Thailand, Martial Law, and Quelling Dissent

update on: Militarizing the World - Add Thailand to the List
Thai government tries to shut down 400 websites

"Thailand's Information and Communications Technology Ministry sought court orders yesterday to shut down about 400 websites and advised internet service providers to block 1,200 sites it considers are disturbing the social order or are a danger to national security."

"The Bangkok Post reported yesterday that the ministry claimed the sites "disturbed the peaceful social order and morality of the people, and/or which were considered detrimental to national security"."

"Thai prime minister, Samak Sundaravej, announced sweeping curbs to civil liberties to maintain calm, after which the ICT Ministry said it had detected more than 1,200 websites that violated the Computer Crime Act."

"The ICT ministry, the Bangkok Post reported, also sought help from the police to "bring all the violators to trial"."
re: peaceful social order?
Without question, gaining control of and censorsing the internet is a major NWO priority in that the global agenda is now in the end stages of development. They are worried about maintaining a "peaceful social (new world) order" and so all dissent must be silenced. All serfs will be required to live quiet lives of obedient servitude in the coming global kingdom. Thailand is setting an example. The global masters are working hard to get the rest of the world to the same point....
...as seen in this article that comes from the RNC yesterday, 9-03-'08, where Mr. Google himself gave a little speech stating that he believes that the time has come for Big Brother the 'government' to regulate the internet: Google CEO: We Need Gov't Regulation of Internet Service Providers
It's getting dicey y'all...be informed while you still can!
related (opinion piece): Is Google Turning Into Big Brother?: "As you probably heard, on Monday -- that is, on a national holiday, when business announcements are almost never made -- Google rolled out Chrome, its new Web browser"...."First, Google believes that Chrome could be its Microsoft killer"...."And the long-term goal of this applied technology? Google has already said it: to manage all of the world's information"...."Microsoft only wanted all of our money. Increasingly, it seems that Google wants all of our data. In running away from the evil empire, have we now instead rushed into the arms of Big Brother?"
(Interesting fact: Microsoft's Bill Gates recently retired from the company to work for 'global causes')
1 Corinthians 7:29 "But this I say, brethren, the time is short"

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