'Superstorm Sandy' Geo-engineered For Election 'Ordo Ab Chao': 3-28-11 Newsweek 'Apocalypse Now' Cover

updated 10-31-12 Observation: In late August another hurricane, Isaac, somehow showed up in Florida at the perfect time to disrupt the 2012 Republican National Convention where Romney was later nominated. Very coincidentally, this 'biggest ever' hybrid hurricane/storm, with it's record-breaking "storm surges" and "breached berms" causing extensive flooding, is also perfectly timed, in the sense that it is also disrupting the political process in this country - this time the 2012 general election, which it is already doing, and will definitely continue to do. To what extent, or to what final end, remains to be seen. Interesting to note though is that Romney seems to be the common denominator in these two events. Perhaps there is some as-above-so-below going on with regard to his 'one-world-religion candidacy'...but at this point that is mere speculation and must remain so. But, when the 'storm' clears, other things may become clear too.

[There is one thing though...and it has to do with that first hurricane that met Romney in Florida being named Isaac. Isaac, as students of their bibles know well, was the 'son of promise' - born when not humanly possible (Rom. 9:9; Gen 21:1,2-3), the chosen one, through whom Almighty God would bring forth his plan of salvation to mankind: "And God said [to Abraham], Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a son indeed; and thou shalt call his name Isaac: and I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and with his seed after him." Gen. 17:19. The "everlasting covenant" would come through Isaac. On that point it is very interesting to note that Mormons, according to Mormon doctrine, believe, like the Jews [here], that they are under covenant with God to build 'Zion' on earth. Understanding this, the Isaac-Romney connection seems rather obvious - Romney as the 'chosen one' to establish "Zion"] - 11-7-12 post-[s]election update: seeing the result, Romney is obviously not the Zionist's 'chosen one, that title has to remain Obama's. Perhaps the 'Isaac' connection may still be valid though - in the sense of 'Isaac' representing Obama as the 'chosen one', coming to Florida and 'blowing away' the challenger [for what it's worth]

That weather can be modified and controlled seems to be an accepted fact anymore, although it is still a relatively difficult thing to find any cold hard factual information on exactly how extensively. Anybody can easily research it for themselves if interested. Nevertheless, the general consensus seems to be that something is definitely going on.

 There are other factors to be considered though. For instance, can an 'unprecedented' 11-13 ft. "storm surge" that floods New York City be man-made, even apart from being caused by a 'modifed-weather' storm system? [see: tsunami-bombs] Can a New Jersey berm be overflowed to cause flooding without it being the direct result of a 'modified weather' system, as in being directly man-caused? Can a crane be caused to 'break and dangerously dangle' (
phallic-effect symbolism?) without having to rely on 'weather modification' to make it happen?

Here is the point: Even a so-called "modified-weather superstorm" could be 'helped along' if need be to achieve a certain objective. And, with complete control of every media outlet in the country, the perception of what is happening is easily manipulated. Whatever numbers are thrown out, whatever images are used, lots of endless hype, and then that's what it is. The whole thing can be made-to-order. And if the order is some 'ordo ab chao' for the presidential election, well, it would require a big-budget production, something like what is happening now - and certainly it would be right on schedule - if this were the case.

Anyway, along this line of thought is this: The 3-28-11 Newsweek "Apocalypse Now" cover and comments excerpted from:
VA Quake Explanation Believable? And 3-28-11 Newsweek Apocalypse Cover 8-26-11

"Take a close look at this cover of Newsweek magazine dated March 28 & April 4, 2011. Now here is the point. What is the real cause of all the things mentioned there - "tsunamis, earthquakes, nuclear meltdowns, revolutions, economies on the brink, etc." Are these things all naturally occurring, or, is the so-called "apocalypse" that the world is "now" seemingly experiencing being absolutely manufactured somehow in one way or another, i.e. weather-modifying, geo-engineering, and political manipulating...to deconstruct the old-world-order so as to replace it with the new-world-order of course?

For those who believe that all these things could actually be happening of their own accord - "It's like 'apocalypse now' dude" - the boys over at NWO central have a little message "hidden in plain sight" for you. It gives them quite a chuckle to do that you know. Do you see it?

They want to know...just "how ignorant are you?"
On a side note - and not to be missed with this particular magazine cover - is another little hidden-in-plain-sight clue in lower left corner, in the form of the article titled: "Have They Found Atlantis?"

Atlantis, the 'lost city of the pre-flood nephilim kings', is, as many are aware, a euphemism for the novus ordo seclorum - the so-called new world order. "Finding Atlantis", then, would signify the self-professed 'overlords' of mankind having, to their minds, successfully accomplished the goal of global domination, whereby they could now reign as demigod kings upon the earth, as they have so long lusted after, in their very own Babylonish kingdom of kabbalistic Zionism.

33rd degree masonic/illuminati author Manley P. Hall wrote of the occult inspired dream of these who have been blinded by power and Satanically deluded with illusions of immortality; the dream of the new Atlantis:

“The New Atlantis sets forth an ideal government of the earth. It foretells that day when in the midst of men there shall rise up a vast institution composed of the philosophic elect — an order of illumined men banded together for the purpose of investigating the laws of life and the mysteries of the universe … The age of boundaries is closing, and we are approaching a nobler era when nations shall be no more; when the lines of race and caste shall be wiped out; when the whole earth shall be under one order, one government, one administrative body." -Manly P Hall "Lectures on Ancient Philosophy," published by the Philosophical Research Society Inc, Los Angeles (1970)”

Have they found Atlantis? They think so. Know about it and come out of it. Rev. 18:4
1-25-13 update: NASA, Columbia University Claim The 'Sandy Hook' Caused "Post-Tropical" Superstorm-Sandy Destruction
Ezekiel 27:2,32 'Now, thou son of man, take up a lamentation for Tyrus... And in their wailing they shall take up a lamentation for thee, and lament over thee, saying, What city is like Tyrus, like the destroyed in the midst of the sea?'

2,900+ Public, Private Schools To "Mix Up" Kids With Homosexual Propaganda TODAY 10-30-12 (Globally)

reposted from 10-8-12; Today is the day. Homosexual-indoctrinators are taking over schools today globally with one goal - to 'mix up' the kids with their homosexual propaganda:
Southern Poverty Law Center Pushes Homosexual Tolerance to Elementary Students with ‘Mix It Up’ Day christiannews.net

A national civil rights group that is known for its advocacy of the homosexual lifestyle is promoting its annual “Mix It Up” tolerance day to elementary schools...On Tuesday, October 30th [today], over 2,000 public and private schools across the United States are scheduled to participate in an observance spearheaded by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which begins at, but is not limited to, lunchtime. It focuses on encouraging youth to meet up with and affirm those who are different from them, including those who are openly homosexual...“Mix It Up” is part of the organization’s “Teaching Tolerance” program.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is providing resources and activities that can be implemented at each grade level. For instance, for grades K-2, the organization has activity ideas outlined for teachers under a program called “It’s Okay to Feel Different.” Students will learn about the meaning of the words “difference” and “diversity,” among others.

On its website, the Southern Poverty Law Center lists the over 2,000 schools that are said to be participating in the upcoming effort. However, according to reports, some schools have been shocked to find their name included unaware...“Many school administrators were offended to learn that their school was listed as a ‘participating” school on the SPLC website and ordered it removed immediately,” states the American Family Association. “In some cases, students or teachers independently signed the school up without approval, leaving principals and superintendents unprepared for phone calls from concerned parents.”

“AFA is joining other family-oriented groups in urging parents to keep their children at home that day if their local school is sponsoring the ‘Mix It Up’ project,” it states. “The Southern Poverty Law Center is using this project to bully-push its gay agenda, and at the same time, intimidate and silence students who have a Biblical view of homosexuality.”

“See if your school is on the list,” the American Family Association continues. “If it is, a simple phone call or letter to school administrators telling them your child will not attend school on October 30 may be enough to cause some participating schools to change their plans to sponsor, endorse, or promote ‘Mix It Up’ day. ” ...A list of participating schools may be viewed here [the individual schools are no longer listed - 10-30-12]
10-30-12 update from link directly above:

 Number of schools committed to Mix It Up at Lunch Day: 2918

International Schools participating in Mix it Up:
•Yokota Middle School: Tokyo, JAPAN
•American-British Academy (ABA): Muscat, OMAN
•Tabeetha School: Jaffa, ISRAEL
•Lansdowne Middle School: Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA
•Saint George School: Santo Domingo, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
•Seoul American High School: Seoul, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
•American International School of Jeddah: Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA
•Hellenic-American Educational Foundation: Athens, GREECE
•"Evrika" Educational Center for Gifted Children: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, RUSSIAN FEDERATION

Parents, red alert, it is now officially impossible to protect your children from sodomite indoctrination in either public or private schools without being aggressively proactive. The school system nationwide has been hijacked and transformed into homosexual recruitment centers. That exact goal is stated here and that openly. The homosexual-agendizers are launching a new proactive campaign of their own to 'mix up' all the boys and girls of America - to confuse them so that they will not know right from wrong, force homosexual 'affirmation' into their 'world view', and enlist who knows how many new little converts with their in-your-child's-face forced acceptance strategy - and they're walking right in through the front door.

And how many adults are left who can still see it for what it is? Fewer by the day seemingly. For those who have already bought into the 'homosexual lie', you should understand that it is because your mind and conscience have been seared [1Tim 4:2] by your unchecked acceptance of such ungodliness. Still time to wake up, check it, and then reject it though.

The Word of God is unequivocal in the condemnation of any and all sexual sin - homosexual behaviour without question included - and no man can ever 'uncheck' what God has said definitely needs to be 'checked'. The only option at this point for parents of school age children is to be absolutely proactive yourselves and protect your children from having their minds and souls 'mixed up' by teaching them the truth of the Word of God on the issue [link]. Either that or you are surrendering your children to the 'mixer-uppers'.
Rev. 18:4
compare: Homosexual Indoctrination Gone Wild: Australian "Proud Schools" Teach Heterosexuality Not The Norm 10-21-12 "Australian school children are to be told that heterosexuality is not the norm, according to a new education department pilot program called “Proud Schools.”"

also: The Pedophiles Are Coming, The Pedophiles Are Coming: Greece Redefines Child Molestation As "Disability"
 1-10-12 "Like the reprobate homosexual agenda, the reprobate child molestation agenda [Rom. 1:28] is global. And more evident than ever, it is absolutely on fast-forward. The line is not being moved ever so slightly, it is being bulldozed"
Eph. 5:6 'Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience'


France To Pilot-Test World's First Totally Biometric Payment System

Announcing the world's first consumer trial of new payment method incorporating payment cards, biometrics and mid-range contactless technology

Today Natural Security, in partnership with Banque Accord, BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, Groupe Auchan, Ingenico and Leroy Merlin, has launched a pilot deployment of a new payment method that combines a smart payment card, biometrics and mid-range contactless communication.
Customers of Auchan, Leroy Merlin and certain associated retailers in Angoulême (close to Bordeaux, South West of France) and Villeneuve d’Ascq (close to Lille, North of France) have the opportunity to try out this simple, smooth new way of paying for purchases that also guarantees privacy and protection of personal data.

Two biometric technologies will be tested during the six-month pilot: digital fingerprints in Angoulême and finger vein patterns in Villeneuve d'Ascq. Customers of partner banks will be invited to visit their bank branch to register their biometric data in their credit card so they can take advantage of the opportunity to pay for purchases using this unique method in participating stores. All transactions are authenticated using biometrics and contactless technology, so customers do not have to present their cards or enter a PIN.

Combining a secure mid-range contactless technology with biometrics simplifies authentication as the user only has to place a finger on a biometric reader, they no longer have to enter a PIN or manipulate a card (hands-free user experience). This saves time at the till spent searching in bags and pockets for purses or wallets.

The solution will be deployed in stores so it can be tested in real-life situations... We fully expect that the results of the trial will be positive and we look forward to replicating the success internationally.”

re: 'deployed in stores....replicating....internationally'

ATM's in Europe and Japan have been using this technology for a while...

Biometric Cash Machines To Condition Public Arrive In Europe 5-16-10 "The system is based on the recognition of the pattern of veins in an enrolled customer's finger, a form of biometric technology developed by Hitachi. The technology is already widely used in Japan but new to Europe" [see post]

...but there is a big difference between ATM use and what is being done here, which is to use it as an actual payment system. With the ATM you still had cash in hand when you went into the store, but with this, you only have your hand. In other words, nothing. Empty-handed. That is called being owned - like a slave. And definitely take note...they are "looking forward" to using their system to eliminate cash internationally.
compare: NWO - Google, Walmart, Etc. Pushing Cashless Mobile-Payment Systems; And Isis 9-1-12 "...the NWO "smart-phone'' mobile-payment system, which is designed to eventually eliminate cash, is moving forward in leaps and bounds...It is not hard to understand that when virtual-money replaces real cash-in-hand that personal autonomy i.e. freedom is something that would no longer exist. Absolutely every single transaction would be monitored resulting in zero privacy and loss of financial control. Each and every individual will be at the mercy of the 'cloud-managers' of the digital netherworld...On that note it is very interesting to note the name of the new mobile-payment system being rolled out this month (Sept. '12)... [is] "Isis"? Who is Isis? Here is a basic answer..."Isis" is the embodiment of the concept of the "divine feminine" which permeates many religions...the driving spirit of a world that is in absolute rebellion against the True God..." [see post]

see also: Louisiana Outlaws Cash Purchase of Second Hand Goods 10-22-12
Revelation 13: 16-17 'And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name' [666]

No 'Storm Delay' For "First Sale Doctrine" - SCOTUS To Take It Up Today 10-29-12

This post is an update on: "SCOTUS To Hear Case Against "First Sale Doctrine" Oct. 29, 2012 - Bye Bye Personal Property? And The 666 10-12-12 "'...if you buy a CD or a book...it is now yours to use, throw away, or resell right? ....this fall the US Supreme Court is considering a case that could change that....meaning that you could not resell products that you buy without permission first' - Slaves can own no property, they are themselves owned. In the Luciferian Cabalistic-Zionist new-world-order now materializing on this planet [here], if you are not one of 'them'...you will be one of 'those' (slave)...It is definitely noteworthy how taking away to any degree the "right to resell" could go a long way in laying the groundwork for the biblical 666 scenario where no man may buy or sell without the mark...We shall see just how far they go...be watching. Luke 21:36" [see post, video]
Supreme Court Will Decide If You Actually Own What You've Bought tech dirt.com

from the yes,-it's-come-to-this dept

While everything else in DC closed down to bunker down for Hurricane Sandy, the Supreme Court Justices decided to soldier on and actually hear the case today. Joe Mullin has written up the most thorough and detailed examination of the case, including the fact that Kirsaeng is merely the first, and most well-known case brought by copyright holders trying to stop them from reselling legally purchased works made outside the US.

Copyright holders keep trying to downplay the "horror story" scenarios that many of us worried about a ruling in favor of Wiley could lead to. However, if the Supreme Court says that it's copyright infringement to sell a copyright-covered work made outside the US, but legally imported in, you can bet that all sorts of companies will seek to take advantage of this fact. We've already talked about the predecessor case here, Omega v. Costco, in which merely putting a copyright image that no one would see on the back of a watch could open up the ability to block resale of physical products. While Omega eventually got smacked down in the lower court, that was for copyright misuse -- the first sale issue stuck. So, all companies need to do is slightly modify the way they use copyright, and they can ban your ability to resell products.

...this issue is going to matter in Congress eventually. Whichever side loses this case is going to run to Congress with pre-written legislation to "fix" the Court's ruling.

If you believe in basic property rights, this should freak you out...If you believe that you should own what you bought -- even if it's made in a foreign country -- then this is a case to pay attention to.

As mentioned in the above article, this one is not going away. The NWO slave-traders intent to strip ownership of personal property is clear. Now that the door is open with this case, whatever SCOTUS does at this juncture will just be a step along the path toward that end goal. With other cases pending, Congress getting involved, the corporate world behind it, the rest is a cart and pony show until the 'paradigm' is 'shifted'. Brave New World or bust is the kabbalist mindset. Be aware. Rev. 18:4
see also: 'First Sale Doctrine' Update: LA Outlaws Cash Purchase of Second Hand Goods 10-22-12

follow links, connect dots; fyi


Another Executive Order 10-26-12: "Homeland Security Partnership Council" - DHS To 'Partner' Everything

Obama signs new Executive Order expanding Homeland Security mission in the U.S. examiner.com

(excerpted) On Oct. 26, President Obama signed a new Executive Order which expands the role and scope of Homeland Security in states and areas across the country. This order, which establishes a new Security Partnership Council, will have far reaching effects in the overall mission of Homeland Security, and for state and local areas that interact with the Federal agency.

“The purpose of this order is to maximize the Federal Government's ability to develop local partnerships in the United States to support homeland security priorities. Partnerships are collaborative working relationships in which the goals, structure, and roles and responsibilities of the relationships are mutually determined.

There is established a White House Homeland Security Partnership Council (Council) to foster local partnerships -- between the Federal Government and the private sector, nongovernmental organizations, foundations, community-based organizations, and State, local, tribal, and territorial government and law enforcement -- to address homeland security challenges." - whitehouse.gov.

In a little more than a decade, the Department of Homeland Security, in conjunction with its underlying and partnering Federal agencies, have infiltrated nearly every community in America. This new Executive Order, which expands the scope of the agency and gives it greater power in state and local partnerships, will mean greater loss of freedoms and liberties to both the states and citizens as the Federal government imposes greater authority over what should remain state sovereignty scope and missions.
re: 'local partnerships...to support homeland security priorites'

Once again, no congressional action whatsoever, simply a decree by the NWO robo-signer-in chief, and the 'Agenda for Totalitarian Control of the North American Continent' officially and permanently subjugates every possible U.S. entity across the board to DHS authority - "the private sector, nongovernmental organizations, foundations, community-based organizations, and State, local, tribal, and territorial government and law enforcement" - all now to be subservient to, which is to say controlled by, the DHS's NWO police state agenda...i.e. "homeland security priorities".

An absolute coup d'etat by the self exalted would-be 'masters of the earth' aka zionists, who have every intention of using forced compliance to achieve their goal of 666 world government with themselves as kings* over it [here and here]. Be totally aware. Rev. 18:4
This post related to: 8-10-12 White House Issues "Global" Executive Order; And Agenda 21 8-11-12 "A glance at Sec. 2 [i] of the EO shows the scope of the involvement at the government level. It is entire. Once those connections are established, control goes to the power-player, the government agencies. It has been designed to accomplish that very thing. Any entity that is "deeper engaged and coordinated" will find themselves having become a sub-department of the global order, being made subservient to it, their autonomy having vanished into the abyss...Absolute micromangement of the planet, i.e. global dictatorship, is the only goal

see also: Global Police State Birthed: U.S. and foreign governments announce "Bureau of Counterterrorism" 1-15-12

and: PPD 8: DHS To Build National Control Grid By First Ever "Preparedness" 'Directive' 10-10-11 "October 7, 2011 - - Today, the Department of Homeland Security announced the...Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) 8: National Preparedness, which was released in April 2011. The goal sets the vision for nationwide preparedness" - Created by "directive"...it is a "first ever"...and it creates a "goal" whereby DHS gives itself an excuse to..."work with the entire community - the public and private sectors, faith-based and non-profits, and most importantly the public...All this being true, DHS becomes a fully functioning dictatorial entity over the 'homeland'." [see post]

*'And...ten kings shall arise' Dan 7:24


Seattle Police Cleared By FAA To Use Drones; Hold
Pre-launch Public Demonstration

Seattle Police display drones they hope to deploy seattletimes.com

The public will have its first chance to view the drone aircraft Seattle police hope to deploy during a 6 to 8 p.m. [today 10-25-12] Thursday presentation at Garfield Community Center. Though a drone will not be flown at the community center, 2323 E. Cherry St., one will be on display and police will answer questions about the department's unmanned aerial vehicles, police said.

In addition, a draft of the department's proposed policies on the use of drones was released on Wednesday on the police department blog "SPD Blotter" (seati.ms/TBvxHL). Whitcomb said concerns from the public may be used to fine-tune the department's policies before the document is submitted to the City Council's Public Safety, Civil Rights and Technology Committee.

The department's intended use of drones came to light earlier this year when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gave approval for Seattle police to use unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly known as drones. According to the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation, SPD was among only a handful of law-enforcement agencies to win FAA approval to use drones, with the majority going to academic, military and government organizations.

Aerial drones, which can be as small as a hummingbird or as large as a jet, are most commonly known for the military's use of them in the Middle East and Asia. But they have numerous domestic uses, according to the trade group Association for Unmanned Vehicles International.

[The video below is dated 8-1-12. The speaker in the video [1:04] mentions concerns about guidelines being in place for the use of the drones. As reported in the above article, those guidelines have now been released in draft form]

0:17 "We're extremely anxious to get this out..."

This post is a follow up on: "Edge Of A New Horizon" - 106 Government And 4 Private Entities Already Cleared To Fly Domestic Drones 7-20-12 "Drone surveillance is over the edge right into Orwells Brave New World. Be informed because it's real and it's here" [see post]

see all: drones

Orwell's Brave New World of Amerikan totalitarianism is officially 'off the ground'. Seattle is only the beginning. It will not be long before every police department in the country is using drone surveillance. And while they may start out with "guidelines" to 'protect privacy', as claimed, once the program really gets going, reality says all bets are off. Be watching for them - they'll be watching for you. Rev. 18:4

Haiti Update: NWO Opens New Industrial Park; Clintons Host "Investor Lunch"

This post is an update on: Haitian Quake 2-Yr Mark 1-12-12: NWO Non-Integrating Haiti Now Being Integrated 1-12-12 "President Martelly has declared that Haiti "is open for business." ...The United States Government, in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank and the Government of Haiti, is building an industrial park on the country's northern coast...Helping Haiti get on a sustainable path of development requires close coordination with the private sector. USAID has entered into partnerships with major companies" - Before the unimaginable catastrophe that befell the Haitian people two years ago, Haiti too had been marked out as a 'coporate globalization resistor', i.e. a "non-integrator". [but] that is all changed now. Haiti, after suffering sudden devastation on 1-12-10, is now being 'reconstructed' in the Zionist Agenda 21 aka 'sustainable development' model of collaborative public-private partnerships, i.e. corporate controlled i.e. 'privatized' global government...aka the NWO. [see post]
Clintons preside at star-studded opening of Haitian industrial park

updated 10-25-12 CAP HAITIEN, Haiti, Oct 22 (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presided over the opening of a $300 million industrial park in Haiti on Monday, a venture led by a South Korea textile company that could bring thousands of jobs to the impoverished Caribbean nation

"The people of this country have made real progress in a short time, and we've reached a critical moment," Clinton told an investor lunch for 50 people after touring the 600-acre (246-hectare) park.

"We have a chance to keep moving forward together, but it's going to take partnership and support from the private sector - from all of you," she told the audience, which included U.S. actor-activists Sean Penn and Ben Stiller, British airline mogul Richard Branson and New York designer Donna Karan...Former President Bill Clinton, who is the United Nations special envoy for Haiti, was also on hand.

"Haiti is open for business and this government means it," Haitian President Michel Martelly said.

The development of northern Haiti has been discussed for many years but became a priority of the international community's efforts to help Haiti rebuild after the earthquake.

The park is part of a "master plan" for Haiti's North and North-East departments, including the expansion of the Cap Haitien airport to accommodate large international flights and a planned port in Fort-Liberté.

re: "investor lunch...master plan"

Back in January of this year [2012] the president of Haiti declared that "Haiti was open for business" [see 'update' above']. That statement was repeated by him at this "investor lunch" hosted by the Clintons. Haiti was never "open for business" before the devastating quake of 2010 though, but it is now, and the "investors" are lining up to get a piece of the sub-tropical paradise. Oh it's not quite a 'paradise' just yet of course, but that is where the public-private partnerships come in. Give them some time, they can turn it into one, and they intend to.  And they can build "industrial parks" there with lots of cheap labor too. All they needed was a way in, and after many failed attempts through other means [see 'Corporate Globalization' below], the open-door finally came  in January 2010 by way of 'earthquake aid'.

And in they are now, and they have a "master plan", and it is underway. It involves taking complete corporate ownership of the country of Haiti - for the privatized one world government:

see: "Corporate Globalization" And American Military Planning "Long-Term Reconstruction" Effort In Haiti 1-15-10 "Under the circumstances it is very interesting to note that the little nation of Haiti has up until now been considered a "non-integrating gap" nation - one that is "resisting corporate globalization", as designated by Pentagon globalization strategist Thomas Barnett in his 2004 book 'The Pentagon's New Map'...In line with these facts, it is most interesting to note that as a result of this truly unimaginable situation in what is now the decimated capital city of Haiti, the Pentagon's "corporate globalization" goals for this little country, so long delayed, look about to be finally realized as the American military makes it's way in with long term 'nation-building' plans, aka "reconstruction". It is exactly what was wanted. A week ago [pre-earthquake] the door was still closed, but no longer. The corporate globalization machine is moving in for good. As Barnett stated in his book, the globalization strategy to be employed is to "preemptively take control of the gap". What then shall we think? [see full post]

compare: NWO Takeover Of Iraq: U.S. Troops Out, 400 "Executives" In 12-18-11 "After nearly nine years, all US Forces are mandated to withdraw from Iraqi territory by 31 December 2011...On Tuesday, prime minister Nouri al-Maliki gave a presentation to more than 400 executives representing a wide range of industries including petroleum, engineering and construction, commercial aviation, architecture, maritime cargo and financial services; the leaders of American commerce and industry, to proclaim Iraq’s “limitless” opportunities “open for business” - "Iraq’s “limitless” opportunities “open for business”" - Iraq will now be officially 'incorporated' into the NWO. All it took to accomplish it was 9/11 and a nine year war and an uncountable number of deaths."

and: (in the aftermath of Fukushima): Hillary Clinton Announces Japan To Be Reconstructed With An NWO "Public-Private Partnership" (aka Agenda 21) 4-17-11 "Hillary Clinton...announced in Tokyo that the US and Japan had agreed on a "public-private partnership for reconstruction..."
- "Japan is very 'old-world-order'. For them to ever be converted to the 'new-world-order' a lot of things would need to be severely 'shaken'. That has happened...and little more than five weeks later, arrangements are already in place to convert old-world Japan to the new order (ordo ab chao) of things, i.e. the new-world order...All it took to accomplish this pending conversion of the people of Japan into the 'new-world global agenda' was a massive 'quake', followed by a massive 'tsunami', followed by a massive and ongoing 'nuke crisis'..."

Note: Haiti Earthquake Caused By 'Unknown' Fault Line 8-14-10 huffingtonpost.com "The devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti in January was unleashed by a previously undetected fault line..."

Note also: Another Tsunami Hits Indonesia; And "Tsunami Bombs" 10-26-10 "Ever heard of "tsunami bombs"? The concept is not unknown although little information on it can be found. But here is one source. It is an eleven year old article published in the New Zealand Herald [dated 9-25-99] reporting on the New Zealand government's declassifying of files detailing secret testing of explosive-generated tsunamis i.e. 'tsunami bombs' in the 1940's. This tsunami-making program was called "Project Seal"..."

see also: Manmade Earthquakes? 'Maybe We Are' Says UCLA Researcher 10-15-10
and: Flashback: Man-Made Earthquakes? Israel, University of Hawaii Simulating Quakes With Explosives 1-24-10 "Corporate globalization" is a brutal business.

[follow links, connect dots]
Corporate globalization is also bible prophecy; see: 'The fourth beast...shall devour the whole earth...' Dan. 7:23


Italian Scientists Guilty Of Manslaughter For Not "Adequately Warning Residents" Of 2009 Quake

Italian experts convicted of manslaughter over deadly 2009 quake

L'AQUILA, Italy -- Defying assertions that earthquakes cannot be predicted, an Italian court convicted seven scientists and experts of manslaughter Monday for failing to adequately warn residents before a temblor struck central Italy in 2009 and killed more than 300 people.

The court in L'Aquila also sentenced the defendants to six years each in prison. All are members of the national Great Risks Commission, and several are prominent scientists or geological and disaster experts...In Italy, convictions aren't definitive until after at least one level of appeals, so it is unlikely any of the defendants would face jail immediately.

The defendants were accused in the indictment of giving "inexact, incomplete and contradictory information" about whether small tremors felt by L'Aquila residents in the weeks and months before the April 6, 2009, quake should have constituted grounds for a quake warning.

Many much smaller earth tremors had rattled the area in the months before the quake, causing frightened people to wonder if they should evacuate.

re: "people...wonder if they should evacute"

A very strange story...seemingly. How can scientists be convicted of a crime like manslaughter for not predicting an earthquake? The thought of such a thing would be completely preposterous, except for when the known fact that the globalist plan to relocate entire populations from undesignated areas to desiginated areas (part of Agenda 21) is factored into the equation. When that is done it suddenly makes perfect sense. As the above story gives it, the people had wondered "if they should evacute" because of a series of small tremors that had been occuring over some months, but the 'experts' had not instructed them to do so, only giving out "inexact, incomplete and contradictory information". Sure enough though a 'quake' did strike and the people were hurt. And just like that, the precedent is set. Amazing how that works out for the globalist agenda. Now, the next time the ground starts moving a bit in any given area, the 'experts' can come in and order an evacuation, and the people will have to obey. This could be a very valuble tool for the Agenda 21-ites to aid in their population-relocating efforts - especially given the strongly suspected possibility of man-made earthquakes. Take note.

see all: 'earthquake funny-business'

Disney Rolling Out "Magic" RFID Wristbands As Part Of Big Brother "Next Generation Experience"

Follow up on: Big Brother Update: Disney Using "Facial Recognition"; Military, DHS, Police Right Behind 8-20-12 "News21, supported by the Carnegie and Knight foundations, reports that Disney sites are indeed controlled by face-recognition technology..."
Disney Spending 1 Billion Dollars On Security, RFID Microchip Tracking For Park Guests

ANAHEIM – Disney park visitors soon could wear wristbands to gain admission, get front-of-the-line passes and unlock hotel rooms under new technology that's undergoing testing...Walt Disney Parks and Resorts recently got permission from the Federal Communications Commission to try out high-tech wristbands, according to Disney's application. The device, called a Magic Band, includes a radio-frequency-identification chip...

Disney is quietly introducing technology that could drastically alter visits to its parks through a long-term initiative called the Next Generation Experience, which could cost up to $1 billion, according to published reports...Disney also recently sought three patents for wristbands that include the radio-frequency-identification, or RFID, tags that store personal information, according to documents filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office...

Visitors to Walt Disney World in Florida have tested out similar technology...For example, in a test, visitors got Fastpass cards with RFID chips that could be used at the airport to get front-of-the-line passes via a device there for rides later at the Florida parks.

re: "quietly introducing...'Next Generation Experience'...magic bands"

'Quietly introducing' is the operative phrase here. Two months ago the fact that Disney had quietly introduced facial recognition at their sites was made known [see 'follow up' above]. Now we learn that Disney is 'quietly' testing RFID tracking systems as part of their $1 billion "Next Generation Experience".
 "Quietly" means getting people accustomed to giving up personal information and being tracked from airport to hotel to theme park ride before they even realize what they are doing. They are calling their RFID trackers "Magic bands". Magic bands for the Magic Kingdom.

Funny thing about that. What's funny is that the 'next generation experience' for the whole world is scheduled to be exactly that - a 'magic kingdom'. The Zionist kingdom of dark kabbalist magic (remember the London Olympics here and here) to be specific, with the Antichrist 'king' who specializes in "signs and lying wonders" (2Thes. 2:9).

And they want you to become a part of it. Just put on a 'Magic Band'...

'And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture...' - Rev. 14:9,10

'First Sale Doctrine' Update: Louisiana Outlaws Cash Purchase of Second Hand Goods

Follow up on: SCOTUS To Hear Case Against "First Sale Doctrine" Oct. 29, 2012 - Bye Bye Personal Property? And The 666 10-12-12 "...if you buy a CD or a book...it is now yours to use, throw away, or resell right? ....this fall the US Supreme Court is considering a case that could change that....meaning that you could not resell products that you buy without permission first..." - as the push to replace cash with digital money systems becomes predominant, starting with 'smart phones' as is now the case, it will be impossible to make any financial transactions whatsoever without Big Brother knowing who what when and where, and apparently taking his cut...definitely noteworthy how taking away to any degree the "right to resell" could go a long way in laying the groundwork for the biblical 666 scenario where no man may buy or sell without the mark [see post]
Louisiana Bans Cash Transactions for Second-Hand Merchandise

A new law passed in Louisiana has made it illegal for consumers to pay for second-hand goods with cash, in a ruling that has a substantial effect on the many flea markets in the state...House Bill 195 states that “Anyone, other than a non-profit entity, who buys, sells, trades in or otherwise acquires or disposes of junk or used or secondhand property more frequently than once per month from any other person, other than a non-profit entity, shall be deemed as being in the business of a secondhand dealer. A secondhand dealer shall not enter into any cash transactions in payment for the purchase of junk or used or secondhand property. Payment shall be made in the form of check, electronic transfers, or money order issued to the seller of the junk or used or secondhand property.”

The bill will make operations for trading posts and flea markets far more strenuous in an attempt to stop fraud, as customers will be forced to use checks or money orders for transactions. The definition of the bill is broad enough that it also could be used to stop sales through Ebay or Craigslist. State Representative Rickey Hardy, who co-authored the bill, said that the paper trail will make it more difficult for criminals to sell stolen items for quick cash. “It’s a mechanism to be used so the police department has something to go on and have a lead.”

Attorney Thad D. Ackel, lead counsel at Ackel and Associates LLC, writes on the firm’s blog a detailed description of what would be necessary for every cash sale. “For every transaction a secondhand dealer must obtain the seller’s personal information such as their name, address, driver’s license number and the license plate number of the vehicle in which the goods were delivered. They must also make a detailed description of the item(s) purchased and submit this with the personal identification information of every transaction to the local policing authorities through electronic daily reports.”

This is a major story. SCOTUS is taking up a very closely related issue next week [see 'follow up' above]. They are two sides of the same coin. The SCOTUS case is to determine if a person even has the "right" to resell goods without "permission", and we now discover that the apparatus is already being put in place to control all of the 'buying' of second-hand merchandise. The last paragraph of the above article reveals just how over-the-top this new system actually is - any cash transaction that did for some reason happen would require full-disclosure police reports. Taking away from the people the ability to use cash is to instantly establish draconian control of them. Louisana just did it, and clearly now that one state has got the ball rolling, it will not be long before all the other states follow suit. It is all part of the much bigger plan to ultimately control every financial transaction on the entire planet. The 666 thing where 'no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name' (Rev. 13:17) will be planet-wide, nothing less. Obviously cash cannot be part of the game plan, so, just make it 'illegal' - and they are.

It has to happen...for "it is written". Time to believe the Word of God unbelievers.
Rev. 18:4


Homosexual Indoctrination Gone Wild: Australian "Proud Schools" Teach Heterosexuality Not The Norm

Children to be taught 'heterosexuality not the norm' in Australian schools project

SYDNEY, October 18, 2012, (LifeSiteNews.com) – Australian school children are to be told that heterosexuality is not the norm, according to a new education department pilot program called “Proud Schools.” 

“Heterosexism” is one of the evils that the Proud Schools program is intended to stamp out, along with “homophobia and transphobia,” education officials have said. According to the minutes from the Proud Schools steering committee on March 22, 2011, the program focuses on reversing “the dominance of heterosexism rather than on homophobia.”

The program defines “heterosexism” as the practice of “positioning heterosexuality as the norm for human relationship,” according to the Proud Schools Consultation Report. “It involves ignoring, making invisible or discriminating against non-heterosexual people, their relationships and their interests. Heterosexism feeds homophobia.”

The committee suggested that teachers must monitor the playground in order to stamp out “heterosexist” language among children in out-of-class hours. The education department has allocated $250,000 for the pilot program that is running now in 12 state schools.

Proud Schools recommends using Personal Development, Health, and Physical Education classes, starting in Year 7 (12- and 13-year-olds), to “incorporate learning about same-sex attraction and sexual diversity.”

The Telegraph’s Miranda Devine wrote that “at least” 10 Liberal Party MPs are “extremely concerned” about the program, and will complain to Education Minister Adrian Piccoli this week.

SW Premier Barry O’Farrell defended the program, vowing that it will not be shut down.

re: "reversing the dominance of heterosexism"

"Reversing the dominance of heterosexism" because it "feeds homophobia". Takes some very dark minds to come up with such twisted absurdities. Nevertheless, American schools at large will be introduced to the very thing on 10-30-12; and as the homosexual recruiters take advantage of what is now unfettered access to the children of the world, they are also stepping up the 'heterosexual-dominance reversal-process' via Hollywood in order to create their debauched "new norm" in society at large:

see: 2000 Public And Private Schools To "Mix Up" Kids With Homosexual Agenda October 30 "A national civil rights group that is known for its advocacy of the homosexual lifestyle is promoting its annual “Mix It Up” tolerance day to elementary schools...On Tuesday, October 30th, over 2,000 public and private schools across the United States are scheduled to participate in an observance spearheaded by the Southern Poverty Law Center" - "Parents, red alert, it is now officially impossible to protect your children from sodomite indoctrination in either public or private schools without being aggressively proactive. The school system nationwide has been hijacked and transformed into homosexual recruitment centers. That exact goal is stated here and that openly. The homosexual-agendizers are launching a new proactive campaign of their own to 'mix up' all the boys and girls of America - to confuse them so that they will not know right from wrong, force homosexual 'affirmation' into their 'world view', and enlist who knows how many new little converts with their in-your-child's-face forced acceptance strategy - and they're walking right in through the front door"

and: Homosexual Sitcom "New Normal" - Designed To 'Implode' The Nuclear Family - Debuts On 9-11 "The show is against bigotry and hatred in every form and will make that point whenever characters say outrageous or unacceptable things" - A new show and a new low in the form of avowed aggressive propaganda to make a "statement about changing the definition of the nuclear family" - to do a demolition job on it that is, and to replace it with the new-NWO-normal of 'anything goes'. And don't you dare say anything against this "new normal" of anything-goes because if you do that is outrageous and unacceptable, and it means that you are a bigot and a speaker of hate. Debuts on 9-11 of all days, from the old-normal destroyers at NBC."

Babylon is fallen, is fallen. Rev. 18:4
Gen. 19:24 "Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven"


One World Religion: Third "Stand Up For Religious Freedom" Interfaith Rally Today 10-20-12

reposted from 10-17-12 with update:

Stand Up Rally Co-Director Published In Washington Times 10-19-12 "Stand Up Rally co-director Eric Scheidler had an op-ed piece published in the Washington Times today, calling on liberals and moderates to take seriously our concerns over the erosion of religious freedom in our country. The article was published under the title “Religious freedom attacks threatens every American: HHS mandate is only the beginning.”

Manhattan Declaration Blog Highlights Rally Effort 10-18-12 "Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally Co-Chairman Eric Scheidler has an article posted today on the Manhattan Declaration blog, highlighting the nationwide rallies this Saturday and the ongoing fight against the HHS Mandate"
As stated previously but now coming to fruition, the connection between the "Manhattan Declaration" group [500,000+] and the "Stand Up" movement will be hugely significant. Note also the 'Stand Up' co-director's comment that the HHS "is only the beginning"...which no-doubt is a reference to the homosexual pseudo-marriage issue now on the fast track to SCOTUS [link], already declared a major rallying point for the groups. research: 'Manhattan Declaration' (track it all the way back to the beginning if interested)


Third Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally Saturday, October 20

This peaceful, nationwide event, the third of its kind, will protest the HHS Mandate and other attacks on religious freedom coming from the federal government, especially during this critical election year.

The first two Stand Up Rallies were held on March 23 and June 8 [see below]. Over 300 rallies were held in cities and towns across the country, with attendance topping 125,000.

Each of the October 20 Stand Up for Religious Freedom rallies is being locally sponsored and organized, so no two are quite alike. However, you can expect to see colorful signs and banners at the Rally, hear inspiring speeches about fighting the current attacks on religious freedom like the HHS Mandate and join in hymns and prayers for our nation.

The Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom [is] a peaceful, family-friendly, non-partisan, ecumenical event.

[At latest count] Cities and Towns Participating in the October 20 Rally - 145 cities in 43 states

This post is a follow up on:

First Major Rally To Oppose HHS Mandate Today, March 23, 2012; 140 Sites Nationwide 3-23-12 "standupforreligiousfreedom.com...The speakers at the more than 130 Rally sites represent a wide array of backgrounds and professions, including members of Congress, physicians, college presidents, pastors, radio hosts, law professors, heads of organizations, publishers, religious sisters, pregnancy resource directors, and rabbis." - The paradigm-shifting significance of today's event cannot be understated. Never before seen in the U.S. - the government moving to restrict religion, and a first ever "unifaith" rally to oppose. It is a historical moment, but not in a good way. And definitely be aware that this is only the beginning of the what the NWO has planned in terms of using 'religious protest' to disrupt Americana.

2nd Interfaith Rally To Oppose HHS Mandate Today 6-8-12; 164 Cities; NWO Religious Civil Unrest Plan Underway 6-8-12 ""Understanding that the "attack against religious freedom" is designed to accomplish this very thing [interfaith organizations forming], the NWO strategy becomes very apparent. As designed, neither the government nor the religious groups will yield their position, which leaves only one outcome possible, that being society destabilizing chaos. Just as planned...Religious groups protesting to protect their core beliefs and the government refusing to give in is going to dramatically change life in the USA - permanently. Voila. The opportunity has been created to find "solutions". For starters, solutions like "interfaith partnerships". - This will be the second "Stand Up" rally, and they already have an interfaith - civil rights groups coalition of 65 organizations...Sixty-five different religious and secular organizations and the entire Catholic Church all fighting against the one "common enemy"? It is plain to see that the NWO ordo ab chao plan is working 'like a charm' already.

Globally-synthesized religion is an absolute must for the architects of the novus ordo seclorum aka the NWO aka Zionist global kingdom, and the HHS mandate is without question facilitating the goal in America 'like a charm". A kabbalist charm that is. The reality is that without the HHS mandate, there would be no ecumenical "hymns and prayers" (as stated in the posted article) being offered up in the cites and towns of America to the generic ecumenical god of the NWO. But thanks to the HHS mandate there sure is now, so much so that the "interfaith coalition" is well on it's way to becoming the new way of 'doing religion' [link] in the 'new paradigm' of New Amerika.

If Mitt "we are all the children of the same god" Romney (as stated in the first debate and repeated in the second) is in fact installed in the White House, as it looks increasingly every day as if that is exactly what is going to happen, it is not known how this HHS mandate movement will be affected. However the so-called election goes though [link], what is certain is that the next phase of the plan is already written into the script, and that the interfaith-coalition movement will be bigger and stronger than ever - especially if Romney is in fact the 'chosen one'. Watch and see...and do not ecumenisize, Christian.
Rev. 18:4
2Cor. 6:15 'And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?'


CA Drone Update: Groups Form To Resist CA Sheriff's Drone Plan

Follow up on: CA Sheriff Asking For Big Brother Drones To Look In Windows - Video 10-10-12 "Sheriff Gregory Ahern wants to put Alameda County on the map as the first jurisdiction in California to use surveillance drones for law enforcement purposes...Although Sheriff Ahern promised that the drones would only be used in “emergency” situations such as high speed chases, he told NBC News that the devices could also be used for “proactive policing,” including scanning buildings for heat sources such as people or lights that could indicate illegal marijuana growing operations. [see post]
Youtube: Michael Siegel, ACLU NORCAL, Critical Resistance and the Electronic Frontier Foundation announce a campaign to prevent the Alameda County Sheriff from acquiring a drone.

re: "No Drones Press Conference"

The Cabalist global-kingdom managers have made their intentions to use drone surveillance very clear. They are not about to change their minds, in other words. Therefore it is no surprise to see this situation develop . It is all part and parcel of the NWO Bureau of Propaganda's drone implementation program, designed to play out exactly as it is right here at the outset of the "new era" of 'proactive drone-ing'.

Controlling both sides of an issue is always how the NWO-agenda is advanced, and so as this very first jurisdiction in CA is now preparing to launch their very first drone, all 'objections' will now also be allowed to have their 'day in court', so to speak. After that cart and pony show is concluded, and all objections to 'drone-policing' have been effectively 'overruled' by the NWO appointed judges, citing 'security' needs, etc. of course, there will then be nothing but clear skies for the 666 Big Brother-ites. Once that happens, it's over. Drone madness begins, spreading exponentially across the land. Be on the lookout.
Rev. 18:4
Amos 9:8 'Behold, the eyes of the Lord GOD are upon the sinful kingdom, and I will destroy it from off the face of the earth'


US Appeals Court Strikes Down DOMA; SCOTUS Awaits

US appeals court rules against Defense of Marriage Act

Court says key part of marriage law is unconstitutional, Supreme Court could take up the issue in its current term

NEW YORK, Oct 18 (Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court in New York ruled on Thursday that a U.S. law defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman is unconstitutional. It was the second federal appeals court to reject the law, which could go before the Supreme Court soon.

The Defense of Marriage Act was passed in 1996. Since then, six states have legalized same-sex marriage but, because of the 1996 law, the federal government does not recognize same-sex marriages performed in those states.

The 2-1 decision also found that gays and lesbians are entitled to heightened protection from the courts, based on the history of discrimination the group has suffered.

Judge Chester Straub, who dissented, argued that the federal definition of marriage should be left to the political process. "If this understanding is to be changed, I believe it is for the American people to do so," he wrote.

The ruling did not address another provision of the law that says that states where same-sex marriage is illegal do not have to recognize same-sex marriages performed in states that permit it.

re: "defining marriage as... between a man and woman is unconstitutional"

Even though as stated in the above article this case does not specifically address the "states right's" issues where one state would be forced one to recognize another state's homosexual pseudo-marriages, 'when' SCOTUS takes this case, as obviously they will, and then slamdunks it, as obviously they will, the critical "state right's" issues that are at stake will afterwards not have even the slightest chance of surviving. Although the dissenting judge stated that the "federal definition of marriage should be left to the political process" the fact is well known that that has never been successful for the homosexual-agendizers, which is why this has had to work it's way through the court system to the threshold of the highest court in the land to now be rubber stamped by more appointed judges.

compare: NWO Seeks To Moot Faux-Homosexual Marriage Issue, Dissolve State's Rights 8-17-09 "The DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), for one thing, prohibits individual states from being forced to recognize out-of-state homosexual marriages. In repealing DOMA then, the homosexual agenda is also being used as a vehicle to "remove state's rights", contributing to the deconstruction of this country. By also playing a large role in the planned expanding of "hate-crimes laws", it is being used to contribute to the loss of free speech, as speaking against the homosexual agenda has already been deemed "hateful".

Should also be noted that at some future point the homosexual pseudo-marriage agenda is going to be used to further the NWO religious 'civil unrest' agenda: Catholic Church Threatens White House With "National Conflict of Enormous Proportions" Over Homosexual Marriage 9-29-11

Rev. 18:4


Colorado Healthcare Workers Face NWO Mandatory Vaccination Agenda

Colorado Healthcare Workers to be Fired if they Refuse Mandatory Flu Shots naturalnews.com

The noose is rapidly closing in on the collective neck of health freedom in America, as illustrated by a new state mandate in Colorado that unconstitutionally forces hospital employees to submit to flu vaccinations or else lose their jobs.

As reported by CBS 4 News in Denver, workers at hospitals across the state no longer have the option to choose for themselves whether or not to get jabbed with the untested annual flu vaccine — their only choice in the matter is to either take the shot by the end of the year or else get fired.

Back in January, Colorado’s Board of Health voted 7-1 in favor of mandating that all hospitals, nursing homes, and certain other health facilities across the state achieve a 90 percent flu vaccination rate by 2014-2015, a requirement that essentially forces healthcare groups to mandate that all their employees be vaccinated for the flu (http://www.denverpost.com/breakingnews/ci_19984300). And even though these requirements do not have to be fully achieved for several more years, nearly all major hospitals in Colorado have already enacted mandates that all their employees be vaccinated for the flu.

Mandatory toxic-injections have been in the works for years, and apparently the time has come to get the program going. It is no different than managing herds of cattle to the Luciferian would-be overlords of the sub-species of the common man. There are no individuals in their (666) world, only slaves, and slaves will have no say over their medical issues - it's about the health of the herd...er...community:

'Responsibility Czars' Questioning Right To Refuse Mandatory Injections 10-11-09 "Some Say Getting Immunized Is a Matter of Social Responsibility" - Does Americans' right to determine what is best for themselves and their families trump the federal government's efforts to head off what it believes could be a flu pandemic? ...The debate is "changing the parameters" for individual responsibility, says Andrew Askland... Officials have stopped short, however, of calling vaccination a moral imperative, instead urging Americans to think deeply about their perceptions and the communal impact of their decisions." [see post]

Advisory Committee 'Recommends' Yearly Vaccinations For All 6-27-10 "U.S. government panel now pushing "vaccinations for all!" No exceptions"

Major U.S. Health Organization Adds Voice to 'Debate', Calls For Mandatory Vaccinations For Health Workers 9-8-10 "Mandatory toxic-soup mystery injections - another 'Big Brother agenda' item that is not going to go away. In fact, it's on the front burner now. As the 'follow up' linked article at the top of this post revealed, a U.S. "Advisory Committee" is now recommending mandatory vaccinations for all, no exceptions. And apparently, with today's news as related in the above article, the U.S. medical industry is about to become the first group forced to take the plunge...of the NWO's needle...Wonder if mandatory vaccinations will end up being part of so-called Obama-care?

Apparently it will just be a matter of time, but they are definitely coming for everyone - with hypodermics loaded up with who knows what. Be aware. Rev. 18:4


Billy Graham - Romney Update: Reference To Mormonism As Cult Scrubbed From Billy Graham Website

This post is a follow up on: One World Religion: Billy Graham, Franklin Graham Hold Prayer Meeting With Mormon Romney 10-11-12 "Romney during the first debate stated that America is "a nation that believes we're all children of the same God". Obviously the statement was strategic. The fact of the matter is that that 'theology' comes from the New World Order One World Religion handbook. That handbook calls for the 'christianizing' of Mormonism, or more correctly, the de-christianizing of true biblical Christianity to the point that the false Mormon Jesus and the false Mormon gospel are no longer anything to be concerned about - So say Billy Graham and Franklin Graham...
Billy Graham Endorses Mitt Romney BGEA Removes Reference Calling Mormonism Cult

Billy Graham last night [10-11-12] endorsed Mitt Romney for president, and shortly thereafter, his website was scrubbed of a statement Graham or his organization made calling Mormonism a “cult.”

Today, the Sacramento Bee and other media outlets, including Graham’s own website, posted Graham’s statement endorsing Mitt Romney for president, and two commenters posted a link to the 2010 Graham statement classifying the Mormon religion as a cult. Hours later, that page no longer exists:

As of June 5, 2010, if not much earlier, Billy Graham’s website stated:

Some of these groups are Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, the Unification Church, Unitarians, Spiritists, Scientologists, and others.

A Google webcache of that page confirms its prior existence, and an Archive.org webcache first crawled that page on June 5, 2010. Here’s a screenshot of the Google web cache: [go to link]

Additionally, a search for the word “Mormon” on Billy Graham’s website identifies six pages, yet none of those pages have the word “Mormon” on them as of this writing, yet most of them still have the word “cult” on them.

"The 'Mormons are Christian' agenda is set to go big, and many of the biggest names in apostate Christendom are already on board, a virtual who's who..." [see 'follow up' post linked above]

Believer? You thought that it was bad already, well it's only getting warmed up. Do not be swept away with the crowds - because they will be - as the biblically prophesied "strong delusion" gets even more so than ever. There is only on antidote - you must "love" the truth [2Thes. 2:10-11]. Do you? Rev. 18:4
2 Peter 3:17 'Ye therefore, beloved, seeing ye know these things before, beware lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own stedfastness'

"Largest Safety Drill Ever" - 'Great ShakeOut' On 10-18 At 10:18 AM

Millions to Participate in FEMA Drill Next Week

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — On October 18, 2012 at 10:18 a.m. EDT, more than one million people across five states and the District of Columbia are scheduled to take part in the first ever Great SouthEast ShakeOut. The ShakeOut is a regional earthquake drill in which participants simultaneously practice the recommended action during an earthquake. This action is known as “Drop, Cover, and Hold On”

The states of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia are encouraging their schools, businesses, organizations, government agencies, communities, and households to participate in this historic event.  These states are being supported by the Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium (CUSEC), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and many other local, state, federal and volunteer partners. CUSEC coordinates a similar drill across nine Central U.S. states, which had more than 2.4 million participants in February, 2012.*

This regional earthquake drill comes on the heels of the one year anniversary of the August 23, 2011 M5.9 Mineral, Virginia earthquake. Last year’s earthquake caused significant damage in Louisa County, Virginia, and also millions of dollars in damages in Washington, D.C.

FEMA Region III Acting Regional Administrator Robert Welch is encouraging individuals and organizations to register and join the Great ShakeOut “We were reminded last year that earthquakes can and do happen anywhere.

Collectively, there are more than 10.5 million people worldwide who are expected to participate in the ShakeOut drills October 18, which makes this the largest safety drill ever held.

Funny thing about "Great ShakeOut" earthquake drills is that they have a history of coinciding with 'earthquakes' occurring the very the same day, and/or "widespread destruction":

*Nine State 'Great Central Shakeout' 2-7-12; Will It Be Like The Others? 2-6-12 "As noted above, last years event coincided with "widespread destruction" in this country and the massive Japan 'quake', and two years running in California 'quakes' have occurred on the very day of the drill"

The first of those two coincidental California 'ShakeOut quakes', a 'massive' one at that, was actually just moments before the drill was scheduled to begin [here]. The second was just hours after [link below]. Interesting thing about that first 'ShakeOut' drill was that it was held at exactly 10:21 AM on 10-21 [2010]. This year's "first ever" Southeast regional drill will be held at exactly 10:18 AM on 10-18.

Note: Several states and foreign countries will be holding individual ShakeOut drills, many of which will be on the same day at 10:18 local times [2012 ShakeOut], but the Southeast is the only multi-state regional drill - FEMA Region III they call it - and it is specifically set for the exact day and time. As noted above, it comes "on the heels of the first year anniversary" of the anomaly-ridden Virginia 'quake' of August 2011, where earthquakes were not supposed to happen [see links below]. But as FEMA now informs, in noting the rarity of the Virginia quake, that is no longer the case. Quoting from above: "earthquakes can and do happen anywhere", say they. In the new-paradigm world of today this has proven to be the case. But are they natural?*

Do the funny numbers mean anything? Have to watch and see on the 18th.
see: Engineered? 2nd Year In A Row Earthquake Hits CA Same Day As "Great Shakeout Drill" 10-20-11

*Natural? see: Virginia Quake Explanation Believable? And 3-28-11 Newsweek Apocalypse Cover 8-26-11

and: Virginia Quake - As Above So below? 8-23-11

Follow links, connect dots

Haggai 2:6-7 'For thus saith the LORD of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land'