Food Rationing in America?

Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World: source

"MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Many parts of America, long considered the breadbasket of the world, are now confronting a once unthinkable phenomenon: food rationing. Major retailers in New York, in areas of New England, and on the West Coast are limiting purchases of flour, rice, and cooking oil as demand outstrips supply. There are also anecdotal reports that some consumers are hoarding grain stocks."

"At a Costco Warehouse in Mountain View, Calif., yesterday, shoppers grew frustrated and occasionally uttered expletives as they searched in vain for the large sacks of rice they usually buy."

"....most Costco members were being allowed to buy only one bag. Moments earlier, a clerk dropped two sacks back on the stack after taking them from another customer who tried to exceed the one-bag cap."
and this "unthinkable" story from Japan: source
Japan's hunger becomes a dire warning for other nations
""I went to another supermarket, and then another, and there was no butter at those either. Everywhere I went there were notices saying Japan has run out of butter. I couldn't believe it — this is the first time in my life I've wanted to try baking cakes and I can't get any butter," said the frustrated cook."
"Japan's acute butter shortage, which has confounded bakeries, restaurants and now families across the country, is the latest unforeseen result of the global agricultural commodities crisis."
"While soaring food prices have triggered rioting among the starving millions of the third world, in wealthy Japan they have forced a pampered population to contemplate the shocking possibility of a long-termperhaps permanent — reduction in the quality and quantity of its food."
"It was forced to call on an emergency ¥55 billion reserve to ensure it could continue feeding the nation."
Food rationing in the 'homeland'......has the "once unthinkable" now become "thinkable"?
Don't think so? ....see how it fits perfectly into the globalizing plan: right-on-cue. This country must also be assimilated if a truly global society is to be created. It's already happening....

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