Ex-Pentagon Official Homosexual Advocate Robert Gates Named President Of Boy Scouts

This post is a follow up on: Boy Scouts Or Scouting For Boys: BSA 'Vote' Lifts Gay Ban, Opens Door To Homosexual Agenda 5-23-13 "It's over. There is no way around the fact. The door has been opened, and now that it is open, it will be impossible to stop any part of the overall agenda. While the "gay-leader" is not yet sanctioned, the reality is that this is just a temporary situation. As made very clear by "Zach Wahls of Scouts for Equality", they will never relent until 'Scouting goes all the way'. Innuendo? It would seem so...That "gay-leaders" will be coming in is a foregone conclusion. Similar to what just happened in the national Football League where the president of the players association is now officially an LGBT spokesman...It's over people - "Boy Scouts" has now become "Scouting for Boys" [see post]
Pentagon Official Who Pushed for Repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Named President of Boy Scouts

IRVING – A former Pentagon official who pushed for the repeal of the U.S. military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy has been named the next president of the Boy Scouts of America.

Robert Gates served as the Secretary of Defense under then-President George W. Bush beginning in 2006 and stayed on board for part of Barack Obama’s first term. Prior to his appointment, he served 26 years in the CIA–his latter years as Director of Central Intelligence.

During his tenure as Secretary of Defense, Gates advocated for the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell–which barred open homosexuality in the military–and expressed his agreement with Obama’s push to do away with the law.

“There is no finer program for preparing American boys for citizenship and leadership than the Boy Scouts of America,” he remarked in a written statement. “As an Eagle Scout, I know firsthand how impactful this program can be, and I believe its mission is more important today than ever before.”

“I am honored to take on this role and look forward to working on behalf of the millions of youth and adult members who make Scouting what it is today—an organization providing life-changing opportunities to today’s youth,” Gates continued.

Gates, if ultimately approved, will begin serving in May 2014. He currently serves as chancellor of College of William and Mary in Virginia.

"Gay leaders" in the Boy Scouts? How much higher-level of "leader" than ex-Pentagon/CIA sworn homosexual-agenda advocate Robert Gates could possibly be found? Note Gate's comments: "Preparing American boys...impactful...mission more important today...life-changing" - no doubt the homosexual agenda-ites mean every word of this.

Boys to be openly trained under homosexual influence? - the end is near folks...protect your sons...
Rev. 18:4
Gen. 13:13 'But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly'


'New World' Religion (and New World Pope): U.S. Catholic And "Some Protestant Churches" Sign Historic "Ecumenical" Agreement

[updated 10-31] This "historic" New-World-Religion "oneness" document was signed back in January of this year [1-29-13]. It was followed up a short time later by the events surrounding the installation of the "New World Pope":
Churches sign historic baptism agreement in Austin

3-25-13 "New World Pope" TIME Magazine cover
coinciding with 3-13-13 inauguration of Bergoglio
after unprecedented resignation of his predecessor
Leaders of U.S. Roman Catholic and some Protestant churches will sign a historic agreement Tuesday [1-29-13] in Austin by which the two traditions will formally recognize each other’s liturgical rites of baptism.

The product of seven years of talks among five denominations, the agreement will be signed at 7:15 p.m. Tuesday at a prayer service and celebration at St. Mary Cathedral. The service will be open to the public and will be part of the opening day activities of the national meeting of Christian Churches Together in the U.S.A., which will continue through Friday in Austin.

Representatives of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Christian Reformed Church in North America, Reformed Church in America and United Church of Christ will sign the document.

“This ecumenical effort, this mutual recognition of baptism, is part of our response to Jesus’ prayer that ‘we may all be one,’ ”said Bishop Joe Vásquez of the Catholic Diocese of Austin.

re: 'we may all be one'

Global oneness is always the mantra of the 'New-World' Tower of Babel crowd, consequently bringing together the various religious systems of the world under a united front is crucial to the Tower builders as the inherent incompatibility of the different belief systems naturally divide. Division is of course antithetical to the "oneness" mantra. As for bringing that goal to full fruition, the Catholic Church has been instrumental, having brought about a number of "firsts" over the last five years or so in addition to this recent "ecumenical effort" of baptismal recognition with "some protestant churches". When Benedict suddenly resigned his pope-hood earlier this year, that was another first. When Bergoglio (Francis) was installed, that too was another first - the first "Jesuit" (zionist) to ever assume the role. These unprecedented events clearly signaled something new would be coming
[see: Bergoglio 3-13-13]. Lo and behold something new did come - the active member of the first-ever dual living pope scenario was introduced to the world as the "New World Pope". The message in that could not possibly be any more blatant: that the time to make the full-fledged Babylonish-kabbalist one-world-religion plan happen had arrived. This was stated as plain as day, as they always do, by 'hiding it in plain sight' - in this instance by plastering it all over the cover of the 3-25-13 TIME.

So, the point is, do not be at all surprised to see one 'first' after another in the days and months and years ahead as the 'New World Religion of Oneness' is brought out into the open, or that the Catholic Church would be one of the chief facilitators of the plan. That ultimately is what the New World Tower-Builders created it for way back - all the way back to the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine actually, who in 325 AD (Council of Nicaea) began the movement which by 380 AD (after his death), would see 'Christianity' become the official 'State Religion' of the empire, Rome. Constantine funded it, vested it with ruling power, and forbid dissension - and the "Roman Catholic Church" was born [link]. From these beginnings over time sprang the papacy. It was planned all along, you see.
Some other recent 'firsts':

WCC and Pope Call For United World Church 1-30-08 "Rome (ENI). For the first time, a general secretary of the World Council of Churches has taken part with a pope in a Rome service to mark the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity...Underlining that "the world needs a church that is one and united in its witness" ...The Geneva-based WCC has 347 mainly Anglican, Protestant and Orthodox churches in its membership.

First Ever Catholic-Islam Forum: Pope Says Agree As Family Of Same God 11-11-08 "VATICAN CITY, NOV. 6, 2008 (Zenit.org).- Catholics and Muslims must show the common belief that we are members of one family loved by God our Creator, and uphold the dignity of every human person, says Benedict XVI...let us work with one another to educate all people, especially the young, to build a common future."

Catholic Church Calls For 666 Global Political-Economic Authority 10-24-11 "The Vatican called on Monday for the establishment of a "global public authority" and a "central world bank" to rule over financial institutions that have become outdated and often ineffective in dealing fairly with crises...The 18-page document, entitled “Towards Reforming the International Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of a Global Public Authority..."

For the record, once again, Catholicism - i.e. popes, priests, nuns, altar boys, masses, saints, immaculate conceptions, Mary worship, transubstantiation, novenas, rosaries, confessionals, lent, ash Wednesdays, stations-of-the-cross, purgatory, infant baptism...all these things and so much more - are not found in scripture, are inventions of men, are in fact all against scripture, which then follows that they are actually against the Lord Jesus Christ himself, which is to say then that they are 'anti-christ'. Hard pill to swallow or not it is absolutely true.

Come out of her, my people...
Rev. 18:4


'Beast' Alert: EU Council Calls For Orwellian Europe-Wide Control System To Deal With "The Intolerant"

EU Proposal to Monitor "Intolerant" Citizens

"There is no need to be tolerant to the intolerant" — European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance, Article 4

[excerpted]...the European Parliament is quietly considering a proposal that calls for the direct surveillance of any EU citizen suspected of being "intolerant."

...the measure -- [would] force the national governments of all 28 EU member states to establish "special administrative units" to monitor any individual or group expressing views that the self-appointed guardians of European multiculturalism deem to be "intolerant"

The proposed European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance was recently presented to members of the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, the only directly-elected body of the European Union.

The policy proposal was drafted by the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR), a non-governmental organization established in Paris in 2008 by the former president of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski, and the president of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor.

According to Section 1 (d), for example, the term "tolerance" is broadly defined as "respect for and acceptance of the expression, preservation and development of the distinct identity of a group." Section 2 (d) states that the purpose of the statute is to "condemn all manifestations of intolerance based on bias, bigotry and prejudice."

An explanatory note to Section 2 states: "Religious intolerance is understood to cover Islamophobia" but it provides no definition at all of "Islamophobia," a term invented by the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1990s.

According to Section 4 (f) (i) of the document: "There is no need to be tolerant to the intolerant. This is especially important as far as freedom of expression is concerned." Section 5 (a) states: "Tolerance (as defined in Section 1(d)) must be guaranteed to any group, whether it has long-standing societal roots or it is recently formed..

An explanatory note to Section 6 (a) states: "Members of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups are entitled to a special protection, additional to the general protection that has to be provided by the Government to every person within the State." Another note adds: "The special protection afforded to members of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups may imply a preferential treatment.

Section 6 (b) demands that every one of the 28 member states of the EU "set up a special administrative unit in order to supervise the implementation of this Statute."

Section 7 (b) states that "Juveniles convicted of committing crimes listed in paragraph (a) will be required to undergo a rehabilitation program designed to instill in them a culture of tolerance." Paragraph 7 (e) states that "victims of crimes listed in paragraph (a) will have a legal standing to bring a case against the perpetrators, as well as a right to redress." Paragraph 7 (f) states that "free legal aid will be offered to victims of crimes listed in paragraph (a), irrespective of qualification in terms of impecuniosity."

Section 8 states that "the government shall ensure that (a) Schools, from the primary level upwards, will introduce courses encouraging students to accept diversity and promoting a climate of tolerance as regards the qualities and cultures of others." An explanatory note adds: "It is very important to start such courses as early as possible in the educational program, i.e. in elementary school. Yet, these courses must be offered also at higher levels of education, up to and including universities."

Section 9 (a) states: "The government shall ensure that public broadcasting (television and radio) stations will devote a prescribed percentage of their program to promoting a climate of tolerance." Section 9 (b) adds: "The government shall encourage all privately owned mass media (including the printed press) to promote a climate of tolerance." Section 9 (c) states: "The government shall encourage all the mass media (public as well as private) to adopt an ethical code of conduct, which will prevent the spreading of intolerance and will be supervised by a mass media complaints commission."

re: "European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance"

"...established in Paris in 2008 by the former president of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski, and the president of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor."

...and ratification now proposed by the current council 

"which includes former presidents of the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Albania, Latvia, and Cyprus, and former prime ministers of Spain and Sweden, [who] made the proposal in a report delivered during a 45-minute speech [10-16-13] to the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties (LIBE)." [link]

It's officially on the table in the EU, which is typically a few years ahead of the U.S. in terms of Brave New World implementation, and reportedly close to passage. Poland, the European Jewish Council, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Albania, Latvia, Cyprus, Spain, Sweden, all on board with this plan to establish what amounts to nothing less than the imposition of draconian behavioral controls designed to create an environment of absolute compliance to the 'beast' by all, as a close reading of the specific details very clearly reveals; complete with a brand new beastly mantra - "no need to be tolerant to the intolerant" - intended to pre-condition the non-discerning masses for ready acceptance.

Mindless, opinionless, genderless - model citizens of the 'new-world-order' - all bowed together to the one 'universal will' - [the same 'star' -see photo; cf. Isa. 14:13; Mark 13:25] the Satanic dream of Isaiah 14:14 where Satan is quoted as saying...
"I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High"

He/they are trying real hard. Take note.  Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 14:15 'Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit' [Thus saith the LORD]


Detroit 'Bankruptcy' Bringing Privatized Agenda 21 "Urban Forest" Prototype Into Inner City

Follow up on: NWO Agenda 21 Takedown Of Detroit To Begin 3-1-13 "Takedown of Detroit One Step Closer - Appointment Of "Emergency Financial Manager"...Appointed "emergency managers" work for the global cabal. They dissolve, privatize, then globalize. All that is needed is the apparent justification to appoint one - like a 'financial crisis' threatening 'bankruptcy' needing to be 'managed', exactly what is being seen in Detroit...What is happening though is no cause for amazement, it is merely the outworking of things planned long ago, plans to deconstruct the existing world system and replace it with a totalitarian global monarchy [i.e zionism]. The final stages began four years ago with the manufactured 'global financial crisis'..." [see post]
A 140-Acre Forest Is About to Materialize in the Middle of Detroit

[excerpted] After nearly five years of planning, a large-scale attempt to turn a big chunk of Detroit into an urban forest is now underway. The purchase of more than 1,500 vacant city-owned lots on the city's lower east side – a total of more than 140 acres – got final approval from Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder last week.

The buyer is Hantz Farms...Hantz Farms will pay more than $500,000 for the land, which consists of non-contiguous parcels in an area where occupied homes are increasingly surrounding by abandoned properties.

...officials from Hantz Farms argue the city will benefit...As soon as the sale is final, probably some time in the next week or two, Hantz Farms will begin paying property taxes on land that has been off the revenue rolls for years.

Score says that the first phase of planting will be hardwood trees such as maple and oak, planted in straight rows. The Hantz properties will not be fenced, and streets will remain open for passage. After the property is fully cleared, at a cost he estimates at more than $600,000, Score says the company will explore commercial options that might provide jobs for local residents such as orchards, maple syrup, and the cultivation of ornamental plants and shrubbery.

Score isn’t shy about emphasizing that this is not merely a philanthropic project. "This is designed to be a for-profit enterprise," he says. "I can assure you we have a business plan and we don’t have any anxiety about achieving our goals. [full article at link]

re: "[from] city owned lots...[to] for profit enterprise"

How much more evident could it possibly be? Bankrupting a major U.S. city, partitioning off a major section, and then transforming it into a model Agenda 21 de-industrialized "urban sustainability" zone. Nothing like this has ever before been seen. Make no mistake, this is a huge development in the overall scheme of things 'transformation-USA' related. Moreover, what is being done here in Detroit is without question being done as a prototype. Not only nationally, but a global prototype for the global green agenda. Any that truly understand the immense scope of the green 'human-enslavement' agenda known as Agenda 21 will have no problem seeing it clearly.

A few key things to note here. First, none of this were possible without first the 'financial crisis' of the city, resulting in the present "bankruptcy" proceedings, part of which involved the appointment of an "emergency financial manager" - as mentioned in the 'follow up' post linked above. Second, property that pre-bankruptcy had belonged to the city, will now be owned by private entities, undertaking a private "for-profit enterprise" - the sale of the land being made possible by approval of the appointed "emergency financial manager". Third, the plan calls for putting "local residents" to work in the new "forest". Sounds like the beginning of the 'plantation-style' living arrangement the globalist-cabal have designated for the 'serfdom', as laid out in the Agenda 21 manual. [link]

 Again, those who understand the true design behind all things having to do with the so-called "green" agenda and "sustainability", and the role so-called "climate change" plays in all of it, know clearly that these things have been designed by the kabalist would-be owners of planet earth solely for this very purpose - creating a privatized system of global control - exactly what is now being test-marketed in the once major metropolis of Detroit.

ordo-ab-chao brings private appointees, private appointees hand over city lands to private hands, private hands take over and control communities and the people that live there. The plan is global. This is how it is being done. Many more cities in the USA are under threat of "financial crisis" and possible bankruptcy, John Q. Public is being told, and, it is easy to see the real reason now.

Wondering what one-world government might look like? - it is already materializing. Definitely take note.
 Rev. 18:4
See also: Agenda 21 USA Update: "Dissolving Detroit" Put On The Table 11-29-12 "Although few will understand the significance of [the] Agenda 21- doublespeak, it very clearly signals the intent to transition everything into the globalized model of 'public-private partnerships'...with the emphasis on 'private'. It is through this system that the kabalist-globalists, the 'private partners', intend to micromanage the entire earth..." [follow links, connect dots]
Rev. 13:1 'And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea''


First Nevada Now Two More School Related "Killings" In 3 Days - And NWO Plan For Armed Guards At Schools

10-24 correction: (title changed also) Apparently the story from Massachusetts reportedly involves a knife, not a gun as originally supposed. This does not change anything though with regard to conclusions drawn in this post.
Two school 'shootings' and one school-age related 'shooting' in three days? This is what is being reported by the 'msm':

Student, 14, arraigned in murder of Mass. teacher
Authorities in the quiet Massachusetts town of Danvers were trying to determine why a beloved young math teacher was killed in the bathroom of her high school...A judge on Wednesday ordered Philip Chism, 14, held without bail on a murder charge just hours after the body of Colleen Ritzer, 24, was found in woods near Danvers High School 20 miles north of Boston...Ritzer's death came just a day after a 12-year-old armed with his parents' handgun killed Sparks, Nev., middle school math teacher Mike Landsberry and wounded two students before shooting himself.

NorCal sheriff's deputies shoot, kill 13-year-old with replica assault rifle
SANTA ROSA, Calif. (AP) — Northern California sheriff's deputies shot and killed a 13-year-old boy who was carrying a replica assault rifle after repeatedly telling him to drop it, sheriff's officials and family members said....Two Sonoma County deputies on patrol saw the boy walking with what appeared to be a rifle around 3 p.m. Tuesday in Santa Rosa, Sheriff's Lt. Dennis O'Leary said. The replica gun resembled an AK-47 with a black magazine cartridge and brown butt, according to a photograph released by the sheriff's office...Rodrigo Lopez identified the victim as his son, Andy, to a newspaper and said the boy was carrying a toy gun that belonged to a friend. Deputies would only learn after the shooting that it was a replica, according to O'Leary.
Kids gunning down teachers, and cops gunning down kids - this is what we are supposed to believe. Never saw these types of things before, but now all of a sudden, we are informed of three 'incidents' in just three days. First in Nevada, now Massachusetts, and the third story coming out of California. Interesting to note the reported ages of the schoolkids reportedly involved as 12, 13, 14. Is this stuff real, or is it just another "Problem-Reaction-Solution" society-transformation exercise [link]? Just noticing, but it really is amazing how these reported 'incidents' play perfectly into the official ongoing narrative to justify the permanent placing of "armed guards" in schools nationwide, as was made very clear just less than one month ago:

NWO To Fund Armed Police At Schools Nationwide - Because Of "Mass Shootings" 9-28-13 "Grants intended to fund more police officers in schools will go to law enforcement agencies across the country, the Justice Department (DOJ) said Friday as it unveiled the entire list of recipients...The National Association of School Resource Officers says...that school-based policing is the fastest growing area of law enforcement in the nation"...Fully 141 cities and counties across the USA will officially turn their school systems over to the dictatorial control of the new NWO-USA police state authority...With "school-based policing" the norm, this next generation will never know the difference. All it took to make it happen was a few Hollywood special-effects type productions followed up with a whole lot of mass-media collusion to sell it. Global citizens for the 666 dictatorial system of the 'counterfeit Zion' - this is how. [see post]

Transforming a free society into a totalitarian system [link], which is exactly what is being done in every nation on the earth, can not be done without a definite step by step plan. Ordo ab chao is always the methodology used to create the steps. Do not be surprised when you pull up to the school to drop the kids off and see some new armed guards patrolling the campus - obviously we can't allow what we've just seen over the past few days to keep happening - now can we?  Rev. 18:4
Rev. 22:20 'Even so, come, Lord Jesus'


The Effeminization Of America - And The NFL's 'Pretty In Pink' Agenda

This post is a follow up on: NFL Players Union President Says Homosexual Athletes "Showing New Dimension Of Masculinity" 5-6-13 "'I've been so proud to be a part of this segment of athletic history because we are taking this on and we are redefining masculinity and showing a new dimension of masculinity that I'm so proud to be a part of,' [NFLPA predident] Foxworth said"...On an interesting aside, now can be seen the madness of dressing the players in all the various sports in hot pink 'accessories' over the last year or so. Pros, colleges, and even high schools. Shoes, gloves, head bands, even jerseys...all in the name of "breast cancer awareness"...or covert homosexual tolerance training in actuality....even conditioning the fans who then become accustomed to seeing their 'sports heroes' dressed in hot pink. That was [is] redefining in action. Unfortunately for the fan, it will not be possible to even watch pro sports anymore without being subjected to an endless homosexual-acceptance dialectic from the commentators. The reality is that they will be out of a job unless they are reading the prepared script. This is a fact...and has to be faced. Adios pro sports...and colleges will be next...and no doubt they've got a scheme lined up for high schools too...Babylon has risen. Bow not to Baal. [see post]
Football in pink? - can it even be taken seriously any more...

Random sampling of the current state of affairs in the NFL 2013. Bottom photo is the University of Oregon
on 10-19-13 one-upping the NFL with full team dress-out of shoes, socks, helmets...and motorcycle
That colors have strong psychological and perhaps even physiological effects on people is an accepted reality. No one will argue against that being true. So that being true, and seeing that the psychological manipulators of the NWO Social Programming Department have decided to take the "manly" "macho" "aggressive" sport of football and manipulate the viewing experience by dressing out the players, the referees, the TV personalities, and even the stadiums, in the feminine color of pink - is it possible to participate in this color-driven psychological social manipulation, just by even watching, without being affected 'psychologically'? Answer: it is not. It is impossible. To not reject...is to accept. To accept is to submit, willingly or unconsciously, to the mind warping gender-bending social conditioning program being foisted upon the sports-frenzied masses worldwide.

Pink is feminine. Baby boys get blue, baby girls get pink, it has always been that way because pink is feminine. Feminine and pink is a good thing. Pink is the antithesis of masculine though. That is the reality. This brings up the topic of the follow up post linked above, regarding the statement by the NFLPA that they are "redefining masculinity". It is not hard to comprehend how associating football and pink is actually an obvious strategy being used to accomplish that goal. For the players, and the emulating youth, the effect has to be even more powerful. Pink-madness is at the college and high school level, working that subtle unseen gender-bending psychological effect on all - exactly as designed. Unfortunately, sports fans, there is only one answer - have to walk away. Either that or get pink-ified.

Psychological Properties Of Colours - PINK:

Positive: Physical tranquillity, nurture, warmth, femininity, love, sexuality, survival of the species.
Negative: Inhibition, emotional claustrophobia, emasculation, physical weakness.

Pink is a powerful colour, psychologically. It represents the feminine principle, and survival of the species; it is nurturing and physically soothing. Too much pink is physically draining and can be somewhat emasculating.

Rev. 18:4
Here is what it says in the OT - just for a point of reference: Deut. 22:5 'The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God. '


Transformation USA In Full Swing: 10-13-13 Chicago Marathon Goes Full Blown Police State

This post is a follow up on: Boston Marathon 'Chaos' Cui Bono - Is It Even A Question? 4-16-13 "Who and why? Is it really even a question anymore? Same as always - ordo ab chao. Does anybody still not get it? In the same way the scripted "underwear bomber" production a few years back changed forever how the world travels, this one will change how the world moves about in society. Think TSA and VIPR to start appearing everywhere - perhaps gradually - rolling out at all 'soft-targets'. How gradual who can say but that it will begin to happen you can just about guarantee...due to the 'new threat' [see post]
Chicago Marathon featured warrantless bag searches along 26-mile track, unprecedented security policestateusa.com

[excerpted] CHICAGO, IL — Continuing the trend of mass-suspension of the 4th amendment at every possible event, police searched the bags of anyone they chose along the 26-mile track of the annual Chicago Marathon.

At the annual race on Sunday, October 13th, a legion of police officers lined the streets. Chicago Police sent more than 1,000 officers to the race; some wearing conspicuous yellow vests, others infiltrating the crowd in plain clothes. FBI agents wearing military fatigues held a visible presence throughout the track, along with federal ATF agents and U.S. Marshals carrying rifles. DHS agents littered the scene performing searches with dogs.

Department of Homeland Security designated the marathon a “Level Two” event, justifying the massive presence of federal agents at the race. Near the intersection of Michigan and Jackson, a giant Emergency Alert System banner read “EAS: Alert Level Low.”

“Everywhere you look there’s about 20 officers at the corner, about 14 helicopters in the air,” said Amie Byrne...Grant Park was locked down with checkpoints and suspicionless bag searches. To add to the security theater, the race banned costumes for participants and only allowed runners to carry clear plastic baggies.

Barriers and fencing were erected in many places, a notable difference from years past. “(Now) you can’t run out and say, ‘Hi,’” commented one onlooker. Unlike in the past, when police have looked the other way, no one was allowed to help a marathoner finish the run in the last mile or two.

"The Chicago Police Department’s forward command post near the finish line was complete with a bank of video feeds providing real time views of an urban racecourse. It’s one of six operational centers where dozens of police officers were monitoring a video network capable of calling up pictures from as many as 22,000 cameras, most of them fixed, some of them temporarily set up for the marathon. Ground level to building tops, they were all watching an event that had only very minor distractions. (Source: ABC 7 News)"

The bag searches weren’t confined to the restricted starting-line and finish-line. Police were instructed to perform “random” searches of spectators’ bags along the entire 26.2-mile track, where more than a million people gather annually to watch the race.

Some remarked about how tight that ratchet of security was starting to feel...“I’ve been to a lot of concerts, and I’ve ran a lot of half marathons. There’s always security, but it’s never been this intense,” Jessica Vitale said. [full article at link]

See also: Boston Ordo Ab Chao: "Domestic Terror Protection" Mode At Kentucky Derby 5-3-13 "...a 'new order' is being introduced. It is a direct result of the 'chaos' in Boston. This is why they call it 'ordo ab chao'. The new order is a dictatorial police state. It is no longer 'coming', it is here. [see post]

Boston A Psy-op 'Hokz'? Joker (Dzhokhar) On The Loose In Dark Knight Rising Spin-Off? 4-9-13 "Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev...First name (pronounced joe-kar) sounds like: 'Joker'... [anagram] Dzhokhar = hard hokz (hoax)...'" [see post]

While on the subject of the Boston name game, another would be: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev = (da) jokers are naive

Does anybody still not get it?
 Rev. 18:4
Psalms 2:2 'The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed...' [conspiracy...against Christ Jesus]


Chase Bank Begins Move Toward Cashless Society - Will Limit Cash Transactions for Businesses

Chase Bank Limits Cash Withdrawals, Bans International Wire Transfers | infowars

Capital controls imposed on small business owners

Numerous business customers with Chase BusinessSelect Checking and Chase BusinessClassic accounts have received letters over the past week informing them that cash activity (both deposits and withdrawals) will be limited to a $50,000 total per statement cycle from November 17 onwards.

The letter reads;

Dear Business Customer,

Starting November 17, 2013:

- You will no longer be able to send international wire transfers. You will still be able to send domestic wires and receive both domestic and international wires. We’ll cancel any international wire transfers, including reccurring [sic] ones, you scheduled to be sent after this date.

- Your cash activity limit for these accounts(s) will be $50,000 per statement cycle, per account. Cash activity is the combined total of cash deposits made at branches, night drops and ATMs and cash withdrawals made at branches (including purchases of money orders) and ATMs.

These changes will help us more effectively manage the risks involved with these types of transactions.

Chase is obviously very keen to make it hard for their customers to have any kind of control over their savings and is trying to prevent them from sending dollars abroad, prompting concerns that Cyprus-style account gouging could occur in America.

The move to limit deposits and withdrawals while banning international wire transfers altogether is a bizarre policy and will cripple many small and medium-sized businesses with Chase accounts. Buying stock from abroad in any kind of quantity will now become impossible for many companies, while paying employees will also be a headache. Grocery stores or restaurants that turnover more than $50k a month will be unable to use their account.

Why has Chase announced such a ludicrous and restrictive policy change? Speculation is rife that the bank is preparing for some kind of economic crisis by “locking down” its customers’ money...Others fear the move to restrict international wire transfers is part of a plan to protect against a near-future collapse of the US dollar.

re: "cash activity limit"

The full article can be read at the above link. As the author of the article mentions in his comments there is a lot of speculation swirling around as to what exactly might be the intent behind such an action. All that speculation aside though, it seems that the probable intent may actually be fairly simple, and obvious. If businesses are to now be limited in monthly cash transactions this leaves them with only one solution - moving their business and customer base toward increased cashless transactions, i.e. smart phone and bio-ID payment systems [link].

$50,000 "per statement cycle" - presumably one month - averages out to just under $1,700 per day. Obviously many businesses can easily exceed that per-day "cash activity" amount.

The cash-to-electronic transition has been underway for years, but apparently the time for forced compliance is now beginning by putting small and mid-size businesses in a position where they will be forced to reject cash payments to stay within the limit. Once that begins, there will be no turning back. Smart phone payment only please...

And wiring it to a foreign country as a work-around - that's out too. Digital control is what is it all about.

see: NWO - Google, Walmart, Etc. Pushing Cashless Mobile-Payment Systems; And Isis 9-1-12 "...the NWO "smart-phone'' mobile-payment system, which is designed to eventually eliminate cash, is moving forward in leaps and bounds...It is not hard to understand that when virtual-money replaces real cash-in-hand that personal autonomy i.e. freedom is something that would no longer exist. Absolutely every single transaction would be monitored resulting in zero privacy and loss of financial control. Each and every individual will be at the mercy of the 'cloud-managers' of the digital netherworld...Question: smart phones...or...dumb phones?" [see post]

This action by Chase, certainly before long to be followed by the rest of the now monopoly banks [i.e. BoA, Citi, Wells Fargo - link], must be seen as a very significant development in the kabalist-globalist cash-elimination digital-financial (666) planetary control scheme.

Rev. 18:4

NWO Mandatory Vaccination Program Instituted For Los Angeles County Health Workers

L.A. County health workers required to get a flu shot or wear mask

Effective this influenza season, healthcare workers in Los Angeles County will be required to receive immunizations against influenza or wear a protective mask while in contact with patients.

In an order issued by Public Health director Dr. Jonathan Fielding, the county mandated that all workers in hospitals, nursing facilities and intermediate care facilities who work in patient areas or have direct contact with patients receive an annual flu vaccination.

“Getting vaccinated is one of the most important steps that healthcare personnel can take to protect their patients and themselves from the flu,” Fielding said Tuesday in a statement.

This is the first time Los Angeles has issued a flu vaccine mandate. The order will remain in effect until rescinded by the county health officer. It does not apply to healthcare workers in the cities of Long Beach or Pasadena, whose workplaces fall under separate health jurisdictions.

Chuck Idelson, spokesman for the California Nurses Assn. in Oakland, said that although his union encourages nurses to get immunizations, it opposes vaccine mandates, regarding them as punitive.

Take the injection...or wear a mask all day every day. It's health-care workers today, but forced injections for all are a key component of the NWO's global serf-management plan. The plan is being advanced. Be fully aware - this is not going away.
This post related to: NC Hospital Workers Ordered To Be 'Vaccinated' Or Be Fired - NWO Agenda Going Nationwide 12-4-12 "....wonder if mandatory vaccinations will end up being part of so-called Obama-care? ...You vill line up, and you vill let us pump some mystery-fluid into your veins, or, you vill suffer the consequences...Note that the rationale is stated as being for "patient and staff protection". That same 'justification' was mentioned years ago [see post] where vaccination, so-called, and "social responsibility" were mentioned in the same sentence. Obviously then this is the strategy that is to be used to forcibly inject everyone, as that is very clearly the goal of the NWO human-cattle ranchers, beginning as now seen with healthcare workers across the country - for the 'protection of the herd' of course" [see post]
Eph. 6:12 'For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places''


Malala Yousafzai Goes To The White House - And The 'Eye Of Horus' Global Agenda

Malala Yousafzai tells Obama drones are 'fueling terrorism'

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama met in the Oval Office Friday with Malala Yousafzai, the Pakastani girl who was shot in the head on her school bus by Taliban gunmen for criticizing their rule, including banning education for girls.

In a statement released after the meeting, Malala said she was honored to meet with Obama, but that she told him she's worried about the effect of U.S. drone strikes. (The White House statement didn't mention that part.)

The White House says the first couple invited Malala -- the youngest ever nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize -- to the White House "to thank her for her inspiring and passionate work on behalf of girls education in Pakistan."

Malala was in Washington to address the World Bank.

Press Secretary Jay Carney had earlier said Malala's "courage and efforts are remarkable, and the president absolutely honors them," after ABC News' Jonathan Karl asked him whether the Nobel committee "blew it" by giving the Nobel Peace Prize to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, rather than Malala.

TIME Magazine December 31, 2012 - January 7, 2013.
Once again the darkened eye reveals all - not to mention the 'red horns'
The video below is posted for informational purposes. The opinions expressed are those of the producer. Let each viewer decide for them self if there is or there is not any merit to what is suggested. The producer points out how the TIME magazine photo gives the appearance of horns, but does not mention the darkened eye. One important point in regard to the producer's conclusion at the end of the video must be stated though. Revelation 13:3 is quoted and a possible parallel made to the 'beast who survived a deadly head wound' and "Malala's" future. According to scripture, correctly interpreted, this is an absolute impossibility (although too many to even begin, if for no other reason [beside the fact that the AC will not be a female] the timing for that event is still future). What that 'incident' did accomplish though was to propel this young unknown girl onto the world stage.

Although nominated but not 'awarded' the Nobel Peace Prize, as now known, 'Malala' remains a player on the world stage. Here, as the above posted article reports, holding court in the Oval Office last week Friday [10-11-13] while 'in town' to address the World Bank. A sixteen year old girl that was, we are told, shot in the head by 'terrorists' just over a year ago [10-9-12], and showing no ill effects of the purported injury, now in a position to address the World Bank? Sound like a Hollywood script?

Naturally it brings to mind another similar 'incident', that being of course the unbelievably miraculous Gabby Giffords case [link]. It was the Giffords 'incident' that actually got the current 'national discussion' on the critical NWO agenda items of gun restrictions and 'mental health' issues, so-called, started. Aurora, Sandy Hook, and other even more recent 'incidents' that have followed of course have and are taking that 'discussion' much further.

As for Giffords and Malala Yousafzai, in both instances, the necessary platforms to advance global agendas have been gained. Just noticing.

The eye-of-Horus gang are making their move on this world. Keep both eyes open.
 Rev. 18:4
Psalms 2:4b '...the Lord shall have them in derision '


Los Angeles Schools Push "National Coming Out Day" Today 10-11-13 - Teachers To Wear Rainbow Badges

LAUSD Teachers to Wear Rainbow Badges on 'National Coming Out Day'

On Friday, “National Coming Out Day,” Los Angeles Unified School District teachers and staff members will be given rainbow “ally” badges to show that they support LGBT students as part of the "Out for Safe Schools" initiative.

Beginning tomorrow, every one of L.A.’s 655,000 public school students will know and see there are adults at their school who support and care about LGBT kids."

Just to make sure that students who have native languages other than English can understand, the badges will have the word “ally” translated into seven languages on the front and a list of resources on the flip side. The teachers and staff members are expected to be urged to don the badges.

In case there are some that haven't heard the big news, the psycho manipulators of the would-be novus ordo seclorum have designated today 10-11-13 as "National Coming Out Day". The Los Angeles area youth indoctrination centers aka schools will be in full compliance, as seen, with instructors and other personnel all being strongly encouraged to acquiesce to the homosexual-proselytization agenda by agreeing to become "allies".

As the homosexual agend-ites have seized total control of every area of society, their aggressive recruitment programs can no longer be stopped. That is the reality of this fallen Babylon [Rev. 14:8] world of today in which we live. That being the case, un-indoctrination efforts toward their children by non-believing parents of the homosexual religion is the only alternative remaining. Be informed.
 Rev. 18:4
related: Homosexual Indoctrination Gone Wild: Australian "Proud Schools" Teach Heterosexuality Not The Norm 10-21-12 "Australian school children are to be told that heterosexuality is not the norm, according to a new education department pilot program called “Proud Schools.” [see post]

2Cor. 6:17-18 ' Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.'


666 Beast Absorbing Banks At Record Rate Since '08 "Financial Crisis"

Banks Are Still Failing At Ten Times the Pre-2008 Crash Rate

[Excerpted] "In the five years before the 2008 crash, only 10 banks failed in the United States. Let me repeat that: ten banks went belly up in the entire period between January 2003 through December 2007.

Since January 2008 through today, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation shows 487 banks have failed, with 22 failures just so far this year. With an average of two bank failures per year in the five years before the crash, that means banks are still failing at 10 times the pre-crash rate. But the numbers get worse from there.

While the FDIC shows 487 banks have failed, other data at the FDIC show that a total of 1,306 banks have disappeared since March 31, 2009...Now fast forward to June 30, 2013. According to FDIC data, the 8,246 banks and savings institutions have melted away to a new total of 6,940. Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo & Co. and Citigroup, now control a combined $3.511 trillion in domestic deposits, a stunning 58.8 percent of all 6,940 U.S. banks’ domestic deposits of $5.966 trillion. The market share of these four giants has increased by an astonishing 24 percent in just 4 years

The reason we continue to see a dramatic decline in total numbers of banks and savings institutions is that the regulations imposed on the community banks.....is forcing many to merge with larger banks to be able to afford the dramatic increase in compliance costs." [full article at link]

This post actually follows up on this one from five years ago: 'Superbanks' to Dominate Globe/People 11-6-08 "Several of the nation's biggest banks have failed or been absorbed by healthier institutions, leaving three giant "superbanks" with an unprecedented concentration of market power: Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo"...The 'global financial catastrophe' disappeared from the network/cable bureau of propaganda news shows just long enough to lull the masses back into Obama hysteria for the election, but that's finished and now it's time to close the deal on the 'new world order' financial system...Three banks dominate the industry, we're told. What we're not told is that those three banks are already controlled ultimately by the same people..i.e. Federal Reserve...and that they have no intention other than global financial control...." [see post]

Like a computer virus running silently in the background, what was unleashed on the global financial landscape by the scripted so-called global financial crisis of 2008 continues to accomplish that for which is was devised, namely, to consolidate all the wealth of the land into the hands of the controllers of just a few 'superbanks'. The 'global financial crisis' was crafted, new regulations [link] were then imposed to 'fix' the supposed crisis, and ever since, the independent banks have been quietly vanishing, as detailed in the above article.

The world can never be controlled without first taking absolute financial control of it. That is exactly what is being done. It is the building of the 666 no man can buy or sell without the mark or the name or the number of his name beast system [Rev. 13:16-17], and you are an eye-witness to the fact.

Regardless of how well things may be going today for any individual, which lulls to sleep, up ahead...the road is washed out. One year, five years, ten years...or more, it will come to pass, exactly as foretold in the inerrant Word of God. Beware, prepare [Luke 21:35-36].

Rev. 18:4
Ezekiel 7:19 'They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD'

'Gov-Shutdown' Psy-op Brings Privatized Armed Security To Symbol Of American Freedom - Independence Hall

Private Armed Guards Stop People From Visiting Independence Hall, “You Will Be Arrested”

"With the government shut down, private security is keeping citizens away from historical landmarks like Independence Hall"

From Wiki: "Independence Hall is the centerpiece of Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, on Chestnut Street between 5th and 6th Streets. It is known primarily as the location where both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were debated and adopted."

That the so-called 'government shutdown' is just another phase of the grand Zionist scheme [link] to bring about the complete dissolution of the USA in order to finalize it's merge into the now-rebuilding Tower of Babel [Gen. 11:4] antichrist planetary-management system...could not be made any more clear than is being done here with the not-so-subtle intended message being sent - i.e. that the very symbol itself of American freedom, even the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution - Independence Hall - is no longer 'independent'...it has been privatized...i.e. dictatorship-ized. The 'hidden' message could not be any more clear. Be circumspectly aware.
Compare: Park Service Removes Handles From Water Fountains In Park Frequented By Joggers And Bikers "Until very recently, the National Park Service was one of the least-loathed government agencies in the country. Now, with orders from on high to keep the public from visiting beloved parks and monuments the agency is developing a poor reputation...In what looks like a spiteful move, the NPS even removed handles from water spigots along the Chesapeake and Ohio canal where bikers and joggers exercise as well as along the Great Allegheny Passage, just to ensure people don’t get any water from them."

Rev. 18:4


Reported Capitol Gun-Down Happens During "Capitol Shield 14" Drill - And NWO 'Mental Health' Agenda

Capitol Car Chase And Shooting Happens The Same Day As Major First Responder Drill In DC Area

[Excerpted] Washington DC was temporarily placed on police lockdown following a bizarre incident where a woman was said to have rammed a security barricade near the White House. After ramming the security barricade the woman who had a young child with her was pursued by several Capitol Police cruisers and [as the story goes - A.V.] brutally shot to death by the cops. The incident resulted in an immediate police lockdown of the area with a bunch of government goons roaming around the area with weapons. The corporate media even jumped over the story providing continuous coverage while presenting the incident as a possible terror attack. Although additional details are bound to come out shedding more light on this situation, new reports have revealed that the woman was unarmed. This raises serious questions about the actions of the Capitol Police not to mention the blatant media sensationalism surrounding this event.

What’s really sick about this is that both phony political parties in the U.S. House of Representatives expressed their gratitude to the Capitol Police for their actions with a standing ovation. So here we see the entire legislative body cheering the Capitol Police [as the story goes - A.V.] gunning down an unarmed woman.

Of course we should also ask if this event is real or staged. The government and the media have lied about so many of these different incidents that it is impossible to accept any official story at face value. One interesting item of note is that this event coincided with a government sanctioned drill called Capital Shield 14 that was happening in the DC area today. Historically we have seen several media sensationalized events and assorted government run terror operations that have occurred on the same day as similiar types of drills and exercises. The Boston Marathon bombing that happened just this past April is one recent example but other events like the 9/11 attacks and the 7/7 London subway bombings also fit into this category. Whenever something like this happens it raises serious questions as to the true nature of the actual event because drills are often used as cover for real government financed terrorist and psychological warfare operations.

Below is a description of the Capital Shield 14 drill as described on the U.S. Army’s web site.

"Capital Shield 2014 is a joint training exercise in the National Capital Region, or NCR, that runs from Sept. 30 thru Oct. 3, and is hosted by the Joint Force Headquarters - National Capital Region. It brings federal, state, local and municipal agencies together to realistically test interagency operability during a crisis impacting the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland. It also trains and prepares the Department of Defense to provide defense support to civil authorities and employ appropriate force protection measures as requested."

The web site goes on to describe how over 38 government agencies were participating in the exercise.

"More than 38 participating agencies from DOD and capital region response agencies performed mock mass casualty rescues, defense support to civil agency technical rescues and law enforcement tactical responses. The goal of the exercise is to ensure government agencies at every level are prepared to coordinate action to protect the public in the event of an actual disaster in the National Capital Region..." [full article at link]
re: "...real or staged"

Real or staged - how hard is it to discern which is more likely? Well, who has an agenda, and what is the agenda? The first question is easy, everyone knows the answer to that by now, i.e the NWO-ers, to use the simplest term of identification; and for the answer to the second question, simply watching to see where the NWO Bureau of Propaganda runs with whatever 'crisis du jour' they have in hand usually reveals all one needs to know. This latest 'crisis du jour' is no exception. Occurring simultaneously with a NWO police-state drill, as reported in the above article, the NWO (so-called) forced "mental-health" agenda [link] is immediately brought to the forefront - as these two articles (out of probably hundreds) below clearly show [note also how timing-wise this piggy-backs on the 'Aaron Alexis incident', as mentioned in second article]:

After DC shooting outside Capitol, US Debbie Stabenow calls for mental health reform (10-4-13) "Yet another extremely unfortunate, and potentially preventable, incident has occurred involving someone suffering with severe mental illness," Stabenow said in a statement on Friday...Stabenow is calling for the passage of the Excellence in Mental Health Act, which would widen psychological service coverage under Medicaid...The bill was introduced by both Republicans and Democrats in February."

Conn. Woman Killed in DC Chase Was Delusional: Official NBC New York (10-4-13) "Our working theory is her mental health was a significant driver in her unexpected presence in D.C. yesterday." ...On Sept. 16, a man [as the story goes - A.V.] killed 12 people in a shooting rampage at the Washington Navy Yard before dying in a gun battle with police...The gunman, Aaron Alexis, a defense-industry employee and former Navy Reservist, had [as the story goes - A. V.] complained of hearing voices and said in writings left behind that he was driven to kill by months of bombardment with electromagnetic waves."

One question remains if the event were in fact staged, which would be to determine the purpose of demonstrating the use of deadly force (and the cheering Congress) to stop the 'crazed citizen'. The answer to that question was touched on in this post from earlier this year:

Brennan Takes CIA Oath On Pre-Legal 1787 Constitution Without Bill Of Rights; Teddy Roosevelt Symbolism 3-9-13 "That means: No freedom of speech and of the press, no right to bear arms, no Fourth Amendment ban on “unreasonable searches and seizures,” and no right to a jury trial"...Keeping everything in context; that is, what seems to be a very intentional setting aside of a true recognition of the rule of law in the USA; the first thing that comes to mind with the use of the Roosevelt painting as a backdrop for this event is the one thing that Roosevelt may probably be most remembered for. That one thing would be his iconic slogan - "speak softly and carry a big stick"...There is a name for government that does not recognize any "rule of law" other than a 'big stick'. It is called totalitarianism, and brute force is the only way it can be made to work - a big stick in other words. Is not this the message being sent? A "big stick" [see post]

Is any of it real anymore, or is it all a giant, and at this point frantic, psy-op to fulfil the 'one-world' agenda. Decide for yourself.  Rev. 18:4
Congress gives a standing 'O' for the 'gundown':

Thus saith the LORD Almighty to His Christ (the Lord Jesus) in regard to the would-be usurpers of the earth:

Psalms 2:9 'Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel'