Arabs Echo Cry For Global Economy

Arab countries call for coordinated global effort

INTERNATIONAL. Gulf Arab states, which lost billions of dollars in investments in troubled Western banks, said this week that a coordinated global effort was urgently needed to prevent the world economy from plunging into recession.

The United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister echoed views from other Gulf officials who said a joint global mechanism is badly needed to stem the problem. This should “contribute to the establishment of well-enforced and transparent rules for regulating the international financial markets,” said Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

From Every Quarter
follow up on (9-27-08): Zionist Spokesman Gordon Brown: It's Time: (quoted comment)
"Very simple to identify the method to the madness. Ordo ab chao. Create the chaos (chao), out of (ordo ab) that comes the "new order". The present 'chaos' being a highly choreographed financial collapse to achieve global consolidation. It's child's play in the simplicity of it. All the wealth of the entire world is even now being gathered into the control of a small private cabal of the would-be Zionist kingdom builders. Absolutely coming from every angle conceivable here today now.
It's highly choreographed. That means all politicians, all heads of State, the apostate church leaders, all media personnel, etc., whoever, all have been brought under control. Believe it or not." see also: One World Kingdom Birthing
"Thus he said, The fourth beast shall....devour the whole earth.." (Dan. 7:23)

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