Rick Warren, Gulf Coast, and Peter Drucker

One world government and one world religion....you're looking at it. Two articles, two very significant developments:
Warren, Blanchard, Hybels, Laurie, Buford - Launching New York Leadership Center This Week Source: Editors at Lighthouse Trails

This week marks the Launch of the New York City Leadership Center. This is a inter-religious venture that is being supported by some of the country's most prolific Christian figures including Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Greg Laurie, Ken Blanchard, Bob Buford and Frances Hesselbein (representing the late Peter Drucker). The new Leadership Center hopes to "see the redemption of [their] communities through leaders leading together."1 The Leadership Center website states:

The New York City Leadership Center (NYCLC) has been planted by Concerts of Prayer Greater New York to encourage, unify, and support faith leaders throughout the New York metropolitan area and beyond. We believe the redemption of our communities will be realized through effective leadership, coupled with the powerful embrace of united prayer.

Today, these and other Christian "leaders" are focusing on "leadership." But it is important to understand that what is taking place isn't truly about leadership - it is about training people to follow: follow without question or dissention.
see: Greg Laurie of Calvary Chapel Endorses Purpose Driven Apostasy

Top U.S. Religious Leaders Press for Moral Hurricane Response

More than 100 Christian, Jewish, and Muslim leaders signed onto a statement Monday to call on the U.S. government to work across party lines to create a human rights-based recovery policy for Gulf Coast families affected by hurricanes.

The statement urges solutions that are resident-led including ones that help families return and participate in rebuilding their communities, create living wage jobs, restore the coastal wetland and ensure that human rights along the Gulf Coast is a national moral priority.

“The government must empower local communities to take the lead in rebuilding their neighborhoods, renewing their lives, and restoring God’s creation,” they say. “We believe it is a moral obligation for the federal government to fulfill its promises for Gulf Coast recovery: empowering residents to return and participate in equitably rebuilding their communities.”

Faith leaders that signed the statement included the Rev. Dr. Michael Kinnamon, general secretary of the National Council of Churches; the Rev. Richard Cizik, vice president of National Association of Evangelicals; Richard Stearns, president of World Vision; Rabbi Steve Gutow, executive director of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs; Dr. Ingrid Matterson, president of the Islamic Society of North America; Fr. Larry Snyder, president of Catholic Charities USA; the Rev. David Beckmann, president of Bread for the World; and the Rev. Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners.

see: Greg Laurie of Calvary Chapel Endorses Purpose Driven Apostasy
re: empowering local communities to take the lead

An inter-religious New York Leadership Center is mentioned in the first article, and the second article tells of a new disaster-recovery plan signed by more than 100 "faith leaders" being rolled out in the wake of last week's devastating hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. These are two extremely significant developments toward the advancement of the regionally managed-community based global government system known as Agenda 21. This transition is coming in under the radar though because so few understand how this system works.

Very briefly (and over simplified really), the global/regional government system is being built by creating 'partnerships' between countries, state and local governments, law enforcement agencies, industry, community groups, faith groups, etc.. As these various partnerships are being formed, a global system of 'regional' managements is being put in place, each with the responsibility to oversee individual communities within their region. Each individual community within a particular region is to basically be a microcosm of the whole, designed to be a self governed, self-contained entity, i.e. a sustainable community. This would be the lowest level of the global governance model. Community based management. Each individual community will have it's own 'leaders' in this system, responsible to keep things running smoothly. Something like the department heads of a large corporation. In essence, the entire earth is to be managed like a single large corporation. The credit for the design of this global-management-plan goes primarily to the now deceased world renowned business management guru Peter Drucker. You'll notice that Drucker's name is mentioned in the first article.
Both articles posted above show the significant progress being made toward the development of Peter Drucker's community-based global management system. Partnering, putting leaders in place, "empowering communities to take the lead"...i.e. governing themselves essentially, and also the merging of religions for the 'common good'.
The various religious groups must be merged into cohesive groups to work together for the common good of all within these communities, according to Drucker's theory. They will be expected to provide a network of social workers to meet the needs of the people within the worldwide system. Rick Warren's Purpose-Driven program was created to fulfill this function. They now have a "Leadership Center" in new York. The Gulf Coast plan in response to the sudden tragedy, amazingly looks very much like the beginning of an actual large scale implementation of the community-based management system. Take note.
Merging religions? Putting aside differences and joining hands to build a better world, they will say. Here's the forming of the one world religion.The word of God shows a one world religion giving worship to the Antichrist in the days when the one world government comes together.
One world government and one world religion...this is that. Take note.
Rev. 18:4
"and all the world wondered after the beast....And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world." (Rev. 13:3,8)

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