[Update 11-29; Ison 'Ritual'] Imaginary Ison A No Show Nov. 28th - But Wait, More Comets On The Way, Says NWO

Updated 11-29-13:  This post is a follow up on: ISON "Comet Of the Century" Cometh, November 28th - December 26th; Or Is It 'Sion' (Zion) That Cometh? 11-16-13 "Real Event Or Occult Ritual...What about ISON? Is it even real? Is anything coming from the NWO reality-twisters believable anymore? Is ISON a hoax then? Spurious is one word that comes to mind when many of the 'facts' surrounding this reported incoming comet are examined....[see post] - Whether 'Ison' is real or the whole thing is an elaborate production for the purpose of providing an occultic kabbalistic symbology that 'Sion has come' will be known soon enough. Stay tuned..." [see post]
Comet Ison destroyed in Sun passage

Telescopes saw the giant ball of ice and dust disappear behind the star, but only a dull streamer emerge. Astronomers continued to search for the object, but it eventually became clear that the much vaunted "Comet of the Century" had gone out with a whimper. Despite its great size, Ison was probably torn apart in the immense heat and tidal forces so close to the Sun.

The European Space Agency's experts on the Soho Sun-watching satellite called the death of the comet at about 21:30 GMT.

"Our Soho scientists have confirmed, Comet Ison is gone," Esa's twitter feed announced.

Ison had captivated skywatchers with its promise ever since it was discovery by Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok in 2012.

Comets will stay in the news, however. Next year, in October, Comet Siding Spring will breeze past Mars at a distance of little more than 100,000km. And then in November, the European Space Agency's Rosetta mission will attempt to place a probe on the nucleus of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

Real event or GLOBAL occult ritual

Since the supposed discovery of 'Ison" last year September 21, 2012, right at the bewitching time of the autumnal equinox, until today November 28th, the joint Thanksgiving holiday and first day of Hanukkah 2013, millions of people worldwide have been taken on a wild 'comet' ride. Never mind that the official storyline changed constantly and that the supposed photos of 'Ison' were all questionable, every one of them from the first to the last, those millions of people worldwide hung, "captivated", on every last detail of the reported comet that could be found - believing fully in icy Ison's existence. But just like that...before anything can be proved definitely, it's gone.

Imagine that.

Can millions worldwide be duped that easily? If so, where might the reality-twisters of the NWO go with the story lines of the next "comets" that they are already now reporting, as reported in the above article.

Meteorites, comets, comet fragments, asteroids, space rocks...the earth is at risk, say they [link], and the world just got a hugely elaborate, even ritualistic conditioning exercise in "Ison" (Sion/Zion - see 'follow up' above) to make the story convincing.

See through everything.
 Rev. 18:4
11-29-13 update: (quoted from the 'follow up' post [11-16-13] linked at top) "One very important consideration is the much speculation on the possibility of the earth being impacted by 'debris' if ISON were in fact to "break up" as a result of it's being overheated during it's "skimming" u-turn around the sun. Although many 'scientists' deny that there is any danger to the earth if this were the case, would this not create a possible scenario where sometime before Christmas and on into the new year strange objects falling out of the sky could be said to be 'comet fragments'? [link] This possibility has been discussed."

According to the latest 'plot-twist' 11-29-13 coming from NWO central, the ever-changing story now is that a 'small fragment' may have 'survived' (nothing visible no doubt), with the NY Times even calling it a "death and apparent resurrection" - link (think occult ritual - Sion/antichrist; see 'follow up' post linked at top), which of course then makes the "debris" scenario mentioned directly above playable...or perhaps even just used for a little 'earth scare'...No telling what direction this 'ritual' might get taken over the next month or so...stay tuned
12-2-13 update: Imaginary (?) Ison Debris May Hit Earth Around New Year, Say Russian Scientists
2Timothy 3:1 'This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come'


'Noah' Movie Trailer: "It Begins"; And 'Meteorite' Propaganda

Noah Official Trailer Sneak Peek #2

'Noah' the movie is being touted as a "religious epic film" (Wiki). Scheduled release is 28 March 2014 (USA). Below is an official "sneak peek trailer". Only seven seconds long with only two words spoken. The extremely brief images presented speak volumes though:

:04 "It begins..."

On the left incoming 'meteorite' moments before devastating impact; on the right 'Horus'
First message communicated in these very fleeting images is the identity of the true 'religious spirit' behind this 'religious epic' movie - that being of course the Satanic one-eye-of-horus, which is, as is well known, the very symbol of the 'spirit of antichrist'. No surprise that it would be included in the seven second clip, it is such a standard thing that it is virtually an automatic. It would be more shocking if it were not included actually. Yawn. The next thing made very clear by the seven-second trailer is the fact that the plot of the movie is in no way concerned with scriptural accuracy. That is a "no-brainer" anyway because nothing purportedly 'biblical' coming out of Talmudic Hollywood ever has or will be true to the Word of God (nor can it be - Rom. 8:7). Even taking nothing else into consideration, the addition of 'meteorites' into the account of Noah makes this very clear. There is not a single verse of scripture in the entire Bible to suggest that in the Days of Noe* "meteorites" were bombarding the earth. But then, the 'spirit of antichrist' [1John 4:3] never has been concerned with scriptural accuracy, so how is it that anybody would expect anything different now. Definitely not. It is impossible. The 'spirit' is not holy, neither is it true.

The very opening scene of sneak-peek trailer #3 - flaming projectiles incoming [link]
It is most interesting though that "meteorites" would be portrayed in this movie. Also, to consider that this could not be without design. Suppose it has anything to do with a possible intended meteorite-conditioning of John Q. Public? It was not even one year ago with the reported 'meteorite' incident in Russia that the world was first introduced to the newest unpredictable-threat against the 'old paradigm' of flaming projectiles striking the earth at any given moment:

Meteorite Hoax? Russian Politician Says Yes - NWO Says Meteorites The New Threat 2-16-13 "So now, with the events of the past few days, as the excerpt from the article linked directly above reveals, what has happened is that a brand new existential threat to the "old-world-order" has been introduced to the world at large. According to the 'new-world-order' scientists quoted in this article, even larger 'meteorites' than that which the world just witnessed..."could drop out of the sky unannounced at any time and wreak havoc on a city"...and there's nothing that could be done about it because, as all the world was just schooled by the Russian strike, these mysterious "space rocks" are "too small to detect"...As reported in the second article above [see post], some Russians believe that what hit there was a missile...So were they real meteorites, or giant 'molotov cocktails' and missiles?"

see also: Conditioning Public For New 'Meteorite Threat': 2-15-13 Google Doodle 'Dodges' Asteroid 2-17-13 Meteorites, meteorites, here come the meteorites. And so there it is. John Q. Public is now being told that there is another 'new normal' to contend with, which is that any city anywhere on the planet could get an 'impact', at any given time, with no warning, bang, city wiped out by a 'meteorite'. On that note, it is amazing to consider how this would, in a instant, prepare an entire geographic region for some ordo-ab-chao type NWO transformation. Just noticing... [see post]

"It begins", says actor Russel Crowe.

Be aware.
 Rev. 18:4
*The "Days Of Noe" Are Here, The "Coming Of The Son Of Man" Will Certainly Follow - CHM

3-26-14 update: 'Noah' the Movie 3-28-14: Talmudic, Global Warming, Nephilim Propaganda, With No Mention Of "God"
Psalms 96:5 'For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the LORD made the heavens.'


5-Yr Flashback: 11-4-08 Obama 'Selected' - Pied Piper And The Black Widow Spider

Originally posted [11-5-08; link] the day after the 2008 presidential 'selection' held 11-4-08; the global cabalists ALWAYS telegraph their moves (the clues hidden in plain sight), it's part of the game

Pied Piper and the Black Widow spider

NWO Pied Piper wins election. Was there a message in the dress?

Back in July of this year (
here) U.S. president-elect Obama made these one-world-government type statements to the "people of the world"... as a "citizen of the world"...while addressing a huge crowd of 'followers', not in the U.S. but in Europe, in the city of Berlin:

"I speak to you not as a candidate for President, but as a citizen - a proud citizen of the United States, and a fellow citizen of the world."

"Now is the time to join together, through constant cooperation, strong institutions, shared sacrifice, and a global commitment to progress, to meet the challenges of the 21st century."

"This is the moment when we must come together to save this planet."

"...people of the world - this is our moment. This is our time."

"...let us remember this history, and answer our destiny, and remake the world once again."

These remarks taken from Obama's speech that day in Berlin reveal clearly the man and his true mission. His role is to act as the "Pied Piper" of the NWO and his mission is one of facilitation. The job is to facilitate the transition of this country into it's assigned place as part of the North American Union, and to keep the people 'charmed' all the while. This transition must happen so that his 'superiors' can "remake the world" as he stated...and install themselves as 'kings' over it. Obama is now the official spokesman.

Obama's wife Michelle appeared briefly on the stage last night in what might be described as a very striking dress. The problem though with the striking dress was that it was not striking in a 'good' way, but in a very bizzare way. What was immediately apparent was the likeness of the dress to the appearance of a black widow spider. Question: Wasn't halloween last week?

Question Two: Why the dress? A mere unforeseen coincidence? No, far too obvious for that to be the case, at least to any rational mind. Could it be a 'secret' message? Pure conjecture here of course, and that's as far as it will go, but, let each decide for them self...this is just one man's impression of the overall presentation and the possibly 'hidden' message of the Pied Piper and the Black Widow Spider show (very briefly):

As is well known, having used and then finished with her 'paramours', the black widow spider then turns on and devours them...which is exactly what is going to happen to all the swooning Obama devotees who actually allowed themselves to be seduced by the music of the Pied Piper's magical flute.

Unfortunately, they are all in for a rude awakening when they find out that the 'change' they ignorantly believed Obama would bring is not at all what they thought, but after it is too late, find themselves betrayed into the slavery of the new world order by their own Mr. Obama, the self professed "citizen of the world", the anointed Pied Piper to lead the 'homeland' into the void.

Will the "black widow spider" devour her 'lovers'...watch and see. Rev. 18:4
Read here about Obama's agenda of "complete transformation":
The Global Script
Psalms 76:11-12 'Vow, and pay unto the LORD your God: let all that be round about him bring presents unto him that ought to be feared. He shall cut off the spirit of princes: he is terrible to the kings of the earth'


NWO - ABC: Fukushima 'Radiation' May Require 'Evacuation Of West Coast Of North America'

Follow up on: Fukushima Causes Beginning Of NWO's Global "Nuclear Phase Out" 6-18-11 "'Still believe that the 'Fukushima crisis' is real? Is not the bigger picture here painfully obvious?' - But exactly what has the reported "Fukushima nuclear meltdown" really done? Only fast forwarded in miraculous fashion the kabalist global agenda to deconstruct western industrialized society in order to replace it with totalitarian control of the planet through a restrictive 'green' regulatory framework by which governments, industry, and people are to be micromanaged worldwide. That is fact...The 'non-elite' classes are to become slaves of the would-be masters of humanity, literally owned and kept in little green cages with no more than a wind turbine and a solar panel allocated to each (and no car - ride the rail). Sounds ludicrous but it is not at all far from the truth." [see post]
ABC NEWS West Coast Evacuation Due To Fukishima Radiation

[:10] "...it continues to spew radiation and some say an even bigger nuclear disaster could be coming"
[:41] "...annihilate the most prepared country in the world"
[:54] "...the third part of this disaster has the potential to be the worst of all...but the damage is almost invisble"
[1:22] "...160,000 families have been forced from their 'radioactive' homes...they'll likely never live there again"
[1:34] "...Fukushima is an enormous problem that is getting bigger"
[1:50] "...confirmed to me that ocean currents are carrying the radioactive water to the west coast...it will begin arriving this coming March"
[2:52] "...you sell ya mada"
[3:32] "...potentially the biggest ticking time bomb in human history"
[4:06] "...if a massive quake did hit today...it's bye bye Japan and everybody on the west coast of North America should evacuate"

(Note especially the speaker's pronunciation of Japanese nuclear engineer Yasuteru Yamada's name at 2:52: "you sell ya mada")
Evacuating the west coast of the North American continent? Absurd ridiculous ludicrous? Be nice if that were in fact the case, but the dark reality of Babylon 2013 and beyond [Rom. 10:13] is that it is not off the mark at all. The idea fits exactly the long term goals of the bent-on-totalitarianism globalist cabal. By this point in time surely most everybody has at least heard the phrase "Agenda 21", but probably safe to say that many still do not fully comprehend just how massive the scope of the globalist plan really is in the long term aspects. The fact is that even something as absurd as completely relocating (think "wildlands map" - link) the entire population of the west coast of North America is in perfect alignment with what are essentially the Zionist/Agenda 21 stated goals. For instance:

Al Gore: "Wrenching Transformation" Needed 4-7-08 ""RESEARCHER JEANNIE SODERMAN did a complete reading of the 1140 page “Biodiversity Assessment Report” that came out of Agenda 21. She noted that ICLEI, the International Committee of Local Environmental Initiatives is the group empowered to implement Agenda 21 worldwide. Soderman compiled a list of the things that were named “unsustainable” in the report. Some of these are:

"automobiles, modern farm production systems (no use of machines is allowed), irrigation, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, farmlands, rangelands, pastures, fish ponds, plantations, forestry, urbanization, impervious surfaces, fisheries, grazing of livestock, disturbance of the soil surface, large hoofed animals, industrial activities, plastic production, synthetic products, the use of machines, CFCs, technology improvements, natural gas production, cemeteries, sewers, drain systems, pipelines, private property, land use that serves human needs, human made caves of brick and mortar, concrete and steel, paved and tarred roads, highways and trails, railroads, floor and wall tiles, aquaculture, dams, reservoirs, straightening of rivers, power line construction, golf courses, scuba diving, modern hunting, picking of berries, ski runs, fossil fuels used for driving various types of machines, building materials, synthetic drugs, population growth, convenience foods. Soderman has a list in which each of these is page-referenced."

The “Biodiversity Assessment Report” the above quote references was published in 1995. The date of the Gore "wrenching transformation" post was over five years ago. Do not for a minute think that any thing has changed over the last eighteen years though, it has not. This raises an interesting question - which is - how exactly could this, Al Gore's so-called "wrenching transformation", as delineated above, ever be accomplished? It is literally de-industrializing the industrialized world. Well, "the biggest ticking time bomb in human history" sure could go a long way to accomplish the goal. Especially when the problem is actually "invisible" [:54] - like invisible "radiation". Invisible threats open up all sorts of avenues for the taking of 'transformative' actions by the totalitarian minded.

Man-made explosive-generated earthquakes are known to be easily created [link]. Man-made explosive-generated tsunamis are also known to be easily accomplished [link]. What about fake nuclear plant melt-downs and ticking time bomb 'radiation' scenarios played out on an immense scale, perhaps even including the use of various methods to "simulate" certain 'radiation-type' effects, in order to accomplish the totalitarian "biodiversity" agenda known as Agenda 21? Is that a possibility?

Fukushima had a 'quake', and a 'tsunami', and a 'melt down', and now the global cabalists are openly talking about achieving their 'biodiversity' goals - on what otherwise would be an unimaginable scale, except of course for a scenario just like "Fukushima". All it will take to make it happen, say they, is one more "massive quake" in Japan [4:06].

Sound like a scripted production?
 Rev. 18:4
see also: Back To The Farms, Says Gore 7-18-08
and "We can reduce the human footprint on planet earth by 90%" 9-4-08

Isaiah 24:21 'And it shall come to pass in that day, that the LORD shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth'


NWO-ites Installing "Exit Portals" In Airport Terminals Nationwide - May Include Biometric Scanning

New Exit Portals at the Syracuse Airport

[:24] robo voice: "doors will open and close automatically"
[:42] "The portal is one way...if anyone tries to get back in the secure area the door automatically locks"
[:53] "...these portals were designed and approved by TSA"
[1:32] "Syracuse may be the first airport in New York State to have the new portals, but the airport commissioner says they will likely be showing up at airports around the country very soon"

The above video depicts what has in fact already begun. This is of course only the starting point. Where the NWO's new lock-down-the airport-exits program may be going from here is looked at in this article based on the manufacturer's (Eagle Security Group) promo video:

Coming Soon: A Biometric Fingerprint Scan Just to Leave the Airport?

[excerpted] TSA ‘detention pods’ currently being rolled out at major airports across the U.S. have biometric and object-detecting capabilities, according to promotional material from Eagle Security Group, the company that manufactures the devices...The pods, which critics have likened to cattle grids, are currently in place at Syracuse International Airport as well as Atlantic City International Airport terminal exits...Travelers enter the pod where they are briefly detained before a green light shows and they are allowed to leave the terminal.

People who suspected the devices may be performing some kind of x-ray scan may not be far off the mark. Although such procedures are not currently in place, the pods do have the capability to incorporate “human/threat object detection/containment,” according to the official brochure...The pods can also function as biometric scanners. A video demonstration shows a user biometrically scanning his fingerprint before he is allowed to leave the containment area.

“The identity of the user is guaranteed via fingerprint, iris or facial recognition scans before they are allowed to complete their passage from non-secure to secure areas. The Eagle ACP (Access Control Portal) with integrated biometrics of your choice is a complete solution,” states the company’s website.

Permission to leave...granted or denied? It has been pointed out that these so-called 'exit portals' can in an instant become 'non-exit' containment cells if the light does not turn green...locking a person inside...or...entire crowds could be denied the ability to exit in an instant - everybody locked in. Amazing is it not how all this started a few years back because of so-called "terrorists", leading to the so-called "Global War On Terror" (GWOT), but somehow, somehow, it's all turned around now and...uh...look who they're coming after. Never was believable for a minute anyway. Definitely take note.  Rev. 18:4

Callest Thyself A Christian? Hast Thou Come Through The Strait Gate, Alone? MLJ

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones [1899-1981], well known author and minister of Westminster Chapel, London, England, between 1938 and 1968
Matt. 7:13-14 'Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it'

Too often the impression is given that to be a Christian is after all very little different from being a non-Christian, that you must not think of Christianity as a narrow life, but as something most attractive and wonderful and exciting, and that you come in in crowds. It is not so according to our Lord. The gospel of Jesus Christ is too honest to invite anybody in that way. It does not try to persuade us that it is something very easy, and that it is only later on that we shall begin to discover it is hard. The gospel of Jesus Christ openly and uncompromisingly announces itself as being something which starts with a narrow entrance, a strait gate. At the very beginning it is absolutely essential that we should realize that.

We are told at the very outset of this way of life, before we start on it, that if we would walk along it there are certain things which must be left outside, behind us. There is no room for them, because we have to start by passing through a strait and narrow gate. I like to think of it as a turnstile. It is just like a turnstile that admits one person at a time and no more. And it is so narrow that there are certain things which you simply cannot take through with you. It is exclusive from the very beginning, and it is important that we should look at...some of the things which must be left behind.

The first thing we leave behind is what is called worldliness. We leave behind the crowd, the way of the world. 'Wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.' You must start by realizing that, by becoming a Christian, you become something exceptional and unusual. You are making a break with the world, and with the crowd, and with the vast majority of people. It is inevitable; and it is important that we should know it. The Christian way of life is not popular. It never has been popular, and it is not popular today. It is unusual, exceptional, strange [1Peter 2:9], and it is different. On the other hand, crowding through the wide gate and traveling along the broad way is the thing that everybody else seems to be doing. You deliberately get out of that crowd and you start making your way towards this strait and narrow gate, alone. You cannot take the crowd with you into the Christian life: it inevitably involves a break.


ISON "Comet Of the Century" Cometh, November 28th - December 26th; Or Is It 'Sion' (Zion) That Cometh?

Real Event Or Occult Ritual

ISON? In all likelihood despite the tremendous hype there are many still who have not heard about the potential "comet of the century" ISON. Well, it is time to be aware of this, because, as the story goes, this mysteriously appearing comet from a distant galaxy has now entered our solar system, and, very shortly, on November 28th to be exact, will 'boomerang' around the sun and then head back in the opposite direction. On it's return trip, Ison, we are told, on December 26th will pass above but relatively close to the earth, if, that is, and that is a big 'if' as the story goes, it survives the heat of the sun. Note: A comet is essentially a huge ball of ice formed around a much smaller nucleus of solid matter. The claim in this case is that if "ISON" does somehow survive it's very close encounter with the sun that this would cause it to "light up" and be "brighter than a full moon". This would mean that it would be visible in daylight to the naked eye. Video below and photos clipped from video show this in an animation; video dated 10-15-13:

On left is the Nov. 28 boomeranging of the sun; on right is the Dec. 26 near pass of the earth
What about ISON? Is it even real? Is anything coming from the NWO reality-twisters believable anymore? Is ISON a hoax then? Spurious is one word that comes to mind when many of the 'facts' surrounding this reported incoming comet are examined. For instance, and very briefly, a few examples are worth noting. Not all linked, but any of these things are easily verified by a search. First is the recent 'discovery' of "ISON". ISON, it is said, was only discovered last year September 21, 2012, by two amateur Russian astronomers. This date just so happens to coincide with the 'autumnal equinox' (the 22nd), a very bewitching day as is known. The theory offered on ISON is that it is a new arrival from the "Oort Cloud", said to be a vast zone of icy objects orbiting the sun, remnants of the very formation of the solar system. Really? Sound a little like Scientology? Perhaps. Another thing, photographic evidence is virtually non-existent, other than some nondescript 'comet' images and some very grainy photos of star clusters with an arrow pointing to one, claimed to be ISON. NASA was putting out some photos a few months back, until they that were found to be fraudulent [link]. The photos stopped coming at that point. Another telling incident where failure to provide convincing evidence was once again the result is revealed in this little quote:

"Disappointing news today from Dr. Mike A’Hearn, Principal Investigator of the EPOXI mission, which has been using the repurposed spacecraft from the Deep Impact mission to study comets. The spacecraft was going to take some much-anticipated images of Comet ISON, but apparently a communication problem has occurred and the images may have been lost or possibly never taken" “We have not received any of our expected observations of comet ISON due to a spacecraft problem,” A’Hearn wrote in an update on the EXPOXI website....“Communication with the spacecraft was lost some time between August 11 and August 14" [link]

One very important consideration is the much speculation on the possibility of the earth being impacted by 'debris' if ISON were in fact to "break up" as a result of it's being overheated during it's "skimming" u-turn around the sun. Although many 'scientists' deny that there is any danger to the earth if this were the case, would this not create a possible scenario where sometime before Christmas and on into the new year strange objects falling out of the sky could be said to be 'comet fragments'? [link] This possibility has been discussed.

Not from a position of any expertise whatsoever with regard to astronomy, but does it not seem odd that ISON, despite it's being a never before seen recent discovery, yet somehow, the super-scientists of the NWO have been able to determine exactly what it is going to do and the exact dates that it will do it. That in itself is quite incredible. The theory to explain this incredible pre-knowledge, that 'explanation' about ISON having come from "Oort", and being one of the 'leftovers' from the formation of the solar system that track around the sun, and they know it for a fact, trust us - is any of this really even plausible?

The name ISON. Very curious this, ISON, as it is, being an anagram of SION (aka Zion). Not to mention the claimed date for the u-turn around the sun being November 28th, which as it turns out is this year 2013 both Thanksgiving and the first day of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, the festival of lights. That's quite a nice day, in a ritualistic sense that is, to fly around the biggest light of them all, the sun. Hanukkah is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the re-dedication of the Temple of Jerusalem in 165 BC. This is most interesting as one of the chief goals of modern 'Zionists', as is well known, is to erect yet another temple in Jerusalem. The idea of a rebuilt Jewish Temple carries with it a strong symbolism - to the Jew the meaning of a new temple very simply would indicate rule of the earth. The coming of 'Zion', in other words.

Generally speaking, Sion and Zion are the same. Sion is the Greek NT spelling. There is an exception to this though, and it is worth noting, as it is another curious thing. It has to do with a verse in the Old Testament, Deut. 4:48:

"From Aroer, which is by the bank of the river Arnon, even unto mount Sion, which is Hermon'

Mount Hermon is in the northern part of Israel, here called Mount Sion. Mt Hermon, according to the extra-biblical (apocryphal) "Book of Enoch", is where the fallen angels, aka the "nephilim", descended to the earth after their heavenly rebellion against the LORD God, and proceeded to "take wives" of human women and have offspring (Gen. 6:2,4). Many dispute this being a correct interpretation, but that is not the point here. The point here is to simply note what is said in Enoch about "Sion" as part of an effort to gather any information that may be pertinent to the subject. It is important because it is need-to-know-time. Ison/aka Sion is almost here, say they, whether you ever see anything or not - although there is no telling what might fall from the sky one day. Be aware. Compare: Windows 8 cryptic angry birds 'nephilim' commercial

There is much more, layers upon layers actually, but we leave off here for now. How this unfolds will be interesting to see. Whether 'Ison' is real or the whole thing is an elaborate production for the purpose of providing an occultic kabbalistic symbology that 'Sion has come' will be known soon enough. Stay tuned...


Video below is a 'slightly edited' version [link] of an actual NASA video, put out by the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. For any who may find the 'editing' of the video questionable, it may prove interesting to first take note of this photo clipped from the beginning of the video [0:10] - which undeniably is a huge 'all-seeing-eye-of-horus', the unmistakable calling-card of the Kabalist globalists, aka Zionists, exactly what is suggested in the below video by the editor:

Seen in the above video, you may recall the mascots from the 2012 London 'Zion" Olympics. The correlations of the 2012 Olympic ceremonies and the purported 'coming of Ison' are intriguing. London 2012 was virtually a proclamation of Zionist global domination - the coming of the 'kingdom', in other words, Perhaps a 'coming of Ison' production is supposed to convey the same message? It almost seems like it could at the same time even be playing to the "Return of the Nephilim" theme. Remember the names of the Olympic mascots? The names were Wenlock and Mandeville. Turned out that this was a hidden message also. Decoded, the names say this: 'We unlock man devil'. The idea of unlocking (from the bottomless pit) or ushering in 'man-devil' could also parallel the idea of the 'coming of Ison/Sion'. Man-devil, king of the 'nephilim offspring', the very seed of the serpent Satan (Gen. 3:14,15), literally a "man-Devil", will be the very Antichrist. See: London 2012 'Zion' Olympics  [follow links, connect dots]


Rev. 18:4
Updates: 11-28/29 Imaginary (?) Ison A No Show Nov. 28th - But Wait...
12-2-13 Imaginary (?) Ison Debris May Hit Earth Around New Year, Say Russian Scientists
Ezekiel 8:16 'And he brought me into the inner court of the LORD’s house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east; and they worshiped the sun toward the east.'


UN Climate Change Chief: 'Typhoon Haiyan' A "Sobering Reality" of "Climate Change"...Nations Must Collaborate

Follow up on: Philippines: "It Was Like A Tsunami" - Was it One? 11-10-13 "... it seems worth noting, before the next 'big event' comes along and puts this on the back page of the newspapers, that once again, "climate change" is being suggested as a possible explanation for another unprecedented "most powerful storm ever"" [see post]
Underway now: Representatives of more than 190 countries meeting at COP19 UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw, November 11-22, 2013

UN Climate Change Chief Blames Typhoon Haiyan On Global Warming

Warsaw (AFP) - Nations launched a new round of talks Monday for a 2015 deal to cut Earth-warming greenhouse gas emissions, in the aftermath of a devastating Philippines typhoon the UN's climate chief labelled "sobering".

Christiana Figueres urged progress at the notoriously fractious talks amid a slew of new warnings of potentially disastrous global warming as a Filipino negotiator made a tearful undertaking to fast until the talks yield a tangible result.

"The recent very painful events of cyclone Haiyan... have reminded the countries gathered here... of the urgency of coming to a resolution of how all countries are going to collaborate with each other to address climate change in a timely manner."

The meeting was taking place under the weight of many "sobering realities", of which Haiyan in the Philippines was one, said Figueres.

"In solidarity with my countrymen who are struggling to find food back home and with my brother who has not had food for the last three days... I will now commence a voluntary fasting," he told fellow negotiators as the 12-day talks got underway.

"I will refrain from eating food during this COP (conference of parties) until a meaningful outcome is in sight" -- which could include pledges of money for a Green Climate Fund meant to disburse resources to developing countries for coping with climate change.

"all countries are going to collaborate"

It could not be any more simple than what has been stated here. The absolute reality of the great "global warming/climate change" worldwide con job fully encapsulated in one single phrase: "coming to a resolution of how all countries are going to collaborate with each other". That's it. There is absolutely nothing more to it.

'Climate change causing destruction on earth' is a massive production crafted for the sole purpose of forcing the entire globe to submit to a single regulatory control system. And, to make it 'convincing' - well, just take a look around. Geoengineering is an advanced science these days, and is it just a coincidence that overtly anomalous geologic and weather-related 'destruction' across the globe has become the 'new norm'? You think? [link]

Interesting to note also how the latest highly anomalous weather-related planetary destruction in the Philippines has become the poster-child for this latest United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP19. The Super Typhoon of history that left "tsunami-like" destruction behind is being touted as a "sobering reality" of the urgency of action needed by the "Nations" to collaborate for a "2015 deal" [see: geoengineered tsunamis

Interesting to note also, according to the report, how the situation in the Philippines has turned into a pledge by the Filipino negotiator to fast until a "meaningful outcome is in sight". In that, the anomalous 'typhoon' has now become a tool for applying pressure on 'Nations' to sign the contract and surrender sovereignty.

When all the nations collaborate and agree to a single regulatory system, well they have a name for that - that name is one-world-government. As is easily seen, 'climate change/global warming' is nothing more than the vehicle to get there. When it does get there, it will be the Antichrist one-world-government, if anybody is wondering.

Rev. 18:4
Compare: 26' Tsunamis On U.S. East Coast, And 'Extreme Cyclones' With 30' "Storm Surges" Across Globe, Says NWO 12-7-12 ""Extreme cyclones" called Black Swans with 15' and up to 30' village and town and city destroying walls of water called "storm surges"? 26' or bigger tsunamis on the East Coast from "a variety of sources"? Oh that's right, almost forgot...climate models...global warming...new research. Of course...that explains it" [see post]
'The fourth beast shall...shall devour the whole earth - Dan. 7:23-24


Tacloban, Philippines: "It Was Like A Tsunami" - Was it One?

Filipinos struggle to cope with huge typhoon that was 'like a tsunami'

[excerpted] Bodies were seen floating in flooded streets and survivors said the aftermath is like the 2004 Tsunami

Filipino government now considering introducing martial law to combat looting sprees as homeless search for food

Vietnam authorities moved 883,000 people in 11 central provinces to safe zones, government said

The Filipino government has threatened the introduction of martial law to battle widespread looting in the wake of the super typhoon Haiyan, which caused a 'tsunami-like disaster', feared to have claimed 10,000 lives in one city alone.

Mirasol Saoyi, 27, lives in Tacloban, she said: ‘The
huge waves came again and again, flushing us out on the street and washing away our homes.

Airport manager Efren Nagrama, 47, said water levels rose up to 13 feet.

'It was like a tsunami. We escaped through the windows and I held on to a pole for about an hour as rain, seawater and wind swept through the airport,' he said.

Mr Leo Dacaynos of the provincial disaster office on Samar Island said yesterday that the storm surge resulted in sea waters rising to 20ft, totally submerging small towns and villages.

The Philippine government and some scientists have said climate change may be increasing the ferocity and frequency of storms. (photos [2 of many] from linked article)

Caption: A ship was washed ashore in the huge storm. Surging sea water strewed debris for
miles and survivors said the devastation was like a tsunami

No words can express the unfathomable devastation and human suffering taking place in the Philippines. Words are insufficient - our hearts go out.

But it seems worth noting, before the next 'big event' comes along and puts this on the back page of the newspapers, that once again, "climate change" is being suggested as a possible explanation for another unprecedented "most powerful storm ever". So powerful that huge ships were tossed on shore and small towns and villages were totally submerged, according to reports. That is a lot of water being displaced. Tsunami? If not this, what then what would the aftermath of a tsunami look like?

[video] :40 "We thought it was a tsunami..."

(Apparently there is no word or phrase in the Filipino language for "storm surge". Wonder why. Easy - this was the first-ever so-called "storm surge" the Filipino people had ever seen - despite, no doubt, having seen hundreds of tropical storms including numerous typhoons through recorded history)

Humanitarian aid is coming in from across the globe, and this is of course a very good thing, and like some other areas that have over the past few years suffered major catastrophes, e.g. Indonesia, Haiti, and Japan, to name just a few, Filipinos will also more than likely see some decidedly 'Agenda 21' style recovery and rebuilding efforts launched; i.e. 'globalization', aka the transformation of the 'old world' into the 'new world'. As is well known, the 'new world' builders only build the new upon the 'ruins' of the old. [see: Haiti; Japan]. Globalism is a brutal business.

Geoengineered Tsunamis, 'Storm Surges'? 1999 Rescue Heroes Cartoon Demonstrates A 'Tsunami Bomb' 12-27-12 "'The investigations lead to the conclusion that offensive inundation is possible under favourable circumstances. Given low lying forshores and a shelving bottom off-shore, wave amplitudes of the order of those for recorded tidal waves, which have been disastrous, can be obtained' - But...if giant [so-called] storm surges from 'Superstorms', or Black Swan super-cyclones, or tsunamis inundate coastal areas, and forward Agenda 21 goals*, even though it never happened before, it is due to global warming. What else could it be."

Speaking Of Illuminati Cards - Seen The "Instant Attack Tsunami Card"? 5-7-13

11-11-13 update: UN Climate Change Chief: 'Typhoon Haiyan' A "Sobering Reality" of "Climate Change"...Nations Must Collaborate

12-20-13 update: Amazing Videos From Tacloban, Philippines: 'Typhoon' Haiyan's Incredible So-Called "Storm Surge"
also (posted 4-1-14): 'Unexplainable' April Fools Day 1946 Pacific-Wide Tsunami Man Made? Tsunami Bomb[s]?

Rev. 18:4


GridEx 2 Nov. 12-14, 2013: Communist Chinese Army To Train In Hawaii With American Troops

Chinese troops will have boots on the ground in Hawaii on Tuesday

Aloha Hawaiians! If you see what you think are soldiers from the Communist Peoples Republic of China Army wandering about in your neck of the woods Tuesday through Thursday next week, your imagination is not playing tricks on you...For the first time in history the U.S. Army will host the Communist Peoples Republic of China’s Army on American soil Nov. 12-14, 2013.

But don’t worry while Chinese soldiers will have boots on the ground in Hawaii, they are only really “simulating”....“Simulating humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to a fictional third country”.

You can’t make this stuff up when GridEx 2 is doing it for you.

GridEx 2 (there was already a GridEx 1 in November of 2011) is a massive ‘emergency drill’ planned to take place across the whole of North America with thousands of utility workers, business executives, National Guard officers, FBI antiterrorism experts and officials from government agencies, in the United States, Canada and Mexico (who) are preparing for an emergency drill in November that will simulate physical attacks and cyberattacks that could take down large sections of the power grid. (New York Times, Aug. 16, 2013).

“Fears about the possible detonation of a
nuclear warhead in the skies about the United States, for the purposes of creating an electromagnetic pulse aimed at sizzling electronics on the ground, have led a number of public figures to call for significant steps to strengthen the power grid. Ex-CIA head R. James Woolsey is planing a campaign to convince state governments to pass laws requiring utilities to harden their electronics against potential EMP attacks.

“A key objective of GridEx 2 is to learn how governments would handle a loss of electrical power that is large enough to drastically affect the delivery of common and essential goods and services.” (NYT)

The New York Times reported on GridEx 2’s massive, Nov. 13-14 drill on August 16, but never mentioned the participation of the Peoples Republic of China’s Army.

China’s Xinhua Agencies kicked in on November 6 reporting that American and Chinese soldiers will train together in the November exercise.

Video is from Infowars/AlexJones - posting here is not an endorsement. Recommend watch only :15 - 2:15; the last 1:30+ is just subscribe promo and adverts. Between :15 - 2:15 gives a brief rundown on GridEx II though - enough so that you will get the idea:

The question has been asked many times - that is, whether or not American troops would, if it actually came to that point, i.e. a full and final martial law scenario, ever take up arms against their fellow Americans. That it theoretically could be problematic is not hard to understand...but...maybe not so much for foreign military troops - like for instance troops from Communist China.

As to the guaranteed at-some-future-point (per Napolitano) grid-takedown, to be blamed on either an "EMP", or "solar flare" [link], or possibly a "meteorite strike" [link], or even something like the current supposed "comet Ison" hype (hoax - Sion/Zion) - clearly a power grid take-down fits perfectly the known zionist-globalist agenda:

see: Wrenching Transformation 4-7-08
also: Back To The Farms, Says Gore 7-18-08
and "We can reduce the human footprint on planet earth by 90%" 9-4-08

The posts linked directly above were from over five years ago. They are now saying openly that it will happen, and practicing the scenarios, including bringing in foreign troops. Be very much aware.  Rev. 18:4


Apostasy Alert: John MacArthur And Friends Say Taking The "Mark Of The Beast" (666) Is 'Forgivable'

Taking The 666 Is 'Forgivable' - John MacArthur, Brannon Howse, Jimmy DeYoung, Phil Johnson

The backdrop for this video [link (new 2020)] is this: It is an audio recording of an interview by 'Worldview Weekend's' Brannon Howse of 'preacher' Jimmy DeYoung. Apparently some time back 'preacher' Jimmy DeYoung came out with the stated position that a person could in fact take the "mark of the beast" and still be 'saved' if they were to later repent. This audio recording is Christendom personality Brannon Howse informing said Jimmy DeYoung of some good news - at which the two become somewhat giddy - turns out that widely known and generally widely respected bible teacher John MacArthur (this will be no surprise for many as MacArthur's globalist connections are known and documented - research will bear this out) took the exact same position a few years back - and has never retracted it:

[2:20] Audience questioner: "Once a person takes the mark...is there any possibility of him coming to Christ?"

[2:25] MacArthur: "Yes...

[2:52] ...in order to function in the economy of the Antichrist you have to take the mark of the beast

 [3:35] ...now the question is if you are living in the tribulation period and you take this mark...in other words you identify with the beast's empire...will you still be able to be redeemed? and I think the answer to that is yes...yes..."

Video embed code [adjust height/width as needed]:

<iframe src="https://www.bitchute.com/embed/x7tebbV9lCgb/" width="550" height="309"</iframe>


This all came out about three weeks ago. The video [video above a replacement] was posted October 13th. Being that the audio clip of MacArthur is a few years old some thought that perhaps MacArthur may have retracted his statements at some point. Not the case. Rather, another 'Christendom' personality, Phil Johnson, seemingly in some capacity considered to be something of a public relations manager for John MacArthur wrote, not a rebuttal, but a confirmation and defense of "Grace-To-You" John MacArthur's stated position (Note that in Johnson's estimation this critical matter of eternal life or death is "certainly not worth all the ink..wasted and..bandwidth consumed" anyway):

American Psychiatric Association Reclassifies Pedophilia In New DSM-5; And Hegelian Dialectic

Follow up on: Report: American Psychiatric Association (APA) Moving Toward Removing Pedophilia From 'Manual Of Disorders' 8-22-11 ""Liberty Counsel Action's Matt Barber attended the conference and says he felt he was on a different planet, as the presenting professionals aimed to remove pedophilia from the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). That would mean that pedophilia would no longer be considered a mental disorder"...The 'homosexual-agendizers' are internationally connected and the movement is aggressively coordinated. They are in the highest levels of government. They have unlimited funds. They are forcing the doors in every sphere of society...Close observation will show that another radical faction, 'pedophile-agendizers', are beginning to come through those same doors.. marantha" [see post]
American Psychiatric Association Reclassifies Pedophilia, Backtracks

In a press release Friday, Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit organization that promotes the causes of religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, and the family observed that in its newly published Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), APA “changed the classification of pedophilia from a ‘disorder’ to a ‘sexual orientation,’ but, following the public outcry, APA released a statement that it was a mistake.”

APA, Liberty Counsel noted, now states “sexual orientation” is an error and should read instead, “sexual interest.”

On Thursday, APA released a statement regarding what it referred to as a “text error” in DSM-5:

In the case of pedophilic disorder, the diagnostic criteria essentially remained the same as in DSM-IV-TR. Only the disorder name was changed from “pedophilia” to “pedophilic disorder” to maintain consistency with the chapter’s other disorder listings.

“Sexual orientation” is not a term used in the diagnostic criteria for pedophilic disorder and its use in the DSM-5 text discussion is an error and should read “sexual interest.” In fact, APA considers pedophilic disorder a “paraphilia,” not a “sexual orientation.” This error will be corrected in the electronic version of DSM-5 and the next printing of the manual.

Liberty Counsel cited APA’s statement upon the release of the original DSM-5 and the fact that the new publication “marked the end of more than a decade’s journey in revising the criteria for the diagnosis and classification of mental disorders.” APA said that the revision was done with collaboration from “professionals from the mental health and medical communities, patients and their families, and members of the public.”

“Clearly, if reclassifying pedophilia was merely an ‘error,’ it would have been caught in the ‘decade’s journey,’” said Mat Staver, Founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel. “Whether it is classified a ‘sexual orientation’ or a ‘sexual interest,’ any effort to legitimize pedophilia will provide pederasts with all the arguments they need to remove age of consent laws, and children will suffer.”

Two steps forward, one step back. Deceit and duplicity is the only way the global homosexual-agendizers, and the branched-off and now coming out boldly pedophile-association can accomplish their goals. Installing obedient subservients in the highest governmental offices, stacking the legislative decks across the globe with advocates, filling the courts with activist judges, manipulating the professional organizations to produce 'scientific data' to corroborate the agenda, and, with all this done, the rest is details. Here now are seen some of these 'details' - the wretched fruit of duplicity. Specifically, in this case, the feigning of "error" in the dark and blatantly wicked re-classification of child molestation, then back tracking - but the objective is still gained. Pedophilia, i.e. the sexual attack of children, has been granted a degree of 'normalcy' by fraud. It is the forcing of the Hegelian dialectic. Rather than argue over "orientation"; which idea has by this 'unexplainable' DSM5 "error" been now subliminally planted into the minds of the public; the 'discussion' can instead be centered on the term "interest". It is in this way that the brainwash is accomplished. Not all at once, no that would be too much, but by degree. Degree by degree by duplicitous deceitful degree.  Rev. 18:4
Compare: Rick Warren Says 1-In-5 Americans Have "Mental Illness" and the 2013 DSM-5 4-8-13

also: The Pedophiles Are Coming, The Pedophiles Are Coming: Greece Redefines Child Molestation As "Disability" 1-10-12

Joel 3:3 'And they have cast lots for my people; and have given a boy for an harlot, and sold a girl for wine, that they might drink''


Illinois House Speaker Quotes 'New World Pope' Francis To Justify Passing Homosexual Pseudo-Marriage - 15th State

Follow up on: New World' Religion (and 'New World Pope') 10-30-13 "...the Catholic Church has been instrumental, having brought about a number of "firsts" over the last five years or so in addition to this recent "ecumenical effort" of baptismal recognition with "some protestant churches". When Benedict suddenly resigned his pope-hood earlier this year, that was another first. When Bergoglio (Francis) was installed, that too was another first - the first "Jesuit" (zionist) to ever assume the role. These unprecedented events clearly signaled something new would be coming [see: Bergoglio 3-13-13]. Lo and behold something new did come - the active member of the first-ever dual living pope scenario was introduced to the world as the "New World Pope". The message in that could not possibly be any more blatant: that the time to make the full-fledged Babylonish-kabbalist one-world-religion plan happen had arrived..." [see post]
Illinois Lawmakers Vote to Legalize Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Following Biblical Debate

SPRINGFIELD – Lawmakers in Illinois have voted to legalize same-sex ‘marriage’ in the state, making the ‘Land of Lincoln’ the 15th in the nation to permit the practice. The matter was not without debate, however, as a number of legislators expressed their opposition to the measure, including from the Scriptures.

“This debate is a joke,” remarked Democratic Representative Mary Flowers. “[They] will not be truly married in God’s eyes.”...She pointed to the Book of Genesis during her comments, noting that God specifically created the woman for the man.

Republican Representative Dwight Kay agreed. He told his fellow lawmakers that America was founded upon Scripture even before the U.S. Constitution was created...“My conviction happens to be that this (gay marriage) is wrong, but my conviction is that Scripture is right,” he declared, according to the Chicago Tribune.

But House Speaker Michael Madigan cited the recent remarks of Pope Francis in explaining his decision to support the bill.

“[T]he quote that I offer is a quote from Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic church, who is quoted as saying, ‘If someone is gay, and he searches for the Lord, and he has good will, who am I to judge?’” he stated. “Pope Francis has spoken, and he has articulated the basis of my thinking on this issue.”

Following the passage of the bill, Barack Obama took to Twitter, stating, “This is huge.” He also released an official statement praising lawmakers.

re: "This is huge"

"Pope Francis has spoken" says Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, and, "This is huge", says the pope's counterpart 'New World' spokesperson, Obama. Truly, what just happened here is enormous - not only has NWP Bergoglio/Francis recently gone on record endorsing atheists as viable candidates for 'salvation', but his carefully worded soundbites are now actually being used to endorse the global sodomite revolution. The scripting on all parts is clearly evident. Vatican to White House to state legislators, everyone reads their lines, right on cue, and the NEW WORLD agenda proceeds according to plan.

The Catholic Church is being 'delivered up' to the One-World religion of Antichrist from the top-down. Take careful consideration of what you are witnessing, interested parties, because what you are now seeing portends many more evils in the days to come.

Pope Francis has spoken? When the one only Holy Spirit of God is not, can not, be responsible for what is done, e.g. sanctioning atheists [John 8:24] and sodomites [1Kings 14:24], this can mean only one thing - an 'unholy spirit' is at work [Eph. 2:2]. This must be faced.
 Rev. 18:4
Catholic church being 'delivered up'? see: New Pope Arrives 3-13-13: Bergoglio Anagram and "Last Pope Prophecy", A21, Purpose Driven, Seagull Symbolism 3-13-13...In other words, his job would be to 'escort' Mary, the Catholic church that is, right into the 'last pope prophecy', which would mean the destruction of the Church - exactly as required by the cabalist-globalist agenda. It's all there. The name, the Talmudic interpretation, the supposed prophecy."

What is the truth about 'homosexuality'? see: Obama Claims Christianity - 'The Golden Rule' - As Basis For Promoting Homosexual Psuedo-Marriage 5-12-12 "Briefly, it is very important to note that the so-called Golden Rule - "whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them" (Matt. 7:12) - regardless of who may say different, cannot in any possible way be construed as an endorsement of any activity which the Word of God in another place labels as "unrighteous"..."

Ephesians 5:6 ''Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience'


LAX 'TSA Shooting': 'Witnesses' Say "It Wasn't Real...It Was Like A Movie...Are TSA Agents Armed?"

Follow up on: LAX, TSA, CIA-N-CIA Update: Without Missing A Beat TSA Calls For Armed Security At Checkpoints 11-3-13 "Want to bring in armed security at the nation's airport checkpoints? Easy as ABC - script an incident, practice it, play it out [see 'follow up' above]...then play it up. Nothing to it" [see post]

And...while it's playing out...bring in the supporting cast:
LAX Shooting: A Made-for-TV Drama? Part 1 21stcenturywire.com [excerpted]

"'The Hype and the Fear’, this episode is courtesy of FOX News...

So FOX News interviews this lovely couple, ‘Mark & Audrey Henry’, who’ve just survived the horrific LAX lone gunman, anti-government, AR-15 shooting. OK, roll camera…

Here’s one ‘couple’ who seemed to get all the right lines in before the camera finally cut…

[:25] Audrey: “It was like a dream, it wasn’t real, it was like a mooovie…“

We started flooding through the screening area, TSA was RIGHT WITH us…”

“I’m scared… I don’t know if we’re still safe”
(as she stands safely outside among TV crew, firemen and police).

[2:45] Mark: “My question is, are TSA agents… are they armed? Because they were running away with us – I’d think they’d be there to ‘keep us safe’, I didn’t know if they were armed or not. Kind of scary when they’re running WITH us…”

Great commentary Mark, we get the idea – the federal government needs to arm the TSA workers in airports, or maybe even military troops. Thank you for that talking point Mark, really."

Is that how the game works - telling on themselves makes it 'all good'? A world of make believe - fyi  Nahum 3:4,5

Rev. 18:4


Nov. 2013 - Babylonian Hostile Takeover Nearing Completion

A snap-shot of the current state of affairs of the Tower of Babel II (re)building effort Nov. 2013 - 1. censorship; 2. speech-intimidation; 3. brave-new-world control systems; 4. sodomite worship; 5. planned eventual civilization destruction: [Rom. 10:13]
1.  We’re About to Lose Net Neutrality — And the Internet as We Know It
...net neutrality is the principle forbidding huge telecommunications companies from treating users, websites, or apps differently — say, by letting some work better than others over their pipes [and] the second most powerful court in the nation behind the Supreme Court, the DC Circuit — is set to strike down the nation’s net neutrality law, a rule adopted by the Federal Communications Commission in 2010...setting up — on what we once called the information superhighway — the equivalents of tollbooths, fast lanes, and dirt roads...in their questions and statements during oral argument, the judges have made clear how they planned to rule — for the phone and cable companies, not for those who use the internet.

2.  Japan Likely To Pass New Secrecy Law That Would Put Whistleblowers And Journalists In Jail
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government is planning a state secrets act that critics say could curtail public access to information on a wide range of issues...The new law would dramatically expand the definition of official secrets and journalists convicted under it could be jailed for up to five years.’

3.  Face-Scanning Screens That Can Determine Your Age and Gender Are Coming to a Gas Station Near You
Next time you absent-mindedly watch the ads as you’re waiting to pay for a tank of gas, they might be watching you back...Digital advertising company Amscreen (a division of Alan Sugar’s Amshold) has announced a deal with British supermarket giant Tesco to roll out its OptimEyes technology across their 450 petrol forecourts. Screens near the pump will have a built-in camera with facial detection to measure how many people are viewing, and to determine their gender and age range based on visual features. In a press release, Amscreen claims the tech will “help to deliver more measurable campaigns for advertisers, as well as more relevant on screen content for the Tesco customer.”

4.  Bill Would Force Employers to Accommodate ‘Gender Transitioning’ in the Workplace
The U.S. Senate will take up a gay-rights bill next week that protects those undergoing “gender transitioning” in the workplace...According to The Hill’s Floor Action Blog, the Senate will hold a key procedural vote Monday on Sen. Jeff Merkley’s (D-Ore.) Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a piece of legislation aimed at protecting gay and bisexual rights in the workplace...Section 8 of the bill discusses “‘gender transition” and prevents employers from fully enforcing “reasonable dress or grooming standards.” Instead, an employer who is told by an employee that they are “undergoing gender transition” must allow that individual to dress as the gender “to which the employee has transitioned or is transitioning.” The Hill notes that the bill does not define “gender transition.”

5.  Prepare For A Grid-Down Scenario
On Nov. 13-14, America’s major electricity generating companies along with the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and government agencies in Canada and Mexico will conduct a drill to test system responses to cyberattacks and physical attacks on the North American electrical grid that cause its widespread failure. The drill is called GridEx II, and it moves the threat of a total electrical blackout that sends the country back into the 19th century from the stuff of science fiction and/or tinfoil hattery to the mainstream.

Rev. 18:4


LAX, TSA, CIA-N-CIA Update: Without Missing A Beat TSA Calls For Armed Security At Checkpoints

Follow up on: TSA - LAX 'Shooting' A Hoax? "We...Practiced Three Weeks Ago...We Played Out Today" Says Spokesman 11-1-13 "...reported name of the alleged LAX Shooter, Paul CIAnCIA...The possibility has been brought up by some that this "incident" may be used to call for the arming of the TSA. Living in a world of make-believe - is it not beyond obvious" [see post]
Shooting Renews Debate on Armed Officers

[excerpted] LOS ANGELES—Roughly a year before the fatal shooting rampage at Los Angeles International Airport, federal security officials turned away a request by the head of the local airport-police union to ensure armed security was posted around screening checkpoints.

Over the weekend, the head of the union representing some 45,000 airport screeners of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration called on the agency to give weapons to certain employees and assign these personnel to checkpoints, though some experts said that raised concerns about proper weapons training.

TSA Administrator John Pistole said the shooting has prompted the agency to review its policies and protocols, including how it works with airport police forces. When asked if he would move to arm TSA officers, he said the agency plans to discuss improving airport security with Congress "writ large" but not specifically about arming screeners.

Rep. Michael McCaul, (R., Tex.,), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said Sunday on CNN that he talked with Mr. Pistole on Saturday about a review of airport policies, including how the TSA coordinates with local law enforcement that typically secures an airport.

"I think it's important that we have local law enforcement really at different points at the airport to protect not only the perimeter, but also things that could happen through [the] security checkpoint," he said.

Want to bring in armed security at the nation's airport checkpoints? Easy as ABC - script an incident, practice it, play it out [see 'follow up' above]...then play it up. Nothing to it.

It is truly astounding to consider how it could be, that in this 'b-plot movie-script passed off as reality' world of today, that things have actually come to a point where with each successive 'crisis du jour' it is virtually immediately predictable as to the objective. But it has. fyi

Rev. 18:4
11-5-13 update: LAX Psy-op? 'Witnesses' Say "It Wasn't Real...It Was Like A Movie...Are TSA Agents Armed?"
Nahum 3:1 'Woe to the bloody city! it is all full of lies and robbery'


TSA - LAX 'Shooting' A Hoax? "We...Practiced Three Weeks Ago...We Played Out Today" Says Spokesman

update 11-2-13: seen too often to not take note, the 'name-game' seems to be a favorite tool of those who operate by the kabbalist/occultic credo 'hidden-in-plain-sight' - and this case is no exception with the reported name of the alleged LAX Shooter, Paul CIAnCIA
Youtube: L.A. Police Chief says LAX Shooting was 'PRACTICED AND PLAYED OUT in live TV interview

[:41] We practiced to this not more than three weeks ago..we put every one of our officers, our patrol officers, and a couple hundred officers from the Los Angeles police department...and we practiced the exact scenario that played out today... [:57] that we played out today

The possibility has been brought up by some that this "incident" may be used to call for the arming of the TSA. Living in a world of make-believe - is it not beyond obvious. You decide - fyi
Compare: Reported Capitol Gun-Down Happens During "Capitol Shield 14" Drill - And NWO 'Mental Health' Agenda 10-4-13 Real or staged - how hard is it to discern which is more likely? Well, who has an agenda, and what is the agenda? The first question is easy, everyone knows the answer to that by now, i.e the NWO-ers, to use the simplest term of identification; and for the answer to the second question, simply watching to see where the NWO Bureau of Propaganda runs with whatever 'crisis du jour' they have in hand usually reveals all one needs to know. This latest 'crisis du jour' is no exception. Occurring simultaneously with a NWO police-state drill, as reported in the above article, the NWO (so-called) forced "mental-health" agenda [link] is immediately brought to the forefront"
11-3-13 update: Without Missing A Beat TSA Calls For Armed Security At Checkpoints

Rev. 18:4