NWO 'Gas Shortage' Training Program To Stay Awhile

SE U.S. gas shortage may last a month

ATLANTA, Sept. 29 (UPI) -- Gasoline shortages from Atlanta to Nashville were expected to last two to four weeks, an industry executive said Monday.
Executive Director of the North Carolina Petroleum and Convenience Marketers Gary Harris said "panic buying fueled by media coverage of the shortage" was part of the problem.
Harris said it would take up to a month before the supply can catch up and end the shortages.
follow up on: Latest NWO Crisis: Gas shortages (9-27-08)
"Up to month". A lot can happen in a month. Without question this is simply part of the overall scheme, the 'shut down'. Also, it's a conditioning mechanism to prepare all homeland citizens for when it happens in their area. And it will. Again...gas, cars, travel.....not 'sustainable' for the authoritarian global control now being implemented. Believe it or not. follow links, connect dots

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