symbol of the "all-seeing eye of Horus"...like the one on the back of the U.S. dollar bill [here]?

Also, the creepy-critter on the left is sporting the 2012 logo on his chest, and has a pyramid shape on his head with a "W" in the center which truly does look strangely similar to the dollar bill's all seeing eye/pyramid symbolism of the "novus ordo seclorum" [new order of the ages].
Second, the 2012 logo, which was actually first revealed back in 2007. Note that the logo, if read vertically rather than horizontally and/or the pieces shuffled a bit, the 'hidden' message seems to be made quite clear:

Are there any connections here with the 2012 Olympic mascots and logo?

Do Zionism and 'Horus' go together?


Are the would-be world conquering Zionists kabbalists?

...Is Kabbalism sorcery, i.e. Satanic?

...Is the Zionist-NWO's coming messiah/Antichrist-god represented by the Satanic symbol of the all-seeing 'eye of Horus' the sun-god?

...Is the pope Catholic?

Is there a message being sent? Is 2012 the scheduled year to 'close the deal'? Again, just drawing attention to these oddities at this point. Make of it what you will. REV. 18:4

'Therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts...from the prophets of Jerusalem is profaneness gone forth into all the land. Jeremiah 23:15
8-13-12 update: 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony Sends Dark Message: Rise Of The Phoenix And Of The 'Dark Knight' aka Antichrist "Wenlock and Mandeville = we unlock man-devil"

Pt. II What saith the Lord God about this 'Zion'?

Isa. 28:16 "Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste"

The would-be world conquering Jewish Zionists are growing ever more restless to remove all hindrances to finally achieving their misconstrued ancient goal of setting a king on a throne in the city of Jerusalem from which to reign as lords over the lower classes of humanity and rule the planet with an iron fist. This they would call the "kingdom of Zion". An argument might even be made that these 2012 London Olympics are in fact intended to be a coming out party, an official declaration to all the world of the arrival of 'the kingdom'. see: Zionism and 'the kingdom'

Problem is that this 'kingdom-come' now claiming for itself earthly dominion has been pieced together without a "sure foundation". It has been constructed on a faulty foundation. The foundation is faulty because the proper "corner stone" is missing, having been rejected by the builders, the Jews, some 2000 yrs. ago. Without this stone, the 'building' can never stand. see: The Stone which the builders rejected; from Daniel ch. 2

The Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is of course this "stone". He alone is the "tried stone" [Acts 3:18], who, being tried, was proven to be the "precious corner stone" [1Peter 2:4]; that very "stone which the builders rejected" [Matt. 21:42 (Ps. 118:22-23); Luke 20:17].

Until the Lord GOD Almighty Himself lays this "corner stone" in Zion; a reference to the physical return of the Lord Jesus Christ to rightfully rule and reign upon the earth [Rev. 19:15], which will not happen until the very serious issue of the rejection and the crucifixion of the Son of God has been settled [Matt. 27:22,25]; any other attempt to establish 'Zion' (city of God) will be "in haste". (Acts 2:36, 4:11)

And that very serious issue of the rejection and crucifixion of the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, absolutely can not be settled apart from justice by way of judgment [Isa. 1:27] - the period of time known in the Word of God as The Tribulation. As it is written, and we believe, only after the Jews are brought by that horrible time of tribulation to an admission of guilt leading to true repentance [Hosea 5:15; Matt. 23:37,38-39; Zech. 12:10] can they be restored in right relationship to God, who will then himself usher in the true 'Kingdom of Zion'.

Isaiah the prophet, speaking for the Lord GOD said..."he that believeth shall not make haste", meaning that true believers will wait patiently until the Lord God Himself lays the one and only "precious corner stone" for the building of this true Zion [Ps. 2:6,10; 102:16]. Again, this is a reference to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to build the Kingdom himself "without hands" [Dan. 2:44,45]; that is, nothing of men. Without this 'corner stone', whatever is now built or being built will be out of plumb and out of square, which is to say that it will be hopelessly crooked [Micah 3:10].

The events transpiring in the world today to build a one world government are "in haste". There will be one that will come though, and will seek to establish himself on the throne of the 'hasty Zion' the Jews are trumpeting here, but that one will prove to be an impostor, an 'untried stone', a faulty foundation.

This false messiah, this Jewish impostor who takes that throne, will be a king though...a king of fierce countenance...proving himself to not be the precious cornerstone, but the biblical 'Anti'-christ (Dan. 8:23,24,25). This is the teaching of scripture.

Do not get ahead of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ...be not hasty! (Luke 2:34)

Compare: Aurora CO And The Olympic Opening Connection: Giant Baby As The Birth Of 'Titan'; And Zion 7-29-12

see also [recommended]: Zionism And The End Of The Church Age - A.C. Gaebelein; 1933
and: The next thing - ten kings shall arise Dan. 7:24

8-6-12 update: The Other London 2012 Logo Is A Cryptic 'Zion' Too


Michio Kaku Pushes NWO's "Alien Invasion" Theme Again - Prepping World For Rev. 9 Demonic Infestation

This post is a follow up on: True Story: U.S. Military Planning For "Alien Invasion" 4-8-12 "'Aliens' will in fact appear on the earth one day. But they will not be 'space-aliens', they will be demons from the bottomless pit; see: Rev. 9:2,3,7,8,9,10,11 [note especially vs. 7 "faces of men"). This is not science fiction but inspired Holy scripture.
The latest installment of "alien invasion" from the not-so friendly folks at the NWO Bureau of Propaganda. The topic this time is: that the aliens will probably be too advanced for humans, but we still have to prepare, this would likely involve global unity (just what the NWO-ers are working feverishly for already), and also that most likely said aliens would be friendly - interpreted that last statement should be taken as meaning that if the 'aliens' eventually want to possess you, well that might not be such a bad idea after all...Note also the 'matter-of-fact' attitude displayed by Kaku and the show's host - 'it's really not even to be questioned anymore, sheeple, it's really real'. It's getting crazier by the day folks.

Kaku: 1:17 Alien invasion could unify world - 2:30 Aliens "will be peaceful...friendly...but we have to prepare for the possibility that they aren't"

There is absolutely no other rational way to explain the NWO's 'alien invasion' agenda other than as described in the 'follow up' link above - see post for more in depth explanation laid out in synopsis form. Be informed. Rev. 18:4

London Olympic Stadium A Subliminal Masonic-Illuminati Shrine

screenshot from freeplanet.uk - Masonic games 20-12 (see full post)

The London Olympics start this Friday July 27 and run through Aug. 12, 2012. If you are anywhere near a television during this next two or so weeks you may be seeing a lot of the London Olympic stadium. If so, it may be worthwhile to consider the very clever architecture of the structure. Seems that when the three-dimensional real-life view is seen in a properly aligned two-dimensional view, a very interesting thing happens:

Welcome to the Zion Olympics. Do not be subliminally initiated. Rev. 18:4

8-6-12 update: The Other London 2012 Logo Is A Cryptic 'Zion' Too
compare: Aurora CO And The Olympic Opening Connection: Giant Baby As The Birth Of 'Titan'; And Zion 7-29-12
London 2012 Olympics Unveil Two All-Seeing 'Eye Of Horus' Mascots To Go Along With Zionist Logo 5-23-10


More Aurora Co Bizarre-ness II - Local Medical School Training Same Day For Exact Scenario

Real life shooting imitates training exercise at Parker medical school denverpost.com

The tragedy that played out in an Aurora movie theater Friday was ironically paralleled as a classroom learning experience in a medical school in Parker the same day.

Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine is in the middle of holding specialized classes in disaster life support for 150 second-year medical students. Along with response to natural disasters like hurricanes and floods and terrorist attacks, one of the scenarios being used to train the students is how to respond if a shooter fires at people in a movie theater and also uses a bomb in the attack.

"The irony is amazing, just amazing," said Rocky Vista Dean Dr. Bruce Dubin.

Rocky Vista is the only medical school in the nation to make that training a part of the curriculum.

The shootings in Aurora were incorporated into the teaching Friday, Dubin said. "It made these medical students very aware that these kinds of things can happen anywhere," he said. "The events of this tragedy have helped to drive that home."

Parker is not far at all from Aurora, as seen. Same area, same day, same scenario. Can only wonder.

compare: More Aurora CO Bizarre-ness: July 17 'Lil Wayne' Video Shows 12 Skeletons In Theater 7-23-12 "Could this be just another 'bizarre coincidence'?" [see post]

see all: Aurora

More Aurora CO Bizarre-ness: July 17 'Lil Wayne' Video Shows 12 Skeletons In Theater

Follow up on: Colorado Incident Symbology? - Aurora 'Goddess Of The Dawn' And the Rise Of 'The Dark Knight' 7-21-12 "Is there somehow more to this story then, or are these 'facts' just a bizarre coincidence?" [see post]
updated 7-26-12 Fact: This clip is from a 'music' video released by 'Lil Wayne' on July 17, 2012, three days before the July 20, 2012 Aurora, Colorado incident, where reportedly twelve people were shot and killed. Titled "My Homies Still", there is a scene in the video depicting a group of movie goers sitting with skeletons in a theater. This particular scene is framed in such a way that it shows 12 skeletons sitting with them. Reportedly the picture pans out after a time showing more skeletons, but this particular scene was done so that it showed exactly twelve:

Could this be just another 'bizarre coincidence'? Probability seems very low. Somebody would have had to know that '12' was going to be the number though. It's things like this that could almost make a person wonder about the 'bizarre' possibility that the entire thing is actually just an elaborate Hollywood video production to achieve NWO ends. Wow...talk about conspiracy theories.

At another point in the same scene with the twelve skeletons Lil Wayne and another video participant are shown covering their ears. Gunfire?

Also: Holmes = Homies, Lil Wayne/Bruce Wayne; as pointed out by youtube commenter "outled".
Micah 2:1 'Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! when the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power of their hand'

First-Ever Homosexual 'Pseudo-Marriage' On Military Base - By Two Ex-Heterosexuals

Follow up on: Military Academy Holds 1st Ever 'Gay Pride Week' - Calls It Way To "Enlightened Future" 3-27-12 "It's saying that we as a military community are looking to move to the future...to help move our students to a more enlightened future" [see post]***
First Same-Sex “Marriage” on Military Base

Two men became the first same-sex couple to marry on a military base when they held their wedding ceremony last month at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey. Tech Sgt. Erwynn Umali and his partner, Will Behrens, married June 23 on the base where Umali, an active member of the Air Force, had been stationed. It was a decision that would have been unthinkable just nine months ago, before the law requiring them to keep their relationship a secret was repealed.

“We asked [about holding the ceremony on the base], and they were very open about it, but [said], ‘No one has ever asked us this question before,’” Umali said in a Facebook chat hosted by Slate. “We did not get any push back from the base or leadership. All they asked was that we be patient because this was the very first one.”

At a farewell luncheon hosted for him on his military base before he left for a special assignment, Umali came out in a very public way. In a speech in front of 40 fellow airmen, he thanked his partner and fiancé. His fellow airmen responded with a standing ovation, according to Slate.

About 150 friends and family attended the ceremony, which was officiated by Evangelical Lutheran Church Navy Chaplain Kay Reeb..

Both Behrens and Umali were previously married to women, and both have two children, all of whom were at the wedding.
re: 'unthinkable nine months ago'

In the 'follow up' link above is a quote stating that the military community, in regard to the issue of homosexuality, is looking to move to a..."more enlightened future".

Well the drama surrounding this scene at the 'first-ever' on-base homosexual 'wedding' gives us a little preview of what that 'enlightened future' is going to look like. "Enlightened" ex-heterosexuals seeking homosexual union, a standing ovation from "fellow airmen" upon coming out, presumably 'understanding' ex-wives and children taking part in the ceremony, and officiated by a supposedly christian Lutheran Church Navy Chaplain.

And this is now what we, as a society, are supposed to see as an "enlightened future"? Where the previously unthinkable, for good cause, not to mention scriptural, is not only now thinkable but do-able, and where rejection of this 'light' has now become the unacceptable position. Unthinkable.

Better check that light source O' enlightened ones - there is one called Lucifer, and he is a bringer of false light, and that false light is a blinding light, and he blinds minds with it. That is how the unthinkable becomes thinkable. Never ever be swayed true Christian, even if the entire city of Sodom embraces the false light. Rev. 18:4
compare: Another Dubious First: West Point Military Academy Hosts 1st "Gay Marriage" 12-1-12
2Cor. 4:3-4 "But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them'


Global Martial Law Has Begun: U.S. Marines Launch First Ever Global "Law Enforcement" Squads

Update on: Defense Department Asking Congress For Legislation To 'Fight Crime' Globally 4-1-12 "Roaming at will para-military forces with global jurisdiction and unlimited power to enforce a global dictatorship is what this amounts to. The implications are vast, none of them good." [see post]
Fire, police, ambulance... or Marines? Elite fighting force sets up law enforcement operation

The Marine Corps has created its first law enforcement battalions - a lean, specialized force of military police officers that it hopes can quickly deploy worldwide to help investigate crimes from terrorism to drug trafficking and train fledgling security forces in allied nations...The Corps activated three such such battalions last month. Each is made up of roughly 500 military police officers and dozens of dogs.

The Marine Corps has had police battalions off and on since World War II but they were primarily focused on providing security, such as accompanying fuel convoys or guarding generals on visits to dangerous areas, said Maj. Jan Durham, commander of the 1st Law Enforcement Battalion at Camp Pendleton...The idea behind the law enforcement battalions is to consolidate the military police and capitalize on their investigative skills and police training, he said.

The battalions will be capable of helping control civil disturbances, handling detainees, carrying out forensic work, and using biometrics to identify suspects...Durham said they could assist local authorities in allied countries in securing crime scenes and building cases so criminals end up behind bars and not back out on the streets because of mistakes.
related: Durham said the Marine Corps plans to show off its new battalions in Miami this month at a conference put on by the Southern Command.
It was just a little less than four months ago that news of this first came out [see 'update' above'], at which time it was said that the Defense Department was asking congress for legislation to make it happen. Apparently that request was granted as now evidenced by this report of another 'first-ever' - military "law enforcement battalions" with global jurisdiction - exactly what had been asked for. This development, very simply, fits the description of martial law on a global scale. No other way to view it. Although not mentioned specifically in any news release at this time whether or not the ability to "quickly deploy worldwide" includes the USA, it should be noted that the CFR and the U.S. Army proposed this very thing only six weeks ago:

CFR, U.S. Army Chief Of Staff Propose Using Military For "Domestic Police Missions" - aka Martial Law 6-11-12 "(THE NEW AMERICAN) The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) proposes that the U.S. Army be used to plan, command, and carry out (with the help of civilian law enforcement) domestic police missions...Where appropriate we will also dedicate active-duty forces, especially those with niche skills and equipment, to provide civilian officials with a robust set of reliable and rapid response options"

So-called global "Special Forces" teams have very recently been practicing in the USA:

96 Countries Practice NWO Global Police State In Tampa, Florida 6-8-12 "Special forces from 96 countries including NATO nations came together for a week long conference...The event focused on building the Global Special Forces Partnership with a vision toward forging networks of special forces worldwide"

And also recently DHS started up a new "Special Response" bureau called HSI, and they are starting to make their presence felt:

DHS "Special Response" Monster Trucks Appearing In American Cities 4-14-12 "HSI [Homeland Security Investigations] is a new directorate within the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service. Formed in September, its agents are responsible for investigating large-scale international crime, such as narcotics or arms smuggling, human trafficking, money laundering and any form of terrorism. They also defend against the illegal appropriation and exporting of technology that is crucial to U.S. security"

A global dictatorship would, by definition, require military rule. It really could not be any more clear than it is here that this is exactly what we are now seeing, that a single military rule over the nations of the earth is now officially being openly implemented. The new 'sheriffs in town' will be introducing themselves in Mami later this month. Know about it.

Who knows, they may even show up at your local movie theater one of these days. Rev. 18:4

Micah 3:10 'They build up Zion with blood'


Colorado Incident Symbology? - Aurora 'Goddess Of The Dawn' And the Rise Of 'The Dark Knight'

Follow up on: Calls For Increased Security Immediately Follow Colorado Tragedy - Expert: "Expect To See Changes" 7-20-12 "Midnight tragedy signaling America's 'midnight hour' and the rise of the dark night of the Luciferian NWO? The NWO never advances without ordo ab chao, and such is the case here - the NWO police state is 'rising', and American's freedoms are vanishing into the 'dark night'."
The Aurora Of The Dark Knight?

This is posted with the intent to be as brief as possible. These are observations. Much has been written in the last two days about what happened at the start of the "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises" premier showing in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater at midnight on 7-20-12. More than a few have postulated that the event was staged, noting many oddities relating to the official accounts. A simple search will pull up all sorts of different views. Ultimately what did or did not happen "behind the scenes" is not knowable, so there is no intent here to enter into that arena. Rather than that, the intent here is to simply note a few 'facts' that are knowable about the incident - and that happen to be very curious.

The location is the key to these observations. The midnight event could have happened anywhere. But it happened in Aurora, Colorado. Is that significant? Aurora is the Roman goddess of the dawn. Even more interesting is the fact that in Roman mythology, according to the source quoted below, "Aurora" is said to be the "mother of Lucifer":

thaliatook.com: "Aurora is the Roman name for the Goddess of the Dawn. Her mythology and attributes are the same as the Greek Eos, and She does not seem to have any specifically Roman mythology. Her name simply means "the dawn, daybreak, or sunrise"... She is said to be the mother of the four winds; though this part of Her legend is Greek, one variant spelling of Her name, Aurura, has the meaning of "breeze or wind". She is considered the mother of the morning star, Lucifer (which means "the Light Bringer"), a name for the planet Venus"

(On a side note here the title "morning star" does not belong to Lucifer but to the Lord Jesus Christ [Rev. 22:16]. Lucifer's correct title is "son of the morning", as found in Isaiah 14:12, a passage that reveals his fall and ultimate demise. There is a difference. Referring to Lucifer as "morning star" is an usurpation. This is just for the record so that there is no confusion on that point.)

Aurora the mother of Lucifer? That speaks volumes. Another source reveals "Aurora" as being the "harbinger of Titan", or, the 'dawn' light which precedes the appearance of the sun:

roman-colosseum.info "Aurora, goddess of the morning, was the youngest daughter of Hyperion and Theia, or, according to some, of Titan and Terra. Orpheus calls her the harbinger of Titan, for she is the personification of that light which precedes the appearance of the sun"

"Titan" is one of many mythological names for the 'Sun god', or as Ovid called him "lumina Titan", i.e. the 'god of light':

Wikipedia: Helios ( /ˈhiːli.ɒs/; Ancient Greek: Ἥλιος "Sun", Latinized as Helius) was the personification of the Sun in Greek mythology. Homer often calls him simply Titan... Ovid also calls him Titan, in fact "lumina Titan".

The sun god, aka Horus in Egyptian lore, is also seen as the 'god of light', which is, as is well known, a title commonly used in reference to Lucifer.

So then, the symbolic picture here is not difficult to draw. "Aurora" symbolizes the dawning of a 'new day', the very "harbinger" of that 'new day' actually - the novus ordo seclorum, i.e. the 'new order of the ages', which is to be realized by her birthing of "Titan", or, the 'sun god', aka Lucifer.

Would this not then, in very dark fashion actually, fit perfectly into the scenario that just transpired in Colorado at the midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises"? It is all encapsulated...the simple symbology being the 'Aurora' incident as 'the harbinger', or, the sign of the birthing of the "dark knight", i.e. Lucifer, who is now to rise upon the world scene.

Another very interesting consideration is the date of this incident, as pointed out in the source below:

vegapost: "...there seems to be some coincidence that the release date of this movie is on JULY 20, 2012. Specific dates & times are key in the occult that signals a projection of power & influence over its audiences...It so happens that on JULY 20, 2012, cosmologically, Titan, one of Saturn’s Moons leads Saturn out of the ‘Womb’ of Virgo in the Constellations. Saturn, who in the occult is Kronos, or Satan—the Dark LORD or ‘Knight’ in this case is to ‘RISE...Saturn, with 6 of it satellites will be crossing the Virgo threshold of it [sic] ‘womb’ as Titan leads the way on JULY 20, 2012"

Astrology is of course very occultic. How significant is it then, according to the occult astrological source used by the author of the quoted article, that this Aurora incident would occur on the very day that "Titan" would be leading "Saturn out of the womb of Virgo"? Titan bringing about the birth of Saturn would be a symbolic picture of the coming of the "seed of the serpent" [Gen. 3:14,15] - the seed, or 'offspring' (Saturn) of the serpent (Titan) signifying the 'personification' of Satan, or Lucifer, in the form of the "Antichrist". In other words, the significance of what happened in Colorado happening on this day could be seen as intending to signal the nearness of the appearance of the Antichrist on the earth.

As stated at the top of this post, these are 'facts', and they are very curious. Is all this random chance? In the Babylonian occult world of the NWO-builders everything has a secret meaning. If this event was something more than it appears to be on the surface then that would be true here also. So, seeing that there truly are some obvious 'clues', obvious but at the same time profound actually, and floating right on the surface too, the logical thought is that this fits the criteria for a 'hidden in plain sight' kabalistic "as above so below message" - and that it seems intended to indicate that the 'aurora' of the 'novus ordo seclorum' is upon us, the dawning, and that the next thing to come is that the christ-impersonator, the 'knight of darkness' himself [Dan. 8:23], like the rising of the sun after the dawn, is soon to rise on the earth.

Is there somehow more to this story then, or are these 'facts' just a bizarre coincidence?
7-29-12 update: Aurora CO And The Olympic Opening Connection: Giant Baby As The Birth Of 'Titan'; And Zion

8-8-12 update: Sikh Temple Update: Aurora - Olympics Connection?

see all: Aurora

8-13-12 update: 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony Sends Dark Message: Rise Of The Phoenix And The Dark Knight aka Antichrist
Joel 2:31 'The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.'


Calls For Increased Security Immediately Follow Colorado Tragedy - Expert: "Expect To See Changes"

Follow up on: DHS Announces "Stepping Up"; Police State Measures Coming To Hotels, Malls 12-26-10 "A year after a foiled plot to bomb a US-bound passenger plane, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told CNN's "State of the Union" program that other places and modes of transportation must now be scrutinized..."We look at so-called soft targets -- the hotels, shopping malls, for example..."
National theater association reviewing all security procedures in wake of Colorado midnight movie massacre

In response to the shooting rampage at a midnight screening of "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises" in Colorado, The National Association of Theater Owners said in a statement Friday that its members are now "working closely with local law enforcement agencies and reviewing security procedures." ...The AMC theater chain, the nation's second largest with over 5,000 theaters across the country, said all of its theaters are reviewing security procedures.

"We are terribly saddened by the random act of violence in Aurora and our thoughts are with the victims and their families. For the safety and security of our guests and associates, we are actively working with local law enforcement in communities throughout the nation and under the circumstances we are reaching out to all of our theatres to review our safety and security procedures," a rep said in a statement. "Being a safe place in the community for all our guests is a top priority at AMC and we take that responsibility very seriously."
Local Expert: Expect Tighter Security At Movie Theaters After Colorado Massacre

CHICAGO (CBS) — A local security expert says expect to see changes at movie theaters in the wake of the shooting in Colorado...“If you step back, our society is one that movie theaters, or restaurants, or any other public place that doesn’t have any sort of metal detector or security, per se, this could have happened anytime,” Cramer said.

Cramer says in other parts of the world, there are metal detectors and security in bars and clubs and theaters, and he expects we will see the same here.
re: 'expect to see changes'

A year and a half ago [see 'follow up' above] the DHS announced plans to begin implementing new levels of what can only be described as 'police-state security' at so-called "soft targets", like hotels, shopping malls, etc.

Lo and behold, news of this tragic breaking story comes on the television today and the local news commentator is talking about how theaters are "soft targets". Interesting choice of words. Without missing a beat the National Association of Theatre Owners and the AMC theater chain, the nations second largest chain of theaters "with over 5,000" theaters, immediately begin a discussion of "security procedures"; while at least one 'security expert' is already predicting that metal detectors, i.e. police state security measures, should now be expected at "clubs, bars, and theaters".

Of course malls, stadiums, and any other conceivable public venues would not likely be overlooked as these new security measures for "soft targets" begin to be implemented across the land. DHS has already said as much. In fact, with the way things are going in the 'homeland', it may not be long before some might want to make the case that a totalitarian police state security is going to be needed at all times everywhere. For example, this story out of Detroit:

Bomb threats made on Detroit landmarks
Police officials said Thursday a hoax bomb threat for the Ambassador Bridge Wednesday was the fourth of its kind within the week, the Detroit Free Press reported. Hoax threats were made for Comerica Park Tuesday, the Ambassador Bridge again Monday and the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel July 12...The July 12 and Monday threats forced police to shut down the tunnel and bridge for several hours each day and bring in bomb-sniffing dogs and bomb squads.

Midnight tragedy signaling America's 'midnight hour' and the rise of the dark night of the Luciferian NWO? The NWO never advances without ordo ab chao, and such is the case here - the NWO police state is 'rising', and American's freedoms are vanishing into the 'dark night'. Rev. 18:4
7-21-12 update: Colorado Incident Symbology? - Aurora 'Goddess Of The Dawn' And the Rise Of 'The Dark Knight'
Christian: Rom. 13:12 'The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light'

Wheaton College Joins 'First-Ever' Partnership Of Catholics And Evangelicals To Oppose Government

Catholics And Evangelicals Come Together To Fight For Religious Freedom

This week, Wheaton College joined several other colleges and universities to fight for religious freedom.

The ObamaCare contraception mandate, which is at the center of Wheaton's legal challenge, would force the college, as well as other universities, to provide their employees with insurance coverage that goes against their religious beliefs.

“This alliance marks the first-ever partnership between Catholic and evangelical institutions to oppose the same regulation in the same court,” the school’s Website says in its announcement of the lawsuit.

To date, Wheaton College is the 24th institution to challenge the HHS mandate. The Supreme Court ruling in June addressed the individual mandate, but not the conflict between the HHS mandate and religious freedom. This gives the schools the opportunity to challenge the HHS mandate separately
Wheaton is considered by many as the most prominent evangelical college in the country, which makes even more significant this "first-ever 'partnership' between Catholic and evangelical institutions to oppose the same regulation in the same court". A "first ever" is always significant, but this one far more then most know, for the reasons explained in a number of previous posts on the same subject. For example:

One World Religion: Catholic, Lutheran, Jewish, Baptist Leaders Vow Civil Disobedience In Congress 2-16-12 "As plain as can be, in living color, there it is - the method to the madness. Where there was none before, suddenly there is one now - a new 'unifaith organization' A brand new inter-religion panel formed to protect "religious freedom" from the abuses of big government. The reality though is that this is a masterminded production of the would-be builders of the 'kabalist kingdom of Antichrist' - laying the roadbed for global religious-synchronicity.The core issue is not a conflict about "contraception" or women's rights, but is a Constitutional conflict challenging the first amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof". Because this is the "common cause" all the religions have a stake and therefore the battle is for 'all the marbles'. Again, it is a masterminded production...As previously stated, this will be a huge game changer. Once these groups build working partnerships, they will never be undone. That must be clearly understood. See it for what it is - a massive scam...One world religion to go with a one world government - it is taking shape. This is bible prophecy [here], believe it or not. [see post]

much more on this - see all: ; 'Manhattan Declaration'
Rev. 13:9 'If any man have an ear, let him hear'

"Edge Of A New Horizon" - 106 Government And 4 Private Entities Already Cleared To Fly Domestic Drones

Update on: US Congress Passes "FAA Reauthorization Act": 30,000 Drones By 2020 2-8-12 "The legislation would order the FAA, before the end of the year, to expedite the process through which it authorizes the use of drones by federal, state and local police and other agencies." [see post]
FAA Has Authorized 106 Government ‘Entities’ to Fly Domestic Drones

(CNSNews.com) - Since Jan. 1 of this year, according to congressional testimony presented Thursday by the Government Accountability Office [GAO], the Federal Aviation Administration has authorized 106 federal, state and local government “entities” to fly “unmanned aircraft systems,” also known as drones, within U.S. airspace.

“We are now on the edge of a new horizon: using unmanned aerial systems within the homeland,” House Homeland Security Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Michael McCaul (R.-Texas) said as he introduced the testimony.

“Currently,” said McCaul, “there are about 200 active Certificates of Authorization issued by the Federal Aviation Administration to over 100 different entities, such as law enforcement departments and academic institutions, to fly drones domestically.” ...In addition to authorizing 106 government agencies to operate drones, the FAA has authorized four private manufacturers to fly drones.

“Currently, no federal agency has specific statutory responsibility to regulate privacy matters relating to UAS. Stakeholders have told us that by developing guidelines for the appropriate use of UASs ahead of widespread proliferation could in fact preclude abuses of the technology and negative public perceptions of the potential uses that are planned for these aircraft.”

Dillingham [GAO spokesman] noted in his written testimony that the proliferation of drone use raises issues under the 4th Amendment, which protects the right of individuals to be free from unreasonable searches.

Drone surveillance as a reality is a relatively new concept for most. Not long ago at all the idea of "unmanned aircraft systems" used as surveillance tools by the government was not something most people would have even given a second thought to. But that has all changed now in short order. It was only five months ago that Congress passed the legislation that would clear the way for the FAA to "expedite the process" by which "federal, state, and local police and other agencies" would be allowed the use of drones. And true to their word, as seen here, that is exactly what has been going on - a whole lot of expediting. And not only government but private agencies have been given their 'wings' to fly too. And this is just the beginning, the "edge of a new horizon" according to the congressman quoted in the above article

Drone surveillance is over the edge right into Orwells Brave New World. Be informed because it's real and it's here.

compare: Hey America Drones Really Are Coming Says Fox News 'Infomercial' 5-15-12 ""A totalitarian global society requires absolute surveillance of it's subjects. Drones quietly flying high above with cameras scanning the geographic grids night and day can go a long way in achieving that. - "we [really] are gonna see them in this country"...and that in reality this is just part of the overall "militarization of police departments", which is to include "soldiers on the streets" too." [see post]
'Even So, Come, Lord Jesus' Rev. 22:20


Arpaio: Birth Certificate "A Picture Of Deception"- But He's
"Not Questioning Obama's Involvement Or Legal Status"

Update on: Arpaio To Present "Indisputable Proof" Of Birth Certificate Forgery, Tomorrow 7-17-12, In 'Phoenix' 7-16-12 "Is it a coincidence that all this "eligibility" commotion, "tons...potentially", is coming out of Phoenix? Is it a coincidence that the 'phoenix' bird is one of the major symbols of the NWO?...How this plays out will be seen, but that all players on either side are insiders is ridiculously obvious. It has been so all along, but all the more now. The whole thing is a carefully manufactured dramatic production..." [see post]
Sheriff Joe Arpaio continues to maintain Obama birth certificate a forgery abc.15.com

Cold Case Posse Investigator Mike Zullo said he believed the document had been tampered with by human intervention...He said their analysis is finished and that they can prove the document has been manipulated... "You couldn't bring it into the courtroom and convince a judge that it's authentic."

"We have worked hard at this, we wanted to clear the President of the United States, but it hasn't happened like that," Arpaio said...Arpaio added he wanted the U.S. Congress to look into the matter.

Arpaio said he believes President Obama’s birth certificate released last year is a “computer-generated forgery.”...He said he’s not questioning Obama’s involvement in the alleged forgery or his legal status but believes a crime occurred...Hawaii officials have repeatedly confirmed Obama's citizenship, and state officials did again Tuesday.
usnews.com: Nine-month investigation by Sheriff Joe Arpaio finds President's birth certificate is forged...Arpaio's Maricopa County "Cold Case Posse," led by Mike Zullo, announced at a press conference Tuesday that the certificate is "undoubtedly fraudulent" based on interviews with a local registrar who signed the document and analysis of Hawaii law..."My hope is that the U.S. Congress will take over from here," Arpaio said in a statement. "We have pointed out some inconsistencies, or oddities, relating to the President's birth certificate. Taken one by one they may not be terribly concerning. But put them altogether [sic] and they paint a picture of deception that requires federal inquiry."
times247.com: Joe Arpaio said it's time for a higher authority to investigate the issue...Mr. Arpaio said he would like Congress ... "someone" ... to look at the material his investigative team had gathered. As he had told WND earlier: “Although I am having a difficult time deciding who to forward this information to given the fact that the obvious choices report directly to the president, I cannot stand by and hold on to information that threatens to weaken national security.”

re: 'not questioning Obama'

It proved difficult to get a general idea of what happened or what was said at the 7-17-12 Arpaio birth-certificate conference from any single source. Most reports that could be found were fairly limited, and many were mocking. Nevertheless, the quotes from the three sources linked above, together, do give the gist of it. According to Arpaio and team: the certificate is "undoubtedly fraudulent", a "picture of deception" actually, a crime has occurred, and a "higher authority" needs to investigate because "national security" is at stake - perhaps Congress. But, realistically speaking, who that authority would be is in itself a huge dilemma due to the fact that the "obvious choices report directly to the president", says Arpaio. And then, after all that, Arpaio adds in a little disclaimer about "not questioning Obama's involvement or legal status". What? Someone forged the President of the United States' birth certificate and, without his knowledge, posted it on the internet for all the world to see, for no reason?

Quite an amazing little plot twist here. No questions answered, just more obfuscation: The Obama birth certificate, as it now turns out after three years of being questioned, despite certain Hawaiian officials continuing to stick to their story, really is fake...but only because of a mysterious criminal lurking out there somewhere forging presidential birth certificates for unexplainable reasons - this evidently being the "national security threat" referred to - as the official natural-born Obama story is certainly not in dispute, according to Arpaio.

So apparently the take away here is supposed to be that even if the birth certificate itself is problematic, Obama is legitimate.

And so on it goes. History in the making - NWO history - you are living it. Rev. 18:4


TSA Now Global? Olympics "Security Black Hole" Creates Opportunity For 'Global TSA'

US agents to secure London Olympics after G4S fiasco

The British government has been forced to draft in US security agents at a number of airports including London’s Heathrow to cover for its fiasco of trusting the private firm G4S with a key part of Olympics security.

The Department of Transport has hammered a deal with the US Transportation Security Authority to use US security officers at several British airports from one week before the Olympics to one week after the Paralympics end, the Sky News reported.

The British Home Office is under huge pressure to fill in the gap created by G4S’s failure to supply 13,700 forces for Olympics security...The Home Office has already asked the army and the police to provide it with more forces for the Olympics security after G4S announced it has only 4,000 staff available for the Games.

However, the security black hole has forced the government to even bring in security staff from the US to secure the Games.
re: "'forced' to draft in US security agents"

Is TSA now a global security force? There is no other way to view it seeing what the NWO Bureau of Propaganda has cooked up here. Classic ordo ab chao. Private firm hired to do security proves at last minute to be completely inept, and so with no other alternative', "forced" as it were, as the saga is being portrayed, the mighty TSA from the USA, disregarding international barriers, is drafted to ride in and save the day just in the nick of time. The result is an NWO dream, something previously non-existent but now suddenly made to exist because of an 'emergency', i.e. the "security black hole" - a brand new 'global TSA'.

Global government, global policing. Can't be any other way. American TSA (and FBI) operating in a foreign country changes everything. Definitely take note. Rev. 18:4
Matt. 25:10 'And...the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut'