Hurricane Questions - No Answers

What happened in Galveston? This question is raised by the author of the first article. The only information that could be found is posted in the second article...which basically answers that question...with a question. In other words, nobody's talking:
The mainstream news media’s lack of interest, given the ferocity of the hurricane, is curious: Canadafreepress

Here’s a question for you. Given the many people who refused to leave Galveston, Texas, how many died as the result of Hurricane Ike?

If you cannot find any reports than you are not alone. There is a virtual news blackout regarding casualties and deaths from the devastation the hurricane inflicted on Galveston.

The official death toll, according to an Associated Press, September 17, report was 49 “with most of the deaths coming outside of Texas.” The same report cited nine deaths in the Houston-area, but there was no word from Galveston, a place that currently resembles the surface of the Moon.

One would think that either a Texas state agency or FEMA would make some kind of announcement, but so far the silence is beyond any explanation. One finds nothing on their websites.
Questions for years to come: MSNBC

"As the hurricane closed in, authorities in three counties alone estimated 90,000 people ignored evacuation orders. In Galveston, another 6,000 refused to leave after Ike hit."

"Nobody is suggesting that tens of thousands died, but determining what happened to those unaccounted for is a painstaking task that could leave survivors wondering for months or years to come."

"Authorities concede that at least some of those who haven't turned up could have been washed out to sea..."

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