Year in Review - 2009 Top 25: The Year The NWO Came Out Of The Closet

...and come out they did. "Unprecedented" is the word of the year for 2009, used probably more often than any other in describing the alarming changes forced on global status quo - all of which have served to facilitate the tremendous progress made over the course of the year to dismantle the existing world system and replace it with a draconian global dictatorship. Suffice it to say that huge strides were made. And incredibly, it's all out in the open now for the first time ever. Maranatha
A top 10 was never going to be anywhere near enough, 25 is just a small sample.

1. 1/22/09 'How To Swear In Without The Bible' by Obama "After flubbing his one role on Inauguration Day -- administering the oath of office to Obama -- Roberts traveled to the White House to re-administer the oath [in private sans bible - declaring 'antichrist' NWO?]"
2. 2/6/09 Blair, w/Obama, Pushing 'Global Religion' Script "...the Blair/Obama duo clearly indicates that the advancement of the plan to utilize religion as a means of global control has entered the next phase."
3. 2/17/09 Newsweek Mocking Americans: "We Are All Socialists Now" "This magazine cover is a first. The Bureau of Propaganda is now 'in our faces'.
4. 3/22/09 Webster's Dictionary Adds Homosexual 'Unions' To Marriage Definition "But the dictionary runs askew from legal recognition of marriage by the federal government and almost all the states by tacking on a secondary definition that counts unions between same-sex couples as "marriage."
5. 4/5/09 Big Brother Begins To Rule Industry In U.S. "In one swift act, the president effectively overruled the oversight and fiduciary responsibilities of GM's directors...Stunning is too mild a word to describe the precedent set here."
6. 4/26/09 Global Government Taking Giant Step Because Of Possible Scamdem...um...'Pandemic' "...the United States is working with the World Health Organization, Canada and Mexico as well as other organizations to reduce the spread of the virus
7. 5/25/09 NBC: "Massive Public Education Campaign" Coming For Swine Flu Vaccine "you're going to see a massive public education campaign..."
8. 6/7/09 'Travel Documents' Requirement For U.S. Citizens Begins "This is the final stage, effective June 1, 2009, of implementation of the so-called “Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative” (WHTI). The latest amendments to the regulations remove the last of the formner [sic] general exceptions, for land travel between the USA, Canada, and Mexico, to the general rule requiring passports in the (unconstitutional but as yet untested) Federal statute at 8 U.S.C. 1185(b):
9. 7/5/09 Rick Warren Recruits Muslims For One World Religion P.E.A.C.E. Plan “I will tell you that I am not interested in interfaith dialogue. I am interested in interfaith project. There is a big difference,”
10. 7/27/09 Pope, World Religions to Form 'Climate Change Plans' - Conference 11-'09 "This month, Muslim, Catholic, Hindu and Sikh leaders all pledged to build climate change plans for their adherents. Jewish leaders have also promised to build a seven-year climate change plan.
11. 7/30/09 Taking A Peek At The Orwellian 'Health Slave Care' Bill "Whatever the details may be in the final bill when it is passed, the real push is to create, and plug everybody into, a single system. Can you say absolute CONTROL?"
12. 8/6/09 'Czardom' Madness '09: The Growing List "Czardom aka dictatorship is running rampant in the land as self-appointed relatively unknowns assume unaccountable power unto themselves, aided and abetted by the msm Bureau of Propaganda and the deafening silence coming from the halls of Congress as well as the highest courts in the land."
13. 8/10/09 'North American Leaders' Pledge "Aggressive Coordinated Action" "In a written statement, they pledged a united effort on economic recovery, trade, swine flu and climate change."
14. 8/12/09 Ban Ki-moon: 4 Months To 'Secure Future Of Planet' "We have just four months. Four months to secure the future of our planet."
15. 9/1/09 Vermont 5th State To Legalize Homosexual Faux-Marriage, Ben And Jerry's Goes Ga Ga "Same-gender marriage is now legal in The Green Mountain State, and Ben & Jerry's has announced that it will temporarily change its "Chubby Hubby" ice cream to "Hubby Hubby" in honor of homosexual marriage."
16. 9/12/09 "Anti-Government" Rally At U.S. Capitol: Glenn Beck, Revolution, and The NWO "The corporate media reports “tens of thousands” in attendance at the Tea Party demo today in the District of Criminals. Sources on the scene, however, put the number at hundreds of thousands upward to over a million."
17. 9/22/09 China Kicks Off The H1N1 'Inject the World' Agenda "BEIJING — China kicked off mass vaccinations for swine flu Monday in Beijing, making it apparently the first nation in the world to start inoculating its population against the virus."
18. 9/25/09 World Economic Summit #3 Wrap Up: G20 'Leaders' Anoint Selves As Global Masters "Here in Pittsburgh, leaders representing two thirds of the planet's population have agreed to a global plan"
19. 10/12/09 Interpol, UN: Global Police In "12 Months" "the group is expected to debate the global police issue and to craft a declaration that would lead to an action plan for international police peacekeeping within 12 months."
20. 11/3/09 Klaus Signs Lisbon; EU Superstate/Dictatorship is Birthed "BRUSSELS -- Czech President Václav Klaus ratified the European's landmark Lisbon Treaty Tuesday, marking the end of an eight-year campaign in the 27-nation bloc to overhaul the way it is governed."
21. 11/10/09 Israeli Rabbi Releases New Book/Manifesto On Killing Non-Jews; and The Talmud "Bethlehem - Ma'an - Jews have the right to kill non-Jews in just about any circumstance, said Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, the head of a religious school in the illegal settlement of Yitzhar, near Nablus."
22. 11/20/09 New European President And Zionist Mouthpiece Herman van Rompuy Declares Global Governance Has Begun "2009 is the first year of global governance with the establishment of the G20 in the middle of the financial crisis... the climate conference in Copenhagen is another step toward the global management of our planet"
23. 11/22/09 Manifesto Madness: Laodicean Christendom And Catholics Uniting, Pushing NWO Strategy For 'Civil Unrest' "A formidable coalition of 150 Catholic, Orthodox and evangelical leaders are calling on Christians in a new manifesto to reject secular authority – and even engage in civil disobedience – if laws force them to accept abortion, same-sex marriage and other ideas that betray their religious beliefs."
24. 12/15/09 NWO Australian Government Rolling Out Internet Censorship "The Federal Government has announced it will proceed with controversial plans to censor the internet..."
25. 12/26/09 Scripted Christmas Day Plane Incident To Bring About Globally Coordinated Airline Security? Interpol? "The extra measures apply worldwide"
'Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.' Luke 21:36

NWO Beast Swallows Financial Giant GMAC, America

Update on: Fed Gobbles Up GMAC En Route To 666 12-26-08 "a total loss of controlling ownership of the company, now makes GMAC essentially nothing more than just another branch of the unaccountable entity that calls itself the Federal Reserve." [see post]
U.S. takes majority stake in GMAC, giving lender $3.8 billion more in aid

The federal government said Wednesday that it will take majority control of troubled auto lender GMAC and provide an additional $3.8 billion in aid to the company, which has been unable to raise from private investors the money it needs to staunch its losses.

...even as the government deepens its involvement in mortgage financiers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- and now, GMAC.

The government now owns majority ownership stakes in those three firms, General Motors and insurance giant American International Group. It also holds large stakes in Citigroup and Chrysler.

Treasury said that it will increase its stake in GMAC to 56 percent from 35 percent. The government also will hold about $14 billion in what amounts to loans that GMAC may eventually repay. The government plans to appoint four of the company's nine directors.
Open dictatorship

And another one down, another one down, another one bites the dust...
"The government" will take majority control, "the government" will appoint directors. And nothing more than a slight hiccup was heard from the beast that is swallowing America whole.

Next on the list is the medical industry...but wait..look over there...it's a bomb on a plane...oh my...and Tiger Woods...and Charlie Sheen....yada yada....a never ending stream of garbage.
The Zionist Bureau of Propaganda never sleeps, never misses the proper timing to divert attention. Be not diverted. They are coming for your soul. Rev. 18:4

see also: U.S., Canadian Governments Taking Over Auto Industry In 'Joint Venture' 12-20-08
and: NWO: Shutting Down America Piece By Piece [follow links, connect dots]
1Thessalonians 5:6 "Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober"


The Call Is To Come Out - Can You Hear It?

NT Greek for "church" - ekklesia (ek-klay-see'-ah); a calling out.
A mini study:
God's Call out of the Earth
J. G. Bellett (1795-1864)
In the midst of the increased and still growing corruption of the whole scene around us, and of the threatened dissolving of all things, it is much laid upon the mind to consider with simplicity and clearness the character of our calling.
The call of God out of the earth, and God's assertion of title to the earth, are things that greatly differ, and should be morally and practically distinguished by the saints.
The call of God proceeds on the principle that God Himself is outside the earth, and that He is not seeking it, but seeking a people to be His in His place outside and above it. The earth, therefore, by this call, is left just as it was. For it is a stranger to the purpose of God.

'Till He Come' - by AC Gaebelein

Till He Come
by Arno Clemens Gaebelein (1861-1945)

1 Cor 11:26 'For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do shew the Lord's death till he come.'

"Till He Come” are precious words. They are written in connection with the Lord’s Supper, which Paul mentions in 1 Corinthians 11:23-36. It is the feast of love and loving remembrance of Him who long ago, in the night He was betrayed, took the bread and the cup, the emblems of the body He gave and the blood He shed. “This do in remembrance of Me.”

Oh! That request He made in view of the Cross with its suffering and shame, its deepest depths of judgment! Remember, it was for you; and now remember Me. Therefore, “as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do show the Lord’s death till He come.”

Whenever we gather at the Lord’s Table on the Lord’s Day, the Lord Himself must be the one object before us, to give Him the worship of our hearts, the praises of our lips. Led by His Spirit, we shall see Him only as He loved and gave Himself for such as we are; as He lives, filling Heaven’s glorious throne, never forgetful of His own, ever caring, loving and guiding each. As we do this in remembrance of Him, we do so “till He come.” All such outward remembrance will cease when at last He takes His blood-bought people home and our home, to His Father and our Father.
Till He come” we remember His love, and praise and adore Him.

Till He come.” These are the words which should never leave our hearts. They may be termed Heaven’s message for His waiting people. If they but echo and re-echo in our souls, all will be well with us; joy and peace will be our daily portion, and fellowship with Him will become constantly more real.


NWO Plane 'Incident' Puts National Guard At NY Airport

Follow up on: Scripted Christmas Day Plane Incident To Bring About Globally Coordinated Airline Security? Interpol? 12-26-09 "Airports worldwide tightened security a day after..." [see post]
National Guard For NY Airport Security

The Governor also announced that the Task Force Empire Shield has provided a supplementary force of approximately 80 National Guard soldiers who will provide support during peak travel periods, focusing on John F. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia Airport. The Governor first directed the Task Force to assemble the supplementary force following the December 25 incident aboard a Detroit-bound flight. They will be a consistent presence during busy travel hours and also patrol ground transportation hubs on New Year’s Eve.

Paterson said. “Our actions should not raise the alarm, but rather demonstrate that we are working at the local, state and federal levels to keep travelers safe.”
re: 'Our actions should not raise the alarm'

Alarmed? Why should any clear thinking Americans be alarmed when they see the NWO passing off another ridiculously contrived 'terrorist' scenario as a pretext for placing National Guard soldiers into public arenas? No, patriotic citizens of the 'homeland' should be more than happy to give up all their rights, and they should be delighted to see that the "local, state, and federal levels" of government are all being merged into a monolithic military-police system, i.e. martial law.

The Zionistas are taking the NWO into crunch time. Be alarmed when you see military patrolling airports. Rev. 18:4
see: National Guard Training To Confront NWO Resistors? 7-4-09
Homeland Security, NorthCom Creating Military Command of U.S.? 7-4-09
Isaiah 55:6 'Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near'

Australian Police State Given New "Sweeping Powers"

Anger over broadened police powers to search people (Australia)

The laws, which came into effect on Wednesday, give police sweeping powers to search people at random, including strip searches.
Under the legislation:
POLICE can search anybody in a "designated area" even if officers do not have any reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing and can proceed to a strip search if the circumstances warrant it.
ANY area where there has been an incident of violence involving a weapon in the past year can be deemed a designated area; as can any place where police suspect there may be trouble; or any major event precinct.
A NEW offence of disorderly conduct has been created, with $234 on-the-spot fines.
Mr Farrell said the legislation included provisions to strip search minors in "mystery" designated areas.
"There was a bit of a misconception around that these places were going to be advertised and seven days notice given, but there is provision in the legislation that they do not have to be advertised," he said. "So you can be walking down the street in front of your house and be asked to undergo a search."
re: search people at random
The NWO is using Australia as a testlab. Not only trailblazing with regard to stripping away their freedoms on the streets, as seen here, but on the internet as well; see: NWO Australian Government Rolling Out Internet Censorship 12-15-09
Once the 'product' is tested, it is sure to be marketed worldwide. Be informed.
see: The Blessed Hope - Titus 2:13


NWO Proposes Drugging Food Supply Of Their 'Human Cattle'

Health Canada is proposing an unorthodox way of combatting a food ingredient suspected in some cancers: It wants to let manufacturers put small amounts of a cancer-fighting drug into potato chips and similar foods to curb production of the harmful chemical.
Manufacturers "fully support" the move suggested by Health Canada, Derek Nighbor of Food and Consumer Products of Canada said in a statement provided by the industry group yesterday.
Health Canada is accepting feedback on the idea for 75 days, and could implement it in six to eight months, the government document said.
Tests have found that consuming the chemical increases the risk of some cancer in rodents. Evidence of its effect on humans who eat it in food is less clear, though, with some research linking it to cancer but most studies finding that the levels people eat would have no carcinogenic effect, said Lorelei Mucci, a Harvard medical school assistant professor who studies the issue.
re: could implement in six to eight months

Between GMO's and the newly proposed 'medicated' foodstuffs, no telling what the mad scientists over at Purina Human Chow will soon be pumping out of their NWO factories...and pumping into the bloodstreams of the human cattle of the brave new world. Run Logan run.
compare: FDA Green Lights Genetically Engineered Animals For 'Human Chow' 9-20-08 "Creating a 'global food production system' is the goal. 'Human chow' for the global serfdom."
also: Need Global Food Program, Says Global AIDS 8-7-08
Psalms 71:2 Deliver me in thy righteousness, and cause me to escape: incline thine ear unto me, and save me.


Scripted Christmas Day Plane Incident To Bring About Globally Coordinated Airline Security? Interpol?

"The extra vigilance came after a man flying from Nigeria to Amsterdam to the U.S. tried to ignite a device just before the plane landed in Detroit on Friday"
Airline passengers see tighter security
Extra pat-downs before boarding. No getting up for the last hour of the flight. More bomb-sniffing dogs. Airports worldwide tightened security a day after a passenger tried to light some kind of explosive on a flight into Detroit.
Passengers getting off both U.S. domestic flights and those arriving from overseas reported being told that they couldn't get out of their seat for the last hour of their flight. Air Canada also said that during the last hour passengers won't be allowed access to carry-on baggage or to have any items on their laps.
The extra vigilance came after a man flying from Nigeria to Amsterdam to the U.S. tried to ignite a device just before the plane landed in Detroit on Friday.
"The extra measures apply worldwide on all flights to the U.S. as of now and for an indefinite period," said Judith Sluiter, spokeswoman for the Dutch National Coordinator for Counterterrorism.
The incident on the flight from Amsterdam is a reminder that securing U.S. airports is only part of the solution, said Elaine Dezenski, who until recently was managing director of the Global Security Initiative at Interpol and also used to work for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
"More and more it's not about what happens in the U.S. airports, it's what's happening outside the U.S. and how the system can or cannot be infiltrated," she said.
re: "More and more it's not about what happens in the U.S. airports, it's what's happening outside the U.S. and how the system can or cannot be infiltrated"
Worldwide coordination and tightening of security measures is the result of the obviously scripted Christmas day alleged bomb-on-plane incident that has since dominated the news. No getting out of your seat in the last hour, no access to carry-ons, and no having anything on the laps during that last hour are some of the ridiculous restrictions that a few airlines have already put in place for an "indefinite period".
According to the recent managing director of the "Global Security Initiative at Interpol" this supposed 'close call' highlights the need to control not only U.S. airports, but essentially to control the system worldwide [see last quote]. Translating the globalspeak and reading between the lines, it is obvious that the ex-director is really saying that since global control is outside the scope of the American TSA, some type of organization that could perform that function is needed.
In light of that idea, it would be hard to miss this same ex-director's connection with Interpol, the burgeoning global police force. Rev. 18:4
compare: White House Gives 'Global Police' [Interpol] Free Reign In U.S. 12-22-09 "Stay tuned, we should be hearing a lot more from Interpol"
In regard to controlling freedom to move about:
UK 'Climate Tsar' Wants Restricted Air Travel 2-7-09
Qantas-British Airways Merge: First 'Truly' Global Airline 12-2-08
Rev. 13:1 'And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea...'


Couple Signs Of The Times Too Obvious To Miss

White House Christmas tree has Chairman Mao, transvestite
...décor also includes Obamaface on Mount Rushmore

The face of China's Mao Zedong, blamed for the deaths of 50 to 80 million of his countrymen, graces an ornament on the White House Christmas tree for President Obama's first holiday season in residence.

According to
BigGovernment.com, the tree also features an ornament adding Obama to Mount Rushmore.

The images, such as the "transvestite" character "Hedda Lettuce," are attributed to the work of Simon Doonan, creative director of Barney's New York, whose previous projects have included Margaret Thatcher as a dominatrix and Dan Quayle as a ventriloquist's dummy, according to the New York Times.
National Irish Bank to stop handling cash

One of the country's larger banks has told to its customers that it is to stop handling cash in its branches.National Irish Bank says it is moving to a Scandinavian model of "cashless banking" - with an increased reliance on ATMs and debit cards.

NIB has told customers that its branches will no longer handle cash withdrawals or lodgements, nightsafe lodgements or foreign exchange cash.

The bank says the idea of "cashless banking" will be rolled out over the next 18 months, and that the model is that used by its Danish parent company.


Arizona State Government The First To 'Collapse' In NWO Transition Of U.S. To Global System?

Follow up on: Rhode Island, Shutting Down State Governments...And Communitarianism 8-25-09 "What you are seeing is a simple case of 'out with the old' - i.e. state government, and 'in with the new - i.e. the communitarian model of world government. This is that, and while the government shutdown in Rhode Island is at this time still a proposal, nevertheless, as the song and dance is the same in at least 19 other states, the agenda is now reaching the critical stages."
Arizona's Coming Government Collapse - from Governor Jan Brewer

Dear Fellow Arizonan, We face a state fiscal crisis of unparalleled dimension – one that is going to sweep over every single person in this state as well as every business and every family.

That is why I held an emergency cabinet meeting yesterday morning where I outlined for our state’s elected leaders and business leaders the ills our state faces. As I told them yesterday, we ARE faced with some of the worst days in our 97-year history.

We must solve these problems and we must solve them now. More than calling for cooperation, today I had state government implement various emergency measures meant to ensure Arizona’s fiscal solvency. Among them: [go to link for full text]
re: unparalled dimension

[Crisis du jour] of unparalleled dimension...there's a lot of that going around these days. Emergency meetings and emergency measures are becoming everyday fare across the board too as the NWO is closing in on the kill.

The object of the hunt in this case is the obsolete American way. It must be completely done away with before the antichrist global kingdom can dominate the planet. And, that is exactly what is happening. 'Financial collapse' so as to allow restructuring into the communitarian global management model is how it is being done, not only in every state in this country, but across the globe. Out with the old, and in with the new, via "unparalleled dimensions" of endless and absolutely fabricated 'crises'.

Will Arizona be the first U.S. state 'laid to rest'?

Note: Important to keep in mind, as regards the antichrist global-kingdom dreamers, they have no plan 'b'. This is for all the marbles, and it is 'game on'. Be very aware.
More specific details here [follow links; connect dots]:
Hawaii Shutting Schools, Transitioning To 'World Government' 10-22-09
Pennsylvania, Following CA, Cutting Govt. Services 2-4-09
California Joining NWO: Update #1 2-3-09 "people are going to be hurt"
'Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.' Revelation 16:15


And Now, Homosexual Pseudo-Marriage Captures "Nation's Capital"

A bill legalizing gay marriage in the nation's capital was signed by the mayor Friday but won't go into effect until it clears one more hurdle.
Though the bill was signed by Washington Mayor Adrian M. Fenty in a public ceremony following an 11-2 vote by the city’s council just days earlier, it must past a 30-day period of Congressional review to become law.
Though the legislation includes a provision stating that a religious society or organization is not required to provide services, accommodations, facilities or goods for the purpose of the solemnization or celebration of same-sex marriage, some D.C. churches are not satisfied with it.
Despite protests and calls for changes to the legislation, the bill is expected to pass Congress without a scratch and its supporters say gay couples may be able to wed in the district as early as March.
This post is an update on: Boy-Boy, Girl-Girl 'Marriage' Passed In DC 12-15-09
see also:
Homosexual Pseudo-Marriage Agenda Captures Mexico City 12-21-09

re: 'pass Congress without a scratch'
Unfortunately, there is no longer any possible way to stop this runaway train. The patient is terminal. We are now living in a world that has gone truly insane...losing any sense of rational thought, having no moral compass whatsoever. The floodgates of ungodliness are open wide in the nation's capital, the waters of corruption will flow into every state, every nook and cranny of society. Woe to the blinded and hardened inhabitants of the earth.
'Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not not of her plagues'
REVELATION 17:1-2 'And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will show unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

NWO Cyber-czar Appointed, Sets Up Shop

Big Brother Going After Net: Obama to Appoint Cyber-Czar And Calls For Citizen 'Help' 10-18-09 "The internet is now a "national security priority", to be added to 'terror' and H1N1. fyi [see post; *video]
NWO/America Names Cybersecurity Coordinator

"...the administration has finally named its man: former Bush administration official Howard Schmidt."
In a *video posted on the White House website, Schmidt said that the President has directed him to focus on creating a new comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, developing a strategy to respond to future cyberincidents, strengthening public-private and international partnerships, pushing cybersecurity research and development and leading a cybersecurity awareness and education campaign.

"In our digital world, the information technologies we depend upon every day present us with both great opportunities and great danger," Schmidt said in the video. "As president Obama has said, this cyberthreat represents one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation. I'm committed to bringing all stakeholders together around a new comprehensive cyberstrategy that keeps Americans secure and prosperous."
re: 'cybersecurity awareness and education campaign...national security challenges'
Restated simply...a massive propaganda campaign as the internet is taken over by the global-kingdom boys is about to commence. The focus will be to convince everybody that this is actually in their best interest because 'cyber-terrorists' are gonna get you...
Things are moving very quickly now. The 'cyber-czar' announcement was made only two months ago, and before anyone realizes what is going on, the new appointee has joined the still growing unelected shadow government that is overseeing the deconstruction of the United States.
Get ready for the upcoming onslaught of cyber-security is your friend brainwash....and for the upcoming clamp down on the web.
Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

White House Gives 'Global Police' [Interpol] Free Reign In U.S.

NWO/America Extends Diplomatic Immunity to Interpol by Executive Order

President Obama has issued an amendment to Executive Order 12425, designating the international law enforcement agency Interpol as a "public international organization," thus extending diplomatic immunity to the law enforcement group.
The amendment to the Executive Order...does not need to be put to the senatorial test of "advise and consent" [compare: here]
The amendment to Executive Order 12425, signed by Obama on December 17, 2009, declared Interpol records immune from search and seizure, "The archives of international organizations shall be inviolable."
This post is an update on: Interpol, UN: Global Police In "12 Months" 10-12-09 "The police will be trained and equipped differently with resources,” Mr. Noble said. “When they stop someone, they will be consulting global databases to determine who they are stopping.”...the group is expected to debate the global police issue and to craft a declaration that would lead to an action plan for international police peacekeeping within 12 months." [see post]

"Unaccountable" is the magic word concerning all things global-kingdom related. The global police force-to-be has just been granted this unaccountable status in the 'homeland' by a simple swipe of the pen from the Zionist global-kingdom front man in the White House.

Note: only ten months left before the Interpol "declaration that [will] lead to an action plan for international police peacekeeping" is ready to go. Stay tuned, we should be hearing a lot more from Interpol...as well as from the 'global kingdom' for which they are being created to protect. Rev. 18:4

see also: Canada To Deputize U.S. Police and 'Security Agents' 12-11-09;
EU Dictatorship: France To Start 'Citizen Paramilitaries' 12-6-09
Micah 3:10 "They build up Zion with blood..."


Out Of The Copenhagen 'Chaos' - Surprise Surprise - Gordon Brown Calls For Global Body to "Prevent A Repeat"

Copenhagen endgame - the dialectic goes worldwide
Follow up on: Copenhagen Is Propaganda 12-3-09 " Copenhagen will come and go. At this point all the hype - seal a deal, seal a deal, seal a deal - is just propaganda designed to further desensitize the ignorant masses to the harsh reality of having their humanity stripped away in the not too distant 666 future, via, not little white lies, but big green lies." [see post]
Gordon Brown calls for new group to police global environment issues
A new global body dedicated to environmental stewardship is needed to prevent a repeat of the deadlock which undermined the Copenhagen climate change summit, Gordon Brown will say tomorrow.
The Prime Minister will say: “Never again should we face the deadlock that threatened to pull down those talks. Never again should we let a global deal to move towards a greener future be held to ransom by only a handful of countries. One of the frustrations for me was the lack of a global body with the sole responsibility for environmental stewardship.
“I believe that in 2010 we will need to look at reforming our international institutions to meet the common challenges we face as a global community.”
re: 'Never again...reforming our international institutions'
Something missed entirely by 99.9% of opinionators opining on the very recent Copenhagen climate catastrophe, complete with the conveniently 'leaked' e-mails and all, is that 'Copenhagen' was never intended to be a 'success'. The entire scripted debacle was simply a massive dialectic exercise, which, for possibly the first time in the history of the 'takeover-the-planet' green agenda, involved the whole world. With that accomplished, it should be understood that from this point forward the manipulative 'global warming debate' will be intensified as never before.
The entire planet has now been brought into the dialectic 'discussion'. Is global warming even real? Is it man made, or, is it actually naturally occurring? What should be done, when, and by whom? Classic Hegelian dialectic methodology - the clash of opposites used to create a compromise on the part of all participants so as to achieve a preplanned solution. In this case, and right on cue you will notice, the preplanned solution for the scripted Copenhagen-confusion will now be proposed to the nations of the world - "a new global body dedicated to environmental stewardship". Wow, what a surprise.
As it turns out then, Copenhagen has actually been a resounding success. The "global community" now clearly understands just how desperate is the need to fix the 'broken' international infrastructure, because, as Gordon Brown says, "never again" can this 'chaos' be allowed to happen, "never again" can a "global deal" be missed as we are supposed to believe happened here. Forget about fictitous standards for 'carbon emissions' in 2020 or 2050, this must be done now, and it must take the form of unaccountable global authorities.
Truly a pathetic charade.
Global government is already here people [here and here], and the international charade you are viewing on every front from so-called economic collapse to fake climate-change is merely the unveiling as the final pieces of the puzzle are put in place. And, it is always via ordo ab chao - illuminati style all the way. Rev. 18:4
compare: Pope Evangelizing For NWO, Urges All to 'Go Green' 12-15-09 "One day it's Ban Ki-moon, the next day it's Gordon Brown, and the day after that it's the pope. And so the NWO green-rhetoric continues unceasing from all sides."
also: London Feedback: Gordon Brown Says Copenhagen Last Chance For Earth 10-19-09
NWO-ers Push For Global 'Green' Court 11-30-08 [follow links, connect dots]
"Ten kings...shall arise" Dan. 7:24 (Bible prophecy concerning the rise of the 'last days' one-world government that will introduce the 'Antichrist' onto the world stage)

Homosexual Pseudo-Marriage Agenda Captures Mexico City

Mexico City Assembly Legalizes Same-Sex

Mexico City (AP) - Mexico City lawmakers on Monday made the city the first in Latin America to legalize same-sex marriage, a change that will give homosexual couples more rights, including allowing them to adopt children.

Leftist Mayor Marcelo Ebrard of the Democratic Revolution Party was widely expected to sign the measure into law.

The conservative Nation Action Party of President Felipe Calderon has vowed to challenge the gay marriage law in the courts. However, homosexuality is increasingly accepted in Mexico, with gay couples openly holding hands in parts of the capital and the annual gay pride parade drawing tens of thousands

The bill calls for changing the definition of marriage in the city's civil code. Marriage is currently defined as the union of a man and a woman. The new definition will be "the free uniting of two people."

Only seven countries allow gay marriages: Canada, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium. U.S. states that permit same-sex marriage are Iowa, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut and New Hampshire.
re: 'first city in Latin America'

The radical homosexual agenda, an outright assault on righteousness and truth, has now established a beachhead in Latin America: Mexico City has fallen, has fallen.

Incidentally, the fact that this ungodliness could spread across the globe as 'legal' behavior, as it is doing, is only possible because God Almighty, who is absolutely sovereign over all of His creation, has allowed it to so be. He has in fact passed judgment on the inhabitants of this world and due to the "lusts of their own hearts"....has 'given them up'.

"Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves" (Romans 1:24; cf. 26,28)

It is an indictment on this world, and a clear sign of the lateness of the hour in which we live. God gave them up, i.e. the human race - washed his hands of them in other words as they have utterly rejected Him - and the startling truth is that at that point there is nothing more to do to but judge the whole scene!

That's called "wrath", and it is the sure consequence of man's rebellion- for it is written:
"For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness" (Romans 1:18)

Rev. 18:4


12-20-09 'Manhattan Declaration' Update: Multitudes Of Lukewarm Laodiceans Suckered Into Signing Onto NWO Scam

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (ANS) -- Nearly 300,000 church leaders have now signed the daring Manhattan Declaration. It appears to be the latest theological firestorm sweeping across the world of evangelical Christian leadership.
The document was released on November 20 with the signatures of only 122 evangelical leaders and thousands more are signing it daily. It is likely to have attracted over 300,000 signers by sometime on Thursday night.
The Manhattan Declaration affirms three basic rights that most American Christians believe are God given, constitutional freedoms i.e. (1) life, (2) marriage, and (3) religious liberty. The daring document calls for civil disobedience if government threats continue to threaten the consciences of pastors, churches and Christians in the United States
"Manhattan Declaration"?
A NWO infiltrated and organized unbiblical ecumenical mess of potential chaos creating, society destabilizing, tyranny producing, blind leading the blind deception.
And, exactly as the Devil-worshiping cabalist ordo ab chao manufacturers-of-unrest have planned - growing by the day. Rev. 18:4
All the details are here:
Manifesto Madness: Laodicean Christendom And Catholics Uniting, Pushing NWO Strategy For 'Civil Unrest' 11-22-09
John 18:36 'Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.'


Real Christians Are Nonconformists

'And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind...' Romans 12:2

As soon as the Lord gives to any man spiritual light, he proceeds to separate himself from the darkness around. He secedes from a merely worldly religion of outward ceremonial; for nothing short of the gospel of Christ will now satisfy him. He withdraws himself from worldly society and frivolous amusements, and seeks the company of the saints.

The light gathers to itself, and the darkness to itself. As Christ went outside the camp, bearing his reproach, so let us come out from the ungodly, and be a peculiar people.

Jesus was holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners. As he was, so we are to be nonconformists to the world, dissenting from all sin, and distinguished from the rest of mankind by our likeness to our Master. Spurgeon
Titus 2:14 Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.


Wayne Cordeiro's False Gospel

Wayne Cordeiro's 'Dream' And Invisible Guides: a book review
follow up on Trouble In Paradise: Cordeiro, New Hope, and the emergent heresy/apostasy
Seeing the participation of Wayne Cordeiro with the 'unleashing and imagining' emerging church leaders at the recent 'Awaken 2008' emerging conference (linked above - TiP), and being aware of his wide influence, it became a matter of necessity to take a closer look at his teaching and doctrine. 'Guilt by association' may or may not hold up in court, but just the same..."Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" Amos 3:3
For that reason Wayne Cordeiro's book "Dream Releasers" was randomly chosen for a representative sample of his teaching and examined. Regretfully, the report is not good.
'And in process of time it came to pass, that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the LORD...But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect.' Genesis 4:3,5

It's an amazing thing to consider how so much of what passes today for Christian teaching can be anything but, and yet the mass of professing Christians are completely unable to discern the errors. The most foundational points of what would be called "sound doctrine" can be completely absent and no concern will be raised by those receiving the instruction. The Holy Spirit can have nothing to do whatsoever with the activities in question, and He will never even be missed by the crowds of followers...
Such is the case with this little book by Wayne Cordeiro entitled "The Dream Releasers", published in 2002, and still being sold through the New Hope Oahu church which Cordeiro founded. The fact that the book continues to be sold shows that the particular philosophy/theology espoused is unchanged. This is a serious problem for any who would receive the teaching of this book without exercising discernment as to the 'soundness' of the doctrine.
For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing Romans 7:18
By a liberal use of 'Christianese', an exterior appearance of Christianity is retained in Cordeiro's teaching, a thin veneer, but the truth of the Word of God has been gutted and replaced with a slick teaching of 'human potential' development. The little 5" by 7 1/2" book uses the word "potential" no less than fifty (50) times in approximately 137 double spaced pages. The book has 189 pages total but the content itself is contained on 137, the rest being blank, or title pages, or illustrations, etc.. In comparison, another subject, a crucial one, which shall be discussed later, was mentioned absolutely zero times. None, nada, no mention whatsoever.
In a nutshell the teaching is something along these lines:
The gospel of 'Dream Releasing' basically starts with the premise that God has given a wonderful and exciting dream to all people. Cordeiro writes:
"Everybody has one. It might be imprisoned by faulty character or it could be paralyzed by others' disdain. Still, everybody has one. Everybody has . . .a dream. This dream is a hope of what we can be for God. It was divinely installed at His moment of choice. But unless that potential is recognized and released (p. 26) it remains richly unproductive, helplessly filled with hope and powerfully impotent. But once discovered, it becomes a honing device, an invisible guide that navigates us through the precarious passages of life." (p. 27)
It is to be noted that no scripture references are given for these statements. The reason for that is not difficult to find because there are no scripture references for these statements.
read full: Cordeiro book review
2 PETER 2:1 'But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies'


China Adopts New Measures, Demonstrates To World How To 'Neuter' Internet

Follow up on: NWO Australian Government Rolling Out Internet Censorship 12-15-09 "Australia is now setting the precedent in the so-called 'free world' for government censorship of the internet. The writing is on the wall: the world-wide-web will soon be neutered.' [see post]
Beijing tightens its grip on the internet
By Kathrin Hille in Beijing
China has banned individuals from registering internet domain names in Beijing's toughest move so far to tighten online censorship.
From Monday, people registering a domain name in China would have to present a company seal and a business licence, the China Internet Network Information Center, a government-backed body, said in a statement.
Service providers said they had started to review their clients for potentially fraudulent or "harmful" individually-owned sites.
"We have started to review domain names registered by individuals, as requested by CNNIC," said an official at HiNet, one of China's largest internet service providers.
Officials said the measure was part of a campaign to rein in pornographic content, but bloggers and internet activists interpreted it as a broader attempt to enforce internet censorship more heavily. "If they really enforce this, we will have to register our sites outside China," said one blogger.
re: 'banned individuals'
Locking up the internet? Communist China is charting the way for all the world to see: Without a company seal and a business license, individuals are now to be banned from registering a domain name. In addition to that, ISP's in China have begun reviewing the sites of their existing clients. Obviously, any sites that do not receive an 'official' approval are not long for this world. China is providing a glimpse at the what and how of the future www lockdown now taking shape.
In the so-called 'free world', as mentioned in the follow up link above, Australia has just started down the same path and will lead the way for the rest of the free world.
The enslavement of mankind is the goal, to accomplish this the world wide web must go bye bye. It is.


Boy-Boy, Girl-Girl 'Marriage' Passed In DC

Press release from CWA
WASHINGTON, Dec. 15 /Christian Newswire/ -- Today the DC Council refused their citizens a voice and passed a measure to allow same-sex "marriage" in the District of Columbia.
Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America, said, "The DC City Council has reached the heights of arrogance by deliberately ignoring what they know is the will of their constituents to impose a measure that will damage the most vulnerable in the city. Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. No other arrangement provides the solid foundation for a family or society. Imposing same-sex 'marriage' on DC residents will threaten the religious freedoms of those who disagree."
"Congress has the authority to override the DC Council's illegitimate action. The Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA], a federal law, defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Congress should do what the DC Council refused to do -- respect the views of the citizens and affirm that marriage, which provides unique benefits that cannot be replicated by any other living arrangement, is a union between a man and a woman."
Concerned Women for America is the nation's largest public policy women's organization.
re: 'congress has the authority to override the DC councils illegitimate action...Congress should do what the DC council has refused to do...'

Don't count on it...the globalist sodomite agenda with Obama as front man are dead set on destroying DOMA: Congress Right On Cue With Bill To Repeal DOMA 9-15-09 [follow links, connect dots]; and they have absolutely no concern for the "voice of the people". fyi
The utterly corrupt and immoral and ungodly antichrist NWO [modern day Babylon] will suffer the same fate as did the historic land of Sodom: 'And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees' excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah. Isaiah 13:19
Rev. 18:4