'Unexplainable' Mini-Tsunami Hits Turkey 9-25-14: Tsunami-Bomb Illuminati-Card Trick?

"Incredible footage of Tsunami like waves smashing Turkey on September 25th and washing cars and trucks off roads! ...from Youtube User: K. Brown" [source]

Perhaps this is supposed to be more conditioning for the 'blood-moons' hoax-type "signs" intended for the deluding of the masses: e.g. Luke 21:25 "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring". Cannot say, but, for the record, tsunamis-out-of-nowhere are not 'prophecy'. Fact is, they came from somewhere/something. For the record also, the time of the fulfilling of the prophecy in Luke 21:25, and other similar, is not yet [see 'blood moons' link above]. Be not deluded.
Compare: Unexplained Portugal Mini-Tsunami 1-6-14; new video "Note: normal ocean waves, even very large ones, do not come ashore. Where they break is determined by the ocean bottom or reef. The bigger the wave, the farther out they break. Only water that is 'displaced' at once in large volumes from below the surface by whatever means, or perhaps from very large objects traveling at a high rate of speed like a NWO-claimed 'meteorite' [link] impacting the surface, can inundate shorelines. Tsunami-making practice in Portugal?"

"Disaster! This is an Instant Attack
to Destroy any Coastal Place"
Compare: Speaking Of Illuminati Cards - Seen The "Instant Attack Tsunami Card"? 5-7-13 "Disaster! An Instant Attack To Destroy Any Coastal Place" - "Tsunami hype has reached record levels recently. Unheard of in times past, tsunami threats and warnings have suddenly become a part of daily life for coastal dwellers anywhere on the planet...and not only tsunamis....but...massive 'storm surges' up to 30 feet or bigger from super-cyclones or hurricanes are now threatening virtually every coastline on the planet...because of "global warming"...we are told" [see post]

Geoengineered Tsunamis, 'Storm Surges'? 1999 Rescue Heroes Cartoon Demonstrates A 'Tsunami Bomb' 12-27-12
Compare also (posted 4-1-14): 'Unexplainable' April Fools Day 1946 Pacific-Wide Tsunami Man Made? Tsunami Bomb[s]?   [follow links, connect dots]

Rev. 18:4
Jeremiah 5:22 'Fear ye not me? saith the LORD: will ye not tremble at my presence, which have placed the sand for the bound of the sea by a perpetual decree, that it cannot pass it: and though the waves thereof toss themselves, yet can they not prevail; though they roar, yet can they not pass over it?'

'Project NOLA': New Orleans Police Begin Program To Put Cameras In Citizens Homes


Part of a sprawling surveillance strategy dubbed “Project NOLA,” citizens’ security cameras would be integrated with footage shot from other law enforcement cameras already installed around the St. Bernard Parish area near New Orleans, and would give the sheriff’s department the ability to tap into those cameras at a moment’s notice.

Started by former New Orleans police officer Bryan Lagarde, who now owns a digital surveillance wholesale company, Project NOLA is reportedly “the largest networked HD city-wide crime camera system in America,” according to their website, and currently has access to more than 1,000 cameras around New Orleans.

A $10 monthly fee is required for residents interested in granting police access to their existing home camera systems, but those who don’t yet have cameras can purchase entire kits from the officer’s business for $295. For another $150, you can also get those cameras professionally installed.

“This is great for NOPD,” writes Jules Bentley for AntiGravity Magazine, “firstly because they don’t have to pay for any of this—the costs are borne by the home or business owner and the increasingly grant-funded Project NOLA nonprofit—and secondly because private cameras can do things the government’s not allowed to.” Like shirk pesky privacy or constitutional issues.

(video may load slowly; w/commercial)
1:50 "sheriff...strongly urges residents to sign up"

Incomprehensible that anybody would actually volunteer to put Big Brother cameras in their own homes...and on top of that pay for it them self. Maybe the strategy is to try some of that old reverse-psychology...i.e. trying to convince the 'sheeple' that this is not at all an Orwellian-totalitarian tactic but that is actually a privilege to give up your privacy entirely...and at only ten dollars a month a great bargain too.  fyi

Rev. 18:4
Luke 21:36 'Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man'


The Two Servants, Ten Virgins, Talents: Only The Parables Of Mt. 24-25 'Olivet Discourse' Apply To Christians; ACG 1910

[3-part study, reposted for any interested]

A highly recommended study, as the author, A.C. Gaebelein, lays out the correct interpretation - i.e. 'rightly dividing the word of truth' (2 Tim 2:15) - of this very important and most always wrongly interpreted NT passage of prophetic scripture. Many saying 'I am Christ' (Matt. 24:5), wars and rumours of wars (Matt. 24:6), pestilences and earthquakes (Matt. 24:7), i.e. the beginning of sorrows (Matt. 24:8), persecution unto death (Matt. 24:9 and on) - none of this can apply until after the tribulation, the "time of Jacob's trouble" (Jacob = unbelieving Israel) begins (Jer. 30:7). And the tribulation cannot begin before the Antichrist (by permission of the Lamb - Rev. 6:1-2) mounts the Rev. 6:2 white horse, and the Antichrist cannot mount that white horse before the Daniel 7:23-24 'Ten Kings' arise, and those ten kings have not as of yet arisen on the world's stage [link]. Do not get the cart before the '(white) horse':

Matthew 24-25 Olivet discourse and Christians

The first section (24:3-44) of the Olivet discourse of Matthew 24-25 speaks solely of the time referred to as the time of "tribulation", aka Daniel's 70th week. The language used is very literal, describing in specific detail the great trouble to come upon the earth, and the end result, the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, when all the world "shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory." (Matt. 24:30)

The 'church' is not found in any connection with this first section of the Olivet discourse. The reason for this is that before that great and terrible day of tribulation comes forth, before that stone which the builders rejected comes crashing down upon the kingdoms of men, the Lord Jesus Christ, the "Bridegroom", shall have first escorted his own, his bride, safely to his Father's house. (John 14:1-3)

In contrast then, the second section of the Olivet discourse deals with matters related only to the NT church, and is the topic of this study. The concept of the 'church' was unrevealed at the time the discourse was given, but as we now of course know began shortly after* the resurrection and ascension (Acts 1:8-11) of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. (*Acts 2:1-4)

This second section (24:45 - 25:30) presents a marked change in the language used. The Lord no longer uses the literal and descriptive language found in the first section, but instead presents three distinct parables. These three parables are seen as presenting a brief overview and a 'prophetic history' of the new dispensation which was about to begin - the "church age".

It is with this perspective that well known and widely respected bible teacher of years past, A.C. Gaebelein, wrote his commentary on the gospel of Matthew, from which this teaching on the three parables has been excerpted.

A study on the three parables of the Olivet discourse (Matt. 24:45 - 25:30) excerpted from "Exposition of the Gospel of Matthew"; 1910, by A.C. Gaebelein (1861-1945)

Chapters xxiv:45—xxv:30. THE CHRISTIAN ERA.

1. The faithful and evil servant
2. The ten virgins and the midnight cry
3. The parable of the talents

"Not in the Gospels do we find full revelation about the church, her relationships, her calling, her heavenly hope and glorious destiny. All this is made known elsewhere in the New Testament. The parables concern the Christian profession in a general way. If we hold this fast in our minds we shall find no difficulties at all. This Christian age is a mixed age and will be so to the end and the Coming One will find the faithful and prudent servant and the evil servant; the wise virgins and the foolish; the faithful servants using their talents and the wicked and slothful servant. The Coming One will mete out the judgment. The faithful servant is called "Blessed," the evil servant is cut in two and cast out. The wise virgins go in with the bridegroom and the foolish face a shut door. The servants who used the talents are set over many things and the slothful servant is cast out into the outer darkness. That the Lord will first descend into the air (1Thess. 4:15-18) and that the true believers -resurrected [NT] saints and living saints, will be caught up in clouds to meet the Lord in the air to appear then before the judgment seat of Christ; that the unsaved, nominal Christians will go into apostasy and after the great tribulation receive judgment when the Lord comes out of heaven and all His saints with Him [1Thes. 3:13 - link] —all this is not revealed in these parables."

read full: pt.1
Matthew 24:3-4 'And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you'


Just When You Thought It Could Not Possibly Get Any Worse -- Germany Moves To Legalize 'Incest'

German ethics council calls for incest between siblings to be legalised by Government

Germany’s national ethics council has called for an end to the criminalisation of incest between siblings after examining the case of a man who had four children with his sister.

Patrick Stuebing, who was adopted as an infant and met his sister in his 20s, has launched several appeals since being imprisoned for incest in 2008 and his lengthy legal battle has prompted widespread public debate.

Sexual relations between siblings or between parents and their children are forbidden under section 173 of the German criminal code and offenders can face years in prison...But on Wednesday, the German Ethics Council recommended the section be repealed, arguing that the risk of disability in children is not enough to warrant the law and de-criminalising incest would not remove the huge social taboo around it.

The chairman of the council, Christiane Woopen, was among the 14 members voting in favour of repealing section 173, while nine people voted for the ban to continue and two abstained.

A statement released on Wednesday said: “Incest between siblings appears to be very rare in Western societies according to the available data but those affected describe how difficult their situation is in light of the threat of punishment.

“They feel their fundamental freedoms have been violated and are forced into secrecy or to deny their love.

“The majority of the German Ethics Council is of the opinion that it is not appropriate for a criminal law to preserve a social taboo,” it added.

“In the case of consensual incest among adult siblings, neither the fear of negative consequences for the family , nor the possibility of the birth of children from such incestuous relationships can justify a criminal prohibition.

“The fundamental right of adult siblings to sexual self-determination has more weight in such cases than the abstract protection of the family.

Here it is again. The LGBT(QIA)-ers used it, the child molesters and the animal molesters are currently using it, and now the "fundamental right...to sexual self-determination" argument is also being applied to the incestuous. Surely they too should not be "forced into secrecy or to deny their 'love'" - heaven forbid!

The earth has been overrun by devils - Rev. 18:2. On that, note especially the name of the chairman of the pro-incest "German 'Ethics' Council": Christiane Woopen. Apparently to this gang of overrunners inhabiting the planet incest is a great way of really 'whooping' it up.  Anathema maranatha

 Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 24:5 'The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant'


Fake-'ISIS' Beheadings? Old Spice Commercial Shows Severed Head During 9-14-14 Seahawks/Chargers NFL Game

Reposted from 9-15-14 as the ZWO Global Bureau of Propaganda releases reports of another alleged 'beheading' 9-24-14

As always, the answer is hidden in plain sight

This post is a follow up on: Arab News Al Jazeera Claims Foley, Sotloff 'Beheadings' Were "Hollywood" Productions To Justify Syria Invasion 9-6-14 "The Beheaders - the latest Theatre of the Absurd production, compliments of the global media conglomerate aka the ZWO Bureau of Propaganda..." [see post]
ISIS ISIL IS etc. etc. etc. - Can it really be all make-believe? How can it not be?

Twitter link: @OldSpice Did I just see a head to toe ad that includes a severed head?!? Really? Please tell me I'm wrong. NFL Fox football game. #notcool (9-14-14 Chargers-Seahawks reportedly)

Apparently Old Spice has been running a relatively new ad-campaign with the main character being a figure that could probably be best referred to as robot-boy. In this most recent commercial robot-boy is taking a hot-tub with some bikini-clad women, which causes him to short-circuit, with the result being the below image, which, for at least a few moments, sat on the TV screens of what was certainly a huge audience of millions of viewers watching the 9-14-14 San Diego Chargers vs. Seattle Seahawks NFL football game on Fox:

youtube video: link
Severed head commercial during a huge fan-favorite NFL football game? NFL, Old Spice, Fox, ZWO Bureau of Propaganda, taking their mind-twisting program to never before seen levels. Open mockery.

This one has to be right up there with last week's open mocking of 9/11: Obamas Commemorate 9/11 By Packing "KaBOOM!" Backpacks -- An NWO Admission? 9-12-14

And then there was Obama's early Halloween devil-costume used as a photo-op to be released with the 'big speech' on "ISIS/Syria" given the day before 9/11: Faking Antichrist: Obama Photo-Op Of 'ISIS'/Syria Speech Shows Him With "Baphomet" Devil-Horns 9-10-14

Can it really be all make-believe? How much more hidden in plain sight does the answer have to be?
See also: Israeli Mossad Code Named "ISIS" - And Imaginary 'ISIS' A Zionist Ploy To Takeover "The Promised Land" 9-13-14 "...Again the question, is 'ISIS' real or imaginary. It's not that hard of a question.

Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 28:1 'Woe to the crown of pride, to the drunkards of Ephraim, whose glorious beauty is a fading flower, which are on the head of the fat valleys of them that are overcome with wine!'


Australian Government Moves To Strip Freedoms e.g. Restrict Travel...Because Of 'ISIS (CR)ISIS'

Security before freedoms: Australia to introduce tougher anti-terror laws

[excerpted] Australia aims to strengthen security by introducing new legislation to combat homegrown terrorism, said PM Tony Abbott. The new laws will criminalize travel to some conflict areas and grant authorities broader access to citizens' communications.

"Regrettably, for some time to come, the delicate balance between freedom and security may have to shift," Prime Minister Tony Abbott said in a statement on Monday, as he previewed a bill to be introduced in Parliament later this week.

Abbot said that under the new legislation it would be a crime for an Australian citizen to travel to any conflict area overseas once the government has declared it off limits.

On Thursday, more than 800 police were involved in a security operation in Sydney and Brisbane to disrupt alleged plans, linked to Islamic State militants, to publicly behead a randomly selected Australian. Sixteen people were detained during the raids.

Another law, that would require Australian telecommunication companies to save metadata and provide it to government agencies, would also be introduced soon, Abbott added.

Authorities were on high alert last week after security forces intercepted communications alleging that Islamic State supporters may be planning an attack on the Australian Parliament.

On September 12, Australia raised its terror alert to the second highest level in response to recent violent events in the Middle East connected with the beheadings of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and British aid worker David Haines.

According to the Australian branch of the global media conglomerate, (CR)'ISIS' actors/operatives in Australia had threatened to conduct random "beheadings" of random citizens in random fashion...and maybe even attack 'the Parliament'...so in response...naturally...draconian totalitarian anti-freedom laws must be implemented, say the Australian branch managers of the would-be ZWO. Namely, for starters, criminalizing travel to areas Big Brother says are "off limits", and unrestricted Big Brother access to Australian telecommunication companies data banks - not that they don't surely have that already but with this it would now be 'legal' and done openly. All known ZWO goals of course, but only now coming about because of the...'ISIS crisis'. Be aware, the goals are planetary. Luke 21:36
This post is a follow up on: 'ISIS' Imaginary? Old Spice Commercial Shows Severed Head During 9-14-14 Seahawks/Chargers NFL Game 9-15-14 "As always the answer is hidden in plain sight"

Rev. 18:4
Hosea 4:1 'Hear the word of the LORD, ye children of Israel: for the LORD hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land '

Bombing 'Imaginary ISIS' In Syria: 3-Yr Flashback Syria Next On ZWO Hit List; Khorasan?; 10/8/14 'Blood Moon'

Repost of 9-6-11 "Destroying The 'Old World Order': Syria Next On Hit List" Just a quick look-back from three years ago. Syria has been on the short-list for ZWO takeover for a long long time (about four thousand years actually; see Imaginary 'ISIS', Syria, and 'Promised Land'). Three years ago the 'official narrative' was for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to just step down and let the ZWO-ers waltz right in and take control of the country (see post below). Obviously for whatever reason that never played out and Bashar al-Assad is still there. Nothing is happening by chance though. Everything is carefully choreographed. If Bashar al-Assad stays put, no problem - it must have been all part of the script anyway - just invent an "ISIS" and then claim to bomb them; and then, to really seal the deal, follow that up with another suddenly appearing-out-of-nowhere even bigger meaner scarier 'ISIS2' and call them...drum roll...."Khorasan"...creating a whole nother angle on the 'official narrative' which then allows for all sorts of flexibility in the now unfolding story line of the soon-to-be Syria occupation. Any number of new sub-plots can be created whenever needed with that. ISIS Khorasan ISIS Khorasan ISIS Khorasan lions and tigers and bears oh my.

Question: can imaginary entities even be bombed? Or would that require imaginary bombing? And what if that old script where Bashar al-Assad was to step aside [see post below] is actually playing out now? A lot of smoke and mirrors, make it look good, and then, open the door for ZWO-occupation. Perhaps even time it for the next so-called Hagee/Biltz (non) "blood-moon" which is next month October 8, 2014 to really make it look good. That's just over two weeks away though, so perhaps it is too quick. Impossible to say, but if that is a bit too quick the next available 'sign-in-the-sky' dates would then be a 3-20-15 solar eclipse also being touted by Hagee/Biltz as 'prophetic', and the third of the four (non) "blood moons" two weeks later April 4, 2015. Odds are extremely high though that one or possibly each of these dates have been written into the "divine favor on [unbelieving] Israel blood-moon tetrad" script (see: 'perfect storm') for additional dramatic effect. At any rate, we won't have to wait long to find out about the next (falsely called) sign-in-the-sky the 10-8-14 copper-colored normally-occurring lunar eclipse. Reality is that this is exactly how scripted make-believe things work. Everything scripted and make-believe is how the ZWO plan to dominate the earth (see: 'tikkun olam') is being accomplished today. How few can see it though.  Rev. 18:4
Originally posted 9-6-11

Related to: Destabilization: Full-Scale Collapse Of Old-World-Order Has Begun; 'Shiva' Dances 1-30-11 "Collapsing governments and taking them over, one by one" [see post]
Obama Orders Sweeping Sanctions and Regime Change in Syria Without Congress Activist Post

Once again President Obama has used the authority vested in him in the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and the National Emergencies Act to impose sweeping sanctions against a sovereign nation without Congressional approval.

On August 18th, 2011, Obama signed Executive Order 13582: Blocking Property of the Government of Syria and Prohibiting Certain Transactions With Respect to Syria, which authorizes the seizure of all Syrian-owned property and interests in property in the United States. It also bans exports of U.S. services to Syria, the import of petroleum from Syria, and any new investment in Syria or those who support them. [see article for list of sanctions]

At the time of the signing, the White House called for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step aside, "For the sake of the Syrian people, the time has come for President Assad to step aside," indicating an official policy of regime change in Syria.

Previously, President Obama bypassed Congress when he imposed sanctions and seized property from the Libyan government by Executive Order 13566 in February of this year. Less than a month later, the United States and NATO began policing the no-fly zone in Libya, also without debate in the Congress. Now the U.S. and NATO are engaged in a civil war in Libya where billions are being spent, again without Congressional approval or oversight.

These new sanctions, along with recent EU sanctions, combined with calls for regime change in Syria, seem to be following the same pattern as the Libya invasion. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that if Syrian President al-Assad resists, he will be forced out one way or the other. It's also apparent that Obama believes he needn't consult Congress or abide by the Constitution about these matters because of powers vested in him under national and international emergency. If the pattern is any indication, America may be headed for another undeclared war.
re: "White House called for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step aside"

Most likely the Syrian president, like Libya's president Ghadaffi, is an employee, so to speak, of the NWO (same as America's). The nation of Syria itself though, again like Libya, is very old school and the people groups, also like Libya's, are not easily adaptable to the draconian global dictatorship that all the world is now being forced into.

For that reason the first thing that needs to be done is to collapse the only government the people have ever known. This then opens the door for the creation of a scenario to emerge the nation into 'chaos'. Chaos then brings the desired "change" - ordo ab chao style. Most likely this will take the form of occupation, just like Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., through which the 'new way' can then be introduced.

They call it "regime change", but the reality is that while everything else changes, the regime has not. What the world is seeing is simply the next phase of the Zionist global-empire building scheme in action. What that means is that they believe that they have now brought things to the point where they can take the final steps necessary to seize absolute control of the entire planet. In the game of Chess it is called the 'end-game'.

You are now seeing the end game. Every tactic in the NWO arsenal is being deployed across the globe simultaneously - from what appears to be weather modified so-called "natural disasters", i.e. floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, etc., to instigated civil unrest and political/military "regime changes".

The "full scale destruction" of the old-world-order has not only begun but is being exponentially accelerated. Be alerted.
See also: NWO Bombs Their Way Into Libya 3-20-11 " From Africa to the Middle East to Indonesia to Haiti to Chile to Samoa to New Zealand to Japan to the U.S.A. and beyond, whatever it takes - the self-delusional godmen of the NWO have no intention to allow any people groups to resist their Antichrist world domination plans..."

see also:
3-28-11 Newsweek Apocalypse Cover
Mic 3:10 'They build up Zion with blood...'


Imaginary 'ISIS' Releases New Video Of Captive 'Mr. Can't-lie' - Psychometer Pegs; And Nancy 'Writ'-ebol

Follow up on: Arab News Al Jazeera Claims Foley, Sotloff 'Beheadings' Were "Hollywood" Productions To Justify Syria Invasion 9-6-14 "The Beheaders have quickly become a serious "global threat" - including threatening the USofA with all sorts of dastardly deeds, say the NWO news-dispensing agencies... Suggests that the ZWO producers are making the final preparations for taking their whole agenda [Syria; fake Gog-Magog WWIII] to the next level" - A report by Al Jazeera News channel has ridiculed the horrific beheading of two U.S. journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff as “Hollywood” casting, saying the executions were “unconvincing” and could be used as a pretext for a Western intervention in Syria." [see post]
ISIS Uses British Hostage, John Cantlie, to Spread Militant Group’s Message

Departing from its serial beheading videos* of Western hostages that have outraged the world, the Islamic State released a new video on Thursday featuring a captive British journalist seated behind a desk, explaining the group’s message and warning that America and its allies are foolishly heading into another unwinnable war...The Internet video, titled “Lend Me Your Ears” and subtitled in Arabic, shows the journalist, John Cantlie, dressed in an orange jumpsuit and apparently reading from a script..

In comments apparently directed at a war-weary American public, Mr. Cantlie spoke of what he described as the foolhardiness of yet another United States-led military commitment abroad, following the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He described his message as the first in a coming series of lectures he would deliver about what he called verifiable facts about the Islamic State.

Mr. Cantlie’s 3-minute, 21-second message was released as momentum is building in Washington for a strong military response to the Islamic State’s rapid ascendance. It came a day after the House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to authorize training and arming Syrian insurgents who are opposed to the Islamic State.

re: 'new video of...Mr. Can't-lie...reading from a script...a coming series of lectures'

Hot off the press: Mr. Can't-lie is going to be delivering a "series of lectures" about the "Islamic state" and how America is heading into "another unwinnable war"?

Too absurd. Here now to the point of ridicule, as what is being done here is an absolutely twisted little 'name-game' playing. And they do love their name-games [see: Sandy Hook]. The kabalist-style joke is that Mr. Can't-lie (get it get it?) is actually telling an overall truth because the Syria-war now being manufactured, designed to lead into the planned Russia-China-Iran fake Gog-Magog WWIII, is not designed for America to win. Part of the overall plan is for America to be dissolved into the so-called NAU in the post fake GogMagog WWIII re-ordering of the nations [link]. ZWO spokesman/actor Mr. Can't-lie is reading it right from the script, and they are confessing this also.

Mr Can't-lie is just one of many name-game characters to come across the stage recently though. Remember Cia-n-Cia from the hoaxed LAX/TSA incident [link]. Or what about the even more recent Nancy Writ-ebol so-called first ebola victim. Would that 'writ' of 'ebol' have something to do possibly with some new pending legal 'writs' of some sort that the ZWO-ers are planning to pull out of their 'ebol-a' hats - and in fact is already being done to Africa [link].

It is a religious thing - of the very 'dark religion' of the Kabbalists that is [2Kings 17:16]. A nifty little rule it is. Do what you want, just tell it openly, hiding it in plain sight though of course, and you are excused after that because you told them and they didn't stop you. That's the general idea, exactly as now being demonstrated by Mr. Can't-lie. Something like how if a person crosses their fingers behind their back that supposedly makes it okay to tell a fib.

Mr. Can't-lie will be giving a series of lectures, says the ZWO Bureau of Propaganda. Watch the hands.
 Rev. 18:4
Compare: Israeli Mossad Code Named "ISIS" - And Imaginary 'ISIS' A Zionist Ploy To Takeover "The Promised Land" 9-13-14

* 'ISIS' Imaginary? Old Spice Commercial Shows Severed Head During 9-14-14 Seahawks/Chargers NFL Game 9-15-14 "As always the answer is hidden in plain sight"

more name-game see: "The Harbinger" is a Cahn job
Psalms 58:3 'The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies'


No Stops To The Psyops (ISIS Ebola): U.S. Announces AFRICOM 'Ebola' Plan To Be A 'Dramatic (nwo) Expansion'

Repost of 9-8-14 "No Stops To The Psyops (ISIS Ebola): U.S. Troops Being Sent To Africa To 'Battle Ebola' - Africom Grows" -- w/update below which gives the details of the plan, now said to be a "dramatic expansion" of what was initially announced:

Follow up on: "Ebola" An NWO Scam To Build Africom? Agenda 21 "Regional Coordination", Police State Response Announced 7-31-14 "Problem-reaction-solution...one after another after another after another - Regional coordination is global speak for Agenda 21 international control of sovereign nations. Under "regional coordination", the sovereignty of individual nations is subjugated to the "international agenda". One of the problems for the international-agenda types though is that a reason to bring about this coordination is needed. Sovereign nations are little inclined to 'regionally coordinate' with other sovereign nations and surrender their autonomy. No, for that to happen, some sort of a lever must be applied to move what will never be moved otherwise...All because of "ebola", seemingly a very effective 'lever', the 'globalists' have taken control of another multi-nation 'zone' of Africa, and, facts are facts, everything being done matches perfectly the Zionist-Agenda 21 goal of regional global-government of all Africa...Important to note though, that while it is Africa in this instance, the plan is the same for all the world. Facts are facts.
Obama Says He Will Send US Troops to West Africa to Help Ebola Epidemic as Deaths Top 2,100

President Barack Obama announced Sunday that he will be sending members of the U.S. military to West Africa to help in the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history, which has claimed over 2,100 lives.

"We're going to have to get U.S. military assets just to set up, for example, isolation units and equipment there to provide security for public health workers surging from around the world," Obama said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press."

"What we're seeing is a ... hugely fast increase in cases that's harder and harder to manage. The more we can get in there and tamp that down, the fewer cases we'll have in the weeks and months to come."

While Obama said that it is unlikely that the virus will spread to the U.S. in the short term, he warned that the disease could threaten the U.S. in the future.

"There's the prospect then that the virus mutates, it becomes more easily transmittable, and then it could be a serious danger to the U.S.," the president said.

"Stopping this disease won't be easy, but we know how to do it," Obama said. "You are not alone. Together, we can treat those who are sick with respect and dignity, we can save lives, and our countries can work together to improve public health so this kind of outbreak doesn't happen again."

U.S. Military presence on African continent 2012-2013; photo: motherjones.com 9-6-13
re: "together we...our countries can work together"

Ebola ISIS ebola ISIS ebola ISIS etc. etc. etc.. No-stops to the psy-ops. Ever. Ebola for Africa integration, ISIS so-called for Middle East takeover. These are go-for-broke tactics at this point. Africa and the Middle East - these are also virtually the last two remaining geographic regions of the earth that are not quite yet under full control of the would-be ZWO masters of humanity. Not the governments mind you, these have been long infiltrated and are all going along with the program, but out in the countryside, in the towns and villages, so to speak, where the people are still set in the old ways, here is where things must be turned absolutely upside down so as to implement the necessary "paradigm shift" to the new ways of the planned dictatorial global community. In the Middle East this will require force as the ancient factions would never surrender their old-worldviews, going all the way back to biblical days, to Zionist domination willingly. The Middle East 'go-for-broke' is now getting the green light for the go-ahead, under the out-of-the-blue 'ISIS threat to the entire world' [link] and the entire world must cooperate to counter them, pretext.

In Africa it is more so the logistics of a vast continent still locked in the ways of the old world also, most of it being still a third-world, so-to-speak, environment. Military destruction, for the most part, is not the plan - Somalia and a few other countries excepted, but rather military continent-wide management. To incorporate the entire continent into the ZWO global-corporate system by 'natural' means would take forever. Too many nations, too many different situations. Acquiring military control over the entire continent is the chosen method for Africa. Management of the whole, versus individual management of the many parts. This strategy for Africa too is now on the go-for-broke program. Out-of-the-blue "Ebola" - whether real 'germs' somehow spreading, or a media-created illusion, is clearly advancing the 'program', allowing the linking of many of the different 'parts' under this 'new global management'. No 'ebola' - no linking, that's how that works.

"Disaster! This is an attack to Destroy any Place!"
Rev. 18:4
9-16-14 update: Citing security threat, Obama expands U.S. role fighting Ebola "The U.S. plan, a dramatic expansion of Washington's initial response last week...calls for sending 3,000 troops, including engineers and medical personnel; establishing a regional command and control center in Liberia's capital, Monrovia; building 17 treatment centers with 100 beds each; training thousands of healthcare workers - up to 500 per week for six months or longer; and establishing a military control center for coordinating the relief effort..."

Regional command and control center to be established...and then of course...never to be relinquished. The 'beast' devouring Africa*. This is how.

See all: ebola '14
*One world government in the form of regional global government is bible prophecy fulfilling. This is that - no Antichrist yet though, for before that can happen [Dan. 7:23-25], according to the Word of God, Ten kings shall arise.

Know what "is written".


Israeli Mossad Code Named "ISIS" - And Imaginary 'ISIS' A Zionist Ploy To Takeover "The Promised Land"

There are at least a half a dozen different videos going viral based on the below clip. The clip is from 1990, revealing that the Israeli Mossad has used the acronym "ISIS" for a long time. This does not lessen the reality that the name "ISIS" is also that of the so-called Egyptian 'goddess' that is used to represent the "spirit of Antichrist", aka "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH" - Rev. 17:5 [see 'follow up' post linked below video]. In reality, it would be hard to see the choice of the use of those particular four letters as a code-name for 'Mossad' as anything other than intentional, which also would seem to be exactly the case with the naming of the appearing-out-of-nowhere bad guys that are suddenly providing a seemingly too-good-to-be-true perfect pretext for the Zionists immediate goal in the Middle East of taking over Syria...

[related videos at endscreen not endorsed - YT removed ability to turn off]

This post is a follow up on:

ISIS: ZWO Invoking 'Spirit Of Antichrist'; Script About 'The Promised Land' (Syria), 'Blood Moons', Katy Perry "Perfect Storm" [Bible Prophecy] 6-21-14

(Theodor Herzl is considered the 'father of modern political Zionism'- link)
"Scripted scripted scripted. Out of absolutely nowhere, overnight even, comes the ridiculously acronymed so-called Islamist terror group "ISIS". The occult connection of the name was noticed immediately of course by many. Truth is stranger than fiction they say. Another commonly used phrase to describe events that are so seemingly crazy as to defy description is "you can't make this stuff up". Well in the case before us now, neither one of these two well used maxims apply. Fiction never rings true, and evidence of being contrived is always discernible. Unusual events that fit a known objective perfectly, definitely then become suspect of having in fact been 'made up'. Contrived and made up seem to be exactly the case with what might be now termed "the rise of ISIS""

To the would-be earth-conquering Zionists Syria is crucial. One half of Syria, as seen above, belongs to the original promised land of the Genesis 15 "Abrahamic Covenant":

Genesis 15:18 'In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates'

The river Euphrates cuts right down the middle of Syria and Iraq. The Jews have never possessed all the land, and they want it. Make no mistake, the goal of Zionism is nothing less than total domination of the entire earth, where they should rule as lords over the 'lesser species' of 'lower humanity', but, the "Promised Land" would then be set aside as distinctly Jewish. All of this is another topic though, more than can be dealt with here [link]. Suffice it to say they do want it and it looks like it's about go-time, once again thanks to "ISIS". This 'war' very well may morph into the fake Gog-Magog WWIII, as described in the 'follow up' at top [see post].
Last year's 'ISON' the no-show meteorite proved to be imaginary: Imaginary ISON a no-show Nov. 28

Is this year's 'ISIS' the-perfect-Syria-pretext real or imaginary? They're here, they're there, they're everywhere, says the ZWO news creators. And they showed up at the perfect time too - just when the next phase of Zionist global domination was time to go, which is to say perfectly timed for the so-called 'blood moons' (fake) bible prophecy coming over the next year - according to the astronomical calendar, which then allows for some added (invented) prophecy-type effects, which can then be trumpeted to all the world as 'divine' favor on the overall agenda [link]. What a plan - no?

ISIS acronymed bad guys, harbingers, shemitah years, blood moons, ebola; not to mention Russia, China, Iran supposedly getting together, which is extremely convenient for anyone that might be planning to try and pull off a little Gog-Magog fake bible prophecy scenario [link]. And all these things at once? Again the question, is 'ISIS' real or imaginary. It's not that hard of a question.

Compare: Arab News Al Jazeera Claims Foley, Sotloff 'Beheadings' Were "Hollywood" Productions To Justify Syria Invasion 9-6-14

Rev. 18:4
Micah 3:10 'They build up Zion with blood, and Jerusalem with iniquity'


Beyond the Pale: Obamas Commemorate 9/11 By Packing "KaBOOM!" Backpacks -- An NWO Admission?

Unreal: Michelle And Barack Remember 9/11 In The Most Shockingly Inappropriate Way

[excerpted] It’s hard to imagine that Michelle Obama and her White House advisors could possibly have picked a more bizarre way to let her social media fans know how FLOTUS was remembering 9/11. How long do you have to look at the First Lady’s twitter feed to see the horribly jarring message and terribly awkward imagery:

"The President & FLOTUS joined millions to #Remember911 with service by assembling backpacks with @KaBOOM volunteers. pic.twitter.com/OpIhhQLIlb

— The First Lady (@FLOTUS) September 12, 2014"

On its website, the organization KaBOOM! describes its mission as working…

…to bring balanced and active play into the daily lives of all children, particularly those growing up in poverty in America. We do this by creating great places to play, inspiring communities to promote and support play and driving the national discussion about the importance of play in fostering healthy and productive lives.

KaBOOM! to commemorate 9/11?

What a great joke. The ZNWO script-writers must be getting a really good chuckle with this one. The thing about it though - is it an admission?

See: 9/11 Cover Up 13 Yrs. Later: "Architects And Engineers" Richard Gage C-SPAN 8-1-14; Litmus Test Video; Pentagon; Hulk Hogan/Macho Man 1989

Rev. 18:4
Galatians 6:7 'Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap'


Faking Antichrist: Obama Photo-Op Of 'ISIS'/Syria Speech Shows Him With "Baphomet" Devil-Horns

Follow up on: ISIS: ZWO Invoking 'Spirit Of Antichrist'; Script About 'The Promised Land' (Syria), 'Blood Moons', Katy Perry "Perfect Storm" [Bible Prophecy] 6-21-14 "...one thing is certain - and that is that a massive worldwide deception is on the way...in terms of middle east warfare, ultimately finalizing in a fake Gog-Magog WWIII, prearranged to result in Israeli victory, allowing for a claim of divine-deliverance, to then be interpreted-to-the-world as evidence of the god-given right to rule the planet and mankind [link]... Syria is on the list for conquest. Possibly something starts there. This could lead into an Iran involvement, and it is definitely not without importance to note the fact that Russia has suddenly become the big bad villain. Totally scripted..."One more thing: The use of the name "ISIS". This is not just something being done for laughs. Every time the name is spoken they are invoking the 'spirit' [of Antichrist] over their planned "perfect storm" [see post]
Zoomed in and lightened up for clarity - no question about it.
A clear photo-op showing Obama sporting a dual set of horns
and a center spike - "Baphomet" style; photo credit: ibtimes
Devil-horned Obama - this photo has been posted on a number of different websites, but what is especially interesting is that it does not appear to have been taken from the video feed used to broadcast the actual speech. All the videos of the speech were with open drapes sans horns - as seen below. The horned-photo has been purposely framed by a clever camera angle - or an intentional alteration of the backdrop with the photo taken at a different time. Note the position of the two pictures on either side of Obama on the back wall. In the above shot they are below the shoulders, and with the way that picture is framed, or from that angle, the drapes appear to be closed. In the below photo the two pictures on the wall are head level, and with the framing of that shot, or the angle, it shows the drapes open. Either way, whatever is going on, it is absolutely playing games. Some videos show the above shot in the opening but then instantly cut to the below scene - like the NYTimes for instance [link]. This devil-horned image then would have had to have been a carefully planned photo-op, which, apparently, would then have to have been done solely for release with the news reports on the speech. Put this one in the ultra-serious subliminal-propaganda category.


*Faking Antichrist - see: Obama "Unbreakable Alliance" Israel Trip, And New Pope: NWO Imitating Antichrist And False Prophet? 2-26-13 "...the way in which this is being done is giving the appearance of the beginning of an absolutely massive deception upon the entire world. A deception created by imitating bible prophecy...The Catholic church is being brought in - and not possibly by chance - with the recent resignation of the sitting pope...What orchestration, and what imitating of bible prophecy? To cut to the chase, it has to do with creating the persona of a fake antichrist, and the persona of a fake 'false prophet'. [see post]

compare: NWO Fake-Antichrist Promotion Underway? Obama-Satan Likeness In "Bible" TV Series Denied 3-18-13

see also: TIME Names 'New World Pope' Francis Person Of The Year - Portray Him With 'Horns Like A Lamb'; And "Last Pope Prophecy" NWO Fake 'False Prophet' 12-11-13

Follow links, connect dots

Rev. 18:4
Jeremiah 6:19 'Hear, O earth: behold, I will bring evil upon this people, even the fruit of their thoughts, because they have not hearkened unto my words, nor to my law, but rejected it'

9/11 Cover Up 13 Yrs. Later: "Architects And Engineers" Richard Gage C-SPAN 8-1-14; Litmus Test Video; Pentagon; Hulk Hogan/Macho Man 1989

Videos posted for informational purposes without analysis or comment other than this paragraph. Let each analyze for them self. The first video is very recent [8-1-14] and surprised many that it was aired as apparently nothing as clearly presented has gotten this far previously. It's lengthy - but it's history in the making and should definitely be noted. Note especially that the msm talking-head never flinches. It's an absolute pseudo-reality world today. The 2nd video below, "litmus test", is older, coming out in 2008. It's worth viewing as the producer puts an interesting perspective on the world-changing event that was 9/11. It is what it is. Walk in the light - John 8:12. The rest is self-explanatory. Fyi

Youtube: Richard Gage Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth; Fri 01 Aug 2014


Youtube: "It all comes down to 9/11. Everything that has happened has happened based on a lie. Everyone in government; in the media, in entertainment, in organized religion, in the public eye and in the public who accepts and promotes the official story is either a traitor or a tool. Everyone who does not stand forth and speak truth to power is a coward, a liar and complicit in mass murder. Everyone- everywhere can be measured according to this litmus test."

Plane? What plane?

Pentagon showing no evidence of any plane having hit. Above is an inital photo after the purported 'impact'. No wreckage, no structural collapse, nothing. The crashing plane has vanished. The collapse of the 'too small for a plane' section shown below [with plane image superimposed] did not happen until some time later...approximately thirty minutes after purported impact.


"...you're going to see the twin towers come crumbling down"

Clip reportedly dates from 1989 - a WWF event featuring a Tag Team match where the "Mega Powers", viz. legends Hulk Hogan and Randy 'Macho Man' Savage, were to face two opponents named "The Twin Towers"


Video embed code [adjust height/width as needed]:

<iframe src="https://www.bitchute.com/embed/4neCZdQA9yl8/" width="550" height="309"</iframe>


:02 "Do you want to know how powerful the megapowers are?"

:08 "Everybody knows the Twin Towers are big strong high buildings, larger than any buildings in New York City..."

:20 "But I'm telling you something right now [1989]...they may be earthquake proof, they may be typhoon proof, they may be tidal wave proof, but when the mega powers, the strongest force in the universe goes against the twin towers, it's going to be like a faultline going right through their foundation, and the richter scale is going to spin around 42 times, go into orbit, and you're going to see the twin towers come crumbling down..."

Rev. 18:4
Habakkuk 2:12 'Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and stablisheth a city by iniquity!' [ZNWO]


'Global Leaders' Now Pushing To Legalize Pot And Cocaine Worldwide - Government Regulated

Follow up on: NWO Plan To Get America 'Stoned' Underway - Dumb And Numb, Zombified; Colorado, Phillip Seymour Hoffman 2-4-14 "...what could possibly be the real reason for the sudden push to 'get America stoned'? The answer to that question is painfully obvious. Smoking marijuana makes people "dumb and numb" - which is why they call it 'dope' - which is exactly how the NWO-ites want their "useless eater" slaves during these late (final) stages of transition from old order to new order - dopey - they are so much easier to control that way. Legalize it, and hurry up about it, says the novus ordo seclorum Washington D.C. division" [see post]
World Leaders Call For Massive Shift In Global Drug Policy

In a report to be released Tuesday, the Global Commission on Drug Policy, a panel of prominent political figures and activists, will call upon governments around the world to decriminalize drug use and legalize marijuana.

Members of the commission, including former Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo, former U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Paul Volcker and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, are calling for drug policies shaped by a greater emphasis on public health, as well as alternatives to incarceration for nonviolent drug crimes. The participating members also say it is time to permit the legal regulation in all countries of psychoactive substances like cannabis and coca leaf.

The report's executive summary reads, in part:

"The Commissioners call for an end to the criminalization and incarceration of users together with targeted prevention, harm reduction and treatment strategies for dependent users.

In order to reduce drug related harms and undermine the power and profits of organized crime, the Commission recommends that governments regulate drug markets and adapt their enforcement strategies to target the most violent and disruptive criminal groups rather than punish low level players. The Global Commission's proposals are complementary and comprehensive. They call on governments to rethink the problem, do what can and should be done immediately, and not to shy away from the transformative potential of responsible regulation."

Members of the commission will meet Tuesday in New York City to discuss the report at a press conference

Following the Tuesday conference, members of the commission will meet with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and U.N. Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson to discuss the report's recommendations. The report is being released in anticipation of the upcoming U.N. General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on Drugs, scheduled for 2016. Members of the commission say they hope the U.N. will take their report's recommendations into consideration in reshaping global drug policy.

"Global Commission on Drug Policy"?

Say what? A global organization that wants to dictate to all the governments of the world a "drug policy" that involves legalizing psychoactive drugs under government regulation? Yes it is true. As for who commissioned them, that information is not given, but it turns out that they are a "panel of prominent political figures and activists". Some big names there, obviously connected at the highest levels. Also obvious is that there is a huge agenda being revealed here.

The 'follow up' linked at top suggested that there is an agenda - a method to the madness - in the sudden push to legalize drug use in the USA. Obviously though is not just America that they want 'doped up'...it is the whole world. Be aware.

Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 10:1-2 'Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed; To turn aside the needy from judgment, and to take away the right from the poor of my people, that widows may be their prey, and that they may rob the fatherless! '


Arab News Al Jazeera Claims Foley, Sotloff 'Beheadings' Were "Hollywood" Productions To Justify Syria Invasion

Follow up on: ZWO Presents "The Beheaders" - Pushing The "ISIS" Theme Full Blown For Their "Perfect Storm" 8-20-14 "The Beheaders - the latest Theatre of the Absurd production, compliments of the global media conglomerate aka the ZWO Bureau of Propaganda. Barely on the scene for even two months now, The Beheaders have quickly become a serious "global threat" - including threatening the USofA with all sorts of dastardly deeds, say the NWO news-dispensing agencies... Suggests that the ZWO producers are making the final preparations for taking their whole agenda [Syria; fake Gog-Magog WWIII] to the next level. That would be the "Perfect Storm" that the same producers had what's-her-name [Katy Perry] singing about dressed in an "Isis" costume just a while back, as mentioned above. [see link below photo]
Al Jazeera ridicules beheading of U.S. journalists as ‘Hollywood’ show

[Excerpted] A report by Al Jazeera News channel has ridiculed the horrific beheading of two U.S. journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff as “Hollywood” casting, saying the executions were “unconvincing” and could be used as a pretext for a Western intervention in Syria.

Perhaps the first thing that draws the attention of the viewer” in the first beheading video is that “Foley was playing the role of champion not the victim only, for he recites a lengthy statement in peerless theatrical performance, and it seems from tracking the movement of his eyes that he was reading a text from an autocue,” the Al Jazeera report said.

The report even expressed doubts over the identity of the masked killer, saying: “he does not have the features of common jihadist figures, but he was rather similar to a Hollywood actor.” It added that the same remarks also apply to the video of Sotloff's execution. Similar to Foley, it claimed, Sotloff displayed no signs of fear, neither during his statement nor during the execution.

To support the claim that the beheading was “staged,” the Al Jazeera report went into details of the execution. It claimed that a review of the video in slow motion showed that “the knife being moved on the neck of the victim six times triggered no blood.” - “The filmmaker wanted to convince us that slaughtering was done after they cut the shot to show his head detached from the body in and unjustified montage leap,” the report claimed.

It also raised questions over how Foley, who was kidnapped since 2012, reached the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Even more, it raised doubts over the identity of the executed man, claiming that he does not look like Foley. It quoted unidentified “activists” as claiming that Foley had previously worked for the U.S. Department of State and that he might have had links with intelligence, “which could mean that he colluded in the fabrication of the tape.”

The Al Jazeera report claimed that “purported beheadings” could be used to justify a future war, like the George W. Bush' justification for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In 2003, Bush marketed his idea to invade Iraq on the basis of reports that Saddam Hussein had weapons of Mass Destruction. ***

See also: ISIS: ZWO Invoking 'Spirit Of Antichrist'; Script About 'The Promised Land' (Syria), 'Blood Moons', Katy Perry "Perfect Storm" [Bible Prophecy] 6-21-14 "One more thing: The use of the name "ISIS". This is not just something being done for laughs. Every time the name is spoken they are invoking the 'spirit' [of Antichrist] over their planned "perfect storm". Every television newscast, every radio broadcast, newspaper story, etc. Even in a collective sense, ignorantly or not, as people around the world talk about "ISIS" the name is being 'invoked' continually...In the very simplest terms possible, "Isis" is the embodiment of the concept of the "divine feminine" which permeates many religions. This concept of the divine feminine takes numerous forms, including that of the "shekinah" in the Jewish Kabbalah, and the Mother Mary of Catholicism (Queen of heaven - link), and Kali from the Hindu religion, to name just a few...despite the many different names attributed to this 'feminine spirit' throughout history, the Bible identifies it simply as "the great whore" - "with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication" - Rev. 17:1-2. "Isis" is the Kabbalist-representation of this dark spiritual reality - the "MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH" [Rev. 17:5] - the unholy source of all things anti- Christ in the world today. Recommend do not fall for their 'invoking' trick, and be aware of the "perfect storm" scenario evidently about to be [now being] played out. [see post]

Rev. 18:4


Recommended Sermon: 'The Sweet Uses Of Adversity' - Spurgeon

Job 10:2 '...shew me wherefore thou contendest with me'

1:50 "Will the Almighty contend with the nothingness of man..."
2:50 "It must be a contention of mercy..." [39min]

19:30 "...another reason...but it is one which some of you will not understand; some however will. Beloved, ye remember that it is written, that we "must bear the image of the heavenly" [1Cor. 15:49], namely, the image of Christ. As he was in this world even so must we be. We must have fellowship with him in his sufferings, that we may be conformable unto his death [Phil. 3:10]. Hast thou never thought that none can be like the Man of Sorrow [Isaiah 53:3] unless they have sorrows too? How can you be like unto him, who sweat as it were great drops of blood [Luke 22:44], if you do not sometimes say, "My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death" [Matt 26:38]. Think not, O well-beloved, that thou canst be like the thorn-crowned head, and yet never feel the thorn. Canst thou be like thy dying Lord, and yet be uncrucified? Must thy hand be without a nail, and thy foot without a wound [Gal. 5:24; 6:14]? Canst thou be like him, unless like him thou art compelled to say, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" - Psalms 22:1. God is chiseling you—you are but a rough block—he is making you into the image of Christ; and that sharp chisel is taking away much which prevents your being like him. Must he who is our head be marred in his visage by reason of grief [Isaiah 52:14], and must we for ever rejoice and sing? It cannot be.

"The heirs of salvation, I know from his word,
Through much tribulation must follow their Lord."

full text

Romans 8:29 'For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren'