New-World-Pope Francis Climate Change 'Encyclical' Coming In 2015 To Push Agenda 21 On Catholicism

Follow up on: New Pope Arrives 3-13-13: Bergoglio Anagram and "Last Pope Prophecy", A21, Purpose Driven, Seagull Symbolism 3-13-13 "This post...in general, [is] to look at the result of the selection of the new pope to try and determine whether what happened fits the basic scenario with regard to the "Zionist global agenda"... Three things are apparent right of the bat. They are (1) the name of the selected pope, (2) the papal name chosen by the selected pope, and (3) the meaning of that name as indicative of what his mission will be and the significance of that "mission"...First observation is on #2, the chosen name of the pope being Francis, reportedly after Francis of Assisi. Francis of Assisi is said to have been "The patron saint of the...environment" wikipedia. The global agenda aspect of this is very easy to identify. The clear message is that this pope is going to be the 'green pope', aka the Agenda 21 pope. No doubt he will be preaching the green gospel of submission to Agenda 21 environmental-slavery..."  [there is much more on this subject - the interfaith aspect, i.e fake-false-prophet, 'serving' the poor, etc., aka "Purpose Driven" i.e. the Purpose Driven Pope; see full post]
Pope Francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and US churches

3-26-13 special edition TIME
magazine; 13 days after
3-13-13 papal 'selection'
Pontiff hopes to inspire action at next year’s UN meeting in Paris in December after visits to Philippines and New York

...but can Francis achieve a feat that has so far eluded secular powers and inspire decisive action on climate change?

It looks as if he will give it a go. In 2015, the pope will issue a lengthy message on the subject to the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, give an address to the UN general assembly and call a summit of the world’s main religions.

Following a visit in March to Tacloban, the Philippine city devastated in 2012 by typhoon Haiyan, the pope will publish a rare encyclical on climate change and human ecology. Urging all Catholics to take action on moral and scientific grounds, the document will be sent to the world’s 5,000 Catholic bishops and 400,000 priests, who will distribute it to parishioners.

According to Vatican insiders, Francis will meet other faith leaders and lobby politicians at the general assembly in New York in September, when countries will sign up to new anti-poverty and environmental goals.

According to Neil Thorns, head of advocacy at Cafod, said: “The anticipation around Pope Francis’s forthcoming encyclical is unprecedented. We have seen thousands of our supporters commit to making sure their MPs know climate change is affecting the poorest communities.”

“A papal encyclical is rare. It is among the highest levels of a pope’s authority. It will be 50 to 60 pages long; it’s a big deal. But there is a contingent of Catholics here who say he should not be getting involved in political issues, that he is outside his expertise.”

Francis will also be opposed by the powerful US evangelical movement, said Calvin Beisner, spokesman for the conservative Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, which has declared the US environmental movement to be “un-biblical” and a false religion.

re: "urging all Catholics to take action on moral and scientific grounds"

Bergoglio on the job. Agenda 21 and Purpose Driven is 'the job'. It was obvious from the get-go actually. Both are integral to the success of the Zionist-global-agenda - as mentioned in the 'follow up' above. Clearly the unprecedented papal-switch of 2013 that saw Benedict step down and Bergoglio step up was done for the sole 'purpose' of jump-starting the paradigm-shift that would be needed to accomplish the 'transformation of Catholicism' into the 'new green world order' [link]. Note especially the 'purpose' of the upcoming so-called authoritative encyclical that it is to be delivered to all Catholic parishioners worldwide. Via the "5,000 bishops and 400,000 priests" built-in distribution-system, the papal-dictate will "urge all Catholics" to readily submit to the green global-slavery scheme most often referred to by the pseudonym "climate change". This new-world-pope dictate is scheduled to come sometime after a March 2015 visit to the heavily Catholicized country of the Philippines.

Next on the agenda will be an address at the September 2015 UN general assembly in New York where the stated goal is to "sign up countries to the new anti-poverty and environmental goals". Along with that address Bergoglio/Francis is slated to head up a global-religion summit during the conference with the goal to organize the world's religious leaders to lobby the politicians to 'go along with the program'. All of this will be a run-up to the 'really big shew' in Paris in December 2015 where they surely intend to close the deal, if all goes according to plan [the LORD God will decide that - Dan. 8:19]. Global politics and global religion acting in one accord? That's called one-world government. Zionist-kingdom-come one world government to be more precise [link]. Understanding this it is easy to see what the grand-green-scheme is really all about. And Francis being placed in a position of global authority in such a manner as now seen is fake-false-prophet role-playing 101 [link]. It all goes together. The scenario is being unfolded perfectly according to script. Note the "anti-poverty" aspect included in the itemized list of UN goals for the NY 2015 assembly. Anti-poverty, so-called, with regard to global-religious concerns, could be termed the Purpose Driven factor in the overall plan: Religious groups, Catholics in this instance, "urged to action", which really means being unwittingly transformed into communitarian-ized worker-bees with which to manage the new-global kingdom-come. It's their 'purpose in life' says purpose-driver front-man Rick Warren [see RW: P.E.A.C.E Plan].

Note to Catholics: The kingdom-comers are finished with traditional Catholicism. Over and done. It is being deconstructed, purposely, and reconstructed, so as to be fitted, eventually, into the Kabbalist one-world-religious system of the anti-Christ Zionist-kingdom-come. That is the harsh reality and there is no way around it. The only option is to come to terms with that reality and respond accordingly...and "come out of her my people" - Rev. 18:4;  cf. Rom. 10:9-10

Follow links connect dots; also see all: fake 'false prophet' pope
Matthew 23:9 'And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven'


Tylenol 'Expands' Family In New Commercial: Lesbians, Ex-Husband, Kids, Unidentifieds, And A Jewish Ritual

Tylenol Promotes Lesbianism in New Commercial: ‘Our Definition of Family Is Expanding'

A new commercial released by the popular pharmaceutical company Tylenol features a lesbian twosome, along with the ex-husband of one of the women, who raise their children together as a family.

Abigail Rockwell, the granddaughter of Norman Rockwell, opens the commercial.

“Norman Rockwell painted America’s story for sixty plus years,” she states. “Our definition of family is now expanding and blossoming, so it’s not this rigid, fixed picture of what the family is.”

The advertisement then introduces viewers to what is known as the Beser Carr Schneider Musich family [full article at link]

Tylenol's expanding blossoming family happens to be two lesbians, an ex-husband, a third unidentified woman whose role is not stated, two kids from the original heterosexual marriage, other unidentified kids, and another kid having some unexplained relationship to the 'lesbian couple'...and four surnames. All summed up by the statement "We just happen to be four parents trying to raise our children."

Note: A prominent part of the commercial is a fairly direct promotion of "touching the challah" - a loaf of bread. This is what is happening on the visible still-shot on the below video. It is a Talmudic-Jewish ritual having to do with the sabbath. This open push for Talmudic-Judaism presented within the context of the totally deconstructed family unit makes abundantly clear the source of the radical 'new-world-new-family' agenda.

Think "Protocols".

Compare: "Is there a Jewish conspiracy to rule the world?" see: 'tikkun olam'

Be informed always.  Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 24:5 'The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant'

The Stoning Of Amerika: Federal Government Ends Ban On "Medical Marijuana" - Clearing Way For 'Full Legalization'

Follow up on: 'Global Leaders' Now Pushing To Legalize Pot And Cocaine Worldwide - Government Regulated 9-9-14 "In a report to be released Tuesday, the Global Commission on Drug Policy, a panel of prominent political figures and activists, will call upon governments around the world to decriminalize drug use and legalize marijuana...members of the commission will meet with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and U.N. Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson to discuss the report's recommendations. The report is being released in anticipation of the upcoming U.N. General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on Drugs, scheduled for 2016. Members of the commission say they hope the U.N. will take their report's recommendations into consideration in reshaping global drug policy.
Congress quietly ends federal government's ban on medical marijuana

[12-16-14] Tucked deep inside the 1,603-page federal spending measure is a provision that effectively ends the federal government's prohibition on medical marijuana and signals a major shift in drug policy.

The bill's passage over the weekend marks the first time Congress has approved nationally significant legislation backed by legalization advocates. It brings almost to a close two decades of tension between the states and Washington over medical use of marijuana.

Under the provision, states where medical pot is legal would no longer need to worry about federal drug agents raiding retail operations. Agents would be prohibited from doing so.

"This is a victory for so many," said the measure's coauthor, Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of Costa Mesa. The measure's approval, he said, represents "the first time in decades that the federal government has curtailed its oppressive prohibition of marijuana."

By now, 32 states and the District of Columbia have legalized pot or its ingredients to treat ailments, a movement that began in the 1990s. Even back then, some states had been approving broader decriminalization measures for two decades.

"The war on medical marijuana is over," said Bill Piper, a lobbyist with the Drug Policy Alliance, who called the move historic.

"Now the fight moves on to legalization of all marijuana," he said. "This is the strongest signal we have received from Congress [that] the politics have really shifted. ... Congress has been slow to catch up with the states and American people, but it is catching up."

re: "Now the fight moves on to legalization of all marijuana"

History being made again, but as is all too common these days, not 'good history'. The U.S. Federal government has effectively ended the ban on so-called "medical marijuana", a move which clearly, as stated in the above article, "signals a major shift in drug policy". The extremely notable thing about that "signal" is that the new stated position is clearly aligning the Federal government with the newly recommended "drug policy" of the appearing out-of-nowhere 'Global Commission on Drug Policy' [see 'follow up' above]. This new global body is 'pushing' for "governments around the world" to decriminalize all drug use and for the legalizing of so-called recreational use of marijuana. Isn't that special?

The "war on medical marijuana is over", says Drug Policy Alliance lobbyist Bill Piper, and "now the fight moves on to legalization of all marijuana". Bill Piper? Sounds like a play on words about the bill they just passed - opening the door for the 'marijuana-pipers', or perhaps even a little twist about collecting lots of drug money out of the deal too...like 'billing' the pipers?

The reality though is that the "fight" to legalize drugs is already fixed. As has now become clearly evident, endorsing drug use by the populations of the world is actually a major agenda item for the novus ordo seclorum would-be masters of humanity. Full government sanction of "medical marijuana" clears the way for that agenda. Drug 'em all into submission seems to be the strategy:

See: NWO Plan To Get America 'Stoned' Underway - Dumb And Numb, Zombified; Colorado, Phillip Seymour Hoffman 2-4-14 "...what could possibly be the real reason for the sudden push to 'get America stoned'? The answer to that question is painfully obvious. Smoking marijuana makes people "dumb and numb" - which is why they call it 'dope' - which is exactly how the NWO-ites want their "useless eater" slaves during these late (final) stages of transition from old order to new order - dopey - they are so much easier to control that way. Legalize it, and hurry up about it, says the novus ordo seclorum Washington D.C. division" [see post]

The wraps are off people - this Babylon world is out in the open now on virtually all fronts. Come out of her, my people - saith the LORD!  Rev. 18:4


Martial Law Script: National Guard Deployed In Milwaukee After 3rd 'White-Cop-Kills-Black-Man' Non-Indictment

National Guard activated and deployed in Milwaukee WI following non-indictment of officer

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A white Milwaukee police officer who was fired after he fatally shot a mentally ill black man in a downtown park in April won’t face criminal charges, the county’s top prosecutor said Monday.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm said in an emailed press release that Christopher Manney won’t be charged because he shot Dontre Hamilton in self-defense.

“This was a tragic incident for the Hamilton family and for the community,” Chisholm said in a statement. “But, based on all the evidence and analysis presented in this report, I come to the conclusion that Officer Manney’s use of force in this incident was justified self-defense and that defense cannot be reasonably overcome to establish a basis to charge Officer Manney with a crime.”

Manney is at least the third white police officer to not be charged in the past month after a confrontation that led to a black man’s death.

Governor Walker says the National Guard had been “activated and deployed” and will be used at the discretion of the Milwaukee Police Department to manage expected protests against the decision.

This post is a follow up, related to: Ferguson Ordo Ab Chao And Pentagon 5-'13 'Rule Change' On "Civil Disturbances" - It's A Match; And The NAU 9-5-14 "Cui bono? Either citizens are getting gunned down all over the place in the US of A these days, or, it is just being made to appear to be so...via endless staged productions...in order to create an illusion...to gain an objective...the objective being the training of the populace to submit to an authoritarian governing of themselves...and equally as crucial to the secret-society globalists aspirations...and the other side of that coin actually...to begin the full and final implementation of a global military rule, which definitely includes the nation of America. Making these things happen is absolutely imperative for the would-be 'apotheosists' (god-men) before they can realize their delusional dreams of installing themselves as the ruling authoritarians of all the earth...Anybody can believe what they want about the endless incidents the USA is being subjected to, whether or not they are authentic or Hollywood type stage-managed productions. It must be noted though that without a pretext, which it is undeniable that 'perfect-pretexts' just keep coming one after another - something like dial-a-chaos, it might be a real long time before there would be enough 'crisis-situations' with at least an appearance of legitimacy to 'explain' the necessity for all the heavy-handed 'solutions' now being rolled out in real-time. And of course the most telling thing about these 'solutions' are that they invariably facilitate the implementation of the exact plans to subdue and control the 'peasants'..."[see post]

Compare also: Marines To 'Train' (Public For Martial Law) In Downtown Los Angeles December 5-16, 2014; Ferguson, NY, "Phoenix" 12-5-14 "Military games in the downtown streets of LA California? There is only one name for that - martial law desensitization. Same thing currently underway in Ferguson, and NY, and of course wouldn't you know, now Phoenix. Only difference is that the drills in those cities are live as a result of the 'chaos' factor - namely the string of concurrent supposed white-cop-on-black-citizen killings..." [see post]
"Third white police officer to not be charged in the past month"...and the result is...once again...military in the streets. Who woulda thunk it. And the latest development, seemingly fitting into the overall scenario just a little too perfectly, not only is it cops (allegedly) shooting citizens, but, we are now being told, it is also now citizens (allegedly) shooting cops (2 [alleged] incidents in just the past week). As far as creating a chaotic scenario conducive to enabling the implementing of the ZNWO totalitarian agenda, the way this is unfolding, couldn't have been scripted any better if they tried.

Real or an illusion? The rolling out of a full scale police state takeover of Amerika as a 'solution' to all these 'current events' is no illusion, that is ridiculously evident. Fact is it is now a full court press. Presto change-o...trance-formation accomplished.

Military rule of the entire globe is the zionist-kingdom-come agenda [see: 'tikkun olam']. And one thing that anybody can be certain about regarding that would-be kingdom-come is this: it is not building itself. Be informed.
 Rev. 18:4
Jeremiah 51:53 'Though Babylon should mount up to heaven, and though she should fortify the height of her strength, yet from me shall spoilers come unto her, saith the LORD' '


NY 'Cop-Shooting' Happens During "Anti-Terrorism Drill" i.e. Totally Controlled Environment; Staged?

Why always a drill?
New York: 2 cops shot dead, assailant also dies

According to New York Post, the police officers were working overtime as part of an anti-terrorism drill when they were shot point-blank in their heads by the lone gunman, who approached them on foot from the sidewalk at the corner of Myrtle and Tompkins avenues in Bed-Stuy.

The gunman was a fugitive who had just murdered his girlfriend in Baltimore Saturday morning, sources told The Post.

Minutes after shooting the two officers, he, too, was dead.

He fled to a nearby subway station, the G-train station at Myrtle and Willoughby avenues, where, as pursuing cops closed in, he shot himself on a crowded platform, sources told The Post.

re: "part of an anti-terrorism drill"

Another episode of 'chaos' occurs during another drill? How can it possibly be coincidental that so many of these events happen during or in close proximity to drills. Sandy Hook reportedly had a drill in the area happening at the same time. Boston happened during an on-site "drill". LAX was an exact duplication of a recent drill that "played out" that day [link]. The 'Elliot Rodger' Santa Barbara scene [link] had a drill scheduled for the next day. The recent Ottawa episode reportedly took place during a drill also, and on it goes. This drill-goes-live scenario repeats too many times to be mere coincidence [link]. That so many of these supposedly random events could happen during police-state-drills is beyond the realm of probability. Simple logic forbids drawing any other conclusion. Another consideration, as with last week's Sydney-show [see link below], the alleged perpetrator in NY-police-shooter reportedly also 'took himself out of the picture' after the scene played out. This too is a high-occurring factor in said events. As fast as it happens, it's over. No follow ups needed - on to the next thing already. The police state agenda though morphs larger each time, as is already happening even now with this one.

Back to the question of the significance of these events happening concurrently with so-called anti-terrorism drills. Why during drills? The answer is very simple actually. If a drill is being run, obviously the entire area is going to be tightly controlled, and the chance of anybody being inside that controlled area that does not belong is going to be virtually zero. This would have to include every single person within the designated perimeter, as well any medical personnel or medical facilities that would be involved. Obviously having a controlled environment like this would be imperative if a staged event were to be conducted. Everybody there belongs there, there could be no witnesses to contradict anything. This would not be the case otherwise.

Just noticing.

So how then, as in this latest instance in NY for example, could said perpetrator walk, unchecked and armed, right into the middle of an "anti-terrorism drill" and do the alleged act? In the real world the possibility of that is...no possibility.

So again, how is it that these multiple ZWO-creating ordo-ab-chao events keep happening during drills? Decide for yourself.
 Rev. 18:4
Compare: Australian Siege A 'Sydney Hook' To Expand Police State To "Soft Targets"? 12-15-14 "Cui bono cui bono cui bono? As usual....the alleged shooter in this Australian incident is said to also have met his demise and so essentially the story ends right there, but not the NWO-rhetoric to push the police state agenda - which is clearly the only thing that "cui bonos'" (benefits) from another episode of 'random shooter'. Similar scenario in Ottawa, Canada less than two months ago. One after another after another, to the point where J.Q. Public has now become virtually numb to it. How many times will it be used? Clearly, as now being evidenced, until the objectives are gained"
Isaiah 5:8 'Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth!'


Genderless 'Gender Robbers' Launch "No Gender December" To Push For End Of Gender-Specific Toys

"No Gender December" is the little catch phrase the NWO Bureau of Propaganda (BoP) has come up with for this latest push to force their hermaphrodite-androgynous agenda on the youth of the world, as seen in this 12-6-14 clip from 'Fox and Friends Weekend'. And parents, you are supposed to be totally oblivious and happily go right along with the brainwash and surrender your children to the delusion...because...um...because...they said so:
'No Gender December' Calls for Gender-Neutral Toys - source

This post is a follow up on: NWO 'Genderless Agenda' Debuts "Genderbread Person" At CA High School - Coming For Your Sons And Daughters 12-12-14 ""Ultimately the goal is to remove any and all identity from the youth, other than to the 'State'. This definitely includes "gender identity" - Be certain of one thing though: The gender-robbers of the world's youth have no plan 'b' - they have declared war against "male" and "female", and the strategy to be employed is guerrilla warfare. Gender-protecting required, parents. Non-proactive will not do it. That is the antichrist-world reality here at the close of 2014 going into 2015" [see post]

The reality is this: the gender-robbers are coming for your sons and daughters, and they are not going away. Robbing their gender is robbing their soul. Do not be oblivious, do not be brainwashed, and do not surrender your children to be 'spayed' or 'neutered' so as to fit them for the Orwellian 'Animal Farm' future the ZWO-ers are dreaming of. Be absolutely aware.  Rev. 18:4
Joel 3:3 ' And they have cast lots for my people; and have given a boy for an harlot, and sold a girl for wine, that they might drink '


Australian Siege A 'Sydney Hook' To Expand Police State To "Soft Targets"? Event's One-Eye Signed Christmas Greeting

Australia: Police Lockdown as result of Sydney Siege

A police siege of a Sydney city cafe...in which a man was reportedly holding hostages, has been used to set in motion a massive police operation, locking down parts of the city’s CBD, amid sensational media claims of Islamic terrorism.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott twice convened meetings of the National Security Committee of cabinet and gave two nationally-televised addresses. In his first, he declared: “We have to appreciate that, even in a society such as ours, there are people who would wish to do us harm.” In his second, he said the person involved claimed “political motivation,” but gave no detail.

Widely published one-eye cryptic photo from Australia's "Morning Show" showing the holding up of the black flag with white Arabic writing during the 'Hostage Cafe' saga. Almost seems like a twisted little "Merry Christmas" greeting from the ZWO police state implementers.

Questions surround the origins of the siege, which began at a Lindt cafe in Sydney’s central Martin Place...Within minutes, a police Tactical Assault Team entered the building with gas masks and guns drawn, carrying M4 automatic rifles. Several city streets were blockaded off, major buildings were evacuated, and thousands of office workers, even two kilometres away, were ordered to stay inside their buildings, and keep away from the windows. Some train services were halted, and people were told to leave the city by bus because bombs might be planted in the subway system.

The Sydney Opera House was evacuated and surrounded by barricades, with a police helicopter circling overhead, after a false report that a suspicious package was sighted. All public schools within a one-kilometre radius of the CBD were placed in “lockout” mode, which prevented anyone from entering the schools or children leaving. The parliament building was evacuated, together with law courts, the NSW Art Gallery and the State Library.

Hundreds of police were mobilised throughout the city, and many more were deployed to create a visible police presence in working-class suburbs across the metropolitan area, including in Fairfield and Cabramatta, which are about 30 kilometres from the CBD.

Large numbers of police were also called out onto the streets in other states, including neighbouring Victoria and Queensland, where the police chief claimed to have information that explosive devices were involved in the Sydney siege.

Just before 4 p.m., NSW Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn said the police had activated Counter Terrorism protocols, under the direction of the Counter Terrorism and Security Command, which coordinates federal and state police and military units. “We’ve set up our command and control protocols,” she announced, while still not confirming any terrorist connection.

However, the massive operation has provided another glimpse, following the police-military operation at last month’s G20 summit in Brisbane, of the police-state measures being prepared in Australia, with the unanimous backing of all the parliamentary parties, under the guise of dealing with terrorists. The media scaremongering is aimed at conditioning the public to the rolling out of such police lockdowns.

Compare: Again? Mall Shooting In Maryland 1/25/14 Described As "Chaotic"; Would That Be Ordo Ab Chao? 1-25-14 "'Chaos', as is widely known, is Jewish-freemasonic-illuminati code for ordo ab chao - which as many also know at this stage of the game is Latin for order-out-of-chaos...Chaos 'disorders' the old order, creating then the opportunity for 'reordering' to the 'new'. The reordering in this instance apparently, from how these now numerous 'shooting-events' are playing out, looks to be the certain advancement of the NWO police-state apparatus into the much wider sphere of everyday life in the USA. Full-fledged is the only goal...and so-called "soft targets", like malls, are at the top of the list. Is what is happening ordo ab chao reordering? You make the call. On a side note, it is interesting to observe that the alleged shooter is said to have been killed. With this being the case the logistics of the incident are quickly wrapped up, the long-term effects remain. Just noting it" [see post]

Cui bono cui bono cui bono? As usual, as mentioned directly above, the alleged shooter in this Australian incident is said to also have met his demise and so essentially the story ends right there, but not the NWO-rhetoric to push the police state agenda - which is clearly the only thing that "cui bonos'" (benefits) from another episode of 'random shooter'. Similar scenario in Ottawa, Canada less than two months ago. One after another after another, to the point where J.Q. Public has now become virtually numb to it. How many times will it be used? Clearly, as now being evidenced, until the objectives are gained. As the Australian Prime Minister immediately declared in a national address, “We have to appreciate that, even in a society such as ours, there are people who would wish to do us harm". Obviously that statement is intended to lead to the deduction that a solution is necessary, which without a doubt will be making the claim of a necessity to expand the police state apparatus into, quoting from the paragraph directly above, "the much wider sphere of everyday life". Like perhaps armed security guards at the neighborhood cafe?

A 'Sydney Hook' is how it's done. See the picture? The 'eyes' have it - they always do.
 Rev. 18:4
Ezekiel 11:2 'Then said he unto me, Son of man, these are the men that devise mischief, and give wicked counsel in this city'


1-Yr. Flashback: Mandela Sign Language Guy A Message From The NWO: Everything You Are Told Is 'Gibberish'

Originally posted one year ago (12-13-13) documenting the bizarre appearance of the infamous 'gibberish sign language guy' as part of ZNWO servant Nelson Mandela's 'memorial service' on 12-10-13. The signing was gibberish, but the message was clear:

[12-13-13] Three pictures...worth much more than three thousand words:

All the world's 'elite' gathered - so-called celebrities, dignitaries, and world leaders, the 'non-elite' world watching, and 'some guy' gets up and signs nonsense for hours? Does anybody really think this scenario could happen unless it was planned? The chance of that is less than zero. And so now we must determine the intent i.e. the message. And the message is very clear. The sign language guy is himself a sign. The 'secret' message is that he is actually interpreting accurately. He is signing to the world the truth about everything they are told.

Is global warming true, or is it 'gibberish'? What about "terrorists"? Speaking of that, what about 9/11? True...or gibberish? What about geo-engineered 'natural' disasters that advance Agenda 21 goals? When those are reported is it real of gibberish? What about imaginary comets and "meteorite threats" - link? Gibberish? How about Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston, etc.? Real, or staged events to take away guns and force the psych-agenda and implement a police state? If these things are staged, which it is not actually possible to see any other way, then it's all 'gibberish'. Turn on any 'news' program on any television channel, any time of day, or any talk radio program, or newspaper, and what are they talking about? - the exact same thing - over and over and over. A thousand and one things, with new twists daily. It's an endless loop. Can't get away from it. Everything comes from the same script. What about the chosen-one politicians who read from teleprompters and push all the agendas just mentioned, and more? The sign language guy is answering that question.

Notice the logo on the podium. It is the official logo of the Republic of South Africa. It is a phoenix. There in one occultic symbol is encapsulated all the reason for the manufactured, staged, scripted, fabricated, orchestrated, psuedo-reality Babylon make-believe world of today created by the NWO Bureau of Propaganda. It's all about the phoenix. They want that phoenix to rise on their planned new world order, and they want it bad. When that is done, they think, they can then be their own god; Gen. 3:4-5. Absolutely everything happening on this planet is being manipulated in the attempt to bring it to pass; Eph. 6:12. Make believe is king. In the meantime, the world is being fed gibberish. The interpreter guy is signing this.
 'The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us' - Psalms 2:2-3
Republic of South Africa logo - gov.za
compare: London 2012 Zion Olympics Closing Ceremony: Rise Of The Phoenix 8-13-12
According to the Word of God, when that 'phoenix' does finally rise, it is at that moment God Almighty shall also rise up in judgment:

1Thes. 5:3 "...when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.'

Rev. 18:4


Los Angeles 'Martial Law Games' Update: Marines "Raid" Dodger Stadium - Call For More Opportunities

Follow up on: Marines To 'Train' (Public For Martial Law) In Downtown Los Angeles December 5-16, 2014; Ferguson, NY, "Phoenix" 12-5-14 "Posse Comitatus? Blatantly disregarded in Amerika 2014 obviously - Military games in the downtown streets of LA California? There is only one name for that - martial law desensitization" [see post]
Marines raid Dodger Stadium in urban target practice

[excerpted] LOS ANGELES -- Dodger Stadium became a training ground for Marines this week as they used the Major League ballpark for a mock raid involving an arms dealer.

It was a unique part of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit's training in preparation for a spring deployment. The MEU started urban combat training exercises on Dec. 5 at locales including parts of downtown Los Angeles and the metropolitan area, and other parts of Southern California, Nevada and Arizona.

The mock raid Tuesday at the third-oldest Major League Baseball stadium, however, was the first training scenario with a high-profile landmark.

In the fictional training scenario, the Marines' target was a bad guy who sells copper plates for sophisticated improvised explosive devices and ships them out of a soda truck. He used a job as a manager in the stadium's maintenance department as a cover.

About 70 Marines flew 170 miles from Fort Hunter Liggett to Los Angeles in four MV-22B Ospreys from Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 161 (Reinforced). The tiltrotors were accompanied by UH-1Y Venom and AH-1Z Viper helicopters and the aircraft landed at around 6 p.m. in a parking lot outside the stadium's third base line. A CH-53 also flew in to refuel the Venoms and Vipers after they landed.

From the parking lot they entered the 56,000-seat stadium, the largest in Major League Baseball.

The stadium training exercise was more realistic than most, [Marine sergeant in charge] Maehler  said. Rather than participating in another routine drill in a mock village made out of plywood on a base, he said, they were operating in a massive city as real people worked, played, and spent time with family.

He said it was such a valuable experience that he thinks it should be replicated throughout the Corps.

MV-22B Ospreys descending on Dodger Stadium in downtown Los Angeles. The MV-22B, designed for "expeditionary assault support, raid operations....and special warfare - with vertical takeoff and landing (VSTOL) capabilities" - making their presence felt in LA "as real people worked, played, and spent time with their families".

Real people no doubt - Americans in an American city. What was that about Posse Comitatus? No American troops operating on American soil? They're not interested in that anymore you say. Apparently so. And note especially the comment by the Marine sergeant in charge (last line of above article) calling for the "valuable experience" to be replicated. They want to make military 'training' in public places a standard practice in other words. As mentioned in the 'follow up' linked at top, what else can it be but martial law desensitization.

Recommend do not desensitized.  fyi

Rev. 18:4
Believer: Heb. 13:14 'For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come'


NWO 'Genderless Agenda' Debuts "Genderbread Person" At CA High School - Coming For Your Sons And Daughters

Follow up on: MN To Allow 'Transgender' High School Sports - 33rd State To Sell Out American Youth To ZWO 'Genderless Agenda' 12-8-14 "Ultimately the goal is to remove any and all identity from the youth, other than to the 'State'. This definitely includes "gender identity". And the plan is not of course limited to just the USA, it is absolutely global in scope. Removing this next generation's "gender identity" so as to create an androgynous mass of servile worker-drones to enslave in their envisioned 666 global kingdom-come...This is the true "cause", and is the only real 'why' for the global 'transgender program'. Genderless-ness, to coin the phrase, is in fact, to them - the anti-christ kingdom-comers that is, even more than critical. It is "mission critical". An integral part of the planned-future population management plan. There is no option to not making it happen. [see post]
Parents angry after school tells 13-year-olds they can have sex, choose gender

Students at one northern California high school are learning more than just the birds and the bees. Along with local area groups, some parents are irate that their children’s sex ed class at Acalanes High School in Lafayette is being taught by employees of Planned Parenthood without their prior knowledge. They are also fuming over the methods and materials being used, including a checklist that asks students if they are “ready for sex” and another worksheet that describes how to give and obtain consent, as well as a diagram that uses a "genderbread" person for lessons in gender identity.

Guerrilla warfare tactics being used against male/female identity to establish ZWO antichrist-world system
Included in the materials provided to students were documents and worksheets that included a checklist entitled, “Sex Check! Are You Ready For Sex?” in which the 13 and 14-year-old students are asked questions such as if they have water–based lubricants and condoms and if they could handle a possible infection or pregnancy. Another worksheet reads like a how-to on obtaining consent from a possible sexual partner and offers possible statements like “Do you want to go back to my place?” and “Is it OK if I take my pants off?”

Students at Acalanes High School in Northern California were given this gender identity chart in a sex ed class conducted by the local Planned Parenthood chapter.

They were also taught about gender identity with the “Genderbread Person,” a play on the name of the holiday cookie, to teach them on how to identify themselves as either, “agender,” “bigender,” and “two spirit” to name a few.

Parents in the district have started a petition that has garnered over 100 signatures and have asked that AHS provide a sex ed preview course offered live to parents by the same person who teaches the kids, prior to their taking the course, to give parents the full disclosure and knowledge necessary to make an informed decision regarding their child's participation. So far, the school has not responded to their requests. A number of parents are expected to come out in force to a public district meeting on Wednesday to demand that their concerns be addressed.

Not much comment needed here. The brainwashing "genderbread person" reveals everything needed to know to understand what is being done. Be certain of one thing though: The gender-robbers of the world's youth have no plan 'b' - they have declared war against "male" and "female", and the strategy to be employed is guerrilla warfare. Gender-protecting required, parents. Non-proactive will not do it. That is the antichrist-world reality here at the close of 2014 going into 2015.  Rev. 18:4
Psalms 106: 37-38 'Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils, And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood'

Florida City Commission Opens With Prayer To Zeus, Allah, Satan, Krishna - Opposers Forced To Leave; And The 666

Atheist Invokes Mother Earth, Zeus, Satan, Krishna During City Commission ‘Prayer’

LAKE WORTH, Fla. – An atheist recently led a Florida commission meeting in “prayer” to a variety of entities from across the spectrum of religions, invoking the names of Mother Earth, Allah, Zeus, Satan and Krishna in addition to Jesus.

As Preston Smith stepped to the podium to deliver the invocation on Dec. 2, a number of commissioners stepped out of the room so they would not be participants in what was about to take place. Mayor Pam Triolo also left the room as well, but told local television station WPTV that she did not do so because Smith is an atheist, but rather because he had mocked Scripture on Twitter earlier this year and did not wish to hear what he might say next.

“Free speech works both ways,” Triolo told the outlet. “You can say what you want and I can choose to leave.

As Smith observed the mayor and three commissioners leave the room, he commented, “Duly noted,” and then proceeded with his statements.

After discussion ensued in the days that followed about those that chose to walk out on the invocation, atheist and blogger Chaz Stevens, known for erecting a Festivus Pole made of beer cans at the Florida Capitol Rotunda, submitted a request to lead a prayer to Satan at a future meeting.

“My name is Chaz Stevens, father of the Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus Pole,” he wrote. “I’d like permission to give a Satanic, yes Satan, invocation at an upcoming City Commission meeting. Everyone is welcome to sing along, or as is the recent case when Miami atheist activist Preston Smith gave the invocation, like Elvis, they can leave the building.”

Update: Atheist Whose Invocation Prompted Walkout Fighting to Open Meeting Elsewhere 12-12-14
re: "I can choose to leave"

The little message is clear--those who will not bow to 'Baal' can 'leave the room'...and...it will be "duly noted". Note that agreement is not being required here, right at this point, just acceptance. Quietly accepting is the same as bowing. Note also the Mayor's statement that she did not leave the room because the 'prayer-giver' was an atheist, but for another reason. If supposedly the prayer-giver had not previously "mocked scripture", presumably 'insulting her beliefs', she presumably would have had no problem staying in the room. In other words, praying with an atheist, to her mind, is perfectly fine. Regardless of leaving the room 'this time', this also is actually 'bowing to Baal', for "what concord hath Christ with Belial" - 2Cor. 6:15 in the room or out? (answer: none).

Nice little skit though to provide the object lesson - namely bow or git in the new Antichrist world the would-be-as-gods (Gen. 3:5) crowd are trying to pull off. And again, as this little skit makes clear, the Antichrist-ers are taking the wraps off now everywhere. Be acutely aware...because it really is...'in or out?' see: 666
Compare: Antichrist 'School Of Theology' Opened By CA University; First Ever 11-6-11 "Claremont Lincoln University, a graduate school in California, is the first in the United States to bring together Christians, Jews and Muslims in the same classrooms to educate the future leaders of churches, synagogues and mosques...Beyond Christians, Jews and Muslims, administrators here are already talking about enrolling Jains, Buddhists and Hindus" - 1 John 2:23 "Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father." ...God sent his Son into the world...a world of proud men who refuse to submit themselves unto God and have rejected him (John 1:10-11), for as the apostle John tells us, "men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil' (John 3:19). Consequently in their rejection they have left themselves with NO way to the Father (John 8:24). Apart from the shed blood of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on Calvary's cross there is no reconciliation possible between fallen mankind and an infinitely holy God (Isaiah 57:15)...With reconciliation no longer possible, there is only one other option - confrontation. This brings us to the book of Revelation. That day is looming large. Rom 10:9-10,13

Rev. 18:4

"Atmospheric Rivers"...Or Geo-Manipulated Media-Hyped Agenda 21 Transformation Scheme? 2-Yr Flashback: "ARkStorm"

What Is This “Atmospheric River” That Is Flooding California?

[excerpted] The San Francisco Bay Area is getting flooded with relentless rain and strong winds, just like it did a week ago, and fears of rising water are now becoming very serious. Major news stations, weather channels, Web outlets and social media are all suddenly talking about the “atmospheric river” that is bringing deluge after deluge to California, as well as the coast of Washington. What is this thing? How rare is it? And how big of a threat could it be? Here are some answers.

Not interested? In 1861 an atmospheric river that brought storms for 43 days turned California’s Central Valley into an inland sea 300 miles long and 20 miles wide. Thousands of people died, 800,000 cattle drowned and the state went bankrupt. A similar disaster today would be much more devastating, because the region is much more populated and it is the single largest food producer in the U.S.

So maybe 1861 was an oddity. Not really. Geologic core samples show that extreme floods like the one in 1861 have happened in California about every 200 years, since the year 200 A.D. So the next disaster could be coming around the bend. The West Coast has actually been slowly constructing large, specialized, meteorological observatories that can sense atmospheric rivers as they develop, so forecasters can give early warnings.

If you want to know more about these monster storms, check out the feature article by Dettinger and Ingram. Dettinger will also be speaking at the American Geophysical Union annual conference in San Francisco next week. I’ll be there, too—with 22,000 scientists, right in the thick of the storms, should they continue.

Scientific American - January 2013
("Rivers in the Sky", the latest dire threat to 'normal human existence' on planet earth)
Atmospheric rivers? Real or just another invented media-hyped geo-manipulated (as in opening a dam, or making a landslide, or causing a "storm surge" [link]) Agenda21-transformation tool...like the supposed brand-new imminent meteorite-strike threat that John Q. is constantly warned may one day wipe out an entire city [link]? To quote the post below..."how hard is it anyway to make a flood if you control all the waterways and dams?" Interesting to note also is that in the aftermath of the "atmospheric river" so called, it is more than probable that many property owners in affected areas will be soon facing new FEMA flood maps now designating their property as high risk 'because another "atmospheric river" can come at any time and may be even worse' - translated meaning prohibitive insurance costs to remain there [see: Sandy/Jersey]. Cui bono? Agenda 21 population relocation plans is the clear winner in this scenario. And how bad is the winter storm really? This is winter after all and storms do happen, perfectly normal and to be expected, but how bad is it really? Answer: It's exactly as bad as the msm script-readers say it is...and everybody knows who pays their salaries.

The above article contains a link to a two-year old article which also mentions the claimed 1861 'AR' said to have devastated CA, whereupon an astute commenter remarks on how interesting it is that there is virtually nothing in the history books about such an event [link]. Also of questionable believability the claim in the above article stating that "geologic core samples show that extreme floods like the one in 1861 have happened in California about every 200 years since the year 200 A.D." The sentence following that statement adds this: "So the next disaster could be right around the bend".

Atmospheric rivers (AR) were an unknown commodity until just two or three years ago, but now, utter destruction may be "right around the bend"? Really? Getting the picture yet about "rivers in the sky" would-be micromanaged Agenda21 controllees? 22,000 'scientists' are going to 'get the picture' (see above) next week in San Francisco. Be aware - original 'AR' post from two-years ago below:


Repost from 12-5-12 [link]:

November 2012 CA Storm And "Atmospheric Rivers": No 'ARkStorm' This Time - But Just Wait, Says NWO

Follow up on: NWO Says "ARkStorm" May Hit CA: "Atmospheric River" To Bring 5-Day "Major Rain Event" Starting Wed. 11-28 11-27-12 "There is a new monster on the NWO-horizon, we are being told, capable of bringing major destruction at any given time to either coast of the USA [according to article], and these are being called "Atmospheric Rivers" or "AR's"; which again, we are being told, may produce "Arkstorms" - i.e. potentially apocalyptic "thousand year storms"...Weather manipulation through whatever means aside for the moment, how hard is it anyway to make a flood if you control all the waterways and dams. [see post]
According to main-stream-media reports, Northern California did indeed get hit with major rains and wind, as predicted by the 'scientific forecasts', but for the most part the damage and flooding was relatively minimal:

California Storms Blow Over
SAN FRANCISCO -- A new storm system made its way Tuesday through already drenched Northern California, prompting renewed flood concerns in parts of the region. Stretches of far Northern California and southern Oregon were under a flood watch, partly because of swollen waterways and saturated ground from the previous storms that dumped 15 to 20 inches of rain in some areas and more than 5 feet of snow in the high Sierra Nevada...The storm on Sunday dropped as much as an inch of rain an hour in some areas while toppling trees, causing flash flooding to roadways and knocking out power...Rivers across Northern California swelled from the deluge but mostly stayed within their banks.

In other words, there was no catastrophic "ARkstorm"...this time. But what did happen was very interesting and should be noted. Apparently the nationwide media-frenzied storm warnings and reports over the past week have served as an introductory course for the population-at-large on the previously relatively unknown subject of "Atmospheric Rivers". A week-long crash course actually. Atmospheric Rivers 101 it could be called. For the most part nobody had ever heard of anything like rivers in the sky that can "carry as much water as fifteen Mississippi Rivers" [scientificamerican.com; 12-4-12], but they have now because the NWO Bureau of Propaganda has made sure of it. And not only that, but the country has also been 'educated' to accept as 'scientific fact' that these new animals suddenly are now a 'fact' of life, even though they were never mentioned before. But they are indeed a fact of life now, say the NWO scientists, and according to no less than the USGS, a real "ARkstorm" hitting California one-of-these-days "is inevitable":

[0:3] USGS - Science For A Changing World (1-16-11)
[0:9] This film depicts the realistic outcome of a hypothetical, but plausible massive storm hitting the state of California...
[:57] a storm of this scale is inevitable....this is the ARKSTORM
[1:23] the ARkStorm slams the coast...beginning a process of destruction that will last for weeks...
[1:32] levees and flood control systems are overwhelmed by the incredible volumes of water...
[1:38] widespread flooding occurs throughout the state affecting Sacramento, the Bay Delta, Los Angeles and Orange Counties, San Diego, and many other communities...
[1:50] up to ten feet of rainfall, thousands of landslides...damaging homes, highways, and roads...
[2:02] much of the total loss is uninsured so large numbers of building owners do not have the financial resources to pay for repairs...
[2:15] many parts of the states flooded for months to come...

(2:35 - The proposed answer is to merge government agencies in order to be able to respond efficiently to the catastrophic results...which just so happens to be the NWO Agenda 21 goal - i.e. a monolithic dictatorial power structure)
Fifteen Mississippi Rivers is a lot of water to be floating around in the sky. But you are supposed to believe it. It is especially amazing when it is taken into consideration that John Q. Public is essentially now being told that devastating "AR's" can form at any time, to expect them, and when they do come, to be prepared because one of them very likely may wash their town or even city right off the map. As far as doing away with entire geographic areas goes, one thing about the so-called Agenda 21 'global management plan' that is a definitely known truth is the aspect of relocation of entire populations from 'undesignated' to 'designated' living areas [see: A21 and wildlands map]. 'AR' blamed-floods sure would help that goal along.

One more thought and it is on the concept of "weather manipulation" vs. "perception manipulation", quoting from this recent post:
Superstorm Sandy Geoengineered? 10-30-12 "Here is the point: Even a so-called "modified-weather superstorm" could be 'helped along' if need be to achieve a certain objective. And, with complete control of every media outlet in the country, the perception of what is happening is easily manipulated. Whatever numbers are thrown out, whatever images are used, lots of endless hype, and then that's what it is. The whole thing can be made-to-order"

Again, that weather can be manipulated does not even seem to be a question anymore. Still, though, this does not mean that the information that comes out about these 'weather events' is necessarily factual. Perhaps by manipulating the weather making ten feet of rain like the above video claims is possible, but could not the same effect be accomplished by opening up a few waterways here and there? It was an atmospheric river - really.

Science for a changing world, says the USGS. No question about that one, the world is definitely being changed - and dramatically. Are the changes being geoengineered though. Be informed, especially Californians with this one.
Rev. 18:4

(Note that the 'AR' in 'ARk' is uppercase and highlighted. This is to signify "Atmospheric Rivers")

[Follow links, connect dots]

Rev. 11:17,18 'We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty which art, and wast, and art to come...[for thou shalt]...destroy them which destroy the earth'



MN To Allow 'Transgender' High School Sports - 33rd State To Sell Out American Youth To ZWO 'Genderless Agenda'

33 States Allow Transgender Athletes on High School Teams

MADISON, Wis., Dec. 8, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Last week, Minnesota became the thirty-third state to allow transgenders on high school teams.

In thirty-three states, male athletes now can compete on female teams, and vice versa. Without regard to the ramifications of such rulings, high school organizations in the United States have openly endorsed this.

The homosexual population is less than 2% according to a recent report from the Center for Disease Control. However, homosexuality is going mainstream from television programs to local high school arenas, despite studies showing there are no genetic components for homosexuality.

"In Minnesota, 18 of the 20 Minnesota State High School League officials voted to allow transgenders on high school teams," says McConkey. "This will force Christians into situations that lack common sense. A physically superior male athlete in basketball, for example, will potentially take playing time away from a female. Also, what about the moral implications of forcing athletes to accept behavior they believe is sinful."

He believes there will be reverse discrimination. An athlete that believes homosexuality is a sin could lose awards or opportunities because of their beliefs.

Compare: 'Common Core' And The Global Slave Class: Teaching Subtraction By Addition  10-1-14 "As seen, presently only Alaska, Nebraska, Texas, and Virginia are holding out against the "The Common Core". The "highest, and most effective standards from states across the United States and countries around the world", say they. No doubt this is true for those whose intent it is to mold a 'common core' of what they see as the perfect global citizens - mindless (see post), genderless [link], and stoned on drugs [link]. Perfect obedient slave class...Have children in the ZWO tranceformation-centers masquerading as traditional schools? Might want to add some understanding and subtract some indoctrination from their minds"

A search for exactly which 33 states are already on board with the High School Sports Division of the ZNWO 'Genderless Tranceformation' program did not return any results. Nevertheless seeing that 2/3's of the supposedly sovereign states of the USofA have sold out to the GT agenda makes it more than evident that the agend-izers have essentially seized complete control of the entire system.

To have accomplished such a thing obviously has required a tremendous effort on the part of those responsible. The putting forth of so great an effort would only be done if the success of the effort was critical to a certain cause. Such is the case here. And despite the proclaimed cause being the 'valiant effort' to succor the 'well-being' of the supposedly discriminated-against super-minority "transgender" gang, as well the associated LGBT crowd in general, that is not at all the real reason for the massive undertaking the world is now witnessing.

The real reason is actually very simple. Nothing to do at all with any real concerns for the claimed plight of that very percentage-wise minuscule group of 'gender-identity challenged' individuals, but has everything to do with, as stated in the quote from the 'Common Core' post linked just above, the "genderless agenda". Ultimately the goal is to remove any and all identity from the youth, other than to the 'State'. This definitely includes "gender identity". And the plan is not of course limited to just the USA, it is absolutely global in scope. Removing this next generation's "gender identity" so as to create an androgynous mass of worker-drones to enslave in their envisioned 666 global kingdom-come.

This is the true "cause", and is the only real 'why' for the global 'transgender program'. Genderless-ness, to coin the phrase, is in fact, to them - the anti-christ kingdom-comers that is, even more than critical. It is "mission critical". An integral part of the planned-future population management plan. There is no option to not making it happen. And the above story is proof of that. It really is just that simple. Be well well aware.
 Rev. 18:4
Joel 3:3 ' And they have cast lots for my people; and have given a boy for an harlot, and sold a girl for wine, that they might drink '


Marines To 'Train' (Public For Martial Law) In Downtown Los Angeles December 5-16, 2014; Ferguson, NY, "Phoenix"

Camp Pendleton Marines To Conduct Training In Downtown LA

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com/AP) — Residents in and around downtown Los Angeles could hear helicopters or other military aircraft over the coming days as Marines and sailors from Camp Pendleton train in preparation for a deployment.

The training is part of a two-week military exercise that starts Friday and extends through Dec. 16 and involves about 2,400 members of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, according to the Associated Press.

While residents could see as many as six military helicopters buzzing over the downtown area over the next week, raids being held at several undisclosed locations in the city will be off limits to the public for safety reasons, Capt. Brian Block told the Associated Press.

Dozens of Marines will raid buildings and shoot paintballs from modified M-15s as part of the exercise, but no residents live in the spots where the pseudo-combat will take place, according to Block.

Similar exercises will also take place at various California military bases, at a site near Las Vegas, and another site outside Flagstaff, Ariz., according to officials. Block said the Los Angeles portion will take place over a couple of days next week.

The military worked closely with the Los Angeles Police Department and notified property owners so no one will be caught off guard, Block said...A notification announcing the exercise was sent out Friday morning on the LAPD’s official Twitter account.

Posse Comitatus? Blatantly disregarded in Amerika 2014 obviously

Military games in the downtown streets of LA California? There is only one name for that - martial law desensitization. Same thing currently underway in Ferguson, and NY, and of course wouldn't you know, now Phoenix. Only difference is that the drills in those cities are live as a result of the 'chaos' factor - namely the string of concurrent supposed white-cop-on-black-citizen killings.

Always 'chaos' must be introduced in order to implement desired changes. That the 'chaotic events' in the above mentioned cites will be instrumental in bringing about 'desired changes' is made clear by the news of the latest one coming from of all places Phoenix - a telltale clue 'not hidden', but right out in plain sight. The 'Phoenix', the very symbol of the 'new order'. The phoenix - that only rises from the ashes of the old. Ashes of course speaking of the complete destruction of the existing. Bringing in chaos so as to destroy the existing, so as to raise the phoenix...is what the out-in-the-open clue of the latest location being Phoenix reveals about this string of supposed white-cop-on-black-citizen killings (not that the clue is really needed to see through it).

Real or productions? -Real like Aurora, Sandy, Boston, etc.? Still believing the msm - i.e. the manufactured-news stream media?

The 'rising phoenix' from this current production is the 'normalizing' of an open full-blown police state. And as being witnessed, the whole thing is being accomplished rather easily: Desensitizing via repetition. The result of repetition is always 'normalizing'. Seeing something over and over and over it becomes 'normal'. Which explains the current repetitive story line which of course encompasses much more than just these most recent 'occurences'. That story line being pushed is authoritarian police.

An unaccountable police state i.e. the '(z)nwo' is the 'new normal' that John Q. Public is being 'trained' about. In the streets of Los Angeles CA next. Be aware.
Compare: Pentagon 'Rule Change' Grants Military Unchecked Domestic Authority In "Emergency Circumstances" 5-14-13 Establishing military rule over the USA. It was just less than a year ago that this very thing was first openly "proposed" [see post]. It has now become a reality, and that by nothing more than, as the title of the above article points out, a unilateral decree. The 'Dorner show' [link] a few months back opened the door, the 'Boston production' [link] walked through the door and immediately began to set up shop permanently. These two events are just later-stage development of the ongoing long term plan though. Amerika is only one region of the global military rule necessary for the Zionist kingdom-come [link] to function as such (and bow 'never' to the six-pointed star of Remphan - Acts 7:43). The plan is global, Amerika is to be fully assimilated, and as all are now witnessing, this aspect of the global-plan is absolutely on full speed ahead. All will be impacted...Be fully understanding, it is very late in the game. As mentioned above, this is bible prophecy. After the nations of the earth are 'coagulated', the Word of God [Dan. 7:24] says the next thing that will happen is that "ten kings shall arise". Dost thou believe the Word of God?

Rev. 18:4
12-13-14 update: Los Angeles 'Martial Law Games' Update: Marines "Raid" Dodger Stadium - Call For More Opportunities


No Stops To The Hacker-Psyops: Now Craigslist 'Hacked' - 'Expert' Makes Syrian Connection; It's All Scripted

Follow up on: 'Ordo Ab Chao' Hacker-Psyop Repeated Again (JPMorgan): Call For "Major Cybersecurity Legislation" Repeated Also 10-3-14 "Unknown hackers are wreaking havoc throughout cyberspace say the would-be overlords of the planned New-Atlantis...Or, it's all staged to force the digital-control internet-identity agenda, and will be repeated endlessly until it's a done deal. You decide" [see post]
Craigslist website taken down by cyber attack

"Craigslist’s domain record was modified yesterday, with the new domain name registrant listed as 'steven wynhoff @LulzClerk.'" Wright stated. "Wynhoff’s name has been attached to the hijacking of YouTube accounts dedicated to Call of Duty."

Craigslist chief executive Jim Buckmaster posted a blog confirming there had been a DNS attack:

"At approximately 5pm PST Sunday evening the craigslist domain name service (DNS) records maintained at one of our domain registrars were compromised, diverting users to various non-craigslist sites," he wrote. "This issue has been corrected at the source, but many internet service providers (ISPs) cached the false DNS information for several hours, and some may still have incorrect information."

According to Mike Lennon with Security Week, DNS hijacking is "a favored attack method used by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), who managed to hijack domain names belonging to the New York Times and Twitter last year."

re: 'favored attack method used by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA)'

Now Craigslist has been 'hacked', according to the Big Brother-ites whose obvious goal now is to take full control of the Internet. And if they say so it must be the case - as opposed to a staged event to push the seize-the-internet agenda that is. Endless psy-ops on every front, rapid fire now, one after another after another. Many are even being dual purposed as seen here, with the suggestion by "Mike Lennon of Security Week" of a possible Syrian-connection in claiming that this latest mystery-hack just so happens to be the "favored method used by the Syrian Electronic Army". The what? Syrian Electronic Army - the "SEA"? Do we have to listen to this stuff?

Cui bono? Besides the ongoing security-control-censorship takeover of the WWW plan, looks like the case for the Zionist invasion of the 'promised land' i.e. Syria [link] may get another little weight added to the scale out of the deal too. Mind boggling absurdity of make-believe 'news' being force fed to the public...i.e. utterly fabricated, invented, manufactured, constructed, scripted, choreographed, staged, simulated, and play-acted out to the full (ISIS, Ebola, Ferguson), to gain the objective. Absolutely everything. And that's real.
 Rev. 18:4
Nahum 1:9 'What do ye imagine against the LORD? he will make an utter end: affliction shall not rise up the second time'


"Amnesty" About Agenda 21 i.e. 'Canamerexico'; And 4-Yr Flashback World's Mayors Sign "Mexico City Pact" For Green Global Dictatorship

Below originally posted 11-23-10The 'framework' for global government, as mentioned in the below post, does not stop with merely incorporating the cities of the world into the global government scheme as individual entities, but on the far greater scale is designed to create globally-managed "regions" out of entire continents [link]. This very simply is nothing else than Agenda 21. What is the so-called Obama "amnesty" decree really about? What else can the merging of the citizenships of the USA and Mexico be about other than a moving toward the creation of a continental 'globally-managed region' according to so-called Agenda 21 specs? It really is just that simple. In this case most likely the designated global-region, according to those A21 specs, is to comprise the three nations of the continent of North America - Canada, America, and Mexico. Most call it the NAU, but the name Canamerexico may be more apropos to what is really being done. Not merely a working agreement, so to speak, but a complete merging into ultimately a single entity. Important in this respect also to understand, "amnesty" is not about 'Obama'. Role players and actors merely act out their 'roles'. They do not originate anything. They do not write the script. Scriptwriters write the script. And this antichrist-global-government script was written long long before 'Obama' was ever installed as the 'front man' to give the speeches [link], which is precisely the role he fulfills, and to take the heat, while the Zionistas pull out all the stops on their nefarious would-be totalitarian global domination scheme, which is exactly what they are doing. Oh, and they are also fulfilling Bible prophecy, as also mentioned below, believe it or not. Follow links, connect dots:

While the 'front men' will change, the Zionista's plan does not

[11-23-10]  Follow up on: Unaccountable Global 'Climate-Change Body' Taking Shape 2-13-10 "The superstructure for the international green movement is now visibly rising on the global landscape like the Tower of Babel of old as puppet political figures, pandering to the Kabbalist-driven whims of their demonically possessed masters, defiantly create a global regulatory system with which they will attempt to finalize their ages-old plan to micromanage the earth and dominate all of mankind on it." [see post; also 4-4-10 1st meeting update]
Cities sign on to climate action

Cities have sent a strong message to national governments ahead of the upcoming round of climate talks, scheduled to begin in CancĂșn, Mexico, at the end of this month. The message is: we are acting to address our planet's changing climate and we want you to do the same.

On Nov. 21, 135 mayors from around the world signed an agreement to address climate change at the World Mayors Summit on Climate in Mexico City. The Mexico City Pact establishes a global climate monitoring and verification mechanism for cities. It calls for cities to develop and implement climate action plans and introduce local laws and initiatives designed to reduce GHG reductions. To establish and follow up on their commitments, the pact's signers will establish their climate actions and progress with the Carbon Cities Climate Registry (CCCR) at the Bonn Centre for Local Climate Action and Reporting (carbonn).

The pact was signed by a diverse set of cities around the world, both large and small, from megacities such as Los Angeles, Jakarta, Sao Paolo, Johannesburg, Istanbul and Mexico City, to cities such as Paris, Vancouver and Barcelona - already leaders in developing innovative climate solutions - to small cities such as Burnsville, Minnesota, and Malmo, Sweden, to name just a few.

The Mexico City Pact will be presented to the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) when it begins meeting later this month in Mexico. We will send it with a strong message that we want national governments to agree on a global binding treaty.
re: 'Mexico City Pact' [and next week's] 'UN Framework Convention'

A few years back there was a long running anti-drug campaign addressed to parents of teens asking something along the lines of 'parents, do you know where your kids are tonight?' - presumably designed to motivate parents to take greater interest in the lives of their children so as to steer them clear of falling into the trap of drug use.

Which brings up the subject of a question that needs to be asked here to all the people of the various cities of the various nations of the world: People...do you know where your mayors are tonight?

Did you know that they just signed up to submit you and your city to a "global climate monitoring and verification mechanism" that calls for establishing "climate action plans", entailing the creation of "local laws and initiatives" which will be used to in essence 'de-carbonize' your existence, and even worse, that they agreed to be held accountable to these plans by a mysterious entity going by the name of the "Carbon Cities Climate Registry"...with the 'reporting center' located at a place cleverly acronym-ed "carbonn"?

As noted in the article, this is only a prelude to next week's (beginning 11-29-10) "United Nations Framework Convention For Climate Change" (UNFCCC). This conference will pick up where Copenhagen* 'left off' one year ago with another "global binding treaty" for governments of nations on the table. The convention's name is accurate. The "framework" for a global dictatorship is exactly what is materializing before our eyes.

As it stands, mayors from around the globe will now 'officially' manage the cities of the world according to the dictates of an unaccountable global body. As it stands now, the cities of the various nations of the world have just been 'officially' fitted into that framework, the superstructure of a new Tower of Babel.

A communitarian global management system, forced upon the planet by the great green lie. It is here. It signals the nearness of the coming again of another 'Nimrod' [Dan. 8:23] to rule over this new 'Babel' [Gen. 10:8,10]. This new Nimrod will be the false Jewish messiah, aka the 'Antichrist'. Reigning over the earth from the capital city Jerusalem, they will call his kingdom 'Zion', meaning 'city of god', but the Word of God says that it "spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt" [Rev. 11:8]. For the record that signifies perversion and corruption, respectively.

The tower rising today has a corrupt and perverse foundation. It cannot stand. After these things have run their course, it will be 'razed'. Only at the return of the true Saviour of Israel and the world - the real 'Christ' - the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, will the true 'Zion', the very city of God, be 'raised'. He himself is the foundation [link]. He will come. It is written. 'He that believeth shall not make haste.' Isaiah 28:16

True member of the body of Christ - his bride, he will first come for you before all this comes down [link], as he promised (John 14:3). Ready at any moment? Rev. 18:4
*see: Copenhagen 'Chaos' By Design 12-21-09

12-13-10 follow up: "Cancun Agreement": World 'Agrees' that Climate-Hoax Is Real
Gen. 11:3-4 'And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar. And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven'