Agenda 21 What Exactly Do They Want To Take Away From The Sheeple-Minions - The 'List'  [UN 1995; From 2008]

Originally posted 4/7/08  - A lot of people still do not really understand 'Agenda 21', nor comprehend how radical it truly is. Below is from 2008. The earth-takeover A21 plan dates much further back than that. Nothing about it has changed. Absolutely nothing. In the below article is a list of "unsustainables" from a 1995 UN document. Understanding Agenda 21 is as easy as comprehending fully the implications of that list - so is now reposted:

[April 2008]  This post is a follow up on Al Gore's call for Wrenching Transformation: "In his book, Earth in the Balance, Al Gore warned that a "wrenching transformation" must take place to lead America away from the "horrors of the Industrial Revolution." The process to do that is called Sustainable Development and its' roots can be traced back to a UN policy document called Agenda 21, adopted at the UN's Earth Summit in 1992 ... Truly, Sustainable Development is designed to change our way of life.
4-7-08 "Wrenching Transformation" - Or Agenda 21 'Unsustainables'

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself just what sort of "human lifestyle changes" might 'the world' expect to experience if/when this "wrenching transformation", as described by Gore, begins to really be 'tightened down'? Well, have a look at the list below, and prepare to be in disbelief.

First, this quote taken from an article which is a brief synopsis of something called the the U.N. "Biodiversity Assessment Report", which was published in November of 1995:

"The 1,140-page report is the most comprehensive analysis of the science of biological diversity ever attempted. Funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and by UNEP, this independent and peer-reviewed assessment is the work of over 1,500 scientists and experts from all parts of the world.":article

Secondly, below is an excerpt from another article which had been saved in some old files. The link is lost and 'a google' didn't turn it up, so take it for what it is worth. There is no valid reason though to question or doubt the accuracy because if you understand the 'sustainable' agenda (21) thoroughly, it fits perfectly. It would also explain perfectly why the word "wrenching" is used as an adjective to describe the now 'urgent' planned transformation of the world!

The author/researcher (below) has studied the 'U.N. Biodiversity Assessment Report' and from it has compiled what she called the "unsustainable list".....which basically means those things that, according to the report, will have to be "wrenched" away from people, because they are 'harmful to Mother earth'. This truly is what 'sustainable development' is about. Again, if not familiar with this, prepare to be in disbelief:

"RESEARCHER JEANNIE SODERMAN did a complete reading of the 1140 page “Biodiversity Assessment Report [1995]” that came out of Agenda 21. She noted that ICLEI, the International Committee of Local Environmental Initiatives is the group empowered to implement Agenda 21 worldwide. Soderman compiled a list of the things that were named “unsustainable” in the report.

Some of these are:

automobiles, modern farm production systems (no use of machines is allowed), irrigation, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, farmlands, rangelands, pastures, fish ponds, plantations, forestry, urbanization, impervious surfaces, fisheries, grazing of livestock, disturbance of the soil surface, large hoofed animals, industrial activities, plastic production, synthetic products, the use of machines, CFCs, technology improvements, natural gas production, cemeteries, sewers, drain systems, pipelines, private property, land use that serves human needs, human made caves of brick and mortar, concrete and steel, paved and tarred roads, highways and trails, railroads, floor and wall tiles, aquaculture, dams, reservoirs, straightening of rivers, power line construction, golf courses, scuba diving, modern hunting, picking of berries, ski runs, fossil fuels used for driving various types of machines, building materials, synthetic drugs, population growth, convenience foods. Soderman has a list in which each of these is page-referenced."

Very briefly, this is where the ideology intersects with the practical means for accomplishing the globalist agenda. The actual goal is not really the 'wonderful' so-called "sustainability" to "save the planet" as we are to believe, but rather ownership and control over every square inch of this planet. It is nothing less than a total and complete, massive "land grab", and this is to be accomplished through the guise of "environmentalism". Every square inch.

The 'beast' will own it all!

fyi  [2008]



6-2-18  CA 1st State Passes Agenda 21 Per-Person Per-Day Water Limits: Taking A Bath Illegal By 2022

9-28-15  Pope, U.N. 'New' 2030 Sustainability Scam Same As Old Scam: 1995 U.N. Biodiversity Assessment Report

[also: 'Minions' the movie 7-10-15 "Because you're a minion"]

Again, nothing has changed. CA just took a major step. Note 2030 is the global target date for much of 'the agenda'. Read that list again if necessary. Wrenching...is how they are already doing it [mad scientist geoengineering of every sort from fires to flooding (including man-made tsunamis and so-called storm surges) to pseudo-meteorites to volcanoes etc. - only to increase - link]

Know what they've got planned for your future - you're heading there now.
 Rev. 18:4
Gen. 11:3-4 'And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar. And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven'


Crazy DEW Laser Fires Worldwide? "Like a Blowtorch" Says MSM - Agenda 21 Chase 'Em Out..'Geostorm'

Video embed code [adjust height/width as needed]:

<iframe src="https://www.bitchute.com/embed/1WJJhvnpCpg4" width="550" height="309"</iframe>


Everything hidden in plain sight - they always tell - they have to tell - Kabbala-kode mandates telling on themselves - and when the masses 'don't get it'...this gives them even more power they believe - sorcery is what this is called:

MSM: "Explosive" - "It must have come through here like a blowtorch"

Entire plan revealed in plain sight - 'Taking the world by GEOSTORM'

"Geostorms" so-called upon examination are easily seen to actually be 'geoengineered' storms - of many types:

This post a follow up on: MSM Brainwash Campaign To Explain Impossible 'Wildfire' Destruction Has Begun - "Firenadoes" Say They 7-28-17 "The world is under open attack, by the globalist cartel - who else, like nothing ever seen. Flooding out, fire, bombearthquake, to volcano, to tsunami bomb, name it. Live in an A21 target zone? Definitely be absolutely aware - and being proactive however could potentially need be - might be a good idea. What has begun is far from over - fact is it is only getting moreso by the day..." [see post]


Video embed code [adjust height/width as needed]:

<iframe src="https://www.bitchute.com/embed/8Cy1txoCpPqO/" width="550" height="309"</iframe>


see also: Agenda 21 What Exactly Do They Want To Take Away From The Sheeple-Minions - The 'List' [UN 1995; From 2008]

Rev. 18:4


MSM Brainwash Campaign To Explain Impossible 'Wildfire' Destruction Has Begun - "Firenadoes" Say They

[7-31 updated; new video]  Follow up on: "Unprecedented" Greek Fires [DEW?] Wipe Villages Off Map - Planet Under Agenda 21 'Geostorm' Attack 7-26-18 "California communities literally incinerated. Absolutely reduced to ashes. The fire aftermath seen in this hard-to-fathom destruction really is something different then ever before. Could this type of utter destruction occur naturally ... Unprecedented" fires in Greece this week...unprecedented fires in Sweden last week. Unprecedented fires (in A21 target zones always) all over the USA and other parts of the world ongoing...now suddenly the 'new norm'. Does that make any sense. How can it be? [see post]
Never before seen destruction by supposedly natural 'wildfires'...wiping entire communities off the map across the globe. How can it be. Well of course the zio-msm is on the job and will all now read from the same script to scientifically-explain the impossible scenario to all the world so that they will see that there really is a perfectly good explanation for this never before seen wild 'wildfire' behavior-destruction:

World...the explanation for unexplainable fires starting up where you live and you being evacuated out of your communities and the fires then quadrupling in size in the middle of the night after everyone is gone and the whole area then being mysteriously burnt up is a new thing that you've never heard of before - but don't think twice about it because that's what msm bot-people are for - and they will now educate the whole wide world on this new phenomena which are called "firenadoes":

The video producer points out the msm fear mongering. There is plainly much more to what is going on here with this absurd "firenado" official-explanation though. Clearly it is a massive propaganda/brainwash program to delude the masses into believing that the impossible destruction that they are seeing with their own eyes is in fact not impossible at all but is naturally occurring...yes yes everybody firenadoes that's right...

Impossible fire destruction. Can a 'wildfire' strike with surgical precision. This video entitled "See the devastation from the Carr Fire on Harlan Drive in the Lake Redding Estates" [7-27-18] reveals as plain as anything can be that there is nothing in any way random about how these fires are burning - it literally is a surgical precision:


"Unprecedented" Greek Fires [DEW?] Wipe Villages Off Map - Planet Under Agenda 21 'Geostorm' Attack

Follow up, related to: CA Fires 'Vaporize' Communities -- How? 'Directed-Energy' Lasers (DEW) And 'GEOSTORM' The Movie 10-20-17 10-16-17 "California communities literally incinerated. Absolutely reduced to ashes. The fire aftermath seen in this hard-to-fathom destruction really is something different then ever before. Could this type of utter destruction occur naturally. The question is legitimate and many are raising it... for the purpose of awareness - new and strange topics - One of these to at least know what it is if hearing about it, is what are called "Directed Energy Weapons" or DEW. Basically this would be the use of very powerful lasers from a plane or helicopter [or drone] to 'fry' selected targets...Another line of thought, far less sci-fi though, would be the use of some sort of accelerant sprayed on the target...something that would turn an ordinary fire into an inferno that would not stop burning until there was nothing left to burn... [and then there was] Trump's infamous "calm before the storm" comment of Thursday October 5th - just three days before the Northern Cal fires started October 8 - and the movie release in one week titled "Geostorm" [see below], the plot of which depicts, for one, geographic regions destroyed by 'firestorms'..." [see post; videos]
Cars turn to molten metal as Greek wildfires wipe villages off the map

[excerpted] Mati, Greece (CNN)Dried pools of molten aluminum dot the charred roads of a small Greek village ravaged by fire this week. The flames were so hot that cars in their path began to melt, metal dripping to the ground and tires turned to liquid rubber.

Mati has 'disappeared' - More than 15 fires broke out on three fronts in that part of southern Greece on Monday afternoon, according to government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos, who described the challenge to firefighters as unprecedented.

Up to 50 houses were also destroyed in Neos Voutzas, west of Mati, Bournos said: "It has changed the landscape. We live another reality."

Government spokesman Tzanakopoulos suggested Tuesday that the Attica blazes could have been started deliberately and said that Greece had requested drones from the United States to detect any "suspicious activity."

Unprecedented wildfires prompted Sweden last week to request assistance from other EU countries. The European Commission is also assisting Latvia, where wildfires are blazing following weeks of high temperatures.

And Greece could soon be battling a crisis on another front.* Bulgaria has warned its southern neighbors, Greece and Turkey, that they could face floods as heavy rains swell the Arda and Maritsa rivers, Reuters reported Wednesday.

re: "villages wiped off map...could have been started deliberately"

"Unprecedented" fires in Greece this week...unprecedented fires in Sweden last week. Unprecedented fires (in A21 target zones always) all over the USA and other parts of the world ongoing...now suddenly the 'new norm'. Does that make any sense. How can it be?


Israel's Declared 'Jewish-State' And Bible Prophecy: Isa. 28:16 - It Is In Haste, Has No Corner Stone, Will Not Stand

Big news: Israel self-declares 'Jewish Nation-State' w/Jerusalem their "eternal capital" etc.. Bible prophecy types everywhere getting worked up chanting 'Israel back in the land, the nation restored after 2000 yrs. etc.', Israel's glory days have come, etc., all based on prevalent Judaized mis-interpretations of scripture relating to Israel and eschatology - all of which cannot be dealt with here for it is too much - but a basic understanding can be had which is plainly that the common interpretation of Israel's glory days having now returned is exactly the opposite of the reality. The reality is that Israel is setting itself up to go into the darkest days of her entire history. Israel in unbelief, which is the case, back in the land - and don't miss that part about 'Israel in unbelief' - may declare itself anything they want to, but the only thing that matters is "what saith the LORD"*. The answer to that question - what God the LORD has already declared long ago - is the topic of this post. On that see below under two news items which first give the story. First then those two news items:
Israel Declares Itself 'Jewish State,' Jerusalem as Eternal Capital

JERUSALEM — Israel's parliament approved a controversial piece of legislation on Thursday that defines the country as the nation-state of the Jewish people but which critics warn sidelines minorities.

Benjamin Netanyahu called its passage "a defining moment in the annals of Zionism and the history of the state of Israel,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Knesset.

The legislation also addresses Jerusalem's status, declaring that " Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel."


The dramatic specifics:

[source] The new Jewish Nation-State Basic Law makes official that:

  • The land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people only (as God's covenant to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob stipulates); from 1948 to 2018 it was the land of both Jews and Arabs
  • The Israelites' ancient language, Hebrew, is now the official language of the land
  • The biblical calendar is now the official calendar of Israel
  • Keeping the biblical Sabbath is now a nationwide requirement
  • The biblical festivals and holidays are now officially recognized by the state and must be kept nationwide
  • The Israeli government must work to complete ingathering the exiles—a prophetic term pertaining to the end of the age when the dispersed Israelites would return to the land; furthermore, the law makes official Israel's connection to the Diaspora
  • Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel
  • Jewish settlement of the Holy Land is now a "national value" and will be officially encouraged by the government—further bringing Israel back on track for God's prophetic program of the Israelites possessing the land
  • The state shall act in official capacity to preserve the Jewish religion around the world
  • The Star of David is the official flag [link], the Second Temple's Menorah is the official state symbol, and Hatikvah, a poem which formalizes the Israelites' prophetic desire to return to Zion, is the official national anthem
  • Interestingly, it seems that the bill changes the official name of Israel from the "State of Israel" to just "Israel"

[Excerpted/edited from a post of some time back - Zionism and bible prophecy:]

*What saith the Lord God about this newly declared 'Jewish Nation-State of Israel'?

Isaiah 28:16 "Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste"

The would-be world conquering Jewish Zionists are growing ever more restless to remove all hindrances to finally achieving their misconstrued ancient goal of setting a king on a throne in the city of Jerusalem from which to reign as lords over the lower classes of humanity and rule the planet with an iron fist.

July 19, 2018 Israel making history by legislating itself a Jewish-only Nation-State has now been declared by Zionist Israel as a major accomplishment in the attainment of this desired goal, calling this event "a defining moment in the annals of Zionism".

No doubt that is true, but make no mistake removing all hindrances to attaining the far greater goal of worldwide dominion is to be the ultimate "defining moment in the annals of Zionism". There is truly no lesser goal. The ultimate "defining moment" when this now declared 'Nation-State of Israel', according to plan, takes earth-wide dominion, and establishes the would-be "kingdom of Zion" over the entire planet - only then will the grandiose scheme of the Jewish-Zionists, to their minds, actually be fully completed.

But there is a huge problem with this Jewish-Zionist plan in it's current outworking:


Trump Putin ('Trum-peting') In Hel ..sinki? Given #9 Soccer Jerseys Matching Pope BerGoglio - Team '666' Armageddon

This post a follow up on: 1-Yr. Flashback: All In On It - Putin 777 Months Old On 7-7-17 1st Meeting With 777-Trump, 1888th Day; Witchcraft World 7-7-18 "Trump Putin Kim Obama Hillary SCOTUS Macron Merkel Trudeau Erdogan et. al. every 'leader' so-called of other nations Satan is the little-g god of this ungodly world [2Cor. 4:4] all belong to him play their roles nothing more [Luke 4:4-7,8]. All is a stage managed production not crafted by flesh and blood but by principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places [Eph. 6:12] to manifest Antichrist and his kingdom out of the invisible spirit realm to visible live in control on earth. Witchcraft wickedness evil is how. This world planet earth... [see post; links]
Coincidence? Croatia’s football-loving leader gave Putin and Trump identically-numbered jerseys

Croatia’s president has a habit of handing out her national team’s jerseys to world leaders. She presented the shirts to Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, and both of them coincidentally had the number 9 on them.

Trump and Putin received their gifts on separate occasions. Putin was given his jersey on July 7 at the Kremlin, just hours before his nation’s team faced Croatia in the quarter-final. And, since the US didn’t make it to this year’s World Cup, the Croatian leader took advantage of the opportunity to give a jersey to US President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Brussels a couple of days later.

The Croatian president also gave a national football jersey to Pope Francis on a visit to the Vatican three years ago. The pontiff’s shirt was also number nine, but had a unique feature – the back contained not only his name, but title as well.

All in on it together Team 666  - yt source   [Rev. 16:13-14]

Pope Trump Putin...coincidence all three received matching #9 jerseys. So asks the writer of the above article. What about the location of the world shaking 7-16-18 Trump Putin summit. Is the location Hel-sin-ki intended to send out another hidden-in-plain-sight message. Team '666' finalized in Hel ...sinki? Nothing by chance, no coincidences, when it comes to the big global events...and never any secret-schemes done that are not hidden right out in the open...and never without being heavily dosed with dark-kabbalah-magic symbolism and numerology, and of course the never-ending name-game. Everything a ritual. Most are all too well aware of these things by now.

'666' and 'Hel' and Trump-Putin, which sounds very much like 'trumpeting' does it not (picked that up somewhere on the www). All in on it together. All team players.

What might they be 'Trumpeting' from Hel ...sin-ki though? The book of Revelation has many trumpets trumpeting. Much on Hel also in the book of Revelation. Is it a Revelation theme?

Episcopals To Force Gay-Sodomite-Marriage Acceptance; And July 26-28 "REVOICE Conference": Plague Spreading

Episcopal Church Expands Gay Marriage to All Dioceses Where Bishops Object

[excerpted] The Episcopal Church's General Convention, led by Bishop Michael Curry, passed a resolution last Friday that expanded the right for gay couples to marry in all dioceses even where local bishops theologically object to same-sex marriage.

As the General Convention had previously voted in 2015 to allow clergy to marry same-sex couples, it also gave bishops who opposed gay marriage the right to forbid priests in their diocese from performing same-sex marriage ceremonies.

Although the new resolution still gives clergy the right to decline gay marriage ceremonies, bishops who oppose of same-sex marriage rites will have to call on another bishop who does not oppose to provide pastoral support for the couple and the clergy member that will be involved in the ceremony.

The move directly impacts dioceses in Albany, New York; Central Florida; Dallas; Florida; North Dakota; Springfield, Illinois; Tennessee and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Dallas Bishop George Sumner said the debate over expansion of gay marriage rites was like a "family argument" ...Sumner said he would reach out to neighboring bishops to oversee the marriage ceremonies in his diocese.

Sodomite infestation of apostate 'christendom' spreading like the plague. Note above with the apostate Episcopalian church the policy now is that no certain minister of Episcopalian-ism will have to perform gay sodomite-marriage if they personally object, but they will have to allow another to take their place and step in and do the rite [wrong].

The plague the plague...staying in the same room with plague-infected individuals coughing and oozing plague germs is a guarantee of coming down with it too.

Catholicism already has the plague also; see:
First Ever: Vatican Hangs 'LGBT Welcome' Sign On Catholic Church - Reject The Bible And Serve Baal Say They 6-24-18

Mainstream 'christendom', that is the overall representation of 'Christianity' in the world today, also thoroughly apostate although they know it not neither think it so, are not far behind at all, having plague-spreaders actively going throughout the entire system spreading the infection everywhere.

Point in fact a major plague-spreading conference is set to be held in less than two weeks in St Louis July 26-28. This is no fringe group but has a huge 'mainstream christendom' involvement/representation. It is called 'REVOICE 2018' [link].

The name makes the agenda very clear. The conference description on the main page of their website lays it right out in no uncertain terms:

"Revoice 2018

Supporting, encouraging, and empowering gay, lesbian, same-sex-attracted, and other LGBT Christians so they can flourish while observing the historic, Christian doctrine of marriage and sexuality"

Sodom burned to the ground [Gen. 19:24]. Evidently the plague could not be eradicated any other way. Episcopalian-ism, Catholic religionists, mainstream apostate christendumb...do take warning - Jude 7.

Staying in the same room as plague victims, as the Episcopalian-ites are being counseled to do, is a guarantee of becoming a plague victim oneself. That is the reality. Staying is accepting.

2018 do not let anyone "revoice" you. Ever.*

Reality answer - it is fast getting to the point if not already there - this cause not alone, that a KJV and the LORD, on your own, is the only answer [link].

Rev. 18:4
*Psalms 119:89 'For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven'


Illinois Declares New State Holiday "Obama Day" - 1st Observance On Birthday 8-4-18

Former President Obama is being honored with a new state holiday in his former state of Illinois

[excerpted] Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) signed a measure Friday [August 2017] to make Aug. 4 “Barack Obama Day” in the state, according to NBC Chicago. The holiday will be celebrated each year on Obama’s birthday beginning in 2018.

The day is “set apart to honor the 44th President of the United States of America who began his career...in both the Illinois State Senate and the United States Senate...”

Senate Bill 55 was passed by both state houses with no votes against it.

Rauner praised the idea behind the bill earlier this year after a previous version, which would have made the day a legal state holiday, failed. The new holiday is commemorative.*

[warning/disclaimer: BO propaganda video]

[*The original measure would have closed schools and state offices for the day. It was rejected by the House in March 2017, citing expense and the lack of a holiday for other presidents from Illinois, such as Ronald Reagan .. [after that] ...others introduced Illinois Senate Bill 55, which designated August 4 as Barack Obama Day but did not make it an official state holiday. The bill passed both houses of the Illinois General Assembly with no votes against, and was signed into law by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner on August 4, 2017" - wiki]
This post a follow up/related to: Obama Presidential-Portrait Depicts Him With 'Serpent-Hands' - Serpent In The Garden: Fake-Antichrist Continues 2-28-18 "Inauguration Day 1-20-17 Obama 666 Months Old, Trump 70 Yrs. 7 Months 7 Days (777) ... evidently all things have been carefully planned, Obama will leave the White House as a '666', while Trump comes in as a '777'...Do they still have some special plans for '666th-month' Obama? Might be interesting..."
In Illinois 1st ever "Obama Day" just weeks away [8-4-18]. How could something as ridiculous as this actually even happen? ZWO still got plans for BO must be the answer. Obama the make-believe persona who appeared out of nowhere in Illinois and before anything was really known about him was already sitting in the White House. And so now with this birthday-holiday [holiday = holy day] Illinois would have it's citizens to now pay homage to the invented one.

The script continues...

Rev. 18:4


1-Yr. Flashback: All In On It - Putin 777 Months Old On 7-7-17 1st Meeting With 777-Trump, 1888th Day; Witchcraft World

Excerpts from original post 7-7-17; full post at link below:

They're All In On It: Putin Exactly 777 Months Old On 7-7-17 1st Trump meeting - 1888 Days In Office; And NK Hoax

"Putin 777 months old exactly first ever meeting with 777-Trump on 7-7-17. Once again impossible numerology - naturally occurring that is, which reveals all to be a long in planning, very carefully constructed production. Inauguration Day 2017 Trump was exactly 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old from his given birth date. Obama on the same day was in his 666th month from his given birth date [see link at top], and now we have Russia's Putin, on the 'historic' 7-7-17 first meeting between himself and 777-Trump, being exactly 777 months old from his given birth date of 10-7-52:"

"Vladimir Putin (born 7 October 1952) is the current President of Russia, holding the office since 7 May 2012" - wiki

"64 years and nine months. 64 multiplied by 12 is 768. 768 plus 9 is 777. As will be noted in the above image the day of the meeting 7-7-17 added one additional day to the total. This would be only a partial day though. Interesting thing about this is that it makes Putin to have completed exactly 777 months, not a day less, not a day more. A complete and full, finished, 777."

"Still more kabbalist numerological-wackiness surrounding this 'historic' first Trump-Putin meeting. Not surprisingly actually, it connects to Trump's first ever 'presidential' visit to the White House [11-10-16] where he, as president-elect, met with Obama. That day was strongly marked with the kabbalist favorite number '88' [see link @ top]. So too, now, the first meeting of Putin and Trump, as seen below [see post@link]. Referencing the wiki link above the first image, Putin's first day in office as Russian president was 5-7-12. Exact total days from that day to this first meeting with Trump - 1888:"

read full

Trump Putin Kim Obama Hillary SCOTUS Macron Merkel Trudeau Erdogan et. al. every 'leader' so-called of other nations Satan is the little-g god of this ungodly world [2Cor. 4:4] all belong to him play their roles nothing more [Luke 4:4-7,8]. All is a stage managed production not crafted by flesh and blood but by principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places [Eph. 6:12] to manifest Antichrist and his kingdom out of the invisible spirit realm to visible live in control on earth. Witchcraft wickedness evil is how. This world planet earth.

1John 5:18-19 'We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not. And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness'

Rev. 18:4


MLB Gone Gay: LA Angels Fallen, Yankees Last Team To Not Hold 'Pride' Night; All Pro Sports Join NY Gay Parade

This post a follow up on: Pro Sports Sodomizing Fans: 23 Major League Baseball Teams Onboard For June 2018 'Pride Nights' 5-10-18 "The New York Yankees and Los Angeles Angels are the only two teams who have never offered a pride night. The Yankees have said they prefer not to do themed nights of any kind, but have supported “organizations that assist lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youths.” The Angels haven’t publicly addressed the matter, but do offer “pride”-themed T-shirts... Regardless, pro-homosexual advocates have bitterly attacked both teams..." [see post]
New York Yankees called out as only MLB team that hasn’t held or announced an LGBTQ Pride Night

[excerpted] "...since Forbes reported that the Los Angeles Angels will hold a Pride Night next June, the Yankees are now the only Major League Baseball team that hasn’t sponsored such an event or announced its intention of doing so.

“Pride Nights are really important to show the LGBTQ community that they are just as welcome as anyone else,” New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson — the first openly gay man to hold that position, CBS News reported.

"The Yankees did not respond to CBS News’ request for comment, but a team spokesman told the Times that while the Yankees have chosen to refrain from holding a gay pride event at Yankee Stadium, there has been involvement “behind the scenes.”"

Major League Baseball entered a float in the NYC Pride March for the first time in the event’s 49-year history, WCBS reported, adding that the MLB joined the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, WNBA, and National Women’s Hockey League there.

The station said Outsports dubbed the NYC Pride March as the “sportiest Pride March ever.”

And Then There Was One

From the 'follow up' post linked at top, the New York Yankees were named along with the Los Angeles Angels as the only two teams to not have surrendered outright i.e. openly to the 'Sodomization of Pro Sports Agenda'. That was just two months back in May of this year. As seen here though the Angels have now fallen - agreeing to get with the dark agenda next June.

Fallen angels promoting sodomy? Sounds like it is straight out of the biblical account of the days just before the destruction of the historical Sodom and Gomorrah. As it was in the days of Lot - Luke 17:28-29

And speaking of the "days of Lot" do not overlook the second gay-nouncement in the above article about the absurd-now-normal reality of every Pro Sports League - MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, WNBA, and National Women’s Hockey League - having a float in this years [6-24-18] NYC Sodom-Pride march. No doubt the Sodom-gang pranced alongside those floats floating giddily while celebrating the sodomite-submission of pro sports - the "sportiest Pride March ever" said the homosexual-mag covering the blinded-prideful event [Malachi 4:1].

Sports fan have to come to terms with it - it's over. To continue holding on to sports fandom is now impossible without becoming a 'naturalized' citizen of Sodom/Gommorah. No way around it.

Something very important to consider also on this i.e. the big picture - which is that it is not going to end well for prideful Sodom: Genesis 19:12-13; Jude 7

Every league every team on the Sodom train full speed ahead unaware that up around the bend the track comes to an abrupt end in a little town called Brimstone. - Gen. 19:24

This situation is a code red. Code red means get off the train now sports fan.

Rev. 18:4
Proverbs 16:5 'Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the LORD: though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished'


EU Copyright Law Rejected...Well...Actually Sent Back For "More Debate" - ZWO Kingdom Plan Moves Forward Still

Follow up on: Update June 20, 2018: EU Just Passed Totalitarian Internet "Copyright Reform" - 'Final Stage' Next 6-20-18 "According to the above report...the only chance the www has at this point is "the Plenary" where all representatives of the entire EU participate/vote instead of just a 25-member committee as was the case with this so-called Copyright Reform proposal. If...that is...they can get "enough support" for a plenary session...and if...the plenary is not already all insiders anyway..."
EU's controversial copyright law rejected by parliament

A controversial overhaul of the EU's copyright law that sparked a fierce debate between internet giants and content creators has been rejected.

The move was intended to bring the EU's copyright laws in line with the digital age, but led to protests from websites and much debate before it was rejected by a margin of 318-278 in the European Parliament on Thursday.

In the end, MEPs decided the changes needed more debate; and sent the proposals back to the Commission. The two sides will undoubtedly step up their campaigns in the meantime.

BPI Music, which represents UK record labels, had supported the bill and said it would:

"work with MEPs over the next weeks to explain how the proposed directive will benefit not just European creativity, but also internet users".

BPI will "explain" to the MEP's why dictatorial internet control is the greatest idea ever

So the plenary was held...and...the EU copyright reform law was...rejected. Yes...but not so much really. Actually just sent back for "more debate".

More debate? Two steps forward, one step back? Note that the vote, the reported vote, came in at 318-278. How controlled was that vote should it be supposed? Anyway, 318-278 is fairly close. Wouldn't take much to swing that the other way would it - if a few insiders, if there are any of those of course, decided to 'change' their mind?

After the industry 'giants' like BPI (see above) "explain" to the MEP's (members of European Parliament) over the next few weeks exactly how beneficial for all the complete loss of the free and open internet would be - might they be able to change say..20 minds? Just 20 changes of mind from against to in favor would make that vote a tie 298-298. How about then, say, 21 changes of mind? That would then be 'game over'.

And do be sure..it is a game. Everything is a game. The entire world-system now existing is totally gamed. Because the long dreamed for and planned for would-be Jewish-Zionist-kingdom-kome Zwo [link] would never come about any other way.

Stay tuned...

Rev. 18:4
Gen. 3:4-5 'And the serpent said...ye shall be as gods'  [he lied]


Yes They Did It: Miss Spain 2018 A He Not A She - Castrated Male Will Represent Spain In Miss Universe Next

Transgender woman is Miss Spain 2018

Twenty-five-year-old Angela Ponce won the title Miss Universe-Spain 2018, defeating 20 other candidates during the pageant held at the auditorium of Palau Firal i de Congressos de Tarragona.

The trans Sevillian model, who underwent surgery for sexual reassignment, previously represented the province of Cadiz in Miss Spain World 2015 where she lost.

Angela was just 11 years old when she first discovered transsexuality. Years later...decided to undergo hormone therapy, leading to...complete transition in 2014.

The Miss Universe Organization first allowed transgender women to compete for the pageant in 2012, when Jenna Talackova a transgender model from Vancouver filed a complaint after being disqualified to enter the competition.

Ponce’s victory coincides with the celebration of Pride Month.

Spain last won Miss Universe when Amparo Muñoz was crowned in 1974. Ponce is set to go [as Spain's representative for 2018]...

[video tough to watch - recommend just skip through it for awareness - fallen world 2018 you're living in it]


This post related to, follow up on: 'Miss America' Ends Swimsuits, Evening Gowns: Now To Be Miss 'Baphomet-World-Order' America ...Date/Time A '666' 6-5-18 "'Miss America is scrapping its swimsuit competition...The organization is also getting rid of the evening gown portion...We are now open, inclusive and transparent' ...Lastly note the date and time - - a little nod to the old serpent little-g tranny-god baphomet himself: Sept 9 at 9 p.m. is 9/9 at 9 .. or 999. Which surprise surprise makes a real neat little 666..." [see post]

Note: Mr. 'Baphomet' Spain will officially represent Spain in the 'Miss' Universe 2018 scheduled for November location apparently undetermined presently.

Note: This obviously is just another 'first' of things ahead with regard to Agenda Tranny-Planet [link] 2018 and beyond. Guaranteed it's going to get much worse. Stand clear. Guard your mind.  fyi

Rev. 18:4
9-11-18 follow up: Is The New 'Miss' America Nia "I-MAN"-i Franklin A Transgender? - If It's A Man Body It's A Man
Romans 1:22-23 'Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things'