Latest NWO Crisis: Gas shortages

Gas shortages: get ready for more :fortune 500

NEW YORK (Fortune) -- While Congress and Bush administration officials have been working to complete a bailout plan and stem the financial contagion on Wall Street, a different kind of economic crisis emerged across the South this week: A severe, hurricane-related gasoline shortage has curtailed trucking from Atlanta to Asheville, N.C., and created a wave of panic buying among motorists.

The scenes over the past several days in places like Nashville, Tenn., Anniston, Ala., and western North Carolina looked like file footage from 1979 - with bags over empty gas pumps and quarter-mile long lines of cars waiting to fill up at stations that hadn't run out.

That's why he worries about a top-up catastrophe that could cripple the trucking industry and disrupt food deliveries.

"If we end up having gasoline shortages, the odds are about 90% that Americans will do what we always do: We'll top up our tanks. And in topping up our tanks, within three or four days we'll drain the pool dry and then within seven days we'll run out of food."

That sounds awfully dire. And it probably won't happen. But, then again, a couple of months ago hardly anybody would have predicted that AIG would collapse, Congress would be mulling a Wall Street bailout, and '70s-era gas lines would be back.
re: 'Get ready for more' gas shortages

As a part and parcel of the globally controlled but locally managed so-called sustainable communities outlined in the UN document known as Agenda 21, the idea of limited and/or restricted travel is a hard reality people have yet to comprehend. As difficult as it may be to believe, the 'common people' will not be allowed to move about freely in the rapidly rising world system. The conditioning has begun.
Coming to a town near you maybe sooner than later. And besides that, gasoline and automobiles are 'unsustainable' anyway. see: unsustainables
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Psalms 55:22 Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.

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