H.Res.116 To Increase Recommended Daily Dosage 'Vit D' Cholecalciferol Rat Poison By 10x - High Dosing 'The Herd'

Vit D Gets Nod From Congress

Congressman Glenn Grotham (R-WI) has introduced a House Resolution to “recognize the significant role vitamin D may play in the fight against COVID-19" [govtrack 2-11-21]. If passed, the resolution will encourage official recognition of vitamin D as effective in preventing serious COVID-19 infection.

Rep. Grotham’s press release cites, among other evidence, an initiative from an international alliance of researchers and doctors calling on governments to raise the daily recommended intake of vitamin D from 400 IU to 4,000 IU [10x - ed.] to reduce the severity of COVID-19.

Many in the natural health community have long understood the importance of vitamin D for preventing serious COVID-19 cases. Studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency is strongly correlated to COVID-19 mortality.

Bill 116 [911] in the 117th - CDC and FDA to push high-dose chemical cholecalciferol

Above a follow up on this 5-14-20 post: "Vitamin D" Hyped As 'Covid' Treatment - But Vitamin D Is Fake .. It Is Rat Poison 'Cholecalciferol' From A Lab 5-14-20 "Fake vitamin for fake virus. Something wrong in Houston - yes it appears that 'we' definitely have a problem. Another of many - oh boy. In this case it is the issue raised in the below article - i.e. pushing so-called "Vitamin D" as a potential life-saving treatment for "covid-19". Numerous articles on this same subject have been published of late. No doubt this will increase --- Vitamin D is not really a vitamin,” wrote scientists for the New England Journal of Medicine... For something to be a vitamin, it should provide the body with an essential nutrient that it cannot make on its own, but requires for survival. Since synthetic vitamin D is a drug, foreign to the body, and not required for survival, it’s technically a fraud – an impostor posing as a vitamin. But this biological ruse proves to be devastating to the body over time..." [see full post]
House resolution 116 in the 117th Congress asking the CDC and the FDA to increase the recommended daily requirement of the man-made fake-vitamin 'D' chemical substance named cholecalciferol by 10x from 400 IU To 4000 IU. Corona-psyop the greatest medical-authoritarianism hoax in the history of mankind is being used to accomplish many agendas but making a government decree to 'high-dose the herds [see: herd] with cholecalciferol' has to be one of the strangest. Increasing the dose by 10x as is being called for with H.Res.116 make no mistake is 'high-dosing'. Cholecalciferol is not a vitamin. Sunshine is not a vitamin. Cholecalciferol is not natural. Cholecalciferol kills rats.

Note also in passing curious numerology: bill is #116 in the 117th Congress. 116 can be a hidden 911. What to make of it? Who cares really at this point why bother taking the time to decode more kabbala-darkness. Everything done is by numerology, numerology is sorcery, what more does one need to know - they want to force feed the populations of the world with high-doses of their mystery chemical cholecalciferol. And they want this very badly.

Eater of cholecalciferol? - recommend reading above 'follow up' 5-14-20 linked post very carefully. Note also from above posted article this D-push is backed by an "international alliance" - meaning it is only going to get bigger and louder and will be non-ending. One more thing - if you see rats eat something and die...might want to think twice (some maybe even thrice) before eating it yourself.

Rev. 18:4
Psalms 10:2 'The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined'


India Claims 240 New CV Strains - Can 'Re-Infect' Vaccinated ..Because Virus Is 'Genius' ..Like Trump Said 4-'20 [Vid]

India discovers 240 new, possibly more infectious Covid-19 strains

"A whopping 240 mutated coronavirus strains have been discovered across India, health officials have said, warning that some of them may potentially be more infectious, and may even be capable of evading immune response altogether... Some of the new variants could be highly transmissible or potentially more dangerous, Randeep Guleria, the head of the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)... Some virus strains have an immunity “escape mechanism” that could cause re-infection in people who already developed anti-bodies to Covid-19 through battling the disease or getting a vaccine, he told the Indian broadcaster... The pulmonologist said that vaccination is still a “must”... suggested promoting “double masking”... Earlier, new, more contagious Covid-19 variants were reported to have emerged in other parts of the world, including the UK, Brazil and South Africa. There are also fears that mutations resistant to current coronavirus vaccines may emerge..."

When beyond pathetic gets even more beyond - and they say it with a straight face. February 2021 we're there: according to the 'new' updated official Corona-hoax hotline... hot off the press -- 240 new strains... with a built-in "escape mechanism" able to avoid immune response and 're-infect' those with so-called post-virus antibodies or already vaccinated, and threatening mutations, etc. etc.. In other words the 'virus' really is "brilliant and genius" - able to outsmart humans - 'trumping' our every effort to contain it -- just like Trump said back in April 2020:

"Pandemic...all the time" -- Corona script following Simpsons house cat flu: no symptoms, all the time - Trump says 'germ' is brilliant, genius - "it's a war" (and the war is on you); [video 4-16-20]:


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Imaginary virus with superpowers - the scam purpose is simple to see::

'Coronavirus' Illusion Bringing In 'Hunger Games' - Trump Inauguration 1-20-17 (Melania Blue Dress) Told It - 'Coriolanus' 4-9-20  "Corona is a grand illusion... Perhaps the grandest the 'modern world' has ever witnessed. Being done by sorcery*... They told it before. They always do. 777 Trump [link] told it on Inauguration Day 1-20-17 sending the message with the 'Melania Blue Dress'. The infamous 'Blue Dress' that signified "Hunger Games" (and sorcery as well). Here now three years later they are doing exactly that - using the Corona-illusion to bring it about - converting the social order of the countries of the world to a 'Hunger Games' type scenario..."

Rev. 18:4
*Habbakuk 2:12 'Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and stablisheth a city* by iniquity!'  [*false Zion aka zwo - link]


Fake Meteorite-Strike PSYOP Latest: Seven Asteroids In Six Weeks Says NASA - Huge And Close  [Vid - Chelyabinsk]

Meteorite destruction - imminent. The reports of alleged incoming 'space-rocks' now endless, one after another, non-stop. And they just keep getting more fantastic. This is a new thing, unheard of till recent years. And there is only one conclusion possible: the world is being prepped for an event - a big event - geoengineered. Knowing that, charting some of this 'incoming' propaganda seems worth doing. The latest 'incoming' meteorite-propaganda [below] proving true the above statement that they keep getting more fantastic, perhaps this the wildest yet: at least seven asteroids over the next six weeks, "some coming between us and the moon...others the size [of] the Golden Gate Bridge .. lest anyone get too comfy":
Asteroid bigger than Statue of Liberty set for Earth flyby, but BIG ONE of 2021 to come in March, NASA warns

NASA is warning of a slew of asteroids headed Earth’s way in the coming days and weeks, some coming between us and the moon, with others measuring roughly the same size as the Golden Gate Bridge.

On February 10 alone, at least four [4] Near Earth Objects (NEOs) are due to buzz the Earth.

Less than 24 hours later, proving that size doesn’t always matter when it comes to the threat posed by space rocks, the six-meter asteroid [5] 2021 CU1 will pass the planet at 605,113 km.

Soon after, not to be outdone in scaring the hell out of stargazing earthlings, asteroid [6] 2021 CO, measuring 32 metres in length, will come between us and the moon at a distance of 345,885 km and a speed of 41,000 kilometers per hour.

Lest anyone get too comfy, in March (3-21-21) NASA is warning of the Golden Gate Bridge-sized asteroid [7] 2001 FO32

Prepping the world for an event:

Fake-Meteorite Strike Coming Soon - They Tell It Everyday: Chelyabinsk To Greenland 'Citykiller' PSYOP

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Other very recent very notable examples of 'imminent meteorite destruction' world-prepping-propaganda:


Pentagon Deploying Active-Duty Military To 'Mass-Vax' Sites Nationwide -- Says WH Corona-Adviser 'Slave-it'

Pentagon Will Deploy Active Duty Troops To Support COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

Active duty military personnel will soon start assisting vaccination sites in states across the U.S., the White House announced on Friday [2-5-21].

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has approved a Federal Emergency Management Agency [FEMA] request to "augment and expedite" the country's vaccination rollout, senior coronavirus adviser Andy Slavitt said at a press briefing. Part of the first contingent of more than 1,000 troops will arrive in California over the next 10 days and begin operations around Feb. 15, he added, with more missions to follow.

"The military's critical role in supporting sites will help vaccinate thousands of people per day and ensure that every American who wants a vaccine will receive one," Slavitt said.

The Department of Defense is expected to provide more details at a separate briefing on Friday afternoon.

Biden said FEMA would help set up 100 mass vaccination sites in his first month in office. FEMA has asked the Pentagon to ready up to 10,000 troops to support those sites, with the goal of dispensing 450,000 vaccinations a day nationwide.

How is active duty military personnel policing 'mass vaccination centers' ...not martial law? Answer: what happens when they never un-deploy? Just need to lock-you-down for two weeks or maybe a month people .. just until "we flatten the curve" - don't even worry about it. Just need to deploy active-duty military to 'assist' the mass-vax-agenda for the health and safety of us all - don't even give it a second thought - because White House "senior coronavirus adviser" Andy Slavitt... he's got this. What who... Andy slave-it? Is that a play-on-words?

That's right - "Slave-it". They always tell.

February 2021 Corona-fiction a year into it and the 'new-world-order' takeover reality could not be any more obvious. Military roll-out nationwide? Prediction: never to 'roll-back'. The 'znwo' does not untake what they take. Be informed - the masses are not. fyi

Rev. 18:4


As Evil Reigns In The End-Of-This-Age, What Should A Believer Do? Be An 'Overcomer' - Samuel Ridout [1890's?]

Believer are you standing alone?

Promises to the Overcomer

It may serve us to dwell briefly on the various promises to the overcomer in Rev. 2 and 3, as indicating the circumstances and the responsibilities of the Church in view of "that coming day".

1. Ephesus: "To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life in the midst of the paradise of God" (Rev. 2:7). This is a precious promise wherever there is overcoming in a day of coldness and apathy - may we not say in these very days in which we live. Christ is the Tree of Life, and there can be no higher reward than to partake of His fullness in the Home of God. And this is the prize awaiting all who have the fire of first love—a present heartfelt appreciation of His preciousness in this life.

2. Smyrna: "Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life" (Rev. 2:10). Here are words of cheer for any who endure hardness for His sake; who bear reproach, scorn, suffering, in the path of obedience. Here still in closing days is there opportunity to suffer for the truth and for Him who is the Truth. "Our light affliction which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory" (2 Cor. 4:17).