Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces "Sea Change" Of Move Away From Automobile

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has announced that federal transportation policies will no longer favor “motorized” transportation, such as cars and trucks, over “non-motorized” transportation, such as walking and bicycling.
LaHood signed the new policy directive on March 11, the same day he attended a congressional reception for the National Bike Summit, a convention sponsored by a bicycling advocacy group, the League of American Bicyclists. LaHood publicly announced his agency’s new direction four days later in a posting on his blog—“Fast Lane: The Official Blog of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation”--where he effusively described it as a “sea change” for the United States.
“Today, I want to announce a sea change...This is the end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of non-motorized.”
LaHood’s policy statement not only called for this change to take place in programs funded by the federal government, but also said the federal government would “encourage” state and local governments to do the same in their own programs.“The establishment of well-connected walking and bicycling networks is an important component for livable communities, and their design should be a part of Federal-aid project developments,” said LaHood's policy statement.
LaHood's policy statement envisions the development of a transportation system in which people walk and bike for short distances and rely on mass transit for longer trips.
“It is a way to coerce people out of their cars,” said LaHood..
This post is a follow up on: NWO To Announce High-Speed Rail Network For U.S. 1-28-10 "...13 new, large-scale high-speed rail corridors across the country"...[fits into] "...the globalist plan to dominate and control all human activity on earth. Part of that plan is to herd the masses into 'urban centers' for management purposes. These urban centers across the land will then be divided into individual "livable communities"* [here]. The 'urban centers' themselves will then be connected by "high speed rail", as seen in this White House press release. Fossil fuel [so called] dependence will be reduced because automobiles are to become obsolete, being replaced by public transport. This is what the NWO calls transforming travel. It will definitely be a game changer, in fact it will be a whole new ballgame." [see post]
compare also: The Global Script 8-18-08: "Al Gore said the other day that "the future of human civilization" depends on giving up fossil fuels within a decade...Mr. Obama said that the U.S. must "end the age of oil in our time," with "real results by the end of my first term in office." This, he said, will "take nothing less than a complete transformation of our economy."" [see post, follow links]
re: "this is the end"
When the NWO spokesmen openly announce the implementation of the next phase of their sinister agenda to take over the planet and control the earth's populations, people should definitely pay attention - everyone everywhere will be impacted. Such is the case here with LaHood's declaration of a "sea change" for the U.S. in terms of transportation. Personal freedom via the automobile will not be tolerated by the evil would-be masters of humanity, and the transition away from the personal automobile is now official policy in America 'the homeland'. Take note.
The entire green-charade of climate change/global warming has been crafted ultimately for this very purpose - locking down people in so-called "livable communities" so as to control and own them as livestock. 666 slavery is on the horizon, believe it or not.
'watch ye...and pray always' (Luke 21:36)


TSA Announces Strip-Searches At U.S. Airports to Be "Mandatory"

Follow up on: UK: Mandatory Naked-Scans Fired Up Today - The World To Follow 2-3-10 "It was also revealed yesterday that air passengers who refuse to submit to a full body scan at Heathrow and Manchester airports will be barred from taking their flights." [see post]
TSA To Make Full Body Scans Mandatory At US Airports

In a new attempt to curb terrorism on airplanes and in airports, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced this week that they plan on making full body scanners mandatory. The full body scanners, which produce an image and show any object carried by an individual, are already in use at several airports across the country.

The new body scan process has received other criticism saying that it will drastically delay the boarding and security time. Unless airports receive multiple scanners, security lines are likely to increase in length.
re: curbing 'terrorism'?

Lies, lies, and more lies. Truly incredible to witness the unprecedented gains of the rising NWO totalitarian control system, which is exactly what this is, all perpetrated through the use of absolutely staged events, e.g. 'undie-bombers, and endless blatant lies, e.g. 'for your own safety', etc..

And again...you ain't seen nuthin' yet. The next phase of 'Brave New World' population management techniques are right around the corner, and, we are being told, will be utilizing "behavioral and physiological screening technologies". Not only is the body to be laid bare, but, the mind also.

The video below gives a sneak peek. Coming to an event near you, the F.A.S.T. program - mobile mind-screening checkpoints:

Daniel 9:3 'And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications, with fasting, and sackcloth, and ashes'


Non-Integrating Africa In the NWO Crosshairs: US Africom Attacks Somalia

America's First War in Africa. US AFRICOM Launches Large-Scale Offensive In Somalia

Over 43 people have been killed in the Somali capital of Mogadishu in two days of fighting between Shabab (al-Shabaab) insurgent forces, who on March 10 advanced to within one mile of the nation’s presidential palace, and troops of the U.S.-backed Transitional Federal Government. The fighting has just begun.
Fulfilling its appointed role, the New York Times leaked U.S. military plans for the current offensive in Somalia on March 5 in a report titled “U.S. Aiding Somalia in Its Plan to Retake Its Capital.” (Note that the Transitional Federal Government is presented as Somalia itself and Mogadishu as its capital.)
The New York Times also provided background information regarding the current offensive:
“Over the past several months, American advisers have helped supervise the training of the Somali forces to be deployed in the offensive….The Americans have provided covert training to Somali intelligence officers, logistical support to the peacekeepers, fuel for the maneuvers, surveillance information about insurgent positions and money for bullets and guns.”
“After securing Mogadishu, the offensive, supported by militias allied with the government, for now, at least, is likely to continue against al-Shebab in the countryside west and south toward the border with Kenya.”

After the capital, the entire country. After Somalia, the region.
The war has just begun.
This post is an update on: Pirates And NWO Somali Takeover 11-20-08 "Cui bono? It is also very interesting to discover that the little nation of Somalia has up until this time been considered one of the "non-integrating gap" nations, as designated by Pentagon globalization strategist Thomas Barnett... "Referring to Hitler in a recent presentation, Barnett reminded his military audience that the Nazi leader never asked for permission before invading other countries." [see post]

The creation of the pretext (e.g. "pirates") and the preparations for the conquering of Somalia, apparently very strategic for the global region, have been ongoing for some time [see links below]. Operating behind the scenes, the NWO* has formed a military force and provided the necessities for the advancement of their own agenda, the conquest of Somalia.

"The war" is ultimately for the entire continent of Africa though. While some African nations may already be on board with the NWO agenda (see 'African Union' below), many are not. The objective of "the war", as it expands beyond Somalia, is to fully integrate Africa into the NWO regional-government system. For that to happen the non-integrating (so-called) nations of Africa will need to be submitted if they are to take their place as part of the now-forming African 'Regional Union' (see post) of the one-world government.

This next phase of the plan, submission, looks to now be an 'all-systems-go'. The fourth beast is devouring the whole earth [Dan. 7:23]. Be aware.
Compare: Haiti and the NWO 'non-integration' strategy: here [1-15-10] and here [1-20-10]
*AFRICOM [U.S. African Command]
Follow interconnected links, connect dots, see picture
Micah 3:10 'They build up Zion with blood'

True Religion Or False

2Timothy 3:5 'Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof'
The way of formality, whereby men rest in the performance of most or of all external duties without inward life. Every man must have some religion, some fig leaves to hide their nakedness. Now, this religion must be either true religion or the false one; if the true, he must either take up the power of it, – but that he will not, because it is burdensome, – or the form of it; and this being easy men embrace it as their God, and will rather lose their lives than their religion thus taken up. This form of religion is the easiest religion in the world; partly because it easeth of trouble of conscience, quieting that: Thou hast sinned, saith conscience, and God is offended; take a book, and pray, keep thy conscience better, charmed down with the form of religion, as the devil is driven away (as they say) with holy water; partly, also, because the form of religion credits a man, partly because it is easy in itself; it is a light carriage, being but the shadow and picture of the substance of religion; as now, what an easy matter it is to come to church! They hear (at least outwardly) very attentively an hour and more, and then to turn a proof, and to turn down a leaf: here is the form.

But now to spend Saturday night, and all the whole Sabbath day morning, in trimming the lamp, and in getting the oil in the heart to meet the bridegroom the next day, and so meet him in the word, and there to tremble at the voice of God, and suck the breast while it is open; and when the word is done, to go aside privately, and there to chew upon the word, there to lament with tears all the vain thoughts in duties, deadness in hearing, this is hard, because this is the power of godliness, and this men will not take up: so for private prayer; what an easy matter is it for a man to say over a few prayers out of some devout book, or to repeat some old prayer, got by heart since a child, or to have two or three short-winded wishes for God’s mercy in the morning and at night! this form is easy. But now to prepare the heart by serious meditation of God and man’s self, before he prays, then to come to God with a bleeding, hunger-starved heart, not only with a desire, but with a warrant, I must have such or such a mercy, and there to wrestle with God, although it be an hour to two together for a blessing, this is too hard; men think none do thus, and therefore they will not.
Thomas Shepard [1605-1649]
The form...or the power - which will it be?