Martial Law In Bolivia

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South American Union (UNASUR) Holds Emergency Summit: mercopress

"Bolivia's government and a key opposition figure appealed on Saturday for calm following days of political violence which have left at least 16 people killed in clashes. A summit of South American leaders to address the situation has been convened for Monday in Santiago de Chile."

"Two week protests against President Morales' plans turned violent in the last days. At least 16 people have been killed in clashes between pro-government demonstrators and opposition supporters in Pando province. The violence prompted President Morales to declare martial law in Pando, and to send troops to take control of the airport in the provincial capital, Cobija."

"Meantime it was announced that leaders from UNASUR, Union of South American Nations (Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Guayana, PerĂº, Paraguay, Surinam, Uruguay and Venezuela) will be holding an emergency meeting Monday in Santiago to consider the situation. Chile hosts the meeting since it holds the pro tempore chair."

"All South American countries have expressed full and unconditional support to President Morales and have described the violence, rioting and sabotage as “terrorist actions”."
Regional world government at work

UNASUR, the South American Union, formed only little more than 3 months ago (5-24-08) will convene an emergency session today (9-15-08) to handle a local case of "political violence" in one of it's member states, Bolivia, according to this article. What is noteworthy about this is that this 'chaos' in Bolivia has created an amazing opportunity for the rest of the world to see a demonstration of the regional governance system at work. Three or four months ago this would not have been possible. But there is a 'new order' now. The South American countries making up the 'new order' of UNASUR have expressed "full and unconditional support" to act as a single entity to deal with the problem, which they have labeled as "terrorist actions". A local problem has now become a 'regional' issue.

Classic 'ordo ab chao'. This is the NWO on display for introduction and for conditioning purposes. This regional system is now being installed worldwide. Few can recognize it.

Biblically prophetic view: One World Kingdom Forging Ahead (43-nation Mediterranean Union created, 7-13-08)

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