Militarizing the World - Add Thailand to the List

update on: Militarizing The World (Italian cities patrolled by military)
Martial law enacted in Thailand

Emergency declared in Bangkok Statesman/India
"The Nation/ANNBANGKOK, Sept. 2: Thai Prime Minister Gen Samak Sundaravej today announced a state of emergency in Bangkok following a clash between pro- and anti-government groups early this morning.

"The Prime Minister’s order also appointed the army chief to be in charge of enforcing the Emergency decree in Bangkok.The announcement exempted the enforcement paragraph 1 of Article 9 which prohibits people from leaving their houses, meaning people can still go to work."

"The state of Emergency prohibits a gathering of more than five people, authorises the authorities to evict people from any place or prohibit them from entering a place, and also prohibits news publicity in a way that terrifies the public."

"The state of Emergency also allows the authorities to detain suspects for seven days and prohibits people from making illegal entries into government offices."
re: Military command and censorship
A state of emergency declared and martial law instituted...just like that. The military of Thailand will be prohibiting groups of more than five people from congregating. This is similar to what is currently happening in Italy. The military is patrolling the streets of major Italian cities and in at least one location that 'group-gathering' limit is now being applied to groups of more than just three people. see: NWO - It's Here
In addition, Thailand will censor, or "prohibit....news publicity", that might "scare the public". Controlling the people means keeping them uninformed and separated in other words.
Once again, the ordo ab chao (order out of chaos) principle seems to be in play. Since there will be no real news coming out on the situation there, as stated, it may be difficult to know exactly what happens from this point forward, but it would not be a surprise to see some permanent martial-law type changes in Thailand as a result of this incident. Italy is doing it already. It would just be another piece of the globalism puzzle put in place. Another integrated nation. see: mandatory global 'integration'.
Something like the U.S. trial run that's happening in 'curfew city you can't return until we make it safe' Louisiana.
These things are a big deal. Be not 'uninformed'.
compare: surprise "urban military training" in Portland

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