TSA Given Gestapo Powers?

Amtrak security, TSA show force in Northeast AP

"WASHINGTON - Rail passengers from Virginia to Vermont were greeted by a heavy police presence Tuesday morning, as Amtrak, the Transportation Security Administration and local agencies teamed up for a joint show of force."

The railroad and the TSA say officers from about 100 commuter rail, state, and local police agencies took part in the operation, which included random passenger bag inspections.

"The exercise was not announced beforehand. Amtrak and the TSA say similar exercises will be held in the future around the country."
This is a follow up on (6-17-08): TSA To Look Like Police: "Screeners at the nation's airport checkpoints are going to start wearing police-style badges The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is starting to equip its 48,000 screeners with 3-inch-by-2-inch, silver-colored, copper and zinc badges that will be worn on new royal-blue police-style shirts."
Now, not only are the rent-a-cop TSA screeners looking like cops, but they also are being given authority to act like gestapo/cops. Along with the private Amtrak security and local police agencies they will be conducting random unwarranted searches of innocent 'homelanders'.

The intimidation factor of the police state is accelerating at what has to be considered an alarming rate. Be aware. fyi

Not many believe in the pre-tribulation rapture of the church...do you?: Authorized for travel?