"Shifting" (i.e. deceiving) the youth.....

re: McLaren and the "shift" 2008 conference 4/9-11
"Youth Leaders 'Shift'......" source (conference today through saturday)

"With students walking away from the church in droves, youth ministry is no longer viewed as just fun and games. Rather, it's a serious time in ministry where high levels of creativity and innovation kick in, says author and sought-after speaker Brian McLaren."

"Thousands of youth leaders have converged in the Chicago area for the Shift 2008 conference (April 9-11), hosted by the Willow Creek Association (WCA). Conference organizers desire to help "shift" the future of youth ministries and bring an end to youth ministries' ineffectiveness in spiritually transforming students."

""And it provides an opportunity to "truly go out in the world like Jesus sent us to as a youth leader," he said."

(Sound good.....going out..."like Jesus"? Here is the real story: see incarnational )
"Shifting" the youth into the now emerging interspiritual global religion is the unfortunate reality of what's actually happening here. Parents, they are training "thousands of youth leaders" who will in turn be coming after your youth...and they intend to do a "total makeover" (see below) on them. Things today are not always what they may seem to be, for these are days of tremendous apostasy from true biblical faith. You must learn who, what, and where! This is truly urgent!

For instance, this on the man named above, speaker Brian McLaren, and what he calls the "shift":
(quote from recent article: herescope)

"Be prepared for a total makeover of Christianity". in Brian McLaren's most recent book, Everything Must Change. He calls it a DeepShift. And be cautioned: if you embark upon any criticisms of this book, you have already been caricatured, castigated, ridiculed and mocked. You are part of a bad old "suicide machine" metaphor that is destroying planetary peace, damaging the earth's ecosystem, creating "global dysfunctions" and contributing to "systemic injustice" (p. 34) -- all caused by your dangerously antiquated "conventional" theological "framing story." You are likely to be "tense, judgmental, imbalanced, reactionary, negative, and hypocritical." (p. 33) You are part of a failed religion "that has specialized in people's destination in the afterlife but has failed to address significant social injustices in this life." You have also neglected to "address the dominant societal and global realities" of "systemic injustice, systemic poverty, systemic ecological crisis," etc. (p. 33)" see:will-you-bow-knee

The truth is that this "shifting" has nothing whatsoever to do with biblical Christianity, but is attempting to create a humanistic "interspiritual global religion", and ultimately this is needed simply for effective "global management". (see 'interspiritual' link above)
"Be prepared" to resist the apostate teachers and their teaching. 'Shift' not!

important further information see also: infidels; deep-shift-deep-deception; christian-school-betrayal
Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. Be not ye therefore partakers with them. (Eph. 5:6-7)

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