Electronic Eye to Watch You, Homelander

update on: You Will Be Watched and Tracked
$1 million 'smart' surveillance system to deter crime Pittsburgh Tribune Review
"Criminals beware: Allegheny County is planning to keep an electronic eye out for you."

"County Emergency Services Chief Bob Full said Friday that $750,000 in a pending federal appropriations bill would help pay for as many as 40 remote-controlled cameras to watch for crimes and monitor emergencies."

"Cameras could be moved as needed and would be monitored and controlled from the department's Point Breeze headquarters, Full said. Images could be relayed to police officers responding to an incident and shown on their in-car computers, he said."

"The planned system will include 64 cameras the county already has, as well as 64 sensors that sniff the air for traces of chemicals and radioactive materials."

"In all, the Senate Appropriations Committee has approved more than $2 million for police surveillance in Pennsylvania. Besides the county money, the funding bill includes $250,000 to put 53 cameras in Pittsburgh, and similar projects for cameras in Allentown, Williamsport and York."

"The closed-circuit wireless surveillance network could include microphones that detect the sound of a gunshot and alert dispatchers, said Sen. Arlen Specter. He said images caught by cameras would be an aid in prosecuting crimes."

"The cameras work best when everyone knows they are being watched, said the study's author, Jerry Ratcliffe"

"Philadelphia is building a $10 million surveillance network with 250 cameras that the city hopes to have operating by the end of the year."

"Full said the planned surveillance system, to be built by August Systems of Morgantown, W.Va., eventually could include security cameras owned by universities, PennDOT and private companies."

""It is scalable, and it can grow. And this is what we need to do in the future.."
re: "criminals beware"

Strange thing about this, it's the law abiding citizens in the above mentioned five Pennsylvania cities who will be watched by the electronic eye, with plans already forming to expand the system to universities, private businesses, and the Dept. of Transportation (on DOT see 'update' link)

"When everyone knows they are being watched" says Jerry Ratcliffe, the cameras will be doing their job. Looks like that job description will include instilling an environment of fear-based obedience to the authoritarian masters of the now being unveiled global society of which Amer Canamerexico will make up the Western Region.

Coming to where you live too!
Make no mistake about it, absolute micromanagement of the planet is the end goal for these godless atheists with their antichrist world government system who are attempting to subdue the earth unto themselves. The agenda is now advancing openly as never before. Don't be lulled into complacency, and it would be wise to understand that no politician at any level is going to change anything. They are there only to implement the plan whether they are aware of it or not. The globalists have a name for people they can use to ignorantly forward their agenda. They call them "useful idiots".
What also needs to be understood is that all these things must come to pass. These dramatic worldwide changes are creating precisely the scenario which alerts us to the nearness of the certain intervention in the earth's affairs by the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, coming down as the crushing stone to crush the rebellion of foolish mankind who would defy God Almighty. see: the Stone the builders rejected
"For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be" Matt. 24:21
Be one of the few (Matt. 7:14)...believe the Word of God.
follow links, compare, connect dots: One World Kingdom Birthing

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