Opt Out Of 'Individual Mandate'? "Now Anybody Can Get An ObamaCare Exemption", Says 'Health Freedom' Group

...Now ANYBODY Can Get An ObamaCare Exemption onenewsnow.com

A health freedom group is sharing information about a 14th hardship exemption in ObamaCare.

Healthcare.gov lists 13 hardship exemptions*. But Twila Brase, president and co-founder of Citizens' Council for Health Freedom, says her organization discovered a 14th exemption upon looking at the actual hardship exemption form [pdf] needed to claim an exemption.

"... What we found when we looked at the application form for exemptions was this 14th one, which says you've experienced another hardship in obtaining health insurance," she tells OneNewsNow. "So suddenly, here we have essentially an open door for anybody to walk in and say I experienced a hardship, here's what it is and I want to be exempt from having to purchase health insurance or pay the penalty."

In many cases, a regulator would say someone needs to prove that he or she is experiencing a hardship to be exempt – but Brase says that's not the case with the 14th exemption. "It says, Please submit documentation if possible. That's the first place in the entire exemption document that they say please; and the second thing it says is if possible," she describes. "So anybody can go on this hardship declaration form and essentially say, You know, I have this hardship and I'm sorry I have no documentation."

*The other exemptions (13) from healthcare.gov (linked above)

1. You were homeless.
2. You were evicted in the past 6 months or were facing eviction or foreclosure.
3. You received a shut-off notice from a utility company.
4. You recently experienced domestic violence.
5. You recently experienced the death of a close family member.
6. You experienced a fire, flood, or other natural or human-caused disaster that caused substantial damage to your property.
7. You filed for bankruptcy in the last 6 months.
8. You had medical expenses you couldn’t pay in the last 24 months.
9. You experienced unexpected increases in necessary expenses due to caring for an ill, disabled, or aging family member.
10. You expect to claim a child as a tax dependent who’s been denied coverage in Medicaid and CHIP, and another person is required by court order to give medical support to the child. In this case, you do not have the pay the penalty for the child.
11. As a result of an eligibility appeals decision, you’re eligible for enrollment in a qualified health plan (QHP) through the Marketplace, lower costs on your monthly premiums, or cost-sharing reductions for a time period when you weren’t enrolled in a QHP through the Marketplace.
12. You were determined ineligible for Medicaid because your state didn’t expand eligibility for Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.
13. Your individual insurance plan was cancelled and you believe other Marketplace plans are unaffordable.


Catholic Doctrines Not Found In The Holy Bible I: The Immaculate Conception, The Assumption Of Mary

If a person ascribes to a belief system that is not according to the doctrines of the New Testament as found in the Holy Bible, is that person then a Christian? Can the teachings of Catholicism stand the test of scripture? Let whomsoever will answer these questions each for them self, according to the command found in 2Cor. 13:5 'Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves...'
Excerpted from the 7th chapter [link] of the very well known book "Roman Catholicism" by Lorraine Boettner; 1962 [pdf].  

Concerning these two topics:

THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION: "Many Protestants misunderstand this doctrine and assume that it relates to the virgin birth of Christ. It relates, however, to Mary’s own birth, and has therefore no direct reference to the virgin birth of Christ..."

THE ASSUMPTION OF MARY: "...on November 1, 1950, with the ex cathedra pronouncement by pope Pius XII that Mary’s body was raised from the grave shortly after she died, that her body and soul were reunited, and that she was taken up and enthroned as Queen of Heaven...Thus Mary’s body was miraculously preserved from corruption, and her resurrection and ascension are made to parallel Christ’s resurrection and ascension. And she, like Him, is said to be enthroned in heaven where she makes intercession for the millions of people throughout the world who seek her assistance...."
From: Chapter 7 Mary

The Roman Catholic Church officially denies worshiping Mary. Officially she says that Mary is only a creature, highly exalted, but still a creature, in no way equal to God. Yet she tells us that Mary hears the prayers of millions and that she constantly gives attention to her followers throughout the world. It may well be that, as Rome says, she does not intend idolatry. But the intention and the practical working out of the system are two different things. We must insist that it is worship, and that therefore it is idolatry as practised by millions of people who kneel before Mary’s statues and pray and sing to her. Most of these people know nothing at all of the technical distinctions made by their theologians between adoration and worship. It certainly is idolatrous to give her the attributes of omnipresence and omniscience and to give her titles and functions which belong to God, as when, by pope Pius XII, she was officially designated the ‘Queen of Heaven,’ and ‘Queen of the World,’ and when prayers are made to her for salvation.

We have mentioned the most famous of the prayers addressed to Mary, the Ave Maria, or Hail Mary. As commonly used, this prayer follows the Lord’s prayer and is offered in precisely the same way. Assuming that there are one hundred million ‘practising’ Roman Catholics throughout the world [1962], and that half of them say the rosary at least once each day—the rosary contains fifty ‘Hail Marys’ and takes quite some time to repeat—Mary would have to have the attributes of deity to hear and answer such a mass of prayer. Surely Roman Catholics themselves can see the impossibility of all those prayers being heard and answered by one who by the admission of their own church is not God, but only human. The whole thing is a deceit and an illusion. Even if it were true that the spirits of the departed have access to this world, that could not be known except by divine revelation. And no such revelation exists.



The doctrine of the ‘Immaculate Conception’ teaches that Mary herself was born without sin, that from the very first moment of her existence she was free from the taint of original sin [1]. It holds that while all the rest of mankind are born into an inheritance of original sin, Mary alone, by a special miracle of God, was excepted. The original decree setting forth this doctrine was issued by pope Pius IX, on December 8, 1854, and reads as follows:

‘We declare, pronounce and define that the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, at the first instant of her conception was preserved immaculate from all stain of original sin, by the singular grace and privilege of the Omnipotent God, in virtue of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of mankind, and that this doctrine was revealed by God, and therefore must be believed firmly and constantly by all the faithful’ (From the papal bull, Ineffabilus Deus, quoted in The Tablet, December 12, 1953).

Many Protestants misunderstand this doctrine and assume that it relates to the virgin birth of Christ. It relates, however, to Mary’s own birth, and has therefore no direct reference to the virgin birth of Christ.

Side by side with the doctrine that Mary was born without sin, there developed the doctrine that she did not commit sin at any time during her life. Then, as one link reached out for another, they gave her the attribute of impeccability, which means that she could not sin, that her nature was such that it was impossible for her to sin! All of this was a natural outgrowth of their worship of Mary, a further step in her deification. Their Mariolatry demanded it! They sensed that if they were to give her the worship that is due to our Lord, she must be sinless.


Video: Congresswoman Speaking On NSA Spying Cut-Off For "Breaking News" On Justin Leave-It-To Beiber

MSNBC scriptreader interrupts fellow scriptreading Congresswoman during supposed interview about the illegality of NSA spying (note banners at bottom of screen) to switch to “breaking news” of more scripted leave-it-to 'Bieber' drama:

Real news from the MSM aka NWO Bureau of Propaganda - It's a blatant joke people...
related: Video: The MSM - Where Everyone Nods in Agreement - Just Like "Anchorman Ron Burgundy" 1-15-14

Rev. 18:4

Again? Mall Shooting In Maryland 1/25/14 Described As "Chaotic"; Would That Be Ordo Ab Chao?

Related to: LAX 'Shooting': Nobody Home - Cops On Bathroom, Lunch Break At Time Of Incident, Says NWO; School 'Shootings' 1-22-14 "It wasn't real...it was like a movie" is what the alleged witnesses said about the incident [see: video]. Were they actually telling the truth? ...Anyway, while on the subject of the question of "real or staged", the thought brings to mind the very dramatic increase of late of reported 'school shooting' incidents (and malls). Unheard of in America in years past, it seems that these 'incidents' are somehow now almost becoming commonplace, if not daily...The goal of an unarmed population under an authoritarian global government looks to be the only benefactor of these curious events..."
Chaos described at Maryland mall: 'There's a shooter!'

COLUMBIA, Md. — Three people were killed during a shooting Saturday at a mall in suburban Maryland, including the suspected gunman, authorities said.

“We are very confident that it was a single shooter, that there are no other shooters in the mall,” Howard County Police Chief William J. McMahon said in a news conference outside the Mall in Columbia, adding that it was a busy day at the mall with a lot of shoppers and “a chaotic scene.”

“You just heard people screaming, ‘There’s a shooter! There’s a shooter!’ ” said Tonya Broughton, 43, of Silver Spring, Md. “We just hauled off and ran wherever we could.”

Broughton and Lancaster-Williams got separated in the chaos and only discovered later that they had both taken shelter in the Victoria’s Secret. Broughton said she and others first hunkered down by the fitting rooms, then the manager ushered everyone into a stockroom and locked it.

Is it just chance that the word "chaos" is used to describe this latest 'shooting event'? - which 'events', as mentioned in the 'related to' post linked above, are very strangely becoming a common occurrence these days. What in the world is going on?

"Chaos", as is widely known, is Jewish-freemasonic-illuminati code for ordo ab chao - which as many also know at this stage of the game is Latin for order-out-of-chaos. Order out of chaos is the standard procedure used to effect the desired societal changes required for implementation of the so-called new-world-order. Chaos 'disorders' the old order, creating then the opportunity for 'reordering' to the 'new'. The reordering in this instance apparently, from how these now numerous 'shooting-events' are playing out, looks to be the certain advancement of the NWO police-state apparatus into the much wider sphere of everyday life in the USA. Full-fledged is the only goal...and so-called "soft targets", like malls, are at the top of the list. Is what is happening ordo ab chao reordering? You make the call. On a side note, it is interesting to observe that the alleged shooter is said to have been killed. With this being the case the logistics of the incident are quickly wrapped up, the long-term effects remain. Just noting it.

Compare: After LAX, Now A 'Soft Target' Psy-Op? Hundreds Of Cops Swarm NJ Mall After Phantom 'Shooter Incident' 11-4-13 "Another psy-op already? - it's only been a few days since the last one (LAX)...the pace is quickening at a startling rate. This time it's the next location slated for permanent police state transition, the 'shopping mall'...hundreds of cops flood in, swarm the mall floor by floor, store by store, evacuating people, and poof, the reported phantom helmeted 'shooter' dressed in black vanishes, but, the police-state effect remains. Perhaps the 'logical conclusion' that is supposed to be arrived at is that if only the mall had 'armed guards' then the 'shooter' would not have been able to 'escape.." [see post]

Oregon Mall Incident Brings Calls For "New Level" of Mall Security - Armed Guards And Towers? 12-12-12 "'Dimoff said mall security officers are usually unarmed and not a strong deterrent...To prevent copycat crimes, Dimoff said he believes malls need to take steps to enhance surveillance equipment and hire better trained, armed personnel' - It's too predictable. The intent to include so-called "soft targets", like malls, in the NWO police-state takeover of the USA has been an openly declared "agenda item" for a couple of years now..."

Rev. 18:4
Believer - 'Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.' Jude 20-21


LAX 'Shooting': Nobody Home - Cops On Bathroom, Lunch Break At Time Of Incident, Says NWO; School 'Shootings'

LAX officers reportedly went on breaks minutes before airport shooting

LOS ANGELES – Minutes before a gunman opened fire in a Los Angeles International Airport terminal last fall, killing a security screener and wounding three other people, the two armed officers assigned to the area left for breaks without informing a dispatcher as required.

When the shooting started, the two officials say one of the armed officers assigned to the terminal was at or just outside an adjacent terminal. One of the officials said the officer was on a bathroom break and the other foot-beat officer was in a vehicle on the tarmac outside Terminal 3, headed for a meal break.

Officers assigned to the terminals must inform supervisors when they want to take a break. "Absent exigent circumstances, (the units) shall not leave the assigned terminal area without prior authorization and a relief unit," the memo stated.

A brief timeline of the alleged November 1, 2013 CIAnCIA - TSA shooting 'event' at LAX reveals: An admission of a choreographed "security exercise" being held at the same time as the alleged event; an immediate call by the TSA for the police-state arming of the TSA; followed up by 'terrified' alleged witnesses themselves calling for a police-state arming of the TSA:

11-1-13 TSA - LAX 'Shooting' A Hoax? "We...Practiced Three Weeks Ago...We Played Out Today" Says Spokesman "Real or staged - how hard is it to discern which is more likely? Well, who has an agenda, and what is the agenda? The first question is easy, everyone knows the answer to that by now..." [video]

11-3-13 CIA-N-CIA Update: Without Missing A Beat TSA Calls For Armed Security At Checkpoints "Want to bring in armed security at the nation's airport checkpoints? Easy as ABC - script an incident, practice it, play it out [see 'follow up' above]...then play it up. Nothing to it"

11-5-13 More LAX Psy-Op? 'Witnesses' Say "It Wasn't Real...It Was Like A Movie...Are TSA Agents Armed?" "...script an incident, practice it, play it out" - And...while it's playing out...bring in the supporting cast..." [video]

And now, to complete the story of how the alleged gunman Ciancia was able to waltz right in like a Sunday stroll in the park and whip up some ZWO made to order ordo-ab-chao...well...that requires some perfect timing. And, wouldn't you know, at the very moment it all went down, the two armed officers responsible for securing the area just so happened to be on 'unauthorized' bathroom and going-to-lunch breaks with no one minding the store.

"It wasn't real..it was like a movie" is what the alleged witnesses said about the incident [see video - 3rd link above]. Were they actually telling the truth?

Anyway, while on the subject of the question of "real or staged", the thought brings to mind the very dramatic increase of late of reported 'school shooting' incidents (and malls). Unheard of in America in years past, it seems that these 'incidents' are somehow now almost becoming commonplace, if not daily, to the point that there is no reaction anymore when people hear about the 'latest one' from the usual msm sources. Which then gives rise to the same question - real or staged? Wear the people down to the point of non-resistance, is that the plan?

As mentioned in the 11-1-13 "Hoax?" post linked above: who has an agenda and what is the agenda? The Latin phrase is cui bono - who benefits. All things taken into consideration, the answer does not seem difficult. The goal of an unarmed population under an authoritarian global government looks to be the only benefactor of these curious events. Just noticing.

That's why they call it ordo ab chao - order out of chaos. The authoritarian antichrist global police state government planned by the ZWO [link] will not build itself. Coming to an airport/mall/school/stadium near you. Take note.
 Rev. 18:4
Rev. 22:20 'Even so, come, Lord Jesus'


Detroit 'Bankruptcy' Update: "Emergency Manager" Opens Door For Water Privatization; 1-21-14

Follow up on: Detroit Bankruptcy Is Agenda 21 - 'Privatizing' and 'Appropriating' 12-3-13 "...bankruptcy proceedings in Detroit is not a surprise. Not in the slightest degree. It is in fact the outworking of so-called Agenda 21. A21 is a global power grab. It is not about the environment. It is about seizing control of every aspect of life on this planet - person, place, and thing - and putting that control into private hands (666 or bust)...Appointed "emergency managers" work for the global cabal. They dissolve, privatize, then globalize. All that is needed is the apparent justification to appoint one - like a 'financial crisis' threatening 'bankruptcy' needing to be 'managed', exactly what is being seen in Detroit...Financial ordo-ab-chao brings private appointees, private appointees hand over city lands to private hands, private hands take over and control communities and the people that live there. The plan is global. This is how it is being done. Many more cities in the USA are under threat of "financial crisis" and possible bankruptcy, John Q. Public is being told, and, it is easy to see the real reason now" [see post, follow links]
Emergency manager accelerates plans to “monetize” Detroit water department

The proposed “regionalization” of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) being promoted by Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is an opening salvo by the financial elite to privatize one of the largest municipally operated water and sewage treatment systems in the US.

The regionalization plan would create a new entity–the Metropolitan Area Water and Sewer Authority (MAWSA)–to take over the operations of the DSWD.

The water department serves three million people in southeast Michigan, providing what is arguably the most needed resource for the population. As a public entity managed by the city, state law prohibits the DWSD from charging rates higher than what is needed to recover its production costs.

During the Detroit bankruptcy eligibility trial, New York investment banker Kenneth Buckfire spoke for the financial speculators eyeing the water department, saying, “The only way is to sell it or privatize it. Several private equity firms have expressed interest, but only if they can charge higher rates.”

There are specific obstacles in the City Charter to selling off and privatizing city assets like the water department and public lighting, but Michigan’s anti-democratic emergency manager law gives Orr dictatorial powers to override the City Charter.

The threat to the DWSD is not a unique occurrence. Public water systems are being eyed by financial speculators all over the country and the world as a source of future revenues.

Below is an old article, but it gives the gist of the situation with regard to the global agenda concerning water. Nothing has changed. Privatizing water so as to be sold 'for profit', and, as a means of absolute control over every facet of life on the planet, is a high priority item on the globalist agenda. Without water life on the planet does not exist. Privatizing water will not only affect the individual in their home but will affect food production, manufacturing, land usage, etc. Virtually everything:

UN says water not a 'human right' 3-26-08 "He who controls the water, controls all life on the planet...a United Nations meeting rejected calls for water to be recognized as a basic human right - Instead, a special resolution proposed by Germany and Spain at the UN human rights council was stripped of references that recognized access to water as a human right - But a social advocacy group said that the position was designed to protect the right to sell water..."  - Expect to see this type of talk increasingly, and when you do understand what's happening. According to the UN, you no longer have any inherent right to water, which must mean that it is to be seen as a "privilege". Whoever 'owns' the water will soon be deciding what you may or may not do with 'their' water. It will be bought and sold as a commodity, and used to manipulate virtually everything that happens on the earth..."

With Detroit's 'financial crisis' resulting in 'bankruptcy' having created the opportunity, Detroit's appointed "emergency manager", using his newly-acquired dictatorial power to override city law, has now officially set forth a plan to 'privatize water' in Detroit. As reported, the prospective 'water owners' have already stated their intention to "charge higher rates".

Controlling the globe by controlling the water? That's the ZWO global-dictatorship plan ['z' for zionist; link]. Detroit today, the world tomorrow. Global dictatorship is bible prophecy. Believe it or not [Luke 21:31-33]. Be aware.
 Rev. 18:4
Deut. 10:14 'Behold, the heaven and the heaven of heavens is the LORD’s thy God, the earth also, with all that therein is'


Spirit Of Antichrist: Ravi Zacharias Speaks At Mormon Tabernacle 1-18-14, Calls For Mormon-Christian Unity

Ravi Zacharias: Popular Christian Apologist Speaks to 3,500 at Mormon Temple; Asks Faiths to Oppose 'Lost Morality' Together

Zacharias preaching one-world-religion doctrine at the Mormon Tabernacle in
Salt Lake City, Utah, on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014. Photo: christianpost.com
Christian apologist and writer Ravi Zacharias addressed 3,500 evangelicals and Mormons at the LDS Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah, asking that people from the two faiths stand together to oppose "relativism" and "lost morality."

The two-day "Freedom and Friendship" event held last Friday and Saturday marked the second time that Zacharias had spoken at the Tabernacle. The apologist's first meeting occurred 10 years ago, when he became the first non-Mormon speaker in the Tabernacle in 105 years.

Zacharias' talk was presented by Standing Together, a coalition of evangelical Churches who seek to "be a catalyst for uniting the Utah Christian community through relational efforts of prayer, worship, and strategic evangelism."

Among its outreach efforts are organizing "LDS/evangelical scholarly dialogues" and providing "resources for interfaith dialogue." The coalition also helped organize Zacharias' 2004 event.

Church elder and former president of Brigham Young University Jeffrey Holland introduced Zacharias and credited Mormons' and Christians' "shared love for the Lord Jesus Christ" for bringing them together "in true brotherhood and sisterhood tonight and always."

Christian apologist?

A "Christian apologist" who disregards the foundational scriptural doctrine of the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ? Say what? Why the very notion of such a thing is a classic oxymoron. It is a contradiction in terms. To claim to be one who can offer an apologetic of biblical Christian doctrines, while at the same time denying the very foundation of those doctrines - that Christ Jesus the Lord is in fact God - as is apologetically denied by Mormon doctrine (without apology it should be noted), is an absolute absurdity [1Cor. 3:11]. But, as seen here, this is exactly what "Christian apologist" Ravi Zacharias has done in sanctioning the non-biblical 'Jesus' of Mormonism by his LDS Tabernacle appearance and non-apologetic call-for-unity speech. To do this is 'against' Christ - it is 'anti'-Christ.

For one professing Christianity to speak in a Mormon temple is highly problematic to begin with, but to do so under a banner of "shared love for the Lord Jesus Christ...in...true brotherhood and sisterhood tonight and always" (note especially the use of the word "true")...is something that would not be possible for a man who truly believes the Word of God that he professes to have a scholarly knowledge of. Nor for any man that would speak with the unction of the Holy Spirit of God. Can the third person of the Godhead, God the Holy Spirit, deny the second person of the Godhead, God the Son - the Lord Jesus Christ? [Col. 2:8-9]. The answer is obvious - an emphatic 'no'. If a "Christian apologist" can acknowledge "a shared love for Jesus Christ [and] a true brotherhood and sisterhood tonight and always" with those that have 'another Jesus', as does the Mormon religion, you can be absolutely certain that that man is not speaking by the Holy Spirit of God. No, no, no, a thousand times no.

No, this false unity can come only from "another spirit" [2Cor. 11:4]. That spirit is the spirit of antichrist - 1John 4:3. It is that spirit that seeks the 'brotherhood of man....always' - all the world, united, bowed before his Satanic will.

Look again at the picture. Zacharias and 3500 evangelicals and Mormons at the LDS Tabernacle pledging to "stand together"...to make it happen. The global religion of antichrist. It is happening.

Compare: One World Religion: Billy Graham, Franklin Graham Hold Prayer Meeting With Mormon Romney 10-11-12 "ASHEVILLE, N.C. — GOP nominee Mitt Romney and Rev. Billy Graham discussed policy and personal connections Thursday at a meeting at the evangelical leader’s home that ended with the men praying together"...Romney during [the first presidential debate] stated that America is "a nation that believes we're all children of the same God"...Obviously the statement was strategic. The fact of the matter is that that 'theology' comes from the New World Order One World Religion handbook. That handbook calls for the 'christianizing' of Mormonism, or more correctly, the de-christianizing of true biblical Christianity to the point that the false Mormon Jesus and the false Mormon gospel are no longer anything to be concerned about. As long as they use the name "Jesus" that is all that matters - even though the doctrine of the Mormon Jesus is that he is the spirit-offspring of the 'father God' who used to be a man on another planet before becoming God; that it was through actual physical sexual relations with 'Mary' that 'Mormon Jesus' was conceived [link]; and that he also is the spirit-brother of Lucifer [it gets much worse; see 'Joel Osteen' - link]; all of which is a wretched perversion of the true biblical doctrine of the "only begotten of the Father" who "was made flesh" [John 1:14]. But don't worry about all that, it doesn't matter because the two Jesus's have the same name so they must be the same right? So say Billy Graham and Franklin Graham [and Chuck Smith - link], proving themselves once again to be - to the still incredulous unbelief of many who have long been blind to the "Billy Graham" reality...false apostles - The 'Mormons are Christian' agenda is set to go big, and many of the biggest names in apostate Christendom are already on board, a virtual who's who. No excuse can be made for any involved. The reality is that what pretends to be the Christian Church in this world is an infiltrated counterfeit - infiltrated by the ministers of Satan [2Cor. 11:14-15] in every sphere. Truly we are witnessing the days of which the book of Jude speaks - the final apostasizing of Christianity - when certain men would have crept in unawares, and made themselves to be leaders, only to then deny "the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ" [Jude 4] - as Franklin and Billy Graham just did openly. And they have not crept in alone:

See: Apostasy Gone Wild: Catholics, Jews, 'Christians', And 'Mormon' Glenn Beck - "Under God Indivisble" 7-27-12 " Confirmed speakers: Franklin Graham; Dr. Ravi Zacharias; Ps. Robert Morris; Rev. Robert Sirico; Dr. Ken Hutcherson; Dr. Jim Garlow; Dr. Tony Evans; Kenneth Copeland; Rabbi Aryeh Spero; Dr. Richard Land; James Robison; Dr. David Jeremiah; Rev. Samuel Rodriguez; Ps. John Hagee; Bishop Harry Jackson; David Barton; Fr. Jonathan Morris; Jay Richards" - "all joining in "indivisible spiritual unity under God". And very important to note, that is exactly what will happen. Of course it should also be clearly understood that it will be the 'god of this world' under which this 'indivisible worldly unity' will be achieved" [see post]

Global government with global religious system under the 'seed of the serpent', i.e. the very Antichrist [Gen. 3:14-15]. The Word of God is true - do you believe it?  Rev. 18:4
It's nothing new for RZ; see also: How bad is it? Ravi Zacharias, Dobsons Head Up Apostate "National Day Of Prayer" (Jesus is out, to whom then dost thou pray?) 4-24-08
1John 2:22 'Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son'


Christian: 'Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you' - John 6:53

John 6:53 'Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you'

The Bible sanctifies and moulds the mind into the image of Christ. You cannot expect to grow in grace if you do not read the Scriptures. If you are not familiar with the word, you cannot expect to become like Him that spoke it.

Oh, be much with the holy word of God, and you will be holy. Be much with the silly novels of the day, and the foolish trifles of the hour, and you will degenerate into vapid wasters of your time.

But be much with the solid teachings of God's word, and you will become solid and substantial men and women: drink them in, and feed upon them, and they shall produce in you a Christ-likeness, at which the world shall stand astonished. - Spurgeon
Compare: John 6:60-61,66-68

Note: With the thought of feeding on the Word Of God, despite the certain objections of more than a few, the absolute truth is that the King James Version (KJV) is the only Bible that can produce the effects described above by Spurgeon. Every other version, without exception, are like the GMO foods passed off on people today - i.e. the vital essence having been destroyed it is not the real thing. Following that little analogy, the KJV would then be 'organic'. Recommend go organic if not already - see: KJV only - for a reason

Orwellian Bill Mandating 'Psych-Screenings' For Schoolchildren Introduced In NY Senate ~ Your State Next

Not Your Kids, Say NWO-ers
Do You Want Mandated Psych Testing for Your 5-Year Old? NY Does!

"Now they want to psych test your little children. What is New York going to do with that information?

A bill introduced by State Senator Margaret Markey, A8186-2013, calls for an amendment to education law to mandate psychological screenings and tests for students in public schools as part of the required health certificate. The mandatory tests would be repeated in high school. The records with this information included must be given to the schools.

The law reads that a mandatory health certificate “shall also state that a psychological examination was performed and that the child is mentally fit to permit attendance at school.”

That’s not all. The bill further reads: “Each such certificate shall also state the student’s body mass index (BMI) and weight status category.”

The bill can be found at the NYS Senate...This bill does not have a co-sponsor and will probably go nowhere but people must understand one thing – This is where statists want to go".

This is where the statists want to go, and they are:

'Mental Health America' Asks Congress For Forced Psychological Screenings; re: Aurora, Sandy Hook, Etc. 1-7-13 "Mental Health America today called on President Obama and Congress to take action in response to the Newtown tragedy by identifying and implementing solutions that expand the capacity and capabilities of the nation's mental health programs and services..." [to] "...Order the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the Mental Health Parity Law: ...Mental health and substance abuse services must be fully integrated with quality medical care...Enacting the Mental Health in Schools Act is a step in the right direction and should be followed by appropriate legislation for intervening with children from zero to five years of age." - They want the children first, and they want them now. Full control from birth. The intent can be nothing less than to program them, to force the new-order servitude belief system into their little heads, and to 'reeducate' the original-thinkers in the group. Doubtless, the agenda is not to be limited to school children, note the second clause above which states that "mental health...services must be fully integrated with quality health care". This can only mean forced "mental health" screenings eventually for all who have been 'mandated' into the so-called Obamacare system - which is everybody. Get them under the bright lights with a shiny object swinging back and forth before their eyes - 'you vill comply with the beast, citizen, and you vill like it...'

Here They Come - Connecticut Orwellians Introduce Bill To Mandate Psychological Testing For 'All' Schoolchildren 2-6-13 "...the bill that Harp and Walker have introduced to the state legislature seeks to have all children regularly analyzed by a health care provider. It reads, “An Act Requiring Behavioral Health Assessments for Children. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened: That section 10-206 of the general statutes be amended to require (1) each pupil enrolled in public school at grades 6, 8, 10 and 12 and each home-schooled child at ages 12, 14 and 17 to have a confidential behavioral health assessment, the results of which shall be disclosed only to the child’s parent or guardian, and (2) each health care provider performing a child’s behavioral health assessment to complete the appropriate form supplied by the State Board of Education verifying that the child has received the assessment.” [see posts, follow links, connect dots]

"This is where statists want to go"...to quote the author of the posted article, and noting the two other links above as well, it is abundantly clear that the agenda to do so is well underway at the national level. This is because, and leaving adults out of the 'mandatory psych-eval' equation for the moment, but as far as this relates to the 'statist' [i.e. zionist] mindset toward children

...your kids are not actually yours - as stated by this "statist" scriptreader:

Original post 4-6-13 - here: "Narrating a new MSNBC "Lean Forward" spot, the Tulane professor laments that we in America "haven't had a very collective notion that these are our children." "[W]e have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to their communities," Harris-Perry argued.

Be informed.  Rev. 18:4
Maranatha - NT Greek: maran atha (mar'-an ath'-ah): of Chaldee origin (meaning our Lord has come); maranatha, i.e. an exclamation of the approaching divine judgment:--Maran-atha.


1-Yr Flashback: 23 Executive Orders, 33 Days After Sandy Hook: NWO Police State Integration Going Deep

Originally posted 1-17-13 - link

Follow up on: NWO Update: NY Passes New Gun Controls And Turns "Mental Health Professionals" Into Big Brother 1-15-13 "The plan is to start in the schools, but it will not stop there. They fully intend to integrate physical and mental 'health' for all 'humans', which is also to include "education"...This is a population control mechanism being put in place. There is a door opening here...[see post]
Obama signs 23 executive orders to curb gun violence, urges Congress to act

President Obama today pressed Congress to enact stricter gun regulations while he committed $500 million in federal funding to ensure more comprehensive background checks, conduct research into the causes of gun violence and allow schools to hire more mental health counselors and school resources officers.

The $500 million package includes 23 measures that make up the most comprehensive gun control package in decades. Congressional action is not needed to enact the 23 executive orders and presidential memoranda.

The president pushed Congress to legislate universal background checks, ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and criminalize the possession of armor-piercing bullets.

The announcement comes 33 days after....[the 'incident' at] Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

re: 33 days after...Sandy hook

No specific details on the 23 orders have been given. Not a surprise though, obviously that is the intent behind these 'executive actions'. Those impacted will find out what exactly has been planned for them in due time - that is to say, when it happens. The bottom line here is that a door has been opened. That is the important thing to understand. What has already been put in motion though is the creation of an infrastructure. The infrastructure of a very tightly woven information gathering net, with a definite emphasis on the phrase "tightly woven" - note especially order #4 [see below] in that regard: "make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks".

With 'current events' having created the pretext, these orders, coming in right on cue, are laying the groundwork to establish an incredibly integrated system of control throughout every area of society. Federal agents will be poking and probing and prodding into people's personal lives in ways never before seen. 'Trainers' are to be inserted into local law enforcement, schools, and "houses of worship" [#12, 19], no doubt doctors and health care providers will also require training to operate in their new capacity as 'spotters' [#16, 17], and "unnecessary legal barriers" will be removed [#2], allowing for a national database to be created - where all that information collected at schools and doctor's offices can be collated and kept - on who, what, where, and when. Legal barriers? - got to go. And while on the subject of information gathering, note that Big Brother would like to see the guns themselves reporting on users too by equipping them with "new technologies" [#15]. Can you say 'smart' guns.

And then there is to be a new emphasis on implementing some Orwellian-type 'pre-crime' techniques, with law enforcement commissioned to "maximize efforts to 'prevent' gun violence", along with the CDC being commissioned to research and come up with 'new ways' to prevent said crimes [#13,14]. What all that will entail can only be guessed at, but it sounds very Brave New World-ish. It may tie in with directive #4, where the phrase "review categories of individuals" is used to ensure that "dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks". This can only mean profiling and taking some sort of action if a person is deemed to fall into any certain "category". In other words, and taking it to the point of absurdity to illustrate, if Joe Citizen A has been banned from gun ownership, and he eats cornflakes everyday while wearing a blue shirt, then Joe Citizen B who eats cornflakes everyday while wearing a blue shirt needs to come under scrutiny too. Again, the example is absurd, purposely, but the point is that a lot of personal information would need to be collected on everyone to find out who fits any certain profile type, and the doors have now been open to do exactly this - at the doctor's, schools, churches, and "gun ownership" classes [#7], etc..

And what about those "mental health counselors" and "resource officers" getting ready to flood the schools [#18; note also first paragraph of posted article]. What type of probing and prodding questions might they be asking the children whom they are being given access to. Maybe...Tell us about your family, what is your family like? Does anybody say bad things about the government...or..."are there any of them conspeersey therists in yur family".

Again, this is just the beginning, it is the door opening. The list below is just a partial list, and the above comments are an attempt to key in on the overall gist of what has been done. Every single one of the 23 orders is significant though, together providing the deep societal integration needed for the totalitarian police state infrastructure being constructed as the new dawn rises in the new town of New Amerika 2013:*

2. Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making information available to the background check system.

4. Direct the Attorney General to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun to make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks.

7. Launch a national safe and responsible gun ownership campaign.

12. Provide law enforcement, first responders, and school officials with proper training for active shooter situations.

13. Maximize enforcement efforts to prevent gun violence and prosecute gun crime.

14. Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence.

15. Direct the Attorney General to issue a report on the availability and most effective use of new gun safety technologies and challenge the private sector to develop innovative technologies.

16. Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.

17. Release a letter to health care providers clarifying that no federal law prohibits them from reporting threats of violence to law enforcement authorities.

18. Provide incentives for schools to hire school resource officers.

19. Develop model emergency response plans for schools, houses of worship and institutions of higher education.   

[The full list is here: 23 EO pdf]
One more thing, interesting to note that these orders came "33 days" after Sandy Hook. Most know the significance of that number, being the high-holy number, so to speak, of the 'illumined' freemason. Not as well known though is the deep occult significance also attached to the number 23. Although there seems to be many variations on the theme, in general the number 23 in occult numerology is said to be associated with death. Apparently, the reasoning for this is rooted in the fact that 2/3 = 666.

23 orders, 33 days. Just noting.

Rev. 18:4

*Sandy Hook [12/14/12] Names Tell The Story: Adam Lands, Dawn-Hath-Sprung In New Town 12-21-12
Ps.127:1 'Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it'  [nwo - false zion]


Video: The MSM - Where Everyone Nods in Agreement - Just Like "Anchorman Ron Burgundy"

MSNBC: The Land of Nod

Think the 'Anchorman Ron Burgundy' movie is a parody? It's not folks, it's a mock of viewers. It's a mock because it's true...and the majority still do not get it. Like the "Anchorman Ron Burgundy" says in a television commercial for the movie..."I get paid to have salon hair and read the news".

It's all scripted...every last bit of it. Note: More than one commenter on another site [link] where this video was posted used the term 'bobblehead' in commenting on this clip.

NWO Bureau of Propaganda.

Rev. 18:4

NWO Euthanasia: New Mexico 5th State To Open Door of Death-By-Doctor - "Aid In Dying A Fundamental Right"

New Mexico Judge Rules That Doctors May Prescribe Lethal Drugs to Terminally Ill Patients

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A state judge in New Mexico has ruled that mentally-competent terminally ill patients have a constitutional right to obtain lethal drugs to end their life.

Second Judicial District Judge Nan Nash issued the ruling on Monday in a decision that some believe may open the doors to full-fledged physician-assisted suicide in the state.

Nash concluded that “the liberty, safety and happiness interest of a competent, terminally ill patient to choose aid in dying is a fundamental right under our New Mexico Constitution.”

The ruling is the result of a lawsuit filed by two doctors in the state, and 49-year-old Aja Riggs, a cancer patient who is now in remission. The challenge was supported by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the right-to-die advocacy organization Compassion & Choices.

“New Mexicans, both healthy and sick, now enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that come with knowing they can prevent a prolonged, agonized dying process at the end of life,” ACLU of New Mexico Legal Director Laura Schauer Ives wrote in a statement following the decision.

As previously reported, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin signed the “Patient Choice and Control at End of Life Act” into law last year, likewise legalizing the provision of lethal drugs to the terminally ill. Three other states have also sanctioned physician-assisted suicide: Oregon, Washington and Montana.

re: "enjoy the comfort and peace of mind"

New Mexico is now the fifth state to open the dark door of 'death by medical profession'. The New Mexico judge ruled that not only is this is a "constitutional right" but that it is a "fundamental" one. Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and...self-death by doctor, apparently. The other four states, already well down this newly-declared "constitutional right" road, as mentioned above are Vermont, Oregon, Washington, Montana. Without question, similar efforts to implement the NWO euthanasia agenda are underway in every state. The agenda is integral to the management plan of the would-be novus-ordo-seclorum, as evidenced by the hard sell marketing campaign being used in attempting to put a happy face on the transition to becoming a society that kills off it's 'no-longer-useful'. Being able to kill yourself with the 'help' of a doctor, quoting from the above article, is what ACLU of New Mexico Legal Director Laura Schauer Ives terms "comfort and peace of mind". Oh happy happy days...you can die and we can cut our health costs....sounds like a win win for everybody.

Self-death hard sell - it's right out of the Brave New World handbook. Jer. 8:9
Compare: Culling The Herd In The NWO? 6-11-12 TIME Magazine Wants To Talk To You About "How To Die" 6-9-12 "TIME magazine publishing this cover and the article which goes along with it that "encourages readers to literally pull the feeding tubes", clearly signals the mainstreaming of the idea of so-called euthanasia...We do well to strip away that nice-sounding word "euthanasia" though, and while we're at it the phrase "end of life care" also because these hide what it is that is actually being done. These terms are an attempt to sanitize the blood letting. 'Culling' is the correct word...The vast masses of people are viewed by the cabalist-globalists as little more than resources to be managed for their own benefit as they construct the new-order-of-the-ages wherein all of humanity shall be subdued under their totalitarian feet [see: Zionists]...or so they intend. Ridding themselves of those who are no longer 'useful' is purely a business decision...no return on the investment after a certain point so might as well put them to sleep - they had a good life anyway - right?' [see post]

Rev. 18:4
Exodus 20:3 'Thou shalt not kill.'


1-14-14 NWO Deals Death Blow To Net Neutrality; Big Brother Rejoices

Federal Court Guts Net Neutrality Rules

[excerpted] A federal appeals court today nullified key provisions of the FCC’s net neutrality rules, opening the door to a curated approach to internet delivery that allows broadband providers to block content or applications as they see fit.

The 3-0 decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit guts much of a 2010 Federal Communications Commission order, in a challenge brought by Verizon...While it’s a nuanced legal argument, the effects are huge.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is mulling whether to continue the litigation. His options include asking the court to rehear it with the same three judges or with a larger, en banc panel, or going directly to the Supreme court.

“We will consider all available options, including those for appeal,” Wheeler said, “to ensure that these networks on which the internet depends continue to provide a free and open platform for innovation and expression, and operate in the interest of all Americans.”

Free Press president Craig Aaron said under today’s ruling “broadband providers will race to turn the open and vibrant Web into something that looks like cable TV. They’ll establish fast lanes for the few giant companies that can afford to pay exorbitant tolls and reserve the slow lanes for everyone else.”

Net neutrality, so-called, looks to have been dealt a death blow. As mentioned above the ruling may still end up at SCOTUS, but aren't those the same guys that not too long ago green-lighted 'Obamacare'? Quoting from the above posted article, the soon-to-be non-neutral net will allow "broadband providers to block content or applications as they see fit". Packaged, metered, content-controlled - cable-TV like reportedly. Call it what they will, it means absolute takeover. Censorship is another word for it. The "internet providers" will decide what the 'sheepledom' can see/hear. Big Brother, Orwell, etc.

Appeal or no appeal (note: an appeal is only being "considered" at this point), bottom line as of today 1-14-14...it is all downhill from this point forward for the WWW.

Be aware - no telling how long before it starts.  Rev. 18:4
John 8:31-32 'Then said Jesus to those...which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.'  [here]


NWO Meteorite Agenda: 'Light' Over NY May Have Been 'Meteor' From 'Ison' Says 'Expert'; Eye-Of-Horus Photos

Follow up on: "Drop And Cover" - First Ever 'Meteorite Warning' Issued by "Physicians For Civil Defense"; Illuminati Meteor Card 1-11-14 "Anybody paying attention knows that reports of meteorites, including for the sake of discussion asteroids, comets, and every other type of so-called "space rock", have been all-of-a-sudden literally off-the-chart over the last year or so. Mysterious lights in the sky all over the globe - some being called "fireballs", claimed meteorites flying all over the place, a few reported to be striking the earth or landing in the ocean, comets all over the place shedding 'dust' that could enter the earth's atmosphere we are told - it's extreme space-rock-danger everywhere you look according to the scientific-type spokespeople of the NWO...Just like the world witnessed in February of last year [2013] in Russia when, we are told, a big 'space rock' came out of nowhere and exploded over a city [see post]. And if it happened once then it's "sufficiently probable" to happen again, we are now being told over and over...So were they real meteorites, or giant 'molotov cocktails'..." [see post]
Astronomy expert: Meteor likely in Upstate New York, but was it caused by Comet ISON?

Oswego, NY -- Upstate New Yorkers who heard a loud boom or saw a streak of light across the sky Sunday more than likely witnessed a meteor, according to an astronomy expert.

"There are random meteors all the time," Roby said, "but there's a small chance that this might be related to Comet ISON, which broke up when it passed near the sun on Thanksgiving."

"It definitely sounds like a meteor," said Scott Roby, associate professor of astronomy and planetarium director at the State University College at Oswego.

"Comets are litterbugs," he said. "Whenever Earth passes through an old or new comet orbit, it can run into lots of rocks."

Random meteors -- made of rocks and dust leftover from the creation of the solar system 4.5 billion years ago -- hit Earth, on average, seven times an hour, every day, Roby said..."Random meteors could have caused this," Roby said, "or we could be lucky and it could have been a piece of Comet ISON burning up in the sky."

The above article/report is a perfect example of the 'new-normal-meteorite-threat' as mentioned in the 'follow up' at the top. These type of 'reports' have become virtually a daily occurrence across the globe - times ten. Watch for them, you may be astounded. The (imaginary) 'Ison' spin put on this particular 'sighting' is to be expected during this time period though, as revealed by this post from a little over a month ago:

Imaginary (?) Ison Debris May Hit Earth Around New Year, Say Russian Scientists; And NWO 'Meteorite' Agenda 12-2-13 "'Christmas gift" from the comet...threatens to become a surprise for earthlings...debris from the head of it crosses the path of the earth around the sun a week later, just before the New Year, and meet with our planet...you can expect an intensification of meteor activity. This may seem like a bright flash in the sky tiny meteors, they will burn up in the Earth's atmosphere ... one can not exclude a meteorite falling to Earth' - what has happened is that a brand new existential threat to the "old-world-order" has been introduced to the world at large...As reported...some Russians believe that what hit there was a missile [Chelyabinsk 2-'13]" ... One more thing - about all those Ison photos and videos, like this one for example [see post], of which there were literally thousands published online and in newspapers and on television newscasts: ...they are all actually giant 'eyes' - circular colored area with a [supposed to be the sun blacked out] pupil. Millions worldwide have been staring for months right into the eye-of-horus."

Note: If you go to the above linked article on the 'possible NY meteor' sighting the first thing you will see on the page is this red eye-of-horus (imaginary) Ison photo, but HUGE - taking up half the page. Hello...

Think the eye-thing is just a coincidence? Or is there now something going on that might be called a "meteorite agenda"? Note from the above story that what was actually reported was a "streak of light" and a "loud boom". It is the "astronomy expert" who has assured everyone that this was in fact, "more than likely", says he, almost certainly, it must have been, a "meteor". Do you believe that? Be very aware at any rate - as seen in the 'follow up' post above it has now come to a point where so-called "meteorite warnings" are actually being put out. That says a lot.

[more on all this - follow links, connect dots]

Rev. 18:4

Deut. 4:39 'Know therefore this day, and consider it in thine heart, that the LORD he is God in heaven above, and upon the earth beneath: there is none else'


Haitian Quake 4-Yr Mark 1-12-14: "Non-Integrating" Haiti Being NWO Integrated; And Bible Prophecy*

This is a repost of an article from two years ago [link] which marked the 2-yr date of the destruction of the capital city of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, on 1-12-10; that terrible day which reportedly took a toll of upwards of 200,000 lives. Essentially the only difference in Haiti today [1-12-14] from the two-year point will be that the "sustainable path" for "Haiti on the move" [see posted article below], i.e. the corporate "global-integration" program jump-started by the 'natural' disaster of 1-12-10, is today, 2014, just that much further along:

[Originally posted 1-12-12] Two year Update on: "Corporate Globalization" And American Military Planning "Long-Term Reconstruction" Effort In Haiti 1-15-10 "Under the circumstances it is very interesting to note that the little nation of Haiti has up until now been considered a "non-integrating gap" nation - one that is "resisting corporate globalization", as designated by Pentagon globalization strategist Thomas Barnett in his 2004 book 'The Pentagon's New Map'...In line with these facts, it is most interesting to note that as a result of this truly unimaginable situation in what is now the decimated capital city of Haiti, the Pentagon's "corporate globalization" goals for this little country, so long delayed, look about to be finally realized as the American military makes it's way in with long term 'nation-building' plans, aka "reconstruction". It is exactly what was wanted. A week ago the door was still closed, but no longer. The corporate globalization machine is moving in for good. As Barnett stated in his book, the globalization strategy to be employed is to "preemptively take control of the gap". What then shall we think? [see full post]
Haiti Is on the Move huffingtonpost.com

[excerpted] "Two years ago, a catastrophic earthquake shook Haiti and devastated its capital, Port-au-Prince...it is important to keep in mind that even before the earthquake, Haiti was the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The 7.0 magnitude quake, the largest urban disaster in modern history, instantly reduced buildings to rubble, killed hundreds of thousands, and left more than 1.5 million people displaced.

Two years later, there are evident signs of progress, and President Martelly has declared that Haiti "is open for business."

The United States Government, in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank and the Government of Haiti, is building an industrial park on the country's northern coast, which has the potential to create 65,000 jobs and become the country's largest private source of employment.

Helping Haiti get on a sustainable path of development requires close coordination with the private sector. USAID has entered into partnerships with major companies, including a venture with Coca-Cola that will help increase production and raise revenues of 25,000 mango farmers. A collaborative initiative with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has spurred the development of a "mobile money" industry that has enabled Haitians who have never had access to banking services to receive secure payments, save money, and make transactions on their cell phones.

In all these ventures, USAID is collaborating closely with the Haitian government and local organizations...Haiti still faces a long road to recovery, but is on the right path."
re: "Haiti is open for business"

Haiti now open for business? A little less than a month ago the Iraq war was officially declared 'over', and Iraq's prime minister Nouri al-Maliki declared the previously "non-integrating nation" of Iraq as also being "open for business":
NWO Takeover Of Iraq: U.S. Troops Out, 400 "Executives" In 12-18-11 "Iraq’s “limitless” opportunities “open for business”" - Iraq will now be officially 'incorporated' into the NWO. All it took to accomplish it was 9/11 and a nine year war and an uncountable number of deaths."

Before the unimaginable catastrophe that befell the Haitian people two years ago, Haiti too had been marked out as a 'coporate globalization resistor', i.e. a "non-integrator" [see 'update' at top]. As very clearly revealed by the above report though, that is all changed now. Haiti, after suffering sudden devastation on 1-12-10, is now being 'reconstructed' in the Zionist Agenda 21 aka 'sustainable development' model of collaborative public-private partnerships, i.e. corporate controlled i.e. 'privatized' global government...aka the NWO.

Only as a direct result of the unimaginable catastrophe that befell the Haitian people two years ago has this come about. That is a fact, and a remarkable one. Only because of it is Haiti "now open for business". And only because of it, previously non-integrating Haiti, like Iraq, is now being permanently integrated i.e. incorporated into the NWO. This is defined in the above article as being "on the right path".

What then shall we think? Geologic engineering?

see all: Haiti


(in the aftermath of Fukushima): Hillary Clinton Announces Japan To Be Reconstructed With An NWO "Public-Private Partnership" (aka Agenda 21) 4-17-11 "Hillary Clinton...announced in Tokyo that the US and Japan had agreed on a "public-private partnership for reconstruction..." - "Japan is very 'old-world-order'. For them to ever be converted to the 'new-world-order' a lot of things would need to be severely 'shaken'. That has happened...and little more than five weeks later, arrangements are already in place to convert old-world Japan to the new order (ordo ab chao) of things, i.e. the new-world order...All it took to accomplish this pending conversion of the people of Japan into the 'new-world global agenda' was a massive 'quake', followed by a massive 'tsunami', followed by a massive and ongoing 'nuke crisis'..."

Haiti Earthquake Caused By 'Unknown' Fault Line 8-14-10 huffingtonpost.com "The devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti in January was unleashed by a previously undetected fault line..."

Manmade Earthquakes? 'Maybe We Are' Says UCLA Researcher 10-15-10

Flashback: Man-Made Earthquakes? Israel, University of Hawaii Simulating Quakes With Explosives 1-24-10
"Corporate globalization" is a brutal business"

[follow links, connect dots]

"Corporate globalization" is also bible prophecy; see: 'The fourth beast...shall devour the whole earth...' Dan. 7:23

Rev. 18:4


"Drop And Cover" - First Ever 'Meteorite Warning' Issued by "Physicians For Civil Defense"; Illuminati Meteor Card

Follow up on: 'Noah' Movie Trailer: "It Begins"; And 'Meteorite' Propaganda? 11-27-13 "It is most interesting though that "meteorites" would be portrayed in this movie. Also, to consider that this could not be without design. Suppose it has anything to do with a possible intended meteorite-conditioning of John Q. Public? It was not even one year ago with the reported 'meteorite' incident in Russia that the world was first introduced to the newest unpredictable-threat against the 'old paradigm' of flaming projectiles striking the earth at any given moment...Meteorites, meteorites, here come the meteorites. And so there it is. John Q. Public is now being told that there is another 'new normal' to contend with, which is that any city anywhere on the planet could get an 'impact', at any given time, with no warning, bang, city wiped out by a 'meteorite'. On that note, it is amazing to consider how this would, in a instant, prepare an entire geographic region for some ordo-ab-chao type NWO transformation. Just noticing... [see post]
"Drop and take cover when you see the bright flash from a meteor fireball", U.S. doctors urge

Blast damage in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk last February saw thousands of windows blown in by the shockwave, which arrived a couple of minutes after the bright flash. U.S. doctors working with Federal emergency preparedness programs are encouraging people, once they see a similar bright flash, to get away from windows during those crucial few minutes.

At the time of the Emergency Management Agency of Utah (UEMA) conference on Jan 9, 2014, Physicians for Civil Defense issued the following statement:

"All Americans, starting with first responders and emergency managers, need to know this basic life-saving principle: "Drop and cover if you see a sudden very bright light."

Such a light will be followed by a deadly shock wave within seconds. Those who drop and cover will probably survive. Those who do not are likely to be killed or suffer severe injury."

"Large meteor strikes are sufficiently probable that both the U.S. and Russia are working on ways to divert them. In 1908 a meteor strike flattened 800 square miles of Siberian forest," stated president Jane M. Orient, M.D.
Re: 'Large meteorite strikes are sufficiently probable'

"Drop and cover if you see a sudden very bright light", says the president of "Physicians for Civil Defense", a group of "U.S. doctors working with Federal emergency preparedness programs". Anybody paying attention knows that reports of meteorites, including for the sake of discussion asteroids, comets, and every other type of so-called "space rock", have been all-of-a-sudden literally off-the-chart over the last year or so. Mysterious lights in the sky all over the globe - some being called "fireballs", claimed meteorites flying all over the place, a few reported to be striking the earth or landing in the ocean, comets all over the place shedding 'dust' that could enter the earth's atmosphere we are told - it's extreme space-rock-danger everywhere you look according to the scientific-type spokespeople of the NWO. How is this possible. Might even be more rogue 'meteorites' and space-rocks et al. threatening the earth now than supposed "sinkholes" [link], if that is possible, if we are to believe what we are being told about these things, that is.

"Large meteorite strikes are sufficiently probable" is the official new paradigm for planet earth though, according to virtually every 'scientific agency' and msm news source on the planet. Never mind that that was not the case yesterday, it is now. Just like the world witnessed in February of last year [2013] in Russia when, we are told, a big 'space rock' came out of nowhere and exploded over a city [see 'Ison' and 'hoax?' below]. And if it happened once then it's "sufficiently probable" to happen again, we are now being told over and over. So much so, that an absolute unprecedented type of warning is apparently now needful for earthlings: an actual "drop and cover" meteorite warning from an actual government agency [UEMA].

Can a meteorite strike be simulated? Decide for yourself, but if you see a sudden very bright light...might want to drop and cover i.e hit the deck - according to the official government warning of 1-9-14. Maranatha.
 Rev. 18:4

"Disaster! This is an Instant Attack to Destroy any Place"
See: Imaginary (?) Ison Debris May Hit Earth Around New Year, Say Russian Scientists; And NWO 'Meteorite' Agenda 12-2-13 "[Regarding the reported 2-'13 Russian 'meteorite'] ...what has happened is that a brand new existential threat to the "old-world-order" has been introduced to the world at large...As reported...some Russians believe that what hit there was a missile... [in the post] is a video of a congressional hearing one month after the fact (March-April 2013), where the seriousness of this new "meteorite threat" to the people of the world was discussed. The Russian 'meteorite' is the topic of the discussion. This reported 'meteorite', like 'comet Ison', also left very little evidence behind. To start with, it was undetected, because, it is said, the sun was in their eyes [:47 and 4:22]. Then, it landed in the middle of a frozen lake, according to the reports, and no photos were possible. Reportedly it was recovered at a much later date but that story received very little attention. Was it real? Interesting choice of words by a couple of speakers in this video. At :09 the newsman uses the term "rocketed". At 1:04 the congressman uses the word "detonated". Are those verbal clues 'hidden in plain sight'? Exploding rockets?" [see post, follow links, connect dots]

also: Meteorite Hoax? Russian Politician Says Yes - NWO Says Meteorites The New Threat 2-16-13 "So were they real meteorites, or giant 'molotov cocktails'..."
1-13-14 update: NWO Meteorite Agenda: 'Light' Over NY May Have Been 'Meteor' From 'Ison' Says 'Expert'; Eye-Of-Horus Photos "..what was actually reported was a "streak of light" and a "loud boom". It is the "astronomy expert" who has assured everyone that this was in fact, "more than likely", says he, almost certainly, it must have been, a "meteor". Do you believe that?
Psalms 96:5 'For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the LORD made the heavens'

Unexplained Portugal Mini-Tsunami 1-6-14 - New Video

An original video of the anomalous and what many are referring to as a 'mini-tsunami' that hit the area of Porto, Portugal 1-6-14 had been posted with this previous post:

More Tsunami Hype: Britain Warned Of 'Mega Tsunami' From Canary Islands; Portugal Mini-Tsunami 1-6-14 "No explanation posted with the video. Reportedly the biggest swell in decades is [was] hitting Europe starting yesterday [Sunday] 1-5-14, being called the "Black Swell" [link]. Note: normal ocean waves, even very large ones, do not come ashore. Where they break is determined by the ocean bottom or reef. The bigger the wave, the farther out they break. Only water that is 'displaced' at once in large volumes from below the surface by whatever means, or perhaps from very large objects traveling at a high rate of speed like a NWO-claimed 'meteorite' [link] impacting the surface, can inundate shorelines. Tsunami-making practice in Portugal?" [see post, follow links]

That original video was taken down by YT for "copyright infringement"; This is another video of the same event posted one day after the fact; 1-7-14. It actually gives a much better (amazing) view of just exactly how much water was actually 'displaced':

[update 1-14-14 - this is the 4th repost after three taken down (?)]

Compare: Speaking Of Illuminati Cards - Seen The "Instant Attack Tsunami Card"? 5-7-13 "Disaster! An Instant Attack To Destroy Any Coastal Place" - "Tsunami hype has reached record levels recently. Unheard of in times past, tsunami threats and warnings have suddenly become a part of daily life for coastal dwellers anywhere on the planet...and not only tsunamis....but...massive 'storm surges' up to 30 feet or bigger from super-cyclones or hurricanes are now threatening virtually every coastline on the planet...because of "global warming"...we are told" [see post]

"Disaster! This is an Instant Attack
to Destroy any Coastal Place"

Geoengineered Tsunamis, 'Storm Surges'? 1999 Rescue Heroes Cartoon Demonstrates A 'Tsunami Bomb' 12-27-12
also (posted 4-1-14): 'Unexplainable' April Fools Day 1946 Pacific-Wide Tsunami Man Made? Tsunami Bomb[s]?
Job 38:1,8,11 'Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said....who shut up the sea with doors, when it brake forth, as if it had issued out of the womb?...And [who] said, Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed?'