New York Protects Homosexual Faux-Marriage Charade

Judge Tosses Suit against Gay 'Marriage' Recognition in NY

"NEW YORK - A judge has thrown out the first direct legal challenge to the New York governor's move to recognize same-sex "marriages" performed in other states, calling the policy a legally allowable stand for fairness."

"Attorneys for the alliance have said it opposes gay "marriage" in general, but the group's case against Paterson focused on what it saw as overstepping his constitutional authority."

"The alliance argued that recognizing out-of-state gay "marriages" was up to the Legislature, not the governor, and that legislators hadn't moved toward such recognition."

"The governor's office said Tuesday that it is unaware of any other pending legal challenges. The policy has already been implemented."

"Massachusetts and California are the only states that allow gay "marriages." Out-of-state gay couples were unable to marry in Massachusetts until the July 31 repeal of a nearly century-old ban on any marriage that would be illegal in a couple's home state."
re: homosexual agenda and 'executive orders'

CA, MA, and NY...the cancer is spreading as expected, helped along by the courts and governors who bypass the legislative branches of government to forward the agenda, as did Paterson in New York. Again, the issue is much bigger than most people are really aware of. It has to do directly with legal access to children for indoctrination through school curriculums and forced acceptance in all other areas of society e.g. churches and private industry. It's legal you see...

see: Sodom, Ca, and the Nation..God Gave Them Up (quote): "With legal protection the agenda will most certainly be making it's way even into the preschools, teaching little Jimmy that he can 'marry' Suzy, or, if he wants to, he can 'marry' Bobby...either way will be just fine. Faux-marriage will be a valuable recruitment tool in the never tiring search for young 'converts'..."
Do not allow your thinking, or knowledge, to be 'programmed' by the ungodly. Rev. 18:4

Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee.."

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