Dallas To Send 'Mental Health' Teams On 911 Calls, Hold Citizens Based On 'Evaluation' - Private Funded

Related to: "Planned-opolis" - Globalism Is Communitarianism And Privatization - To Be Alive And Well Under Trump; Blue Zones 12-8-16 "Much talk about Trump bringing about the demise of globalism, etc.. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ultimately, globalism, in the final practical outworking, will come down to two things. Those two things are communitarianism, and privatization...Communitarianism: community-based global management. Herd all sheep-cattle into managed communities worldwide... [and] Privatization... [meaning] ...they, the would-be masters of the 'sheep-cattle' - Trump now the icon - own everything, the 'sheeple' minions cattle goyim...own nothing..." [see post]
Dallas first responders laud new ways to help mentally ill in 2017

It's been years in the making, but finally, a plan to help scores of nonviolent, mentally ill people avoid jail and get treatment will take shape in the coming year, Dallas County leaders said Monday.

The changes, to be primarily funded with a $7 million private grant, aims to bring fewer mentally ill people to the jail, release more of them while they await trial and connect them with services once they're freed so they don't return.

In the spring, Dallas Fire-Rescue will launch Rapid Integrated Group Healthcare Teams, or RIGHT care teams, made up of specially trained police officers, paramedics and a mental health clinician. They will respond to crises and seek to de-escalate situations and determine the most appropriate course of action, Stretcher said.

To help determine the calls those teams should be sent to, a mental health clinician will be stationed at the city's 911 call dispatch center.

Once at jail, anyone who is arrested will be screened for mental illness. The jail will send those results to judges to consider when setting bond. The county will also start using a risk assessment tool to arrive at an estimated level of danger and flight risk posed by each defendant.

Defendants' potential release from jail will hinge on mental health and public safety considerations, not just the criminal charges they face and a financial ability to pay bond.

Law enforcement leaders at the meeting were supportive of the changes.

re: 'years in the making...Rapid Integrated Group Healthcare Teams, or RIGHT'

No doubt this "plan" has been years in the making. More years than probably most any realize. Absolute control over the populations of the planet is foundational to the planned so-called novus-ordo-seclorum, i.e. the Zio-Luciferian earth usurping scheme of the ages. Bow to the '666-beast' or be dealt with - that is the ages-long plan. That plan is now in the late stages. The agenda of forced "mental health" assessments is the mechanism by which this people-control is to be facilitated. State of Texas county of Dallas is taking it to an entirely new, radically Orwellian level. Note a few things in particular. First, this is being sponsored by private money. Mental health 'teams' will show up on the scene of selected 911-calls as directed by 'assessment experts' on staff at 911 call centers. All 'arrested' will then be mandated to undergo mental evaluations with results given to a 'judge', after which their fate may then be determined not by guilt or innocence on criminal charges but by arbitrary decisions based on 'expert analysis' of alleged mental condition. And note also according to above article this includes denial of right to bail out.

money making private decisions on the freedoms of individuals? That is a whole new realm of Brave New World never before seen outside of any full-blown communist countries. It is straight out of the "Planned-opolis" in fact [see 'related-to' above]. Starting in Dallas, the plan is global. See below:


(Purpose-Driver globalist front-man) Rick Warren Says 1-In-5 Americans Have "Mental Illness" - Starts Petition For NWO 'Mental Health' Agenda 4-30-13

More than likely that one-in-five figure Warren uses is coming out of a brand-new revision of the so-called 'psychiatric bible', the DSM. As this article below explains, the DSM has just undergone a 13-year process of revising [note the #13 numerology; see: Warren Launches Purpose-Driven Radio April Fools Day], and apparently now has a designation of 'disorder' for just about anything imaginable. "Redefining crazy" is what the author titled the article, and makes the statement that the new DSM will in fact "change the world of mental health".

"The American Psychiatric Association (APA) finalized a 13-year process of revising the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, commonly known as the DSM, the most important book in the field of mental illness. The DSM attempts to designate and code all the ways our minds can go awry. It defines depression, anxiety, schizophrenia — as well as more than 300 other problems from obsessive-compulsive disorder to stuttering to fetishism...It’s no exaggeration to say that the new DSM — the fifth full edition, one that more than 1,500 mental-health experts help write — will change the world of mental health."

What is afoot is very obvious. A system of gatekeeping for the Jewish-Zionist new world order [link] is being put in place. It is being set-up so that everybody is going to at some point have to 'pass the interview'...or be labeled as having a 'mental illness' of some sort. From there, who knows what the plan is. Maybe it's FEMA 're-education' camps or forced drugging - at the very least it seems that it would mean some type of Big Brother controls applied to those "one in five" individuals. At any rate...it is definitely beginning..." [see post]


Privatizing the world, especially including the peoples of the world i.e. communitarianism - exactly this is the Zio-Satanic scheme designed to establish 666 world usurpation.

And now 2017 - this is that. Definitely be informed.
 Rev. 18:4
Compare also: Zio-Globalist Trump Sounds Zio-Trumpet For U.S. Gestapo - Wants Nationwide 'Stop And Frisk' 9-21-16
Psalms 33:10,18 'The LORD bringeth the counsel of the heathen to nought: he maketh the devices of the people of none effect...Behold, the eye of the LORD is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy'


Ps. 103:1 "Bless The LORD, O My Soul" Saith The Psalmist -- But How Then Can A Man 'Bless' The LORD?*

'Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name' Psalms 103:1

Bless the LORD, O my soul. That is to say, "Let thy vocation be that of the seraphim, O my soul, and enter on the life of heaven!" [Isaiah 6:2-3]

Why should I praise him? Can my praise be of any advantage to him? No; nor that of all the heavenly hosts. It is infinite condescension in him to bearken unto the praises of his most exalted creatures.

Let me bless the Lord, because no function will be more rich in blessings to my soul than this. Let me do it, because it is the peculiar privilege of man on this earth to bless the Lord. When he would find any to join him in this, he has to ascend the skies. Let me do it, because the earth is fully furnished with the materials of praise. The sands, the seas, the flowers, the insects; animals, birds, fields, mountains, rivers, trees, clouds, sun, moon, stars, -- all wait for me to translate their attributes and distinctions into praise. But, above all, the new creation [2Cor. 5:17].

Let me do it, because of him, through him, and to him, are all the things that pertain to my existence, health, comfort, knowledge, dignity, safety, progress, power, and usefulness.

A thousand of his ministers in earth, sea, and sky [Ps. 103:20-22], are concerned in the production and preparation of every mouthful that I eat. The breath that I am commanded and enabled to modulate in praise, neither comes nor goes without a most surprising exhibition of the condescension, kindness, wisdom, power, and presence of him whom I am to praise. Is it not dastardly to be receiving benefits, without even mentioning the name, or describing the goodness of the giver? Let candidates for heaven bless the Lord. There is no place there for such as have not learned this art.

*How shall I [bless] him? Not with fine words. No poetic talent is here necessary: Any language that expresses heart- felt admiration will be accepted. Praise him so far as you know him; and he will make known to you more of his glory.

-- George Bowen, 1873; excerpted from Spurgeon's 'Treasury of David' Ps. 103 v. 22 (which repeats the phrase)
John 4:23 'But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.'


5-Yr. Flashback: 2011 White House Hanukkah - Obama Preaches Kabbalah 'Tikkun Olam': Jewish Rule Of World

Originally posted 12-26-11
"Is there a Jewish conspiracy to rule the world? If so, can it be summed up in a single phrase? Would that phrase be found in the Jewish kabbalah?
The video below is from the 2011 Hanukkah ceremony held December 8th at the White House. During the ceremony, Obama makes this very interesting statement [3:00 - 3:09]: "...let's extend a hand to those who are in need...and allow the value of..uh.."tikkun olam" to guide our work this holiday season"

re: "the value of tikkun olam to guide our work"?

This statement made by Obama at the White House Hanukkah ceremony on 12-8-11, when understood, is astounding. It literally opens up a panorama of revelation as to how the world is now being "guided" into the so called new world order. According to Obama, it is the "value of tikkun olam" that is guiding this work. Not surprisingly, as it turns out, the phrase "tikkun olam" comes from the Jewish kabbalah. Research will show that this phrase has a wide variety of applications but at it's core the meaning is very profound. It basically embodies the concept of the Jew as the savior of the world, with the power to "control spiritual forces" through their deeds and will, and that it is up to them to "perfect the world". This will be accomplished "when all of humanity recognizes this fact", and comes into unity with them and their 'god' Hashem, in what is to be a "model Jewish society""

read full>>


It Begins: Swiss Markets To Sell 'Bug-Feed' For Human Consumption After New Rule Change

Swiss supermarket to sell ‘bug burgers’ following loosening of food laws

Switzerland is renowned for its fondue and chocolate, but a more adventurous culinary offering will soon be available on supermarket shelves. Food giant Coop will begin selling insect-based dishes including “bug burgers” and “bug meatballs” next spring.

Coop and other Swiss grocery stores have long been prevented from selling unusual foods – including those involving insects – without special authorization. But when the federal food safety office (BLV) announced on Friday that it would be loosening its rules, Coop was quick to express its readiness to offer customers the chance to “discover a new world of flavors.”

It also spoke of the environmental perks, noting that “rearing insects can be carried out in a perfectly sustainable manner.”

Coop’s statement comes after BLV announced on Friday that from May 2017, it would allow any food product to be sold commercially as long as it respects food regulations. It cited benefits for consumers, businesses, and trade.

While Coop’s outside-the-box offering may churn the stomachs of many customers, it seems the supermarket is not alone in its desire to offer Western consumers the option of eating insects. More than 25 such startups have been launched in the US and Canada in the past few years, according to Fortune magazine.

This post is a follow up on: WHO Report Says Meat Causes Cancer - All 'Minions' Must Eat Insects 10-27-15 "By the creation of 'sustainability' guidelines - i.e. what is and what is not "sustainable", every facet of life on earth is to then be regulated. Every person, place, thing utterly controlled - within a global system... That's their grand scheme anyway... The 'global serfdom' is to be herded into "sustainable communities" worldwide, given solar and fed bugs. Bugs? Bugs, for one example, are cheap to produce - no pastures, no irrigation (water), no heavy equipment, etc. [see post: UN 2030 same as UN '95 plan]. Cheap is the key word - the entire motive. Cost management of the slave class ... which definitely includes an economical (i.e. cheap) and "sustainable" source of 'cattle feed'. As seen in this 5-'13 video, the human-cattle feed of choice is very clearly to be...bugs:" [see post; video]

See also: "Planned-opolis" - 'Sustainability' is Communitarian Totalitarianism 12-18-16 [see video]

Mark the event. Switzerland re-regulating their federal food-guidelines to allow packaging and sale of 'bug-feed' for human consumption without question is the setting of a precedent that portends the same thing being done worldwide. Reason is because the very thing really truly is the 'globalist' plan for future 'world management'. The reality of this as fact is indisputable - and the Swiss are proof that the next phase of that plan has in fact begun. Insects-as-food for the masses of sheeple/minions/sub-human-goyim is hard-coded into Agenda21, UN2030, etc..

Bug-food for the peons is a symptom, just one of many parts of the whole. The root of the whole is totalitarian control of the entire earth. It is increasing day by day now like nothing ever seen. Be aware the pace is not going to slow. The end of of it all can be one thing only. That would be the 666-system [link] foretold in Holy Scripture. If you do not believe the things of Holy Scripture...may not be a bad idea to take another look.

Rev. 18:4
The totalitarian dreams of the ZNWO self-elected would-be overlords of humanity will ultimately fail, because...
Ps. 24:1 'The earth is the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein'


'Modern' Versions Make The Bible Say The Gospel Message Is "Foolishness" And "Folly"

The message of the gospel is foolishness and folly? The message that "The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us" [John 1:14]; the message "that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures" [1Cor. 15:3-4]; the message that it is only by the blood of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ shed on the cross of Calvary that God can forgive sin and man receive redemption [John 19:17; Eph. 1:7]? That one? That message is "foolishness"? And God is "pleased" by the foolishness of it?

Yes yes it is true. The message of the gospel is foolishness and folly and God is pleased. The 'bible' says so...if that is...you will believe the Westcott-Hort aka Nestle-Aland so-called modern bible versions. The gospel message is foolishness and folly - it says so right in 1 Corinthians 1:21:

- RSV - Real-Sorry-Version [1952 - compare ESV] 1 Cor. 1:21 "For since, in the wisdom of God, the world did not know God through wisdom, it pleased God through the folly of what we preach to save those who believe"

- NIV - Non-Inspired-Version: 1 Cor. 1:21 "For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe'

- NASB - Not-A-Solid-Bible: 1 Cor. 1:21 "For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not come to know God, God was well-pleased through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe.

- NKJV - Neutered-King-James-Version: 1 Cor. 1:21 "For since, in the wisdom of God, the world through wisdom did not know God, it pleased God through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe.

- ESV - Error-Saturated-Version: 1Cor. 1:21 "For since, in the wisdom of God, the world did not know God through wisdom, it pleased God through the folly of what we preach to save those who believe.

The King James Bible says something entirely different though. Nothing whatsoever about the Gospel message in this verse of scripture - especially nothing about the gospel message being foolishness. To say the message of the gospel is foolishness is pure blasphemy. It is not here the message, but rather the method by which the message would be made effective that is deemed foolishness, and that pleased God. It is this method that is described in 1 Corinthians 1:21 as the "foolishness of preaching":

- KJV - King James Bible: 1Cor. 1:21 "For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe"
Saving men by the method of preaching. This method pleased God because it confounds the wisdom of man. Perform religious rituals? Men will do this. Offer up their own works, as did Cain when he sought to be accepted on his own merits by offering his basket of fruits [Gen. 4:3]? Men will gladly do this. As long as they can 'do' something, anything, they will comply. But man can 'do' nothing. This they must learn [Titus 3:5-7]. Only through the "foolishness of preaching", whereby man is completely removed from the equation, as it were, can he be saved. 'Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God' [Rom. 10:17]. The Word of God preached, and heard. This is God's one only method by which He works the salvation of mankind. The 'foolishness' of preaching. No other way. It is the work of God start to finish. He is Alpha and Omega [Rev. 1:8].

On this subject of the foolishness of preaching, this from Spurgeon. It is excerpted from an 1857 sermon entitled "A Mighty Saviour":


Zionist Russia Hacked Zionist America's Scripted Election Says Zionist Media - Cui Bono? Gog-Magog WWIII Hoax


Fake Gog-Magog WWIII Narrative Pushing Forward - Russia, Putin Did It, All of It, Everything

WRH screenshot 12-17-16: whatreallyhappened.com
Russia did it? You mean Zionist Russia hacked Zionist America's 100% scripted Zionist election to hinder Zionist Clinton II aka Hillary in her scripted defeat and facilitate Zionist Trump's scripted win...

and forward also the hoax-of-the-ages coming fake Gog-Magog WWIII starring 'Magog' Russia (with Putin in the role of 'Gog' of course) as arch-enemy of all things Zionism... [see: Hal Lindsey - Russia]

scripted for Israeli victory to then allow for subsequent rise as self-proclaimed divine-kings of the to-be kingdom of Zion over the whole-earth [link]?

- Yes it's true that's what they mean and that's their story and they are sticking to it. There's a world to takeover after all and gotta keep to the schedule no matter how not-believable the story gets. So just sit back and be quiet and don't ask any questions...we'll tell you what you need to know - sez they.

Compare: Paris Agreement, Gog-Magog WWIII Hoax Of The Centuries And Zionist Russia 10-5-16 "On the coming orchestrated WWIII...Is there a looming conflict between Russia and the USA...Problem with this is that both Russia and the USA are Zionist-controlled countries. The fact is, which few actually realize, is that the government and country of Russia was completely taken over by the Jewish-Zionist movement in the Jewish-Bolshevik [Bolshevik (a new 'political party') = Zionist] manufactured Russian Revolution of 1917...This is well documented history, even though disputed by 'Zionist' sources. Easily proven true though with a little research. To think that that control has been somehow relinquished somewhere along the way over the last 100 years is simply not realistic. The infiltration then conquest of the nation of Russia was a major accomplishment for the global-kingdom aspiring Zionist movement [link]. There is not the slightest possibility of any of that control having ever been relinquished..." [see post]

 Rev. 18:4

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Micah 3:10 'They build up Zion with blood, and Jerusalem with iniquity'

CA Senate Bill 18 To Transfer Parental Authority To State i.e. Private Corporate Entities; ZWO Drucker Trump Plan Now

Sacrificing Children To The State Of California: SB18

[excerpted] A bill introduced by the notorious Richard Pan, the mover and shaker behind the mandatory vaccination law in CA—this new one, SB18, is a grab-bag of generalities basically giving over care of children to the State.

"The Legislature finds and declares that all children and youth, regardless of gender, class, race, ethnicity, national origin, culture, religion, immigration status, sexual orientation, or ability, have inherent rights that entitle them to protection, special care, and assistance, including, but not limited to, the following: The right to parents, guardians, or caregivers who act in their best interest. The right to form healthy attachments with adults responsible for their care and well-being. The right to live in a safe and healthy environment. The right to social and emotional well-being. The right to opportunities to attain optimal cognitive, physical, and social development. The right to appropriate, quality education and life skills leading to self-sufficiency in adulthood. The right to appropriate, quality health care"

This bill is basically setting up the population of California for state regulatory agencies to fill in the blanks later, to make specific controls out of the vague generalities in the bill...This Council has already written a children’s bill of rights, and SB18 is saying this is the model.

The Peninsula Partnership is a group organized within the San Mateo County Office of Education...some of its corporate partners:

Alexza Pharmaceuticals. Microsoft. Pepsico Foundation. Cisco. Hewlett Packard. Dell. Symantec. Unilever. Plus something called the SV2 Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund, “building and scaling social inventions.”

And that program is part of a technocratic movement to plan, format, and run the lives of the population from cradle to grave...This is the big picture, and it’s bigger than any election or political party. It’s THE PLANNED SOCIETY... [see full article at link]

This post is a follow up on this: "Planned-opolis" - Globalism Is Communitarianism And Privatization - To Be Alive And Well Under Trump; Blue Zones 12-8-16 "Much talk about Trump bringing about the demise of globalism, etc.. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ultimately, globalism, in the final practical outworking, will come down to two things. Those two things are communitarianism, and privatization...Communitarianism: community-based global management. Herd all sheep-cattle into managed communities worldwide... [and] Privatization... [meaning] ...they, the would-be masters of the 'sheep-cattle' - Trump now the icon [link] - own everything, the 'sheeple' minions cattle goyim...own nothing -- [and] "Blue Zones" - if not already very likely you will see this soon where you live. One year ago it was a pilot project in select areas. It is now full-fledged in many of those areas and expanding to new... under the guise of creating “healthy communities” through a public-private partnership between governments, health insurance giants, and businesses to create “Blue Zones”..."

and on this: Globalism And Peter Drucker's NWO Communitarian Plan 11-10-10 "The Brave New World fast materializing before our eyes is not about 'money' so much as it is about a global empire. What is 'money' if you already own the entire world? This reality was not lost on the late Peter Drucker, the so-called 'father of modern management', so-called that because he is the actual architect of the "global-management" system being used to create the 'global empire'. Drucker's premise was that the wealth of the future would not be measured by gold, silver, or especially paper fiat money, but by what he called "knowledge workers"...What is a 'knowledge worker? Well to put it into the simplest and most blunt terms, a 'knowledge worker' is a slave. A trained slave to be more precise. One who can multi-task, if you will. To micro-manage the earth so as to create and maintain a utopia for themselves, the self-proclaimed elite have envisioned the need for a rather large work force. This work force will essentially be the worker bees who will be used to keep things running smoothly...There is actually another group known as "useless eaters", but that is another topic entirely...Owning the entire planet at that point, precious metals, jewels etc. would have little value and wealth would then be determined by how many slaves are owned. Researching Peter Drucker and the term "knowledge worker" will prove these things true...The building of Drucker's "global-management system" is very evident here..."Knowledge workers" will be maintained in 'sustainable communities' and given all the benefits of solar power and wind energy. Slave plantations in other words. Here is the real 'why' of all things green-agenda related...This is the nutshell version of exactly what is happening in this world, and is an absolutely factual representation of the Drucker scheme" [see post]
California SB18 without question is exactly what is stated in the above two linked posts. Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, HP, Pepisco etc. scheming it behind the scenes, as revealed in the posted article, and with a little astute observation it is actually rather transparent how 'Trump-card' is already setting up to effectively transition the entire U.S. government over to the control of Private Hands of global corporate entities - like himself.*

Privatization of everything. Especially the children...the future measure of wealth.

California, the nation, the world. All of what is now being witnessed is without question the 'Planned-opolis plan' unfolding right here right now.

Or, more accurately, the Antichrist-kingdom of the false Zion - link

Be aware, be informed. Maranatha.
 Rev. 18:4

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*1-12-17 update: Trump To Turn USA Into A 'Public-Private-Partnership' - Cabinet Pick 'Chao' Reveals To Senate; Ordo Ab Chao
Ps.127:1 'Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it'  [zwo - false zion]


McDonald's Not Your Friend: New Holiday 'Mittens' Cup A Subliminal Sodomy-Solicitation; Conspiracy To Defile

'Crude as it gets' disclaimer with this post. The video is not even posted, just a screen-shot because it is enough. The video actually just flashes the images in your face repeatedly, which just makes it all the more rude actually. No need. Fact is though that the depth of the attack being waged against society in general does need to be realized, and for that reason something like this coming from a worldwide corporation like McDonald's should not be overlooked. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to being aware of the definite fact that there absolutely is an active conspiracy to absolutely defile everything and everybody absolutely, and this McDonald's "Warmest Greeting" holiday-cup reveals precisely just how far advanced this conspiracy-of-defilement now is - which is 'way far':
McDonalds’ New Subliminal “Butt Cup” Is Proof We’re Living in Idiocracy

This is being reported as an honest mistake. Surely they wouldn’t do this on purpose, would they? (<– That was both rhetorical and sarcastic.)

Well, not officially… They just happened to position two mittens at a certain angle so it can easily be turned into a pair of hands...

McDonalds 'Warmest Greetings' (really McD?) December 2016 [video screenshot]
Accident? That’s not even how the company is portraying it. In fact, they aren’t directly addressing it at all except to claim the design is really just mittens and people are reading too much into it. They told HuffPo:

“Our festive McCafĂ© cups are of mittens not hands. The altered image circulating on social media is the result of someone getting a little cheeky and adding some hand-drawing to a cup.”

A little “cheeky” eh? How clever... [article, video @ title link]
A conspiracy to defile. No other explanation possible. The largest corporations in the world are part of it. Be aware, and be not defiled.  Rev. 18:4
Corporate-Conspiracy compare:

Harry Connick Jr. Takes War-On-Male To New Low: Sashays, Twerks In Glittery-Red Thigh-High Women's Boots 12-9-16 Show

Neil Patrick Harris 'Gay-Solicitation' Heineken Commercials - It's Official This Is Now Sodom And Gomorrah 9-19-16

also: McDonald's New Happy Meal 'Talking Minion' Toy Curses A Blue Streak - McDonald's Officially Denies 7-10-15 "Minion toy is cursing and says WTF according to some..."

Gen. 13:13 'But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly'  [cf. Gen. 19:23-25]


'Fake News' 3-Yr Flashback: Mandela Sign-Language Guy Hides Truth In Plain Sight - It's All Gibberish

[updated]  Originally posted three years ago (12-13-13) documenting the bizarre appearance of the infamous 'gibberish sign language guy' as part of ZNWO servant Nelson Mandela's 'memorial service' on 12-10-13. The signing was gibberish the message was clear:

[note: in response to reader comment he signed for hours for all the various speakers but the whole time it was not sign language just random hand gestures: "South African parliament member Wilma Newhoudt-Druchen, who is deaf— told the AP that the unidentified man was signing non-sense" - link]

Mandela Sign Language Guy A Message From The Z-NWO: Everything You Are Told Is 'Gibberish' [12-13-13]

Three pictures...worth much more than three thousand words:

All the world's 'elite' gathered - so-called celebrities, dignitaries, and world leaders, the 'non-elite' world watching, and 'some guy' gets up and signs nonsense for hours? Does anybody really think this scenario could happen unless it was planned? The chance of that is less than zero. And so now we must determine the intent i.e. the message. And the message is very clear. The sign language guy is himself a sign. The 'secret' message is that he is actually interpreting accurately. He is signing to the world the truth about everything they are told.

Is global warming true, or is it 'gibberish'? What about "terrorists"? Speaking of that, what about 9/11? True...or gibberish? What about geo-engineered 'natural' disasters that advance Agenda 21 goals? When those are reported is it real of gibberish? What about imaginary comets and "meteorite threats" - link? Gibberish? How about Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston, etc.? Real, or staged events to take away guns and force the psych-agenda and implement a police state? If these things are staged, which it is not actually possible to see any other way, then it's all 'gibberish'. Turn on any 'news' program on any television channel, any time of day, or any talk radio program, or newspaper, and what are they talking about? - the exact same thing - over and over and over. A thousand and one things, with new twists daily. It's an endless loop. Can't get away from it. Everything comes from the same script. What about the chosen-one politicians who read from teleprompters and push all the agendas just mentioned, and more? The sign language guy is answering that question.

Notice the logo on the podium. It is the official logo of the Republic of South Africa. It is a phoenix. There in one occultic symbol is encapsulated all the reason for the manufactured, staged, scripted, fabricated, orchestrated, psuedo-reality Babylon make-believe world of today created by the ZNWO Bureau of Propaganda. It's all about the phoenix. They want that phoenix to rise on their planned new world order, and they want it bad. When that is done, they think, they can then be their own god; Gen. 3:4-5. Absolutely everything happening on this planet is being manipulated in the attempt to bring it to pass; Eph. 6:12. Make believe is king. In the meantime, the world is being fed gibberish. The interpreter guy is signing this.
 'The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us' - Psalms 2:2-3
Republic of South Africa logo - gov.za
compare: London 2012 Zion Olympics Closing Ceremony: Rise Of The Phoenix 8-13-12
According to the Word of God, when that 'phoenix' does finally rise, it is at that moment God Almighty shall also rise up in judgment:

1Thes. 5:3 "...when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.' [link]

Rev. 18:4


Harry Connick Jr. Takes War-On-Male To New Low: Sashays, Twerks In Glittery-Red Thigh-High Women's Boots 12-9-16 Show

This related to: Gucci 2017 Menswear Fashion Show: Dresses, Heels, Purses, Florals, Stockings, Etc. - War On The 'Alpha Male' 11-18-16 "The global gendercide agenda on full display...and seen clearly for exactly what it is - an utterly perverse absolute-distortion of reality. The total effeminization of all boys and men...Make no mistake, this is not just a 'fashion show' - it is a clear look at the planned 'fvtvre' for the 666-slave class of planet earth..." [see post; video]
Taking pathetic to an entirely new level Harry Connick Jr. television show December 9, 2016: Harry and his boy-buddy just having a gay old time strutting sashaying and twerking all over the stage in glittery-red high heeled thigh-high women's boots...for all the world to see. Hate to even post this really it's so twisted...but awareness is imperative. Awareness of the true purpose that is, which is total elimination of masculinity in order to create a subservient slave class of mindless soul-less android-like beings ready for possession by 666-nephilim devils [link] when 'it all goes down' - the Book of Revelation, that is [link]:

Connick Jr. @ :07 "...it's liberating"

If you are a man, they are coming after you. If have a son or sons, they are coming after them. If you have a brother, husband, uncle, they are coming after them. To rob you/them..of your, or their, 'male'. Robbing the gender is itself just preparatory to possessing the person. Taking possession of persons is the goal. We wrestle not against flesh and blood [Eph. 6:12].

It's official this is now Sodom and Gomorrah ... 'Harry' show 12-9-16: Zio-Hollywood
automaton Harry Connick Jr. and boy-buddy strutting sashaying and twerking in
glittery-red high heeled thigh-high women's boots...for all the world to see
The male-robbers are on the loose. Be informed, see it, be aware, know what and why, reject it, do not not not surrender. Do not be robbed of your person man. As much as can, protect, inform, educate your sons, uncles, brothers, etc.. - No doubt about it this effort to destroy masculinity is going to wax worse and worse.  Rev. 18:4
Compare also: Neil Patrick Harris 'Gay-Solicitation' Heineken Commercials - It's Official This Is Now Sodom And Gomorrah 9-19-16 "These commercials take the 'gay theme' to a whole new level. Not the standard 'acceptance' based portrayal, as the usual, these new Heineken commercials are portraying overt and aggressive solicitation of actual sodomite acts. Without question this takes the whole thing into an entirely new realm..." [see post; videos]
Deut. 22:5 'The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God'   [...note the emphasis placed not on the doing but on the doer]


"Planned-opolis" - Globalism Is Communitarianism And Privatization - To Be Alive And Well Under Trump; Blue Zones

Related to: NWO Caste System Begins: United To Charge For Overhead Bin, No Seat Choice For Economy -2017; Trump, Sheeple 12-7-16 "Much talk about Trump bringing about the demise of globalism, etc.. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ultimately, globalism, in the final practical outworking, will come down to two things. Those two things are communitarianism, and privatization...Communitarianism: community-based global management. Herd all sheep-cattle into managed communities worldwide... [and] Privatization... [meaning] ...they, the would-be masters of the 'sheep-cattle' - Trump now the icon [link] - own everything, the 'sheeple' minions cattle goyim...own nothing -- Back to the posted article. This is positively nothing less than the introduction of a caste system..." [see post]
Agenda 21 communitarianism? What exactly might that look like? This January 2011 video takes the viewer around the town for a quick look with propaganda-tour guide Vee...who thinks it is the greatest thing ever. It is called:


[1:14] 'have you got your calorie card enabled on your smart phone

[1:16] 'I registered your visit with Slick Travel Corp. the other day...so they've allotted you a journey time to match mine...it makes so much sense doesn't it'

[1:29] 'I'm glad there's a mega-computer in charge...'

[1:34] 'our kids were allocated a school...'

[1:38] '..saves on my calorie ration'

[1:40] 'what do you know...today the little darlings get their career announcements...I'm sure they'll get something good...not that there's anything wrong with fixing carbon scrubbers for a living'

[1:57] 'what's on the menu this month.... No, no meat it's not your birthday'

[2:10] 'you don't get the choice you used to but you're better off than most'

[2:15] 'easiest to walk...you barely see a car in the city center these days...unless you're rich...the State knows they're just not practical anymore...we're all trying to meet our global carbon deal'

[2:27] 'electric bikes are so much better...and why waste valuable space on car parks when you can use them to grow food'

and note @ 2:35 the little blurb about resistors who live in the "Cry Freedom Ghetto" and have no services

It's already all planned
The Planned-opolis will no doubt thrive with 777-Trump [link] on the job. Know it when you see it.

Rev. 18:4
Compare: "Blue Zones" - if not already very likely you will see this soon where you live. One year ago it was a pilot project in select areas. It is now full-fledged in many of those areas and expanding to new, being pushed with a heavy television ad-campaign. This original post from September 2015 when the pilot project was first announced has an article worth reading, giving some startling details:

US Communities Launching Agenda21 "Blue Zones Project" i.e. Communitarian Dictatorship; Peter Drucker 9-9-15 "All of it is taking place under the guise of creating “healthy communities” through a public-private partnership between governments, health insurance giants, and businesses to create “Blue Zones.” -- “The Blue Zones Project is a systems approach in which citizens, schools, employers, restaurants, grocery stores and community leaders collaborate on policies and programs that move the community towards better health and well-being,” it says on the outfit's website - - Cities from Minnesota, Hawaii, and California to Florida, Oregon, Texas, and Iowa are in the Blue Zones Project's cross-hairs - - Consider a series of Blue Zone “check lists” for citizens produced by the initiative. The “Bedroom Checklist,” for example, under “direction,” tells participants to “start making changes to your bedroom environment based on the recommendations given.” ...The Blue Zones “Kitchen Checklist”...apparently supposed to help people eat less, and eat healthier...Beyond the checklists dictating just about everything in and around your home, another Blue Zones document, the “Tribe Check Up,” helps you pick the “Right Tribe” to associate with based on lifestyles deemed healthy by the Blue Zone experts..." [see post]

Gen. 11:4 'And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven'  [...a Trump-tower to 'trump' God?]


NWO Caste System Begins: United To Charge For Overhead Bin, No Seat Choice For Economy -2017; Trump, Sheeple

United Airlines will begin charging to use overhead bins in 2017

Want to make sure you sit next to your children on a flight? On some airlines, there’s a fee for that...Now, on United Airlines, you won’t necessarily get the use of an overhead bin, without paying more money.

As part of the company’s new pricing tier, Basic Economy passengers who purchase the airline’s cheapest fares will only be allowed one personal item that must fit under a seat. Additionally, customers will not be assigned seats until the day of departure, meaning people on the same ticket could be separated.

The move marks the first time a large U.S. airline limits low-fare customers to one carry on-bag that fits under a seat.

It was not immediately clear if United’s announcement would prompt rivals to make similar moves. Airlines have previously copied each other on pricing strategies, such as adding fees for checked luggage.


Speaking of 'sheeple'...brings to mind this post from February this year [2-'16]: 'Batman' Trump '33' Point Pre-Super Tues. Lead, And 2010 Trump 9/11 'Sheeple' Commercial 2-29-16

Youtube: "Donald Trump teams up with Serta to create a luxurious collection, Trump Home. Watch as [Trump] gives Sheep #1 a new job, let's just hope he doesn't get fired!" [Uploaded on Aug 31, 2010 (note: video vanished from yt 2017)]

TV character Bruce Wayne alias Batman was a wealthy tycoon. Trump calls himself Batman, and fits the 'Bruce Wayne' profile. All a big game. The name of the game is hide it all in plain sight, as in this 'commercial'. Trump 'Tower', 9/11 symbolism, and obvious 'sheeple' symbolism: Trump the 'savior of the sheeple' i.e. the 'dumb goyim' [:15 "you were born to do"], now playing out in real time?  [This is just the video; see full post @ link]

Goyim - sheeple - minions - human cattle. Where does Trump fit into all of this? Answer above. Much talk about Trump bringing about the demise of globalism, etc.. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ultimately, globalism, in the final practical outworking, will come down to two things. Those two things are communitarianism, and privatization.

Communitarianism: community-based global management. Herd all sheep-cattle into managed communities worldwide, which are to then be grouped into local regions, local regions then grouped into sub-regions, sub-regions then grouped into global regions, all global regions then controlled as a one-world system by the would-be 'sheep-masters of the universe'. This is commonly known as Agenda 21.

Privatization is the second thing. It is very basic to understand: They, the would-be masters of the 'sheep-cattle' - Trump now the icon - own everything, the 'sheeple' minions cattle goyim...own nothing. They are essentially just animals after all. So says the global-handbook the Jewish Talmud anyway.

Communitarianism and privatization - this is what globalism is to look like. Brexit and 'Make America Great Again'? All of that means nothing. Communitarian global communities can be organized, or grouped, any way desired. This very thing is now underway. Not until the aftermath of the scripted fake 'Gog-Magog WWIII' [link] can the job be completed though. Which is exactly the purpose for it.

Back to the posted article. This is positively nothing less than the introduction of a caste system. That being the harsh reality, United Airlines is showing that the overall plan is proceeding exactly according to schedule.
 Rev. 18:4
see also: "because you're a minion" 7-9-15
Something to note about this: The Word of God, the Holy Bible, in the OT prophecy of the Book of Daniel, gives us the exact scenario now unfolding. As the planet is privatized and communitarianized - the whole earth tread down and broken in pieces - we are told that ten kings...shall arise'. Not ten super-nations, not any specified number of communitarian global regions - could be any number, but "ten kings". Note also: no Antichrist before the ten kings [see link]. The global events the world is now witnessing - this is Jewish Zionist Antichrist [link] globalism right on schedule. Believe bible prophecy? If not, might want to reconsider that:

Dan. 7:23-24 'The fourth beast shall...shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces [and then] 'ten kings shall arise'

Off Subject Amazing Video: Man Fights Kangaroo To Save Dog, Man Wins

Probably never seen anything like this before, probably never will again. And have to say it...too funny. Note: this video has some 20 million views in just the few days it's been up:

Youtube: [excerpted] "Published on Dec 4, 2016 - Occurred June 15, 2016 / Outback Australia ... Info from licensor: '...One day while hunting one of the highly trained dogs was chasing some pigs by scent and collided with a big buck kangaroo...The big buck kangaroo releases the dog when the owner gets close but then moves in to try and attack the human. A kangaroo kick to the guts could easily disembowel the owner easily...The punch stops the roo and makes him think about the situation, giving the owner and the dog time to disengage from the big wild animal and leaving it to hop off...Our 6 foot 7 inch friend felt no malice to the kangaroo but had to step in and fix a bad situation before it got worse...Having a dog get tangled up with a roo was never our aim or intention and we were happy no animals were hurt in the incident.'" [full comment @ link]


We Are There: 'When Everything ..Public Believes Is False ..Disinfo Program Complete' - William Casey CIA/ZWO 1981

Beyond any doubt whatsoever, that day has come. The ZWO-disinfo program is complete. This is the simple and inescapable fact. Is it totally pathetic - yes, it is sad - as in absurd, weak, insult-to-intelligence simplistically-transparent poorly done 'sad' - yes it definitely is those things, but, regardless, it is the reality. Which reality is that a totally false reality...is the real reality of what John Q. Public, worldwide, is now subjected to. Literally, there is absolutely no possible way that anything - as in nothing zero zilch nada - put forth as 'news' by the global fictional-news conglomerate can any longer be taken for true. It's over. Completely done. 100% total washout. Pure fiction all day every day. Endless 777 Trump [link] shenanigans which no doubt are just getting started to endless crisis-events like alleged Rave-club fires used to numb-the-sheeple into total inability to react to anything to what has to be one of the most 'absurd of-all-time' fictional stories ever dreamed up the "Pizza-gate" vigilante shooting up the pedophile clubhouse, the whole thing is now so far over the top that it is just plain and simple completely out-of-control.

The take away? - stand back...and stay back...and do not get splashed. Do not take it in, do not absorb it, it's toxic. And block your ears from it and keep them blocked because the fiction is still getting worse by the day...and it is designed only to debase everything and everybody. Be not debased - Rev. 13:4,8.

Reposted from 1-8-15:

"We'll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything The American Public Believes Is False"

- William Casey, CIA Director, 1981

The above quote has been floating around the internet for some time, often challenged as to authenticity. Many have seen it previously, but certainly not all. The statement is said to have been made by then CIA director (now deceased) William Casey. The occasion was an early cabinet meeting between the heads of various agencies and newly installed 'President of the USA' Ronald (ex-Hollywood-movie-actor, previously 33rd governor of California - which things tell you everything you need to know) Reagan. The source of the quotation has been attributed to a past radio personality by the name of Mae Brussell, who reportedly had never named her source. Interestingly enough, as this only happened just recently, the original source of the actual quote came forward. This information came as a result of a comment thread on a certain website discussing the very question of the authenticity of the then CIA director's ascribed quote. Two particular comments from that thread are reproduced in the screenshot below [source]. The first comment is by a person describing his effort to find some definitive proof on the subject and mentioning specific names, and the second comment, dated just a couple of months ago (11-25-'14), is a reply to the first comment from the person named in that comment, actually taking credit for in fact being the original source - the then Assistant to the chief domestic policy adviser to the President:


'Terrorist' chip; ISIS chip; Ebola chip; climate-change chip; bird/swine etc. flu/vaccine
chip; LGBTXYZ-genderless chip; Russia chip; Syria chip; random-shooter-anywhere
chip; financial-crash chip; need-police-state chip; newest 'cops-shot-by-citizen' chip;
airplane-mystery chip; 'natural' (geoengineered) disaster chip; meteorite chip; hacking
chip; sinkhole chip; fill-in-the-blank crisis du jour chip...and on it goes ad infinitum

Everything! 34 years ago that infamous quote was uttered. And regardless of the recent verification of it for the moment, to any rational mind, it is glaringly obvious that this "disinformation program", as stated in 1981, is not only a reality, but here now in 2015 has in fact been completed. How so? Because, as they say, the "proof is in the pudding".  Rev. 18:4
*Isaiah 2:11-12 'The lofty looks of man shall be humbled, and the haughtiness of men shall be bowed down, and the LORD alone shall be exalted in that day. For the day of the LORD of hosts shall be upon every one that is proud and lofty, and upon every one that is lifted up; and he shall be brought low'