'Euthanasia' Alive and Well in CA?

California plans to drug depressed patients to death
'Nothing in the bill prohibits this horror' (California’s AB 2747 “Terminal Patients’ Right to Know End-of-life Options”)
"AB 2747 allows a physician assistant or a nurse to opine that a patient is 'terminal,' and then push for unnatural death by 'palliative sedation,'" said Randy Thomasson, chief of the Campaign for Children and Families shortly after the vote.
"Depressed patients who succumb to this pressure will be drugged unconscious and die from dehydration, usually within five to 10 days. Nothing in the bill prohibits this horror," he said.
Forty-two Democrats in California voted in favor of the plan: 30 Republicans and two Democrats opposed the plan.
But the final bill "is broad enough to easily include these suicide techniques," Thomasson said.

"The bill does not otherwise attempt to expressly define terminal illness that each of these health care professionals would have to diagnose to trigger the offer of counseling end of life options..."
"Total sedation (TS) – called by some 'terminal sedation,' 'palliative sedation,' or 'slow euthanasia' – is a protocol recently added to the lexicon of contemporary medical interventions and is a construct actively promulgated by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO)," wrote Dr. Howard M. Ducharme, past chair of the philosophy department at the University of Akron.
re: "California plans"....and eugenics
The 'plans' are being followed. Coming down the well worn path of achieving the end goal by incremental change through subtle variations of language along with professional endorsements, the Brave New World eugenicists are attempting to once again push back the boundary lines of decency and of the sanctity of human life. "Total sedation" becomes the ridiculous euphemism for putting someone to death, and is then marketed as an acceptable if not desirable medical technique through the "contemporary" professional journals and various affiliated organizations.
*From Wikipedia, some basic ideas on Eugenics:

"Eugenics is a social philosophy which advocates the improvement of human hereditary traits through various forms of intervention.[2] Throughout history, eugenics has been regarded by its various advocates as a social responsibility, an altruistic stance of a society, meant to create healthier, stronger and/or more intelligent people, to save resources, and lessen human suffering."

"Historically, a minority of eugenics advocates have used it as a justification for state-sponsored discrimination, forced sterilization of persons deemed genetically defective, and the killing of institutionalized populations."

"Eugenicists advocate specific policies that (if successful) they believe will lead to a perceived improvement of the human gene pool."
The AB2747 California bill is being used to push the envelope to achieve the end goal of the globalist self-proclaimed elite, which would be something along the lines of the delusional idea of reaching the so-called next stage of human evolution. Recreating the human species and achieving immortality through 'enhancement' is the general idea being pursued. This would essentially result in two separate classes of 'humans', which then unfortunately leaves no place for the unenhanced 'natural' humans in their grand futuristic scheme of things. This movement is called "transhumanism" and it is VERY BIG with the powerful and the 'intellectual' types. (for info on 'enhancement' and transhumanism see: "ye shall be as gods"...Not!)
It wasn't too many years ago that people were shocked when Ellen DeGeneres had a new television show in which she played the part of a openly homosexual woman. Can't remember the name of the show but it was a first for the American public, and was effective in that it began the 'normalization process' of homosexuality in the minds of the undiscerning masses. Does anybody need to be reminded that DeGeneres was legally 'homosexually-married' a couple of weeks ago in California. This 'eugenics agenda' is following the same successful strategy of the homosexuals, continually inching toward the goal. The fate of this particular bill is uncertain, and the wording is vague, but ground is being gained and this sort of thing will become much more prevalent. Watch and see...Rev. 18:4

All told, here is compelling further indication of the 'lateness of the hour' in which we are living, the reprobate condition of rebellious men, and the return of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as the ONLY hope for mankind. Rom. 10:13
"For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?" 1 Cor. 1:19-20


PatientsFirst said...

Culture of Life: Going, Going…Gone?
by Senator Sam Aanestad

Part of the reason I became an oral surgeon was because of my belief that serving God means valuing human life. I took an oath to protect those that He creates.

As a legislator in the California Senate, that oath is even more critical.

Patients facing a terminal illness have many needs. Among them are comfort, pain relief and information to make critical decisions. They need dignity, respect and the support of those who love and care for them. They need prayer and the help of clergy, family and friends.

What they don’t need is an intrusion into their relationship with their doctor.

Proponents of California’s AB 2747 “Terminal Patients’ Right to Know End-of-life Options” say it is just about information. Unfortunately, it does much more than educate terminally ill patients. It interferes with the care of patients who are about to receive the worst news of their lives.

Sponsored by a group that promotes physician-assisted suicide—formerly known as the Hemlock Society—the original language of AB 2747 included a mandate that doctors give specific information to patients when advising them they have less than one year to live. Patients would have to be told that they could be sedated into a coma and stop eating and drinking.

Dozens of opponents testified against this measure during a recent marathon hearing of the Senate Health Committee. They included disability rights advocates, nursing organizations, doctors who care for cancer patients, minority rights groups, members of religious communities, hospitals and individuals who are affected by this issue.

A breast cancer surgeon opposed to AB 2747 told me that her patients need more than just “end of life” options.

“I was usually the one to make the diagnosis and give that information to my patients and their families,” she told me. “The relationships I developed with these women were built over time. They trusted me to take care of them.”

She cared for patients who were clinically depressed or addicted to Methamphetamine or mentally ill. Some were from abusive situations. Some came from cultures that condemned physical illness as a sign of moral failure. Some women preferred their religious faith to medical treatment.

She explained how AB 2747 would hurt a woman facing Stage IV breast cancer:

“It would have been cruel to take a list of treatments that may not even apply to my patient and tell her ‘Here, this is what the California Legislature said I have to tell you when you find out you’re dying and you ask me what to do.’”

These women need a doctor to see them as individuals. As a health care professional myself, I can’t imagine treating a dying patient according to a government dictate of what they need to hear and when.

It bothers me that AB 2747 leaves no option for the compassion of a doctor who knows her patient best. A cancer doctor caring for a depressed patient who says “What can I do?” would have no recourse other than to do exactly as the bill mandates—give the information the California Legislature says she needs when they say she needs it.

The priority for every patient is to dispense a laundry list developed by Sacramento politicians.

It also bothers me that this legislation is a back door approach for advocates of euthanasia. AB 2747 contains language that can easily be amended in the future to include other treatments than those it now includes—treatments like those advocated by the bill’s sponsor, the former Hemlock Society.

People who are hurting don’t need the legal maneuver in AB 2747. They don’t need state government to stand between people who suffer and those they choose to care for them.

If you don’t believe that a government’s role is to devalue human life, please defend the terminally ill. Urge the Governor of California to VETO AB 2747.

Senator Aanestad represents the 4th Senate District and serves as Vice Chair of the Senate Health Committee.

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous! We surely do not hear about this on the nightly news!

tom m. said...


Thanks for posting the very insightful article by Senator Aanestad. The additional information in his article about this horrible legislation paints a graphic picture of the insanity of the actions being contemplated.

Moreover, this would fundamentally change the entire mindset of the medical professionals who would be mandated to counsel people on such "end-of-life options".

Rather than being bringers of hope, they would have to 'deaden' themselves to be able to obediently carry out the 'new rules'.

The medical profession is being forced by the state to the edge of a dangerous precipice.

Exodus 20:13 Thou shalt not kill.