Martial Law Threatened In Galveston Area

update on: Hurricane Questions - No Answers

Follow up story, seems that some residents have more questions as to the missing but "officials" are still not answering, and don't want people looking around. Rumors or no rumors as the article mentions, according to the video below, looks like martial law already has or will be be declared in the area to force the remaining residents out...and shut the entire peninsula off to all. Have to see. Open government? No more. Police state/martial law is being incrementally phased in...everywhere. fyi
Bolivar's missing may never be found
Searches continue, no bodies found

GALVESTON, Texas -- Search teams finished a second sweep of Bolivar Peninsula on Thursday and did not find any bodies, the Galveston County judge said. However, as the search of the devastated peninsula transitions from rescue to recovery, Judge Jim Yarbrough cautioned that those missing from Bolivar might never be seen again.
“There's no question we are going to have some missing people (that) we are never going to find,” Yarbrough said Thursday night.
Thus far, no bodies have been found, but the county judge knows that is not likely going to be the case as the search expands.

“We are going to find bodies over there. No doubt,” Yarbrough said in a muted tone.
The judge also put to rest rumors that the county had shut off the peninsula to open a temporary morgue and cover up mass finds of bodies. He said that in five days of searching no bodies had been found and that no morgue operation was present on the peninsula or at Galveston's UTMB, as had been rumored.

related story: Galveston Lockdown "GALVESTON — Now that a curfew runs the dark half of this hurricane-battered island's days, the residents who remain can only pass the time sipping cocktails on porches, guarding property and trying to avoid the $1,000 whack of a post-sundown violation."
"Some residents appear to be under the impression that martial law has been instituted and police will shoot on sight, said the ex-Marines, who both joined Galveston's force last year."
see also: American cities/curfews (the american public has been taught a new word recently...'curfew')

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