Leo DiCaprio Taking 'Warming Propaganda' To New Level

re: New soon to be released global warming film by Leo DiCaprio
Steel yourselves against the ever-increasing onslaught of NWO 'global warming' propaganda, by which the justification to dismantle the "old world order" so that the "new world order" can take over is being forced upon the entire planet. The earth is self destructing we are told, and it is all because of our destructive 'industrial civilization'. It must be done away with at any cost, say the globalists, who would have all the peoples of the world locked into their individual little green-communities like good little slaves so as to be globally manageable. When that is accomplished then the 666 system that is now being phased in everywhere will be rolled out fully.
This is that, believe it or not.

With that, judging by this Youtube video it looks like the whole thing is now being taken to the next level. It's a 2-min. trailer for a new warming-propaganda film by DiCaprio that is going to be released on 9-11 interestingly enough. It's crucial to understand that this world-changing agenda is going to forced on everyone everywhere and on literally every side that you turn to you will be confronted with it, and it will be increasing exponentially from here on out. There will be no let up, there is no plan 'b', and, it's going big...it's not 'going home'. follow links below for much more info and to see if these things are true
Anyway, here's a few telling quotes (buzzwords/phrases) from the clip to listen for....and to understand that when you hear these and other similar terms bandied about in community forums, elementary schools to universities, political speeches, town hall meetings, churches, television commercials, children's cartoon shows, hollywood movies, magazine and newspaper articles, etc., you are being subjected to a powerful strategy designed to cause you to submit to what may rightly be called the global transformation project. It is designed, through the "saving the earth" pitch, to induce unquestioning compliance to a totalitarian authority over every person and every aspect of life on this planet. (see 'wrenching transformation' below) A one-world government is truly the only agenda here.
* "industrial civilization has caused irreparable damage"
* "potential extinction of humankind"
* "convergence of crisis"
* "can we create a sustainable world in time?"
* "we can reduce the human footprint on planet earth by 90%"
Are you ready to see the "human footprint" on earth reduced by 90% to avoid the "potential extinction of humankind"?

Here are some of the 'subliminal' phrases to watch for which are superimposed onto the clip:

"The crisis is real (start point)....our planet has reached the eleventh hour...the danger is now....mankind's darkest hour.."

follow links, connect dots: Back To The Farms, Says Gore
Global Warming Propaganda Goes Nutso
wrenching-transformation (industrial civilization no more)
see all:
Not now, but one day global warming will be very real...that time will be known as the 'day of the Lord'. You don't want to be there:

And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. Rev. 16:8

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