Dept. Of Justice Threatens 'Federal Consequences' For Online 'Anti-Muslim' Speech; "Educational" Event June 4

Follow up on: Facebook Announces It Will Begin Censoring 'Hate Speech' 5-29-13 "Full blown, open Big Brother censorship has begun...And it is coming from every angle" [see post]
DOJ: Social Media Posts Trashing Muslims May Violate Civil Rights

In its latest effort to protect followers of Islam in the U.S. the Obama Justice Department warns against using social media to spread information considered inflammatory against Muslims, threatening that it could constitute a violation of civil rights.

The move comes a few years after the administration became the first in history to dispatch a U.S. Attorney General to personally reassure Muslims that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is dedicated to protecting them.

Evidently [this will be the topic of] an upcoming Tennessee event (“Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society”) that will feature the region’s top DOJ official, who serves as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, and an FBI representative...The June 4 powwow is sponsored by the American Muslim Advisory Council of Tennessee.

The area’s top federal prosecutor, Bill Killian, will address a topic that most Americans are likely unfamiliar with, even those well versed on the Constitution; that federal civil rights laws can actually be violated by those who post inflammatory documents aimed at Muslims on social media. “This is an
educational effort with civil rights laws as they play into freedom of religion and exercising freedom of religion,” Killian says in the local news story. “This is also to inform the public what federal laws are in effect and what the consequences are.”

An informational event will be held next week in Tennessee to 'educate' John Q. Public on the new censorship rules being imposed, where speech "considered inflammatory" may now bring federal consequences. In this instance the topic of discussion will of course be issues regarding the Muslim religion, but the precedent being set will undoubtedly be used in ever widening applications. Speech that only has to be "considered" unacceptable leaves a lot of room for interpretation. This now officially introduces the 'chill factor' into the social media environment, i.e. the injecting of fear. Imposing fear to silence opposition is censorship. It's begun - mark the day.  Rev. 18:4
Compare: Big Brother Moving To Ban Internet Cafes In Ohio 5-28-13
Durbin Says Bloggers May Not Be "Entitled To Constitutional Protection" 5-26-13
Australians React To Government's New Web Censorship, Describe As "Totalitarian" 5-21-13

Also: U.S. Department Of 'Justice' Says President Can Assassinate Americans In America 3-5-13 "Death by 'Presidential decree' in the USA officially 'decreed' legal as of 3-5-2013. Mark the day"
1Chron. 16:26  'For all the gods of the people are idols: but the LORD made the heavens'
Jer. 10:11  'Thus shall ye say unto them, The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth, even they shall perish from the earth, and from under these heavens'


Facebook Announces It Will Begin Censoring 'Hate Speech'

Facebook to crack down on hate speech

The firm responds to a campaign urging it to remove posts that promote violence against women.

SAN FRANCISCO — Activists say an online campaign to curb misogynist content on Facebook could be a watershed moment for a growing movement to remove posts and images that promote violence against women on the Web.

Heeding the call, more than a dozen advertisers, including Nissan Motor Co. and Nationwide Building Society, removed their ads from Facebook, while others, such as American Express and Unilever's Dove brand, pressured Facebook Inc. to remove the offending pages.

Facebook, which makes the bulk of its revenue from advertising, said Tuesday that it is reviewing its guidelines to evaluate content that violates its standards and will train moderators to identify and remove hate speech. "We need to do better — and we will," Facebook said in a blog.

"We welcome Facebook's commitment to take additional measures to tackle the problem," said Stacie Bright, global director of communications at Dove. "Dove takes this issue very seriously and does not condone any activity that intentionally insults any audience."

Analysts say the online campaign to crack down on hate speech against women could prompt more interest groups to target social media the way they have targeted television networks and other traditional media in the past by pressuring advertisers.

The official story is that 'activists' pressured advertisers to pull their ads, which "more than a dozen" did, while others like American Express and Dove went further and did a little arm-twisting to pressure Facebook to "remove the offending pages"...to which Facebook promptly responded with a statement saying that they will now go ahead and "train moderators to identify and remove hate speech". Nice little cover story, as always, but the reality is that installing 'trained' moderators to now arbitrarily remove 'non-approved' content is very simply the implementation of full blown censorship. Note the comment from Dove about taking this issue very seriously and not condoning "any activity that intentionally insults any audience". This corresponds perfectly with the "analysts" prediction [last paragraph] that this move by Facebook will very likely prompt other interest groups to follow suit. That exactly that will happen is ridiculously obvious - just the way it was written up. "Misogynists" today, fill in the blank...tomorrow. 

Full blown, open Big Brother censorship has begun. And it is coming from every angle - compare these headlines from just this past week:

Big Brother Moving To Ban Internet Cafes In Ohio 5-28-13

Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin Says Bloggers May Not Be "Entitled To Constitutional Protection" - Fox News Sunday 5-26-13

Australians React To Government's New Web Censorship, Describe As "Totalitarian" 5-21-13

Know what's going on...don't be a sheeple.  Rev. 18:4
Psalms 107:2 'Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy'


Discovery Children's Network Launches New Show: "SheZow" The 12-Yr Old Transsexual Superhero

Goodbye He-Man, hello ‘SheZow’: Children’s cable network introduces gender-bending superhero

Children's cable network Hub, co-owned by Discovery and Hasbro, is launching its latest superhero cartoon, which features a gender-bending crime fighter named "SheZow."

The show's main character is a 12-year-old boy named Guy who uses a magic ring to transform himself into a crime-fighting girl in a purple skirt and white go-go boots, Breitbart News reports. When evil lurks, Guy says, "You go girl!" and becomes SheZow, the Los Angeles Times reports.

“When I first heard about the show, my reaction was ‘Are you out of your minds?’ Then I looked at it and I thought, ‘This is just funny,’” Hub CEO Margaret Loesch said, Breitbart News reports.

Hub's primary target audience is kids aged 2 to 11.

"When evil lurks...Guy says "you go girl!" and becomes SheZow"..the crime fighting sex-change girl. Can it get any more bizarre? "It's just funny" says Hub network's CEO Loesch. Sure thing, warping the minds of young boys and girls is all fun and games for the lowly servants of the principalities and powers and rulers of darkness of this world [Eph. 6:12]. But they won't have the last laugh*.

Will you protect you children or turn them over to the 'rulers of the darkness of this world'? Those are the only two choices.
 Rev. 18:4
Compare: New Barbie Doll A Drag Queen 8-25-12 "It's getting darker and more wretched by the day. Everything has been corrupted, and your children are definitely being targeted. Guard their minds parents, and your own too for that matter, for perilous times have come [2Tim. 3:1]. maranatha"
*Psalms 37:12-13 'The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth. The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming'

Big Brother Taking Another Swipe At the Internet - Moving To Ban Internet Cafes In Ohio

Legislation to ban Internet cafes moves to Senate floor

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio lawmakers are poised to put an end to the state's internet cafes. After hearing sometimes tearful testimony from owners and employees of Internet cafes, members of the Senate State Government Oversight and Reform Committee voted Tuesday in favor of legislation that would ban the businesses. Four of the committee's 11 members voted against House Bill 7 -- not enough to keep it from moving to the Senate floor Wednesday for a vote. The contentious legislation, which moved through committee without amendments, could end up on the governor's desk this week.

The businesses have been scrutinized for what investigators call illegal activity, including money laundering. Internet cafes operate by selling Internet time or phone cards, and in return offer free chances to win cash on computer games that resemble slot machines. Opponents of HB 7 say the businesses provide a strictly legal and valuable service.

Michael Nelson, a Cleveland-area lawyer who represents multiple Internet cafe owners, said he is hoping legislators will change their mind Wednesday on the Senate floor, but he isn't counting on it. A voter-led drive for referendum could keep Internet cafes open. Such an initiative could stall HB 7 from taking effect until fall 2014.

Compare: Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin Says Bloggers May Not Be "Entitled To Constitutional Protection" 5-26-13 "Censorship i.e. silencing non NWO-supportive speech, has been simmering on the back burner for the past few years. That is not the case any longer. It is now on the front burner and the heat is being turned up....everywhere"

Free speech and an uncensored internet...death by a thousand cuts. That's how it is being done, faster than ever seen and from every conceivable direction. Take note again.
Psalms 50:3 'Our God shall come, and shall not keep silence: a fire shall devour before him, and it shall be very tempestuous round about him'  maranatha - Rev. 22:20

Man Who Disrupted Oregon Flight Was 'Bipolar, Didn't Take Medication', Says NWO Mental Health Agenda

Man who disrupted Ore. flight says he's bipolar

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — An Alaska Airlines passenger accused of trying to open an emergency exit during a flight from Anchorage to Portland told investigators he has been diagnosed as bipolar and had not been taking his medicine.

Alexander Herrera's statement was included in a criminal complaint released Tuesday, just before the 23-year-old Arizona man made his first court appearance on a charge of attempted destruction of an aircraft.

The complaint states Herrera was polite at the start of the flight, but later made claims of being psychic and asked a woman seated next to him: "What would you do if I open the exit door?"

This post is a follow up on: Rick Warren Says 1-In-5 Americans Have "Mental Illness" 4-18-13 "The most significant new element would require mental health professionals to report to local mental health officials when they believe that patients are likely to harm themselves or others." - Warren's statement that "one in five Americans experiences some sort of mental illness" is as Orwellian of a statement as could possibly be made, and reveals clearly just how perfectly in lockstep Warren is with the cabalist global scheme to population-control through forced mental health evaluations. [see post; follow links, connect dots]

And here they come - "population-control through forced mental health evaluations" - because it is so obviously necessary as all can now see by this 'scary' incident involving a "bipolar" crazy guy on the plane in Oregon who thinks he's psychic and who 'endangered others' by "not taking his medication". Obviously again this type of thing can not be allowed so certainly no one should object to mandatory 'mental health' screenings for all and even forced 'medicating' if deemed necessary by the "mental health professionals" and "mental health officials".

And they have the new DSM now too [see 'Warren' above]. 1984 is 2013. Be informed.

Rev. 18:4


Ready For This? Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" To Now Rewrite Textbooks

This post is a follow up on: Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" Swallows Another Layer of Society - 624 "Museums And Gardens" (and counting) 5-18-13 ""Let's Move", now in it's third year...under the guise of "childhood obesity" and "healthy communities", is continuing to 'unify' ever larger swaths of society under it's controlling arms - [see post; Let's Move! timeline]
Michelle O Wants Textbooks to ‘Swap Cupcakes for Apples’ in Math Problems

(CNSNews.com) – First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” initiative is praising textbook publishers for “swapping out cupcakes for apples in math problems,” in a campaign to incorporate health information into the learning resources for kids.

“Today at the White House, we celebrated a group of educational publishers on their development of voluntary guidance to incorporate health information into textbooks and other learning materials,” Let’s Move! said in a blog post entitled, “Cookies 2 Carrots,” on Wednesday [5-22-13].

Mrs. Obama praised several publishers that are “voluntarily coming together to support the health of our nation’s children,” Let’s Move! said.

The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO); the Association of American Publishers (AAP), a trade association that represents 300 book publishing companies; the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP); and the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) were celebrated at the White House on Wednesday.

Molding the minds of all the little children to live as compliant little global-citizens in their designated plantation-style sustainable-communities should be much easier now with their new Let's Move! "textbooks and other learning materials". True education in the schools - no such thing anymore. Real education has been relegated to the history books...but you'll never be able to read about it anyway because they're rewritten too.

Take note, Let's Move! wants your child's mind - for the
novus ordo seclorum. Recommend being seriously proactive.  Rev. 18:4
Psalms 37:12-13 'The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth. The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming.'


Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin Says Bloggers May Not Be "Entitled To Constitutional Protection" - Fox News Sunday

Clip is from 5-26-13 'Fox News Sunday'. Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin is asked whether or not he sees a problem with the Justice Department being appointed by BO to review their own actions as far as monitoring journalists, to which he basically answers "no":

“You’ve raised an important point and I heard Sen. Graham call for special counsel...I’m not ready to do this at this moment."

He then goes on to say that perhaps it may be a good idea to come up with some sort of a "media shield law" though to protect 'real' journalists...like those with FOX or AP, but, bloggers and 'tweeters'...well.....maybe not so much:

:30 “But here is the bottom line — the media shield law, which I am prepared to support, and I know Sen. Graham supports, still leaves an unanswered question, which I have raised many times: What is a journalist today in 2013? We know it’s someone that works for Fox or AP, but does it include a blogger? Does it include someone who is tweeting? Are these people journalists and entitled to constitutional protection? We need to ask 21st century questions about a provision that was written over 200 years ago.”
Everything according to the Zionist kingdom-come 'ordo ab chao' script [link]. Always. Break a 'story' about the NWO monitoring their own NWO news outlets, then come in with the 'solution' in the form of some sort of media protection law...which just so happens to conveniently exclude 'non-journalists'. That's where they're going with this. Transparent as can be. fyi
Compare: Australians React To Government's New Web Censorship, Describe As "Totalitarian" 5-21-13 "Censorship i.e. silencing non NWO-supportive speech, has been simmering on the back burner for the past few years. That is not the case any longer. It is now on the front burner and the heat is being turned up....everywhere. They call it the 'dark knight rising'...[see post]

Rev. 18:4


5/25/13 Global "March Against Monsanto" - Cui Bono? Answer: Agenda 21, NWO

Follow up on: NWO And Civil Unrest: Worldwide "March Against Monsanto" Coming May 25, 2013 5-12-13 "Nothing just happens. Not in this virtual reality world that we now live in. Everything is manufactured, orchestrated, fictional, creating a virtual reality by which the 'transformation of the world' can be accomplished. The Kabbalist-globalist way of saying that is 'ordo ab chao'. Global "unrest", or 'dissatisfaction' with the existing order of things to the point of being motivated to do something about it, creates the opportunity to bring in the pre-planned 'solution' - which as many now know is the transformation of the nations of the world into the 'pre-planned' communitarian system of global government, aka Agenda 21, aka planet wide 'green' dictatorship [link]. Instigating the unrest...it's on...on multiple fronts. Know what you are seeing when you see it. [see post; video]
May 25, 2013 - unrest across the globe. Claiming 400 marches in 50 countries, as stated in the promo photo below, it is obvious that this would require a very high level of coordination. What is also obvious is that this massive global coordination that has taken place will in reality accomplish one thing only. That one thing is facilitating the global communitarian scheme known as Agenda 21. The expressed goals from the March Against Monsanto website make this very clear. They are calling the movement a "revolution", and a "new paradigm which is forming", and are laying out long term goals - every one of which is exactly what the "sustainable community" Agenda 21 one-world-government handbook calls for. Below are some excerpts from their latest release, highlighting the key points:

How The March Against Monsanto Can (and will) Change The World

[Excerpts from 5-22-13 bulletin] There's a revolution happening right before our eyes...

The March Against Monsanto has grown beyond my wildest dreams; a few months ago it was just an idea. It has grown into a full blown movement and the people that started it wouldn't be able to stop if they wanted. The new paradigm which is forming will be driven by people who care, not people who care for power.

The March does not and cannot end on May 25, 2013. This movement has awakened a very large group of people that care about their food supply and care about other people’s food supply. These courageous marchers have put aside all of their political and ideological differences to stand in solidarity for what is right.

How do we carry on this March Against Monsanto, this new food revolution passed the 25th? Capture the momentum of this movement and harness it at the local level. Keep your local march network alive and growing. All of the connections that you are making in your local areas, all of the people you are meeting through the organizing, planning, and marching process must be kept active for this march to have a lasting effect. After the March, take real steps to improve your food fate locally.

It’s not enough to simply tell people to eat organic, or vote for initiatives that will label GMOs. The very first thing you can do is plant your own garden. If you have the space, plant a garden larger than what you need to feed your family and help someone that is less fortunate with some fresh homegrown food from your garden. What if you don’t have a yard to plant in? One option is growing indoors. There is a growing industry of indoor gardeners that are starting to change the way we think about gardening through the use of hydroponics.

What if you don’t have a yard and growing indoors in not an option for you? At this point we need to look to our fellow local activists from the March Against Monsanto. Community gardens are a great way to bring in a fresh and organic food source into an urban area. Find a plot of land that is vacant or belongs to the local city, find out who is on charge of it and get the ball rolling on starting a community garden. Enlist some people that you have met though the march to help you physically, technically, and financially. Look to the local community to crowd source labor and resources. If none of these are an option for you, there’s still hope for you within the food revolution. Share cropping is a way of getting some space to grow a garden that you can secure for free or a very low cost.

Share cropping is just like a community garden on a smaller scale. If you live in an area where there are many small yards with space available, think about setting up a sharecropping co-op where food can be traded and shared for little or no money. Look into new technologies and techniques when setting up your new gardens. Vertical gardening is great way to maximize limited space a make your garden virtually maintenance free. There’s an ancient technique of hydroponics that is just being rediscovered and developed: aquaponics.

Mobilize your local activist network often and keep them engaged in the community; you are the leaders of this movement! Let them hear your voice amplified by your entire network. Build relationships with other activists from other causes, reach out to other interests and help support them, and they will support you.

It's up to you to let your neighbors know what's in their food and how they can make real world progress to take their food back. These techniques can also be replicated on the national and global level, which is why it's important for you to stay connected to the national MAM campaign.

Ultimately, the reality is that this is a no-win situation. Nobody wants GMO's, that goes without saying. But, this massive 'networked' global organization already being formed, to fight the 'common enemy' Monsanto, is a Trojan horse. It will facilitate the 'transformation of the existing order' into the Zionist Agenda 21 'global-plantation model of serf-management' [link] - and nothing else. Exactly as designed. Know what you are seeing when you see it.  Rev. 18:4

God who created the earth [Gen. 1:1] will deal with the GMO corruption (and corrupters) of the earth...in His own way and time: 'But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up'  (2Peter 3:10)


Boy Scouts Or Scouting For Boys: BSA 'Vote' Lifts Gay Ban, Opens Door To Homosexual Agenda

Follow up on: Boy Scouts Or Scouting For Boys? BSA About To Accept Homosexual-Agenda's Membership Application 1-28-13 "This would be an incredible step forward in the right direction," said Zach Wahls, Eagle Scout and founder of Scouts for Equality. Wahls said his group will work with BSA councils and chartering organizations across the country to end exclusion of gays...Run for the doors Boy Scout-ers.
Boy Scouts vote to lift ban on gays

GRAPEVINE, Texas -- The Boy Scouts of America voted on Thursday to end its controversial policy banning gay kids and teens from joining one of the nation's most popular youth organizations, ditching membership guidelines that had roiled the group in recent years...Over 60 percent of the The National Council of 1,400 delegates from Scouting across the country voted to lift the ban, BSA officials said.

The outcome of the historic ballot is not going to end the debate: Some opponents on the right said they would pull their sponsorships of packs and troops, and parents threatened to take their boys out of Scouting; LGBT activists said the policy change doesn't go far enough because gay adults still wouldn't be allowed to participate.

Still, Zach Wahls of Scouts for Equality, said before the results were revealed that this would be a step in the right direction...“This is the first step in beginning the process to evolution and we all know what evolution leads to,” he said. “We look forward to Scouting to go all the way.”

The ban on gay Scouts has been the subject of much soul-searching in the century-old organization – from local troops and councils to online petitions to national board meetings. The dispute was even heard by the Supreme Court, which said 13 years ago that as a private membership organization the BSA was free to decide who it would admit.

Perhaps one of the most important voices, BSA President Wayne Perry, on Wednesday wrote an op-ed in USA TODAY supporting the inclusion of gay boys.

re: 'Scouting to go all the way'

It's over. There is no way around the fact. The door has been opened, and now that it is open, it will be impossible to stop any part of the overall agenda. While the "gay-leader" is not yet sanctioned, the reality is that this is just a temporary situation. As made very clear by "Zach Wahls of Scouts for Equality", they will never relent until 'Scouting goes all the way'. Innuendo? It would seem so. The unfortunate reality as to this 'partial victory' for the homosexual agenda is that it is probably part of the strategy. Very likely many will weakly just 'go with the flow' and end up being acclimated to the forced social re-engineering during the interim period. Then, when the 'gay-leaders' eventually waltz right through the now open door, will acquiesce with nary a whimper, and turn their sons over to the tutelage of homosexual men.

That "gay-leaders" will be coming in is a foregone conclusion. Similar to what just happened in the national Football League where the president of the players association is now officially an LGBT spokesman [see link below], the homosexual agenda also has a 'presidential' friend in the Boy Scouts of America - Wayne Perry, BSA president. (Note also, if it is of interest, here is another 'historical' event marked with a '13')

It's over people - "Boy Scouts" has now become "Scouting for Boys". To not be proactive is to submit your boy or boys. Will you just turn them right over and say 'here you go'?

One more thought, this also quoted from the 'follow up' post above:
"Can heterosexual men be Girl Scout troop leaders then - or is that somehow different? Just throwing that out there to make a point as to how absolutely ludicrous this is on so many levels".  Rev. 18:4
Compare: NFL Players Union President Says Homosexual Athletes "Showing New Dimension Of Masculinity" 5-6-13 "'First it was the Military, next was the Boy Scouts, and now it's the 'manly' professional sports leagues" - ...homosexual perversion is now called "redefining and showing a new dimension of masculinity" - and this from the President of the NFL players association. How the mighty have fallen. Coming from the top down as it is, it is obvious that any player that might dissent from the NFL Players Association 'official' LGBT-friendly position, and be at all vocal about it, is in for a rough time"
Proverbs 29:16 'When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increaseth: but the righteous shall see their fall'


Reported: 'Sinkhole' Swallows Four Children In Minneapolis - 5/22/13

1 Dead, 2 Injured, 1 Missing After Field Trip At Lilydale Park

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — One child is dead, two others are injured and another is missing after a hillside gave way Wednesday during a fourth grade field trip at a St. Paul park, according to Fire Marshal Steve Zaccard...Zaccard said multiple crews are searching for the missing child. The effort, however, is now considered a recovery effort, not a rescue mission. The search is taking place in an area that’s 50 feet by 50 feet — roughly the size of a house. The search will go until nightfall, and it will continue Thursday morning.

Crews responded to the scene at Lilydale Regional Park around 1 p.m., where two fourth grade classes from Peter Hobart Elementary were on a field trip, Zaccard said...The kids were exploring a hillside in the park when the ground gave way. The slide created a sinkhole, which quickly filled with water. Crews initially used their hands in an effort to dig the children out.

Multiple agencies are on the scene, including crews with shovels and a truck with plywood to help control the slippery situation.

:05 this all started at 1:15 this afternoon at Lilydale park along the Mississippi River
1:05 very chaotic scene
1:20 they fell down that, it created a sinkhole
3:10 wedged between Water Street and Highway 13

Sinkholes, for those who are noticing, have been big news lately. Reports of sinkholes, all over the place, have become quite a regular thing. For the most part, prior to the Florida sinkhole that, we are told, 'swallowed a man alive' two months ago [see link below], "sinkholes" were an unknown commodity. This is no longer the case. The sinkhole concept has been mainstreamed to the point where most people no longer even give it a second thought when the word is used. Sinkholes swallowing children is something new though. Especially right along the Mississippi River, as is reported here, which reportedly crosses the "New Madrid" fault line in three places [link]. Just noting these things, in particular how it fits the ongoing New Madrid-sinkhole narrative. Nothing more than that can be said. One comment though which is not directly related to this incident - expect to see more 'ground giving way' sinkhole stories. Lots of them.
Compare: Florida 'Sinkhole' And New Madrid Fault Line Connection? 3-6-13 "Two weeks ago it was meteorites, now the earth is opening up and swallowing people, say the msm news sources... 'there is one more thing that seems noteworthy as far as 'sinkholes' go, and that is how great an effort the NWO-msm Bureau of Propaganda has been putting out over the last year or so to establish a sinkhole-New Madrid faultline connection. Seems that 'sinkholes' are a major threat now, and may even trigger a massive New Madrid 'earthquake' any day now that would cripple the U.S., or so they say...What is particularly interesting about this story though is the effect that it has had, as mentioned in the comment from the 'follow up' post linked above - everybody now knows about "sinkholes". This was not the case before this event. "Sinkholes", the globalist cartel would have John Q. Public believe, have now become 'epidemic'. Sinkholes, they claim, are suddenly appearing everywhere, and are creating very dangerous geological conditions in many areas - not only in this country, but even globally, say they. These dangerous conditions could lead to massive earthquakes, it is said, and probably more noteworthy than any other is the claimed dangers due to 'sinkholes' along the New Madrid fault line, as has been the big news for a couple of years now. [see post]

 Rev. 18:4
Gen. 6:3 'And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh'


Update: Australians React To Government's New Web Censorship, Describe As "Totalitarian"

This post is a follow up on: Australian Government Begins Censoring Internet With No Oversight 5-16-13 "...a new system...which as reported...is for the first time now "being interpreted to allow the Australian Federal Police to block website addresses"...essentially at will - with no explanation or mechanism for recourse...Clearly this is the setting of a definite precedent...of open Big Brother censorship in the 'western world'. Websites vanish...nobody knows anything..."Free speech and the 'new world order' can never co-exist, so Australia is now setting the precedent in the so-called 'free world' for government censorship of the internet. The writing is on the wall... [see post]
Australia's unannounced 'totalitarian' web filter causes alarm

Australia's government is under fire after it appears to have introduced web censorship without warning, expanding already-controversial powers to block access to child pornography into a wider web filtering system.

The reluctance of the government to release information about who has requested sites be blocked, and lists of those sites, has also alarmed many Australians. Two convenors from Melbourne Free University (MFU), whose site was blocked without warning or explanation on 4 April, have described it as a "glimpse [of] the everyday reality of living under a totalitarian government".

"After persistent questioning, our local internet supplier reluctantly told us that the internet address of our website had been blocked by the 'Australian Government'. Even more alarmingly, they said they were legally unable to 'provide the details regarding who has blocked the IP or why'.

The fact that government ministries are now able to ask ISPs to take down sites without any kind of legal or regulatory oversight has, unsurprisingly, angered a lot of opposition politicians. Australian Greens senator Scott Ludlam told the Australian Financial Review: "It's extraordinarily difficult to find who has issued these notices and on behalf of whom, for what categories of content, or what you do if you find yourself on a block list. We've got a very serious problem and it's not at all clear whether the government knows what it's actually doing."

Australians will now have to petition their government to get this situation under control.

Censorship i.e. silencing non NWO-supportive speech, has been simmering on the back burner for the past few years. That is not the case any longer. It is now on the front burner and the heat is being turned up....everywhere. They call it the 'dark knight rising'...the Word of God says "The night is far spent, the day is at hand" [Rom. 13:12]. That would be the 'Day of the LORD', when He comes to put an end to the rule of the wicked [Malachi 4:1], and right all wrongs [Acts. 3:20-21].  Acts 3:19
Romans 13:12 'The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light'

Another 'Family Guy' Disaster Coincidence? Episode Day Before Oklahoma Has Tornado Destruction Comment

Related to: Boston 'Bombing' Real Or Staged? Decide For Yourself - Photos, Videos 4-25-13 "Telegraphed in the now infamous "Family Guy" episode, lead character essentially named 'Joker', thousands of endlessly conflicting stories serving to create and maintain confusion...as well as hundreds of photos and videos raising far more questions than are answered...
The clip below is from the "Family Guy" show (season 11 episode 22 - numerology?) aired two days ago, 5-9-13, the day before the devastating 5-20-13 Oklahoma tornado. To describe, what is contained in the clip is apparently an "off-hand comment" that comes in at the beginning of the episode, completely unrelated to the 'plot' of the rest of the episode - just a quick 'blurb' so to speak, in the opening scene. Very little comment is possible, but the fact is that this did occur, and given the very recent 'coincidence' of the 'Family Guy' Boston marathon episode, makes it all the more curious.  Rev. 18:4

[:18] Family Guy: "I want to watch the Weather Channel, there are tornadoes in the Midwest and I like watching poor people scramble to save what little they have"
Compare: 'Superstorm Sandy' Geo-engineered For Election 'Ordo Ab Chao': 3-28-11 Newsweek 'Apocalypse Now' Cover 10-30-12 "Very coincidentally, this 'biggest ever' hybrid hurricane/storm, with it's record-breaking "storm surges" and "breached berms" causing extensive flooding, is also perfectly timed, in the sense that it is also disrupting the political process in this country - this time the 2012 general election...That weather can be modified and controlled seems to be an accepted fact anymore, although it is still a relatively difficult thing to find any cold hard factual information on exactly how extensively. Anybody can easily research it for themselves if interested. Nevertheless, the general consensus seems to be that something is definitely going on..." [see post and magazine cover especially]
Psalms 10:2 'The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined'


'Climate Risk Scientist' Tells FOX News "Solar Flares" May Cause North Atlantic Tsunami May 20 - June 5

Follow up on: NWO: The Newest Terrorist Of The Earth - The Sun (i.e. "Solar Storms") 3-8-12 "Yes that's right, according to the friendly NWO space agencies like NOAA and NASA, the earth has now moved into a period where a new breed of animal called "solar flares" are suddenly threatening normal human existence on planet earth. These solar flares erupt from the sun, you see, then produce "solar storms" that affect the earth, disrupting critical electronic communication systems, power grids, and GPS satellite systems. In other words, they make a big mess out of everything...[and we are now told]...we lowly earth dwellers should expect hundreds of these "solar storms" over the next decade or so...So don't be surprised when your internet goes down, and your cell phone gets shut off, and your power gets disrupted, and you have to go green and revert back to plantation style living permanently, just like the Zionist-NWO Agenda 21 plan calls for. It's the sun...really.
Many are aware of the massive 'solar storm' hype over the last year or so. Now, according to the NWO scientists reporting on the subject, we are being told that the 'threat level' has just this week reached unprecedented levels due to major solar activity. Supposedly the sun is in the midst of an eleven year cycle which is predicted to peak later this year, and "x-class flares" are now flying off the sun with regularity. Here is a typical article reporting on the 'x-class phenomena' for reference:

Sun Hurls Three X-Class Solar Flares into Space: Biggest of 2013 5-14-13 "The sun has been busy the past few days. It has now hurled three X-class solar flares into the depths of space, and it's likely that this activity will only increase as it approaches the peak of its 11-year solar cycle...The sun will officially reach the peak of its solar cycle in late 2013.

According to the NWO Science Department, "x-class" flares are the highest classification solar flare, and they are increasing in an alarming manner, and the peak of an 11-yr. sun-cycle will arrive shortly. But that's not all...now comes another twist to the official story line. It seems that it is not only the power grids that are at risk, but as a "climate risk scientist" is now stating, on FOX News, these "x-class solar flares" may cause tectonic plate shifts which could result in a North Atlantic tsunami over the next two weeks or so:  Climate Risk Scientist Discusses Solar Activity's Impact On Earth

:02 "...updates on very active regions of the sun...that region now sending blasts of energy toward the earth resulting in a solar storm...electrical risks from these are well known like your cell phone not working...the GPS unable to give you directions or losing power completely...earlier I talked to Dr. Simon Atkins a "climate risk scientist" from Advanced Forecasting Corporation about a lesser known connection between solar activity and our planet"

:33 (Atkins) "we have a major solar storm that is..different classes of solar flares...never in recorded history have we had 4 x-class, the highest class solar flares, come within certain several days"

:47 "what this is...this ripples through the atmosphere and cause tectonic plate shifts and the possibility of a tsunami"

1:10 "We started realizing last year even...that there was a heightened risk of a tsunami in the North Atlantic and we knew this because we can actually through proprietary equations track the solar sun spots and then forecast the energy out when it's going to hit the planet in certain periods of time"

1:30 "and the key threat period is May 20th through June 5th"

Proprietary equations?

Solar flares shifting the earth's plates and triggering tsunamis? It's very difficult to even express how absolutely not believable that is. Note especially the use of the phrase "proprietary equations" to explain how the 'climate risk scientists' arrived at their conclusion. Very simply this means it is a secret. It's proprietary and they do not have to tell anybody, so just take their word for it.

The important thing here to see about this is that more than likely there will be no tsunami...this time. But, the "scientific possibility" has now been factored into the 'equation' - meaning that - people are to believe that maybe next time it will happen. It's called a conditioning exercise. Solar flares can cause tectonic plate shifts, say now the NWO Science Department, which can occur at any moment, which can cause a tsunami at any moment, and don't forget it. Take note, the solar flare hype has barely begun. The cycle will be peaking soon, we are told, but at the same time we are being told that this 'erratic solar activity' will be continuing for years to come [see 'follow up' above]. So, in other words, this is now to be viewed as a permanent threat. Be well aware.

Compare: Speaking Of Illuminati Cards - Seen The "Instant Attack" Tsunami Card? 5-7-13 "Tsunamis and/or "storm surges" on demand? "Tsunami hype has reached record levels recently. Unheard of in times past, tsunami threats and warnings have suddenly become a part of daily life for coastal dwellers anywhere on the planet...Might even be a cause to wonder if tsunamis and/or 'storm surges' can be 'geoengineered'?

See also: Meteorite Hoax? Russian Politician Says Yes - NWO Says Meteorites The New Threat 2-16-13 "Other brand new threats of imminent planetary destruction: 'Atmospheric rivers' to bring 1000-yr floods - 'ARkStorms' [pt. 2 w/video]; Imminent Tsunamis, Extreme Cyclones, Giant Storm Surges Threaten Globe [and: geoengineered-tsunamis i.e. 'tsunami bombs']; 'New model superquakes' that 'can't be detected'; NWO's Michio Kaku - youtube; ...not to mention 'terrorists', global warming, EMP's, flu du jours, west nile, etc. etc. etc. (e.g. 'sinkholes') [see post, links - connect dots]
Rev. 11:17-18 'We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty which art, and wast, and art to come...[for thou shalt]...destroy them which destroy the earth'


Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" Swallows Another Layer of Society - 624 "Museums And Gardens" (and counting)

First Lady Expands Anti-Obesity Campaign to Museums

Michelle Obama has expanded her anti-obesity campaign to museums, enlisting them to offer “healthy food options,” and change their menus.

Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move!” initiative is now calling for museums, zoos, gardens, science and technology centers to “join the call to action,” to decrease obesity among children...The first lady is recruiting these institutions to join the “Let’s Move! Museums and Gardens” project because of their power to “influence real and sustained behavior change” on the eating habits of kids.

“With their impressive reach and great potential for impact, museums and gardens can launch community efforts to create a healthier generation using interactive exhibits, outdoor spaces, gardens and programs that encourage families to eat healthy foods and increase physical activity,” the program said.

So far, 624 institutions across the country have signed up.

Let’s Move! wants the museums to abide by the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) nutrition standards, which include limiting “deep-fried entrĂ©e options to no more than one choice per day” and offering fruit or a “non-fried” vegetable as side dishes “instead of chips or a cookie.”

Other goals of Mrs. Obama’s initiative include recruiting 2,000 institutions in the first year and securing 200 million visits per year to the participating organizations.

Micromanagement of all sectors of society is the only goal. This is to be accomplished through the building of massive interconnected networks of government, business, and private entities controlled by and answering only to the totalitarian global agenda. This is the 'nuts and bolts' of the global scheme - every aspect of life on the planet ultimately unified under a centralized management system. 

"Let's Move", now in it's third year, has been created to be one of these very networks, and as seen here, under the guise of "childhood obesity" and "healthy communities", is continuing to 'unify' ever larger swaths of society under it's controlling arms. This 'global-government' plan has been called Agenda 21, and may sometimes be referred to as 'communitarianism', but the names are not important. The simple fact is that it is the 'hardwiring' of a global dictatorship. This is what needs to be understood. As more and more connections are 'wired up', the day is drawing ever closer when the power switch will be flipped on for good. A global dictatorship is bible prophecy. As you are seeing it materialize before your eyes, it might be a good idea to rethink these things if you are a non-believer. Be informed.  Rev. 18:4
Here is a general timeline of the 'Let's Move' network from it's inception in February of 2010, revealing just how vast 'the network' has now become:

2-10-10 Michelle Obama Says Childhood Obesity A National Security Threat; Starts 'Let's Move' For The Global Agenda "First Lady Michelle Obama announced the launch of the ‘Let’s Move’ campaign to end childhood obesity in the United States, an epidemic she said is costly and a threat to national security..." - [what it really is:] "...a top-down micromanagement of the planet through the use of 'coalitions'. The basic idea, ultimately, is a worldwide grid of an interconnected and interdependent 'network of coalitions', or "partnerships", covering every aspect of life, answering only to the all-powerful one-world government."

9-14-10 MO Directing National Restaurant Association; and 'Let's Move!' "Speaking to the National Restaurant Association...She asked the restaurants to rethink the food they offer and reformulate their menus to help combat childhood obesity...[The reality:] "Childhood obesity as an excuse creates numerous opportunities for globalists to get in the door and take control - in schools, in the health field, in food production, and more. Once in, they network everything to be under their control and then weave it into the overall system. It is global government, plain and simple."

12-2-10 Michelle Obama Brings Interfaith Groups, Girl Scouts Under 'Let's Move!' "Umbrella" "..the new Let's Move: Faith and Communities effort is meant to support what is already working and highlight those accomplishments. A virtual tool kit with tips and ideas is available to help groups expand their efforts under the umbrella of the Let’s Move! campaign...Already 50 groups have accepted the challenges.

12-14-10 Michelle Obama Scheme Gets Into The Nations Schools With The "Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act" "It is a 'communitarian's' dream, allowing the creation of a massive government-controlled network of schools, community groups, farm-school partnerships, partnerships with various state agencies, grants for public and private groups to get involved, other funds for community organizations to provide 'education' with the help of government 'professionals', and much more..."

1-22-11 'Govmart' aka Walmart Joins Michelle Obama's Agenda 21 "Let's Move" "Note that the 'ripple effect' of Govmart's five-year deal will extend to all it's suppliers, who will have to "make changes". What this means is that all the way down the line everyone will now have to answer to the global agenda-ites"

9-16-11 Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" Inks Deal With Restaurant Chains; And Agenda 21 Totalitarianism "...a binding, legal agreement" to cut calories, offer healthier fruit and vegetable side dishes, reduce sodium and give free refills of one percent milk to kids...The announcement was the latest deal signed by the Partnership for a Healthier America, the non-profit created to operate Mrs. Obama's "Let's Move" anti-childhood obesity drive.

11-10-12 NWO And Michelle Obama Creating "Lets Move" Cities, Towns, And Counties "The campaign reports that hundreds of local officials have signed up to become a “Let’s Move” city or town, including the nation’s capital..."

(Follow links, connect dots)


New Movie "Rapture-Palooza" Mocks Book of Revelation, Second Coming Of Jesus Christ; Opened 6-7-13

Apparently Hollywood has decided to rewrite the fundamentally flawed (scripturally inaccurate) 'Left Behind' movie series with this soon to be released low-budget production called "Rapture-Palooza". While the production was low-budget by Hollywood standards (2 million), the effort to mock and blaspheme Christianity, the Word of God - in particular the Book of Revelation, and the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Himself...was not constrained in any way. The result is a highly concerted effort of absolute ridicule of all these, including 'lasering' the Lord Jesus Christ at the 'second coming' [1:25]...with another actor 'mocking' God the Father, portraying the movie-version of him then appearing to say "you BBQ-ed my son".

The video below is one of two official trailers. It is actually the 'clean' version. Incredibly blasphemous content aside, with regard to "language and crude sexual references", vile and filthy are two adjectives that come to mind to describe the second "official" trailer. At any rate, a film like this being released is a clear indication that the same Talmudic Hollywood Antichrist-animosity displayed a year ago with the release of the show "Good Christian B*****s" [link] is now being taken to an even more open and hateful display than has ever been seen in this country (note also the opening date 6-7-13 - a double '13'). Oh well, praise the Lord all the more believer (Ps. 34:1). Anathema maranatha*

Gal.6:7 'Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap'

Rapture-Palooza  "In Movie Theaters: Friday, June 7, 2013: Two battle their way through a religious apocalypse on a mission to defeat the Anti-Christ...When the Apocalypse actually happens and a billion people are raptured up to heaven, Lindsey (Kendrick) and her boyfriend Ben (Daley) are left behind in suburban Seattle. The young couple try their best to lead a normal life surrounded by talking locusts, blood rain showers, and pot-smoking wraiths. But when The Beast (Robinson) makes his home base in their neighborhood, Lindsey finds herself the object of his affection. With the help of her family, friends, and a lawn-mowing zombie neighbor, the young couple set off to stop the Anti-Christ from taking her as his bride... and just maybe, saving the world in the process - Official version from lionsgate.com on April 19, 2013. Rated R for language including crude sexual references throughout, and for drug use."

2Thes. 1:7-9 'And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power'

*'If Any Man Love Not The Lord Jesus Christ, Let Him Be Anathema Maranatha' 1Cor. 16:22

6-7-13 update


Australian Government Begins Censoring Internet With No Oversight

Australia secretly starts censoring the internet without appeal or oversight process

[Excerpted] The Federal Government has confirmed its financial regulator has started requiring Australian Internet service providers to block websites suspected of providing fraudulent financial opportunities, in a move which appears to also open the door for other government agencies to unilaterally block sites they deem questionable in their own portfolios...The news came tonight in a statement issued by the office of Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, following a controversial event in April which saw some 1,200 websites wrongfully blocked by several of Australia’s major Internet service providers.

In November last year, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy formally dumped the Government’s highly controversial mandatory Internet filtering scheme [12-5-09 link below*] instead throwing his support behind a much more limited scheme which sees Australian ISPs voluntarily implementing a much more limited filter...The ‘voluntary’ filter only blocks a set of sites which international policing agency Interpol has verified contain “worst of the worst” child pornography...

The instrument through which the ISPs are blocking the Interpol list of sites is Section 313 of the Telecommunications Act. Under the Act, the Australian Federal Police is allowed to issue notices to telcos asking for reasonable assistance in upholding the law...The use of the Section 313 notices in this manner is believed to be the first occasion when the legislation has been interpreted to allow the Australian Federal Police to request ISPs to block website addresses.

In contrast with Labor’s previous mandatory Internet filtering policy (which was to have been administered by the Australian Communications and Media Authority and which was dumped last year) there is currently no known civilian oversight of the Section 313 notifications scheme, no method of appeal and no way of ascertaining whether and why sites have been blocked under the legislation.

There is no mechanism in place to ensure that owners of web sites who have those sites blocked by Section 313 notices — deliberately or inadvertently, as happened with the Melbourne Free University case — are notified of the reason their sites have been blocked...Furthermore, Section 313 of the Telecommunications Act does not specifically deal with certain breaches of the law.

Because of this, there appears to be nothing to stop the Australian Federal Police, ASIC or any other agency from issuing much wider notices under the Act to ISPs...with no oversight of the process, no appeals mechanism, and no transparency to the public or interaction with the formal justice.

Internet censorship has been underway in Australia for a few years now. As the above article mentions, previously a content blocking or "filtering" scheme had been put in place [see link below], which as the article points out, has now been scrapped and replaced with a new system...which as reported...is for the first time now "being interpreted to allow the Australian Federal Police to block website addresses"...essentially at will - with no explanation or mechanism for recourse.

Clearly this is the setting of a definite precedent...of open Big Brother censorship in the 'western world'. Websites vanish...nobody knows anything. Interesting also to note the section number of the "Telecommunications Act" where the new regulation is found. As is so often the case, the numbers associated with very significant events are cabalist occult-society favorites, and here is no exception. The number '313' contains two of the favorites - a '13' and a '33'. The '13' especially seems to be very much 'in vogue' this year, 2013 [link], so much so that perhaps this should be known as the year of the '13'. Take note of all these things...
 Rev. 18:4

*12-5-09 NWO Australian Government Rolling Out Internet Censorship "Free speech and the 'new world order' can never co-exist, so Australia is now setting the precedent in the so-called 'free world' for government censorship of the internet. The writing is on the wall: the world-wide-web will soon be neutered. Get it while you can"
See also: Australians Face Big Brother Crackdown July 1st: Speaking Against "Carbon Tax" To Bring Fine Up To 1.1 Million 5-25-12 "Praised by Barack Obama as a model for the world, Australia’s highly unpopular carbon tax, set to take effect from July 1st, is set to be policed by laws which forbid business owners from criticizing it for causing price rises – with thought criminals who do so under threat of being hit with huge fines of over $1 million dollars.
Rev. 13:1 'And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy'


4th Of July "Armed March on Washington" Update: Kokesh Tells CBS "Calling For Mass Civil Disobedience"

Update on: Radio Host Adam Kokesh Organizing 4th of July Armed March on Washington D.C. For "Symbolic Overthrow" 5-6-13 "Destabilizing the US byway of instigated civil unrest has been in the works for years now. It is not a surprise to see it, the NWO-insiders have been actively conditioning the public for a long time...This announcement of an "armed march on Washington" on Independence Day July 4, 2013, ...has to be seen as a very clear indication that the NWO 'civil-unrest instigating' program is now dispensing with the rhetoric of the past few years and is readying to go live.
Adam Kokesh on CBS #OpenCarry

3:05 "These criminals (U.S. Govt.) have made it clear that they don't understand the laws, they don't understand the Constitution, and they don't even understand the definition of civil disobedience...this is what we are going to do...what we are doing...is going to deliberately break what we consider to be an unjust law"

3:42 "...we are calling for mass civil disobedience throughout the District of Columbia on Independence Day"

"Mass civil disobedience"..now being 'advertised' on CBS. Impossible unless part of the script. The zionist ordo ab chao script of course. First start the gun grab, then get a resistance movement going, then....?

It won't be long before what that will be is seen...
 Rev. 18:4

See: Pentagon Changes 'Rulebook' To Grant Military Unchecked Domestic Authority In "Emergency Circumstances" 5-14-13
5-24-13 update: Plot Thickens: Adam Kokesh Calls To Expand July 4th "Armed March On Washington" To All 50 States

Pentagon 'Rule Change' Grants Military Unchecked Domestic Authority In "Emergency Circumstances"

Follow up on: CFR, U.S. Army Chief Of Staff Propose Using Military For "Domestic Police Missions" - aka Martial Law 6-8-12 "The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) proposes that the U.S. Army be used to plan, command, and carry out (with the help of civilian law enforcement) domestic police missions. So says a story appearing in the May/June issue of the influential organization’s official journal, Foreign Affairs. The article lacks a single reference to the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits such actions"...That acquiring and maintaining totalitarian global control would require military force and rule is simple deduction. One world government is bible prophecy [here]. It has to happen - and it is. As for the USA, the transition to full-fledged military control has been advancing steadily for years, to this point, with the U.S. Army and CFR now openly advocating for full implementation - for the "U.S. Army to plan, command, and carry out....domestic police missions". That, very simply, by definition, is "martial law". Amerika 2012 is on the brink. Know about it."
Boston Pretext: Pentagon Unilaterally Grants Itself Authority Over ‘Civil Disturbances’

[Excerpted; full article at link] By making a few subtle changes to a regulation in the U.S. Code titled “Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies” the military has quietly granted itself the ability to police the streets without obtaining prior local or state consent, upending a precedent that has been in place for more than two centuries.

The most objectionable aspect of the regulatory change is the inclusion of vague language that permits military intervention in the event of “civil disturbances.” According to the rule:

"Federal military commanders have the authority, in extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the President is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation, to engage temporarily in activities that are necessary to quell large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances."

One of the more disturbing aspects of the new procedures that govern military command on the ground in the event of a civil disturbance relates to authority. Not only does it fail to define what circumstances would be so severe that the president’s authorization is “impossible,” it grants full presidential authority to “Federal military commanders.”

The stated purpose of the updated rule is “support in Accordance With the Posse Comitatus Act,” but in reality it undermines the Insurrection Act and PCA in significant and alarming ways. The most substantial change is the notion of “civil disturbance” as one of the few “domestic emergencies” that would allow for the deployment of military assets on American soil.

For activists such as O’Brien, the new DoD regulatory change is frightening because it creates, “an environment of fear when people cannot associate with one another.” Like Afran and Freedman, she too calls the move, “another grab for power under the rubric of the war on terror, to the detriment of citizens.”

“This is a complete erosion of the rule of law,” says O’Brien. Knowing these sweeping powers were granted under a rule change and not by Congress is even more harrowing to activists.

As we witnessed during the Boston bombing manhunt, it’s already difficult to discern between military and police. In the future it might be impossible, because there may be no difference.

Establishing military rule over the USA. It was just less than a year ago that this very thing was first openly "proposed" [see 'follow up' above]. It has now become a reality, and that by nothing more than, as the title of the above article points out, a unilateral decree. The 'Dorner show' [link] a few months back opened the door, the 'Boston production' [link] walked through the door and immediately began to set up shop permanently. These two events are just later-stage development of the ongoing long term plan though. Amerika is only one region of the global military rule necessary for the Zionist kingdom-come [link] to function as such (and bow 'never' to the six-pointed star of Remphan - Acts 7:43). The plan is global, Amerika is to be fully assimilated, and as all are now witnessing, this aspect of the global-plan is absolutely on full speed ahead. All will be impacted.

Be fully understanding, it is very late in the game. As mentioned above, this is bible prophecy. After the nations of the earth are 'coagulated', the Word of God [Dan. 7:24] says the next thing that will happen is that "ten kings shall arise". Dost thou believe the Word of God?

Compare: Global Martial Law Has Begun: U.S. Marines Launch First Ever Global "Law Enforcement" Squads 7-23-12 "The Marine Corps has created its first law enforcement battalions - a lean, specialized force of military police officers that it hopes can quickly deploy worldwide"...another 'first-ever' - military "law enforcement battalions" with global jurisdiction...This development, very simply, fits the description of martial law on a global scale. No other way to view it. Although not mentioned specifically in any news release at this time whether or not the ability to "quickly deploy worldwide" includes the USA, it should be noted that the CFR and the U.S. Army proposed this very thing only six weeks ago...[see 6-8-12 'follow up' above]

Rev. 18:4


Big Brother Arrests NY Man Under State's New 'Sandy Hook' Gun Law For Two Extra Bullets

Follow up on: NWO Update: NY Passes New Gun Controls And Turns "Mental Health Professionals" Into Big Brother 1-15-13 "The State Assembly...on Tuesday [1-15-13] approved a package of gun measures that would significantly expand the state’s ban on assault weapons...Passage by the Assembly, on a 104-to-43 vote, came after nearly five hours of debate. The Senate approved the legislation on Monday night [1-14-13]...Tuesday was only the second day of the 2013 legislative session"
NY Man Arrested For Two Extra Bullets

NEW LEBANON — An upstate man was arrested under the state’s new gun law when troopers found him with a legally registered pistol that had a magazine that held nine bullets – two more than the new statute allows, state police said.

Troopers from the New Lebanon barracks in Columbia County stopped a car driven by Gregory D. Dean Jr., 31, of Hopewell Junction, around 9:45 p.m. Sunday on Route 22 because the vehicle’s license-plate lamp was not working.

While interviewing Dean, troopers noticed a handgun on the front seat, partially covered by a sweatshirt. The troopers determined the gun, a .40-caliber pistol, was legally registered and possessed. However, when the troopers inspected the pistol, its magazine contained the nine bullets – New York’s Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act only allows seven bullets per magazine.

Police charged Dean with unlawful possession of certain ammunition feeding devices, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation,both misdemeanors, plus vehicle infractions, police said.

Pulled over for a "license plate lamp...not working", 'legal' gun just happens to be in plain sight, which gun just so happens to be in violation of the new NY gun restrictions - by two bullets. Another staged production to set the tone, so to speak? The Orwellian tone of the 'State' flexing it's muscles by turning law abiding gun owning 2nd amendment observing citizens into 'enemies of the State' that is. Interesting to see if this situation will be used as provocation to build support for the promised 4th of July "armed march on Washington" for gun rights [link], which of course will ultimately, when it's all said and done, only benefit the 'State'.

NY's new gun law, passed in the blink of an 'all-seeing-eye' by way of Sandy Hook ordo ab chao, is known as the "NY Safe Act" [see 'follow up' above]. 

Building the 'NWO'? It's a b-plot movie. Rev. 18:4
1Peter 1:24-24 'For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away: But the word of the Lord endureth for ever.'


NWO And Civil Unrest: Worldwide "March Against Monsanto" Coming May 25, 2013

Related to: More Revolution Talk: March On Washington D.C. May 11-13, Groups Vow To 'Ignite Revolution MLK Called For' 5-10-13 "Stirring the pot...agitating the masses...creating a general atmosphere of unrest nationwide...Unstable things are easily knocked over..." [see post]
May 25 ‘March Against Monsanto’ planned for over 36 countries

SEATTLE, Wash. (May 1, 2013) - March Against Monsanto has announced that on May 25, tens of thousands of activists around the world will “March Against Monsanto.” Currently, marches are being planned on six continents, in 36 countries, totaling events in over 250 cities, and in the US, events are slated to occur simultaneously at 11 a.m. Pacific in 47 states.

Partners facilitating the organizing of March Against Monsanto include The Anti-Media, Activists’ Free Press and A Revolt - Digital Anarchy. Major sponsors include GMO Free USA, Nation of Change and Films for Action.

Nothing just happens. Not in this virtual reality world that we now live in. Everything is manufactured, orchestrated, fictional, creating a virtual reality by which the 'transformation of the world' can be accomplished. The Kabbalist-globalist way of saying that is 'ordo ab chao'. Global "unrest", or 'dissatisfaction' with the existing order of things to the point of being motivated to do something about it, creates the opportunity to bring in the pre-planned 'solution' - which as many now know is the transformation of the nations of the world into the 'pre-planned' communitarian system of global government, aka Agenda 21, aka planet wide 'green' dictatorship [link]. Instigating the unrest...it's on...on multiple fronts. Know what you are seeing when you see it.  Rev. 18:4
Compare also: Radio Host Adam Kokesh Organizing 4th of July Armed March on Washington D.C. For "Symbolic Overthrow" 5-6-13 "Destabilizing the US byway of instigated civil unrest has been in the works for years now. It is not a surprise to see it, the NWO-insiders have been actively conditioning the public for a long time...This announcement of an "armed march on Washington" on Independence Day July 4, 2013, which is including some fairly provocative and inflammatory language...has to be seen as a very clear indication that the NWO 'civil-unrest instigating' program is now dispensing with the rhetoric of the past few years and is readying to go live." [see post]
Gen. 11:3-4 'And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar. And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven'