So-Lie-Many (Soleimani) Iran Drama - It's all Lies They Said It - Just More Run-Up To Fake Gog-Magog WWIII

Solemani, So lie many, so many lies...

The so-called NWO, alias would-be kingdom-kome of the false Zion [link], how how how will it ever come into being? Answer: Lie-so-many. Exactly that way, and only that way. To accomplish this Devilish-Dream i.e establish the Antichrist-world-system over the earth - this cannot be done except by first destroying the existing sovereign-nation-state world order. To this end all world events from long ago have been, and to the present day continue to be, orchestrated, fabricated, created - all 'for the cause'. The "Great Work" the Zio-masonic cult calls it. A massive project to be sure. And again, all pure fiction. And the reality of this being the 'reality' of this present world - is always advertised. They always tell it, put out the clues of what is really being done - that it is actually fake i.e. all one massive lie - most often by hiding 'the truth' in plain sight. For instance: did "Epstein not hang himself"? Of course not - this is how they tell you that he is not even dead, that the whole thing is a hoax. To push the 'me-too/toxic-male' tranny-plan. Yuk it up boys. That's how they do it.

Many know the game by now, and it is a game, they love to play it, religiously. Especially, as here, one of their favorite tell-methodologies - the name game. It is almost always used.
[see: name-game]

Well...if Epstein ...then ...is "So-lei-mani" still alive too? Five 'll get you ten...

Lie so many, they cannot themselves keep track.

Take down the world, rise up the New Babylon II of Devils and men who would be 'gods'. That is the one only goal and absolutely every event is krafted to further it. It is very late in the game too, now. Politically most everything is in place. The governments of the nations are all on board - all of them - they are all in on it together [link]. And while this is true, it does not mean that the populations of the various countries would gladly accept the 666-future planned for them by the self-deluded would-be god-men who are behind it all. No, this is what the third and final "World-War" has been designed for - in order to collapse the 'old-order' completely. From the wreckage the plan calls for the restructuring into a true "one world government" - just as is prophesied in the Holy Bible. As some may recall, exactly this was the very theme of the 2012 London Olympics:

The Olympic cauldron was made up of 204 separate petals, each one a separate flame, and
each representing one of the nations of the world. It was from these 204 flames, just about to be
, that the 'phoenix' was made to rise. The 'hidden message' could not be any clearer; see:
London 'Zion' 2012 Closing Ceremony - Phoenix Rises, Antichrist Out Of Bottomless Pit 8-13-12

Gog Magog Script

WWIII. The current Iran show is just more run-up. It is not likely that advance notice will be given when the black-magic numerology day already pre-determined for the launch of the momentous occasion actually occurs. When they start it, it will be on. The WWIII run-up has been going on for a long time now. The exact day for it is already set this is certain. 'Clash of Civilizations' is how it is drawn up. The key players are to be Iran, Russia China, Turkey - against the 'West' including primarily the US and Israel the key players. Ultimately Israel alone. This by design - explained just below. It will be a scripted made-for-tv production. Do not misunderstand that statement though. The destruction will be real. The existing order must be destroyed to allow the reconstruction into the "one-world-government". The existing governments are all in on it together, but not the people of course. They must be forced into the changes. Some bombed out major cities - that type of thing - will accomplish this.


CA A21 Totalitarian Water/People Control Law Now In Effect Jan. 2020 - $1000 Day For Over Limit [Video]

Follow up on: CA 1st State Passes Agenda 21 Per-Person Per-Day Water Limits 6-2-18 "California is now the first state in the nation to enact tough new water-efficiency standards. The controversial rules limit how many gallons a person can use inside their home per day..." [see post]
California Passes Insane New Law Limiting Personal Water Usage With Massive Fines

[excerpted] Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a law which just went into effect that limits personal water usage. People can even be hit with massive fines if they exceed their limit by doing laundry and taking a shower on the same day. This was recently discussed by reporters on KTLA News and the reporters seemed shocked to learn the details:

How they will implement the water budget has not been determined, but they will be subject to monthly reporting requirements and will be fined $1000 a day when completed. If they exceed the budget in a dry year, the fine is $10,000 each day they spend.

Agenda 21 totalitarianism gone live CA 2020. Rights to water for the 'commoners'? - 'they' say 'not anymore' (consider also that this has nothing to do with any so-called water shortages... whatever 'drought' conditions have been or are reported are always geoengineered - and that very easily done by those controlling the dams, reservoirs, lockes, etc.. Open a few gates, shut some others, where you want the water? This has only, and everything, to do with gaining absolute control of the people.

Whoever controls the water controls all life - it is just that simple. That is the only goal/reason. Period.

...also now in CA - as the direct result of the A21 burn-down plan (now gone global e.g. Australia) - in select areas, if it gets "windy" ...no electricity - see:

CA 'Blackouts' For Next Ten Years Says Electric Co. PG&E - CA Never The Same Again - A21 2050 Map 'Mega-regions' 10-19-19

How drastic and draconian (and extensive) is the whole plan... which is a worldwide plan by the way - see the radically-absurd itemized list:

Agenda 21 What Exactly Do They Want To Take Away From The Sheeple-Minions - The 'List' [UN 1995; From 2008] "... on Al Gore's call for Wrenching Transformation: "In his book, Earth in the Balance, Al Gore warned that a "wrenching transformation" must take place to lead America away from the "horrors of the Industrial Revolution." The process to do that is called Sustainable Development and its' roots can be traced back to a UN policy document called Agenda 21, adopted at the UN's Earth Summit in 1992..." [list at link]

2008 Gore said they would "wrench" their anti-Christ Zio-kingdom-kome into existence (above link). Interesting thing the Agenda 21 plan in the early days was called 'Vision 2020' - meaning that the plan would be in place or taking effect by the year 2020.

Well well well and so it is, and CA now the ground-zero. Finding out first hand what the would-be Zio-kingdom-komers [link] meant by that word "wrenching" that Gore used in 2008 reading his lines from the global script on the fake climate crisis/global warming plan which would be used to subjugate the world.

Reality to be grasped: this is still early stage. They say CA is not yet sure how this will be monitored with outdoor vs. indoor water and a number of other considerations. Well that and much more will not be an issue when the 5G smart-connected everything-everywhere planetary grid-net gets up and running - which has in fact already begun.

Be fully informed...

See also: Plannedopolis - the communitarianism/privatization planned future 12-8-16

Rev. 18:4
Micah 6:12 'For the rich men thereof are full of violence, and the inhabitants thereof have spoken lies, and their tongue is deceitful in their mouth'