2-27-20 Wall Street Biggest One-Day Drop In History Blamed On 'Magical Do-Anything-Coronavirus' - Has 666, 9/11 Numerology

Dow largest one-day point drop in HISTORY as coronavirus fears fuel the worst week on Wall Street since the Great Recession

U.S. stock indexes plunged dramatically yet again on Thursday [2-27-20], as the rapid spread of the coronavirus outside China deepens investor worries about growth and corporate earnings ... The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 1,190.95 points, or 4.42 percent, to 25,766.64, the largest one-day point drop in history. It comes during the quickest market plunge on a percentage basis since the financial crisis of October 2008.

Wall Street Worst Single-Day Point-Drop In History 2-27-20 ... 9/11 666

Wall street closing number 2-27-20:  25,766.64
Change on day:  -1,190.95

That is a 666 and a 9/11. A 666 on the closing number, and on the loss for the day - the largest point loss in history - a 9/11. Worst one-day point drop in the history of Wall Street [2-27-20] - and connected to - blamed on that is - the so-called Coronavirus. What are the chances that those two numbers, 666 and 9/11, would appear on the "worst day" ever? Well actually the chances are about 100% - if understood that everything is scripted and manipulated, including the financial markets; that everything regarding those is according to the whims of the "wizards of Wall Street"; and that that designation is not just a 'cute name' but a very real truth - because they actually do practice wizardry - i.e. sorcery - which actually has a name - Kaballah - and that this wizardry-sorcery is always at all times in every instance done with numerology.


2020 'Coronavirus' Fiction - Just Like Simpsons Fake Pandemic Episode 2010 'Purrfect Storm'

Episode aired November 21, 2010:


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[:10] "I'd like to call to order this secret conclave of America's media empiricists...we are here to come up with the next phony baloney crisis..."

[:46] "we do have standards...this can't be a made-up disease...the only moral thing to do is release a deadly virus into the general public..."

[1:20] "Center For Disease Disinformation predicts..."
 [just a joke right]


Compare: Mandela Sign Language Guy A Message From The NWO: Everything You Are Told Is 'Gibberish' 12-13-13  "All the world's 'elite' gathered [Mandela 'funeral-memorial' 12-10-13] - so-called celebrities, dignitaries, and world leaders, the 'non-elite' world watching, and 'some guy' gets up and signs nonsense for hours? Does anybody really think this scenario could happen unless it was planned? ...The 'secret' message is that he is actually interpreting accurately... Everything You Are Told Is 'Gibberish'..."

Does not get any more in-plain-sight
Satanic Kabbalah-kreed mandates it's adherents that they always show their hand. This is how they do it. Make believe world 2018

compare also: "Coronavirus" Just A Rerun Of 'Swine '09' Global Hoax: 2009 Fox Scare Vid Martial Law (Hoax World 2020 - Never Stops) 2-4-20

Rev. 18:4
Jeremiah 9:3 'And they bend their tongues like their bow for lies: but they are not valiant for the truth upon the earth; for they proceed from evil to evil, and they know not me, saith the LORD'


Isaiah 40:4 Prophecy: This Crooked World Will Never Be Made Straight...Until The Return Of The Lord Jesus Christ - Handel's Messiah (1741)

From Handel's Messiah (Paul Elliot) a short clip from the third song or 'piece' - Isaiah 40:4 prophecy:

This world is hopelessly crooked, and being made more crooked than ever now, purposely. And the simple fact is that there is only one way this world can ever be put right. It will never happen otherwise. That one way is at the return of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Isaiah 40:4 is bible prophecy speaking to this event - at which time:

Isaiah 40:4 'Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain'

Mountains and hills made low speaks of what will be done with the corrupt and godless kingdoms of men; valleys exalted speaks of the fulfillment of another prophecy - when the "meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace" [Ps. 37:11]

Not everybody believes bible prophecy. Makes no difference. As the next verse (Isaiah 40:5) declares .. 'for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it':

(5) 'And the glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it" - Isa. 40:5
Note: Isaiah 40:4-5 refers to the '2nd coming' of the Lord Jesus Christ. The glory of the LORD will be seen then by all the world. This was not the case at the first advent of the Saviour Jesus when the "princes of the world...crucified the Lord of glory" - 1Cor. 2:8. At his second advent every eye shall see it - Rev. 1:7. The 'rapture' of the church is not considered here. The 'rapture' is before, the '2nd coming' is after, the 'time of tribulation' [Matt. 24:21]. The meek that will inherit the earth is not the NT church. This primarily refers to an elect remnant of Jews whom the LORD shall bring through to be, as the Word of God teaches, the beginning of a converted Israel - Isaiah 65:9; as well to those among the nations whom the LORD shall preserve alive through this time of Jacob's trouble - Matt. 25:31-34. To these belong an earthly inheritance. The NT church has not been called to an earthly inheritance but to a heavenly - Eph. 2:4-6, Hebrews 3:1. It's a one-time chance for the heavenly inheritance. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.
Isaiah 9:6 'For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder...'


'They Live' - Fake-Aquaman Jason Momoa UN Climate Conference 9-27-19: You Are A Disease Infecting This Planet  [Vid]



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Full length video - original post 9-29-19:  "Climate change" the hoax of the centuries. All done with smoke and mirrors - and lots of political collusion at the highest levels globally over many long years [2Thes. 2:7], and lots and lots of geoengineering over those many years for 'special effects' [see 'Federal Report' above - links], and total media control, and a massive long-term propaganda campaign in every sphere of society. Led up most recently by AOC (actress-on-cue) and angry-threatening 16 yr-old girl um what's-her-name ...and now pretend 'Aqua Man' himself actor-for-a-living Jason Momoa. Hoax scam of the centuries..."

9-27-19 Hollywood pretender Jason Momoa reading his lines at the UN 'Climate Crisis' conference:
"...we are a disease that is infecting our planet"


Rev. 18:4
Genesis 8:22 'While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease '


"Coronavirus" Just A Rerun Of 'Swine '09' Global Hoax: 2009 Fox Scare Vid Martial Law  (Hoax World 2020 - Never Stops)


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[1:10] “People in our government need to start thinking about how, if this actually becomes a pandemic, how it’s going to affect our daily life and our rights,” (...says one panelist, before raising the issue of whether people who try to escape quarantines or refuse mandatory vaccinations should face jail time)

[3:45] "We need to be thinking about how the legal landscape is going to be changing..."

[4:12] “Plus the possibility of martial law, but that’s a whole other conversation,” says one, with the other responding: “not going there”.

"Coronavirus" a rerun of Swine '09: Put Coronavirus for Swine flu - never know the difference

see all: Swine '09


Rev. 18:4
Micah 2:1 'Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! when the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power of their hand'