Zionist Spokesman Gordon Brown: It's Time

follow up on Gordon Brown and Pressing The Zionist Agenda
British leader issues call at UN for new financial order to end market turmoil un.org
Gordon brown at the U.N.
26 September 2008 – The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom today called for a new global financial system to bring an end to the current economic turmoil, laying out five principles on which the order should be based as he addressed the General Assembly’s annual high-level debate.
"To bring an end to the culture of irresponsibility, “we must now build a new global financial order..."
"He proposed five key principles for all nations to abide by..."
"Cooperation among nations is more important than ever, he said, as it is the only vehicle through which “we can make the most of the world’s scarce resources and harness the power of our ever great interdependence for our common good.”"
Right on cue: "We must now build a new global financial order"
Very simple to identify the method to the madness. Ordo ab chao. Create the chaos (chao), out of (ab) which is created an opportunity for the desired change, i.e. the "new order" (ordo). Order out of chaos illuminati style. The present 'chaos' being a highly choreographed financial collapse to achieve the new order of global financial consolidation. It's child's play in the simplicity of it. All the wealth of the entire world is even now being gathered into the control of a small private cabal of Zionist would-be kingdom builders.
The overall goal is to completely dominate and rule the planet. They think they can see the finish line, and so are coming from absolutely every angle conceivable, here today now.
It's highly choreographed. That means all politicians, all heads of State, the apostate church leaders, all media personnel, etc., whoever, have all been brought under control. Believe it or not.
The important thing to understand is that the drastic steps now being taken to gain the objective indicate exactly how 'late in the game' it is.
It's day to day from here on out. Be informed. Rev. 18:4

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