Italy, Greece, Mexico Laying Foundation For 666 Cashless Global Society

Follow up on: Mexico To Illegalize Large Cash Transactions - 'Digital Money' Only Please 8-29-10 "Mexico is only following the 'global script..." [see post]
Going toward the 'cashless' society - as it turns out, a couple of other countries are already paving the way:

Greece outlines public sector incomes policy and a tax reform bill - Feb 9 (Reuters)

(which contains this little item)

The time has come for major changes, the country can't afford to wait any longer"


"From 1. Jan. 2011, every transaction above 1,500 euros between natural persons and businesses, or between businesses, will not be considered legal if it is done in cash. Transactions will have to be done through debit or credit cards" [1500 euros = approx. U.S. $1900]
And, not to be outdone:

Italy Banning Cash Transactions Over €5,000 As Latest European Austerity Package Revealed
As part of its new austerity package, any cash transactions over 5,000 euros ($6,188) will be banned in an effort to crack down on tax evasion, a government source said on Monday, reports Reuters. "Reducing the ceiling on cash transactions, which currently stands at 12,500 euros, forms part of the package of public sector hiring and wage reductions and spending cutbacks being prepared by Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti, the source said. The limit will also apply to cashiers' cheques."
re: "not...considered legal", "will be banned"

The anti-cash legislation in Greece is a done deal. The legislation in Mexico is pending, and the Italian Government already has an anti-cash law in place, but have a new measure pending, aimed at "reducing the ceiling". Ever pushing forward, the Cabalist Antichrist-kingdom-comers never sleep.

When the biblically prophesied global cashless system is completed, the individual will be at the mercy of a system of phantom 'cyber-space digital credits'. Those in charge of this system will then have control of all the earth. You are seeing it birthed. [compare here and here]
Rev. 18:4
1Thessalonians 5:6 Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.
...soberly watching for The Blessed Hope - Titus 2:13
see also Luke 17:26 - As It Was In The Days Of Noah - CHM

CA Homosexual Lobby i.e. State Senate Demands Congress To Repeal DOMA

CA lawmakers hope to repeal DOMA

California's legislature has officially endorsed repeal of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

On August 23, the California State Senate approved joint resolution AJR 19 in a bipartisan vote of 22-12, calling on Congress to immediately repeal DOMA -- the federal law that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

This post is an update of: Homosexual Agenda Finds A Home In New White House 1-21-09 "There is much larger agenda here than just the question of homosexuality, although that itself is certainly objectionable enough. The DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), for one thing, prohibits individual states from being forced to recognize out-of-state homosexual marriages. In repealing DOMA then, the homosexual agenda is also being used as a vehicle to "remove state's rights", contributing to the deconstruction of this country. By also playing a large role in the planned expanding of "hate-crimes laws", it is being used to contribute to the loss of free speech, as speaking against the homosexual agenda has already been deemed "hateful"...Christian, be warned...unless you will bow to the god of this age, there will be no place for you in the 'new era' that is now upon us. This must be faced."

"a vehicle to remove state's rights" - exactly what was just done in the southern zone of 'Canamerexico':

Mexican Supreme Court Imposes Homosexual "Marriage" on Entire Country 8-10-10 Court's president warns that decision "breaks with the harmony of the federal system" of Mexico - "The Supreme Court of Mexico has decided that all Mexican states must accept the validity of homosexual 'marriages' contracted in Mexico City, where such 'marriages' were legalized in December of last year."
see: Forced Homosexual Agenda - Bow Not 11-21-08
Romans 1:24 'Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts'


Bible Studying: Watch For The 'If's' And the 'And's'

"...to present you holy and unblamable and unreprovable in his sight: If ye continue in the faith grounded and settled, and be not moved away from the hope of the gospel" Col. 1:22,23

"He who would keep up intimate converse with the Lord must habitually find in the Scriptures the highway of such companionship. God's aristocracy, His nobility, the princes of His realm, are not the wise, mighty, and highborn of earth, but often the poor, weak, despised of men, who abide in His presence, and devoutly commune with Him through His inspired word. Blessed are they who have thus learned to use the key which gives free access, not only to the King's Treasuries, but to the King Himself." (A.T. Pierson 1837-1911)

Truly, 'few' are they who "continue in the faith" which was once delivered unto the saints [Jude 3]...while 'many' are they who are "moved away from the hope of the gospel" - always by degrees, and always completely unaware. Be not moved away.

see also (a true classic): Another Gospel - A.T. Pierson

Mexico To Illegalize Large Cash Transactions - 'Digital Money' Only Please

Mexico to ban payment in cash

Mexico says it is planning to tighten the noose around big-ticket cash purchases to curtail the flow of smuggled dollars and fight money laundering.
President Felipe Calderon put forward the sweeping new measures Thursday to crack down on billions of dollars of the illicit money gained by the drug cartels and spent by them for more profit.
"This illicit money is vital for the criminal. That is what they seek, this money. It is also vital to finance their activities," said Calderon, The Washington Post reported on Thursday.
If approved by the legislature, the legislation would not allow anyone to buy real estate in cash. Neither would it permit anyone to spend more than MXN 100,000 (USD 7,700) in cash on vehicles, boats, airplanes and luxury goods.
Violators of the new legislation would face up to 15 years in prison.
When cash becomes illegal, for whatever reason, the only thing left is NWO digital-money. When that happens, they own everybody. It has begun. Rev. 18:4

Mexico is only following the 'global script; see: 'North American Leaders' Pledge "Aggressive Coordinated Action" 8-10-09
Rev. 13:17 '...no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name'


United-Continental Merger Approved, Form "World's Biggest Airline"

Update on: United, Continental To Merge, Form NWO Airlines5-2-10
"...proof of the planned consolidating of the industry into what will be a tightly controlled network which will become part of the global management system." [see post]
4 months later, it's a done deal:
WASHINGTON — The United States on Friday cleared the way for a merger between US carriers United and Continental that will create the world's biggest airline, officials and the airlines said.
"The department conducted a thorough investigation," it added in a release that came one month after European regulators cleared the way for the merger, now expected to take place by October 1.
compare: U.S. Antitrust Restriction Removed; American Airlines Creates International 5-Airline 'Alliance' 2-13-10 "Airline travel, i.e freedom of movement for the 'average Joe', will not be 'sustainable' in the NWO. In other words, the world-citizen's ability to come and go as he/she pleases in the 666 micromanaged future will be terminated. Absolute control over populations cannot be maintained otherwise. Where, when, and if...you travel will in the future be decided by those who have the global monopoly of the airline industry. [see post]

The push for global dictatorship has now become a full frontal assault in every sphere
The Only Hope

'Non-Integrating' Pakistan Continues to Experience 'Chaos'

Two articles providing some insight on the situation in the "non-integrating gap" country of Pakistan:
Pakistan orders nearly half-a-million to evacuate

HYDERABAD, PAKISTAN -- Pakistan ordered nearly half-a-million people to evacuate towns on Thursday as rising floods threaten further havoc in a country straining to cope with its worst humanitarian disaster.
The catastrophe has already affected more than 17 million people and left 8 million dependent on aid to survive.
In the southern province of Sindh, where the floods have washed away huge swathes of the rich farmland on which Pakistan’s struggling economy depends, a senior administration official warned that fresh floods threaten three towns. “We have warned people of Sujawal, Mirpur Bathoro and Daro towns to leave for safer places in view of possible flooding there,” Hadi Bakhsh Kalhoro, the senior official in Thatta district, told AFP.“Sujawal, Mirpur Bathoro and Daro towns have an approximate population of 400,000,” he said.
Thatta district administrator Manzoor Sheikh told AFP that some 100,000 people were on the move for safety Thursday. “My estimate is there were 100,000 people moving just today toward safer places, and the movement of people was still continuing,” Sheikh said.
Flood Devastated Pakistan Warned Is "Ripe For Coup"

The government in Islamabad is floundering and ripe for a coup – if anyone wanted to launch one, says Con Coughlin.
If ever a country were ripe for a coup, it is Pakistan.
Now, following the widespread devastation unleashed by the floods, the President finds himself the subject of bitter criticism at home as well. It began with his ill-considered decision to continue with his tour of France and Britain earlier this month as the crisis deepened, when he visited his elegant chateau and made arrangements to launch the political career of his 21-year-old son, Bilawal Zardari Bhutto. Now his opponents are directing their ire at the government's inept response to the wider crisis caused by the floods.
In a country where most of the agricultural wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few feudal landlords, the misery being experienced by millions of dispossessed and impoverished citizens is inevitably going to stoke the fires of dissent. Atlaf Hussain, the exiled leader of the Muttahuda Quami Movement, articulated the suspicions of many Pakistanis when he accused some landlords of deliberately diverting the waters to neighbouring villages in order to protect their own crops and livestock. He is now demanding a French Revolution-style redistribution of land among the masses, and has issued a call to "patriotic generals" to fulfil their duty by establishing martial law.
...the government's handling of the crisis has revived perceptions that the country's political elite is interested only in taking care of its own interests, rather than those of the people its members have been elected to serve.
Extreme measures will be required to rebuild large swathes of the country once the waters have receded – but building the effective and inclusive government that Pakistan deserves will be an even greater challenge.
re: "building...effective...inclusive government"

In the eyes of the globalists, Pakistan is another member of the "non-integrating gap" countries, i.e. those that are, for one reason or another, resisting absorption by the NWO, and as such, have basically been slated to undergo what the globalists like to call a "regime change". Simply put, this means a takeover of the country. The only question is how exactly, in each particular situation, will this be accomplished. How will they get in is the problem that must be solved.

As the two (excerpted) articles above show, the country of Pakistan has been devastated, and according to the author of the second article, is "ripe for a coup". A "regime change" in other words. Interesting to note also in the same article the claim made of some "landlords" who are *"deliberately diverting the waters".
The human toll in Pakistan is unimaginable. Apart from this, it is also very interesting to observe that 'suddenly'...a situation has arisen whereby "extreme measures" will be necessary to "rebuild" much of Pakistan, while at the same time creating the perception that a "regime change" may also be necessary. Exactly what the globalists needed.
compare: Mandatory global 'integration' 4-15-08
also: "Corporate Globalization" And..."Long-Term Reconstruction" In Haiti 1-15-10
and: Haiti Quake Relief 'Pre-planned' 1-20-10 (Another interesting thing - the Barnett/'integrating-gap' articles linked to in these posts have been removed from the sites)
*water diversion? see: 'Another' levee breach threatens south Pakistan city 8-27-10 AP
'The fourth beast shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces' (Dan. 7:23)

Just Another Setup: WikiLeaks 'Leak' Opens Door For SCOTUS To Rule Against Free Speech

...in the name of "national security", of course
WikiLeaks war logs posting 'will lead to free speech ruling'

US supreme court likely to have to rule on issue of balancing national security and freedom of speech, says judge

US supreme court justice Sonia Sotomayor has said the court is likely to have to rule on the issue of balancing national security and freedom of speech due to WikiLeaks posting a cache of US military records about the Afghan war.

She said the "incident, and others, are going to provoke legislation that's already being discussed in Congress, and so some of it is going to come up before [the supreme court]".

Sotomayor said the balance between national security and free speech is "a constant struggle in this society, between our security needs and our first amendment rights...
re: "provoke legislation"

For those who dream up the schemes which the NWO's Bureau of Propaganda then convert into national productions, the "national security" excuse to "provoke legislation" that results in every possible form of totalitarian control over the 'peasents' is a well that never runs dry.

Case in point. Here they are, drawing at the well again, using another absolutely contrived scenario as a justification to put a few more nails in the coffin of 'free speech' in America. Regardless of the dramatic, albeit very thin storyline here, it is ridiculously obvious that the only thing that they are really concerned about is silencing dissent, and, that it has now become a top priority for the would-be global masters.

Be acutely aware - there will be no retreat on this. These guys are playing for keeps and the impact will eventually be felt by all.

compare: New Wisconsin Law: Register w/ Govt. To Exercise 'Political Speech' 8-8-10 "If you think this can’t happen in America… well… it just did."
Eph. 5:15-16 'See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil'


How To Explain Away Invisible Oil Spill/Hoax: Tell Them A 'Microbe' Ate it - Yeah, That's It

Oil? What oil? No oil around here....
Follow up on: H.R. 3534 - The 'CLEAR Act': Globalists Push Onerous 'Oil Spill' Response Bill Through House 8-1-10 "Along with the mysteriously vanishing oil, as the Bureau of Propaganda's official storyline now goes, the Gulf waters are not the only thing turning up "CLEAR" these days. All the speculation as to where the NWO-ers were going with this latest ordo-ab-chao hoax has also now been made clear. Using the oil-less 'oil spill' as the justification to proceed, a slew of new regulations are being jammed through the globalist-controlled U.S. Congress. These comprehensive regulations - "death by a thousand cuts", to quote Burt Adams, Chairman of the National Ocean Industries Association [first article above], set in motion the globalist-Federal government takeover of the oil industry and land-use issues nationwide." [see post]
Microbes degrade plume from Gulf of Mexico oil spill (excerpted)
’A study by scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has found that microbes have degraded virtually all of the oil in the deepwater plume that resulted from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Our findings show that the oil profoundly altered the microbial community by significantly stimulating deep-sea psychrophilic [cold temperature] gamma-proteobacteria that are closely related to known petroleum-degrading microbes,’ said Terry Hazen, a microbial ecologist with Berkeley Lab’s Earth Sciences Division.
’This enrichment of psychrophilic petroleum degraders with their rapid oil biodegradation rates appears to be one of the major mechanisms behind the rapid decline of the deepwater dispersed oil plume that has been observed.’
The analysis of the samples was undertaken using Berkeley’s Lab Phylochip...Use of the Phylochip enabled Hazen and his colleagues to determine that the dominant microbe in the oil plume was a new species of microbe, closely related to members of Oceanospirillales family, particularly Oleispirea antarctica and Oceaniserpentilla haliotis.
re: "dominant microbe...new species"
It really should be much harder than this to delude millions of people. After the fact, after months and months of the so-called 'possibly worst environmental disaster in the history of the country', strange as could be, what with all that oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, there was virtually none to be found anywhere. How oh how could it be?
Well sports fans, the mystery has been solved. Yes sir, seems that a new microbe, with an incredible appetite for freshly spewed oil has just been discovered and is reportedly gobbling up every last drop of that delicious crude, just like little-itty-bitty pac-mans gone wild. Yes sir, and not only that, but according to the latest stats, this new microbe is a "dominant" performer. Yes sir, they probably should even name this newly-evolved microbial "the dominator". Apparently, all the other microbes could do was sit back and watch 'em go.
Yeaaah buddy, knew there had to be a logical explanation.
The amazing thing is - the vast majority of people really believe this stuff. Never even question it. Suppose if they use enough of them 'big scientific words', like in the article above, it makes it believable. For instance, note the name of one of the 'nearest relatives' of this new 'oil-disappearing microbial-magician', as claimed in this article -- it's ocean-serpent...something or other...yada yada (last two words [bolded] of excerpted article). *Ocean serpent?
Just noting.
Meanwhile, due wholly to the Great Spill of 2010, the house has ALREADY passed the C.L.E.A.R ACT (see 'update' above). The Senate is still working on their version. It will be interesting to see what the next move will be. Stay tuned.
*For bible prophecy fans, and 'hidden-in-plain-sight' freemason-watcher types - in the Bible, the biblical personage of the Antichrist is in a few instances also called "leviathan", and is then referred to in terms very similar to "ocean serpent":
ISAIAH 27:1 'In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.'
And in the book of Job, referring to this same "leviathan", it is said of him: "He beholdeth all high things : he is a king over all the children of pride." Job 41:34
"king over all the children of pride"....hmmm...sounds just like the Cabalist self-appointed would-be global dictators. Take it for what it's worth. At any rate, welcome to the NWO, aka the very advanced kingdom building program to make ready for the Antichrist, where NOTHING they say anymore is true.
REV. 18:4


Tozer on "Repent or Perish"

When God repeats Himself, men do well to sit up and take notice:

Luke 13:3 'I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish'
Luke 13:5 'I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish'
Humans, deceived by the devil and charmed by their own pride and abilities, deny that our world is a rebel province in God's universe. They deny that human society has willfully pulled loose from God's rule and the rest of God's domain.
In fact, they deny that men and women are the creation of God. They deny even that they owe any allegiance to God, their Creator!
The Bible is the record of how God deals with mankind and we can draw but one conclusion: all people are morally obligated to repent and to ask forgiveness of God. Failing to do so, they will perish.
How rare it is in our day to hear of genuine repentance; we live amid a proud, selfish and self-sufficient people, even in our Christian churches there are those who want nothing more than to be known as "respectable church members!"
When repentance is real and faith is genuine, the atoning death of Jesus Christ is effective for pardon and forgiveness and regeneration. AWT
see also: Sin still must be dealt with! Spurgeon
Acts 17:30b-31 "God...now commandeth all men every where to repent: Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead."

Brave New World Updates


Monsanto Frankenfood Inc.

Bacon that's good for you?
"Heart-smart" bacon? "Healthy" hamburger? Monsanto thinks it's found a way to make red meat better for you, and that's got some overseas environmental activists worried. The biotech giant has genetically engineered a type of soybean that contains a plant-based version of omega-3, the fatty acid that has been shown to improve cardiovascular health. Omega-3 is typically found in seafood; hence, all those recommendations to eat more fish. But what if you could ditch the salmon fillet and get your dose of omega-3 from, say, sausage instead? That's exactly what Monsanto had in mind when it began replacing regular soybean feed with its omega-3 enhanced soybeans and feeding it to livestock. The result? Meat that contained higher levels of omega-3. So the company did what any self-respecting multinational corporation would do: it filed patents on the "derived benefits" of feeding animals its proprietary product.

FDA Green Lights Genetically Engineered Animals For 'Human Chow' 9-20-08
Side note: recent studies, if true, indicate the soy has compounds that are essentially a form of synthetic estrogen. Men, try and find almost anything these days that is not 'cut' with soy in some form or another. From soy-flour in breads to soybean oil in almost everything that requires oil, you will be hard pressed. Omega-3 aside, apparently, even beef is 'soy-tainted' these days. Research it for yourself. fyi
NEW YORK, New York — In a series of events which has caused wide notice and a storm of protests, the government of Mexico, through its consulate in New York in the United Nations, has announced it will begin patrolling the New York City borough of Staten Island to “safeguard” its nationals there. The actions of Mexico come after a series of incidents the Mexican government terms “bias attacks.”

compare: Canamerexico -
'North American Leaders' Pledge "Aggressive Coordinated Action" 8-10-09
Barack Obama Elementary Opens in Maryland
Barack Obama Elementary School opens its doors in Upper Marlboro, Md., for the first time Monday. The school is being touted as being an environmentally friendly "green" school. There have been other schools named after President Obama in the country, but this will be a first in his own backyard in the D.C. region.

More Troubling 'Obama Signs' 6-7-09
Zionist Submission Agenda Underway 1-27-09 "A nightmare of endless hype is coming, in other words. Not only that, but the intent at this point is to take and finalize authoritarian control over the country"
Obama Promoted As "Ruler" On 'Meet The Press' 11-10-08
Germany to roll out ID cards with embedded RFID
The production of the RFID chips, an integral element of the new generation of German identity cards, has started after the government gave a 10 year contract to the chipmaker NXP in the Netherlands. Citizens will receive the mandatory new ID cards from the first of November...The new card allows German authorities to identify people with speed and accuracy, the government said. These authorities include the police, customs and tax authorities and of course the local registration and passport granting authorities...The card will also have extended functionality, including the ability to enable citizens to identify themselves in the internet by using the ID card with a reading device at home. After registering an online account bonded to the ID card, are able to do secure online shopping, downloading music and most importantly interact with government authorities online, for example.
Gym Chain Deploys Biometric Finger Scanners
Members of the 24 Hour Fitness chain no longer need to worry about forgetting their membership cards and IDs when they go to the gym: All they need to bring are their fingers. The San Ramon-based company is now using fingerprint scanners at its 60 San Francisco Bay area locations to verify members' identities. It also has started offering so-called "Cardless Check-In" this month at some gyms in other states. To enter the gym, 24 Hour Fitness members need to punch in a 10-digit code and have an index finger scanned by a device that compares the fingerprint to one on file.*

compare: Verichip Going To "ID World International Congress" 10-31-09
Follow links, connect dots...(the picture is not pretty)
Rev. 18:4


NWO's TSA Starts New Search Method, Says "Don't Like Naked Scanners, Maybe You'll Like This - A Full Body Grope"

Here was one of the first reports on the new TSA 'grope search':
New Logan searches blasted 10-21-10 "A TSA spokeswoman yesterday confirmed the switch to what the agency calls an “enhanced patdown"...Previously, TSA screeners used patdown motions of their hands to search passengers over their clothes, switching to the backs of their hands over certain ’sensitive’ body areas, such as the torso....But now the searches will be done using all front-of-the-hand sliding motions over greater areas of passengers’ bodies, including sensitive areas...Boston is one of only two cities in which the new touchy-feely frisking is being implemented as a test before a planned national rollout. The other is Las Vegas."
Update from same source, 3 days later: Passengers shocked by new touchy-feely TSA screening 10-24-10
Airline passengers from coast to coast are decrying the Transportation Security Administration’s more aggressive body searches, calling screeners’ new front-of-the-hand, slide-down technique not only invasive but an example of Big Brother run amok.
Rob Webster said he was subjected to a head-to-toe body search that “did not miss an inch” and even included a “probing and pushing” of his genital area when flying home from Las Vegas to Seattle last week.
“If anybody ever groped me like that in real life, I would have punched them in their nose,” the 50-year-old said. “It was extremely invasive. This was a very probing-type touching - not just patting over all your areas, but actually probing and pushing and seeing if I was concealing something in my genital area.”
Webster was subjected to the body search at McCarran-Las Vegas International Airport after he opted not to walk through a full-body scanner.
The TSA says it’s fielded “very few” formal complaints about the new search techniques - which have raised red flags among civil liberties advocates including the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts - and will continue to use them.
As first reported by the Herald on Saturday, the TSA has started doing the new body searches at Boston’s Logan International Airport and McCarren in advance of a national rollout.
Danielle Riendeau, an online communications coordinator for the ACLU of Massachusetts, also experienced one of the new body searches after she, too, opted not to walk through a full-body scanner when flying out of Logan.

“Two female TSA screeners took me aside, and it was almost like a medical procedure the way the doctor will explain how they’re going to touch you before they touch you,” Riendeau said.

The TSA screeners used the palms of their hands to search her face, hair, torso and directly underneath and between her breasts, she said.
re: Big Brother psycho double speak - "enhanced patdown"

This is what it's come to - opt out of a naked scan?...then prepare for an "enhanced patdown". Boston and Vegas for now, a "national rollout" shortly.

If you will remember, 'Scanner-Scam' was enabled by another one of the endless NWO Bureau of Propaganda hoaxes - the fake Christmas-day '09 so-called "undie bomber":

Scripted Plane Incident Used As Pretext For NWO Internationally Coordinated Air Travel 'Security' System 1-1-10 "Do not forget for one minute that the 'global citizens' of the future will have absolutely no rights to come and go as they please in the micromanaged 'brave new world' being constructed for them. They will be owned like property and treated as such." [see post]

Which does not bode well when considering what these Cabalistic NWO monsters with their delusions of global empire-dom may have up their sleeves for a future date with regard to another likewise-fake 'terror' scam, which, you may also remember, was play-acted just a few months ago: Fake Times Square Bumbler-Bomber Used To Brainwash Americans, Implement Police State 5-9-10 [i.e. 'suicide bombers' in US - see post]

It does not bode well...fyi
compare: TSA Announces Strip-Searches At U.S. Airports to Be "Mandatory" 3-21-10 "And again...you ain't seen nuthin' yet. The next phase of 'Brave New World' population management techniques are right around the corner, and, we are being told, will be utilizing "behavioral and physiological screening technologies". [see post]
Luke 12:40 Be ye therefore ready also: for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not.


NY Times Op-Ed Quote Of The Year: "Policy Elite...Acting Like The Priests Of Some Ancient Cult"

The 'policy elite'...priests of some ancient cult?

(Excerpted from opinion piece by NY Times Op-Ed columnist Paul Krugman)

[Quote] "As I look at what passes for responsible economic policy these days, there’s an analogy that keeps passing through my mind. I know it’s over the top, but here it is anyway: the policy elite — central bankers, finance ministers, politicians who pose as defenders of fiscal virtue — are acting like the priests of some ancient cult, demanding that we engage in human sacrifices to appease the anger of invisible gods."

A very interesting and astute observation by NY times Op-Ed columnist Paul Krugman in regard to, as he describes them, the mysterious "policy elite"...who "pose as defenders of fiscal virtue"...but in reality are behaving as if they were "priests of some ancient cult".

What "cult" exactly...might that be, who, truth be told, see themselves as being at long last on the verge of establishing themselves as dictatorial overlords of planet earth?

For the answer, see:
And: Zionism - what is it?
Also: Israeli Rabbi Releases New Book/Manifesto On Killing Non-Jews; and The Talmud 11-10-09
Ezekiel 8:6 "...Son of man, seest thou what they do? even the great abominations that the house of Israel committeth here, that I [the LORD] should go far off from my sanctuary? but turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations. [10] So I went in and saw; and behold every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel, portrayed upon the wall round about. [11] And there stood before them seventy men of the ancients of the house of Israel...with every man his censer in his hand; and a thick cloud of incense went up. [12] Then said he unto me, Son of man, hast thou seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery? for they say, The LORD seeth us not; the LORD hath forsaken the earth." [see all: Ezekiel Ch. 8; Bible search on right]
Rev. 3:7a,9 "And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write...Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee."

(follow links [they go all over the place], connect dots, be informed)

'Silent Kill' Of U.S. Banking System Continues: 'Beast' Swallows Eight More Banks

Update on: 'Beast' Swallowing Banks 7-26-08 "here...is revealed the next phase of the strategy for the taking of complete control over the entire financial system..i.e. the merging of the "small and midsize banks...with the big boys, no doubt" [see post]
Regulators shut down big Chicago bank, 7 others
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Regulators on Friday shut down a big community bank based in Chicago that has been known for its social activism but racked by financial troubles in recent months. A consortium funded by several of the biggest U.S. financial firms is buying its assets and pledging to operate the new bank by the same principles.
The FDIC also seized seven other banks Friday, bringing to 118 the number of U.S. bank failures this year amid the recession and mounting loan defaults.
re: "a consortium"
And "the biggest"...get even bigger.
The update link above is from a full two years ago. For the most part quietly, the 'silent kill' on the small and mid-size banks has only increased since then.
The 'Beast' had no comment other than a small belch accompanied by a puff of smoke.
As for "regulators", see: NWO Passes U.S. Financial Takeover Bill, Creates "Council Of Regulators" 7-17-10
Ezekiel 7:19 'They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD'

Argentina Government Shuts Down Major ISP

Follow Up on: 'Fundamental Reshape' Of Internet-Control Moves Forward In Senate 6-26-10 and NWO Cyber-czar Appointed, Sets Up Shop 12-22-09
Argentina orders Internet provider shut down

Argentina's government on Friday ordered the closure one of the nation's three leading Internet providers, demanding that Grupo Clarin immediately inform "each and every one" of its more than 1 million customers that they have 90 days to find new ways of getting online.
The order says Grupo Clarin—which has grown through mergers to become one of Latin America's leading media companies—illegally absorbed the Fibertel company through its Cablevision subsidiary in January 2009 because it failed to obtain prior approval from the commerce secretary.
Cablevision denied that Friday, citing a previous approval obtained in 2003, and planned to appeal, accusing the government of continuing a campaign to stifle opposition viewpoints.
Cablevision and Fibertel called the order "illegal and arbitrary," and "one more step in a brutal campaign of persecution, attacks and hostility" that will result in a telecom duopoly.
re: 'telecom duopoly'

The 'global overlords' are making another move toward taking full control of the internet, this time in Argentina. The existing 'triopoly' there will now become a 'duopoly'...and after that, the only thing that can happen is that it becomes a 'monopoly'.

It's code red, people. The Brave New World 'opposition viewpoint' stifling program is expanding daily on every front; e.g. Philadelphia bloggers told they owe $300 for a "privilege license" 8-19-10 citypaper.net
Italian Government Forwards Big Brother "Blog-Killing" Bill 8-1-10
Romans 13:12 'The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light'


Ground Zero Mosque Nonsense A Major NWO Scam

Nancy Pelosi Wants to Investigate Funding of "Ground Zero Mosque" Critics

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling for an investigation into who is funding criticism of the so-called "Ground Zero mosque."

Pelosi told KCBS in San Francisco yesterday that she joins "those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded." She added: "How is this being ginned up?"

In addition, there are those on Pelosi's side of the aisle who have said the project should move elsewhere - including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.
re: Mosque 'controversy' This one is tough to call. There are so many things going on here, all of which is absolute and pure evil. A massive dialectic to build interfaith acceptance of Islam, perhaps, by suggesting the so-called ground zero mosque be built in the location now debated, only to later "agree" to move it to another location. This is on the table. Everybody's happy then. With that, Islam gains new acceptance. That's the Hegelian dialectic at work to create new levels of interfaith 'brother-dom'.

Big Brother-ette Pelosi is also capitalizing on the opportunity to call for a government investigation on how the 'anti-mosque' criticism is being funded. Absurd? Absolutely, but the now-obvious and shameless strategy of the NWO-ers is to make this an object lesson for all 'dissenters'. Another totalitarian-control illustration of "Don't speak against us".

compare: New Wisconsin Law: Register w/ Govt. To Exercise 'Political Speech' 8-8-10

One other possibility is the drumming up of fear against the "Islamic takeover" of the U.S. by Sharia law - ala Glenn beck - as a means of further conditioning for the 'when-the-time-is-right' Iran war. If they can create enough of a 'go-get-em' mentality, the PR work will be done. The WWIII destruction of the old-world-order can then begin [here]. Lord have mercy!

How deep is the deception being foisted on the American people? It is pathetically horribly ridiculously twisted and massively deep. This story is clear proof of the complete and total domination of the American government and media. Literally every news channel, talk radio show, all politicians everywhere, etc. are consumed with this 'controversy' and playing it out for all it's worth.
The kicker though, the harsh reality, is that the whole thing is built on a falsehood. That falsehood is, of course, that alleged Muslim terrorists took down the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Who actually is responsible is another topic which we are not interested in debating, but, who did not have prior access to the buildings whereby they would be able to pre-wire the explosives necessary to cause the perfect implosion of the huge steel and concrete towers when the planes flew into them is easy to determine. No 'Muslim terrorists' could have ever pulled that off, as millions of people worldwide now know this to be the case.

Understanding this, the question of an Islamic mosque at the site is actually rendered moot. No, something else is going on, much bigger and far more devious, and the depth of collusion across the NWO spectrum to run this scam, as evidenced, is incredible. Be alerted, it's bad out there. Real bad.
Jeremiah 7:11 'Behold, even I have seen it , saith the LORD'

Hillary Clinton Announces $63 Billion 'Global Health Care' Program, Data-Tracking System

Obama Administration Spending $63 Billion on Global Health Care Program

(CNSNews.com) – The Obama administration is focused not just on health-care reform in the United States – but also on improving health care systems around the world, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced on Monday.

Speaking at Johns Hopkins University, Clinton outlined the six-year, $63-billion Obama administration initiative to bring global health care services “to more people in more places.” The administration’s Global Health Initiative has “everything” to do with foreign policy, she said

The Obama administration’s GHI will develop data-tracking systems to measure the efficacy of U.S. foreign health aid. Part of the $63 billion in new funding will go toward developing ways to test and evaluate existing global health programs to determine which ones are effective and which are not.

re: "Global Health Initiative"

Catch that? It's not just about "health-care reform in the United States", no no, not at all, but it's really about "health-care reform" for the entire world, and it always has been, according to H. Clinton. And so, enter now the "Global Health Initiative", which will..."develop data tracking systems" to monitor this worldwide "health-care reform". In other words, the building of an interconnected "health-care" data-system that will ultimately cover the entire world will now commence. Can you say 'global dictatorship'?

This post is a follow up on : Global Citizenship Coming 'Round The Bend 7-31-09 "The much bigger picture in regard to the healthcare bill so-called is not at all difficult to see. After the national system is built, it is a given that the next step will be to link globally. The healthcare bill is a huge scam in many respects, not the least of which is to phase, i.e. backdoor, Americans 'homelanders' into the coming-round-the-bend "ubiquitous online database" of the 666 one world government." [see post, follow links]
Ready to be plugged in?
Rev. 18:4
Rev. 13:9 'If any man have an ear, let him hear'


CA Homosexual Psuedo-Marriage And The Global Agenda: Manhattan Declaration 'Leaders' Call To Mobilize In Opposition

Remember the 'Manhattan Declaration'? It's baaaack...
Update on: The Manhattan 'Deception' And One World Religion: Movement Invites Mormons, Jews, Non-religious to Join 1-8-10 "It is now more evident than ever that the Manhattan Declaration movement is undeniably just another part of the manipulative process of merging the world's religions for global management purposes, i.e. one world government/religion. The real goal here, along with other movements such as 'Purpose Driven' and 'One', is to facilitate this world religion merge, which is to be accomplished under the guise of joining hands for social causes." [see post]
We Can Still Win This Thing: The Court and Public Opinion
Chuck Colson

I've spent the days following the ruling in the proposition 8 case, praying, reading, and thinking. My first reaction was, "Our worst nightmare has come true." A federal judge declaring that the "ability to marry" is a fundamental right that cannot be denied to gays and lesbians. What nonsense.
Folks, there is still hope-but only if we get to work now. The issue is far from settled. The next stop is the Ninth Circuit, the most liberal court in America, where it likely will be affirmed. But then it's on to the Supreme Court.
And the polls show that the American people still do not accept gay marriage. That matters because the Court is reluctant to go against strong public opinion to the contrary.
So, can we win this in the court of public opinion? Yes we can! If the polls show a year from now when this case makes its way to the Supreme Court that the public is against gay marriage, we will win. And this decision in California this week could turn out to be a blessing in disguise.
But for that to happen, we have got to mobilize. That means educating ourselves and informing our neighbors. That means getting active in our churches. And you can go to the Manhattan Declaration.org website and sign on, as 460,000 people already have. Tell everyone you know about the website. And send them there as well for information on what we can do to mobilize. And get ready for a campaign of prayer and fasting coming up this fall.
Enough of saying to ourselves let somebody else do it: We've got to wake up and get busy. Not only traditional marriage, but our religious and personal liberties depend on it.
re: "we have got to mobilize"
Turning out to be more than meets the eye, the homosexual pseudo-marriage agenda is proving to be a master-stroke in the devious scheme to create the desired micromanaged global society. One of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of this delusional-utopia has always been the lack of a 'harmonious' working relationship between different "faith traditions" (globalspeak) of the earth's people groups. If only a way could be found to get them to overlook their differences and come together....
With that thought, the perfect timing by the architects-of-global-transformation in introducing this religion-merging document less than a year ago [11-'09 here] has now become very apparent. At the exact moment when so-called gay marriage has taken a judicial end-run around the will-of-the-people...the 'Manhattan Declaration-ites' are already signed up and ready to be "mobilized" for marching in the streets. Exactly as the global strategists have planned.
In addition to religion-merging through the use of the oldest trick in the book - joining hands to fight the 'common enemy', this whole scheme is also designed to serve a second purpose - instigating 'civil unrest'. Creating scenarios for 'unrest' is necessary to further prepare people for the 'Revolution' which the NWO-ers have planned for this country - to first disrupt the staus quo and then completely dismantle it [here] .

The ink is barely dry on the CA judge's rubber stamp of the gay-global agenda. Christian-Catholic line-blurrer par excellence Chuck Colson is rallying the Declaration's claimed 466,000+ signee's with the false hope that they can potentially stop this runaway global-gay freight train. Things are just warming up...stay tuned. Rev 18:4

see all: 'Manhattan Declaration' [follow links. connect dots]
Proverbs 4:5 'Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not' (get it only from the Bible)


New Wisconsin Law: Register w/ Govt. To Exercise 'Political Speech'

Wisconsin has enacted a law which makes political free speech subject to fees or jail time.
If you think this can’t happen in America… well… it just did. This law affects liberals, conservatives and those of every political persuasion. It affects every American, both inside and outside of WI, who communicate in any manner about candidates running for office in WI.
Whether you are supporting or opposing a candidate, gathering to demonstrate for or against a candidate, or even if you are using email or the Internet to express your opinion about a candidate, you are subject to fees or jail time.
In the dark of night, behind closed doors, WI enacted the new Government Accountability BoardG.A.B. 128 Rule which silences political free speech 60 days prior to the election. Conveniently, this law goes into effect on August 15, 2010 with little to no time for successful legal challenges prior to the November 2010 election.
Under this new law, individuals and groups must pay a $100 registration fee to the state of WI if they want permission to use political speech that totals at least $25 “cumulatively in a calendar year.” But it doesn’t stop there…
Individuals and groups must set up a separate depository account and file a report with the Accountability Board and Secretary of State. They then need to provide periodic reports of every communication – explaining the type of communication/action for each and every episode of political free speech.
Expenses related to political free speech will include such things as a portion of your Internet bills, your phone bills, signs you’ve made, gas/bus fare to political gatherings, fliers, mailings, etc. These types of communication and action will easily total $25 per year for every American who wishes to exercise their 1st Amendment right to political free speech.
Essentially, WI has now abolished everyone’s Constitutional right to political free speech by enacting a law to ensure free speech is no longer free, and it’s now granted (or not granted), and monitored by the government.
If this new law stands in WI, it won’t be long before it spreads to other states throughout the country. Ohio is already moving in that direction: Bloggericide: Ohio Officials Charge Blogger With Campaign Violations. Will your state be next? [full article at link]
re: G.A.B. aka "Government Big Brother Accountability Board"
Spend more than $25 a year to get your political message out and you are now "accountable" to the NWO in Wisconsin. The state of Wisconsin calls this ridiculous rule an issue of "disclosure", ostensibly to expose who is behind political ads. Court challenges have already begun [see article linked below], but like the above article states, there is no time for any success before the upcoming November election. It doesn't matter anyway, does it? Does anybody still believe that the courts of the land are not also controlled by the same Cabalist globalists that control the country's politicians, the very ones enacting laws like this?
Regardless of the State of Wisconsin's attempt to try and pass this off as a 'good thing', freedom and free speech are taking a direct hit here.
Be aware, it is not 'business as usual' any longer. And...it will only get worse from here on out in Zionist Global Dictatorship Land 2010.
Judge to hear arguments over Wis. campaign rules WXOW.com [8-8-10] "But in a legal brief, the groups argue the rule violates their free speech rights by forcing them to register with the government to communicate on issues."
2 Samuel 23:6 'But the sons of Belial shall be all of them as thorns thrust away...'