Windows 10 "The Service" 1st-Anniversary Update 8-2-16: Cortana Gets Tentacles, No Off Switch -- Spirit Guides For All

Follow up on: Windows 10 'The Service' Is Big Brother Computer Takeover: "All I Wanna Be Is Everything" Says He; "World Is Ready" 8-7-15 "Windows 10. It's free to upgrade says Microsoft. Free? What about that old maxim that says "nothing's free". Definitely holds true in this case...This price is the cost represented by the total loss of control over your own computer. Taking control of software out of the hands of users has been a stated goal of the would-be global-population managers for a number of years now (see link @ post)...Probably the biggest change with the introduction of W10 is the concept of Windows now being a "service", ...With W10 redefining the operating system as a service, updates are now mandatory. Not only security updates, but also the very system features. Like it or not, whatever new thing comes out is getting downloaded and installed automatically on W10 systems. No 'off' button on this one. And this for "the life of the device" says Microsoft. In other words, as radically Big-Brother as W10 is here now right out of the box, what it might look like in one year, two years, five years...Well, the ZWO MS-branch already made the answer to that question known back in 2012 when Windows 8 was first released: "All I wanna be is everything..." [see post]
Microsoft won't let you switch off Cortana after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Deeper integration of Cortana in the upcoming OS update means the virtual assistant can't be switched off.

Cortana your 'buddy' - or Big Brother? Cortana wants to
know everything. Disabling was possible in the beginning
(see above image) but guess what only one year later...
[excerpted] Windows 10 users will no longer be able to disable Cortana after the Anniversary Update, according to reports. Microsoft's virtual assistant is set to replace the standard search function in the upcoming software update, which rolls out on 2 August and is mandatory to Windows 10 Home customers.

Cortana...is set to become a key part of the user experience in the incoming update...able to save and recall important information and deliver notifications across all your Windows 10 devices, as well as being accessible from the lock screen.

Currently, Windows 10 users can disable Cortana from within the Settings menu, although this options appears to be no more in the Anniversary Update, according to PC World.

...there does appear to be ways that users can at least limit Cortana's awareness and prevent it being the all-knowing digital assistant that Microsoft envisions. For starters, you can make it deaf to the "Hey Cortana" voice prompt as well as stop it from chiming in with suggestions and notifications while you're working. You can do this from Cortana's settings windows. [but refuse it..oh no you won't]

Compare also: Windows 10 Big Brother Promo Reveals Children Of The World As Target Group -- To Be A 'Spirit Guide'? 8-11-15 "As a service control over the computer has been removed from the owner. Rather than the user controlling the computer, the computer is to now control the user. Without question this is the Windows 10 game plan. Mentioned in the [post @ link]...as radically Big Brother as Windows 10 is now out of the box and what it might actually morph into in the years to come as it gets 'updated' automatically from this point forward...is in fact very clearly revealed in the below video [see post]: they are coming especially for all the children of the planet. --- "These kids will grow up with Windows 10" is the boast. Talking, singing, joking, listening computers...that also bio-identify, and, says the promo video [:18], "every screen is meant to be touched", almost as if the intent of all this computer-befriending was to make the child 'one with the computer' - so to speak. Talking, touching, being 'Cortana-assisted' - the whole thing sounds very much like a "spirit-guide" experience actually. That of course is not a good thing. And note especially the statement at 30 seconds - here paraphrased: 'as they grow...the technology will 'get better' too'. No doubt this is true, and no doubt the 'better technology' is all planned out already, for the end goal of such things as these can be nothing less than to own them, 666-style..." [see post, video]
Mandatory update leaving no right of refusal to "personal assistant" Cortana. Definitely a cause for concern for W10 users. Only one year out of the box and "Windows 10 the service" is now 'dictating' to users how it's going to be. Something of an omen is it not for future "service" updates in the coming years....

Have windows 10? Saying it that way does not seem to be an accurate way to look at it anymore. More like Windows 10 has you. Be very much aware.
 Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 8:19 'And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead?'


1-Yr Flashback: It's Final: 45-12 Boy Scouts Of America (1910-2015) Sacrificed On Altar Of Homosexual Agenda

Must not forget, dismiss, overlook, get used to, become unaffected...etc. ever. Any one of these will result only in eventual acceptance. 'Arsenokoites' - which is NT Greek KJV language, is the word translated into the KJV English phrase "abusers of themselves with mankind", i.e. sodomites. The literal interpretation of arsenokoites is much more graphic - link.

Arsenokoites, abusers of themselves with mankind, 'leading' young boys into manhood - the supposed to-be BSA mission - this is as clear an oxymoron as ever there has been. That being true, the BSA takeover of one year ago is an abusive assault on all 'mankind'. It will never be 'ok'.


Originally posted 7-27-15

Follow up on: Day Of Infamy: Boy Scouts Of America 'Unanimously' Approves Homosexual 'Leadership' 7-13-15 "The group's National Executive Board will meet to ratify the resolution on July 27, the Boy Scouts said in a statement" [see post]
updated 7-28-15 Boy Scouts of America votes to end controversial ban on openly-gay scout leaders

The Boy Scouts of America, facing litigation, shrinking membership and sweeping acceptance of gay rights, voted Monday to lift its ban on openly gay troop leaders and employees.

The national organization will no longer allow discrimination against its paid workers or at BSA-owned facilities. But local troops and councils will be permitted to decide for themselves whether they will allow openly gay volunteer leaders. The executive board’s vote was taken at the suggestion of the group’s president, former defense secretary Robert Gates. According to the Boy Scouts’ statement, 79 percent of board members voted in favor of the resolution...45 people were in favor, 12 were opposed.

“It’s changing the target [of litigation] because now it will be all about the local, not the national,” said Douglas Laycock, a prominent religious liberty scholar at the University of Virginia.

The new rules approved Monday allow troops chartered by a religious organization — including churches, mosques and synagogues — to “continue to choose adult leaders whose beliefs are consistent with their own.”

...a spokesman for the Southern Baptist Convention, said traditional groups are braced for the possibility that soon, even church-based groups will be required to fully accept gay leaders...“The next step, which may be a year or two down the road, seems obvious to us”

Chad Griffin, president of the GBLT advocacy group Human Rights Campaign, called the vote “a welcome step.”

“But including an exemption for troops sponsored by religious organizations undermines and diminishes the historic nature of today’s decision,” Griffin said. “Discrimination should have no place in the Boy Scouts, period.”

Boy Scouts now an organization to promote homosexual mentor-ship of young boys?...this is so far out there that comment is for the most part unnecessary. If the very notion is not so utterly appalling to any person that nothing could possibly ever be said to change their mind, well...then, that person has already surrendered to the 'spirit of this world' [Eph. 2:2]. One thing to mention though, just to note it for the record, since it is the case here, would be to point out how the 'architects of the new-order' love to mock those that they would inflict with their schemes, and always in very perverse ways. Often, as many are now aware, this is done with the names of the different cast members involved in the productions. Names that are actually twisted little hidden messages. Case in point this BSA story. Let it first be said that to even point this out is beyond disturbing, but it seems that the depravity of it should not go unexposed to the light [Eph. 5:11-13]. With that, the name in question will not be repeated here, but is in the above article, in the third paragraph, underlined. And note especially, this is said to be a "prominent religious liberty scholar". Not even subtle.

Boy Scouts of America 1910-2015
[link] RIP


Compare: Largest VA School District To Teach Students 'Gender-Fluidity' -- And "Minions" The Movie July 10, 2015 5-16-15 "Ultimately the goal is to remove any and all identity from the youth, other than to the 'State'. This definitely includes "gender identity". And the plan is not of course limited to just the USA, it is absolutely global in scope. Removing this next generation's "gender identity" so as to create an androgynous mass of servile worker-drones to enslave in their envisioned 666 global kingdom-come...This is the true "cause", and is the only real 'why' for the global 'transgender program'. Genderless-ness, to coin the phrase, is in fact, to them - the anti-christ kingdom-comers that is, even more than critical. It is "mission critical". An integral part of the planned-future population management plan. There is no option to not making it happen. [see post]

Rev. 18:4


New UN Report - 30 Governments Say Meat Must Be Taxed Until It's Too Expensive - Let Them Eat Bugs

Tax Meat Until No One Eats It Anymore, Says UN Climate Change Report

Meat production should be taxed to save the environment and prevent global warming, a United Nations report is recommending.

Professor Maarten Hajer of Utrecht University in the Netherlands authored the report, released by the UN’s International Research Panel (IRP), which is comprised of 34 scientists and 30 governments

“All of the harmful effects on the environment and on health needs to be priced into food products,” Hajer told The Washington Post. “I think it is extremely urgent.”

Meat, he argued, should be taxed at the wholesale level to raise the price and deter consumption.

Nations should discourage their citizens from eating meat, the report says.

“This report shows our current food system has to change because it’s not sustainable,” Hajer said.

“It may be delicious, but the evidence is accumulating that meat, particularly red meat, is just a disaster for the environment ... For a kilogram of red meat, you need considerably more water than for plant products.”

This post is a follow up on:

WHO Report Saying Meat Causes Cancer An Agenda 21 Scam To Make The 'Minions' Eat Bugs 10-27-15 "Hot off the ZNWO Bureau of Propaganda press the latest 'new report' claiming meat consumption is 'bad for humans' [causes 'cancer'] ... What must be understood though is that this was no one time thing. Far from that, this was the beginning of what will from this point forward become an unrelenting psycho-blitz on the global populations ... This next phase is actually an integral component of the overall global-control scheme and for this reason the intent to successfully 'force-feed' it to the world is a must-do. Which is exactly what we now see. -- Suddenly meat causes cancer says the ZNWO Bureau of Propaganda. Is that so? Strange how that fits perfectly the known Agenda 21 narrative about doing away with, to name just a few things directly related to 'meat production', namely..."farmlands, rangelands, pastures...grazing of livestock, disturbance of the soil surface, large hoofed animals..." [from '95 UN Biodiversity Report; linked @ post]. All of these things have been declared "unsustainable" by the "UN" and therefore must no longer be allowed. Obviously eliminating these things indicates clearly that the 'meat industry' is being targeted for termination [see post; video]

Sweden Launching 15 Projects To Get Citizens To Start Eating Insects - For A "Climate Smart Diet" 4-30-16 "'The Swedish government is showing their commitment to green principles and fighting climate change by spending tax payer money on developing ‘meat’ made out of crickets and mealworms...' -- The green-gospel of "sustainability"...i.e. what is and what is not "sustainable", every facet of life on earth is to then be regulated. Every person, place, thing utterly controlled - within a global system. The end ultimately being the antichrist-Zionist kingdom-comers reigning as overlords of the earth [link]. That's their grand scheme anyway...The 'global serfdom' is to be herded into "sustainable communities" worldwide, given solar and fed bugs. Bugs? Bugs, for one example, are cheap to produce - no pastures, no irrigation (water), no heavy equipment, etc. [see post: UN '95 plan @ link; video]

Quoting the 1st of the two follow-up posts linked above, the bug-agenda "is actually an integral component of the overall global-control scheme and for this reason the intent to successfully 'force-feed' it to the world is a must-do".

Replacing the meat industry with a far less costly bug industry is absolutely an integral component of the novus ordo seclorum grand dream-scheme. And without question the must-do factor is now well underway across the planet, as seen with this latest 'UN report'. And very important to understand, the "grand dream-scheme" will not change. Fact is the "unrelenting psycho-blitz" has only just begun.

Feeding the populations i.e. the 'minions' of the world [link] with bugs?

Devils on the loose.
 Rev. 18:4
Deuteronomy 32:17 'They sacrificed unto devils, not to God...'

Martial Law France: "National Guard" Created To "Protect Citizens" - After #3 Ordo-Ab-Chao Psyop 'Nice'

French President Hollande says France to form National Guard amid spate of terror attacks

PARIS (AFP) - French President Francois Hollande on Thursday (July 28) confirmed that a National Guard would be formed from existing reserve forces to better protect citizens facing terror attacks.

A "defence council" to be held early next month will hammer out the force's hierarchy and command structure, Mr Hollande's office said in a statement.

In this framework, some 15,000 operational reservists should be available by the end of the month "to ensure security for various events of the summer", Mr Hollande said while on a visit to south-western France.

Earlier this month he said the Defence Ministry would call up 28,000 reservists for the coming weeks, while the paramilitary police will tap an extra 10,000 men and women who retired less than two years ago.

France has not had a national guard since 1872.

A formerly free-people now under under military rule. How did this happen? Triple-play psyop-hoax hat trick was all it took to get the job done: 1-7-15, 11-13-15, 7-14-16, with the military roll-out increasing after each, today's announcement unquestionably the most extreme.

France martial-law trance-formation timeline:

Psyop 1: 1-11-15 - Paris 'Terrorist-Shoots-Cop' Video: A Hit Or Miss? Clearly Something Is 'A Miss'; Event A "Satire"?  "Paris, January 7, 2015: The MSM widely publicized laying-on-the-sidewalk purportedly injured-Paris-policeman terrorist-shooting-victim, reportedly head-shot/killed on that spot, but as seen clearly in the video below, it appears to be a miss, which looks to be intentional [video at link]

4-30-15 - France Announces Patrolling Military Now Permanent - Because Of 'Paris Attack' -- Same Script In USA?  "There is only one goal - totalitarian control of the entire planet [see: 2012 London Olympics closing]. It will not happen by itself..." -- "French President François Hollande announced on Thursday that a 7,000-strong force would be dedicated to patrolling sensitive sites around the country on a permanent basis as the country boosts security in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks" -- Jihadist" attack in Paris to now result in permanent military policing in France. That would be the staged 'jihadist attack' of course, as proven by the video that the below image was taken from - the unblurred video that is that reveals clearly that the supposed kill-shot on the 'policeman' missed by at least a foot, maybe two (photo, video at link)

Psyop 2: 11-16-15 - France 'Struck' Again On Friday The 13th: Multi-Site 'Terror Drills' Same Day As Paris Ordo Ab Chao - i.e. Controlled Environment; Perfect Storm  "Patrick Pelloux revealed on national radio on Saturday that a “multi-site” emergency exercise was held in Paris on the same day as the Paris attacks on [Friday] November 13"

4-24-16 - 'Paris Terrorist' Ordo-Ab-Chao Update: French Now Under Permanent 'Martial Law'- Military Everywhere  "The constant presence of camouflage uniforms everywhere from quiet neighbourhood streets to Métro carriages, patrolling past schools at home-time or milling through markets, has transformed the cityscape' -- the 'new normal' for France - that is that France was now to be permanently transformed into a militarily controlled society...because of the purported January 2015 Paris 'terrorist attack"...[as announced] April 2015 ...[and] as vividly reported by the author of the [posted] article, this is exactly what has happened. France has been dramatically transformed...into what can now only be seen essentially as an entire nation under martial law..." [see post]

6-28-16 - Next Step Total Martial Law France: Lifeguards To Now Be Armed  "The end game of the ZWO bogus 'GWOT' on full display in France...full blown martial law. Now in place, even all the way down to the beach...because of the bad bad "terrorists". Yes...of course that's why...Definitely note it. Same plan everywhere..."

Psyop 3: 7-15-16 - Nice France Another Psyop: Behind The Trees, At Night, People Running - It's Real Take Our Word For It - ZWO '7777'  "Alleged truck mayhem 7-14-16: At night i.e in the dark, disappears behind some trees, video footage of people running, and, fuzzy alleged aftermath shots that prove nothing - laying on the ground in the dark doesn't even require crisis actors. Is this all it takes to pull off a psyop-hoax nowadays - shouldn't be so easy..."

There it is. All accomplished in just a little more than a year and a half. January 2015 hoax-jihad missed-shot opened the way, November 2015 Friday-the-13th 'drill' boosted the effort, July 2016 "Nice hoax" closed the deal. With this 7-28-16 announcement of a new 'National Guard' to "better protect citizens" from, yes, hoax-terrorist events, once the "force's hierarchy and command structure" is in place, the "patrolling military" which began making it's presence felt throughout France April 2015 as the ordo-ab-chao result of hoax1 January 2015, will officially now morph into a complete and open military command structure over the entire country - ordo ab chao compliments of hoax3 'Nice-at-night'. Just as scripted. One two three done.

The plan is nothing less than global. Zio-world antichrist-dictatorialism i.e. the 666-kingdom could never function without a military rule over the entire planet. This is how the attempt at it is being done. Be informed.
 Rev. 18:4
Psalms 37:1-2 'Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.'


Now It's The "Sun And Moon" Causing Mystery Earthquakes Says ZWO; And San Andreas "Locked And Loaded"

Related to: Navy To Admit 3.7 Florida 'Earthquake' July 16 Caused By Explosives; And "Fracking" A Cover For 'Bomb-quakes' 7-20-16 "All the otherwise unexplainable random quakes occurring on a randomly regular basis these days in any given location at any given time - fracking did it. Fracking fracking fracking. Or, is "fracking" just a part of the overall cover story to hide the "smoking gun" of what is actually the far more believable and likely true source of the mystery earthquake-epidemic rattling the planet with ever-increasing frequency these past few or more years - namely explosive-generated quakes aka man-made i.e. 'bomb-quakes'..." [see post]
Is The Moon Causing Earthquakes Along California’s San Andreas Fault Line? State Rocked By Swarm Of Tremors

[excerpted] The San Andreas Fault line has been rocking this week with small tremors being felt up and down Central California, but a new study suggests the moon’s gravitational pull could be making things worse.

Seismologists and earthquake researchers have discovered the gravitational pull of the sun and moon affect the flexing of the Earth’s crust the same way they create the ocean’s tides.

The sun and moon work on the Earth’s oceans to produce tidal flows, but they can also move rock and stone in the same way. Just as tidal strength increases and decreases over a two-week period, known as a fortnight, so does the force that compresses the Earth’s crust, but less dramatically than the ocean. These low-frequency earthquakes show California’s San Andreas Fault is almost constantly in motion, as David Shelly told Science Alert.

Scientists have not confirmed that the seismic storm being felt along the San Andreas is a precursor to a larger earthquake like the “Big One” long feared by California residents.

The new research has allowed scientists to study what’s happening deep underground, which could help improve earthquake predictions and save countless lives. That’s good news for Californians as researchers continue to predict an upcoming large quake along the San Andreas Fault line, as Southern California Earthquake Centre’s Director Thomas Jordan told Science Alert.

“The springs on the San Andreas system have been wound very, very tight. And the southern San Andreas Fault, in particular, looks like it’s locked, loaded and ready to go.”

video from second source

That's right folks a new study (bottom right) shows...the moon and sun might just be
at "fault" (top) if the "big one" i.e. the San Andreas goes off one of these days and wreaks
havoc and destruction throughout California. Don't believe it - just ask 'one-eye darkened' Rori...
Here it goes again it never stops - i.e. the infamous 'new study' strategy so handy for explaining any and all things that otherwise have no natural explanation. Which in this case is the newest latest global threat...the "seismic storm". Yes and this latest 'new study' to explain it is a real doozy - yes folks - 'expert scientists' now know, according to the findings of their latest not made-up-in-any-way study, that the gravitational pull of the sun and moon are actually - and make a note of it this is big - are pulling apart the earth's crust. Can you believe that - just astounding - pulling apart the earth's crust. Which of course means that the sun and moon are actually, get this, causing earthquakes. And this of course means imminent extreme-danger for earthlings...especially California earthlings who just so happen to be anywhere near the San Andreas because you are in the "locked and loaded" zone, and now, as if Zika and Isis and Agenda21 population-relocating fires weren't enough to worry about, even the very sun and moon are against you now too. Sun-Moon quakes? Anybody believe that for a nano-second?

Massive man-made quakes possible? And if so for what purpose? For the answer/s to that compare recent massive-quake events and the 'outcomes':

Haiti Quake Relief 'Pre-planned 1-20-10 'Three years developing, Pentagon's New 'Disaster Relief' Global System About To Be Tested In Haiti Day Of Quake - Goes Live...With perfect timing then, the new "Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation" system was already in place when the quake hit, and to get it up and running was essentially just a matter of 'hitting the switch'. Now functioning, and without a moment lost, "hundreds of government and nongovernment agencies from around the world" will be enabled to come in, effectively taking control of Haiti before the dust has even settled..." [see post]

Geoengineering? 50 'Global Experts' Met For 'Earthquake Preparedness' In Kathmandu, Nepal Week Before 'Quake' 4-26-15 "4-25-15 "'Just a week ago, about 50 earthquake and social scientists from around the world came to Kathmandu, Nepal, to figure out how to get this poor, congested, overdeveloped, shoddily built area to prepare better for the big one...' -- "Poor, congested, overdeveloped, shoddily built" - those are Agenda21 re-constructing words. Haiti was in a similar condition until a massive quake hit and the 'A21 reconstructers', long unable to gain an entrance, were in there virtually the next day. The A21 new-world builders have been 'reconstructing' ever since. The Philippines were in a similar condition, and they got a massive 'typhoon' [link] not long ago, and the 'A21 reconstructers' suddenly had a reason to go in there and begin the 'modernization' of the Philippines. Fukushima Japan although not quite in the same condition was very old world, and they got a very large wave [link] that virtually washed them off the map, and the A21 crews have been hard at 'new-world rebuilding' ever since. Without a doubt, the same thing will begin in Nepal very shortly..." [see post]
Isaiah 2:11,19 'For the day of the LORD of hosts shall be upon every one that is proud and lofty, and upon every one that is lifted up; and he shall be brought low...And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth'


4-Yr Flashback: Mother Of All 'Mass-Shooting' Hoaxes - "Aurora" 7-20-12; 'Dark-Knight' Message, Lil Wayne Tell

It's almost hard to remember, but it was not all that long ago that supposed 'mass-shootings' and/or random shootings, and now the newest drama - the "police ambush", etc. were unheard of in America. Did not happen. Columbine in 1999, Virginia Tech in 2007 - which in retrospect must surely have also been hoaxes, a few others here and there, but from a historical perspective it is without question Aurora [7-20-12] and Sandy Hook [12-14-12 - link] that mark the point where the old-paradigm of normalcy in the USA shifted to the new-paradigm of any-time any-place inexplicable gun-chaos that the USA is now 'seeing'. It's never been the same since these two events. From Aurora unto the present, the 'madness' has only increased exponentially. Hoax through and through one and all or real? The answer is too easy. The answer is the question: "cui bono"? The ZNWO fixed-goal of an unarmed population under an authoritarian global government - France for example - is the very clear benefactor of every one these events.

Disarming John Q. Public? How big of a task would that be? How much 'repetitive-ness' should it be supposed would be needed to pull that off? Simulated "repetitions" even? - meaning completely scripted with all purported perpetrators and victims completely fake, over and over and over, bam bam bam, year after year, in order to create the pretext to ordo-ab-chao change all the gun laws and impose mental health so-called control-systems and transform society into a full blown police state thereby removing the freedoms of the 'minions'. Exactly that is what has been done in just what is now the last four years, having, and this is the fact of it, in complete paradigm-shift fashion, started with the "Aurora production" of 2012 - with it's absolutely bizarre hidden-in-plain-sight message incorporating Aurora and the "Dark Knight". Which only interprets in one way, that is, a clear signal of the kabbalist-dream of, literally, the 'Dawn' of the Age-of-Antichrist. For recollection:


Originally posted 7-21-12

The Aurora Of The Dark Knight?

This is posted with the intent to be as brief as possible. These are observations. Much has been written in the last two days about what happened at the start of the "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises" premier showing in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater at midnight on 7-20-12. More than a few have postulated that the event was staged, noting many oddities relating to the official accounts. A simple search will pull up all sorts of different views. Ultimately what did or did not happen "behind the scenes" is not knowable, so there is no intent here to enter into that arena. Rather than that, the intent here is to simply note a few 'facts' that are knowable about the incident - and that happen to be very curious.

The location is the key to these observations. The midnight event could have happened anywhere. But it happened in Aurora, Colorado. Is that significant? Aurora is the Roman goddess of the dawn. Even more interesting is the fact that in Roman mythology, according to the source quoted below, "Aurora" is said to be the "mother of Lucifer":

thaliatook.com: "Aurora is the Roman name for the Goddess of the Dawn. Her mythology and attributes are the same as the Greek Eos, and She does not seem to have any specifically Roman mythology. Her name simply means "the dawn, daybreak, or sunrise"... She is said to be the mother of the four winds; though this part of Her legend is Greek, one variant spelling of Her name, Aurura, has the meaning of "breeze or wind". She is considered the mother of the morning star, Lucifer (which means "the Light Bringer"), a name for the planet Venus"

(On a side note here the title "morning star" does not belong to Lucifer but to the Lord Jesus Christ [Rev. 22:16]. Lucifer's correct title is "son of the morning", as found in Isaiah 14:12, a passage that reveals his fall and ultimate demise. There is a difference. Referring to Lucifer as "morning star" is an usurpation. This is just for the record so that there is no confusion on that point.)

Aurora the mother of Lucifer? That speaks volumes. Another source reveals "Aurora" as being the "harbinger of Titan", or, the 'dawn' light which precedes the appearance of the sun:

roman-colosseum.info "Aurora, goddess of the morning, was the youngest daughter of Hyperion and Theia, or, according to some, of Titan and Terra. Orpheus calls her the harbinger of Titan, for she is the personification of that light which precedes the appearance of the sun"

"Titan" is one of many mythological names for the 'Sun god', or as Ovid called him "lumina Titan", i.e. the 'god of light':

Wikipedia: Helios ( /ˈhiːli.ɒs/; Ancient Greek: Ἥλιος "Sun", Latinized as Helius) was the personification of the Sun in Greek mythology. Homer often calls him simply Titan... Ovid also calls him Titan, in fact "lumina Titan".

The sun god, aka Horus in Egyptian lore, is also seen as the 'god of light', which is, as is well known, a title commonly used in reference to Lucifer.

So then, the symbolic picture here is not difficult to draw. "Aurora" symbolizes the dawning of a 'new day', the very "harbinger" of that 'new day' actually - the novus ordo seclorum, i.e. the 'new order of the ages', which is to be realized by her birthing of "Titan", or, the 'sun god', aka Lucifer..."

read full


Originally posted 7-24-12

Hidden in plain sight? Lil Wayne video released three days before 'Aurora' - as clear a tell as they (kabbalist sorcery aficionados) love love love to do:

Fact: This image clipped from a 'music' video titled 'My Homies Still' released by 'Lil Wayne' on July 17, 2012, three days before the July 20, 2012 Aurora, Colorado movie-theater incident, where reportedly twelve people were shot and killed. There is a scene in the video depicting a group of movie goers sitting with skeletons in a theater. The particular scene is framed in such a way that it shows 12 skeletons sitting with them. Reportedly the picture pans out after a time showing more skeletons, but this particular scene was done so that it showed exactly twelve. And, before the 12-skeleton scene of the video did pan-out, Lil Wayne and another video participant are shown covering their ears. Gunfire? - link
Aurora real (and all following)? No possible way.

Rev. 18:4
Psalms 119:118 'Thou hast trodden down all them that err from thy statutes: for their deceit is falsehood '


Nickelodeon Writes 1st-Ever 'Married Gays' Into Kiddie Cartoon "Loud House" - Calls It 'Making History'

Kiddie sexual-perversion programming - clip from above video 0:55
Related: CA Officially Trance-forms School System Into LGBT Indoctrination Centers - A Conspiracy To 'Minionize' 7-18-16 "For a State Board of Education, like California now the prototype, to, quote, "create an environment", where sexual-perversion indoctrinating of children becomes official school policy, this could never come about except by way of some very determined "conspirators"..." [see post]
Psalms 119:126 'It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law'

Navy To Admit 3.7 Florida 'Earthquake' July 16 Caused By Explosives; And "Fracking" A Cover For 'Bomb-quakes'

Man made earthquakes i.e. 'bomb-quakes'? - it is a known science [see post below]. Anomalous 'earthquakes' across the USA (as well probably every country on the face of the globe) over the past few years in areas absolutely never before having been prone to any earthquake activity whatsoever - suddenly becoming 'the norm' - and blamed on 'fracking'? Fracking so-called is the supposed process of drilling down into the earth and injecting into the drill hole a high-pressure water-sand-chemical mixture which then supposedly forces gas up through existing wells - but also makes earthquakes where there has never been earthquakes, or so the story goes. Believable? Doesn't matter because that's the official 'official explanation'. Unexplainable earthquake? Fracking. All the otherwise unexplainable random quakes occurring on a randomly regular basis these days in any given location at any given time - fracking did it. Fracking fracking fracking. Or, is "fracking" just a part of the overall cover story to hide the "smoking gun" of what is actually the far more believable and likely true source of the mystery earthquake-epidemic rattling the planet with ever-increasing frequency these past few or more years - namely explosive-generated quakes aka man-made i.e. 'bomb-quakes'.

This story dated today 7-20-16 brings the issue of "bomb-quakes" to the forefront:

'Smoking gun’: Navy testing likely caused 3.7 magnitude ‘earthquake’ off Florida

A 3.7 magnitude earthquake recorded off the coast of Florida was likely triggered by a man-made explosion, in order to test the seaworthiness of a new US Navy vessel.

Asked about the reported earthquake on Monday, a public information officer for the Navy’s Sea Systems Command in Washington, DC said the agency was working on a statement it expects to release this week.

The United States Geological Survey reported the 3.7 magnitude to have been detected by seismographs on Saturday afternoon, July 16, when it struck about 104 miles northeast of Daytona Beach.

Seismographs as far away as Minnesota, Texas and Oklahoma reacted as well, as did others along the coasts of Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.

A similar 3.7 magnitude “earthquake” was recorded on June 10, which happened at the same time the Navy reported conducting a shock trial on the USS Jackson for testing, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

The trials are being done to test the ship’s ability to withstand the effects of underwater explosions and remain seaworthy. [so they say]

Bomb quakes? It 's been going on for who knows how long. Below is an article dated 2009, but surely such a low-tech science as explosive-generated shaking-of-the-earth is far older than that. Regardless of how long though, what about now? - 'fracking' or bomb-quaking? Decide for yourself:

This posted 1-24-10:

Flashback: Man-Made Earthquakes? Israel, University of Hawaii Simulating Quakes With Explosives

Follow up on: Chavez: US weapon test caused Haiti earthquake 1-20-10 "Spanish newspaper ABC quotes Chavez as saying that the U.S. navy launched a weapon capable of inducing a powerful earthquake off the shore of Haiti." [see video]
Published originally 8-25-09 at IsraeliNationalNews.com
(IsraelNN.com) The Seismologic Division of the Ministry of National Infrastructure's Geophysical Institute will attempt to simulate an earthquake in the southern Negev on Thursday. The experiment, financed by the U.S. Defense Department, is a joint project with the University of Hawaii and is part of a scientific project intended to improve seismological and acoustic readings in Israel and its environs, up to a 1,000 km/621 mile radius.

The experiment intends to improve the understanding of sound waves in the atmosphere. Scientists will then be able to fine-tune Israel’s seismological equipment to give advance warning of earthquakes. Measurements will also be taken in other countries, including Cyprus, Greece, France, and Germany.
Israel will create a controlled explosion of 80 tons of explosive material, which will simulate the intensity of a tremor after an earthquake of Magnitude 3. Natural earthquakes of a similar intensity occur in the Middle East region about once a week, without the public feeling them.
The results from the experiment will be available to the entire scientific community and is expected to make an additional contribution to scientific research of sound waves in the atmosphere and earthquakes.
In the last few years, the Geophysical Institute has created several earthquake simulations in order to calibrate its equipment. In June 2004, the institute detonated 32 tons of explosives in the southern Negev. In June 2005, the institute detonated 20 tons in the Beit Alfa quarries in the Jezreel Valley south of the Galilee. The success of the experiments has significantly contributed to improving the accuracy of identifying earthquakes in Israel.
This little revelation from IsraeliNationalNews.com, published five months ago, should forever put to rest any question or doubt as to whether or not man can 'create' earthquakes. As revealed in this article, it takes nothing more than a few well-placed explosive devices to create the "sound waves" needed to 'shake the ground'.
Question: if 80 tons can simulate a Magnitude 3 quake, as stated in this article, then what magnitude quake could be simulated by a "controlled explosion" of 10 times that amount, or 100 times that amount, or even more for that matter?
Who needs the unproven and mysterious sci-fi theory of the 'HAARP super-zapper' to explain man-made earthquakes? The old-school method - set off a few bombs - is uncomplicated and obviously works just fine.
"Corporate globalization" is a brutal business.  Rev. 18:4
compare: Haiti Quake Relief 'Pre-planned' 1-20-10
and: "Corporate Globalization"..."Long-Term Reconstruction" In Haiti 1-15-10 "Haiti is listed in the number one position on a list of nineteen rogue 'non-integrators' which had been slated for "preemptive" action...As Barnett stated in his book, the globalization strategy to be employed is to "preemptively take control of the gap". What shall we then think? "
also: University of Hawaii Merges With Homeland Security 3-21-08
Psalms 10:13 Wherefore doth the wicked contemn God? he hath said in his heart, Thou wilt not require it .


CA Officially Trance-forms School System Into LGBT Indoctrination Centers - A Conspiracy To 'Minionize'*

It is "conspiracy":
California is first US state to teach LGBT history in schools

California is to become the first state in the US to teach LGBT history in schools. The decision by the California State Board of Education follows a consultation period, during which several changes, as well as the inclusion of LGBT history, were decided upon.

The changes were praised by Equality California, which campaigns for equal rights for LGBT people.

"An LGBT-inclusive curriculum helps create an environment where all students can thrive. And by seeing themselves reflected in lessons and materials, students' experiences are validated and their sense of self-worth reinforced, creating the opportunity for students to be able to achieve academically."

"Hundreds of people representing broad perspectives contributed to the development of this important tool for teachers and classrooms. The new framework will help guide classroom instruction at each grade level and will be used with other instructional resources to ensure all students have a broad understanding of history."

re: "create an environment"

This story has been out for a few days and most have probably seen it but not all certainly. Seen or not seen though it is not something to be passed over without taking a moment to re-calibrate, as it were, one's perception of how bad things are, with the reality of just exactly how bad things truly are. Schools transformed into government created "environments" for the purpose of indoctrinating children with all manner of sexual perversion - it doesn't get much 'badder' than this.

Which is exactly the case with this newest 'first-ever', of which the California State Board of Education is the guilty party. Is it even possible to not believe in "conspiracy theories" seeing a thing like this actually become a reality. "Validating" i.e. promoting homosexual behaviors to children - pure indoctrination to say it another way - could never in a million eons come about on it's own 'naturally'. Never happen - for "homosexuality", whether male or female, is as unnatural as anything could ever be. Now the unnatural acts themselves that persons of the same sex actually engage in - all forms of sexual perversion - in a small percentage of a given population certainly would not be an unexpected thing. This is not what is being referred to though. But what is being referred to is the promoting of such behaviors to children as normal and perfectly 'natural', this is so far out of the realm of 'naturally occurring' that if there was any such thing as a 'naturalness' meter, there would not even be a marking on the scale for it. No, a measurement for "sexual perversion indoctrination of schoolchildren" would never be found on any dial of any instrument that could measure things that would occur naturally.

The word inspire means to 'breathe in', expire means to 'breathe out', and conspire - con and spire - means to 'breathe together'. A conspiracy is a 'breathing together'. For a State Board of Education, like California now the prototype, to, quote, "create an environment", where sexual-perversion indoctrinating of children becomes official school policy, this could never come about except by way of some very determined "conspirators". And, only in the antichrist darkness of their blinded hearts [Eph. 4:18-19] inhaling together the foul atmosphere of "the rulers of the darkness of this world" [Eph. 6:12] i.e. the devil Satan himself and his angels [Matthew 25:41].

Beware the new school "environment" children and parents. The air is poison - do not breathe.
 Rev. 18:4
*Compare: Largest VA School District To Teach Students 'Gender-Fluidity' -- And "Minions" The Movie July 10, 2015 5-16-15 "'One of the nation’s largest public school systems is preparing to include gender identity to its classroom curriculum, including lessons on sexual fluidity and spectrum – the idea that there’s no such thing as 100 percent boys or 100 percent girls...' -- The war on gender is about one thing and one thing only. It is about 'minionization' of the next generation. Period. Nothing more. Think it is a coincidence that Zio-Hollywood has over the past few years introduced the cuddly little characters called minions in the "Despicable Me" movies" [see post]
Ezekiel 23:39 'For when they had slain their children to their idols, then they came the same day into my sanctuary to profane it; and, lo, thus have they done in the midst of mine house'


Nice France Another Psyop: Behind The Trees, At Night, People Running - It's Real Take Our Word For It - ZWO '7777'

Alleged truck mayhem 7-14-16: At night i.e in the dark, disappears behind some trees, video footage of people running, and, fuzzy alleged aftermath shots that prove nothing - laying on the ground in the dark doesn't even require crisis actors. Is this all it takes to pull off a psyop-hoax nowadays - shouldn't be so easy. And talk about low budget. Datewise also should probably be noted - a quadruple 7 this time i.e. 7-[7+7]-[1+6] for the 7777, following up on the one-week ago Dallas triple-7 [link]. Whatever the significance of the quad-7 who cares really anymore - it is meaningless because it makes zero difference. The numerology garbage is endless, always means virtually the same thing anyway - i.e. mystical sorcery attempt to witchcraft the zio-world-takeover plan to fruition. At night, behind the trees, fleeting random images flashed across the TV screen with instant msm narratives - anything here remotely believable? Or even to the utmost of the slightest bit convincing? Answer: not for even a blink of a horus all-seeing-eye. Everything about it amounts to exactly nothing:
There goes the truck - right behind the trees, in the dark of night. Sorry, nothing can be seen - 
take our word for it though it happened just like we said.  Image backlighted for better viewability
Oh wait -did we say there is nothing to see - actually there is. Look, look it's people running.
Has to be real right since people are running?  Image backlighted for better viewability
Look look - this is what the big truck that went behind the trees at night did. Look look, see
the 'bodies' laying in the street we told you it's real.  Image backlighted for better viewability
Compare previous Fake-France of last year 2015 - and the problem reaction solution [3rd link]:

Paris 'Terrorist-Shoots-Cop' Video: A Hit Or Miss? Clearly Something Is 'A Miss'; Event A "Satire"? 1-11-15 "Paris, January 7, 2015: The MSM widely publicized laying-on-the-sidewalk purportedly injured-Paris-policeman terrorist-shooting-victim, reportedly head-shot/killed on that spot, but as seen clearly in the video below, it appears to be a miss, which looks to be intentional (not even close - watch the little poof of dust at least a foot away, note head never moves as would if hit) - if not actually a blank that was fired..." [video at link]

[Note: As pointed out in the comment below the picture, the ground-person is still quite alive after the shot hits the sidewalk 1-2 feet away from him. Obviously ground man would not know when the gun would be fired so would be unable to react until after he hears the gunshot. At full speed the reaction-delay is virtually undetectable [see video at link]. Stopped on the exact frame though, the reaction-time delay is very apparent.]

also: France 'Struck' Again On Friday The 13th: Multi-Site 'Terror Drills' Same Day As Paris Ordo Ab Chao - i.e. Controlled Environment; Perfect Storm 11-16-15 "Patrick Pelloux revealed on national radio on Saturday that a “multi-site” emergency exercise was held in Paris on the same day as the Paris attacks on [Friday] November 13" -- Syria or bust...and then on with the fake 'Gog-Magog' WWIII [link] to collapse the existing world-order, after which the would-be world-conquering Zionist kingdom-comers would then be able to 'recreate' the world into their envisioned kingdom-come scheme setting themselves as lords over all mankind*. That this is exactly what is going on is plain to see - as they hid it all in plain sight beforehand. They called it "a perfect storm", had Katy Perry in an 'Isis' costume singing a song about a Dark Horse with the refrain "are you ready, are you ready, for a perfect storm". The hidden-in-plain sight message was as obvious as it gets then, seeing it unfold now is not "by chance"..." [see post, follow links]

And the grand result of all this French ordo-ab-chao? France is a now a fully militarily controlled ZNWO-ized society/country:

Next Step Total Martial Law France: Lifeguards To Now Be Armed 6-28-16 "'Paris Terrorist' Ordo-Ab-Chao Update: French Now Under Permanent 'Martial Law'- Military Everywhere 4-24-16 -- "The constant presence of camouflage uniforms everywhere from quiet neighbourhood streets to Métro carriages, patrolling past schools at home-time or milling through markets, has transformed the cityscape' -- Now...even all the way down to the beach...because of the bad bad "terrorists"..."
If one is fake, all following with far less believability i.e. absolutely none, cannot possibly be true. The only cui bono is the run-up to the ever drawing nearer staged WWIII global-collapse then takeover-the-world scheme of the zwo-ites [link]. Definitely be aware though, it is drawing nearer by the day/faked staged incident.  Rev. 18:4
The planned zio-kingdom world order will not build itself. No, it's construction is being carefully orchestrated, exactly what the world is now witnessing. How it is being done is also Bible prophecy; see: 'The fourth beast...shall devour the whole earth...' Dan. 7:23


Sodomite Takeover Of Laodicea Latest Victim: United Reformed Church Of UK Sanctions 'Gay Marriage' 240-21

UK United Reformed Church Votes to Allow Same-Sex ‘Weddings’ in Houses of Worship

SOUTHPORT, U.K. — The United Reformed Church (URC) in the United Kingdom has overwhelmingly voted to allow same-sex “weddings” to be held in houses of worship.

“Today the URC has made an important decision at which some will rejoice and with which others will be uncomfortable,” General Secretary John Proctor said in a statement. Those of our churches who now wish to offer full marriage services to same-sex couples are free to do just that, and those churches who do not wish to are not compelled to.”

The 240-21 vote took place on Saturday in Southport during the URC’s General Assembly. A two-thirds majority was needed for the passage of the proposal.

They also note, as per Proctor, that Reformed ministers who decline to officiate homosexual ceremonies may not “prevent local churches from registering their buildings.”

The United Reformed Church was founded in 1972 and has roots in Presbyterianism and Congregationalism. It currently has an estimated 1,500 congregations throughout the U.K. and Wales.

240-21? That is what is known as deader than dead apostate deformed not reformed Laodicean-ism - Jude 12

Post is a follow up on: 'Christian Mingle' Dating-Site Agrees To Match Homosexuals - And Matthew 13 'Mustard Tree' Nasty Cawing Birds 7-4-16 "...a mustard plant that "becometh" a tree is an aberration ... birds representing false teachers nesting in every branch of the aberrant Christendom-tree...cawing away unceasingly every lie of the 'prince of the power of the air" - Eph. 2:2 - including now even things unspeakable [Eph. 5:12], as above..." [see post]

also: Catholicism Is Done: Fake-False-Prophet Pope Francis Says 'Catholic Church' Must "Apologize" (Bow) To Homosexuals 6-26-16 "The homosexualization of the Catholic church? - It's why they put Ber-GOG-lio in there in the first place - to 'trance-form' Catholicism - and catholics - for inclusion into the aborting-atheist-homosexual one-world-religion of glorified man worshiping the false-christ aka Satan...Yes, Catholic religion practitioner, these are the facts of the case, and the Catholic-to-One-World religion transition is in full swing, and there will be no let-up until the entire worldwide membership is transitioned to a place of open subjugation at the feet of the god of this world aka Antichrist..." [see post, Ber-Gog-lio demon-strating]

One answer and one answer only: Rev. 18:4 'Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues'
Genesis 19:27-28


Dallas '777' Psyop Update: 90+ Police Quit DPD In May-June - Making Way For Psyop Team?

Follow up on: Dallas 7-7-16 'Police-Shooting' A 777 Psyop - Michael Jackson Witness, Mark Of The Beast 7-8-16 "Dallas another psyop? How can it not be? - Absolutely staged/scripted through and through from the alleged initial police shooting of citizen to the 'protest' rallies to the alleged shooting of police by citizen. Utterly manufactured unreality 2016 - it could not really be any more transparent"
'Exodus' continues at the Dallas Police Department

[5-26-13] DALLAS -- Dallas police officers are leaving in droves...We talked to an officer whose last day was Wednesday. He joins more than 40 others who quit in the month of May.

"I'm going to go to a city that respects officers," he said. "I'm going to a city that will appreciate my skill set."

The officer has worked at DPD for 10 years. That's what is alarming -- the department is not just losing young officers, but veterans and detectives who could be future leaders, officers told News 8.

Many say low morale is plaguing the department under the leadership of Chief David Brown.

"The big joke is we talk about -- how many years do you have left in the department, it's like a prison sentence

"Our officers are not being retained, and they are leaving because in the area salaries [...] others are paying much more," Chief Brown said. Some nearby cities, including Fort Worth, are paying officers $10,000-to-15,000 more a year

"It's been a mass exodus...

The above article was published 5-26-13. 40+ police quitting since the start of May according to that article, and approximately 50 more in June [see video below] for a grand total of at least 90 reported. Big mystery? What mystery? About as clear as could be...had to clear the way to bring in the professional psyop-hoax team to run the Big July 7 2016 Dallas 777 Psyop...How much more transparent could it be?

New Youtube video with an update on the story - another 50 DPD quit in June according to the source referred to:

'When Everything...Public Believes Is False'...Disinfo Program Will Be Complete - William Casey CIA/ZWO 1981

Make believe world 2016. Be not deluded.  Rev. 18:4
Habakkuk 8:12 'Woe to him that...stablisheth a city by iniquity!' [Znwo]

'My Peace I Give Unto You...Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled, Neither Let It Be Afraid' - John 14:27

'Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them' -Psalms 119:165

Great peace have they which love thy law. Amidst the storms and tempests of the world, there is a perfect calm in the breasts of those, who not only do the will of God [Matt. 7:21], but "love" to do it. 
They are at peace with God, by the blood of reconciliation; at peace with themselves, by the answer of a good conscience, and the subjection of those desires which war against the soul; at peace with all men, by the spirit of charity; and the whole creation is so at peace with them that all things work together for their good. No external troubles can rob them of this "great peace," no "offences" or stumbling blocks, which are thrown in their way by persecution, or temptation, by the malice of enemies, or by the apostasy of friends, by anything which they see, hear of, or feel, can detain, or divert them from their course. Heavenly love surmounts every obstacle, and runs with delight the way of God's commandments. --George Horne   [excerpted from Spurgeon's 'Treasury of David'; Ps. 119:165; cf. John 14:27]
Rev. 3:11 'Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown'


Dallas 7-7-16 'Police-Shooting' A 777 Psyop - Michael Jackson Witness, Mark Of The Beast

Dallas another psyop? How can it not be? The pace of the program to dismantle America has definitely accelerated to warp speed as the action is now literally non-stop. Gun-grabbing, police state building, racial unrest to create chaos, which then, if ignited into conflict, i.e. divide and conquer, allows large scale police state rollout. Absolutely staged/scripted through and through from the alleged initial police shooting of citizen to the 'protest' rallies to the alleged shooting of police by citizen. Utterly manufactured unreality 2016 - it could not really be any more transparent. 

Posted here is just one little video making what may seem to some as an obscure little observation. It is interesting enough though. These so-called news i.e. propaganda programs are professionally produced which makes it curious. Let the viewer decide for them self whether there be merit. The fact is that to spend much time debunking these endless events is at this point just about point-less. And to spend the time and energy to unravel all the twists and riddles is just not worth the effort it requires. As soon as you do there's two more. That everything happening across the globe these days is part of one massive hoax is really not even questionable anymore. Ordo ab chao cui bono - it's automatic. For those interested though, already on Youtube probably hundreds of videos have gone up/are still going up, tearing this one to pieces. Browse especially the comments as many more glaring inconsistencies are discovered by viewers. For example the photo below of which a commenter in one of the threads made the observation that none other than "Michael Jackson" was a witness and was even then calling in - which illustrates the usual - namely that this alleged incident as they all are is riddled with 'tells' - i.e. the hidden-in-plain-sight thing. Besides the name-game as just mentioned, the numerology-sorcery of any given event is never excluded. This one is no different, starting with the date - which is the subject matter of this video. Take it for what it is:

Something else about the '777' windows that is very interesting. And this admittedly is a stretch but still seems curious - i.e. two things about those windows: the strange shape of the windows, in particular as none of the other windows visible have the same shape, and two, the location of the windows in the photo. They are right on the forehead [see photo below].

Those three windows actually look very much like the 'Monster' drink logo [link], which itself as many know, has much more to it than meets 'the eye':

777 = 666 mark of the beast

[link] The Hebrew #6, spelled 'vau', looks fairly similar to a '7', suggesting the possibility that the '777' is intended as a hidden '666'; compare Monster Energy logo, which appears to be a triple 'vau' or 666
[the 'Monster' logo design is 'claw marks' - literally the 'mark' of the beast - which goes right along with the Monster slogan "unleash the beast"]:

Michael Jackson an 'eye' witness
Rev. 13:16 'And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free
and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads'

Final analysis on the 777/666 Dallas 7/7/16 event? - not believable.
6-10-16 update: Dallas 777 Psyop Update: 90+ Police Quit DPD In May-June - Making Way For Psyop Team?

Rev. 18:4


Ken Ham's Life Size Noah's Ark, Theme Park Open 7/7/16 - w/False Gospel; And "Ham, The Father Of Canaan"

Full scale Noah's ark, years in the building, now open for business as of July 7, 2016 in Williamstown, Kentucky. Claimed to be an evangelistic outreach:

The life-size ark replica is just the beginning of what is planned. The "Ark Encounter Theme Park" is a big money, big business enterprise, and there are big plans for it as revealed in this next video:

Ken Ham Gives Overview of Ark Encounter with Latest Video Footage

[1:10] Ham: "I truly believe it will be one of the greatest evangelistic outreaches of our era..."

[2:20] Ham: "...other than the cross, we believe that the ark of Noah is the greatest reminder of the message of salvation...it's a picture of Christ our door"

[not an endorsement of the 'Theme Park' or NKJV (Neutered-King-James-Version) - video 2:12)]

A few brief comments on the above two statements quoted from the above video. First, on the statement [2:20] "other than the cross". This statement is an ark-sized problem: There is no "other than" message of salvation 'other than' the cross...and the blood of Christ Jesus shed on that cross. No one can ever 'be saved' by any other message than the blood of the cross of Christ. Including especially the message to be presented by the Noah Theme Park, as clearly stated by founder Ken Ham, of 'preaching the ark', as it were, and the door of the ark, as a type of 'Christ our door'...[2:20 video]

As the Word of God informs all who have ears to hear, it is the preaching of the cross only that brings "the power of God":

1Corinthians 1:17-18 'For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel: not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect. For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God'

The Spirit of God alone, by his power alone, worketh salvation, and that, always and only, by the preaching of the cross alone. Wisdom of words will be of none effect, nor will elaborate bible themed evangelistic outreaches with giant props like full scale arks with replica animals, Tower of Babels, walled city Jerusalem replicas, zip lines, gift stores, $40 tickets, and so on.

The "door of the ark" is not the "gospel of Christ" but is a misdirect and the preaching of it can only result in exactly what the apostle Paul wrote about back in the first century AD, namely making "the cross of Christ of none effect" [1Cor. 1:17].

For the record, these are general observations on the overall notion of Noah's Ark Theme Park being "one of the greatest evangelistic outreaches of our era"...and the plain reality that no such thing is possible apart from the true gospel message of the blood of the cross of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Nevermind that though, for one, there are tickets to sell and the blood just does not sell tickets.

One more very curious thing about this whole undertaking. Is it not strange that the Noah Park has been built by a man named Ham. Bible students will recognize instantly the name as being the same name as one of Noah's three sons:

Gen. 9:18,22: 'And the sons of Noah, that went forth of the ark, were Shem, and Ham, and Japheth: and Ham is the father of Canaan...And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brethren without...'

The very curious thing about this, again as bible students will know, is that Ham is most known for a strange incident in which in he violated his father Noah, as told in the verse of scripture quoted directly above - Gen. 9:22. Ham also had a son named Canaan who, while nothing is said, was cursed by Noah after this incident [Gen. 9:24-25]. This son of Ham, Canaan, became the father of the Canaanite races...all the "ites" [Gen. 10:15-18], that somehow, which the bible does not reveal, afterwards some of which became the 'giants' [Num. 13:17,33]. Which then leads into the topic of the corrupted bloodlines of the seed of the serpent...but that's another subject.

At any rate, what the world now has is a full size Noah's ark built by Ham "...the father of Canaan" [Gen. 9:22]...and a proclamation that the "voyage begins again".

What voyage would that be?

Rev. 18:4
Update: "What voyage... what voyage..." A quick addition here to the original post that had ended with that question: It is a thought on a possible answer to that question. It came as a result of a few comments in the thread for this post. While continuing on the very serious subject of the "message of the cross" having been exchanged for the "message of the door" - Gal. 1:8-9, the "what voyage" question came up as a result of a quotation from another article on the Noah Park opening. Excerpted from comment 12:

"Another quote this from an article from a few days ago on the park's opening giving some insight as to where this 'ship' may be headed as, quoting the Ark slogan, "The voyage begins again":

"...Ham also plans to build a replica of the Tower of Babel in the next few years to speak against prejudice and racism" source

Prejudice and racism are not gospel preaching items but are new-world-order agenda items. "Jesus" as "a door" could easily be a 'new-world-order' agenda item also. In fact, the Antichrist will no doubt one day present himself as "the door" to the 'new world'. Perhaps the "voyage" that the Ark Encounter is starting out on is intended to land in that new world just as Noah went from the old world to the new world. All aboard, just come on in "the door".

We'll have to wait on that one though. Whatever the case, the Ark-door gospel is a definite change of course, and definitely "another gospel". Danger." [see comments]

1Cor. 1:23-24 'But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness; But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God'