U.S. Georgia Occupation Permanent?

US to establish naval base in Georgia

"The US is negotiating with Georgia and Turkey to establish a naval base at one of the two key Georgian ports of Batumi or Poti, reports say."
This article is a follow up from yesterday: U.S., Israel To Strike Iran From Georgia?
and is related to this from 8-11-08: Unprecedented U.S. Persian Gulf Build-Up:
(quoted comment) "It's all about the Zionist 'global conquest'. The rebel would-be builders of the "great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt" (Rev. 11:8) have no plan 'B'."
Global conquest requires military control throughout the world, which means military bases throughout the world must be established. This little action in Georgia has not taken much longer than a month to pull off. Can you see what's happening?
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