Nehemiah and Jude

There is one striking correspondency between the book of Nehemiah and the epistle of Jude. In the former we read, that "every one with one of his hands wrought in the work, and with the other held a weapon. For the builders, every one, had his sword girded by his side, and so built." In the latter, Jude, at the commencement of his epistle, exhorts us "earnestly to contend for the faith once delivered unto the saints;" and, at the end, "to build up ourselves on our most holy faith." He would have us, in a word, like Nehemiah's builders, with the sword in one hand, and the trowel in the other. The reason is found in the character of the times. Certain men had crept in unawares, and apostates abounded. It was no time for peace, therefore, when the foundations were being assailed.
In the face of such dangers God would have His people valiant for the truth. The sword, it should be observed, is rather for defence than for attack; but conflict must not be shrunk from when the faith once delivered to the saints is in question. But while prepared for, and even in the midst of, conflict, we must also be diligently occupied with the edification of ourselves, and of one another, that we may be the better prepared to resist the attacks of the enemy. [unknown - 1882]
also: Bearing Witness Against The Darkness 1894


The Scripted Toyota Saga And The NWO Takeover Of The Global Automakers

Toyota chief Akio Toyoda responds to US Congress

Toyota president Akio Toyoda has faced an almost three-and-a-half hour long grilling from US politicians over the carmaker's handling of problems...

It seems clear that Mr Toyoda is introducing a number of fundamental changes to how the company deals with customers' security concerns, as well as how it relates to regulators and shares information with them across the world.
Further investigations into safety issues by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will continue for some time and even involve other carmakers so there is every reason to expect more problems to be uncovered, resulting in further vehicle recalls - if not by Toyota than perhaps by some of its rivals.
This post is a follow up on: U.S., Canadian Governments Taking Over Auto Industry In 'Joint Venture' 12-20-08 "...the new regional system of world government cannot be disguised any longer. Such is the case here with this obviously induced automotive industry 'chaos' and the resultant 'solution'. It is all so clear now...the whole production has simply been more of the fictional 'b-plot' NWO globalization script." [see post]

"The Bogus Woes of Toyota"

With the thoroughly not-believable story of Toyota's supposed incompetence as the backdrop for this latest fictional dramatic presentation, the NWO-ers have managed to get their regulatory hands into the global automotive industry.

"Fundamental changes" in regard to 'regulator's and 'information sharing' is the result of the fabricated ordo ab chao so far, but this is only the beginning. As per the script, once the 'beast' gets his grubby mitts into the corporate decision making, it will not be long before he is driving the car. And very important to note, the mechanism has already been set in motion to expand the so-called investigations to "other carmakers".
For the safety of the public of course...
The 666 takeover of the global automakers is on. Much more to come on this...watch and see.
Hosea 12:7 'He is a merchant, the balances of deceit are in his hand: he loveth to oppress'

Obama Non-Eligibilty Update: Appeals Case Gains Ruling

Follow up on: Berg: 'Birth Certificate March On Washington' To Start "Peaceful Revolution" And Demand Obama Resignation 2-20-10 "Berg has been promising a "constitutional crisis" from the beginning. Now he says that it's time to motivate for revolution." [see post]
Appeals court: We're listening to eligibility case
Judges grant permission for lengthy filing in case challenging Obama
The case alleges Congress failed to follow the Constitution, which "provides that Congress must fully qualify the candidate 'elected' by the Electoral College Electors."
The complaint also asserts "when Obama was born his father was a British subject/citizen and Obama himself was the same." The case contends the framers of the U.S. Constitution, when they adopted the requirement that a president be a "natural born citizen," excluded dual citizens.

California Global Government Gives Schools To Private Sector

Follow up on: 'Going For Broke'...California And World Government 1-17-09 "Global regional government at the local level will be a community-based system of management. This community based system will be essentially the same worldwide. The affairs of the state governments are to be shifted to the individual communities. This will be of necessity, they will say, because the states are 'bankrupt', and no longer able to provide the particular services. This is the one world government plan called Agenda 21." [see post]
LA school board OKs handing schools to nonprofits

The Los Angeles school board has approved a plan to turn over the operation of 30 campuses to nonprofit educational groups, but most of the groups are led by teachers and administrators already in place.
After a four-and-a-half hour meeting Tuesday that featured nearly 50 speakers, the board approved most of Superintendent Ramon Cortines' recommendations for 12 of the district's most problematic schools and 18 new ones for the 2010-11 academic year.
About 200 teachers and parents protested outside the board meeting.
The vote represented the first round of Cortines' plan to turn over about a third of the district's schools to nonprofit groups in an effort to boost student achievement.
re: turn over the operation

While at this time there are only thirty schools affected, this is a very significant development in the big picture of the transformation of the U.S. into the global communitarian system. As stated this is only the "first round". No doubt this is true, for this is only a few schools here, but this transfer of responsibility from the public sphere to the private represents the replacement of the nation-state model of government with the global system. This developing globally-connected system of public-private partnerships is the dictatorial model for all the world.
With this move, California is definitely taking it to the next level, charting the course into the so-called "three-legged stool" global management plan:
"The world management plan aka Agenda 21 likens the desired modern global society to a "three-legged stool". A three legged stool cannot stand, of course, without all three legs working together. This sales pitch is being used to merge these "three legs of the stool", governments, private sector i.e. industry/businesses, and charities i.e. non-profits aka 'non-governmental agencies' (NGO's)...including the 'religious communities' (churches, mosques, synagogues)...into a top-down interwoven global governing system. The entire system must be interconnected through various partnerships, so as to manage the entire planet much like a single corporation that is comprised of various departments. All departments have a department head who is accountable to the next level, and so on, all the way to the top." here

Here is the point: Despite the fact that in a large measure it is still not quite tangible, the one-world-government that has been spoken of for so long is now here, and is already functioning as such in many respects - right where you are today. That would be the 666 one world government, of course. Be very aware.
compare: First Ever "World Regional Government" Forum 11-20-09;
'Rock Church' San Diego Models World Government System 11-25-09;
Hawaii Shutting Schools, Transitioning To 'World Government' 10-22-09
John 8: 31-32 'If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free'


Suicide At Schuller's Crystal Cathedral Reported: 'As Above So Below'?

This post is a follow up on: Multifaith In, Megachurches Out: NWO Absorbing Schuller's Crystal Cathedral 2-1-10 "Prediction: Schullerville will never rise again...It is the phase-out. Megachurches do not fit into the purpose-driven 'multifaith' communitarian model of NWO world government..." [see post]
"As above...so below''
..when men try to play God

"As above, so below" has been called the "golden rule" of the Satanic mystery religion known as the Kabbalah. With many convoluted spins put upon this mystical concept it is as difficult to explain as it is complex, and it is not easy to come to a full understanding of it's meaning. At a very basic level though, and serving our purpose here, the phrase conveys the occult belief that what happens in the spiritual realm, i.e. the heavenlies, or 'above', must also have it's coinciding counterpart in the physical world - i.e. 'below'.

The Kabbalists see this rule as foundational to success in their quest to create their utopia, the 'novus ordo seclorum', or the 'new order of the ages'. To their mind they are bringing about a spiritual transformation of the entire cosmos and of humanity. As for this spiritual realm - the 'above', the driving belief is that the final stage of mankind's evolution into Godhood is being accomplished. Everthing done is ultimately to this end.

The problem for the deluded Kabbalists/Luciferians is that to bring about this imaginary 'spiritual transformation' of the universe and complete their own evolution into 'Godhood', they must have matching actions 'below' on the so-called physical plane. But, because the whole thing is a Satanic delusion and a product of their own darkened minds, there will of course be no matching actions. With this dilemma they then find themselves in the position of having to manufacture them. And this they do faithfully, seeing to it that all parts of the plan are 'acted out' here below in the 'earth realm'. With these coinciding 'actions' on the physical plane taken care of, the imaginary spiritual transformation 'above' will now come to fruition, they are convinced, and absolutely nothing can then keep them from seeing all their efforts crowned with resounding success and great glory. 'As above so below' they call it, the Kabbalist/Illuminati pathway to immortality.

This brings us to this latest update from the faltering Crystal Cathedral which may just be a perfect example of "as above so below":
Police identify Crystal Cathedral suicide victim 2-18-10

GARDEN GROVE - A man walked into the Crystal Cathedral on Wednesday morning, handed a church greeter a note, then knelt in front of a cross and shot himself in the head, leaving him dead at the altar, police said.

Betty Spicer, one of the greeters, said she welcomed the man as he entered the church asking him where he was from.

The man, who had long hair and was “a bit unkempt,” responded, “Around here,” Spicer said.

The man went to the front of the church, knelt in front of a large gold cross, reached into a backpack and then put the gun to his head.

Witnesses called 911 for help. The man was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

View video here

re: dead at the altar

As the followup post at the top states, the "Megachurch" is soon to be obsolete. They have no place in the new 'spiritual atmosphere' of global unifaith religion being birthed on the planet by the dark masters of the Kabbalah. Schuller's Crystal Cathedral seems to be the first one on the chopping block [see followup post]. Granted, this is pure speculation now, but you might even say that the Mega's are slated to be 'suicided' - that is, they will have to take themselves out, as it were. If this is in fact the case, is it not possible that an NWO mind-control would be sent in to act-out the 'spiritual reality' in the 'physical realm'?
Is the message here that the Megachurches will perform the ultimate service of self-sacrifice to the one-world-religion god Lucifer, and be found "dead at the altar"?

Answer: It has already started.

REV. 18:4

10-19-10 update here

11-19-11 update: sacrifice done
'How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer...For thou hast said in thine heart...I will be like the most High'...Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit' Isaiah 14:12,14,15


Berg: 'Birth Certificate March On Washington' To Start "Peaceful Revolution" And Demand Obama Resignation

Date, logistics to be announced shortly..
March on Washington to tell president to quit'
It is time to motivate the citizens of U.S. to expose 'hoax' of Obama'
Organizers of a new march on Washington are offering Americans the opportunity to show President Obama their birth certificates and declare that unless he produces documentation of his eligibility to occupy the Oval Office, he should quit.
The event is headed by Philip Berg, the first to bring court challenges to Obama's eligibility under the U.S. Constitution's requirement that presidents be a "natural born citizen."
While a number of cases, including several of his own, remain pending, Berg told WND today the issue needs to be pressed.
"Since the courts are taking their time to get to the point of allowing 'discovery,' it is time to motivate the citizens of the United States for a 'peaceful revolution' to expose the 'hoax' of Obama, the biggest 'hoax' in the history of our country, in over 230 years," he said.
Berg, who publicizes his cases through his ObamaCrimes.com website, said the planned "Birth Certificate March on Washington" will demand Obama resign.
A date and other logistical details of the march are to be announced within a few days, Berg told WND.
He's also asking all citizens to e-mail, fax or mail a copy of their own birth certificates to him to present to Obama. The president should resign, he said, "because he has failed to produce his long form birth certificate to show he is 'constitutionally eligible' to be president." (He said if people choose, they could black out private information.)
Berg said he's already gotten what he called a "fabulous" response to his plans. He said a march is something "people positively can do."
re: "motivate the citizens of the U.S. for a 'peaceful revolution'"

This post is an update on this
one : "Marching on Washington - Perfect storm for 'constitutional crisis' forming? It shall be seen. Stay tuned

Berg, the first lawyer to bring the non-citizenship issue to national attention, seems to be an insider too. The "peaceful revolution" theme he is advocating will benefit only the NWO agenda, i.e. fitting the USA into the global regional-government system. To do this requires the deconstruction of the USA and the formation of the North American Union, aka Canamerexico. Civil unrest leading to societal breakdown is just what the doctor ordered to take this evil scheme to the next level.
With the organization and promotion of this march/rebellion, Berg now joins the ranks of double-agents G. Beck, R. Paul, and S. Palin [here], and the Manhattan Declaration gang [here], all crying the NWO revolution blues in perfect unison. Paul has even gone so far as to predict "blood in the streets" [here].
Facilitator Berg has been promising a "constitutional crisis" from the beginning. Now he says that it's time to motivate for revolution. Judging from how things are proceeding, it now seems likely that the 'Obama Controversy' has been created for this very purpose - provide a strong enough cause for people to actually begin to take to the streets. And, even though it is a set-up, a con job, a double-cross - it looks like it really is going to happen. Crazy days on the horizon people, be informed. Rev. 18:4
John 18:36 'Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight...'


NWO Spokesman Gordon Brown Calls For 666 Financial "World Constitution"

LONDON, Feb 19 (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called on Friday for a world constitution to regulate the financial system and said he hoped for agreement on a range of regulation issues at G8 and G20 meetings in coming months. Speaking at an international conference on progressive politics, Brown also said now was not the time to put a fragile economic recovery at risk by withdrawing fiscal support, but to make 2010 a year of growth.
Brown said a global solution was required to transform financial services, which he defined as follows:
"Common rules for capital and liquidity, common standards for supervision, common rules for bonuses and a shared way of assessing the contribution banks should make to society, free of the unfair and disproportionate use of regulatory and tax havens which penalise countries doing the right things."
re: world constitution
Very recently the NWO's Gordon Brown called for a global 'climate change' body, and before anybody knew what hit them, it was done: Unaccountable Global 'Climate-Change Body' Taking Shape 2-13-10 "Gordon Brown called for a global body less than a month ago and just like that one has been brought into existence. It is a self appointed body, made up of international high level government and private figures.."
Now Brown is calling for a "world constitution" to regualte the global financial system, to be crafted at upcoming G8 and G20 meetings. Any reason to think that seeing one begin to then "take shape" is not exactly what will happen?
From the last G20: 9-25-09 World Economic Summit #3 Wrap Up: G20 'Leaders' Anoint Selves As Global Masters " summed up quite succinctly by the U.K.'s Gordon Brown when he states matter of factly that "Leaders...have agreed to a global plan."
The fake global financial collapse was written into the NWO script long ago for this very purpose - to create the 'fix' - the fix being the Cabalist's ancient "global plan" for 666 economic control of the entire world. It is materializing before our eyes.
Be acutely aware because, plain and simple, they fully intend to make slaves of all mankind, and they have now put the pedal to the metal. By the way, speaking now to non-believers, all this is precisely as foretold in the New Testament. The bible is true. Rev. 18:4
see also: NWO Notifying US: We Are Done W/You And Your Dollar 10-6-09 [follow links, connect dots]
"...no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark" Rev. 3:17

NWO Spokesman Obama Works Climate Change Dialectic

Don't you people get it yet....it's really real...really
Obama rebukes climate skeptics
US President Barack Obama on Friday rebuked climate change skeptics who argue that piles of snow dumped on the United States during a frigid winter cast doubt on global warming science.
"I want to just be clear that the science of climate change doesn't mean every place is getting warmer -- it means the planet as a whole is getting warmer."
The president has committed the United States wholeheartedly to the fight against climate change -- unlike the previous Bush administration -- and played a major role in the ill-fated UN climate conference in Denmark last year.
While one NWO spokesman is reading his lines from the dictatorial global script and calling for a world "financial constitution" [here], across the globe another NWO spokesman, reading from the same script, continues to work the 'climate change' dialectic, proving to be true this statement quoted from a 12-21-09 post on the recent Copenhagen debacle: "from this point forward the manipulative 'global warming debate' will be intensified as never before."
See 'Obama and The Global Script' [8-18-08] to understand why the 'climate change/green agenda' will never be given up (there is no plan 'b').
Jeremiah 7:28 'But thou shalt say unto them, This is a nation that obeyeth not the voice of the LORD their God, nor receiveth correction: truth is perished, and is cut off from their mouth'

Along With Schullerville, NWO Taking Down Benny Hinn Megachurch too?

This post is a follow up on: Multifaith In, Megachurches Out: NWO Absorbing Schuller's Crystal Cathedral 2-1-10 "Prediction: Schullerville will never rise again... Transforming the 'religious landscape', as it is sometimes referred to, from old-world to new-world order will be a process. This process involves laying off, cutting, shutting down, canceling, selling, giving notice, etc., as seen here. The important thing to understand about what is happening here is that, despite the ignorance of the majority of the people involved, this is a choreographed move. It is the phase-out. Megachurches do not fit into the purpose-driven 'multifaith' communitarian model of NWO world government...Very important to understand this...for in the future you will see 'mega-destruction' spreading across the 'religious landscape' from coast to coast. [see post,comments]
Benny Hinn 'Shocked' by Divorce Papers

After more than 30 years of marriage, faith healer Benny Hinn may be heading to divorce court.

Benny Hinn Ministries on Thursday confirmed that his wife, Suzanne Hinn, filed a petition for divorce in Orange County Superior Court on Feb. 1. She cited irreconcilable differences.
Though the couple separated on Jan. 26, according to court papers, the organization released a statement expressing shock.
"Pastor Benny Hinn and his immediate family were shocked and saddened to learn of this news without any previous notice," said Don Price, longtime senior advisor to Benny Hinn Ministries.
For years, Hinn has been a subject of scrutiny by the media and recently the government for the miraculous healings he claims to perform and the lavish lifestyle he leads. He travels to cities across the globe conducting "miracle crusades" and services. Reports from each event indicate that dozens are miraculously healed from a physical ailment, though Hinn admitted to ABC News recently that he doesn't have medical verification of the healings.
He also told ABC he has no misgivings about the comfortable lifestyle – a private jet, fancy hotel stays, and a multimillion-dollar home – he leads.

Hinn is currently under a Senate investigation for possible financial misconduct.

re: "mega destruction spreading"

According to this article, Benny Hinn has recently admitted that he has no verification for his "miracle healings", it is reported that he is "currently under a senate investigation* for possible financial misconduct", and now we are told that, out of the blue, Hinn's wife has filed papers to end their 30 year marriage.

Does this past the 'smell test'...as far as all this coming together at the same time in sort of a 'perfect storm' scenario? Answer: No, it reeks of choreography. It smells exactly like NWO order out of chaos. Just as the Schuller empire is currently being dismantled [follow up quote above], it appears that the NWO is also finished with insider Benny Hinn's "False Gospel and Miracle Crusade" shenanigans.

What goes up must come down. The time has come to move on and piece together the global unifaith, and a nice little scripted drama like the one shaping up here is just the thing needed for a convincing 'exit stage-right' for the pseudo-faith healer's megachurch. Benny gets a gold watch for faithful service in deceiving the masses through the office of false prophet and will be reassigned to a new postition in the Antichrist's soon-to-be 'multifaith global conglomerate'.**
It will not happen overnight, but the die is cast. Watch and see.
**Flashback, Davos '08: A glimpse at what the coming global religion board of directors might look like: here
*The Senate 'investigation' has been ongoing for some time, presumably awaiting it's 'stage cue'. Compare: Building Interreligion" 3-15-08:
"Grassley, the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee...is taking on the matter of church-state boundaries with his probe of six well-known televangelists who preach that God wants his followers to be rich both spiritually and materially." [follow links, connect dots]
"...come out of her my people.." Rev. 18:4

Homosexual Judge In Landmark Prop. 8 Case Called Into Question

Update on: Surprise, Surprise: Judge In CA Homosexual Pseudo-Marriage Case Is Homosexual 2-8-10 [see post, follow links]
Prop. 8 judge encouraged to step down

Matt Barber, attorney and director of cultural affairs at Liberty Counsel, believes Walker ought to resign from the case if the allegation is true. The Liberty Counsel attorney cites from federal law that "a judge shall disqualify himself when he knows that he has a financial or any other interest that could be substantially affected by the outcome of the proceeding," and he argues that if Walker is a homosexual and overturns Prop. 8, he would benefit by granting himself the right to marry a man. Given that effect, Barber decides that hardly represents impartiality.

He goes on to report that Judge Walker has been silent since the newspaper claim was published. "Well, the judge has said, 'No comment' when asked about his sexual lifestyle," explains the Liberty Counsel attorney. "I think he needs to comment. If in fact he is engaged in the homosexual lifestyle, there is a clear conflict of interest here under federal law."

The plot thickens. While this little conundrum could potentially create a delay, the case is certain to end up at SCOTUS regardless of the California Supreme Court outcome. The homosexual agenda is powerfully connected, their moves are well choreographed in advance, and controlling both sides of the issue is standard procedure for NWO operatives. For these reasons it would be no surprise at all to see this latest plot twist factor into their strategy, i.e. why should 'homosexual judges' be discriminated against? You get the idea....stay tuned
see related: "Hate Crimes Law" Going To Court In Michigan 2-2-10
Psalms 1:6 '...the way of the ungodly shall perish'


Sodom And Gomorrah Daily: Iowa "Faith Leaders" Coming After Bible Defenders

Follow up on: Homosexual Leader (Gene Robinson) Finally Admits Bible Prohibits Homosexual Acts, But... 2-4-10 "...Paul was actually writing about heterosexuals who engage in same-sex acts and not homosexuals, said the Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal church" [see post]
167 Iowa faith leaders back same-gender 'marriage'

DES MOINES - More than 160 faith leaders in Iowa have voiced their support for same-sex "marriage" and are criticizing opponents who cite the Bible in raising objections.
Members of the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa held a Statehouse news conference Tuesday to present a letter they sent to all 150 legislators outlining their position. It says many faith traditions affirm that "where there is love, the sacred is in our midst."* It goes on to say, "This belief is the same for couples comprised of a man and a woman, two women, or two men." (Read the letter and see signatories to the letter here)
Speakers said they wanted to counter arguments by people who rely on the Bible to back up their views.
*The forces of Sodom are mobilizing, and they want to counter scripture quoters, using the same type of deranged faulty logic as does Robinson in the 'follow up' post above. In this case, homosexual "love" comes under the category of "sacred".

Gen 19:12-13 'And the men said unto Lot, Hast thou here any besides a son-in-law, and thy sons, and thy daughters? and whatsoever thou hast in the city, bring them out of this place: For we will destroy this place, because the cry of them is waxen great before the face of the LORD; and the LORD hath sent us to destroy it.'

Calling all "Lot's", calling all "Lot's"...stop lingering in your beloved Sodom (vs. 16) and get up to the mountain with "Abraham" asap (vss. 17,27)...and all you "Lot's wifes" - don't look back now (vs. 26).
Hurry, hurry... it is going to start raining fire and brimstone any time now (vss. 24,28). Rev. 18:4
'Remember Lot's Wife' Luke 17:32

NWO Daily: TSA Now Coming After You With Q-Tips

TSA Terrorists takes explosives screening to fliers

Airport screeners for the first time will begin roving through airports taking chemical swabs from passengers and their bags to check for explosives, the Transportation Security Administration said Tuesday.
The program, already tested at five airports after the attempted Christmas Day bomb plot on a U.S.-bound airliner, begins nationwide in a few weeks, TSA spokeswoman Sterling Payne said. Screeners will push carts with bomb-detection machines around airport gates and checkpoint lines to randomly check passengers' hands and carry-on bags for explosive residue.
Using the sensors randomly on passengers as they wait to board airplanes or in security lines will "create increasing uncertainty for the adversaries, which is always positive," Jenkins said.
The fake undie bomber is the justification offered for this latest NWO psy-op absurdity. It is getting really bad out there....

France, Italy Net Censorship Updates; Italian Group Cries To Obama For Help

Update on: Italy, France To Censor Internet Jan. 2010 [see post]
France leapfrogs past Australia in Big Brother stakes
In the teeth of fierce opposition both inside and outside parliament, the National Assembly approved, by 312 votes to 214 against, a first reading of a bill on Internal Security - the quaintly titled "LOPPSI 2".
However, it is in the online area that some of the most radical proposals are to be found, with the criminalisation of online ID theft, provision for the police to tap online connections in the course of investigations, and most controversially of all, allowing the state to order ISPs to block (filter) specific internet URLs according to ministerial diktat.
It has also been suggested that the state should have the right to plant covert trojans to monitor individual PC usage.
Italy's Government Seeks Control Over Online Videos
The decree mandates vetting of video content to ensure it isn't considered pornographic or harmful to national security. Violators face fines of up to more than $200,000. It would create an administrative authority that will decide what can go online and what can't.
...the Internet has become a prime means of communication for Italians disaffected with Berlusconi. Last December, hundreds of thousands of protesters rallied against him in Rome. The demonstration was organized exclusively online.
The next online-organized rally is set to take place this weekend outside the U.S. embassy. The slogan: "President Obama, please help the Internet in Italy."
Controlling both sides of the issue? Obot double agents in the Italian 'save the internet' camp? How else would it ever be possible for Obama to be put forth as the 'internet-savior' of the world? This one bears watching...we'll have to see if this page of NWO script has BO riding in on a "white horse" to save the day...ala imitation-antichrist (wannabe) style, cf. Rev. 6:2.
It is really getting bad out there. fyi


Deluded Dominionist Preachers Invoke Romans 13 At Los Angeles Mayor's Prayer Breakfast

February 13, 2010 LOS ANGELES – Before a crowd of about 1200 faithful, two prominent evangelical Christian leaders invoked Romans Chapter 13 at the 37th Annual Los Angeles Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast held today at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, California.
Dr. Keith Phillips, Founder and President of World Impact, Inc., a Christian missionary organization which ministers to under-privileged children in 11 American cities, managed to work the following propaganda into his introductory remarks:
"Romans Chapter 13 commands Christians to pray for those in authority over them." [note: for the record; no it does not. ed.]
Moments later, Dr. Jack Hayford, who is best known as the Founding Pastor of The Church On The Way mega-church in Van Nuys, California, echoed Dr. Phillips’ earlier propaganda as he prayed for Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa:
"Let the comfort and care of your spirit attend him, as we together – on not only this day – obey your command to pray for those in authority and to commit ourselves to on-goingly doing the same."
Which sounds innocuous enough at first blush, and yet the 13th Chapter in the book (or letter) of Romans in the Christian Bible is notorious for having been used by pastors in Nazi Germany during World War II at the behest of then-Chancellor Adolf Hitler to pre-empt opposition to, and overthrow of, his government. Under Hitler’s regime, Christian congregations were taught by their pastors the official, state-sanctioned interpretation of Romans 13, which was: To unquestioningly submit to the “governing authorities” who were alleged to be “chosen” and “placed” in their positions by God Himself. (A doctrine which, as history has shown, makes it astonishingly easy for a tyrannical psychopath to run a country – and everyone in it – into the ground.)
More and more, the above-mentioned teaching is heard being preached from pulpits all across America ever since the formation of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA’s) so-called Clergy Response Teams (see: Feds Train Clergy To "Quell Dissent" During Martial Law).
[see/read full article, 3 videos here]
Just as the Devil tempted the Lord Jesus Christ in the wilderness for forty days by twisting and misquoting scripture, so today his strategy is unchanged i.e. the misuse of scripture to gain his own objective. In today's world it is very often the utterly false doctrine of Dominionism [here]. This grotesquely distorted scriptural fantasy is used to deceive the masses of ignorant professing 'Christians' with the grand illusion of the so-called 'kingdom of God', so as to then gain their allegiance in the deluded plan to bring it forth. Romans 13 is one of the favorite passages used to promote 'unquestioning obedience' among the broadway-goers to this dead-end Satanic doctrine.
Long before the Serpent unsuccessfully attempted to ply his wares in the desert to the Son of God in exchange for worship, three Old Testament figures, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, facing a similar situation, resisted a 'global order' from the then king, Nebuchadnezzar, directing them to bow down to a golden image he had made of himself, as if he were himself God:
Daniel 3:4-5 Then a herald cried aloud, To you it is commanded, O people, nations, and languages, That at what time ye hear the sound of the cornet, flute, harp, sackbut, psaltery, dulcimer, and all kinds of music, ye fall down and worship the golden image that Nebuchadnezzar the king hath set up:
Fall down and worship...? These three would have none of it:
vs. 12 There are certain Jews whom thou hast set over the affairs of the province of Babylon, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego; these men, O king, have not regarded thee: they serve not thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.
History is repeating itself "O people, nations, and languages". Behind all the conniving strategies of the NWO builders is a far greater than any Nebuchadnezzar or any Hitler (as referenced in the above article). It is Satan himself, and the global system now being erected is for the sole purpose of acquiring the very thing that Nebuchadnezzar desired, and that the devil requested of the Lord Jesus - worship as God. [cf. Rev. 13:4; 2Thes. 2:4 - bible search on right]
In using Romans 13 as a proof-text to push the various 'kingdom now' schemes, lying dominionist preachers today are helping the Devil's cause, whether they know it or not. It is not the kingdom of God they are building but the kingdom of Antichrist. If blinded to this truth, they remain without excuse because, if anyone should be able to discern the blatant deception, these self-professed teachers of the Word of God should be at the top of the list.
At any rate, the 'Beast' would like you to begin learning compliance now. To do this, just believe everything you are told, and do not think for yourselves. Go green to save the earth, and the financial collapse is real, the swine flu is real, the terrorists are real, the president is real, etc. etc. Submit to everything, take a flu shot, take the mark too while you're at it, and do not forget, when you hear the sound of the instruments...fall down and worship. Rev. 18:4
'Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, answered and said to the king, O Nebuchadnezzar...be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.' Daniel 3:16,18


U.S. Antitrust Restriction Removed; American Airlines Creates International 5-Airline 'Alliance'

Five airlines from five countries to 'act as one':
American, British Airways Accord Accepted by U.S.

Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) -- AMR Corp.’s American Airlines and British Airways Plc won tentative U.S. government permission to deepen their trans-Atlantic alliance as they counter competition created by the 2008 lifting of flight restrictions between the U.S. and Europe.
American Airlines, the second-largest U.S. carrier, and British Airways, Europe’s third-biggest, may jointly price, market and schedule international flights in their Oneworld alliance without fear of antitrust prosecution, the U.S. Transportation Department said today.
The decision “beggars belief,” said Richard Branson, president of Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd., a British Airways competitor that had campaigned against the agreement...
Carriers restricted by law from cross-border mergers seek such grants of antitrust immunity to act more like single entities. Iberia Lineas Aereas de Espana SA, Finnair Oyj and Royal Jordanian Airlines are also part of the agreement, which is still being evaluated by the European Union.
American and British Airways also won tentative approval for a separate joint venture with Iberia, according to the Transportation Department order.
This post is a follow up on: Undie Bomber Update: EU And US To 'Strengthen Cooperation' To Control Global Air Travel 1-22-10 "This system being put together will be used to connect and control all the world's airports, and eventually airlines. Total control of the entire industry worldwide is the goal, and that goal is on the front burner...Creating this global airline system will involve a "drastic reshaping" and "cross-border" structuring"

re: "cross border mergers...act more like single entities"

Consolidation is the word. A one world consolidated airline industry for the one world global management system. Consolidation of security systems globally is underway, and now, through the 'overhauling' of federal antitrust laws, the way is being furthered for the next big step - permitting "cross border mergers", i.e. international alliances of carriers that they can "act more like single entities".
You can be certain that the 'acting' stage will be temporary. Morphing into the actual thing is without doubt the end goal. Total domination and nothing less.
Airline travel, i.e freedom of movement for the 'average Joe', will not be 'sustainable' in the NWO. In other words, the world-citizen's ability to come and go as he/she pleases in the 666 micromanaged future will be terminated. Absolute control over populations cannot be maintained otherwise. Where, when, and if...you travel will in the future be decided by those who have the global monopoly of the airline industry.
This scenario is fast becoming a reality.
*Note the name of this new 'American Airlines-British Airways-Iberia [Spain]-Finnair-Royal Jordanian' airline monopoly. Acting like a single entity, they are named appropriately - the "Oneworld" alliance.
Matthew 24:33 '...when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.'

Unaccountable Global 'Climate-Change Body' Taking Shape

Follow up on: Out Of The Copenhagen 'Chaos' Gordon Brown Calls For Global Body 12-21-09 "...a massive dialectic exercise... to achieve a preplanned solution. In this case - "a new global body dedicated to environmental stewardship" ...and it must take the form of unaccountable global authorities. [see post]

No sooner said than done. Gordon Brown gets his wish:
U.N. Gets Rolling on Copenhagen Accord, Forms 'Global' Finance Panel

UNITED NATIONS -- The United Nations moved today to implement a key component of the Copenhagen Accord, announcing the launch of a high-level panel to design and oversee a $100 billion annual fund for climate mitigation and adaptation financing in poor countries.
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told reporters the new body "will look at how to jump-start the mobilization of new and innovative resources to reach $100 billion annually by 2020." Two prime ministers -- Great Britain's Gordon Brown and Ethiopia's Meles Zenawi -- will lead the panel, whose representation will be divided equally between developed and developing nations' governments.
"Funding would include both public and private sources," Ban said.
Ban said the advisory group will include other heads of state, high-ranking government ministers, central bank administrators, and public finance and development experts. A full list of the high-level panel's membership is forthcoming, he said.
re: 'launch...new body'

The superstructure for the international green movement is now visibly rising on the global landscape like the Tower of Babel of old as puppet political figures, pandering to the Kabbalist-driven whims of their demonically possessed masters, defiantly create a global regulatory system with which they will attempt to finalize their ages-old plan to micromanage the earth and dominate all of mankind on it.

Gordon Brown called for a global body less than a month ago and just like that one has been brought into existence. It is a self appointed body, made up of international high level government and private figures, and in part will be privately funded. This new body is without question being set up as an unaccountable global authority.

As a global authority, Brown's new 'climate change' dictator-ettes will need a sub-system underneath them with which to direct policy worldwide. This sub-system is already being built worldwide on the national level. Little more than a week ago, India announced the formation of their own 'climate-change body' [2-5-10 here], as did the United States a few days later. The U.S. has stated that they will bypass congressional legislation to implement their new "Climate Service", which will operate through six "regional offices" [2-8-10 here]. Other countries will follow, and as the system becomes operational across the planet, the global-level dictates will flow down through these national channels to every community on the earth. From there, they will be facilitated by 'coalitions'. see: Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" 2-10-10

This is the now-visible superstructure of a worldwide green-dictatorship that, through the creation of 'environmental' regulations touching every activity on earth, intends to regulate and control every square inch of the planet, and every person on it.
This 'Tower of Babel' is the 666 kingdom of the Zionist Antichrist. It is very tall. Can you see it from your house?
Rev. 18:4

follow links, connect dots
Matthew 24:33 So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.

'Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus' Rev. 22:20

The Lord Jesus Christ is coming back! He may be here at any moment! He may come today! Now this is not a foolish assertion that He will come today. Nor is it the setting of a specific time for Him to come, which would be equally foolish and wrong; yet many do it. It is the sober statement of a fact, to arouse souls from their carelessness and indifference, and point them to the clear testimony of God's only Word that the Lord Jesus is coming again , and may be here today. (Meat in Due Season, p. 64) A.C. Gaebelein 1861-1945
'For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.' 1 Thessolonians 4:16-18
Rapture and Return of Jesus Christ Lewis Sperry Chafer 1871-1952
Doctrine Of The Rapture Hamilton Smith 1862-1943

Another One Bites The Dust: France To Censor Internet

France falls under Internet censorship

THE FRENCH PARLIAMENT has buckled under pressure and approved the Sarkozy government's authoritarian plans to censor the Internet.
The government opposed all objections to its plans to filter Internet sites, which have been controversial throughout French society. Today La Quadrature du Net, a French openness group, said that the action would give the government total control over its citizens' access to the Internet. It added that Nicholas Sarkozy was using excuses to clear a path for his rules, whch ultimately would come at the expense of liberty.
In a statement it said that the announcement had come out during a debate over the planned French security bill (LOPPSI), adding that during discussons the government "opposed all the amendments seeking to minimize the risks attached to filtering Internet sites."
Jérémie Zimmermann, a spokesperson for La Quadrature du Net, said that any censorship should have been trialled before being approved, explaining, "The refusal to enact Net filtering as an experimental measure is a proof of the ill-intended objective of the government.
This post is a follow up on: NWO Going After Youtubers - Italy to Require Government Authorization To Upload Video To Internet 1-17-10 [see post, recent related-links]

Too many NWO-opposing voices are heard on the internet. They must be silenced, as the 'beast' would not have himself challenged. Sarkozy is on his payroll: Sarkozy: 'One Voice For Europe And The World Needed' 10-12-08
AnotherVoice Rev. 18:4


Michelle Obama Says Childhood Obesity A National Security Threat; and Globalism

Or is the "Let's Move" campaign really about implementing the communitarian global government?
First Lady Links Childhood Obesity to National Security in Launch of ‘Let’s Move’ Campaign
CNSNews.com) – At a ceremony at the White House on Tuesday, First Lady Michelle Obama announced the launch of the ‘Let’s Move’ campaign to end childhood obesity in the United States, an epidemic she said is costly and a threat to national security.
“A recent study put the health care cost of obesity-related diseases at $147 billion a year,” Mrs. Obama said. “This epidemic also impacts the nation’s security, as obesity is now one of the most common disqualifiers for military service.”
The ceremony, attended by many officials of President Barack Obama’s cabinet, followed the signing earlier in the day of a presidential memorandum establishing a task force to study the problem and make recommendations after 90 days.
Obama called for overhauling many federal laws and guidelines, including adding $10 billion over the next decade to “update” the Childhood Nutrition Act, which feeds 31 million children at school and would add funding to feed more children.
The First Lady said a broad coalition of groups interested in children’s health are coming together to form the Partnership for a Healthier America, which will use professional athletes, members of the media, and state and local dignitaries to promote the “Let’s Move” campaign and its goals around the country.
re: 'Let's Move"...'broad coalition of groups coming together'
Caloric-intake challenged adolescents threatening the security of America?
When it comes to the NWO Bureau of Propaganda, as always, the truth of the matter will be found by examining the 'solution' which has been devised for whatever so-called 'problem' has arisen. The more absurd it is, as is the case with this "Let's Move"/obesity jive, the truth will usually be just that much more obvious. Case in point: the solution to save America and fight this latest 'national security threat' - childhood obesity - is 'coalitions', and, "overhauling many federal laws and guidelines".
'Coalitions' and 'overhauling' are simply code for the transformative process of replacing the existing free societal order with the global system of communitarianism. In other words, a top-down micromanagement of the planet through the use of 'coalitions'. The basic idea, ultimately, is a worldwide grid of an interconnected and interdependent 'network of coalitions', or "partnerships", covering every aspect of life, answering only to the all-powerful one-world government. Local, state, and national governments are bypassed with this global management system and will eventually be phased out completely.
Childhood obesity as an excuse creates numerous opportunities for globalists to get in the door and take control - in schools, in the health field, in food production, and more. Once in, they network everything to be under their control and then weave it into the overall system. It is global government, plain and simple.
Although so few recognize it, this one-world government is already functioning as such . For those who believe bible prophecy, you are living in the very fulfillment of it. Be alerted. Rev. 18:4
More in depth on the subject, see all:

update 12-14-10
Gen. 6:3 'And the LORD said, my spirit shall not always strive with man...' [here]