2-Yr. Date George Floyd PSYOP [5-25-22] - Trump Told It Months In Advance; Everything Fake-Scripted - Even 'School Shootings'

Operation George Floyd played out May 25, 2020. Trump foretold it February 20, 2020. Three full months in advance. Ho hum nothing new, the reality is known. Everything is fake, staged, a sorcerer's trick. That definitely includes make-believe school-shootings [e.g. Sandy Hook - link]. The Novus Ordo Seclorum False-Zion Tower of Babel II* [link] will not build itself. Note: disarming the public is crucial to the agenda. Along with 'own nothing'..the 'goyim-cattle' must be also defenseless. And, no question about it, they are all in on it together:
Trump acts out George Floyd Production 3-months prior:


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Original post 6-7-20: 'George Floyd Psyop: Trump Foretells "I Can't Breathe" At Colorado Springs Rally 2-20-20 -- Everything Scripted'

Rev. 18:4
*Micah 3:10 'They build up Zion with blood, and Jerusalem with iniquity'


Salvation God Chooses Man Does Not - Limited Atonement Taught By Free Will Not Election; 1960's Classic .. Rolfe Barnard [Original Audio]

Free will or election. Only one can be true. And which one of these 'gospels' actually limits atonement? This is the subject of this classic sermon from widely regarded evangelist of days past, Rolfe Barnard (1904-1969)

[Sinner's prayer? Altar call? Neither of those is scriptural. Well worth 24min. of careful listening if not 48 or even 72]

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[13:31] "...we have to go on and explain that after all, nothing that God and Christ have done can save us...unless we add something to it. Now my friends if I'm not telling the truth about what's called the gospel today I want you to write me and straighten me out. We thus preach that the 'decisive factor' which [......?] ...what we really say is that Christ saves us with our help...and if you think that out what that really means is we save ourselves...with Christ's help. But my friends, if we start, as is done now, by affirming that God has a saving love for everybody, and that Christ died a saving death for everybody...and yet we do not preach that everybody will be saved, we just show how foolish we are. The man who preaches that Christ died in a saving way for everybody...has got to preach that everybody must be saved. The man who preaches that God has a saving love for everybody...has got to preach...that everybody must be saved. But we say brother Barnard we don't believe that. I know but that's what you preach.

You get in an awful stew...ohhhh...how I will [......?] about it...these folks running around here limiting the purpose and love of God:

[who say] "Wait just a minute we are simply saying that the old gospel limited the work and love of Christ simply this way...that the love of God accomplished all it was sent to do. And that the love of Christ dying for our sins means that those whom it was meant for are to be saved"

Now we need to be clear here. In this kind of preaching is the popular preaching of the day, instead of exalting the grace of God and magnifying the cross of Christ...we cheapen them. And people who preach that way limit the atoning work of the Lord Jesus Christ. People say to me brother Barnard...you believe in the limited atonement? And I say no but most of all the preachers in this country do...for they preach that Christ didn't actually accomplish what he set out to do...he just made possible something he hoped might accidentally take place. My friends the old gospel says of Christ...that Christ's death saves...aaall whom it was meant to save. The new gospel says that Christ's death, as such, actually saves nobody - what's good news about that?

What's good news about that? No wonder my friends you can go into most any church in this section today, and in three or four nights you enter the line, 95% of the people in the congregation will be saying that that fellow is preaching the truth.

Then I'm not saved. No wonder my friends that Baptists who've always said we believe in the eternal security of the believer...it's hard to find the Baptist now who feels any security - WHY? Well they've believed a gospel about a God who's made salvation possible...not a gospel about a God who actually saves. Dear old brother Spurgeon whom the preachers quote today but hate his gospel...they accused him of preaching the limited atonement and he answered in this way and I quote him. Brother Spurgeon said we are often told that we limit the atonement of Christ because we say that Christ has not made a satisfaction for all men...or all men would be saved.

Now our reply to this is, brother Spurgeon says, that on the other hand, our opponents limit the work of Christ...we do not. Our opponents say Christ died for all men. Ask them what they mean by him dying for all men. Ask them did Christ die so as to secure the salvation of all men..and they say noooo...certainly not. We ask them the next question...did Christ die so as to secure the salvation of any man in particular...they answer no. They are obliged to admit this if they are consistent...they say no...Christ has died in order that any man may be saved...if...and then follow certain conditions of salvation. Now, says Mr. Spurgeon, who is it that limits the death of Christ? Why it's you...you say that Christ did not die so as infallibly to secure the salvation of anybody. We beg your pardon...when you say we limit Christ's death we say nooo my dear sir...it is you that limits it. We say Christ so died that he infallibly secured the salvation of a multitude that no man can number, who through Christ's death not only may be saved...but are saved. Must be saved and cannot by any possibility run the hazard of being anything but saved. You are welcome to your atonement, says Mr. Spurgeon, you may keep it...we will never renounce ours for the sake of it. - [20:18]

Romans 9:22-23 'What if God, willing to shew his wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction: And that he might make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy, which he had afore prepared unto glory'


Korona PSYOP Back: NY Invokes 911 Raising Covid Alert To 'High' - 5/17/22 .. [Kabbalah Numerology]

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They just did that.. invoking 911 ramping kovid psyop back up 5-17-22 .. New York the 911 city. Take note they do not use their numerology without a Kabbalah sorcery purpose. Incoming take cover [Psalms 18:2] - Krazy Korona PSYOP-propaganda alert level raised to 'very high'; fyi

Rev. 18:4


'I'm Black, Gay, Immigrant Woman..The First' - The New Psaki Karine Jean-Pierre; USA Takedown On It Goes

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More 'barriers' going down so the New World Disorder can rise... in that world disorder are no countries, gender, race...only 'minions'

Rev. 18:4
Psalms 73:9 'They set their mouth against the heavens, and their tongue walketh through the earth'


CA Laguna Niguel Fire A 'Corona' Ritual - Mansions Made A Torch-To-The-Heavens.. 'Coronation' Symbolism All Over it [May 2022]; Always Overnight

Laguna Niguel Mansions Made A Torch-To-The-Heavens - A Coronado-Corona As Above So Below Ritual May 2022

They just keep happening. Fires so anonmalous that no realistic reasonable explanation can be made. The major destruction always happening after the areas are fully evacuated and locked down. Virtually always overnight. No one can see anything. It's there when the sun goes down, when the sun comes up nothing but ashes. Case in point this latest ultra-mysterious fire event burning up the multi-million dollar mansions of Laguna Niguel, CA May 2022. As this news headline in the below image reveals, it happened overnight:

Here is where it gets even more bizarre, or telling. First, from the top image above note the name of the Los Angeles news reporter that shows up on site immediately after the overnight burn is 'Lauren Coronado'. Next note the close-up of the inset-map from that image the location of the fire is 'Coronado Pointe'. Then on the inset map note the road leading up to the area is named 'Crown Valley Pkwy'. There is a hidden message here. The word 'coronado' in Spanish means 'crowned' [see image below]. The word 'coronado' comes from the word corona. The word 'corona' in Spanish means 'crown' [see image below]. The word crown in the name of the road 'Crown Valley Pkwy' has then the meaning 'corona':


Andrew Miller (1810-1883) - The Cost Of Real Christianity

[reposted from years back] Andrew Miller was probably best known for his "Short Papers on Church History"
John 6:53,66 'Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you...From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him'

"You may speak of religion in a general way, of preachers, of churches, of missions, of societies for doing good, and still be popular; but speak of the Lord Himself, of His precious blood, of the full assurance of salvation, of oneness with Him in heaven, of separation from the world, and you will greatly reduce the number of your friends." - Andrew Miller
From the first century, to the 1800's, to 2012 2022, as far as the world's opposition to the Lord Jesus Christ goes [and his name is not "yeshua"*], nothing has changed. It has never been the 'many'. It has always been the 'few'. Press on believer.
*Highly recommended: Classic sermon by William Dell (1607-1669) - A DISCOURSE, TOUCHING THAT OFFENCE WHICH THE WORLD TAKES AGAINST CHRIST Preached at Cambridge, about the year 1647


Note To Christians Everywhere: You Should Use Only The Living Bible - Otherwise Known As The King James Version

John 6:53 'Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you'

The Bible sanctifies and moulds the mind into the image of Christ. You cannot expect to grow in grace if you do not read the Scriptures. If you are not familiar with the word, you cannot expect to become like Him that spoke it.

Oh, be much with the holy word of God, and you will be holy. Be much with the silly novels of the day, and the foolish trifles of the hour, and you will degenerate into vapid wasters of your time.

But be much with the solid teachings of God's word, and you will become solid and substantial men and women: drink them in, and feed upon them, and they shall produce in you a Christ-likeness, at which the world shall stand astonished. - Spurgeon
Compare: John 6:60-61,66-68

With the thought of feeding on the Word Of God, despite the certain objections of more than a few, the absolute truth is that the King James Version (KJV) is the only Bible that can produce the effects described above by Spurgeon. Every other version, without exception, are like the GMO foods passed off on people today - i.e. the vital essence having been destroyed it is not the real thing. Following that little analogy, the KJV would then be 'organic'. Recommend go organic if not already - see: Authorized Version King James Only - for a reason
see also: Is The Holy Ghost Gone From Your Bible? - Unless You Have A KJV The Answer Is Yes  [or by video]


Now New Mexico - NWO Burning Down The 'Old-Way-Of-Life' Town By Town Continues [May 2022]; It's Not DEW It's Old Skool.. Flamethrowers

This post a follow up on: Texas Fires Forwarding Agenda 21? (2011) Ever heard the term "urban sprawl"...it is the exact opposite of what they call a "sustainable city". It is a no-no in other words ..21,000 fires since December of last year, 1000 homes burned in a weekend, ten 'new fires' since yesterday? Is Texas being burned up purposely by "some kind of ugly invisible hand" because of urban sprawl? The above map first came out in the days of the Clinton presidency. It was called "The Wildlands Project"... On the above map, living in any of the areas in the red and yellow would be considered "urban sprawl", and would not be allowed... [see post]

[*The video below has been posted many times. It needs to be posted again]

Burning down the 'old-world-order' town by town. The agenda has been underway for a long time [see linked post above]. May 2022 so-called 'wildfires' burning down entire geographic regions have become so commonplace now seems people hardly have any reaction any longer when hearing about it. It is the 'new normal' effect. Reality check: nothing normal about it. It is a carefully coordinated agenda being carried out to 'change the way of life' on this planet, as these two images [May 2022 news stories] below attest:

It's right there.. in plain sight: "Burning Down a Way of Life" - i.e. the 'old order'. They ALWAYS tell
- note also the red underlined [click to enlarge]

Town by town, region by region - 'iconic' old-order things must be destroyed so the 'new order' can rise

What it's all about: August 2021 Burning Down CA (And World) - Flamethrowers Not DEW For 'New Amerika' 8-5-21  "Same again.. the agenda continues... New 'Amerika' global Region - not 'USA' ... That would be after all the outlying zones are geo-engineer flooded, burned, quaked, tsunami-ed, etc., [*and 'warred' - see 2022 Ukraine]; as now fully underway across the country (and world), clearing them out, which are then zoned off-limits to 'human habitation'. All to be herded* to the mega-regions and IOT controlled..." [see post]

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see all: A21 burn down

Rev. 18:4
Nahum 1:3 'The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked..'


Vax-Passport Get A Chip In You The Real Agenda [Like Cattle*] - Sweden Commercial

[commercial date only four months ago Dec. 2021]


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*re: cattle - see: "Herd Immunity" A Talmudic In-Your-Face Mock - All 'Goy' i.e. Non-Jews Are 'Cattle' ... Korona Kontrol Kaper 5-4-21

see also: Corona PSYOP Proven By Acronym COVID i.e. Certificate Of Vax ID -- Purpose: To Own Your Person 4-26-20

Rev. 18:4