New 9/11 Pentagon Photos Surface [3-31-17]? Old Photos 'Re-Surface' - Still No Plane; And 'Flight 77' A '322'

New never-before released 9/11 Pentagon photos for all the world to see the big news for the day [one link here but it's all over the www today 3-31-17] ...which, upon viewing, surprise surprise, conclusively prove...absolutely nothing. A single old picture reveals infinitely more than all of what was 'released' today, i.e. the physical impossibility of a Boeing 757 [link], 155 ft. in length (half a football field), with a wing span of approximately 125 ft. (41+ yards), having disappeared completely into the opening that initially appeared on the Pentagon building (which only enlarged 30 minutes after the fact from a mysterious secondary explosion). Yes says ZWO that's right. Jumbo jet vanished right into the itty-bitty hole in the pentagon wall believe you us - and oh what's that behind your ear...oh look it's a quarter:
Plane? What plane?

Pentagon showing no evidence of any plane having hit. Above is an inital photo after the purported 'impact'. No wreckage, no structural collapse, nothing. The crashing plane has vanished. The collapse of the 'too small for a plane' section shown below [with plane image superimposed] did not happen until some time later...approximately thirty minutes after purported impact.

The [alleged] aircraft was a Boeing Model 757-200 with as reported a specific model number of 757-223 [link]. Anything hidden-in-plane-sight there? That's right, there's that '322' again. And alleged plane was alleged Flight 77. Of course - gotta have the '7's. What is ever done without the sorcery-numerology. Answer: nothing.

Don't believe your own eyes says the ZWO. Just look at 'our pics' and we'll explain it all.

The hidden-in-plain-sight game is not just for kicks but has a purpose to the kabbalist. The way it works, to their mind, is that they can do anything they want, anything at all, as long as it is 'revealed'. And when revealed, if nobody calls them on it, they are then in the clear - they told it and nobody did anything (let it not be so). That's the kabala way. Hiding their deeds in plain sight is how they 'tell' on themselves. If the sheeple cannot figure it out it's on them - says kabala-kode. The entire world is being run according to this 'kode' [Luke 4:5-8].

But their day shall come.*

Rev. 18:4
Compare: 2-16-17 'Chaotic' Trump Press Conference Was '77' Kabala-Numerology Minutes Long - USA Now A Reality TV Show [2-16-17] '777-Trump...Oroville-77'
* Jeremiah 7:11 '...Behold, even I have seen it, saith the LORD'


5-Yr. Flashback: 1st-Ever 'Gay Pride' Event At U.S. Military Academy -- Reprobate World

Originally posted 3-27-12 "Military Academy...Calls It Way To "Enlightened Future"

Military Academy Holds 1st 'Gay Pride' Events, Including 'Condom Olympics' and 'Queer Prom'

NORTHFIELD, Vt. (AP) — At the beginning of the school year, gay pride events at a military academy with titles like "condom Olympics" and "queer prom" would have been unthinkable. This week, they're a reality...Just over six months after the end of the "don't ask, don't tell" rule

Cadets in uniform at Norwich University, the nation's oldest private military academy, participated Monday in sessions about handling bullying and harassment as part of the school's first gay pride week. The events are believed to be the first of their kind on a military campus.

In December, a group of students at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Conn., formed a group called Spectrum, which has many of the same goals as the Norwich club. A similar organization with the same name is being formed in New York at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

The gay student club is believed to be the first of its kind in the country on a military campus, Norwich officials said.

The events this week — held at a different time of year from many other gay pride events, which usually are observed in June or October — include discussions of HIV testing; the "condom Olympics," in which prophylactics are given as prizes; and a dance at which same-sex partners are welcome.

"It's saying that we as a military community are looking to more to the future, that we're not quibbling about the past, what was or what wasn't," he said, "that we can take a leadership role to help move our students to a more enlightened future."

Military academies celebrating homosexual activity as "enlightenment"...?

It is official. The world has completely mutated into utter ungodliness. No chance of recovery.

'And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient' (Rom. 1:28)

Reprobate means...incurable, irredeemable, irreparable, irreversible, irrevocable...too far gone, hopeless, cannot be saved, done, forget about it, over, i.e. lost. God gave them over.

It has happened before though, the reprobation of the entire world, when God saw that "the wickedness of man was great in the earth" back in the days of Noah [Gen 6:5], and the result was not good - all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened, and there was 40 days and 40 nights of rain upon the earth [Gen. 7:11-12], and the entire earth was submerged [Gen. 7:19-20], and then "...every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground, both man, and cattle, and the creeping things, and the fowl of the heaven; and they were destroyed from the earth" [Gen. 7:23].

O enlightened ones...
'Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness' - Luke 11:35; cf. Matt. 6:23
As It Was In The Days Of Noah...so it is today - CHM

Rev. 18:4


It's 'They Live' 1988: UK Cities Rolling-Out 24/7 Drone Surveillance - To Be "As Familiar A Sight As Patrol Cars"

Police drones air force: Remote-controlled 'flying squad' to chase criminals and hunt for missing people

[excerpted] The first 24-hour police drone unit is to be launched, amid fears that forces may have to rely on them because of falling officer numbers.

The ‘flying squad’ will pursue suspects, find missing people and help solve murders. Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry, national spokesman on drones, predicted forces across Britain would soon be using them as they are cheaper than helicopters and can perform some duties of bobbies on the beat.

In total 21 forces are experimenting with the technology, known as unmanned aerial vehicles, to carry out an array of duties – from everyday search missions to watching over the Duchess of Cambridge on a royal visit and pursuing a lynx that escaped from a zoo.

Dorset police and crime commissioner Martyn Underhill has said drones ‘have the capability to revolutionise the way we police’, adding: ‘There is no reason why [they] can’t become as familiar a sight as patrol cars, a police helicopter or an officer on the beat.’

They can be used to photograph and video crime scenes or monitor protests, sieges and football matches, and have been tested for use in terror attacks and to track anti-social behaviour...

"As familiar a sight as patrol cars" says "police and crime commissioner Martyn Underhill". Little comment needed to make the significance of 24/7 drone-policing any clearer. It is the Planned-opolis - link.

Compare this from North Dakota one and a half years ago. The difference though is that ND authorized drones for specific incidents, not 24-7 full range surveillance like the UK is rolling out. All the same, the precedent is already set:

North Dakota Legalizes Use Of Armed Drones By Police - First State 9-9-15 "Armed drones could be used by police in the US state of North Dakota after local lawmakers legalized their use..."

Spy drones tracking citizens were foretold in the dystopian 1988 cult-classic 'They Live' starring pro wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper. Most are probably familiar with the movie. If not, briefly it was about nephilim-like serpent-seed aliens disguised as humans who had taken over the earth and only those with the special sunglasses could see through their 'human disguise'. Note in the clip that Piper, having the glasses, is one of those who could 'see'. Anyway, they showed it back then, now it's here:

Isaiah 5:8 'Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth!'


AMD Ryzen, Vega, Wraith - Message In The Names: Rise Of The 'Fallen Star', Man Becoming God - The 'Singularity'

"And the serpent said ...ye shall be as gods" - Genesis 3:4-5

Man who would be god. It is called the 'original lie'. Man believed it then, in the beginning - from the first hiss of the serpent - and they still believe it today. Perhaps more than ever today. So much so that they are convinced that the realization of the dream is now, through advancing modern technology, right at their very fingertips. This new 'Techno-Theology' has a name and well known high priests also. The name of it for those who've not heard of this before is "The Singularity". In brief, 'the singularity' is the supposed point when technology advances to the point that it actually becomes "self-aware". It begins to think for itself, create, etc., come alive basically. And as this happens, supposedly, is when man will then merge with the now 'alive' technology and himself achieve 'immortality'. This is the exact message the aforementioned high priests of 'the singularity' are preaching, now louder than ever. For example, in their own words, two very recent quotes from the two highest of the high-priests of 'the singularity', a man by the name of Peter Dimandis, and the man probably to be considered the 'father' of the singularity 'religion', none other than Google chief Ray Kurzweil:

The Brain Tech to Merge Humans and AI Is Already Being Developed 12-5-16 (Peter Dimandis:) "Well… though the idea might have started as science fiction, companies like Kernel are making it very real. And once they do, we’ll have robust brain-computer interfaces, and we’ll be able to fix and augment ourselves. Ultimately this will also allow us to merge with AIs and become something more than just human...This is so significant that it will change us as a species — we’re taking evolution into our own hands...Just like how we can wirelessly expand the power of our smartphones 10,000-fold in the cloud today, we'll be able to expand our neocortex in the cloud." -- A few weeks ago, I asked Bryan about Ray’s prediction about whether we’d be able to begin having our neocortex in the cloud by the 2030s. -- His response, “Oh, I think it will happen before that.”

We will have cracked secret of ETERNAL LIFE by 2029 says GOOGLE chief 3-20-17 "Google’s Director of Engineer Ray Kurzweil believes that we are little more than a decade away from taking major steps towards immortality...The tech specialist, who has long supported the notion of immortality, says that medical advancements and improved technology in the coming 12 years will see humans being given the option to live forever...By 2045, the 69-year old says, humans will be able to live forever...He continued: "The nonbiological intelligence created in that year will reach a level that’s a billion times more powerful than all human intelligence today." ...Another step will be connecting our brains to the internet or a cloud network, which will be as big of a step in evolution as when our ancestors developed the frontal cortex 2 million years ago, according to Mr Kurzweil.
Humans merging with self-aware technology. Ye shall be as gods. They are in hot pursuit. Which is what makes the below so very interesting. First note from above the terminology of the new singularity-religion. Phrases like "augment ourselves" and "nonbiological intelligence". Truly what is being expressed by the likes of Dimandis and Kurzweil is a quest for "the path to a new horizon", with "a new form of strength", and "a new determination" etc. ...to arrive at the point where man, by taking "evolution in his own hands" - becomes god. This clearly would be a "New Era".

Now, take all the above and compare with the below having to do with the hugely publicized AMD introduction earlier this month [3-'17] of their all-new Ryzen CPU lineup, and what will be found is a perfect match. The images are from AMD's very first press conference held 12-13-16 in Austin TX. AMD had promised technological breakthroughs, the project had gone on for years, and it was a much anticipated event. And here is where it gets very interesting because everything about the big 'Ryzen unveiling' that day was done in veiled language of 'the singularity' - as mentioned above:

Youtube link
"We are on a path to Zen" - was the official mission statement of AMD - announced on that very first public introduction 12-13-16 Austin TX.

The image top left is the beginning of the presentation. It is AMD CEO Lisa Su. The original name of the project had been 'Zen'. Part of the presentation was to reveal the name change to 'Ry-zen'. Of course the highly touted new technology was also to be revealed. This is a direct quote from the video [linked under image] describing the new tech:

CEO Lisa Su: [28:15] "Ryzen includes five new features that we call AMD SenseMI technologies [image not shown]. These technologies enable Ryzen to sense and adapt to it's environment...which makes it an extremely intelligent processor...capable of learning on the fly. Our first two SenseMI technologies are Nueral-Net prediction and Smart Prefetch. Now we didn't select this name SenseMI lightly...we have true machine intelligence with Ryzen. So with Nueral-Net prediction we are using the machine learning to self-train and pre-load the right instructions to enable the machine to run faster. And once we get those right instructions smart prefetch actually learns to anticipate the data the app needs and have it ready before it's actually needed..." [29:08]

Note the phraseology: "sense and adapt"; "extremely intelligent'; "true machine intelligence"; "capable of learning"; "actually learns". This is without question 'singularity-speak'. The exact language used by Dimandis and Kurzweil. Note now the phraseology in the images and put it all together. What is really being said is very evident:

'The singularity' - the point when man and technology merge and man then becomes superhuman...or 'rises' to being 'god' himself.

Zen is 'exist in the now'. To get there, man is now "on the path", or 'ry-zen'. Rising to godhood that is - the point when he will live forever in the 'zen', or 'eternal now', as it were. The New Era.

Note also the Ryzen logo is a circle of fire - a highly occultic symbol, signifying, among other things, eternity.

But that's not all. AMD is coming out with a new graphics card to go with the 'Ryzen' called 'Vega', introduced same the day:


UK Airport Begins No-Passport Facial Recognition Boarding - AKC Control Mechanism

British Airways introduces boarding without passports as it installs facial recognition at Heathrow

British Airways is introducing technology that will allow passengers to go through boarding gates at Heathrow using facial recognition.

Biometric devices in Terminal 5 will capture a traveller’s features along with the boarding pass, and then a facial scan at the gate verifies the person’s identity, allowing them to get on the plane without showing documents, BA said in a letter to staff.

The system is designed to speed up boarding and reduce errors, it said. Three gates are now using the equipment, with another 33 planned in the coming months.

Troy Warfield, director of customer experience at BA, said the new self-boarding gates and self-serve bag drop points were ways to invest in what customers "value most".

re: 'Biometric devices...will capture a traveller’s features'

3 up and running...'33' more in the coming months. '33 more'? Any more questions. It's what the people want say the would-be Biometric-overlords of AKC (antichrist-kingdom-come - link). This UK 'first' obviously can lead only to an eventual industry-wide global rollout, then once the system is in place no doubt tie in with the cashless agenda, also plug the individual's data into the IoT, probably pull up your 'Face'book profile, and W10 info, and then maybe you get on the plane...or maybe you don't.

Freedom of movement in the planned 'Planned-opolis'? - uhhh that is not part of the plan.

Step by step, in everything, the electronic 'cattle' fences are being erected. These are the days. Be aware, the masses will go blindly along.*

 Rev. 18:4
*Matthew 24:23 'Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not'


Flat-Earth Psyop Going Mainstream: Ex-NBA Shaq Latest Celebrity To 'Believe' FE - And Jimmy Kimmel; Pet Humans

[updated 3-23]  If you not heard of 'Flat Earth' you will. A raging 'internet conspiracy' for the past few years, it is now being brought into the mainstream via Zio-employee celebrities making public statements. This Shaq story was a few days ago. Even more recent 'FE' made the 'Jimmy Kimmel Show' 3-21-17 [Youtube]. Thousands and thousands of YT videos over the past couple of years have got the thing going, professionally done many of them, leading even to Flat Earth conferences now being held by 'leaders' of the movement. And so with that, right on cue to really push it out there, time for celebrity endorsements:
Shaq is a flat-Earther too, apparently

Amazingly, Shaq is the fourth basketball-famous living human to espouse flat-Earth beliefs in recent weeks. After Irving asserted that our absolutely, positively round planet is just a stone pancake floating in space, fellow NBA stars Wilson Chandler and Draymond Green stepped up to voice their agreement.

The claims have created such an atmosphere of fascinated consternation that league commissioner Adam Silver brought them up publicly in February, in his annual "state of the NBA" address.

2nd source - direct Shaquille O'Neal quote 3-18-17: “It’s true. The Earth is flat. The Earth is flat. Yeah, it is. Yes, it is. Listen, there are three ways to manipulate the mind — what you read, what you see and what you hear. In school, first thing they teach us is, ‘Oh, Columbus discovered America,’ but when he got there, there were some fair-skinned people with the long hair smoking on the peace pipes. So, what does that tell you? Columbus didn’t discover America. So, listen, I drive from coast to coast, and this (expletive) is flat to me. I’m just saying. I drive from Florida to California all the time, and it’s flat to me. I do not go up and down at a 360-degree angle, and all that stuff about gravity, have you looked outside Atlanta lately and seen all these buildings? You mean to tell me that China is under us? China is under us? It’s not. The world is flat.”

Above image is the basic model of the "Flat Earth". Some models may vary but this gives the basic idea - which is a domed enclosed system, the dome supposedly being the biblical firmament. At the edges are tall ice walls (no falling off edge) which are military guarded to keep anybody from seeing them (which is why exactly zero pictures exist). The sun is said to be approximately 3000 miles high circling around and above the flat earth something like a flashlight pointing down in only one area at a time, and the beam cannot be seen outside of that area. This creates night on one half and day on the other of the flat plane. On a flat earth the sun never goes down (only looks like it does - sunset/sunrise an optical illusion - variously explained). The moon on the flat earth has it's own light as it would be impossible for it to reflect sunlight with the sun shining down on it's own half only. But it still manages to go through all it's monthly phases even though there is nothing to block the moon as viewed from the flat earth.

There's much more to this of course. This is the very basic. Without going into any of the many many arguments 'for' FE, the simple fact is that the FE sun and moon model does not work, cannot work. For this reason alone the bottom line is that 'Flat Earth' is absolutely impossible:

Sun Goes Down Not Around


Video embed code [adjust height/width as needed]:

<iframe src="https://www.bitchute.com/embed/XWKocHhpWIuo/" width="550" height="309"</iframe>


What seems to hook most people into a 'new FE belief' is the question of whether or not it is really possible for the earth to be spinning at 1000 mph (at equator) and at the same time orbiting the sun at 67,000 mph (as the official story goes) - yet with no evidence of any motion whatsoever. This then is stated as not being possible, and logically it makes sense, and the hook is in. Then scripture is used to 'prove' it, and the hook is set. A spinning-globe earth is now impossible to the proselyte, leaving only the fixed flat-earth option. This of course is also just a basic description - here as regards the dynamic of FE conversion.

What is interesting though, but is never part of the discussion, is what the Bible really teaches about the subject. Namely, not a spinning sun-orbiting globe or a fixed flat earth - but rather, a fixed globe, not spinning, with the sun orbiting the earth, not the reverse. Non-spinning non-orbiting (globe) earth is in fact biblical, although few realize this. Now whether or not a person believes that is neither here nor there. That that is what the bible gives on the topic is just the plain fact - see: link

Flat domed terrarium earth? Where the Zio-strategists for the would-be Antichrist-kingdom-come are going with this is still unclear at this point. Maybe it's to convince the sheeples that since they are just terrarium-dwellers they should have no problem also becoming 666 'pet-humans'.

In the meantime it's a massive dumbing down and robbing of common sense and critical thinking skills from the soon-to-be 'pets' [link].

And looking like it's here to stay.

Critical thinking - do not surrender it.

Rev. 18:4
Psalms 113:3 'From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD'S name is to be praised'  [cf. Job 26:7]


Google Vows 'Aggressive Policing' Of Youtube After Major Brands 'Pull Ads' - Internet In It's 'Last Days'

Google revamps policy on ads and offensive content after UK YouTube boycott

Google has announced a series of changes to its policies on advertising and hate speech, after several major brands pulled their ads from YouTube earlier this week. In a blog post published on Tuesday, the search company said it will give brands greater control over where their ads appear and more aggressively police “hateful, offensive and derogatory content.”

The announcement comes after an investigation from The Times of London found that ads from the UK government and some prominent companies were appearing alongside extremist YouTube videos, including clips that promoted white nationalism and homophobia.

In the blog post published today, Philipp Schindler, Google’s chief business officer, said the company will more aggressively police content that targets or harasses people “based on their race, religion, gender or similar categories.”

The company’s ad settings will also exclude “potentially objectionable” content by default, and advertisers will be able to exclude specific sites or channels from their campaigns. Google plans to hiresignificant numbers of people” to review objectionable content, Schindler said, and will continue developing machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to expedite the process.

This post directly related to: Google Announces Plan To Bury 'Unapproved' Content, Analyze Search Terms For Intent - Censorship Is Here 3-17-17 "Slice it any which way, Big Brother censorship on the WWW has officially begun large scale. Algorithms, raters, however the workings of it are 'explained', very clearly, views, opinions, beliefs, etc. that do not line up with the Zio-kingdom-come new-world [link] narrative, are all to now be buried..."
These truly are the last days - of true intenetdom. The would-be Zio-kingdom-comers need all fully brainwashed and mind-manipulated for the ZKC scheme [link] to have a chance. For that exact reason...unapproved views, opinions, beliefs - "aggressive policing" ahead. The days are now. Be informed now.

Rev. 18:4

Bio-Male On Estrogen Wins Women's Intl. Weightlifting Comp - Sets Records; 'Kaitlyn', 322 Kabala-Signed Event

Weightlifting: Transgender lifter Laurel Hubbard wins first international outing

Kiwi weightlifter Laurel Hubbard has dominated her first major competition, taking out the Australian International in Melbourne on a night she made history as the first transgender athlete to represent New Zealand.

Hubbard, 39, won the women's over 90kg division at the Melbourne event, setting four unofficial national records in the process. Hubbard lifted a combined total of 268kg - 19kg better than silver medallist Iuniarra Sipaia of Samoa.

Australia's Kaitlyn Fassina claimed the bronze medal with 223kg.

Garry Marshall, president of the Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand, told the Herald earlier this month Hubbard's selection had created some issues among other female lifters but said the position of OWNZ was simple.

"We have to follow the policy of the International Olympic Committee and the International Weightlifting Federation. They do not acknowledge in any way the gender identity of an athlete other than male or female; they're not described as transgender," Marshall said.


[video: NZ msm script-readers doing what they do namely working the dialectic black-magic on the sheeple; note especially bio-male Hubbard standing head and shoulders above the women competitors - 0:21]

Bottom line the trans-agenda is kabala-witchcraft against the world. Note especially 3rd place finisher named "Kaitlyn". Another Kaitlyn in another trans-story* by chance? Not a chance. Just to make it sure though for the spell-casting on the world a little numerology apparently was needed - so this current Kaitlyn provided that with a combined total lift of 223kg. That's a kabala-favorite 322. Kaitlyn-322 stamped for success. It's a witchcraft world and pathetic as could be.

[1:12] 3rd place finisher 'Kaitlyn-322' has no problem
competing against a bio-male on estrogen. Of course not
Do not be witchcrafted.  Rev. 18:4
*Compare: 'Caitlyn Hope Grimm': 1st Trans-Bathroom Case Going To SCOTUS 3/28/17 3-3-17

also: Serena Williams Is A Man Irrefutable Video - Or You Can't Fake The 'Indent'; And Gymnast Simone Biles...Transgender? 8-6-16 "...Serena...and...also a look at a certain American gymnast by the name of Simone Biles apparently about to become a 'game changing' global superstar - who seems to have some of the same 'transgender' characteristics as Serena..."

and: "Intersex" Man 'Caster Semenya' Takes Women's 800m Gold Medal Rio 2016 - ZWO History Made 8-20-16

Psalms 92:7 'When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever'


Google Announces Plan To Bury 'Unapproved' Content, Analyze Search Terms For Intent - Censorship Is Here

Google launches new effort to flag upsetting or offensive content in search

[excerpted] Google is undertaking a new effort to better identify content that is potentially upsetting or offensive to searchers. It hopes this will prevent such content from crowding out factual, accurate and trustworthy information in the top search results.

The effort revolves around Google’s quality raters, over 10,000 contractors that Google uses worldwide to evaluate search results. Quality raters use a set of guidelines that are nearly 200 pages long, instructing them on how to assess website quality and whether the results they review meet the needs of those who might search for particular queries.

Those guidelines have been updated with an entirely new section about “Upsetting-Offensive” content that covers a new flag that’s been added for raters to use. Until now, pages could not be flagged by raters with this designation.

Content that promotes hate or violence against a group of people based on criteria including (but not limited to) race or ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality or citizenship, disability, age, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

...being flagged as “Upsetting-Offensive” by a quality rater does not actually mean that a page or site will be identified this way in Google’s actual search engine. Instead, it’s data that Google uses so that its search algorithms can automatically spot pages generally that should be flagged. If the algorithms themselves actually flag content, then that content is less likely to appear for searches.

Being flagged as Upsetting-Offensive does not mean such content won’t appear at all in Google. In cases where Google determines there’s an explicit desire to reach such content, it will still be delivered.

The guidelines address this. It acknowledges that people may search for possibly upsetting or offensive topics.

When the user’s query seems to either ask for or tolerate potentially upsetting, offensive, or sensitive content, we will call the query a “Upsetting-­Offensive tolerant query”.

...informational results about Upsetting­-Offensive topics must (from guide):

Be found on highly trustworthy, factually accurate, and credible sources, unless the query clearly indicates the user is seeking an alternative viewpoint.

Address the specific topic of the query so that users can understand why it is upsetting or offensive and what the sensitivities involved are.  [read full @ link recommended]

re: 'Google determines'

10,000 raters scouring the internet and flagging "offensive' content", and actual search query's being analyzed for a person's perceived reason for searching for that particular content - upon which 'Google will determine' for them what is "trustworthy, factually accurate, and [from a] credible source"...and note especially, from last quoted paragraph above - in such a case the search result must explain why the topic is "upsetting or offensive" for it to make the results page.

Slice it any which way, Big Brother censorship on the WWW has officially begun large scale. Algorithms, raters, however the workings of it are 'explained', very clearly, views, opinions, beliefs, etc. that do not line up with the Zio-kingdom-come new-world [link] narrative, are all to now be buried.

MSM and censored internet? That's bleak. Be informed now.

Rev. 18:4
see also: Jewish ADL Announces 'Cyberhate' Command Center In Silicon Valley CA - Noahide Or Bust 3-16-17
Deut. 32:35 '...their foot shall slide in due time'


Jewish ADL Announces 'Cyberhate' Command Center In Silicon Valley CA - Noahide Or Bust

ADL to Build Silicon Valley Center to Monitor & Fight “Cyberhate”

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has announced that it will build a “a state-of-the-art command center in Silicon Valley” to monitor and fight anything online that it determines is “hate.”

A former Israeli minister stated that Israel and its partisans often use the charge of anti-Semitism against those who speak discuss Israel’s oppression of Palestinians: “It’s a trick, we always use it [see video below*]”

The ADL was the initiator of hate crimes legislation in the United States, launching this campaign in 1981.

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt announced the new center on March 12 at a music festival in Austin, Texas...According to the ADL’s press release on the project, the new center “will write reports, compile data, and “provide insights to government and policy makers.” The center will use the “best-in-class technology...”

According to the ADL release, “The new center will leverage ADL’s long-standing relationships with law enforcement.“*

“Over the next several months, Heller, Greenblatt, and the ADL team will engage with a wide range of stakeholders in Silicon Valley and beyond as they work to stand up this new center.”

*Above related to: Obvious Psyop: "Threats On Jewish Centers" Results In Zionist Creation Of National 'Advisory Council' [Noahide] 3-5-17 "As obvious of a Pure Psyop as could ever be. Out-of-nowhere "five waves of bomb threats" against "100 Jewish Community Centers" - and just like that - a Zionist-Jewish-run "Security Advisory Council" is birthed to "provide strategic guidance"... to federal, state, and local law enforcement and community leaders across the country..." -- Strategic guidance? - what can that mean other than control? Over all the various agencies...and individuals as well i.e. 'community leaders'. Across the country. Every agency, every community ... The Zionist plan for their planet-wide Noahide Law kingdom-come won't build itself..." [see post]

also: Google Announces Plan To Bury 'Offensive' Content, Analyze Search Terms For Intent - Censorship Is Here 3-16-17 "10,000 raters scouring the internet and flagging "offensive' content", and actual search query's being analyzed for a person's perceived reason for searching for that particular content..." [see post]
Forget 'Sharia law', the real and only plan is to 'Noahide law' the world. Not just the USA, the whole world.

They are hard at it. Noah-bout it.
* 'Anti-semitism' a ruse scam:


Video embed code [adjust height/width as needed]:

<iframe src="https://www.bitchute.com/embed/Ie4Ce7bRp85l/" width="550" height="309"</iframe>


see: Trump-Noahide Jewish Plan For World Rule 1-27-17 [Bible prophecy related]

Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 1:2 'Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth: for the LORD hath spoken, I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me'   [Christ-rejecting would-be builders of 'Zion' - link]

Microsoft To 'Starve' W7 & W8.1 Users With New Intel Or AMD-Ryzen CPU's - Updates For W10 Only

Have a Kaby Lake/Ryzen CPU and Windows 7 or 8? Say goodbye to Windows Updates

[excerpted] Microsoft really wants you to run Windows 10. So while the company continues to offer security updates and bug fixes for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 (and Windows Vista for a few more weeks), the company announced last year that it would not support those operating systems for devices with the latest Intel and AMD chips.

Up until now that’s basically just meant that if you were running Windows 8.1 or earlier on a PC with an Intel Kaby Lake or AMD Bristol Ridge or Ryzen processor you wouldn’t get officially supported drivers.

But now Microsoft is going a step further: Windows Update won’t work on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 computers with the most recent Intel or AMD chips.

Specifically, users attempting to download updates through Windows Update may get a message that says:

"Unsupported Hardware
Your PC uses a processor that isn’t supported on this version of Windows and you won’t receive updates

Not everybody is interested in the latest tech - as it is called - but AMD earlier this month [3-'17] released an entirely new line of high performance processors called 'Ryzen'. These were the first in quite some time that could match or exceed the performance of top-of-the-line Intel processors and this has been a huge deal in all aspects of the computer industry.

But as seen, W7 and 8.1 users with the new processors will be left out in the cold by Microsoft if they do not 'convert' to 'The Service' aka W10. Nevermind that W7 is supposed to be supported till 2020 and W8.1 until 2023, MS-Big Brother says ... 'well, they changed their mind...and what does "support" really mean anyway...and and and...just get W10 already arrrgh and don't ask again...'

No updates for naughty children with new cpu's...oh well.

Must be a real important reason MS wants so badly to force everybody onto "The Service" - controlled by MS. What oh what could it be.

Compare: Alert: Microsoft Vows To "Do Everything They Possibly Can" To "Push" All Users To Windows 10 'The Service' 1-4-16 "Taking complete control of the "Windows update" system of your computer/s is from this point forward critical if you do not want to be tricked or forced into being wired into the morphing Big Brother home-portal system aka Windows 10 the "service". Be informed. This is just the start of 'doing everything they possibly can'. What does that say for 2017, 2018, etc.? Keeping the talking tracking recording morphing Windows 10 'service' out is going to take some effort obviously. Recommend making that effort.

Rev. 18:4
Revelation 13:16 'And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads'


Flat Earth A Total Hoax - Sun Goes Down Not Around; Ordo-Ab-Chao



Video embed code [adjust height/width as needed]:

<iframe src="https://www.bitchute.com/embed/XWKocHhpWIuo/" width="550" height="309"</iframe>


Mark 16:2 'And very early in the morning the first day of the week, they came unto the sepulchre at the rising of the sun'


[borrowed from 'comments'] Note on raging ordo-ab-chao flat-earth 'debate'-psyop:

Spinning, rotating around the sun globe or stationary flat earth. Which does the bible teach? Answer: neither actually.

Spinning globe rotating around the sun is called 'heliocentricity'. This is not found in scripture. What is found in Scripture is a fixed non-spinning earth, with the sun orbiting around it [cf. Psalms 104:2]. This is called geocentricity.

This is an involved subject of course, and relatively few are probably even aware of the issue, but for the record, the bible very definitely teaches "geocentricity" i.e. the sun does the moving, the earth is fixed. For just one example the verse at the end of the above video Ps. 113:3 'From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD’s name is to be praised'

Heliocentricity: sun in center, earth moving around sun

Geocentricity: earth in the center, sun moving around earth

The basic issue of it is that the bible teaches that the Earth is not some random inconsequential speck in a vast universe, but is in fact the very center of the creation of God (Job 26:7), as the Earth is where all God's purposes in Christ Jesus would be accomplished.

Heliocentricity, which does oppose scripture, robs this understanding, and makes man and the earth out as some sort of random creatures on a random planet insignificant really in the big universe. Not hard to figure out where that would come from. Eph. 6:12

Note: every observable fact of modern astronomy used to 'prove' heliocentricity holds perfectly true with geocentricity also (and some that actually disprove heliocentricity - for one example the claim that the earth is spinning on it's axis equates to a speed of 1000 mph (at equator). There is no observable proof for this. Absolutely no motion whatsoever can be detected).

And 'Flat Earth' is nowhere in the picture [see video], regardless of the massive FE psyop to create worldwide i.e. 'global' chaos-confusion.

Any interested to study up on these things search geocentricity [one resource: 'Geocentricity Primer' [pdf]

Rev. 18:4
3-22-17 follow up: Flat-Earth Psyop Going Mainstream: Ex-NBA Shaq Latest Celebrity To 'Believe' FE - And Jimmy Kimmel; Pet Humans


Big Brother W10 "The Service" Continues To Morph: Ads In Explorer, Throws Users A Bone On Mandatory Updates

Follow up on: Windows 10 "The Service" 1st-Anniversary Update 8-2-16: Cortana Gets Tentacles, No Off Switch -- Spirit Guides For All 8-2-16 "Probably the biggest change with the introduction of W10 is the concept of Windows now being a "service", ...With W10 redefining the operating system as a service, updates are now mandatory. Not only security updates, but also the very system features. Like it or not, whatever new thing comes out is getting downloaded and installed automatically on W10 systems. No 'off' button on this one. And this for "the life of the device" says Microsoft. In other words, as radically Big-Brother as W10 is here now right out of the box, what it might look like in one year, two years, five years...Well, the ZWO MS-branch already made the answer to that question known back in 2012 when Windows 8 was first released: "All I wanna be is everything..." link ..." [see post]
W10 "The Service" is still only about one and a half years old, but with it's mandatory updating, it has been continually 'morphing' since that beginning. Prediction on that: The morphing is just getting warmed up. As stated in the above 'follow up', as 'W10' continues to 'update' itself, what it is in another two or three or five years or so...well... whatever they want it to be... is the answer. And what should it be supposed 'they' want it to be? See answer to that directly above, last sentence. Big Brother is playing for keeps.

The next major update reportedly is scheduled for roll-out soon - mid-April 2017. No doubt lot's of 'surprises' to be bundled in that mandatory major-update. You get whatever Microsoft says - they own it not you. In other words, that computer running W10 is in actuality nothing more than a Big Brother home portal. In the meantime though, just because the next big one is not yet ready does not mean that there's no morphing going on. With W10 there is always to be morphing going on. And that way the average person using it then becomes complacent, and becomes accustomed to having surrendered their digital autonomy to BB. It becomes normal. Another update for the BB home portal? - oh okay whatever. For example, the latest surrender of personal digital control is W10 users are now finding ads showing up in personal file folders:

Windows 10 "The Service" Now Putting Ads In Personal Files (Explorer)

Article dated 3-8-17; screenshot source

But with all this mandatory morphing going on, and so much more to come, apparently Microsoft has now decided to throw users a bone and 'allow' them to 'delay' the mandatory-update process for a more convenient time. No more updates having the computer shut off and restart itself right in the middle of doing something. No, now the user can actually have a say. Isn't that great. The W10 user gets to have a tiny little bit of control over his own computer. Big Brother is so considerate isn't he. Not stop the mandatory morphing of course, just delay it...with nag reminders daily though after a set time of 35 delay-days expires:

Windows 10 Will No Longer Force 'Immediate' Updates, But...

[3-7-17] Windows 10 will no longer automatically take control of your computer, and flip the reset switch, at the worst moments imaginable...Starting this spring...there will be no limit on the number of times you can delay a Windows Update. Each time you hit the Snooze button, you'll be able to push it out three more days, until 35 days have passed...Even after that, you'll still be able to press a new "Remind Me Tomorrow" button to push it out again and again, one day at a time.

Windows 10 "is a service" citizen - in other words, we control the computer, not you...
Oh, and we've got an "update for you" - You can count on it!
New W10 delay option...with endless nags after the set time. That is called throwing users a bone. W10 still dictating. Still morphing itself into the Brave New World home portal for systematic IoT citizen-control. - But you can delay it for a month citizen...be thankful for that much...BB

Windows 10 'the service' - an open portal to...they're not telling - Recommend do not get sucked in

Cortana-controlled-citizen hard-wired into the IoT? Be informed. Rev. 18:4
Rev. 13:16 'And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads'


Total Depravity: New Coca Cola Ad Brother, Sister Both Want 'Pool Boy', Mom Beats Them To It - "Global Campaign"

Coca-Cola Bows Big to the Gay Agenda

Soft drinks maker Coca-Cola Co has launched a gay-friendly ad featuring a brother and sister vying for the attention of a handsome pool boy in the campaign that has won praise for diversity and inclusion.

"Sibling rivalry never looked more inclusive," Out magazine said of the commercial that debuted last week.

The ad, part of the company's global "Taste the Feeling" campaign, features a teenage girl ogling the pool boy from a downstairs window while her brother does the same from upstairs.

The duo race to the refrigerator and try to trip each other in a bid to be the first to give the open-shirted worker an ice-cold Coke...Despite the siblings' efforts, by the time they reached the pool guy, their mother has already given him a Coke.

The ad has no dialog and is one of four in the company's new global campaign.

Brother sister mom. As twisted as it gets. Disclaimer: posting these things is not done lightly. Do not want to in any way further the total depravity agenda, but the importance of being acutely aware of the who and what unfortunately makes it necessary. It's a war for your heart, your mind, for all youth/children worldwide, to utterly destroy family, etc.. Truly a global campaign to make soul-less mindless identity-less global-citizen minionettes of all.

Not that it is any surprise anymore with any corporation or government entity or whatever entity (Disney for example), but just the same 'The Coca Cola Company' must now also be officially added to the list of enemy-combatants. Something to think about next time shopping or ordering in a restaurant or whatever.

The Coca Cola Company - much more than just 'Coke'
Coca Cola, Dasani, Odwalla, Minute Maid, Simply Orange...anyone? - fyi

Rev. 18:4
Genesis 19:24 'Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven'


Update: SCOTUS Now Opts-Out On First Trans-Bathroom Case - Fake 'Religious-Revival' Must Come First?

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Major Case on Transgender Right

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court announced on Monday that it would not hear a major case on transgender rights after all, acting after the Trump administration changed the federal government’s position on whether public schools must allow transgender youths to use bathrooms that match their gender identities.

The Supreme Court had agreed in October to hear the case, and the justices were scheduled to hear arguments this month...

Proponents of transgender rights said they were disappointed that the court had not taken the chance to decide a pressing national issue.

There are other cases on transgender rights in lower courts, including a challenge to a North Carolina law..[regarding]..government buildings.

The Supreme Court rejected..[this 'Grimm' case]..apparently preferring to wait for a cleaner presentation of the issues in a different case.

This post is an update and follow up on this one from a few days ago:

'Caitlyn Hope Grimm': 1st Trans-Bathroom Case Going To SCOTUS 3/28/17 - 53 Companies Support; Name-Game 3-3-17 "..."friend-of-the-court brief" filed with SCOTUS by Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Amazon, IBM, Twitter, Yahoo et. al. to set nationwide gender-destroying bathroom-precedent. -- How is it that the girl in question - that says she is boy, who changed her name to 'Gavin', who supposedly, as the script reads that is, was before that change named "Caitlyn'? And 'Hope Grimm' for the middle and last names?" [see post]
What to make of it? One thing certain, the trans-bathroom agenda is not going anywhere. That it will not at this time get SCOTUS-sanctioned can only be seen as a matter of timing. It likely may be the very real fact that 'SCOTUS-ing' the global-conspiracy trans-agenda at this point would greatly hinder the false 'spiritual revival' aspect of the zio-kingdom-come '777-Trump MAGA' [link] plan. That part of the overall plan was the subject of this pre-election post:

VP-Elect Pence Preaching Jonathan Cahn Man Harbinger-Message 2Chron. 7:14 "If My People" - Team Noahide 11/13/16 "What are the odds that Pence would suddenly be given a national platform to preach the same message as Cahn - without it being according to plan... Part of that global-plan calls for the subjection to and assimilation of the world's religions to the Zionist global agenda... One thought on the overall though is this: The LGBT agenda is essentially already established, even to the point of being now rooted in apostate Christendom. And it's not going anywhere. That being true, it's looking like the next phase may be to now take the 'faith' sector of society to the next level of assimilation into the global zio-plan. Reality is that the 'Purpose-driven' (and it's other-named counterparts) global-agenda for the faith sector [link] has not gone away. The name somewhat perhaps, but not the agenda..."  [see post]

Trans-bathrooms with the zio-assimilated apostate Babylon-churches/religions [link] on board. That is the whole 'kingdom-come' agenda. Be expecting it.

example: T.D. Jakes Proves Apostasy - 'Comes Out' On Record For Homosexual Acceptance In 'Khristianity' 3-1-17 "Jakes was asked by a viewer if he believes that homosexuals and the black church can co-exist... “Absolutely"… When asked if his position on homosexuality has “evolved,” Jakes agreed that it has... “Evolved and evolving,” he replied
The 'khristian evolution' being led by the like of Jakes and numerous other 'wandering stars' [Jude 13] is well underway. One answer only - 'Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins...'  Rev. 18:4
Jude 5: 'I will therefore put you in remembrance, though ye once knew this, how that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed them that believed not'


Obvious Psyop: "Threats On Jewish Centers" Results In Zionist Creation Of National 'Advisory Council' [Noahide]

This post is a follow up on: Jewish 'Sanhedrin' Calls On Trump To 'Noahide Law' America - And World; i.e. Jump-Start Jewish World Rule 1-27-17 "The Zionist call for Noahide-law is nothing new. It's been going on for a long time. But the difference now is that, until now, all things were not as yet 'made ready'. The 'Trump show' though is the sign that 2017 this is no longer considered to be the case and that the ready-set-go Trump-Pence blast to close-the-deal on the whole program has been sounded...Zionist Jews ruling the planet, all others under Noahide law. Wonder why during the campaign Trump billed himself as the "law and order" candidate? Wonder no more..." [see post, bible prophecy related]
Jews Form National Advisory Council In Wake of Fake “Anti-Semitic” Threats

[excerpted] Following all of the drama and media hype surrounding the entirely fake and bogus “anti-Semitic” threats against over 100 Jewish Community Centers and other Jewish organizations across the United States, the Jews have announced the formation of a national advisory council to consult with federal and state law enforcement agencies to better combat “the world’s oldest hatred,” according to the Jewish Telegraph Agency:

"The Secure Community Network, which has led the effort to respond to five waves of bomb threats to Jewish community centers nationwide, formed the SCN Security Advisory Council on Thursday."

“We will provide strategic guidance to SCN and also assist in strengthening SCN’s critical partnership with federal, state and local law enforcement and community leaders across the country..."

"Goldenberg said on the conference call that the FBI “has put tremendous assets” into investigating the bomb threats and expressed confidence the perpetrators would be caught. He added that he does not expect that U.S. Jewish communities will need to take the kinds of precautions adopted by European Jews, such as posting armed soldiers outside Jewish institutions..."

Once again, we see Jews and their mainstream media outlets literally manufacturing and hysterically hyping the alleged “threat of anti-Semitism,” which is then used to advance a variety of specifically Jewish interests using the power and resources of the state.
re: 'SCN Security Advisory Council...critical partnership with federal, state and local law enforcement and community leaders'

The author of the above posted article
[excerpted; full @ link] states the case plainly - no elaboration needed. As obvious of a Pure Psyop as could ever be. Out-of-nowhere "five waves of bomb threats" against "100 Jewish Community Centers" - and just like that - a Zionist-Jewish-run "Security Advisory Council" is birthed to "provide strategic guidance"... to federal, state, and local law enforcement and community leaders across the country..."

Strategic guidance? - what can that mean other than control? Over all the various agencies...and individuals as well i.e. 'community leaders'. Across the country. Every agency, every community that can only mean. Note also how in Europe the 'next level' is already being implemented due to this purported "5-waves of bomb threats" - namely armed soldiers showing up on the streets. The Zionist plan for their planet-wide Noahide Law kingdom-come won't build itself.

Too fast, too easy, too obvious. Know all about it.

Rev. 18:4
Psalms 119:126 'It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law'


Trans-Agenda 2017 - Deal Is Done; Free Speech, 'Xe' Scouts of America (XSA) Latest Victims

Reality is there is no stopping this out-of-control trans-agenda train. Near impossible to even keep up at this point now, March 2017. As soon as one new outrageous affront comes to light three more pop up before the first one even registers. Demon-strating the point, just a few of the very latest train-run-overs:
NYC Teachers Must Refer to Transgender Students by Preferred Pronouns, Memo Says

The New York City Department of Education has instructed teachers and faculty to address transgender students by their preferred pronouns  — whether that be "he," "she," "they" or "ze."

The directive was issued on Wednesday and came in the form of a 10-page memo detailing how schools and faculty should treat transgender students. The memo states that "all students have the right to have their gender identity recognized and respected by their school community."

The Trump administration guidance effectively lets states and local school districts determine their own bathroom policies. New York City Schools has had policies in place since 2014 that have allowed transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity.


PC brigade declare the end of mankind: University bans lecturers from using series of phrases that could be deemed sexist

[UK] Lecturers have been banned from using the phrases ‘mankind’ and ‘man-made’ as part of a university’s clampdown on ‘gendered language’...Even homosexual is seen as offensive as well as the term sportsmanship

Cardiff Metropolitan University says the ‘politically correct’ words should be used to ‘promote an atmosphere in which all students and staff feel valued’...Other rules include using ‘forename’ instead of ‘Christian name’ to avoid offending people of a diverse range of faiths.

It says that ‘politically correct terminology can change’ but lists a range of examples of words and phrases which staff should avoid...These also include ‘best man for the job’, ‘forefathers’, ‘housewife’, ‘man in the street’, ‘manpower’ and ‘right-hand man’.

‘Sexuality can be a minefield too, according to the policy, which advises against the terms ‘homosexual’ and ‘heterosexual’ because they are ‘laden with the values of a previous time
...The new words to use are ‘same-sex’ and ‘other-sex’ relationships, the documents advises.

The document states: ‘Should individuals consider that in the course of interaction with students or staff that this code has not been adhered to and that further action is required, there are two courses of action.

‘For students please refer to the Bullying and Harassment Policy. For staff members the Disciplinary procedure applies, as it does in the event of students talking inappropriately to staff.’


Boy Scouts to pay $18,000, apologize to 9-year-old transgender boy thrown out of pack

The Northern New Jersey Council of the Boy Scouts of America has agreed to pay $18,000 and issue an apology to a 9-year-old transgender boy from Secaucus who was thrown out of a Cub Scout pack last year, according to administrative court documents.
This post a follow up on: 'Caitlyn Hope Grimm': 1st Trans-Bathroom Case Going To SCOTUS 3/28/17 - 53 Companies Support; Name-Game 3-3-17

see also
: "Planned-opolis": Globalism is Communitarianism and Privatization - To be alive and well under Trump 12-8-16

Rev. 18:4


'Caitlyn Hope Grimm': 1st Trans-Bathroom Case Going To SCOTUS 3/28/17 - 53 Companies Support; Name-Game

From Apple to Zendesk, tech sector supports transgender boy at Supreme Court

The tech sector is unifying again, this time in support of a transgender boy's [i.e. a girl] fight with a Virginia school district over which bathroom he [i.e. she] may enter.

The 53 companies—from Amazon to Zendesk—are asking the US Supreme Court to side with 17-year-old Gavin Grimm. Grimm and his legal team are fighting the Gloucester County School Board's decision to deny the boy use of the male restroom because it doesn't match Grimm's "biological gender." The 53 tech companies said transgender people have the right to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with.

In a friend-of-the-court brief to the high court, the companies note that they all have "nondiscrimination policies or practices that permit transgender individuals to use the company facilities consistent with their gender identity."

The issue is tentatively set for argument on March 28.

Related: " I recently wrote an article about a high school girl who considered herself transgender...The young lass, Caitlyn Hope Grimm, had decided, in her words, "I am a boy," and just last year had her name legally changed to the masculine "Gavin" Grimm." ... I spent the usual amount of time on the article, but then tried to find out the lady's birth name. ... I had no idea the length the media had gone to keep Caitlyn's birth name from the public. ... Finally, after giving up and finishing the article, I thought I'd blindly check additional court records for name changes in 2014. And there it was: Caitlyn Hope Grimm petitioned the court to have her legal name changed to "Gavin." source

Images from "friend-of-the-court brief" filed with SCOTUS by Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Amazon, IBM, Twitter, Yahoo et. al. to set nationwide gender-destroying bathroom-precedent. First page and last two pages - the last two being the list of the 53 would-be gender-destroying 'conspirators' - pdf link:

Trans-bathrooms going to SCOTUS March 28. 2017. As usual all that was needed was a test case to run through the courts and then have it sent up to SCOTUS for a nationwide precedent. The above is that case, now making it's way via lower court appeal to SCOTUS for a March 28, 2017 scheduled hearing. 53 companies pushing for the precedent that would effectively destroy all legal distinctions with regard to 'male' and 'female' nationwide. Is it a 'conspiracy'? How is it that the girl in question - that says she is boy, who changed her name to 'Gavin', who supposedly, as the script reads that is, was before that change named "Caitlyn'? And 'Hope Grimm' for the middle and last names? [see 'related' above]

Always the name-game. Another 'Caitlyn'...like the infamous poster-child Bruce - who went from he to franken-she? And now this second 'Caitlyn' doing the reverse - going from she to franken-he? Just a crazy-Caitlyn-coincidence? Not in this kabala-witchcraft make-believe world. The play on words with the middle and last names of Caitlyn2 settles the issue beyond any question. Hope-Grimm? How much clearer can a 'hidden-message' be than this?

Hope grim for humanity is the little message the seed-of-the serpent gang is clearly sending with this 'production' as their 666-scheme to destroy the human male-female distinction and minionize the masses [link] is now, to their mind that is, on the brink of success.

Be informed...
 Rev. 18:4
3-6-17 update: SCOTUS Now Opts-Out On First Trans-Bathroom Case - Fake 'Religious-Revival' Must Come First? - "That it will not at this time get SCOTUS-sanctioned can only be seen as a matter of timing. It likely may be the very real fact that 'SCOTUS-ing' the global-conspiracy trans-agenda at this point would greatly hinder the false 'spiritual revival' aspect of the zio-kingdom-come '777-Trump MAGA' [link] plan..."
The seed-of-the-serpent gang destroy gender to destroy humanity? The Word of God saith that is not quite how it is going to go:

Psalms 21:10-11 'Their fruit shalt thou destroy from the earth, and their seed from among the children of men. For they intended evil against thee: they imagined a mischievous device, which they are not able to perform'


T.D. Jakes Proves Apostasy - 'Comes Out' On Record For Homosexual Acceptance In 'Khristianity'

T.D. Jakes Comes Out for ‘Gay Rights’ and ‘LGBT Churches,’ Says Position is ‘Evolving’

Megachurch leader and author T.D. Jakes says that homosexuals should attend congregations that affirm their lifestyle and that politics do not need to reflect biblical ethics, adding that his position on homosexuality is both “evolved and evolving.”

During an interview with the Huffington Post on Monday, Jakes was asked by a viewer if he believes that homosexuals and the black church can co-exist.

Absolutely… I think it is going to be diverse from church to church...He said that the issue of homosexuality is “complex.”

When asked if his position on homosexuality has “evolved,” Jakes agreed that it has.

Evolved and evolving,” he replied.

T.D. Jakes advocating for 'christian' acceptance of homosexuals? This should be no surprise at all actually for discerning believers in 2017. T.D Jakes preaching a false gospel? T.D. Jakes the once premier 'Oneness Pentecostal' proponent? - which is to say a once premier denier of the Triune nature of the Godhead of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost [1John 2:22]? That doctrine that blurs any distinctions of the triune reality of the Godhead into a blurry thing called "oneness". Reportedly Jakes has 'recanted' this position but the truth of the issue is 'blurred' at best. Political advantage is not out of the question. Carefully crafted language is a T.D. Jakes specialty. That aside though, advocating for homosexual acceptance by the "Christian religion" removes all questions on the soundness of the teaching of any supposed 'preacher of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ'. 'A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit' - [Matt 7:15-18] says the Word of God, referring to "false prophets". Which verse then actually settles any question as to how Jakes should be viewed. Surprising? No sir, ma'am....that this type of 'evil fruit' preacher' should be expected to come on the scene was foretold from the beginning in the book of Jude. Men that would creep in unawares, before of old ordained in fact, ungodly men, to do exactly as seen here - "...turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ" - Jude 4.

Those who would 'evolve with the times'...like T.D. Jakes who states his position as "evolved and evolving". Again no surprise though. This chameleon-like 'evolving' as characteristic of Laodicean apostates was the the topic of this post from January 2012 where, some may recall, Jakes keynoted the infamous "Elephant Room 2":


Jude's Apostates
 [originally posted 1-29-12]

'T.D. Jakes, Jack Graham, Mark Driscoll, James MacDonald,
Wayne Cordeiro, Steven Furtick, Crawford Loritts; 1-25-12 Elephant Room 2

"THERE ARE NOW TWO PARTIES in the religious world. The party everywhere apparent has a faith fashioned for the present century – perhaps we ought rather to say, for the present month. It derides the 16th century Gospel and that, indeed, of every period, except the present most enlightened era. It will have no creed because it can have none; it is continually on the move; it is not what it was yesterday, and it will not be tomorrow what it is today.

Nor is it merely doctrinal belief – there is an essential difference in spirit between the old believer and the man of new and advancing views. This is painfully perceived by the Christian man before very long. Even if he be fortunate enough to escape the sneers of the cultured and the jests of the philosophical, he will find his deepest convictions questioned and his brightest beliefs misrepresented by those who dub themselves "Thoughtful men." When a text from the Word has been particularly precious to his heart, he will hear its authenticity impugned, the translation disputed or its Gospel reference denied.

At any rate, cost what it may, to separate ourselves from those who separate themselves from the truth of God is not alone our liberty, but our duty." Spurgeon (1888)

excerpted from Attempts At The Impossible @ Spurgeon Archive
2Cor. 11:3-4


The Catholic church is on the gay-train, the Laodicean khristian-church is on the gay train, and the train is headed to one destination only - a false revival of gay-accepting judaized one-world religion of Babylon, bowed at the feet of baal aka the devil incarnate aka Antichrist. That is scriptural truth [Rev. 13:4,8].

What to do what to do? Spurgeon spelled it out clearly just above. Do that.

Compare: Inauguration Day Ecumenical Prayer-Fest 1-20-17
also: New-World-Pope calls for one-world religion 1-7-16

 Rev. 18:4