Pope, U.N. 'New' 2030 Sustainability Scam Same As Old Scam: 1995 U.N. Biodiversity Assessment Report

And now, introducing to the world, the latest greatest revamped reworded same-ol'-story, 'new' 2030 U.N. Agenda on Sustainability - for the good of all the world. New-World-Pope blowing the trumpet, world leaders, so-called, meeting this very week to "commit' to the arrangement:
United Nations 2030 Agenda: President Obama Joins World Leaders To Commit to "Sustainable Development"

9-28-15 "President Barack Obama joined with world leaders Sunday to commit to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The adoption of the framework [link], announced at the United Nations General Assembly, means the U.S. will join other nations to eradicate extreme poverty and adopt sustainable policies with long-term impact...Over the next 15 years, the agenda aims to eradicate poverty and hunger, protect the environment, promote human rights and gender equality, empower women, strive for peaceful and inclusive societies and fight against inequalities. It is the culmination of two years of consultation and development."
Regardless of how the 'new' U.N. 2030 agenda for 'sustainability" is currently worded in this it's latest edition, it is without question unchanged in purpose from all previous editions. Subjugate the world is the one and only purpose from the first, through absolute micromanagement of the planet. The green-gospel of "sustainability" has been 'crafted' as the means to that end. By the creation of 'sustainability' guidelines - i.e. what is and what is not "sustainable", every facet of life on earth is to then be regulated. Every person, place, thing utterly controlled - within a global system. The end ultimately being the antichrist-Zionist kingdom-comers reigning as overlords of the earth. That's their grand scheme anyway - link.

All in all very simple to understand. The 'global serfdom' is to be herded into "sustainable communities" worldwide, given solar and fed bugs. Bugs? Bugs, for one example, are cheap to produce - no pastures, no irrigation (water), no heavy equipment, etc. [see list below]. Cheap is the key word - the entire motive. Cost management of the slave class. Part of the overall micromanagement plan. With that plan nothing will be overlooked. On that, below is a post from seven years ago - the 1995 U.N. list of 'unsustainables'. Nothing has changed. Recommend reading carefully and comprehending fully. All these things are to be literally done away with - so as to be replaced by the 'novus ordo seclorum'. Everything being done is to this end. Grasp the 'micromanage' concept and the real 'why' of the all-things-green agenda as well the other 'global issues' now being given a target date of 2030 (and beyond) become completely obvious:

Originally posted 4-7-08; on the relationship between the 1995 U.N. Biodiversity Assessment Report and a statement from a 1992 book by the infamous Al Gore on the need for what he termed a "wrenching transformation": "In his book, Earth in the Balance, Al Gore warned that a "wrenching transformation" must take place to lead America away from the "horrors of the Industrial Revolution." The process to do that is called "sustainable development"...[from: human lifestyle changes needed]

(4-7-08) "Wrenching transformation"?

On globalism and 'unsustainables'

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself just what sort of "human lifestyle changes" might 'the world' expect to experience if/when this "wrenching transformation", as described by Gore, begins to really be 'tightened down'? Well, have a look at the list below, and prepare to be in disbelief.

First, this quote taken from an article which is a brief synopsis of something called the U.N. "Biodiversity Assessment Report", which was published in November of 1995:

"The 1,140-page report is the most comprehensive analysis of the science of biological diversity ever attempted. Funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and by UNEP, this independent and peer-reviewed assessment is the work of over 1,500 scientists and experts from all parts of the world.": article

Secondly, below is an excerpt from another article which had been saved in some old files. The link is lost and 'a google' didn't turn it up, so take it for what it is worth. There is no valid reason though to question or doubt the accuracy because if you understand the 'sustainable' agenda (21) thoroughly, it fits perfectly. It would also explain perfectly why the word "wrenching" is used as an adjective to describe the now 'urgent' planned transformation of the world!

The author/researcher (below) has studied the 'U.N. Biodiversity Assessment Report' and from it has compiled what she called the "unsustainable list".....which basically means those things that, according to the report, will have to be "wrenched" away from people, because they are 'harmful to Mother earth'. This truly is what 'sustainable development' is about. Again, if not familiar with this, prepare to be in disbelief:

"RESEARCHER JEANNIE SODERMAN did a complete reading of the 1140 page “Biodiversity Assessment Report” that came out of Agenda 21. She noted that ICLEI, the International Committee of Local Environmental Initiatives is the group empowered to implement Agenda 21 worldwide. Soderman compiled a list of the things that were named “unsustainable” in the report.

Some of these are:

automobiles, modern farm production systems (no use of machines is allowed), irrigation, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, farmlands, rangelands, pastures, fish ponds, plantations, forestry, urbanization, impervious surfaces, fisheries, grazing of livestock, disturbance of the soil surface, large hoofed animals, industrial activities, plastic production, synthetic products, the use of machines, CFCs, technology improvements, natural gas production, cemeteries, sewers, drain systems, pipelines, private property, land use that serves human needs, human made caves of brick and mortar, concrete and steel, paved and tarred roads, highways and trails, railroads, floor and wall tiles, aquaculture, dams, reservoirs, straightening of rivers, power line construction, golf courses, scuba diving, modern hunting, picking of berries, ski runs, fossil fuels used for driving various types of machines, building materials, synthetic drugs, population growth, convenience foods. Soderman has a list in which each of these is page-referenced."

Very briefly, this is where the ideology intersects with the practical means for accomplishing the globalist agenda. The actual goal is not really the 'wonderful' so-called "sustainability" to "save the planet" as we are to believe, but rather ownership and control over every square inch of this planet. It is nothing less than a total and complete, massive "land grab", and this is to be accomplished through the guise of "environmentalism". Every square inch.

The 'beast' will own it all!


Gen. 11:3-4 'And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar. And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven'

Rev. 18:4


National Weather Service Issues Tsunami Warning For Connecticut 'By Mistake' 9-24-15;  Tsunami Conditioning

Oops ... tsunami warning issued for CT

The state Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection said a tsunami warning for Connecticut was inadvertently broadcast from the National Weather Service Thursday morning. The alert included Fairfield County, part of Long Island Sound and New Haven, Middlesex and New London counties.

“It was an internal test for the alert that went live,” said Scott Devico, spokesman for the department. “The message was sent through the emergency alert system. The first thing we did was make contact with the National Weather Service and was told it was an accident.” The department later sent out a tweet letting people known it was a mistake. He said no emergency services were activated once it was determined the alert was a mistake.

The 'it was a mistake' follow-up statement from the National Weather Service; 9-24-15
This post is a follow up on, related to: 9-16-15 Chile 'Tsunami' Natural Or Pacific-Wide 'Tsunami Bomb' Drill? Mass Evacuation Drills Called For 9-17-15 "Tsunami hype has reached record levels recently. Unheard of in times past, tsunami threats and warnings have suddenly become a part of daily life for coastal dwellers anywhere on the planet -- Strange thing this reported Chile 9-16-15 quake-tsunami event. It is being recorded as having been a "Pacific-wide tsunami", although very little to none in the way of damaging effects have been reported anywhere - other than a few locations in Chile. No doubt the entire Pacific-wide region was put through what in essence then turned out to be nothing more that a massive drill. A global drill even -- Everybody near any ocean is under threat, as it goes...Tsunamis anywhere anytime is the 'new norm' John Q. public is supposed to believe. -- Here again is what makes this Chile global 'tsunami drill' a thing to be wondered about. While for most of the supposed-to-be-affected areas the 'tsunami' turned out to be a total non-event, "tsunami-conditioning" of the general public worldwide took a huge leap forward. - - Might even be a cause to wonder if tsunamis and/or 'storm surges' can be 'geoengineered'? Well, oddly enough, a popular children's cartoon show from 1999/2000 that is currently being re-aired just so happens to demonstrate the 'geoengineering' of a tsunami...[see post]
Tsunami conditioning for creating in the subconscious mind of the public the notion of the anytime any coast tsunami as a natural, normally-occurring reality? What else. Even though Connecticut has never seen anything close to a tsunami. What does that have to do with geo-engineered tsunamis on demand though. Exactly. Agenda 21 'natural-coastline' restoration goals have to be met somehow don't they?
"Disaster! This is an Instant Attack
to Destroy any Coastal Place"
Take note. Especially all coastal dwellers anywhere on the planet.  Rev. 18:4
Job 26:10 'He hath compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end'


Obama Shows 'Devil Horns' Meeting NWO-Pope Francis: Fake Antichrist, False Prophet Script Playing Out?

Fake false prophet meets the fake-beast? Here's the hidden-in-plain-sight photo-op of the grand occasion. New World Pope, Obama...together on the global stage. As can be seen, the below image itself is a video clip within a video clip [link]. The location is not known. The image itself does not seem to be photo-shopped. The blue dress on MO, seen in numerous other photos of the New-World-Pope's arrival in the U.S. yesterday 9-22-15, proves that this photo was taken yesterday 9-22-15. The angle of the photo is perfect to achieve the horned-Obama effect. Obama also is positioned perfectly for the shot. What exactly that is that is giving Obama his horns is hard to say, but it's just the right height, and just the right size. Looks like the wings of a phoenix bird. Chance of all these things being coincidental? - zero.

Fake 'beast' fake horns...
As far as Obama being the 'real' biblical Antichrist, and Bergoglio/Francis being the real biblical 'False Prophet", it is at this point surely safe to conclude that virtually everyone has heard these things suggested many times over - with more than a few being convinced that it is in fact the case. Without going into the specifics in this post, the factual reality, on both counts, is that it is absolutely not possible. Bible prophecy correctly interpreted reveals unquestionably that neither the 'Beast' nor the 'False Prophet' can as of yet made an appearance on the stage of human history. More than a few things must still come to pass before that time comes. What these things are that must first be fulfilled are touched on in the posts linked below, and others that are linked to them - follow links, connect dots.

At any rate, the image is definitely interesting enough to take notice of - which is the reason for posting it. It may be an indication of things that lay ahead with regard to the ZNWO fake antichrist/false-prophet script - that is - it may be an indication that they are really going to run with it. Take note, and be not deluded if this scenario does continue to develop:

Fake Antichrist and False Prophet script? see: Obama "Unbreakable Alliance" Israel Trip, And New Pope: NWO Imitating Antichrist And False Prophet? 2-26-13 "...the way in which this is being done is giving the appearance of the beginning of an absolutely massive deception upon the entire world. A deception created by imitating bible prophecy...The Catholic church is being brought in - and not possibly by chance - with the recent resignation of the sitting pope...What orchestration, and what imitating of bible prophecy? To cut to the chase, it has to do with creating the persona of a fake antichrist, and the persona of a fake 'false prophet'. [see post]

'False Prophet' role playing; see: TIME Names 'New World Pope' Francis Person Of The Year - Portray Him With 'Horns Like A Lamb'; And "Last Pope Prophecy" NWO Fake 'False Prophet' 12-11-13 "...on the alleged "Last Pope Prophecy"...the idea of the so-called 'prophecy' is that the incoming pope, whoever it would be, essentially would turn out to be the biblical 'False Prophet'. As discussed in that post, and the one below, that is an impossibility (the time is not yet), but, this does not rule out the possibility of the creation of an 'imitation' for the specific purpose of faking bible prophecy - Rev. 13:11 "And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon"  - As for that, the specific way that this TIME cover of Francis was done also seems worth noting, in that the 'horns' are rather small, even lamb-like perhaps. And again, as to the composition of the photo being all in white like it is, that seems to add to the overall effect of 'lamb-likeness' too. Mary (Catholic church) had a little lamb...?

Compare also: Faking Antichrist: Obama Photo-Op Of 'ISIS'/Syria Speech Shows Him With "Baphomet" Devil-Horns 9-10-14
Staged photos? see also: Trump Shows 'Bat-Wings' During 9-15-15 USS Iowa Speech - One Month After "I Am Batman" Statement In Iowa 9-16-15

Rev. 18:4
2Tim 3:1,13 'This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come...evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived'  [cf. 2Tim. 3:14-15]


Puppet Perverseness: ABC 'Muppets' Remake - Legalizing Drugs To Bestiality..."No Subject Is Off limits" - Airs Tonite 9-22-15

Reedited, reposted. When originally posted it was thought that this would be aired in the UK only (below article is from UK). Turns out this is not at all the case. Fact is there has been over the past few days a heavy 'Muppet puppets doing perversely' promotion preparing for tonite's 9-22-15 planned prime time U.S. launch to pump puppet-pollution into the public psyche through the ZNWO tell-a-lie-vision portal - with a 10-program dose of ex-kiddie show turned puppet-porn propaganda. Pathetic:
Infidelity, drugs, a new Spamela Hamderson...how did the Muppet Show get so adult?

Classic show will return to screens next month with ten half-hour episodes

Their furry variety show was the epitome of family entertainment. But when The Muppets make their much-heralded return to our screens next month, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and co will have a distinctly ‘adult’ air about them.

Many will think that is an understatement, with a plot line that is not what you might expect from Jim Henson’s original children’s entertainment show – a love triangle between Miss Piggy, Kermit and another ‘woman’.

American network ABC has commissioned ten half-hour episodes that will air on Sky in the UK.

In one scene Fozzie Bear dates a beautiful Cuban girl and her anxious father asks, if the couple have children: ‘Where will they go to the bathroom… in the woods?’

Offended, Fozzie barks back: ‘OK! That is an offensive stereotype!’

Dad: "I don't see how it's ever going to work out"   Daughter: "You can say it dad....he's a bear"
When Miss Piggy threatens to boycott her new TV show, Kermit makes a joke referring to the legalisation of marijuana in some US states, saying: ‘Everyone’s going to be upset. Except the band. They’re always happy – legally now.’

No subject is off limits,’ a source close to the show told The Mail on Sunday.

The ABC source added: ‘The show will be relevant and will grab story lines straight from the headlines.

'Children will enjoy the new show but a lot of the jokes and references are aimed at adults.’

While executives are keeping the celebrity guest list tightly under wraps, The Mail on Sunday has learned that stars including Jennifer Lawrence, Sofia Vergara, Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Pfeiffer and Scandal star Kerry Washington are all lined up to make cameos. Producers are planning to approach Elton John, who appeared in the original series.

Open promulgation of pure filth....by the use of puppets...and big name Hollywood-ers. Puppets to target youth, filth to target all with...so as to utterly corrupt...compliments ABC. UK only at this point, but no reason to expect it to stop there...or that it would be confined only to a 'puppet show'. No, no, the cup of iniquity is still not quite yet full. But when that happens...it's on: Rev. 18:5-6

Rev. 18:4
John 3:19 'And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil'


Japan Launching Orwellian 'All-Purpose' ID Card Called "My Number" October 2015

Ready or not, government will soon have your My Number

[excerpted] Starting in mid-October, the government will send all residents in Japan, native or foreign, a randomly generated 12-digit identification number that will in principle remain unchangeable in their lifetime. The program will officially commence in January, when people will be asked by employers and city officials to present their My Number ID when conducting administrative matters related to taxes and social welfare benefits.

The government claims the unprecedented identification system, similar to the Social Security number used in the United States, will help reduce red tape and paperwork.

The notices for My Number will also include an application form for what the government terms an “Individual Number Card (My Number card)” — an IC-equipped card that, from January on, could work in lieu of driver’s licenses, passports and other forms of identification.

Obtaining the My Number card is not mandatory, but to maximize its prevalence the government wants it to function as a health insurance card, credit/cash card and employee ID card at private companies in the coming years.

In one potential scenario, the Finance Ministry is thinking of launching a tax refund program to ease the impact of the scheduled consumption tax hike to 10 percent from 8 percent in April 2017. As part of the plan, the ministry would require consumers to present the My Number card wherever they shop to claim the refund on the 2-point hike for food and drink.

Another big concern in Japan, he said, is abuse of authority — namely the police.

A law grants the police free rein to use My Number to access and collect whatever private information they need for “investigative purposes,” he said. What’s worse, police can do so unsupervised by the monitoring committee. The impunity suggests police activities are virtually “untouchable,” he said, adding that the day may be approaching when police ask pedestrians to present their My Number cards during routine stops.

“In this regard, for the police, My Number will be like a master key through which they can identify their target with unprecedented speed and ease.”

666 or bust, the would-be masters-of-the-universe are giving it all they've got to get their 'human-cattle' planetary management system up and running.

Tax ID, drivers license, health insurance, credit and other bank cards, passport, company ID #, shopping discount card, and who knows what else...all rolled up into one...and government controlled. And police can access it all at will. Names no longer necessary...just "your number". This is Japan. You don't have to be Japanese though. Residents foreign or national to be assigned their #'s beginning next month October, program officially begins January 2016. Anybody in Japan will be officially numberized from there on out. First phase makes it mandatory for certain government matters, everything else to be phased-in "in the coming years". Coming to your country somewhere along the way.

And then...if they can just get everybody on the new personal-data collection system known as Windows 10 [link] - and no doubt they'll be tickled transgender-pink if they can...that'll be all she wrote. Owned like, well, like a herd of cattle.
 see: Agenda21 'Blue Zones'; see also: "because you're a minion"

Unfortunately for the self-proclaimed super-master 'ranchers', the grand plan, although it will run it's course (that's what the Book of Revelation is all about)...will utterly fail in the end:

Isaiah 14:12-15 'How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit. '

It is written.  Rev. 18:4


9-16-15 Chile 'Tsunami' Natural Or Pacific-Wide 'Tsunami Bomb' Drill?  Mass Evacuation Drills Called For

Related to: Is That A Tsunami Hitting Honolulu On The Cover Of The New 2013-2014 Hawaiiantel Phonebook? 1-4-13 "Tsunami hype has reached record levels recently. Unheard of in times past, tsunami threats and warnings have suddenly become a part of daily life for coastal dwellers anywhere on the planet...and not only tsunamis....but...massive 'storm surges' up to 30 feet or bigger from super-cyclones or hurricanes are now threatening virtually every coastline on the planet...because of "global warming"...we are told"
[reedited]  Strange thing this reported Chile 9-16-15 quake-tsunami event. It is being recorded as having been a "Pacific-wide tsunami", although very little to none in the way of damaging effects have been reported anywhere - other than a few locations in Chile. No doubt the entire Pacific-wide region was put through what in essence then turned out to be nothing more that a massive drill. A global drill even. The video below is a fly-over of one location in Chile named Coquimbo. Having searched the net for any other videos showing anything substantial with not much success, this seems to be about the best that is available. If this is in fact the extent, it would seem to indicate a fairly limited near-source type event:

In part, the lack of much in the way of actual tsunami footage may be due to the fact that the entire event occurred during the dark of night. Approximately 8:20 PM Chile time made for an after-midnight to early AM arrival at every other location. In other words in the pitch dark little could be seen...if there was anything to see at all. That statement is based on the fact that besides Chile there was virtually nothing visible anywhere, although various wave heights across the Pacific were 'reported' - there just happened to be no visual to go along with these reports. All that for whatever it is worth. The hype though was taken to a fever pitch across the globe. This is important to see. What is significant about this as a "Pacific-wide" event, and the point of this post, is to note how, and it is due solely to the 'hype', that immediately it has turned into a call for more government-control type solutions to the claimed 'tsunami problem'.

The article below is an example of this. Planning for massive evacuations is the prominent theme, as well as connecting people to government warning programs through texts and emails, and general population training. Also hinted at is the need for a "federal standard" for 'tsunami management' at the local levels. The remainder of the article is more of the now ever increasing 'tsunami hype' for every coastal region on the globe. Note that virtually no areas are any longer considered safe. Everybody near any ocean is under threat, as it goes. Many areas are said to be in danger of the "near field", but those that are not, like Los Angeles for instance, are still said to be in an always imminent danger of the "far field" tsunami. That would be the big one coming from across the ocean:

Are American Cities Prepared For Massive Tsunamis?

[excerpted] Is Los Angeles ready for a massive tsunami? How about Honolulu or Seattle?

In Chile, more than a million people evacuated their homes in the wake of an 8.3-magnitude earthquake and tsunami alert on Wednesday night, keeping the casualty count below a dozen. Evacuating a million people and having only a few deaths is "phenomenal," Costas Synolakis, director of the University of Southern California's Tsunami Research Center, told NBC News.

"It's a positive message for us," he said. "If the Chileans can evacuate a million people in 15 or 20 minutes, we should be able to do it as well."

But there is no guarantee that Americans are as prepared as people in Chile.

It's possible that a tsunami could hit the East Coast. But it's cities along the Pacific Ocean's "Ring of Fire" that are most at risk. Hawaii is constantly threatened by tsunamis that originate far away. More dangerous are local or "near-field" tsunamis triggered by powerful nearby quakes. Think of the deadly Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 that contributed to more than 230,000 deaths. Coastal towns in Washington and Oregon run the highest risk of encountering these disasters. California and Alaska are also at risk.

Last month, a study found that an earthquake off the coast of Southern California could send a 23-foot-high wave more than a mile inland into the cities of Ventura and Oxnard.

With distant tsunamis, people have hours to react, which makes it easier for local governments to warn people away from the coast. Some U.S. cities — including many in Washington state and Hawaii — use sirens that go off when a tsunami is coming. Others, like those in Los Angeles County, use opt-in emergency alerts to contact people with text messages, emails and pre-recorded phone messages. There is no federal standard — each local government decides for itself how to warn people of a tsunami.

There isn't a big risk of a local tsunami in L.A., but it could happen, possibly due to an underwater landslide near the city of Palos Verdes. More likely is a distant tsunami originating from a massive earthquake in Alaska.

Overall, Synolakis feels that people in L.A. aren't prepared enough for a tsunami — something the city shares with many other U.S. communities. In Chile, the government has made sure people know exactly what to do when a tsunami hits, partly thanks to evacuation drills. Those drills would be the best thing U.S. cities could do to protect their residents from a tsunami, Synolakis said.

Taking everything into consideration, the question then is this: Is the report of the 9/16-17/15 Chilean 'tsunami' to be taken as true, that is, as being naturally generated? Without question it is known that tsunamis can be generated with explosives. Man-made in other words. The name for these explosive-generated tsunamis is also well known. They are called "tsunami bombs". The post directly below delves into the subject. The question is valid seeing the massive agenda now being put forth surrounding "tsunamis". Massive population relocation is a known Agenda21 goal, including eventually completely removing populations from coastal areas. Just noting these things. Tsunamis anywhere anytime is the 'new norm' John Q. public is supposed to believe. Here again is what makes this Chile global 'tsunami drill' a thing to be wondered about. While for most of the supposed-to-be-affected areas the 'tsunami' turned out to be a total non-event, "tsunami-conditioning" of the general public worldwide took a huge leap forward. Was that possibly the plan? Was Chile given a 'local' geoengineered-type tsunami in order to run the global drill? No way to know of course, but what are the odds?

It has to be left there, but at any rate be aware - mass evacuation drills are in the planning stages for all coastal regions.
 Rev. 18:4
See: Geoengineered Tsunamis, 'Storm Surges'? 1999 Rescue Heroes Cartoon Demonstrates A 'Tsunami Bomb' 12-27-12 "Strange how tsunamis are becoming, and in fact have already become more commonplace than ever before in recorded history. Might even be a cause to wonder if tsunamis and/or 'storm surges' can be 'geoengineered'? Well, oddly enough, a popular children's cartoon show from 1999/2000 that is currently being re-aired just so happens to demonstrate the 'geoengineering' of a tsunami. And even more interesting is that the way it is shown precisely matches what was revealed in a thirteen year old article published in the New Zealand Herald [dated 9-25-99], reporting on the New Zealand government's declassifying of files detailing secret testing of explosive-generated tsunamis, i.e. 'tsunami bombs', in the 1940's. This tsunami-making program was called "Project Seal"" [see images below; see full post]

[15:30] According to my calculations this tidal wave will reach an oil derrick that is home to 14 workers...that's the good news...the bad news is that it will continue until it wipes out the coast of Chile    [15:45] You want to set off an explosion, don't you?    [15:47] You tell me...is it feasible?    [15:50] Well, given the right locations, we'll need several...with the proper timing we can create our own tidal wave to counteract the real one

[16:47]  What's the plan    [16:48]  Wendy's diving down to set some explosives    [18:15]  one down, two to go

[19:48]  (last of three)    [20:00]  We need to detonate Billy, five four three two one...

[20:44]  Did our plan work?    [20:48]  Yes...good work everyone

(Note the obligatory 'one eye' flash in this last image, after the completed mission. It never fails - even in children's cartoons)
Compare: History: 'Unexplainable' April Fools Day 1946 Pacific-Wide Tsunami Man Made? Tsunami Bomb[s]? 4-1-14

Also: Speaking Of Illuminati Cards - Seen The "Instant Attack" Tsunami Card?
Jeremiah 5:22 'Fear ye not me? saith the LORD: will ye not tremble at my presence, which have placed the sand for the bound of the sea by a perpetual decree, that it cannot pass it: and though the waves thereof toss themselves, yet can they not prevail; though they roar, yet can they not pass over it?'


Trump Shows 'Bat-Wings' During 9-15-15 USS Iowa Speech - One Month After "I Am Batman" Statement In Iowa

Theatre, pure theatre. Everything, which includes...everything. And never ending. Nothing more so than the charade of the current batch of political candidates supposedly 'running' for the 2016 presidential selection. For starters there is another Clinton, and then there is a third Bush, and then there's the guy making all the outrageous statements - which is in reality the only thing keeping the production at all interesting for public consumption, namely Donald Trump...or should we say "Batman". You may or may not have seen the story back one month ago where on the supposed campaign trail Trump made a pit stop in Iowa for an obviously staged scripted-kid photo-op where the kid asked Trump if he was Batman, to which Trump replied "I am Batman". The little story garnered a lot of internet attention at the time [video, story below]. Oh well, nothing to it right? Well perhaps there might be more to it than meets the all-seeing-eye-of-Horus if Trump's speech yesterday 9-15-15 given from the deck of the Battleship USS Iowa is any indication. It was nothing Trump said in the big speech on board the battleship, but had everything to do with how he was posed while making the speech. Standing in front of a huge gun turret, with a cover of some sort over the base perfectly draped to achieve the desired effect, as seen in the image below, the perfectly positioned photo-op has Trump undeniably showing off a nice big pair of Bat-wings, just the thing that would be expected from 'Batman':

Perfectly positioned for his 9-15-15 USS Iowa speech, "I am Batman" Donald Trump very clearly depicted
with a perfectly formed pair of 'Bat-wings'. Note same hat, clothing as when statement made; see below
Again, what makes this significant is the obviously staged event of one month ago August 17, 2015, also Iowa-connected for whatever that's worth, where Trump did in fact declare himself to be "Batman":

Donald Trump says he’s Batman. Here are 15 reasons why he might just be right [excerpted 8-18-15] Candidate Trump, as if channeling the wily senior politician opposite Robert Redford in “The Candidate,” or Burt Lancaster’s eccentric oilman mogul in “Local Hero,” arrived from the skies as if from Olympus descending. He landed among the fair and good people of Iowa in a Trump copter that, as The Post reported, kicked up an apt metaphor of a duststorm. Then, in canny (and canned) fashion, the leading GOP contender offered rides to some of the cheering children. And one of these kids, 9-year-old William, was savvy enough to be toting a GoPro camera.

“Mr. Trump?” inquired the lens-wielding William.
“Yes?” said The Helicopter Don.
“Are you Batman?”
“I am Batman.”

Youtube "Published on Aug 18, 2015 - Mr Trump refers to himself as Batman on the same day that a man died known as the Route 29 Batman famous on the Internet for being stopped by the police in 2012 in a viral video dressed up as Batman for the entertainment of sick hospitalized children."

Where 'they' are going with this, if anywhere, is not knowable at this point. Note also the very strange coincidence with regard to the timing of Trump's 8-17-15 "I am Batman" statement, as reported by the video producer, quoted above. Seems too strange not to be somehow significant. Can only watch for further development on the Trump-Batman theme at this point though. Of course the "Dark Knight' Batman theme coming out of Aurora, and carrying over to the Boston-marathon Joker theme (and Riddler - link) come to mind immediately.

And of course the Obama photo-op of one year ago 9-10-14 showing him with Baphomet devil-horns comes to mind immediately also - link.

Trump doing some sort of Batman role-playing thing as part of the overall US presidential election process truly reveals the wacky-reality of those pulling the strings in this world. The take away is this: The political scene of this entire world is contrived, controlled, completely manipulated. What goes out to the public is pure theatre. It is not men but spiritual entities behind it all.

As the inerrant Word of God tells us plainly, principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places [Eph. 6:12] - is what is running the show in this lost world that we live in. Satan truly is the 'god of this world' [2Cor. 4:4]. Few understand this 'spiritual reality' as being literally true. Especially strange is the vast majority of professing Christians, whom should definitely understand this, and believe it, do not at all. Alas, They are blind [Rev. 3:17].

This passage of scripture below proves the point - recounting the experience of the Lord Jesus Christ while being tempted of the devil 40 days in the wilderness - where the devil, Satan, makes clear his legal control of this world (usurped from the first man Adam originally - John 8:34):

"...the devil, taking him [Jesus] up into a high mountain, showed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine. Luke 4:5-8

Believing the Word of God then, we understand that unless subservient to the 'principalities, powers, and rulers of the darkness of this world', it is simply impossible to rise to a seat of power in the 'devil's kingdom', which is this world today. "For that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it" said the devil. And so it is, until the Lord Jesus Christ, who obviously did not take Satan's offer, comes and removes him from 'power' at the biblical battle of Armageddon [Rev. 19:19-20]. It is written.

The truth is that it makes zero difference what Trump, any Clinton, any Bush, or any other does, because the 'god of this world' is juggling the politicians of every nation on earth according to his own purpose [Rev. 17:1,2; 18:3; Nahum 3:4]. Pawns each and every one. There is no politician that will 'save' America because that is not the plan. The plan is worldwide domination and his 'employees' are used only to further that goal. And apparently he even makes them play Batman games sometimes - just for kicks perhaps. We'll have to wait to see though if anything more comes of this. Stay tuned...same bat-channel, same bat-time.

The reality of how this-world-turns is harsh. It is a spiritual reality of devils and men in rebellion against the true and living God who created them [Jer. 10:10]. And, the ultimate conflict is drawing ever nearer. Learn and believe the Word of God (KJV).
 Rev. 18:4


2015 Look Again: 9/11 Hidden In 'Plane' Sight By Hollywood Over And Over Before 2001 - Movies, Cartoons, WWF, Etc.

Hidden in plain (plane) sight! 9/11 must be the epitome of the cabalist-creed. Hollywood has been 'telling on themselves' for many long years. The images below represent the proof of this very fact. Plain as day! Many have seen most of these images/video more than a few times, nevertheless 'always remembering' is necessary. The alternative is ZNWO-inflicted mindlessness. The images below are just a relatively small sample of the Hollywood pre-tells that surround the September 11, 2001 day of infamy. How many does it take though? Especially when they say it straight up to the whole world...like Hulk Hogan and Randy Macho Man Savage did twelve years before the day:

Hulk Hogan, Randy 'Macho Man' Savage 1989 "...you're going to see the twin towers come crumbling down"

Clip reportedly dates from 1989 - a WWF event featuring a Tag Team match where the "Mega Powers", viz. legends Hulk Hogan and Randy 'Macho Man' Savage, were to face two opponents named "The Twin Towers"


Video embed code [adjust height/width as needed]:

<iframe src="https://www.bitchute.com/embed/4neCZdQA9yl8/" width="550" height="309"</iframe>


:02 "Do you want to know how powerful the megapowers are?"

:08 "Everybody knows the Twin Towers are big strong high buildings, larger than any buildings in New York City..."

:20 "But I'm telling you something right now [1989]...they may be earthquake proof, they may be typhoon proof, they may be tidal wave proof, but when the mega powers, the strongest force in the universe goes against the twin towers, it's going to be like a faultline going right through their foundation, and the richter scale is going to spin around 42 times, go into orbit, and you're going to see the twin towers come crumbling down..."

And then...they did:

Supertramp album cover "Breakfast In America" 1979 on left - reversed on right sending a little message,
complete w/OJ fireball; view is looking out the window of a plane - keeping with the 9/11 theme apparently

Spiderman comic book 1976Sesame Street 1976


9/11 1-Yr Flashback: 2014 Obamas Commemorate 9/11 By Stuffing 'KaBoom' Backpacks

Originally posted 9-12-14

Unreal: Michelle And Barack Remember 9/11 In The Most Shockingly Inappropriate Way

[excerpted] It’s hard to imagine that Michelle Obama and her White House advisors could possibly have picked a more bizarre way to let her social media fans know how FLOTUS was remembering 9/11. How long do you have to look at the First Lady’s twitter feed to see the horribly jarring message and terribly awkward imagery:

"The President & FLOTUS joined millions to #Remember911 with service by assembling backpacks with @KaBOOM volunteers. pic.twitter.com/OpIhhQLIlb

— The First Lady (@FLOTUS) September 12, 2014"

On its website, the organization KaBOOM! describes its mission as working…

…to bring balanced and active play into the daily lives of all children, particularly those growing up in poverty in America. We do this by creating great places to play, inspiring communities to promote and support play and driving the national discussion about the importance of play in fostering healthy and productive lives.

KaBOOM! to commemorate 9/11?

What a great joke. The ZNWO script-writers must be getting a really good chuckle with this one. The thing about it though - is it an admission?

See: 9/11 Cover Up 13 Yrs. Later: "Architects And Engineers" Richard Gage C-SPAN 8-1-14; Litmus Test Video; Pentagon; Hulk Hogan/Macho Man 1989

Rev. 18:4
Galatians 6:7 'Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap'

They really did, and this needs to be filed in the so-that's-how-it-is-huh? category. Permanently...which is the reason for reposting. Be informed.  Rev. 18:4


North Dakota Legalizes Use Of Armed Drones By Police - First State

North Dakota Becomes First US State To Legalise Use Of Armed Drones By Police

Armed drones could be used by police in the US state of North Dakota after local lawmakers legalised their use.

While they will be limited to “less than lethal” weapons, tear gas, tasers, rubber bullets and pepper spray could all be used in theory by the remote controlled flying machines.

The fact that a suspect could potentially be tasered by an officer sitting hundreds of miles away will likely add to the concerns of those who are worried about the militarisation of US police departments.

Spy drones tracking citizens were foretold in the dystopian 1988 cult-classic 'They Live' starring pro wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper. Most are probably familiar with the movie. If not, briefly it was about nephilim-like serpent-seed aliens disguised as humans who had taken over the earth and only those with the special sunglasses could see through their 'human disguise'. Note in the clip that Piper, having the glasses, is one of those who could 'see'. Anyway, they showed it back then, now it's here:

Fyi -- Rev. 18:4

US Communities Launching Agenda21 "Blue Zones Project" i.e. Communitarian Dictatorship; Peter Drucker

U.S. Communities Targeted for “Blue Zone” Social Engineering

On the list? - Check the home page - link
[excerpted] In government schools across America in communities being targeted to become “Blue Zones,” children may soon be chanting “Hara Hachi Bu” before eating their lunch — at least between the data-mining and intrusive scoring to determine “progress” in their physical, mental, and spiritual “well being.” The Japanese phrase, associated with the Eastern religion of Confucianism, translates roughly to “eat until you are 80 percent full.” Parents, meanwhile, will receive wide-ranging instructions covering everything from the food they eat and the “tribe” they associate with to the location in their home designated for sexual activity and even the size of their dinner plates. Indeed, the whole community will face massive social engineering — for its own good, of course.

All of it is taking place under the guise of creating “healthy communities” through a public-private partnership between governments, health insurance giants, and businesses to create “Blue Zones.”

“The Blue Zones Project is a systems approach in which citizens, schools, employers, restaurants, grocery stores and community leaders collaborate on policies and programs that move the community towards better health and well-being,” it says on the outfit's website...All of the “progress” and “nudging” will be measured using surveys with the “Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.”

Cities from Minnesota, Hawaii, and California to Florida, Oregon, Texas, and Iowa are in the Blue Zones Project's cross-hairs.

Critics and parents in target communities, though, are expressing serious concerns about the developments, with the word “Orwellian” tossed out by more than a few opponents of the agenda. The scheming has also been attacked for parallels with a variety of other deeply controversial projects such as the Obama administration's “full-service community schools” that aim to essentially replace parents, and the United Nations' infamous “sustainable development” plot known as UN Agenda 21. A video of young school children singing the praises of the “Blue Zone Project” at school has also sparked alarm.

What is happening in Collier County offers some warnings to other communities targeted by the Blue Zones Project, and it provides some insight into what the scheme involves. Consider the “Blue Zone Steering Committee” for the county. It includes, among others, the school district chief, the head of the local Chamber of Commerce, the local NAACP chief, the county sheriff, various mayors, city and county commissioners, local media executives, bureaucrats, business leaders, and other self-styled “community leaders.”

Consider a series of Blue Zone “check lists” for citizens produced by the initiative. The “Bedroom Checklist,” for example, under “direction,” tells participants to “start making changes to your bedroom environment based on the recommendations given.” Those recommendations cover everything from your mattress and the “optimal” thermostat temperature to what you may have or not have in your bedroom — no phones, screens, or digital alarm clocks, for instance. “Use the bedroom only for sleep and sex,” the checklist adds.

The Blue Zones “Kitchen Checklist” calls for portioning all snack foods into small bags, keeping fruits and veggies at the top of the refrigerator, replacing “oversized plates with smaller 10-inch plates,” replacing “big gulp drinking glasses with narrow, cylinder shaped glasses,” and hiding and labeling “junk food” to avoid eating it. The list also says you should “avoid eating family style by leaving the serving dishes on the counter,” use hand-operated kitchen appliances rather than electric ones, and much more. All of those instructions are apparently supposed to help people eat less, and eat healthier.

Beyond the checklists dictating just about everything in and around your home, another Blue Zones document, the “Tribe Check Up,” helps you pick the “Right Tribe” to associate with based on lifestyles deemed healthy by the Blue Zone experts. After calculating the number of “points” you have earned based on your friends' healthy habits, the document calls on Blue Zone participants to “nurture” the healthy friends and “spend as much time as you can with them.” “You should still socialize with them,” it says about the moderately healthy friends.

The not-so-healthy friends, though, should get the cold shoulder if possible, including friends who are obese or suffer from depression. “These people almost certainly are dragging your health behaviors down,” it says. “If these aren’t friends to whom you’re committed or need your help, you might want to consider expanding your social network.” In other words, Big Brother and his private-sector cronies want to help pick your “tribe” for you, too [see full article at link - recommended].

Very simply, what is described above is nothing else than Agenda 21. Agenda 21 so-called is not just about environmentalism, it is a comprehensive planetary management plan: Agenda for the 21st century. With regard to "humans", the management strategy is "communitarianism". Self-managed communities at the local level, each one though wired into a regionally networked system which itself is networked ultimately into absolute control at the global level. That is a very basic understanding of A21. It has been in the works for a long time. As seen in the above article, and as mentioned in the first linked post directly below, the deck has already been stacked. The politicians, business people, community leaders, etc. have all been put in place long ago. With that done, the transformation is not a question of 'if', but is just a matter of accomplishment step by step. "Blue Zones" as they would call them, are a next-level step. Compare:

NWO And Michelle Obama Creating "Lets Move" Cities, Towns, And Counties 11-10-12

"The initiative allows elected officials to sign up their locality as a “Let’s Move! City,” a “Let’s Move! Town” or a “Let's Move! County" - This little news bite is an enormously significant development with regard to the one-world-government 'communitarian transformation' program now underway in New Amerika 2012. What has been done here is in fact taking the process to a whole new level by 'incorporating' entire cites, and towns, and counties into the totalitarian global system. Up until this point the NWO "Let's Move" control-usurping program had enlisted some big organizations like the National Restaurant Association for one, and the Girl Scouts to name another, and big businesses like Walmart had come on board, and even the nations school lunch programs had been commandeered [see link below]. But to be now openly dictating policy to entire cities is a serious upgrade of the agenda, and the result can only be a dramatic shift of power from the local to the global level...And that is an absolutely true statement because the 'Let's Move" agenda is not at all a national one but is purely global in every aspect. It is Zionized-Agenda 21 "communitarianism", i.e. global-government directives carried out at local levels (community-based) in every city, town, and county on the planet. This is exactly that - and the so-called 'local' officials, as mentioned in the [linked post], have already been put in place in all of these locales to, whether ignorantly or knowingly, implement the transformation of their city, town, or county into the global system through which they are to be controlled..." [see post]

Individual 'humans' are not to be autonomous in the A21 scheme, they are to be owned as property - so much cattle, as it were. "Minions" in actuality - link. The above article describing the forwarding of pilot projects for "Blue Zones" demonstrates this exact intention very clearly. This next link, from 2010, goes into a little more detail on this aspect of the overall "systems approach" scheme...the dreamchild of touted 'global management' guru Peter Drucker, and what he called 'knowledge workers':

Cigarette Boxes To Display Corpses; And Peter Druckers NWO Plan 11-10-10 "The Brave New World fast materializing before our eyes is not about 'money' so much as it is about a global empire. What is 'money' if you already own the entire world? This reality was not lost on the late Peter Drucker, the so-called 'father of modern management', so-called that because he is the actual architect of the "global-management" system being used to create the 'global empire'. Drucker's premise was that the wealth of the future would not be measured by gold, silver, or especially paper fiat money, but by what he called "knowledge workers"...What is a 'knowledge worker? Well to put it into the simplest and most blunt terms, a 'knowledge worker' is a slave. A trained slave to be more precise. One who can multi-task, if you will. To micro-manage the earth so as to create and maintain a utopia for themselves, the self-proclaimed elite have envisioned the need for a rather large work force. This work force will essentially be the worker bees who will be used to keep things running smoothly...There is actually another group known as "useless eaters", but that is another topic entirely...Owning the entire planet at that point, precious metals, jewels etc. would have little value and wealth would then be determined by how many slaves are owned. Researching Peter Drucker and the term "knowledge worker" will prove these things true...The building of Drucker's "global-management system" is very evident here..."Knowledge workers" will be maintained in 'sustainable communities' and given all the benefits of solar power and wind energy. Slave plantations in other words. Here is the real 'why' of all things green-agenda related...This is the nutshell version of exactly what is happening in this world, and is an absolutely factual representation of the Drucker scheme" [see post]

The 666 global system...they're hard at it [link]. Be aware of the current status.  Rev. 18:4
12-8-16 update: "Planned-opolis" - Globalism Is Communitarianism And Privatization - To Be Alive And Well Under Trump; Blue Zones"
Psalms 37:12-13 'The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth. The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming'


News Of Babylon: Police Get Transgender Brainwashing ...Er Training  [Video]; And 'Persecution' ('Kim Davis' Like)

Youtube: "Chief Anthony Holloway admits he never expected to go through this sort of training, but stressed he wants his officers to keep up with the times."

Compare: New Air Force Initiative Prohibits Promotion Unless Bowed To NWO Androgyny-Genderless Agenda 3-7-15 "Ultimately the goal is to remove any and all identity from the youth, other than to the 'State'. This definitely includes "gender identity"..." [see post]

It's the way of Babylon...anything goes. The world is Babylon, and the wraps are off now. Satan is the god of it [2Cor. 4:4]. County clerks in "Morehead" (innuendo) who are supposedly Christian, but are fighting the laws of Babylon, are just another psyop. Manufactured 'persecution' psyop. In Babylon, homosexual-'marriage' and transgender whatever is now the 'law of the land'. That is the reality. Going to jail will not change anything. Don't fall for the fake persecution psyop. For the true believer, quitting county-clerking or whatever is actually the answer here now in 2015, if a particular situation rises to that point. Babylonians will be Babylonians after all, it's what they do [Rev. 13:3,8]. Will you change Babylon? - Babylon is not to repent...Babylon is to be destroyed - link

Strangers and pilgrims in Babylon Christian, just passing through - that's what you are supposed to be anyway [Hebrews 11:13; 13:14]. Ever read Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress? Those truths haven't changed. The just shall live by faith [Rom. 1:17].
-- Rev. 18:4

2Cor. 6:17-18 'Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. '

AMC Theaters Now Playing "Suspicious Characters" Warning Video Before Movies - Psych Conditioning John Q. Public

AMC Theatres play message on reporting suspicious characters

[7-27-15] A message about safety is now being played at the AMC Theatres. It states, "If you happen to see any suspiciously strange characters or bad agendas, report them to our crew."

Most recently, the shooting at a movie theater in Louisiana last Thursday [7-23-15] that killed two people and injured nine others. Now, AMC Theatres has created a video message alerting moviegoers to look out for suspicious people or bad agendas and report it immediately.

A day after the story aired on local 6, AMC reached out to the station and said that the message has been played before every movie over the past few years. AMC told Local 6 that the message has nothing to do with a shooting at a Louisiana theater earlier this month.

Local 6 also called Cinemark and Regal to see if they've followed suit, but no one has returned our calls.

This post is a follow up, related to: Too Predictable: Largest Theater Chain In USA Starts Bag Checks, Talking About Metal Detectors, Armed Guards 8-21-15 "Mass shootings...John Q. Public is told ...theater x 2...July and August 0-'15...and there you have it...easy as pie...the largest theater chain in America now rolling out airport-like security at "some of it's 569 theaters"....and Universal Pictures getting in on it too... Police state implementation at the so-called 'soft target' locations, so long a known ZNWO objective [link - 2010], has now officially begun. -- The infamous 'underwear bomber' changed the airport paradigm forever, likewise this 'theatre' based ordo-ab-chao is now being used to change the so-called 'soft target' paradigm, also permanently..." [see post]

The above article is about six weeks old. It is dated July 27, 2015, published just days after the first [7-23-15] of the two recent supposed-to-be-real theater shootings. Lafayette, Louisiana was the scene of this first 'shooting' (like 'shooting' a movie...at the movies?). Two weeks later 8-5-15 the second 'movie shooting' took place in Nashville, Tennessee. Two in two weeks, and the result is...suspicious character watch alerts for moviegoers...and police state encroachment upon moviegoers.

It's a b-plot movie.

Rev. 18:4


As Evil Reigns In The End-Of-This-Age, What Should A Believer Do? Never Forget: He 'Shalt Break Them With A Rod Of Iron'! Alleluia!  -Handel, 1741

and....'He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure - Psalms 2:4-5

Excerpted from 'Handel's Messiah' [1741] - the last five 'movements' of Part II. The first four (in the top video) are taken from Psalms 2: "Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing" (v.1)? is the question asked by the psalmist...who then notes that "The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed" (v.2). Such is truly the case in the world today...people raging and imagining...kings and rulers taking counsel together...against the LORD and his anointed - the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ...to cast away their cords. Why there could not possibly be any more vain of a thing to attempt than this - to free themselves from the rightful governorship of Almighty God the LORD their creator - which they shall indeed find out one day; which unfortunately for them they will only learn 'the hard way' - on that day when he breaks them with a rod of iron...and dashes them to pieces like a potter's vessel [Rev. 19:13-16]. In other words, it will not end well for them:

[:01] Aria : Why do the nations
[2:53] Chorus (performing the part of the raging heathen): Let us break their bonds
[4:40] Recitative: He that dwelleth in heaven
[5:07] Aria: Thou shalt break them


41. Why do the nations rage
Why do the nations so furiously rage together? and why do the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth rise up, and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord, and against His Anointed, saying, (Psalms 2:1-2)

42. Let us break their bonds asunder ([chorus] raging heathen vainly imagining)
Let us break their bonds asunder, and cast away their yokes from us. (Psalms 2:3)

43. He that dwelleth in heaven
He that dwelleth in heaven shall laugh them to scorn; the Lord shall have them in derision. (Psalms 2:4)

44. Thou shalt break them
Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; Thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel. (Psalms 2:9)

The final movement of Part II is the renowned Alleluia Chorus. After the vain shew of rebellious men has run it's course, exactly what the world is presently witnessing, and come to utter ruin as it most assuredly will, the Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ on that day will alone be exalted...and He shall reign forever...Alleee-lu-ia!:

'And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth' - Rev. 19:6

Full screen recommended; go to: vidlink

45. Alleluia (chorus)
Alleluia! for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth. The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ: and He shall reign for ever and ever. KING OF KINGS, and LORD OF LORDS, Alleluia! (Revelation 19:6; 11:15; 19:16)

Never forget these things. Alleee-lu-ia!  Rev. 18:4

Psalms 97:5 'The hills melted like wax at the presence of the LORD, at the presence of the Lord of the whole earth'