Military 'Homeland' Police - Oct. 1

follow up on American Troops To Deploy On 'Homeland Tour': "First time ever...American troops on American 'homeland' soil as a "federal response force" under the control of NorthCom. (NorthCom is short for "Northern Command", created in 2002 in response to 9-11 we are told, with a jurisdiction extending to and including Canada and Mexico. see: canamerexico (Canadian-American troop exchange agreement)"
Just a reminder that radical changes in life as we know it are happening all around us...these changes should not be allowed to become 'normalized' in the thinking, they mean the loss of "life as we know it". Don't forget that! Here's the news report on start of the new 'homeland' military police...btw, you'll notice it's not ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, etc.

A few more reminders..seems to be a global trend, and not a good one:

see: Galveston Martial Law Update;
Martial Law In Bolivia;
Thailand, Martial Law, and Quelling Dissent;
Militarizing The World (Italian cities patrolled by military);
Amerikan Curfews As 'Last Resort'
Internal Checkpoints Starting?;
Rev. 3:11 Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.

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