How Are The Mighty Fallen: June 26 2015 SCOTUS Legalizes Homosexual Pseudo-Marriage In All USA

Supreme Court Declares Same-Sex Marriage Legal In All 50 States

States cannot keep same-sex couples from marrying and must recognize their unions, the Supreme Court says in a ruling that for months has been the focus of speculation. The decision was 5-4

Justice Anthony Kennedy, seen as a pivotal swing vote in the case, wrote the majority opinion. All four justices who voted against the ruling wrote their own dissenting opinions: Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

Friday June 26, 2015 the deed was done
Speaking at the White House, President Obama praised the Supreme Court's ruling, saying it arrived "like a thunderbolt"* after a series of back-and-forth battles over same-sex marriage.

Before Friday's ruling, gay marriage had already been made legal in 37 states and the District of Columbia — by either legislative or voter action or by federal courts that overturned state' bans.

'White' House Friday Night June 26, 2015
'And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge,
God gave them over to a reprobate mind...'  Romans 1:28
*Luke 10:18 'And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven'


New Pentagon 'Law Of War Manual' 2015 Allows Killing Journalists As "Unprivileged Belligerents"

This post is a direct follow up on: U.S. Government Reveals 'Assassination Program' Info: Drone "Signature Strikes" Taking Out Innocent Civilians 5-31-12 "According to the NY times report referenced in this article, these things are now openly admitted: drone "signature strikes", based on computer algorithms, taking out entire groups of innocent people, who are nonetheless labeled as "enemy combatants"...and a refusal by the U.S. government to assert that critical journalists would not be targeted, although that seems to be on a temporary hold...[see post]
Pentagon rewrites ‘Law of War’ declaring ‘belligerent’ journalists as legitimate targets

The Pentagon has released a book of instructions on the “law of war,” detailing acceptable ways of killing the enemy.

The 1,176-page “Department of Defense Law of War Manual”...doesn’t only talk about protocol for those on the frontline. It also has an extensive section on journalists – including the fact that they can be labeled terrorists.

“In general, journalists are civilians. However, journalists may be members of the armed forces, persons authorized to accompany the armed forces, or unprivileged belligerents,” the manual states.

The term “unprivileged belligerents” replaces the Bush-era term “unlawful enemy combatant.”

“It gives them license to attack or even murder journalists that they don’t particularly like but aren’t on the other side,” Chambers said

The manual is the Pentagon's first all-in-one legal guide for the four military branches. Previously, each sector was tasked with writing their own guidelines for engagement, which presumably did not list journalists as potential traitors. [full article at link]

Note the follow up at top dated a little over three years ago. The ZNWO would-be global overlords alias U.S. Government at that time had awarded themselves the god-like power to 'assassinate' any whom they arbitrarily designated as "enemy combatants" - anywhere on the planet, including on U.S. soil. The self-awarded 'privilege' of taking-out "critical journalists" at that point in time had not been 'officially' sanctioned, but had not ruled out either, as mentioned in the article. That was then. Fast forward three years to 2015, and 'critical journalists' are now fair game say the novus-ordo-seclorum would-be-godmen would-be masters of the universe because they are not privileged. Belligerents must be privileged to be guaranteed safety in the pending Antichrist Kabbalist-kingdom-come, and all "unprivileged belligerents"...well, you just never know, do you now.

How exactly a belligerent would gain privileged status apparently has not been disclosed.

At any rate, taking-out 'critical journalists' who get placed in the unprivileged belligerent category is now officially sanctioned Z-USA policy. It's in the brand new "Department of Defense Law Of War Manual" June 2015...which manual for the first time ever covers all branches of the military. All branches of the military under a unified command structure? - that's called 'consolidation' aka kingdom-come globalizing. Can't have kingdom-come control without all the military operating under the same rules. The next phase of kingdom-come globalizing, as relates to the USA, is the final trance-formation of the USA into the NAU aka Canamerexico which by definition would require a military control [link].

For the most part first mentioned three years back, should be interesting to observe how the new Big Brother Orwellian 'critical journalist kill-policy' will morph over the next three. Be aware.
 Rev. 18:4
This post related to: US Government Explains "Why it Is Not Unlawful" To Arbitrarily Kill "Terrorists" - Including Americans 3-6-12 "Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday explained why it's legal to murder people -- not to execute prisoners convicted of capital crimes, not to shoot someone in self-defense, not to fight on a battlefield in a war that is somehow legalized, but to target and kill an individual sitting on his sofa, with no charges, no arrest, no trial, no approval from a court, no approval from a legislature, no approval from we the people, and in fact no sharing of information with any institutions that are not the president. [see post]

And: True Story - U.S. Government Appoints "Assassination Czar" 5-24-12 "Death by dictatorial decree is now official policy of the NZWO (New Zionist World Order). "One small team", with one individual, i.e. the "czar", reportedly having the final say of which 'enemy-of-the-state' is to be terminated, has now taken up residence in the White House...These are the would-be demigod kings of the long dreamed for New Atlantis [here], and they are now making their final push. To their mind the goal is in sight - they can taste it. In this instance, as seen here, the gaining of that lusty objective is taking the form of a self-assumed power of life and death with which to wield an iron-fisted control over the entire globe. Definitely let this one sink in for a while. Rev. 18:4
Habakuk 2:12 'Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and stablisheth a city by iniquity!' [NZWO]


EU Moving To Copyright 'The Panorama' -- No Street Photography Without 'Permission' i.e. Payment

EU set to kill street photography

[excerpted; boingboing.net] The "Freedom of Panorama" is the right to take pictures in public spaces, even if you incidentally capture copyrighted works, from building facades to public sculptures to images on t-shirts and ads -- and on July 9, the EU will vote whether to abolish it.

Freedom of Panorama is one of the key recommendations of German Pirate MEP Julia Reda's copyright report, recommending that member-states be required to enshrine this freedom in their national laws.

The Legal Affairs committee is prepared to get rid of this, thanks to an amendment proposed by French MEP Jean-Marie Cavada, who wants people taking commercial photos to get prior permission from copyright creators for any incidental copyrighted works captured in their images.

The "freedom of panorama" basically is an agreement that the skyline and public scenes belong to everybody. Some in the EU want to change that for their own profit.

More money, more money, more money. That's my building design in your picture...pay up. That's my logo on the t-shirt in your photo...pay up. Or maybe two or three objects with different 'copyright owners' in a certain photo - that could really get costly. The battle is on in the EU. Unchecked greed vs. common sense. Showdown is July 9, 2015 - who will win?

There's an old saying about money - which says that no matter how much money a person has, millions or even billions - 'it's never enough'.

This effort to copyright 'the panorama' would seem to validate that old saying.

Only one thing comes to mind:

"For the love of money is the root of all evil" -1Tim. 6:10

July 9 - stay tuned.

Rev. 18:4

Charleston A Psyop For 'Totalitarianism'? Google, Amazon, E-Bay, Walmart, Sears, Etc. Ban 'Confederate' Everything

Google, Amazon, eBay join other retailers banning Confederate flag

Amazon.com Inc and eBay Inc have announced they were pulling Confederate flag merchandise from their websites, following other retailers reacting to last week's racially motivated mass shooting at a historic black South Carolina church.

Google Inc said it would remove content containing the Confederate flag from its Google Shopping service and ads.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc and Sears Holdings Corp on Monday banned sales of products bearing the image of the Confederate battle flag.

Most of the flags and related products on Amazon and eBay ranged in price from $5 to $10. Clicking on some of the Confederate flags and related items on Amazon's website took users to an error page.

E-commerce website Etsy also said it would remove all flag-related merchandise from its marketplace, which lists handmade and artisanal products.

Dollar Tree Inc, Family Dollar Stores Inc, Dollar General and Target Corp said they do not carry any Confederate flag-related merchandise.

What was that about a mass-shooting? Oh that, it's already on the back pages pretty much, what with all the 'love and forgiveness' going around like it is - it's all-good. But now the confederate flag, now that's a real issue. This issue is calling for immediate attention and strong measures to correct it.

How does an alleged mass shooting suddenly morph into a national movement to 'ban' something - unless perhaps the whole thing was in fact actually just a psyop and the planned outcome was exactly what is now trans-piring. Every major retailer in the USA automatically on board, as now seen, sure could make a good argument for conspiratorial type activity.

Any ban on anything is another step toward dictatorial control. It is another stripping of the autonomy of the people. They cannot decide for themselves, the decision must be made for them. This one is not even the government doing it, officially that is, but the corporate world. Free enterprise? - not any more say they - 'we' will now tell you what you can and cannot have.

Without question that is the underlying message being put out here. And not all that subtle either, but the 'message' seems clearly intended as an object lesson. A lesson in 'totalitarianism' that is [link]. And what better way to accomplish that object lesson for the entire nation than to do it with such a high-profile high-emotion item as the confederate flag.

All that was needed was something dramatic enough to set the whole thing into motion

- enter bad-guy with picture of confederate flag...and

ZNWO-USA totalitarian ban-time is on.
 Rev. 18:4
Compare: Charleston? Eric Holder On Gun Agenda 1995: "Anti-Gun Message...Be Repetitive...Brainwash People" 6-18-15

and: Church Shooting Psyops? 1 Yr. Flashback: Two Catholic Priests 'Shot' In 'Phoenix' 6/12/14; 'Last Rites' Ritual 6-21-15
Believer: Heb. 13:14 'For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come'


Church Shooting Psyops? 1 Yr. Flashback: Two Catholic Priests 'Shot' In 'Phoenix' 6/12/14; 'Last Rites' Ritual

Follow up on: Charleston? Eric Holder On Gun Agenda 1995: "Anti-Gun Message...Be Repetitive...Brainwash People" 6-18-15 "'We just have to be repetitive about this' -- Disarming John Q. Public? How big of a task would that be? How much 'repetitive-ness' should it be supposed would be needed to pull that off? Simulated "repetitions" even? - over and over and over, year after year, in order to "really brainwash people..." [see post]

Excerpted; originally posted 6-12-14:
6-12-14 Phoenix-Catholic "Shooting": Last Rites...Of Catholicism?

Police Hunt For Gunman Who Killed Phoenix Priest, Wounded Another 6-12-14

Phoenix police continued hunting Thursday for at least one suspect who fatally shot one priest and critically injured another in a Catholic church rectory. The church had no surveillance cameras, but police said they are reviewing "strong physical evidence" and canvassing the neighborhood for tips to help identify a suspect or suspects...

Before Walker's death, Terra was able to absolve him of his sins and offer his last rites as part of Catholic tradition, said Fr. Fred Adamson of the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix.

Another so-called random shooting today [6-12-14], this one in "Phoenix". Note that it was Catholic Church related, and those paying attention are very aware that the Catholic Church is currently undergoing a major deconstruction/phoenix-rebirth transformation under fake 'false prophet' Bergolio-Francis [link]. Fitting that story line perfectly note that it is reported that one priest gives the other his "last rites" before expiring. Understanding the depth of the 'Francis-transformation' that Catholicism is now being subjected to, seems almost as if this last rites ceremony could be seen as another as-above-so-below ritual, symbolic of the performing of the "last rites" of the Catholic Church, especially considering the events of Sunday June 8, 2014 with the first time in history Muslim, Jewish, Catholic one-world-religion prayer at the Vatican [link]. And as for the "absolving of sins", the 1600 plus year history of the Catholic Church, as is well known by any who have ever looked into it, is filled with, to put it succinctly, overmuch wretchedness. To "absolve" it when finished with it does seem very kabalistic-ritualistic appropriate. Or, is it all coincidence? - Far too coincidental to be.

One more curious thing worth noting: The name Adamson appears in the story. The name 'Adam' means man. To the Kabalist the name Adam essentially signifies man perfected, or deified. Adam son, or, son of Adam, can be understood as a reference to Antichrist, the Satan possessed human, i.e. man at his highest attainment. Adamson of Phoenix?
Just noticing; see: Adam Lanza ('lands' - Luke 10:18)

With 'randoms' (being staged) now virtually daily [link], it is nearly impossible to keep up. But seeing through it all is simple, and crucial, so as not to be reduced to living in a lie [Eph. 6:14].

'Last rites' of Catholicism? compare: Pope NWO 'Climate Change Encyclical' 6-18-15: Catholicism Delivered Up To A21 Green-Slavery Scheme "Note to Catholics: The kingdom-comers are finished with traditional Catholicism. Over and done. It is being deconstructed, purposely, and reconstructed, so as to be fitted, eventually, into the Kabbalist one-world-religious system of the anti-Christ Zionist-kingdom-come [link]. That is the harsh reality and there is no way around it. The only option is to come to terms with that reality and respond accordingly...and "come out of her my people" - Rev. 18:4; cf. Rom. 10:9-10"
The Kabbalista would-be masters-of-the-universe [Psalms 12:4] thrive on illusion. Without illusion they could accomplish none of their agenda. That agenda is to defy Almighty God and set themselves in his stead. The 'Tower of Babel' all over again. Their modus operandi is to deceive the nations. To deceive is the religion of the Kabbalah [link]. The Kabbalah is sorcery. Illusion is employed in the practice of sorcery. Continually. As in non-stop.

It's all make believe.

There is a happy ending though - this new Tower of Babel, this 'Babylon the great' now being constructed by way of deceit (sorcery)...will not stand - and that's a thus-saith-the-LORD.* - Rom. 10:13

Rev. 18:4
*Revelation 18:2,23 'Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen...for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.'

This World Passeth Away, Christian - Love It Not! 1John 2:15; J.C. Philpot

1John 2:15 "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world...

This is a very wide sentence. It stretches forth a hand of vast grasp. It places us, as it were, upon a high mountain, and it says to us, "Look around you — there is not one of these things which you must love."

It takes us, again, to the streets of a crowded city—it shows us shop windows filled with objects of beauty and ornament—it points us to all the wealth and grandeur of the rich and noble, and everything that the human heart admires and loves [Rev. 18:12,13]. And having thus set before us, it says, "None of these things are for you. You must not love one of these glittering baubles — you must not touch one of them, or scarcely look at them, lest, as with Achan, the golden wedge and the Babylonish garment should tempt you to take them and hide them in your tent [Jos. 7:21]."

The precept takes us through the world as a mother takes a child through a bazaar—with playthings and ornaments on every side — and says, "You must not touch one of these things."

In some such similar way the precept would, as it were, take us through the world — and when we had looked at all its playthings and its ornaments, it would sound in our ears — "Don't touch any one of them; they are not yours — not for you to enjoy, not for you even to covet!" [Ps. 119:36]

Can anything less than this be intended by those words which should be ever sounding in the ears of the children of God — "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world"?* - J.C. Philpot (1802-1869)

*Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever" 1John 2:15-17

Love Of The World Reveals An Unregenerate Heart - J.C. Philpot


Charleston? Eric Holder On Gun Agenda 1995: "Anti-Gun Message...Be Repetitive...Brainwash People"

Video reposted from 6-6-14
"We just have to be repetitive about this"

Eric Holder 1995:

:02 "...campaign to really change the hearts and minds of people"

:25 "...a part of everyday some kind of anti-violence anti-gun message...everyday every school at every level"

:34 "...one thing that I think is clear with young people and with adults as well is that we just have to be repetitive about this"

:45 "...we need to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way"


Video embed code [adjust height/width as needed]:

<iframe src="https://www.bitchute.com/embed/0kIhGjYTxvFJ/" width="550" height="309"</iframe>


re: 'brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way'

Charleston shooting? It's almost hard to remember, but it was actually not all that long ago that this sort of 'mass-shooting' and/or random shootings were unheard of in America. Did not happen. Columbine in 1999, Virginia Tech in 2007, a few others here and there, but from a historical perspective it is without question Aurora [7-20-12] and Sandy Hook [12-14-12] that mark the point where the old-paradigm of normalcy in the USA shifted to the new-paradigm of any-time any-place inexplicable gun-chaos that the USA is now 'seeing'. It's never been the same since these two events. From Aurora unto the present, the 'madness' has only increased exponentially. How is it that this gun-crazed madness has become the 'new normal'? The reality is that it does not make sense. If something does not make sense from an objective assessment, the only course of action left is to then examine it from a different perspective. To get anywhere with that the only place to start is by asking the age old question 'cui bono?' i.e. who benefits? The answer to that question can go a long way toward 'making sense' out of things that otherwise make no sense at all.

The ZNWO fixed-goal of an unarmed population under an authoritarian global government looks to be the only benefactor of these events.

Disarming John Q. Public? How big of a task would that be? How much 'repetitive-ness' should it be supposed would be needed to pull that off? Simulated "repetitions" even? - over and over and over, year after year, in order to "really brainwash people into thinking about guns in vastly different ways", not to mention creating the pretext to also ordo-ab-chao change all the gun laws.

Aurora to now Charleston, and the new-paradigm of anytime anywhere gun-crazed wacko-ville USA has been made permanent. How exactly did that happen anyway?

Cui bono?

Rev. 18:4
Habakkuk 2:12 'Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and stablisheth a city by iniquity!'  [znwo - false zion]


Pope-Propaganda 6-18-15 Encyclical & 2010 Flashback: 700 Climate-Change Propagandists Vow 'Aggressive Offensive'

Related to: Pope NWO 'Climate Change Encyclical' Coming June 18: Catholicism Delivered Up To A21 Green-Slavery Scheme 6-15-15 "Nothing new from Pope-NWO then at this juncture, but it definitely is a whole new level of frantic-propaganda-push, and is obviously intended to now force the whole 'scheme' into motion in the religious-world across the globe..."

The latest climate-change 'aggressive offensive' coming from the Z-NWO Bureau of Propaganda is the 2015 so-called 'Papal Encyclical'. Guaranteed to be aggressive, and guaranteed to be 'offensive' as well...considering the offensiveness of scheming to dupe the entire earth to believe that pure fiction is not really fiction but fact.

Aggressive climate-change fiction offensive immediately ahead peoples of planet earth...be not duped.


Originally posted 11-8-10

700 Climate-Change Propagandists Vow "Aggressive" Offensive

This post related To: Unaccountable Global 'Climate-Change Body' Forms* 2-13-10 "The superstructure for the international green movement is now visibly rising on the global landscape like the Tower of Babel of old as puppet political figures, pandering to the Kabbalist-driven whims of their demonically possessed masters, defiantly create a global regulatory system with which they will attempt to finalize their ages-old plan to micromanage the earth and dominate all of mankind on it." [see post]
Climate scientists plan campaign against global warming skeptics

The American Geophysical Union plans to announce that 700 researchers have agreed to speak out on the issue. Other scientists plan a pushback against congressional conservatives who have vowed to kill regulations on greenhouse gas emissions.

John Abraham of St. Thomas University in Minnesota, who last May wrote a widely disseminated response to climate change skeptics, is also pulling together a "climate rapid response team," which includes scientists prepared to go before what they consider potentially hostile audiences on conservative talk radio and television shows.

"This group feels strongly that science and politics can't be divorced and that we need to take bold measures to not only communicate science but also to aggressively engage the denialists and politicians who attack climate science and its scientists," said Scott Mandia, professor of physical sciences at Suffolk County Community College in New York.

*see also: Global 'Climate Change' Body Meets For First Time 4-4-10
re: climate rapid response team...aggressively engage

The bogus globalist plan to gain complete control of this planet hinges entirely on forcing the green agenda. It is by the creation of the 'green' regulatory framework by which governments, industry, and people are to be micromanaged worldwide, i.e. controlling their 'carbon footprints'. Aka Agenda 21/sustainable development.

Apparently feeling the resistance of the "denialists", the green-team is announcing that they intend to make a street fight out of it.

Because the Zionist globalists are "all-in" on the green con, they will never give up on it. Be aware.
Gen 8:22 'While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease'

Rev. 18:4


New Encyclical? Pope Says All World Religions Must Form 'Climate Change Plans' -- Oh Wait, That Was 2009

Follow up on: Pope NWO 'Climate Change Encyclical' Coming June 18: Catholicism Delivered Up To A21 Green-Slavery Scheme 6-15-15 ..."the long promoted Great 'Climate Change Encyclical' of 2015 supposedly authored by none other than Pope-NWO Bergoglio/Francis himself is scheduled for release Thursday June 18, 2015. This coming event ...is very simply the outworking of a long known 'global agenda'...or two, actually...Nothing new from Pope-NWO then at this juncture, but it definitely is a whole new level of frantic-propaganda-push.." [see post]
Pope NWO has a new encyclical? Ho hum. Prior-pope still-living Benedict had a 'new encyclical' too, all the way back in 2009. As seen below, environment, ecology, climate-change, fossil fuel, etc. etc. etc.. Nothing new at all in 2015. Same old hype...from the same old script. What should be understood though is that what is stated in the comments in this 2009 post (below) is just that much further along in the attempt to bring it all to pass. Namely the green global-power-grab to gain control over every person, place, and thing on the planet via new green-planetary-regulations made necessary, as the hype goes, in order to 'save the earth'...because of looming 'climate-change-caused planetary destruction'. One further note of interest concerning 'papal encyclicals'. Once issued by the Catholic-claimed infallible one i.e. the pope, the new 'writing', in this case the 'green gospel', then becomes official and permanent Catholic Church doctrine. How could it be otherwise? - for thus saith the infallible-one himself.  Rev. 18:4

Originally posted 7-27-09

Pope, World Religions to Form 'Climate Change Plans' - Conference 11-'09

Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs fight global warming jpost.com

As political leaders aim for a momentous climate change conference in Copenhagen in December, religious leaders are rolling up their sleeves as well.

This month, Muslim, Catholic, Hindu and Sikh leaders all pledged to build climate change plans for their adherents. Jewish leaders have also promised to build a seven-year climate change plan.

The world religions initiative is being organized by the Alliance of Religions and Conservation, a UK-based organization founded 14 years ago by Prince Philip.

Earlier this month, Pope Benedict XVI firmly placed ecology and the environment into the mainstream of Catholic concerns in a new encyclical. The pope argued, much as Jewish leaders do, that the Earth was given to human beings to preserve and protect. He singled out fossil-fuel-guzzling countries for criticism, both for their deleterious effect on climate change and for the social inequality he said they engender.

The Alliance of Religions and Conservation is organizing five- to nine-year plans from the 11 major religions of the world which will be presented at Windsor Castle in November, ahead of the Copenhagen conference.

The alliance was founded to harness the potential of the world's religions. Taken together, they hold sway over vast numbers of people around the world. The potential for reaching out and changing the habits of ordinary individuals is tremendous, the organization believes.

From a materialistic perspective, the world's religions own many profitable temples, tracts of land and other assets, which, if greened, would be beneficial in and of themselves.
re: 'five- to nine-year plans'

"Harnessing the potential of the world's religions"

So called climate change, once again, is about nothing more than controlling every person on this planet, as well as every square inch of the planet itself, through the guise of environmentalism. A massive power grab, in other words, by powerful globalists, to subdue absolutely everything unto themselves through a plethora of new 'green' regulations touching every activity on earth, which we are told, are necessary to "save the planet".

As all the world is to be forced to submit to the control of these globalists, the unrelenting climate change
propaganda being used to achieve that end will be virtually impossible for anyone to avoid. As seen here, part of the plan is to use the world's religions for the purpose of indoctrinating the masses, because, to quote the above article, they "hold sway over vast numbers of people around the world". Not only that, but there are also "many profitable....tracts of land and other assets" which, as part of the all-encompassing agenda, must also be "harnessed" for the use of the global system.

Catholics take note, the pope has made this 'one world government' propaganda a top priority. That should be cause for serious concern.
(compare: Pope Reads Globalization Script 7-18-08)

compare: Rick Warren Recruits Muslims For One World Religion P.E.A.C.E. Plan 7-5-09;

Blair, w/Obama, Pushing 'Global Religion' Script 2-6-09
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Compare also: Pope Evangelizing For NWO, Urges All to 'Go Green' 12-15-09
and: Delusion Growing Deeper: World Day Of Prayer For Climate Change 10-4-09 8-24-09

[follow links, connect dots]
1Timothy 2:5 'For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus'


Pope NWO 6-18-15 'Climate Change Encyclical': Catholic Religion Delivered Up To Agenda 21 Green-Slavery Scheme

Excerpted, reposted from 12-29-14

According to reports, the long promoted Great 'Climate Change Encyclical' of 2015 supposedly authored by none other than Pope-NWO Bergoglio/Francis himself is scheduled for release Thursday June 18, 2015. This coming event was the topic of the below post from December 2014, namely to point out that it is very simply the outworking of a long known 'global agenda'...or two, actually. The 'follow up' quotation directly below is taken from a post on the NWO-Pope Francis inauguration ceremony. Both of these two long-known global-agenda goals were immediately identifiable that day, indicating clearly that these two things would in essence become his 'mission statement' so-to-speak. Namely: pushing 'submission to Agenda 21 environmental-slavery', and, 'purpose driven'. Nothing new from Pope-NWO then at this juncture, but it definitely is a whole new level of frantic-propaganda-push, and is obviously intended to now force the whole 'scheme' into motion in the religious-world across the globe, in particular to 'lock-in' the Catholic segment of that religious-world. This event is of course highly significant for that reason. Be informed - it's green-frantic or bust for the globalites...because it's "moral and scientific"; full post linked at bottom:

[12-29-14] New-World-Pope Francis Climate Change 'Encyclical' Coming In 2015 To Push Agenda 21 On Catholicism

Follow up on: New Pope Arrives 3-13-13: Bergoglio Anagram and "Last Pope Prophecy", A21, Purpose Driven, Seagull Symbolism 3-13-13 "This post...in general, [is] to look at the result of the selection of the new pope to try and determine whether what happened fits the basic scenario with regard to the "Zionist global agenda"... Three things are apparent right of the bat. They are (1) the name of the selected pope, (2) the papal name chosen by the selected pope, and (3) the meaning of that name as indicative of what his mission will be and the significance of that "mission"...First observation is on #2, the chosen name of the pope being Francis, reportedly after Francis of Assisi. Francis of Assisi is said to have been "The patron saint of the...environment" wikipedia. The global agenda aspect of this is very easy to identify. The clear message is that this pope is going to be the 'green pope', aka the Agenda 21 pope. No doubt he will be preaching the green gospel of submission to Agenda 21 environmental-slavery..."  [there is much more on this subject - the interfaith aspect, i.e fake-false-prophet, 'serving' the poor, etc., aka "Purpose Driven" i.e. the Purpose Driven Pope; see full post]
Pope Francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and US churches

3-26-13 special edition TIME
magazine; 13 days after
3-13-13 papal 'selection'
Pontiff hopes to inspire action at next year’s UN meeting in Paris in December after visits to Philippines and New York

...but can Francis achieve a feat that has so far eluded secular powers and inspire decisive action on climate change?

In 2015, the pope will issue a lengthy message on the subject to the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, give an address to the UN general assembly and call a summit of the world’s main religions.

...the pope will publish a rare encyclical on climate change and human ecology. Urging all Catholics to take action on moral and scientific grounds, the document will be sent to the world’s 5,000 Catholic bishops and 400,000 priests, who will distribute it to parishioners.

According to Neil Thorns, head of advocacy at Cafod, said: “The anticipation around Pope Francis’s forthcoming encyclical is unprecedented. We have seen thousands of our supporters commit to making sure their MPs know climate change is affecting the poorest communities.”

re: "urging all Catholics to take action on moral and scientific grounds"

"Bergoglio on the job. Agenda 21 and Purpose Driven is 'the job'. It was obvious from the get-go actually. Both are integral to the success of the Zionist-global-agenda - as mentioned in the 'follow up' above. Clearly the unprecedented papal-switch of 2013 that saw Benedict step down and Bergoglio step up was done for the sole 'purpose' of jump-starting the paradigm-shift that would be needed to accomplish the 'transformation of Catholicism' into the 'new green world order' [link]. Note especially the 'purpose' of the upcoming so-called authoritative encyclical that it is to be delivered to all Catholic parishioners worldwide. Via the "5,000 bishops and 400,000 priests" built-in distribution-system, the papal-dictate will "urge all Catholics" to readily submit to the green global-slavery scheme most often referred to by the pseudonym "climate change"."

"Religious groups, Catholics in this instance, "urged to action", which really means being unwittingly transformed into communitarian-ized worker-bees with which to manage the new-global kingdom-come. It's their 'purpose in life' says purpose-driver front-man Rick Warren [see RW: P.E.A.C.E Plan]."

"Note to Catholics: The kingdom-comers are finished with traditional Catholicism. Over and done. It is being deconstructed, purposely, and reconstructed, so as to be fitted, eventually, into the Kabbalist one-world-religious system of the anti-Christ Zionist-kingdom-come [link]. That is the harsh reality and there is no way around it. The only option is to come to terms with that reality and respond accordingly...and "come out of her my people" - Rev. 18:4;  cf. Rom. 10:9-10"

Follow links connect dots; also see all: fake 'false prophet' pope

Full post: link
6-16-15 follow up: New Encyclical? Pope Says All World Religions Must Form 'Climate Change Plans' -- Oh Wait, That Was 2009
Matthew 23:9 'And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven'


Professing Christian - Hast Thou been "Effectually" Called? ...Or Hast Thou Called Thyself?  [Election]

Spurgeon on that most serious of subjects...

'For many are called, but few are chosen' - Matthew 22:14

(This video is pt. III of a four part series titled "Christ crucified": here)

Very important to have a correct understanding of this most important truth, i.e. the issue of being 'born twice', or 'again'. The word 'again', in the original Greek, is 'anothen' (an'-o-then), meaning literally 'from above'. To speak of being 'born twice', or 'again', then, is to speak of a second birth experience which comes 'from above', or even more specifically, an altogether new experience which is nothing less than to actually be 'born...of God' (John 1:12-13). Truly, a man can have nothing more to do with taking credit for his natural birth, then to take any credit for a second 'supernatural' birth. If a man is truly born 'again', God, and God alone, has brought forth that new life, with no help whatsoever from one who has yet to even be conceived. This is the starting point in understanding God's great plan of salvation. "Except a man be born again", which is the first thing that must happen, he, according to the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, will be absolutely unable to even 'see' the Kingdom of God (John 3:3). Nevertheless, this doctrine, called 'election', has for the most part been completely set aside by that sad parody of what passes for the Christian church in these Laodicean days in which we live, replaced with a little magic formula called the 'sinner's prayer'. Say the magic words, and you're in....saved forever and ever...and you don't even have to understand it...just say the words. That's all there is to it...welcome to the club. Is it really any wonder, then, to find the outwardly-visible professing-christian church, across the board, being seduced into the global interfaith movement as well as throwing open the doors to the homosexual agenda? No, there is no wonder, for it is a thoroughly leavened mass of unregenerate self-called self-willed flesh (Matt. 13:33). And no wonder there either, for that is the exact condition one should expect to find the outwardly-visible professing 'christian' church in towards the close of this present dispensation (which is exactly where things are), as foretold by the Word of God (Rev. 3:16-17). Do not be spued with them.
 Rev. 18:4
see also: A.W. Pink: A Few Truths About 'The New Birth'
John 3:6 'That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.'


"Crisis Actors" Show How It's Done At Largest Ever Mass-Casualty Drill: Vigilant Guard 15, Hawaii June 2015; Boston

Vigilant Guard 15 Hawaii was an eight-day exercise that began on June 1 at multiple locations on four islands with more than 2,200 participants. Four other states (Utah, Nevada, California and Oregon) and Guam also participated.

Youtube: "Complete with crisis actors, decontamination centers, and quarantine zones. In one scenario that played out, soldiers practiced treating casualties from a collapsed building as a fuel spill contaminated the area. Vigilant Guard 15 utilized over 2,200 participants from multiple states reacting to a natural disaster and is the largest mass casualty exercise to date. More than 700 participants traveled from Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon and Guam. Military personnel and first responders, using Chinook and Blackhawk Helicopters, also practiced a variety of scenarios including disease outbreak and cyberattack"

Realistic scenarios, lifelike makeup, skilled acting, virtually indistinguishable from 'real life', or what is commonly portrayed on the 'msm evening news' at least. Plane crashes, train crashes, boats sinking, random shooters, marathon-bombers, and on it goes. What does the math say? Take note.


Compare: Boston 'Bombing' Real Or Staged? Decide For Yourself - Photos, Videos 4-25-13 "Telegraphed in the now infamous "Family Guy" episode, lead character essentially named 'Joker' [see post], thousands of endlessly conflicting stories serving to create and maintain confusion...as well as hundreds of photos and videos (as those who have made the effort to look for themselves know) raising far more questions than are answered...The alleged issues raised by the photographs and videos primarily have to do with the question of whether or not the 'bombing' was real or was it completely staged" [see post; videos]


Rev. 18:4

Dorner II On The East Coast? 'Phantom Fugitives' Script To Roll-Out Police-State Spectacular?

Police State America sends 450 cops to illegally search people's homes looking for escaped prisoners

"In Vermont And New York Hundreds of law enforcement officers swept through the small Adirondack foothills town. Searchers walked shoulder to shoulder, wearing bulletproof vests and carrying sidearms as they went through hilly woods, fields and swamps, checking every home, garage, shed and outbuilding, then yelling, “Clear!” when there were no signs of the inmates."

"By early evening, it appeared the sweep had come up empty, and there was no confirmation from police that the escaped convicts had been there. State Police said more than 450 corrections and other law enforcement officers were in the area and planned to go door to door, checking homes and seasonal camps."

State troopers, customs agents, federal marshals, park rangers and correction officers in helmets and body armor were checking people's houses without warrants!
Phantom-fugitive multi-state multi-agency police state demonstration on the East Coast USA? Exact thing happened on the West Coast two years or so ago - back in Feb. 2013. Favorite-number 33yr-old phantom Dorner who eluded all efforts at detection for what what must have been at least a week if not longer, never seen by any, only to vanish in a puff of smoke (Dorner supposedly was 'burned up' in a fire) when it was all said and done:

Amerika Punk'd Again: Dorner Psy-op Comes And Goes, Police State Grows - Hidden In Plain Sight 2-13-13 The drama is over...the police state remains. It was all hidden in plain sight - did you see it? ...As quick as it came, now it is gone. Nice and neat as can be, no muss no fuss, no 'Dorner', no nothing. End of story. Move along, move along, nothing to see here. How convenient. Nothing left but a pile of ashes, and, a greatly expanded and much more visible police-state mechanism rising, phoenix-like, from those ashes. While the country (and world) looked on, as the "manhunt" played out, Californians all over the state were exposed to a massive police presence, interagency-interstate law enforcement partnerships were exercised, door to door searches conducted, mandatory searches at the USA-Mexico border were implemented, numerous Big Brother shoot-first-ask-later episodes were demonstrated, and, as it turns out, the situation even provided a perfect opportunity to play the drone card - all of which served nicely to further acclimate all spectators to the NWO agenda for a 'new normal' in new Amerika - a drone-using authoritarian police state. If they've seen it once, the next time will be a piece of cake is how it works...And after all that, turns out that the 33 year old 'villian' was, according to the official storyline, "hiding in plain sight" a half mile from the police control center. 33 years old, hidden in plain sight? How much more masonic-Illuminati obvious can they make it?

The title of this post is put in questioning form, but, is there really any question. According to the latest ZWO Bureau of Propaganda plot-twist in this Great East Coast Manhunt of June 2015 production, the 'search' has come full-circle and is now back in NY, concentrating in a wooded area near where it all 'reportedly' began at the...here it comes...the "Clinton Correctional Center".

Phantom Fugitives for a police state spectacular roll-out? How can it not be? Clinton Correctional Center? Not even a question.
 Rev. 18:4
See: 'When Everything...Public Believes Is False'...Disinfo Program Will Be Complete - William Casey CIA/ZWO 1981 1-8-15
Job 34:22 'There is no darkness, nor shadow of death, where the workers of iniquity may hide themselves'


1-Yr Flashback: First Ever Islamic Prayer At Vatican 6-8-14, Muslims, Jews, Catholics Bowed Together To NWO god

One year ago, first time ever, Muslims reciting Islamic prayers, with Quran readings, from the Vatican, broadcast worldwide - Muslims, Catholics, and Jews, all bowing together in one accord. Global interfaith religion will never build itself - no, it will need a lot of help. Which is what a script is for. And scripted events, like this one. For the sole purpose of causing all the world to do as they have done...and bow themselves to Baal the god of the Kabbalist kingdom-comers - Rev. 13:8-9. Bow never.  Originally posted 6-6-14
First Ever Islamic Prayer At The Vatican Sunday 6-8-14 - Compliments 'Fake False Prophet' New-World-Pope Francis

And broadcast worldwide:
Islamic prayers to be held at the Vatican

For the first time in history, Islamic prayers and readings from the Quran will be heard at the Vatican on Sunday [6-8-14], in a move by Pope Francis to usher in peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Francis issued the invitation to Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas during his visit last week to Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian Authority.

Abbas, Peres, and Francis will be joined by Jewish, Christian and Islamic religious leaders, a statement released by Peres’s spokesperson said, according to the Times of Israel.

The Vatican will broadcast a live feed of the event to viewers across the world.

2nd source: "The event will feature readings about peace by the clergy from the Tanach, the New Testament and the Quran. Francis will then read religious verses with Peres and Abbas, which the three will have selected for the ceremony...In order to accommodate Jewish religious beliefs, the event will be held in a garden that is not a place of prayer, nor will it hold any religious symbols." [source]
This post is a follow up on: Fake 'False Prophet' Update: New World Pope Francis Goes To Jerusalem First Time 5/25/14 -Will There Be A 'Sign'? 5-23-14 "Obama made his first trip to Jerusalem March 20-22, 2013. Many consider that trip to have been a sort of 'messianic ritual', with more than a few seeing in it, to their minds, a positive identification of Obama as 'Antichrist'. Again, not possible, but see post for details - link. At any rate, what happened on that trip is what must make this Bergoglio/Francis first trip to Israel with a visit to Jerusalem so momentous of an occasion - to the occult/cabalists that is. Simply put, the 'messianic ritual' is only half the equation. The 'false prophet' has to be brought into the picture too. Jerusalem of course is to be the headquarters of the real false prophet when the time for his appearance on the world's stage does come. For this reason, Bergoglio as the 'false prophet' entering Jerusalem for the first time has to be considered as highly significant. Note especially that it is an "ecumenical" visit: Muslims, Jews, Catholics, all represented, with NWP Francis said to be the "profound friend of both" Jew and Muslim. This 'friendship' will surely play out in some way in the future. Have to wait and see exactly how the script goes though. Anyway, this is what the false prophet is to do initially - 'ecumenisize' the world [link] - so to speak. This is the job 'New World Pope' Francis has been assigned...[see post]

Does not get any more "one-world-religion" than this: "...readings about peace...from the Tanach [Jewish version OT], the New Testament and the Quran"...in a 'non-symbol' ceremony in a 'non-place-of-prayer'...garden...at the Vatican...and broadcast to the world. No symbols as those would of course be divisive - all together now on three...one two three...everybody say...."Peeeeace". And don't forget...all made possible by "Francis"

This can only be seen as clear indication that the "fake false prophet" agenda [link] is going to an entirely new level - again. A supposed peace treaty between Jews and Arabs is another thing that belongs to the false 'Judaized' version of "endtimes interpretations". The "covenant" to be "confirmed", spoken of by the prophet Daniel in Daniel 9:27, will not be between Jews and Arabs, but between the Jews and the Antichrist himself - to be their king [Isaiah 28:14-15]. Nevertheless, this passage of scripture is more often than not taught as referring to a "peace treaty" between Jews and Arabs. This is intentional. It is intended to divert from the identifying of the one who does eventually 'confirm the covenant' as being the true Antichrist - who comes on the scene covenanting with the Jews [the true Christ having been rejected - John 5:43] as the Jewish 'king of the world' essentially [link - scroll down]. This Arab-Jew peace-treaty script very likely will be followed though, meaning that it would be no surprise to see it transpire one day, but it will absolutely not be the fulfillment of Daniel 9:27.

At any rate, this Vatican event looks to be playing into the alternate Jew-Arab peace-treaty scenario - at some future point. Have to watch to see, once again, how the script goes. More on all this later, Deo volente
 Rev. 18:4
6-7-14 update: The 'Beast' and 'False Prophet' Together: 'Beast' Asteroid Fly-By, Vatican Global-Religion-Prayer Same Day - 6/8/14; Will There Be A 'Sign'?

6-8-14 update: Vatican Global-Religion, 'Beast' Asteroid - Will There Be A Sign? - Tornado In Aurora, "3 Hell's Angels" Prison Escape
One more thing, and it is a note to Catholics. So-called New World Pope Francis is exactly that. Under his guidance, Catholicism is being completely dismantled. June 8th, 2014 at the Vatican is undeniable proof of this. Catholicism is being delivered up to the Antichrist New-World-Order. What is happening is exactly what is described in this post below:

'New World Pope' Francis One Year Old Today [3-13-14] - 'New World' Assimilation Of Catholic Church In Full Swing "The nations of the world are being paradigm-shifted into global government, and the religions of the world are being paradigm-shifted into global religion. This without question includes the Catholic Church" ...[3-13-13] Basically the way this is being laid out ['Last Pope Prophecy' (hoax-script)] is that the incoming pope is 'prophesied' to be an impostor [i.e. the biblical 'false prophet'] who is going to come in and destroy the Catholic church and usher in the apocalypse...The destruction of the Catholic church very likely is exactly what will occur. The Catholic church must also be broken down and subjugated to the Zionist global agenda, and eventually put under talmudic jewish noahide control along with every other world religion [link]..." [see post]

Catholics, denial is never a good defense. Facing the reality of what is being done here is the only viable option. 1Tim. 2:5
Isaiah 48:22 'There is no peace, saith the LORD, unto the wicked'


Laodicean Tony Campolo Says Christianity Should Now Accept Open-Homosexuals - Because He Prayed About It

Tony Campolo Comes Out of Closet in Support of ‘Full Acceptance’ of Homosexuality in Church

PHILADELPHIA — False teacher Tony Campolo announced on Monday that he has decided to endorse and speak out for the inclusion of open homosexuals in the Body of Christ.

'I tell you...it took countless hours'
"It has taken countless hours of prayer, study, conversation and emotional turmoil to bring me to the place where I am finally ready to call for the full acceptance of Christian gay couples into the Church,” he wrote in a statement posted to his website.

As previously reported, Campolo serves as one of the leaders at Mount Carmel Baptist Church in West Philadelphia, which is part of the National Baptist Convention USA and American Baptist Churches USA. In the 1990s, he served as a spiritual adviser to then-President Bill Clinton, including during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Campolo’s wife, Peggy, is a homosexual activist and believes that the Church should be accepting of same-sex “marriage.” He explained on Monday that his wife is one of the reasons why he has decided to endorse acceptance of homosexuals in Christianity.

“Because of my open concern for social justice, in recent years I have been asked the same question over and over again: Are you ready to fully accept into the Church those gay Christian couples who have made a lifetime commitment to one another?” Campolo outlined. “One reason I am changing my position on this issue is that, through Peggy, I have come to know so many gay Christian couples whose relationships work in much the same way as our own.”

The author and speaker said that the hymn “Just As I Am” should be considered as including “my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters” to be however they want.

re: 'countless hours of prayer, study'...'just as I am'

Regarding Campolo's ridiculous statement that the classic gospel hymn "Just As I Am" should be an e-ticket entrance into Christian acceptance for the defiant LGBTXYZ crowd, perhaps he should re-read the Holy Scriptures, especially this passage in 1Cor. chapter 6 verses 9-11:

'Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God'

"Just as I am", or, "such were some of you"? What 'you am' is what you come to the cross for, because 'you am' a sinner needing to be freed from the bondage of sin; what "you were" is how the true believer comes away from the cross - freed from the bondage of sin [John 8:36]. What 'you am' then becomes what 'you were' - when you've been washed, sanctified, and justified by the finished work of the blood of the cross of Christ [Rev. 1:5] .

"Countless hours of prayer, study, conversation and emotional turmoil", says Campolo, has led him to his revelation of the need for this proposed [oxymoron] Gay-Christian revolution that would scrap all that 'cross' stuff about washing, sanctifying, and justifying. No surprise though for those familiar with Campolo as it's clear that he's never bothered with all that mumbo-jumbo himself [Phil. 3:18], so why should homosexuals have to. Come on down y'all, party time in Laodicea.

Rev. 18:4

'4th-Beast' Alert: Spain Crossing Over Into Totalitarianism With Three New Laws Set To Begin July 1, 2015

This post related to: UK Going Full Big Brother: Social Media, Blogs To Be Monitored In 'Real Time' For "References To...Government" 6-6-15 "The aim is to catch not just those who spread or incite hatred on the grounds of gender, race or religion but also those who undertake harmful activities for the “purpose of overthrowing democracy' -- While the Government has at times monitored digital news for a number of years, this is the first time that the Government has awarded a contract specifically for that purpose, and the first time that its surveillance specifically includes social media" [see post]
Spanish Congress Approves Draconian Laws Essentially Sending Spain Back to the Dark Ages

Yesterday three laws widely criticized by the opposition and human rights groups were approved in Spanish Congress. The Penal Code, the new Anti-Terror Law and the Law on Citizen Safety. The three new texts challenge freedom of expression in the streets and on the Internet. All three laws are scheduled to go into effect July 1, 2015.

Under the new Citizen Safety Law or Ley Mordaza (Gag Law) as human rights defenders have renamed it, public protests, freedoms of speech and the press and documenting police abuses will become crimes punishable by heavy fines and/or jail. Some key points on the Ley Mordaza:

1. Citizen Safety Law or Ley Mordaza

  • Photographing or recording police – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
  • Peaceful disobedience to authority – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
  • Occupying banks as means of protest – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
  • Not formalizing a protest – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
  • For carrying out assemblies or meetings in public spaces – 100 to 600€ fine.
  • For impeding or stopping an eviction – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
  • For presence at an occupied space (not only social centers but also houses occupied by evicted families) – 100 to 600€ fine.
  • Police black lists for protesters, activists and alternative press have been legalized.
  • Meeting or gathering in front of Congress – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
  • Appealing the fines in court requires the payment of judicial costs, whose amount depends on the fine.
  • It allows random identity checks, allowing for racial profiling of immigrants and minorities.
  • Police can now carry out raids at their discretion, without the need for “order” to have been disrupted.
  • External bodily searches are also now allowed at police discretion.
  • The government can prohibit any protest at will, if it feels “order” will be disrupted.
The Gag Law will also affect internet freedoms as tweets calling for demonstrations or protests may be subject to penalties and fines for organizers. While an individual user may not be considered “an organizer” it could also be construed to include anyone who disseminates a call to protest through any media, including social media.

As the Ley Mordaza makes it illegal to publish photos of the police or other authorities without permission, sharing those images on social media could also be considered a felony resulting in a fine up to 30,000 euros.

2. Reform of the Penal Code (Código Penal)

Reforms to the Código Penal include some vague and controversial wording that could have wider implications involving copyright, cyberactivism and online porn. Below we will outline some of the points in question.

Reform of the Copyright Act was already approved but the new Penal Code reform also covers cases of copyright infringement...

Together with the Citizen Safety Act, the new Penal Code will also criminalize online activism and organizing imposing sentences between three months to one year to those who “emit slogans or messages”, “incite any offense of disorderly conduct,” incuding “disturbing the public peace.” [see linked article for further details on Reform of Penal Code]

3. Anti-Terrorism Law

The new law uses a broad definition of “terrorism”: Among other things, cybercrime is now considered a terrorist act if the goal is to disrupt and/or disturb the public peace or cause a state of terror.

After the Charlie Hebdo* attacks in France, Partido Popular and PSOE reached an agreement to amend the criminal code on terrorism which was also approved yesterday in Congress. The law again contains some vague language which leaves room for interpretation. [*see: staged]

By expanding the definition of terrorism, it also expands what can be considered “glorifying terrorism” which can include for example tweeting certain content.

Blocking content: The judge may order any service provider (search engines, etc.) to remove links to illegal content related to terrorism.... [see linked article for further details on all the above]

Country by country, piece by piece, staged boogie-man 'terrorist' incident by staged boogie-man 'terrorist' incident, the global population control mechanism is being installed. So this is how Daniel's 4th-beast is devouring the whole earth, treading it down, and breaking it into pieces [Dan. 7:23]...exactly as bible-prophesied*. Amazing to see. Especially in light of the fact of how absolutely everything is being so utterly manufactured - as it obviously is. At any rate, the '4th beast' still has a lot more chomping to do before he can say that he's devoured the whole earth. Definitely not there yet. Quashing resistance is clearly high on his to-do list at this point though, as quite apparently Mr. 4th-Beast with the iron teeth and brass nails [Dan. 7:19] does not appreciate people discussing his activities, as this really can make things so much more difficult for him. UK and now Spain setting the pace.

Interesting to see how these new resistance-quashing efforts work out, and where #4 plans to have his next meal. Be watching.
 Rev. 18:4
Compare: USA: Brennan Takes CIA Oath On Pre-Legal 1787 Constitution Without Bill Of Rights; Teddy Roosevelt Symbolism 3-9-13
*The fourth beast...shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces...and ten kings shall arise - Dan. 7:23-24


UK Going Full Big Brother: Social Media, Blogs To Be Monitored In 'Real Time' For "References To...Government"

This post is a follow up on: UK's Cameron Announces Totalitarian Measures To Control "Extremist" minions - Because Just "Obeying The Law" Not Enough 5-13-15 "The aim is to catch not just those who spread or incite hatred on the grounds of gender, race or religion but also those who undertake harmful activities for the “purpose of overthrowing democracy”." [see post]
Your Facebook, Twitter and blog are about to be monitored for references to the Government

[Metro.co.uk] If you’re one of those people that gets a bit vocal about politics, you’ll be interested to know that your Facebook, Twitter and personal blog are about to begin being monitored for references to the Government.

Ministers announced yesterday that the Government had awarded a contract to five companies who will monitor what people tweet, post to Facebook or blog about the Government and provide updates to Whitehall in real time.

Officials and ministers will provide a list of keywords and topics to the companies so that they know what to monitor.

While the Government has at times monitored digital news for a number of years, this is the first time that the Government has awarded a contract specifically for that purpose, and the first time that its surveillance specifically includes social media.

Picture's worth a 1000 words - UK going all 1984 on the 'minions'

This "first time contract" awarded specifically to target social media and the blogosphere must be viewed as a highly significant development...which undeniably indicates "censorship" being taken to an entirely new level. Namely, full blown Big Brother.

This Big Brother coming-out party is not of course to be limited to just UK-ians...

As always, be well aware.
 Rev. 18:4
Psalms 50:3 'Our God shall come, and shall not keep silence: a fire shall devour before him, and it shall be very tempestuous round about him'   [see: sudden destruction]


"Great Vaporizing Meteor Due In 2015" Says 1996 TV Sitcom '3rd Rock'; ZWO Meteorite Agenda

1996 TV Show – 3rd Rock from the Sun

Actor John Lithgow: "Blissfully unaware of the great vaporizing meteor due in 2015"

"[people] are blissfully unaware of the great vaporizing meteor due in 2015
...which obviously doesn't exist because I'm kiiiiding"
NWO-ZWO faux-meteorite agenda? See links below:

This video/post is a follow up - related to: NWO Meteorite-Agenda Goes To New Level: 'SMASHfestUK' To Prepare Public For 'Asteroid' Strike - Feb. 14-22, 2015 2-13-15 "'A public conditioning program for recovery from a massive disaster attributed to a "meteorite strike" (or asteroid, or mystery space rock of some sort, etc.). Below is the official logo for the unprecedented event'
-- Real meteorites... or something else going on? ... Take note. The tremendous hype that started two years ago as a result of the Chelyabinsk incident, and has been unceasing since, suggests strongly that a 'meteorite/comet/space rock' chaos-inducing event or events is/are absolutely, at some point, inevitable. Instant devastation anytime anywhere - the scenario is now in place. When, not if - apparently again - it occurs, the 'phoenix' of the zionist-new-world-order would be able to rise overnight from the dust and ashes of the destruction. Interesting how that works" [see post]

Official "SmashfestUK" logo depicting imminent meteorite strike. Be afraid - you never know when (question mark)
See also: 1-Yr. Flashback: Russian Chelyabinsk 'Meteorite' 2-15-13 - Undetected Because 'Sun In Their Eyes'; Meteorite Agenda 2-15-14 "Meteorites, meteorites, here come the meteorites. And so there it is. John Q. Public is now being told that there is another 'new normal' to contend with, which is that any city anywhere on the planet could get an 'impact', at any given time, with no warning, bang, city wiped out by a 'meteorite'. On that note, it is amazing to consider how this would, in a instant, prepare an entire geographic region for some ordo-ab-chao type NWO transformation. Just noticing...some Russians believe that what hit there was a missile. The Russian politician quoted...claimed that things are not what they are being made out to be. Another thing worth noting is that as the reported impact site just happened to be in the middle of a frozen lake, there are of course no photos...So were they real meteorites, or giant 'molotov cocktails' and missiles?" [see post; videos]

And: NWO - NASA Press Conference 4-22-14 To Announce "3-10 Times" Greater 'Asteroid' Threat To Earth 4-21-14
Long ago TV predicts? - compare: 1997 'Married With Children' TV Show - Bruce-Jenner-transgender-psyop foretold
It's 2015 and the 'meteorite agenda' is on full speed ahead. Be aware - any city any time, say they.   [follow links, connect dots]

Rev. 18:4
Psalms 119:89 'For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven'